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March 2013

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I have

get a journal that reflects the

the pleasure of working along with

decisions they have made in the past

my coaching

and allows them to

partner Tatiana at

think what they can do

the Palmer

to better improve their

Munroe Teen

lives as well as their

Center with a

respective communities.

program called

After sharing journals,


we jump into activities.


Some days include

Our coaching

PeaceJam curriculum

experience is much different from

while other days involve curriculum

the average coach in the sense that

mandated by the Community

Teni Ajayi (3/12)

we work with juvenile delinquents.

Connections program. Luckily for us,

Ryan Chiarello (3/25)

Although some of our experiences

this program goes over peace, non-

may be more challenging, we also

violence, and other issues that many

get some advantages. Working with

of the laureates already cover. When

an age range of 12-19 year olds,

teaching curriculum, we show the

we expose more grade levels to the

students real life people who do what

curriculum. We also are able see

they aspire to do in their own

how their ages affect how they

communities. Oscar Arias was one

respond to the curriculum.

laureate we emphasized on because

On a normal day, we arrive at

he will host our PeaceJam Conference

Palmer Munroe at 6:00pm and stay

in April. Many of our students don't

Raven Peterson (3/9)

Find us on PeaceJam Southeast @PeaceJamSE

Donate to PeaceJam Southeast:

until 7:15pm. During this time they

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“A star moment from Fairview was on Feb. 26th, when we had an alumnus of the program, Raymond, come to visit us and talk about his Before I Die Wall and GCA Project at Rickards!” Amy Correia, coach at Fairview Middle “My star moment was when we showed our class all of the pictures from the Before I Die Wall. They were all so proud and so happy to have done the project, it truly made it worth it!” - Ashley Hilmer, coach at Rickards High

The Peace Diaries

played a trivia game. I asked, "Which Nobel laureate is from South Africa?", and one of the kids got really excited and said "Berry Tutu.” -Meena Manepalli, coach at Hartsfield Elementary “One of my students, who has difficulty with fine motor movement, grabbed the paper in my hand during an activity where we were making pinwheels. It seems like a small, insignificant thing, maybe even a little rude, but in his world that was his way of involving himself.” -Amanda Lopez, coach at Gretchen Everhart School

“Last time we went to Hartsfield, we

think that they can make a difference in their community nor their lifestyle. They believe that the cycle of violence will always continue. By showing them someone like Oscar Arias, they are exposed to the concept that if one man can help to end war and violence through a treaty and be a president of a country that doesn't have a military, then they have the power to make a difference too even if it starts out with just stopping someone from bullying, or walking away from a fight. One of my favorite activities with them focused on non-violence. After a statement is read, the students stand up if the statement applies to them. At the end of the activity, they discuss what the questions say about the communities they live in and their own personal lives. During this activity, many students opened up a lot more than we expected and created a better bond within our classroom. Moments like this make it all worthwhile. Coaching is a truly unique opportunity that I am glad I am able to experience! -Amanda Merced, coach at Palmer Munroe

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“We have finally decided what our GCA Project will be!! We will be having a bake sale two days in March. All the proceeds will be going to the Brehon House here in Tallahassee. The Brehon House provides housing for homeless pregnant women and their infants in the Tallahassee area. Our girls were very excited about working towards fundraising in order to help these mothers and their children, as it relates towards our GCA of Rights for Women and Children and their Role as Leaders. Last week we played a game

The Peace Diaries

called HeadBands. We placed names of the Nobel Laureates and GCAs on a notecard and used the headbands to place the notecards on our head and we had to guess what GCA or Nobel Laureate was on our head. They had a great time and were able to get most of them very quickly!” -Catherine Weisz, coach at Montford Middle “We have spent the past few weeks brainstorming ideas for our GCA. Though we haven’t selected an actual project yet, we’re heading in the direction of

We chose to attend the One Billion Rising event to join the movement which advocates against domestic and sexual abuse towards women by bringing the local community together to dance and sing in support. We are focusing on Women and Children and their Role as Leaders for our GCA and thought that this event would be a fun yet informative way to get our group (which is mostly girls) pumped up! We moved it and grooved it and belted our lungs out. They're now more excited than ever about the conference in March! -Taylor Fabrega, coach at Lincoln High School

combating bullying.” -Leanna Lakeram, coach at Astoria Park Elementary

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Thank you to all of the PeaceJam Southeast Coaches for their hard work and contribution to our program! Rickards High School’s GCA Project on display at FSU, courtesy of TEDxFSU

Michael Braun coaching at Boys and Girls Club

Students at Gretchen Everhart making pinwheels

Alex Thomas coaching at Pineview

Students at Ft. Braden Middle

Girls at Montford Middle spreading peace

Students at Godby High hanging out after FCAT Writes with PeaceJam Coaches

Newsletter Design: Leanna Lakeram

Making maracas with Mayan hieroglyphics in honor of Rigoberta Menchu Tum at Oak Ridge Elementary

Donate to PeaceJam Southeast: For more information, please contact: Rody Thompson, PeaceJam Southeast Director E-mail: Phone: (850) 645-8782

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