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FORUM on State Question 759, Thursday, Sept. 20, 6 pm, in OKC — Page 5 International Day of Peace Celebration, Friday, Sept. 21, in OKC — Page 3 RALLY: Women’s Voices, Values, & Votes, Mon., Sept. 24, in OKC — Page 9 PEACE FESTIVAL 2012, Sunday, Nov. 11, in OKC, 11am to 5 pm, Civic Center Hall of Mirrors. Save the Date — Page 2

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Interfaith IFTAR Dinner for Understanding Among Faiths The Oklahoma State Capitol was the site for an Interfaith IFTAR dinner, August 1st. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are called to fast between sun-up and sun-down, breaking each day’s fast with a meal called Iftar. Some 150 guests attended the dinner, representing Christian, Jewish, and other faith traditions in addition to Islam. Welcoming comments were made by State Senators Tom Ivester and John Sparks, and Representative Emily Virgin. Father Sami Chaaya spoke on behalf of Catholic Archbishop Paul Coakley whose family had a medical emergency. Rabbi Abby Jacobson of Emanuel Synagogue shared remarks about fasting in the Jewish tradition. Keynote speaker was Dr. Robert Henry, President of Oklahoma City University, who warmly recalled the great similarities of the faiths represented. Final remarks were offered as a prayer before the meal by the Imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City Imad Enchassi. Then, bottles of water were handed out to everyone (fasting includes no water!). The meal and evening were a model of interfaith support and solidarity. The friendship and peace at the Capitol that night were palpable. /////

The State Capitol Rotunda was the site of the Interfaith IFTAR Dinner.

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