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The Campaign for Peace Community Center

Our dream is for every

kid of color and every kid impacted by poverty to have access to an exceptional education. Will you join us to make this a reality?

OUR HISTORY 2001-2002 We opened our doors to support the Hilltop community as a vision of Peace Lutheran Church. Our first program was Camp Peace, a summer day camp for elementary kids living in the neighborhood.

2003-2004 Hilltop Scholars is born, originally as an after-school drop in tutoring program for high school students.

2009-2010 Evening elementary program expands to serve 35 students one evening a week with reading and math support.

2010-2011 Post-Secondary support begins for students that have graduated high school and are working towards a postsecondary degree. The program goal is to increase the college graduation rate.

2011-2012 The middle school program begins with the goal of helping students get ready for high school. Our high school program changes to an enrollment program to better prepare students for college.

2013-2014 Our new, more robust elementary program begins at McCarver Elementary four days a week to help kids read at grade level before they reach middle school.

2014-2015 The first students to complete all three years of our middle school program enter our high school program. Elementary program doubles in size, serving 80 students.

The Future Grow to serve 600+ students a year in our programs. Continue to graduate nearly 100% of students from high school and increase the number of students obtaining postsecondary degrees!

With your support, we build relationships with

Hilltop kids that last.

From age 7 to 24, we’re there. Our kids have incredible potential, but they grow up within a system that isn’t equitable. Let’s face it: resources matter when it comes to exposing kids to educational opportunities that will prepare them to graduate with a postsecondary degree.

In our programs, kids have access to additonal learning time after-school and in the summer. By partnering with families, our local schools, and generous donors like you, we offer experiences and programs to the kids that need them most.

That’s where we come in. With your help, we can fill opportunity (and hope) gaps so that Hilltop kids can reach their full potential.

Does it work? Absolutely. 97% of our seniors graduate from high school, and 51% of our kids from the graduating classes of 2005-2008 have earned a post-secondary degree (that’s a 14% higher rate than the Tacoma School District as a whole).

Our model supports Hilltop kids that are struggling but have every potential to graduate from college. We focus on building up academic and leadership skills so that all students can become confident learners.

Our approach is bold and different, and after 15 years in education, it’s time to do more.

Join us in our $2.3 million

Hilltop: Where Scholars Grow Campaign.

Let’s change the world with our kids.



“Thank you for putting this program together and for the field trips. They were so fun! Thank you for caring for us. This program means a lot to me.” —Aminah,

Elementary Student

TOMORROW WITH YOUR HELP Goal: $1,600,000 Our students need a learning environment that invites them to pursue their passions and prepares them to reach their full potential. With your support, we’ll transform our building into a learning center where kids can dream big, be safe, and create community.


Expanded and collaborative


Classroom space and college prep

A youth-centered learning space

where kids can tackle the demands of school and prepare for their future.

ace for student learning reparation


Dedicated learning spaces for high school students

This project impacts many parts of our mission. By building a new classroom and transforming our multipurpose room into an academic center for students, we can inspire kids and expose them to college-like learning spaces before they graduate high school. Our new, commercialized kitchen will help us keep up with our program growth so that we



“I love getting better with my math!�


A sustainability fund to ensure

elementary programming impacts kids for years to come. By the time kids reach middle school, students with less access to educational programs can end up two to three academic years behind their wealthier classmates. That’s why we’ve greatly expanded elementary programming. Today, we bring year-round instruction in math, reading, writing and science to more than 80 2nd - 5th graders attending McCarver Elementary School. Currently, our elementary program is largely supported by government grants.

Those grants will expire in September 2018 and are not renewable. Support raised during this campaign will create a sustainability fund, ensuring elementary students have a place to learn and grow for years to come. This fund will be spent down over the three to five years following the end of government grants as we transition our funding to other philanthropic sources. This sustainability fund will also help increase the number of students served in the program.

If kids don’t learn the basics

in elementary school, they can fall farther and farther behind.

Tomorrow with Your Help Goal: $350,000

Start-up funding to create

on-going Academic Coach positions

that help students succeed. In middle and high school, kids are at an increased risk of underperforming, disengaging from school, and dropping out. Research shows that on-going relationships with caring adults is one of the best ways to disrupt this trend. Since 2013, we’ve built our model to align to best practice by pairing AmeriCorps volunteers with middle and high school students to help improve academic skills. The problem? AmeriCorps volunteers leave every 10 ½ months, so our kids have to rebuild deep relationships each year. With each Academic Coach transition, our students spend time re-establishing trust with a new mentor instead of focusing on tackling their goals for school and the future.

With your help, we’ll raise the startup funds needed to transition these temporary, contract positions to ongoing staff members. By investing in on-going Academic Coach positions, we’ll bring greater consistency to the student-Academic Coach relationship, hire and retain qualified professionals, and serve 50% more students.

Our kids say the #1 thing that positively affects them is their Academic Coach — a mentor that helps kids build academic skills and stay engaged in school.



“My Academic Coach keeps me on track with school. I’m grateful that he helps me make my goals every week and is also just there for me.”

Thank You

for helping Hilltop kids reach their full potential.



“We can’t do this alone, but with the help of a place like Peace Community Center, we can make sure that our children have the academic opportunities they need to reach their dreams.” — Chrystal, Elementary School Parent

Our Mission

Rooted in faith and the Hilltop neighborhood, Peace Community Center believes education is an integral part of a strong community. We support and encourage youth historically underrepresented in college to cultivate their academic and leadership talents so that they can gain full access to educational opportunities and reach their full potential.

2106 S. Cushman Ave., Tacoma, WA 98405 253-383-0702 peacecommunitycenter.org

Profile for Peace Community Center

Hilltop: Where Scholars Grow Campaign Case  

Case statement for Peace Community Center's capital campaign, Hilltop: Where Scholars Grow. The campaign is active from 2015-2018.

Hilltop: Where Scholars Grow Campaign Case  

Case statement for Peace Community Center's capital campaign, Hilltop: Where Scholars Grow. The campaign is active from 2015-2018.