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Why Do a Day of Action and Learning for Rio+20? Current governments have been slow in the move to a green, sustainable future that will enable ourselves to meet our needs and future generations to meet their needs. One of the key aspects is the lack of sustainable development forming a key base for all education from primary to university We are likely to emerge from today's schools with a deeper knowledge of the history of the last 200 years than about the challenges of the next 200. A School Rio+20 Day of Action will lead to youth learning more about sustainability, the momentous UN Rio+20 Summit, taking place in June, how its outcome will affect their future and what they can do right now to create the sustainable future their want. PLANNING your Day of Action If you have several days to work on it, we urge you to do create a mini MyCity+20 event which allows your students to come up with their own input to the UN process. http://www. Alternatively, if you want the whole day to based upon learning about the Importance of Rio+20, here is a suggestion for how you might fill the day. If you only have a morning or one lesson or assembly - choose one of these activities which best suits your students. Schedule for a Rio+20 Day of Action Assembly (20-30 mins) Introduction by School Principal, Senior Teacher or Expert Speaker. Then have students perform the “Beyond 2050 - Time-travel Chat Show� Cabaret [Script available at ] Introductory Videos Loads of videos are on YouTube, explaining how we can create a sustainable future. The wombat video is always a good school favourite www.globalcommunity. org/flash/wombat.shtml . Whilst Story of Stuff is full of hard hitting information http:// How are we doing? (30mins- 1hour) Do the Rio+20 Survey to find out how far your student think we have come since the first Rio Earth Summit in 1992 Or take the Bioregional Personal Footprint Calculator http://calculator.bioregional. com/ How good are they at being sustainable? Sustainable Break (15 - 20 mins) With Sustainable, locally-sourced refreshments

Games, Workshops, Lessons (90 mins) What you choose will obviously depend on the age and interests of your students. You can take any part of the Lesson Plan Booklet and build a lesson around it. It includes 18 activities covering areas from trade and human rights to the Green Economy, food security, Green Jobs, gender equality and the 3 Pillars of Sustainability. Lunchtime Bring sandwiches to the School Hall, and have a 'Whole School Rio+20 Debate' THE GREAT DEBATE Rio+20 has two themes - the first is based around the Green Economy. The second concerns having systems of governance that can deliver sustainability and equity. Which are quite heavy subject, but do your students think Democracy the best system? Is the UN up to the task of leading the world towards a sustainable future? In a School Debate, you can explore all sides of this issue - and really get your students thinking. Choose a bold, provocative motion that will generate heated controversy! Here are a couple of ideas: “This House believes that governments and the United Nations, cannot be trusted to deliver a sustainable future”. “This House believes that governments elected democratically for 5-7 year terms are not equal to the task of delivering either intergenerational equity”. Afternoon Action Programme (120 mins) It's very important that students understand that Rio+20 is not about sitting in a classroom talking and learning about stuff. It is about TAKING ACTION - and that can be as simple as planting some seeds in a school garden, planting trees, building a wind generator out of an old oil drum, cleaning up a park or water course, restoring an old building - or making a plan or a painting for a school Exhibition. Something that produces concrete RESULTS!! Closing Messages (10 - 15 mins) At the end of the day, come back and reflect on what you have learned. Why is Rio+20 Important? Is it important? What can you do about the challenges we face? Engage the students. DO NOT just have another speech / lecture from a teacher or 'expert.' After School Activity Bring the parents, press, town/city officials for an Exhibition of student paintings of “Our World in 2050” / Green Enterprise ideas / Community Action Ideas for promoting

Whatever you do, HAVE FUN and make it MEMORABLE!

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