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U nit ed S t a t e s

A deeper sense of home

Sustainable products lifestyle

Move in for a year and move out as the green entrepreneur of the future!


The world will only be able to survive the economic and environmental crises if economies can shift to sustainable methods in their business practices. For that, businesses and entrepreneurs have to come up with sustainable plans. And as we know, without inspiration there is no creation and no innovation. This project provides an incubator for all those future entrepreneurs who will be the pioneers of the Green Economy.

“What can be more inspiring than living with change makers?�- Spud

What? is an original initiative that aims to help nurture and enable future world-changers to grow by creating and connecting environments for innovation and creativity.’s interest is to support a global social innovation movement by creating affordable, collaborative co-living spaces for students and young professionals. By linking international networks of change-makers, homes will be launched around the world and linked together by providing video communication in each home so that participants can be in seamless communication with one another. Students are given opportunities to apply sustainability innovation and social entrepreneurship in local community projects and global internships.