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Well runs deep: White Rock’s E. coli scare was not the first hiccup in the city’s water system. Historian Vin Coyne says the issue has been oft-turbulent for decades.  see page 11

Advisory lifted after tests clear

Full study ahead for WR water Alex Browne Staff Reporter

White Rock’s boil-water advisory was lifted Wednesday after several days of testing showed no trace of E. coli bacteria in the system. Now, Epcor, Fraser Health and city officials are promising a full study of how E. coli got into the water supply in the first place, as well as how the crisis was handled. But Epcor’s David Rector warned a full report would likely take “months, not weeks” to compile. Mayor Catherine Ferguson promised the study would be an “open and transparent” process. The boil-water advisory had been in place since Aug. 20, after routine quality testing of water throughout the city found a positive E. coli reading of one count in 100 ml at one sampling site. Subsequent investigation traced the problem to the city’s two reservoirs at Merklin Street, one of which registered a two-in-100 ml reading for E. coli. A minimum of three days of negative tests were required before Fraser Health would consider lifting the advisory. According to medical health officer Dr. Elizabeth Brodkin, clean water had been running through the system since Aug. 25. But she said it had been felt advisable to continue thorough testing to ensure the city’s well-based supply of drinking water was safe. Monitoring of the hospital and Peninsula physicians for any spike in symptoms of E. coli exposure also continued, Brodkin said. However, while cases of gastro-intestinal illness were seen during the advisory, none could be attributed directly to the water supply, she said. It’s believed bird droppings were behind the E. coli scare. Epcor’s best guess is that the contamination entered the system from the roof of the highest Merklin reservoir. Both Merklin reservoirs and the Roper Avenue reservoir have since been drained and cleaned with a chlorine disinfectant, and the roofs, flushing, vents and hatches of all reservoirs will be replaced and upgraded, Rector said. Rector said he was informed late Tuesday by Fraser Health that the boil-water advisory was about to be lifted.  see page 4

Sign of the times White Rock Community Policing volunteer Allen Barnett ties a yellow ribbon around a school speed-zone sign outside White Rock Elementary Thursday. With the first day of classes just a few days away, the bright markers – 13 in White Rock alone – are a reminder to drivers to slow down and keep an eye out for children on the road. Brian Giebelhaus photo

Armed man arrested at gunpoint Tracy Holmes Staff Reporter

Multiple reports of an armed man walking along the 19200-block of 16 Avenue resulted in a “Code 5” takedown by police Sunday. Surrey police, assisted by a police dog team, arrested a man at gunpoint around 4 p.m. Aug. 29, said Const. Kenn Meglic. And while officers quickly determined the “so authentic-looking” firearms – one

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pistol and one rifle – were actually paintball guns, the situation was treated no less seriously than if the weapons had been real, Meglic said. “We had multiple complaints... (of) a Caucasian male in camouflage with what appeared to be a semi-automatic weapon, walking down the street,” Meglic said. It “obviously terrified people.” Meglic said the male told officers he got lost in the bushes while playing paintball

with friends and had ventured out onto the street to get his bearings. And while it doesn’t appear there was any intent on the man’s part to cause trouble, Meglic said police take no chances – and neither should the public. He commended those who called police for not trying to deal with the matter themselves. A 42-year-old Surrey man was arrested and released at the scene. Investigation is ongoing, and charges are possible.

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Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010


Advisory fails to deliver T

he recent E. coli However, many people do not contamination in at least tune in to television or radio a portion of White Rock’s newscasts – particularly on water system was highlighted weekends. Many do not look at in many news reports when the the internet regularly. problem was first brought to There were signs posted at the public attention late Friday, Aug. entrance to the city, but as letter 20. writers to the Peace Arch News Unfortunately, the message did pointed out, that is not enough not get out to many of those who to let people know. Some people were directly affected – White never saw the signs. Sending Rock residents. They arrived an alert via email is not enough home after a vacation, either. Many people as Coun. Lynne Sinclair do not have email, Frank Bucholtz did, or got up early in and some (particularly the morning to go to seniors, a significant work, as Coun. Grant portion of the White Meyer did, and knew Rock population) do not nothing about the boilhave computers. water advisory that had The letters indicate been issued. that many people found There was no mass out about the problem delivery of advisory secondhand – and in notices to city residents, some cases, days later – and even if there often from phone calls had been, how many or text messages from people in apartments friends and family who and condominiums live outside White Rock. would have received them? It is That is simply unacceptable. sometimes very difficult to get People may have fancy such information inside multicellphones, but that doesn’t mean family dwelling units. they are checking the internet Thankfully, there have been no or email on them. The City reports of any illness due to the of White Rock, Fraser Health E. coli outbreak, and the boilAuthority and Epcor cannot water advisory has now been operate on the assumption that a lifted. few signs, messages on websites The problem that many people and press releases will get the experienced – not finding out word out to everybody. about a very real health issue The communication problems that affected them personally highlight another aspect of – highlights the challenges of modern society. Many people reaching all the people in a given have little to no contact with area, in an age of communication their neighbours. overload. Thus, they don’t hear about In White Rock, it is not problems like this as quickly as a language issue. Virtually they would have in an era where everyone understands English. neighbours were in regular touch

...and frankly a y

with each other. We all like our privacy — but in this type of situation, we need to know the facts of the situation and how it affects us as soon as possible, because one sip of water could be severely damaging to our health. This is particularly true of people who have significant health challenges. This isn’t fear-mongering. E. coli was the cause of seven deaths and 2,500 people becoming sick in Walkerton, Ont. 10 years ago. That situation never should have happened – but it did. Epcor does a far better job in watching over the White Rock water system than the bumbling Walkerton employees did. However, it and FHA could have done a much better job of communicating the seriousness of the situation to every single person affected. Hopefully, they will learn from this situation and do much better in the next emergency. White Rock council is quite right to insist on a much better emergency communication plan being in place. This must apply to any type of emergency – whether it is another problem with the water system, a train derailment or a severe flood, as happened along Marine Drive several years ago. Our society may be much better connected, but doorto-door and face-to-face communication still works best in cases like this. Frank Bucholtz writes Fridays for the Peace Arch News. He is the editor of the Langley Times.

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1.0 4.0 3.2

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01:32 09:16 17:02 22:33

3.4 0.9 4.1 2.9

11.2 3.0 13.5 9.5

03:06 10:11 17:30 23:11

3.5 0.9 4.1 2.6

11.5 3.0 13.5 8.5

04:21 11:00 17:57 23:50

3.6 1.0 4.1 2.2

11.8 3.3 13.5 7.2



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Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News



Minister briefed on HST before election Tom Fletcher Black Press

VICTORIA – A briefing document was written for Finance Minister Colin Hansen exactly two months before the 2009 B.C. election, to prepare him for questions on Ontario’s decision to sign on to the harmonized sales tax. That briefing note and other government documents obtained under freedom of information legislation detail what would emerge a few months later as B.C.’s own HST: an exemption for lower priced new homes and low-income earners, and a 12 per cent combined sales tax rate that could make it “revenue neutral” to the province. Hansen said in an interview Wednesday he doesn’t remember

getting the briefing paper from an the legislative session. And quite assistant deputy finance minister. frankly, if it is something we had Hansen reiterated that the sweet- been contemplating, I would have ened terms of Ontario’s HST deal paid a lot more attention to that briefing note than I only became clear to him in late May, ❝Quite frankly, if it is did.” That briefing note, when he read a similar briefing paper on something we had been and another prepared a plane to Ottawa for contemplating, I would for Premier Gordon a finance ministers’ have paid a lot more Campbell in Januconference. ary 2009, warns of attention.❞ the shift in tax bur“To be honest, I Colin Hansen don’t have any recolden from businesses Finance minister lection of it,” Hansen to individuals. B.C. said. “I know that it officials also cited a would have come to my desk about report from the C.D. Howe InstiMarch 24. I would have taken a tute that says imposing the HST cursory look at it, but in the con- could reduce economic output and text of where we were at right then, employment for five years or more which was basically the eve of the before showing improvement. Hansen said that study was based election, and we were at the end of

on previous provincial deals for the HST, without the transition funding or the flexibility to lower the rate and adjust it after two years. NDP leader Carole James said Campbell and Hansen repeatedly told the public the HST was “not on our radar” before the election, but the documents show ongoing interest at the staff level as Ontario moved ahead in early 2009. “It’s ridiculous, it’s worse than ‘the dog ate my homework’,” James said. “He didn’t read his documents, he wasn’t paying attention to them, he wasn’t thorough about looking at the documents on the HST?” James added that Hansen and Campbell were asked repeatedly in the legislature if there were staff discussions or briefing notes on

the HST before the election, and they replied that there were none. Hansen said he and Campbell met with deputy finance minister Graham Whitmarsh on May 14, two days after the election, and it was then they were told provincial revenues were down an additional $1.5 billion. Told to review options for meeting the pre-election budget targets, ministry staff came back with proposed tax hikes, spending cuts and the federal offer to pay $1.6 billion in transition funds for adopting the HST, Hansen said. “That was the first time that actually got our attention,” Hansen said, adding that it led to cabinet’s decision in July 2009 to go ahead with the tax.

Rescued dog’s story highlighted for SPCA fundraiser

Ford’s happy ending dition before. “Someone’s got to roll up their sleeves and dig in to help them. Ford stepped out of the BC SPCA van “If you put that effort in, look at the with a cone around his neck and his fur results you can get.” shaved around open red sores on his Since being taken in by the couple back and sides. last May, Ford has put on a third of his The German shepherd-husky-cross body weight and is now 67 pounds – “looked a pretty sorry case,” recalled just a few pounds shy of his ideal heaviBarrie Gabie of a pivotal moment in his ness. search for a rescue dog he could care The sores on his back and sides are for at his South Surrey home. healing, and his fur has begun to grow Gabie had come to the SPCA’s Surrey back. branch before his scheduled volunteer “He’s been doing tremendously well,” orientation to see Ford, who staff had Gabie said. told him so desperately needed a home. He still takes Ford to the animal The 10-year-old dog weighed just hospital every few weeks, gives him 52 pounds – about 20 pounds underantibiotics and washes him every day, weight – and his sores were although it is only a five-min❝Someone’s got ute exercise now. caused by a skin condition. to roll up their “I would just love to see him He’d been at the SPCA for a month, after being seized sleeves and completely healed (but) I don’t from a property, and needed a mind if I have to continue dedicated caregiver to wash his dig in to help caring for him,” Gabie said, them.❞ sores daily, take him to regular noting he and Gale adopted Barrie Gabie vet appointments and give him Ford a few weeks after they medication. started fostering him. “You Gabie didn’t hesitate. start to like the guy, you can’t help it. It “I knew as soon as I saw him there was a fit.” was no problem,” he said. “I (could) Gale said Ford is now a friendly, cudhandle this.” dly and playful dog, and has grown Gabie is no stranger to dogs in need attached to Gabie. of some extra attention. The SPCA took notice of Ford’s happy He and his common-law partner, ending, and has named him ambassaMarge Gale, have had dogs for more dor dog for the Surrey shelter’s eighth than 30 years. Six were rescued – some annual Paws for a Cause, one of the from being euthanized – including a society’s largest fundraisers of the year. deaf and blind 13-year-old shih tzu. The Sept. 12 event will feature a three“It’s just a really rewarding, fun thing kilometre walk in Crescent Park, 2610 to do,” Gabie said of caring for the pets. 128 St., which Ford will lead. “We’ve got an endless string of these SPCA volunteer Debbie Froehlick said guys who need homes. It just feels good Ford was chosen because his story may and you are solving a problem, too.” help people understand that homeless After the couple’s most recent comanimals come from many different cirpanions – Bud, a malamute, and Kiwi, cumstances. a lab – died in the last two summers, it “We want people to know they can be was the first time in 30 years they didn’t rehabilitated and they can be healed,” have a dog. she said. “And we want people to know And then along came Ford. about the animals’ courage and their For the first month, Ford never ability to heal.” wagged his tail or showed signs of hapUp to 700 people are expected to piness. Gabie would take him outside attend the event. Registration is at 9:30 and gently clean his sores, hoping to see a.m.; the walk is to kick off at 11 a.m. his physical – and emotional – wounds While the goal is to raise $74,000, heal. Froehlick said the fundraiser is also “(Ford) would just stand there and let to recognize the unique relationship you do it,” Gale said. between humans and animals. The cleaning process took more than “I would just love people to come out an hour every day. and meet the dogs... it’s good for the “You’ve got to have a bit of a stomach human spirit.” to go do this stuff,” Gabie said, noting For more information, visit spca. he had cared for a dog with a skin Hannah Sutherland Staff Reporter

Brian Giebelhaus photo

German shepherd-husky-cross Ford has found a new life with Barrie Gabie.

Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010


City staff to help get the word out  from page 1

water quality – which has become company policy as a result of the crisis – have been embraced, he said. He noted, however, it would, at best, inform only twothirds of consumers. “There’s no one silver bullet in getting the word out,” he said, noting Epcor would take advantage of all available means of communication – including Twitter – in any future waterquality advisory. Meanwhile, White Rock council has directed staff to develop a “temporary process” which will make city employees available to assist Epcor in door-to-door notification for any future water advisory. “Even though Fraser Health Authority has declared (the recent boil-water advisory) a low-level advisory, council believes the city should do as much as it can to assist the utility in the notification process,” Ferguson said in a statement.

Man sought after woman grabbed

RCMP composite sketch

Police are seeking to identify this man.

Surrey RCMP are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a man after a female reported she was grabbed by a driver on 24 Avenue. According to a Sept. 2 news release, the female told police she was walking in the 17600-block of 24 Avenue around 4 p.m. Aug. 21 when a Caucasian man in a grey or blue sport utility

vehicle grabbed her by the wrist and tried to pull her into the vehicle. The man is described as in his late -50s to early 60s with medium-length grey hair and short grey facial hair. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 604-599-0502. “We do believe this to be a serious incident,” Const. Peter Neily said.

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Supporting Local Community & Businesses


Supporting Local Community & Businesses

As of Monday, he said, Epcor and Fraser Health had received three days of sample results showing no contamination of the water. Epcor recommended extending the advisory an extra day, Rector said, noting there were a lot of “dead ends” in the system and he had wanted to make sure that no contamination had travelled there. But all tests “from wellhead to tap” showed the system was clean, and Rector said he was confident that even older apartment buildings and condos would not be harbouring any contamination. “E. coli doesn’t live very long, anyway,” he said. Rector advised residents, particularly those who were away during the crisis, to open all taps for “a good minute” before resuming water use, and to make sure that all ice made before the

advisory was issued was thrown out. Study of the White Rock crisis would provide a benefit of “education,” he said, adding that while Epcor had a “very good understanding of the working of an operating system,” no one has yet reviewed all aspects of a water-quality emergency. “A well-informed customer is my best ally,” Rector said, acknowledging that notification of residents had emerged as a “hot-button issue.” He said that while he felt Epcor had followed current best practices on notification, “the message we got back from White Rock was that they would like something different.” And while he feels communications were effective and timely, “the fact my customers don’t is a concern.” Suggestions, such as the use of automated telephone dialing of account holders with updates on

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Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News

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Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010

opinion Peace Arch News Published at White Rock by Black Press Ltd.


Canada Line worth the cost ne year ago, the Canada Line opened to much fanfare. People pushed their way through crowds in Richmond to become the first passengers on the rapid transit train that links to downtown Vancouver and the airport. Some skeptics doubted the passenger volumes, but one year later, no one can question the demand for rapid transit. The Canada Line has carried 36 million passengers since its opening, transporting more than 100,000 riders each day. With that number, TransLink has hit its ridership target two years ahead of schedule. As most passengers know, the train is regularly jammed – as it was Feb. 19, when a record number of people, 287,379, boarded the train during the middle of the 2010 Winter Olympics. But not all passengers stepped onto the new train with excitement when it opened last September – especially those from the Peninsula. Its implementation meant buses travelling directly from White Rock/South Surrey to Downtown Vancouver were re-routed to stop at Bridgeport Station, where riders now transfer onto the Canada Line. Many local residents were vocal in their opposition, claiming the train was inconvenient, infeasible for people with mobility issues and a safety concern, considering passengers would have to catch their connections, sometimes at night, outside River Rock Casino. It’s hard to argue now, however, that the new system isn’t an improvement, especially considering the number of new users utilizing it. TransLink surveys show half the train’s users are used to public transit, having boarded a bus before the new shiny trains began shuttling down the elevated guideway, while the rest have either abandoned their cars or simply never made the trip before. That in itself proves that rapid transit is worth its enormous price tag. The popularity of the Canada Line shows that people are willing to get out of their cars, if the transportation method is convenient. Providing more rapid transit lines is the task TransLink now has before it. Be it the oftdiscussed Evergreen Line, an extension of the Expo Line, a Broadway corridor line, a South Fraser link to the Valley or even an extension of the Canada Line, building new rapid transit lines is hardly rapid. Taxpayers must be willing to loosen their purse strings to grow a form of proven public transit.



question week of the

Last week we asked...

Partying ‘savages’ ruining great outdoors


disgusting mountain of trash. resh, clean water the colour of jade. People had simply driven away from Craggy peaks and icy, gushing their beer cans and booze bottles, abandoning bags of refuse, food scraps streams. Clear night skies dusted with and packaging, ripped clothes, millions of stars. Andrew Holota busted chairs and broken glass. That’s the magic and majesty of the B.C. outdoors. The There was even the proverbial description above could be kitchen sink – a plastic laundry tub heaped with empties. one of a thousand spots, but in The party was over. No need this case, it’s the north end of to clean up. Who cares? Hey, Harrison Lake. My wife and I spent a couple it’s only the boonies, where you can walk 10 feet away from the of days kayaking this beautiful tent and defecate – if you make body of water and its farthest it that far. Why bother to even reaches, where only a handful of boaters venture, even fewer bury it? paddlers, and – sorry to ruin After all, bears don’t. They don’t mind the trash, either. the pleasant imagery – an Nor do the raccoons and crows. abundance of trash-strewing They tear it apart and scatter it party-animals. Human pigs, to be more descriptive. even further. It’s an ugly, consistent factor in In fact, those bears will likely be coming back to where they found Beautiful B.C. Where there are roads, garbage. Bad news for the next batch of there are slobs in vehicles, who regard campers, who might find themselves on the outdoors as nothing more than a place to yee-hah and get stupid-drunk. the wrong side of a hungry bruin. It was a reconnaisance trip for us, to Those responsible for this are worse than disgusting. You hardly fit the label find launch points for future excursions of ‘civilized.’ with family and friends. There are several points along the west We know your type, because we’ve side of the lake where there’s road access seen you. You are usually young, in your late teens and early 20s. You scream and to the water, and spots to camp. yell profanities. Your music can be heard And in each one of them, there was a

on point

Linda Klitch Publisher

200 - 2411 160 Street., Surrey, B.C. V3S 0C8 Phone: 604-531-1711 Circulation: 604-542-7430 Classified: 604-575-5555 Fax: 604-531-7977 Web:

Should White Rock’s water be treated to prevent contamination? Vote online at

Lance Peverley Editor

Rita Walters Sales manager

2010 2010 WINNER

Published at White Rock by Black Press Ltd.

yes 34% no 66% 129 responding miles away. You appreciate absolutely nothing of the natural surroundings. If the road isn’t too rough, you drive cars, but mostly, you’re in trucks, sullying the reputation of those of us who also use four-wheel-drive vehicles to get into the outback, but treat it as a precious place that’s to be respected. One of the spots on the lake we paddled to could only otherwise be reached by an extremely rough road, beyond the capability of ordinary 4x4s. That means whoever drove away from the appalling mess of garbage did so in special offroad trucks, or ATVs. Couldn’t find any room in your fancy rigs to take out all the trash you hauled in, eh guys? Left it for someone else to drag out, right? And who might that be? The two of us in our kayaks? We took out our own garbage, thanks. One small ziplock bag containing a couple of flattened cans, some packaging, and a handful of orange peels. It’s called no-trace camping. I know that’s an alien concept to the party savages. They leave their mark on the outdoors like a dung heap in the middle of someone else’s living room. It would be absolutely delightful to come in after you leave, pick up all of your filth, take it to your homes, and throw it all onto your front steps, or better yet, your beds. Isn’t that nice? How’s it feel to have your space used as a trash can? That’s what you’re doing to the outdoors – which is our space, too. Andrew Holota is editor of the Abbotsford News.

Marilou Pasion Circulation manager Jim Chmelyk Creative Services manager

Did you receive adequate warning for White Rock’s boil-water advisory issued Aug. 20?

The Peace Arch News is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent within 45 days to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby street, Nanaimo, B.C., V9R-2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to www.


Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


Peace Arch News

An effort well worth praise Editor: Open letter of thanks to the citizens of White Rock. When times are tough, we learn a lot about people. During the 12-day boil-water advisory, we witnessed friends helping neighbours, businesses adjusting for customers and our entire city showing extreme patience. Over the past two weeks, other Canadians saw it, too. We can all be especially proud of fire Chief Phil Lemire. As emergency co-ordinator, he worked tirelessly day after day with Epcor and Fraser Health Authority. As a result, no one became ill. We’ve all known that White Rock is a beautiful city. Now everyone knows how remarkable the people are that live here. Mayor Catherine Ferguson

fingerprinting in order to clear his name for the criminal check. Apparently, his birth date matched an offender in one of their databases. As a requirement of the new law, he must submit to a fingerprint check in order to confirm his innocence. He did so immediately and had to pay $25 for the privilege. He was advised the next day by the employer, who was now aware of his fingerprinting requirement, that they hired someone more suitable. We found this suspect, as why did they want references and a criminal check unless they were

prepared to offer him the job? It can take more than 30 days to complete the check. No employer is going to wait for more than a month to hire a new employee. Plus, there is a stigma attached to the fingerprinting. After all, if police have to fingerprint the individual, then there must be something wrong with the candidate. We are also suspicious of the timing of this new law – midsummer. No one we’ve spoken to seems to know anything about it. The government knows how egregious it is so they snuck it through when no one was looking.

Our son has a valid driver’s licence, a SIN number, credit cards and has filed tax returns since he was 17. Plus, his references vouched for him. Apparently, this is no longer good enough. So now our son continues to look for work simply because he was required to prove he is innocent of a crime committed by another. In total violation of our Charter of Rights, our politicians have passed an absurd and intrusive law that reverses the legal concept that a person is innocent until proven guilty. K.J. Wharton, Surrey

“ “

quote of note


In total violation of our Charter of Rights, our politicians have passed an absurd and intrusive law that reverses the legal concept that a person is innocent until proven guilty.a K.J. Wharton

More answers still needed Editor: Epcor needs to provide the residents with the information to ensure that the water system is being properly maintained and upgraded so that the water system will be safe and serviceable for the future. Serious questions remain unanswered. A full review of the system must be undertaken. Why was flushing of the system started when they had not tested the reservoirs? How did birds access the reservoirs if all screens were in place? How often are the reservoirs cleaned? What is the current state of the system, mains, pumps and reservoirs? Is Epcor spending the required funds to sustain the system? What will compel them to consider alternative treatment processes rather than chlorine? These questions must be answered to restore the community’s confidence in this utility. Roger Emanuels, White Rock

Forced to prove innocence Editor: Re: Volunteers face fingerprinting, Aug. 25. Our family has already experienced the sinister nature of this new law. Our son was laid off in April after three years of full employment. He has been diligently looking for work since and was finally shortlisted by a local employer. He made it through two interviews and was asked for three references and to submit to a criminal background check. He complied with both. He was contacted by Surrey RCMP the next day and advised that he had to come down for

Brian Giebelhaus photo

White Rock Mayor Catherine Ferguson speaks to longboarders outside city hall Aug. 25.

City streets no place for boarding Editor: How do we explain to healthy, intelligent young people that riding their longboards in and around the roads and/or sidewalks of White Rock is not only dangerous to them and to the elderly, but let’s not forget our animals and property. I’m about 80 now, and have been through the skateboard craze, years ago in Toronto. It’s nice to see these kids having fun, but they always carry it further by building ramps, skating down concrete steps, years ago smearing wax on concrete corners so the board rides smoother and faster. The purple wax is not cleaned off after they’ve had their fun. Also, the wheels and boards chipped and ruined property. That’s now archaic. They’ve advanced to the longboard, if the family can afford one. They are still a danger to the public with the hills in White Rock. I’m impressed with the balance and agility these kids have. But safety for others is not what they are thinking as they rattle down the street, weaving in and out of obstacles (read: pedestrians). I believe there is a park built specifically for ‘boarding.’ Yep, I know, it’s sorta out of the way for the kids. White Rock’s steep, hilly streets are right at hand. (Editor’s note: South Surrey Skate Park is located at 148 Street and 20 Avenue) I sympathize with these longboarders – but sorry, kids, I seriously feel they are dangerous to the public if you slip up and the board comes flying through the air and hits some unsuspecting child or adult. Ruth Carrier, White Rock ■ Being one of many White Rock senior pedestrians, I was delighted to see on the news that our mayor, Catherine Ferguson, defended our bylaw regarding skate- and longboards. She refused to be intimidated by yet another protest and the bylaw will remain in force.

As a pedestrian, I am already dealing with speeding scooters, bicycles on the sidewalks and automobile traffic that disregards any posted speed limits or crosswalks. Longboards to our sidewalks would add to an already unsafe situation. Let us see now that better enforcement happens. Claus Ritter, White Rock

Still not enough for kids in White Rock Exactly what does White Rock sports consist of? What does the city spend their leisure money on other than a tennis court that’s always full and a seniors centre and activities if you are over a cetain age? Growing up here, leaving this city as an adult and coming back here to raise children, I have seen that there is really no free outdoor activities for children to do 30 years ago or now. All we are interested in, as a city, is to bring more middle/upper-class people, with no kids. The city has recently put bike path signs through my neighbourhood. Why can’t it do the same for longboarders, rollerbladers and skateboarders? I know I drive more cautiously down these roads and I’m sure other people do, too. Please give these kids something positive to look forward to doing in their own community. And people, when you get this, do your best at being protected on the roads and always travel in a safe matter! Mary Popoff, White Rock ■ I would like to congratulate the two boys (Evan House and Kyle Grant) for taking on White Rock City Hall. I totally support what you guys are doing. I hope you can change city hall. If not, I’m sure the City of Surrey (South Surrey) probably allows what you guys are doing. I hope you guys can make differences. Keep up the good work, boys. Nate Christie, South Surrey

write: 200 - 2411 160 Street, Surrey, B.C. V3S 0C8

fax: 604.531.7977

e-mail: editorial@

questions? 604.531.1711

Submissions will be edited for clarity, brevity, legality and taste.


Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010



White Rock has returned to business as usual with clear, delicious water! On September 1, 2010, EPCOR rescinded the boil water advisory for the City of White Rock. EPCOR customers affected by the August 20 notice can stop boiling water and can resume normal water handling practices. White Rock Mayor and Council would like to thank everyone for their patience during these 12 difficult days. Residents and business owners did an admirable job of adjusting to the difficult circumstances. Thank you for helping friends and neighbours while continuing to welcome visitors to the city. The safety and health of White Rock residents is the City’s highest priority and Council will continue to review the processes to ensure they are doing the best they can to serve and protect residents. They will evaluate this situation with EPCOR, the Fraser Health Authority and the Province. Council has also called for an addition to the City’s Emergency Response Plan to include a protocol for dealing with water-related emergency issues. Staff is to work with EPCOR and the Fraser Health Authority to develop the procedure, which is expected to be completed by the end of December. Once again, Council wishes to thank residents and businesses for their understanding, their compliance with the boil water requirements, and their assistance in sharing information with their fellow residents, customers and visitors.

Parking along the waterfront just became more affordable! Effective September 1, the pay parking rates will be lowered back to $2 an hour. The seasonal rate of $3, in effect from May 1 to August 31, helped cover the cost of increased taxes that the City must remit on pay parking revenues.

DEVELOPER INFORMATION MEETING 15177 Thrift Ave. The City of White Rock has received an application to amend the CD-16 zone for 15177 Thrift Ave. The request is to increase the number of residential units from 202 to 260 in Towers 3 and 4 and allow minor changes to the commercial and residential floor space. The building heights, densities, and overall floor area remain unchanged. A developer information meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 7 between 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Elks Hall at 1469 George St. for the public to review this application. The meeting will be an open house format with display outlining the details of the proposed development. For more information, please contact Maylene Ginetz at 604-412-0310 or

DEVELOPER INFORMATION MEETING 1438 Best St. The City of White Rock has received an application for a Rezoning from RS-1 to RS-7 to permit the subdivision into two lots. A developer information meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 7 between 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the City Library at 15342 Buena Vista Ave. for the public to review this application. The meeting will be an open house format with display outlining the details of the proposed development. For more information, please contact Sam Thind at 604-599-4888 or

NEXT WEEK September 7 Infrastructure and Transportation Committee Meeting 4:00 p.m.

DANGEROUS TREES ON ‘THE HUMP’ Having a safe city and a green city are among the top concerns of the Mayor and Council. Unfortunately, several trees on “The Hump” along the south side of Marine Drive were recently the cause of safety concerns. After being inspected by an arborist, it was determined that three of the trees would need to be removed due to structural defects. One tree could be saved. It was pruned and will be monitored every six months to track the rate of decay up the southern stem. According to Rob Thompson, Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations, it is City policy to preserve and protect trees whenever possible, however, in this case, the concern was that if the trees fell, they would likely pull retaining walls and soils from the bank down with them, creating erosion and slope instability. In order to ensure future slope stability, remedial plantings will occur in the near future.


Are you looking for a new challenge? The City of White Rock is currently inviting applications for the following positions: Skate Attendants • Up to 11 positions • Casual • Must possess first aid certificate • Application deadline is September 10 For complete position details, visit

Investment and Revitalization Committee Meeting 6:00 p.m.

All meetings held at City Hall, 15322 Buena Vista Avenue CU





Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


ICBC trims auto rates Jeff Nagel Black Press

Motorists will get a modest break on basic auto insurance premiums after years of fat profits for the Insurance Corporation of B.C. The public auto insurer has been ordered to reduce basic rates 2.4 per cent effective Nov. 1. It’s a deeper cut than the 1.9 per cent ICBC had proposed because regulators at the B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC) decided expenses were lower than expected, leaving room to lop off another half point. “They crunched the numbers and came up with a slightly different calculation,” ICBC president and CEO Jon Schubert said. “It’s the first time we’ve been able to reduce basic rates in more than a decade.” Less frequent claims and better driving weather are the main reasons for the reduced expenses, even though average claim costs continue to climb, especially for injury crashes. “It’s our customers’ smart driving that really allows us to do this,” Schubert said. ICBC will have to cut much further, however, to get basic rates back down to 2005 levels – increases in 2006 and 2007 raised basic premiums nearly 10 per cent. ICBC recorded another $232 million in net earnings for the first half of this year, the latest in a long string of hefty profits. And the provincial government this



year moved to tap some of the cash ICBC generates to pay down B.C.’s deficit. It ordered ICBC to hand over $487 million from its reserves and set aside similar dividends for Victoria in future years. Canadian Taxpayers Federation spokesperson Maureen Bader said rates should be cut even further so there’s less surplus money left for the province to raid. “There’s no way the average driver should have to be subsidizing the govenment’s pet projects like the B.C. Place roof and green energy subsidies,” she said. But Schubert said payments to the province are unrelated to basic rates, because they are paid out of profits made on the optional side of ICBC’s business. Basic rates are regulated by the BCUC because they are compulsory for all motorists and no private insurers compete with ICBC to provide the service. Optional rates, where there is competition, is unregulated. ICBC cut optional rates 3.3 per cent last year and dropped them 17 per cent over the past five years. Some industry observers have also questioned the need for ICBC’s large $3.1-billion reserve account. Schubert said it’s appropriate and noted ICBC’s reserve ratio is less than the industry average. “All insurance companies carry a certain amount of capital to make sure we’re able to meet our obligations and protect our customers from rate shock,” he said.


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Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010


Patient gets MRI scan early Alex Browne Staff Reporter

Peter Tilbury got his MRI at Peace Arch Hospital after all – but he’s still concerned about the time others may have to wait for the same procedure. In an email this week to Health Minister Kevin Falcon, Tilbury says that while he got his magnetic resonance imaging scan this week, he believes the wait time for others joining the queue is now up to 16 months. “At what point does the wait time become unacceptable to you, your ministry and the government of B.C.?� he asked. The South Surrey man was to have waited a total of 12 months (until January 2011) for an MRI for a shoulder injury sustained in January this year. But Tilbury’s scan was fit into the schedule on Tuesday (Aug. 31), after Peace Arch News went to press with its story on Tilbury’s situation. “He was on an emergency waiting list, and there was a cancellation,� said

Fraser Health’s Joan Marshall. But Tilbury, who had emailed Falcon several times since June with his concerns about MRI wait times, fears others awaiting the scan won’t be so fortunate. In a new email to Falcon dated Aug. 31, and copied to PAN, Tilbury said the question of whether he needed an MRI in a private facility no longer needed an answer. “The bad news,� he writes, “is that the wait time for MRIs has now become 16 months (January, 2012).� Tilbury noted that wait times, which stood at 10 months in March, had already increased to 15 months in July. Falcon was still away on vacation this week and unavailable for comment. Ministry staffers deferred to Fraser Health for further comment. Marshall previously noted that MRI waits were a matter of a priority determined by each patient’s physician in consultation with a radiologist, and waits

could range from hours to months depending on the severity of the case. Marshall said Wednesday she stood

by Fraser Health’s earlier assessment that 14 months is the longest anyone would have to wait for an MRI at Peace Arch Hospital.

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Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News



…on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

Water has often fed fires of controversy In the wake of the recent boil-water advisory in White Rock, prompted by the discovery of E. coli bacteria in the distribution system, former newspaper editor and historian Vin Coyne reviews the turbulent history of the city’s water utility. Vin Coyne


Special to the Peace Arch News

ater from a natural spring bubbled up in the little public right-of-way off Elm Street, filling the buckets and kettles of year-round residents as well as those who spent their summers in White Rock. Early townsfolk tapped the supply and installed a second pipe on Washington Avenue so beachgoers could heat their water over campfires. The steam ran under the government’s cattle quarantine barn adjacent to the railway and drained onto the beach. Train crews would wash and gather their drinking water from the stream. Helen McIntosh, whose parents came to Elm Street in 1910, recalled that the water supply would sometimes run low in the summer, but generally there was enough to meet demand. Then in June of 1913, when the McIntosh family and others arrived to spend their summer, they found that 10 permanent residents had taken over the water system. “They had gotten together during the winter and applied to Victoria for ‘dipping rights’ to the spring,” said McIntosh. This action by the newly incorporated White Rock Water Works Company Ltd. sparked some local controversy – the first of many the utility would face over the next 97 years. The new supplier reluctantly agreed existing homeowners could have free water for as long as they held their property. This agreement was in effect until the early 1930s. One of the founders of the water company was pioneer Fred Johnson, who tired of walking 500 feet from his home on Buena Vista to the spring. He convinced neighbours to help raise $1,000 to install a 50-galllon barrel and pipes to nearby homes. In 1915, the company began supplying other homes, and two

years later, Henry and Margaret Thrift donated land over natural springs at Buena Vista and Oxford to facilitate the first pumping plant. By 1921, the company received Victoria’s approval to use 50,000 gallons per day from the spring off Elm, and to construct a “dam” to store another 50,000 gallons. The company grew under the leadership of Johnson, who served as president from 1920-53 and who lived to see a new 103-foot, 368,000-gallon reservoir at North Bluff and Merklin named in his honour in 1963. In 1935, the company acquired 160 acres near Johnston and North Bluff from Surrey municipality for $300. At first, the water works planned to drill for more wells. But further engineering studies proved the plan infeasible; so two storage tanks were later built to serve the higher reaches of the town. The company drilled additional wells at the top of Oxford near Goggs and later on High Street. Then in the early 1950s, in a move even the canny Johnson had

Brian Giebelhaus photo

White Rock historian Vin Coyne says controversy surrounding the city’s water supply is not a new development. Right, a reservoir under construction on Oxford Street in 1953 resulted in complaints of poor water quality. trouble explaining, the company built a huge, outdoor reservoir on its Oxford Street property. While young boys were challenged to get through the high wire fence so they could swim in the town’s drinking water and the frogs joined in a nightly chorus each spring, the reservoir heralded the beginning of controversial times for the water company. In 1957, the year White Rock incorporated as a city, controlling interest in the firm was purchased by a group of Vancouver businessmen, and appointed Major W.L. Hough, a retired military officer, as manager. At the same time, the public was grumbling over the quality of water to homes in the upper part of the

Contributed photo

city. Boundary Health Unit, which monitored quality, claimed algae and insect larvae in the reservoir was the cause. Health officials called for a roof over the reservoir at a cost of some $60,000 – a proposal the water works agreed to, provided a circulator system failed to solve the problems. “The circulator will force the water to rotate at such a speed that small flies could not hatch their eggs in the reservoir,” announced Hough. He reported the tanks at North Bluff and Johnston would be cleaned – for the first time, to his




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knowledge. Health officials agreed that “although the water had been rather bad for three months during the summer, it has, however, been good over the long period.” Adequate water supply became the civic election issue in December 1958, with candidate Al Reusch calling for the utility company to supply adequate water. In 1961, the water company offered to sell the system to the city for $550,000, while retaining its 160 acres of land at North Bluff and Johnston. The offer was termed “highway robbery” by Cecil Ortner, who had served as water works treasurer. He went public on much of the firm’s business operations, leading the local newspaper to comment it was “too bad Mr. Ortner had not been so community-minded during his employment with the company.” The row over the purchase and an application to increase rates from $2.50 to $3.75 per household raged on into the mayoralty election campaign. Incumbent Harry Douglass and other council members opposed the purchase, claiming the city would be saddled with debt and exorbitant operating expenses. The opposing view was taken by former MLA Tom Irwin, who claimed the city could profit from the purchase. John T. Duffe, who headed a local ratepayers association, also strongly supported the city purchase. However, McDuffe changed his mind at the last minute and voted against the $700,000 referendum, claiming the city could get the system cheaper through expropriation. When the issue finally got to plebiscite in 1962, White Rock voters rejected the purchase by a four-to-one majority, going along with a newspaper editorial which stated anyone voting to buy the company must be a “blithering idiot.” The battles between the waterworks, city and users continued to erupt throughout the 1960s and on into the ’70s. The Oxford Street reservoir was deemed redundant by the early 1970s and later emptied, infilled and landscaped.  see page 12


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Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010


Archer ushered in a period of calm and co-operation during 1970s  from page 11 Two adversaries were Bob Howse, the city’s works superintendent, and Hector MacDonald, the water company’s foreman, who had served in the armed forces with Hough. Though no fan of MacDonald, Howse had to change his tune when he found himself being inducted into the newly formed White Rock Kiwanis Club. There to share in the fellowship was another new member – MacDonald. The company changed its name to White Rock Utilities Ltd. in 1969 and sold off the 160acre holding where Semiahmoo Shopping Centre is now located. An era of co-operation came in 1970 when Tom Archer took over as manager. But even Archer’s cool approach couldn’t calm the storm that erupted after White Rock users were ordered to pay retroactively for a water rate increase granted in 1976. Alderman Ken Jones and five other residents had their water cut off for non-payment, but finally paid their bills and the fee to be reconnected “under protest.” Council at first refused to pay its $8,000 retroactive charge, but later gave in after the

company threatened to cut off the entire city. The city got another chance to purchase the utility when the company went on the market in 1977. Council decided it had other priorities, but there were a few red faces at city hall when a Delta couple, James and Kathleen Bromley, made the purchase for $750,000 – just $50,000 more than the plebiscite figure of 1962. The Bromley family sold the utility to the current owners, Epcor, in 2005. After two more rate increases, the 1988 White Rock Utilities Ltd. marked its 75th year of supplying water to 4,470 users in the city, a small section of Surrey and the Semiahmoo First Nation; proud of the constant improvements made to one of the last privately owned water utilities in the province. That year, the system pumped more than 500 million gallons, hitting peaks of nearly 2.6 million gallons a day during the summer months. What is the source of this hard, richly mineralized water? Some say it comes from a major underground river which sends a roaring noise up through the artesian wells at low

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tide. Others claim the supply comes from Mount Baker. More recently, the

source has been dubbed the Sunnyside Uplands Aquifer. From a little company

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supplying some 20,000, the utility has thrived on a love/hate relationship with its

customers. For the most part, they still love the water, but they hate the rates.

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Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


Clean, Safe Drinking Water.

Raw food on festival menu Hannah Sutherland Staff Reporter

Families are invited to head down to east beach in White Rock this weekend for a food, music and art festival at Organic Connections Café. The business – which is making use of the ocean-view property at 15622 Marine Dr. until it is leased – will host art sessions for children, live music and a stage for poetry reading, singing or dance performances. Set for Sept. 4 and 5 from noon to 8 p.m., the event will also give people the opportunity to taste – and sign up for classes to learn to prepare – raw food. The café specializes in the organic, vegetarian, sustainable fare, and began serving it through a take-out window during last month’s Spirit of the Sea Festival. Ocean Park resident Beverly Ashworth – who opened the volunteer-run service – said it was met with a positive response, and is now regularly open Thursday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Brian Giebelhaus photo

Wind Walrath, an employee at Organic Connections Café, gets ready for the upcoming festival. For this weekend’s festival, she said chairs and tables have been brought in so customers can eat-in at the café. “It’s just a really comfortable place to come and meet and eat... it’s a place of conversation, a place to really build community. “People come together to be fed on many levels.” Although all current proceeds from sales go to purchasing food, Ashworth said she hopes to eventually see a profit and have the business grow. Her ultimate goal is a centre where people can eat raw food,

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learn healthy life skills through educational programs and exhibit their artistic abilities. “I really see this place being owned by the community,” she said. “I see our place as a place to connect all this talent and come together and have a lot of good times and share our strengths and help each other with our weaknesses.” Ashworth said the Marine Drive property has been available for lease since the previous tenants left at the end of March, and the café will continue operating there until the land is leased or she is able to lease it herself. If she is unable to stay, Ashworth said she will find another location for the service. For now, she said she is working on making the café a permanent fixture on the beach, and has approached the cities of White Rock and Surrey about forming a partnership. “We’re hoping we’ll get the funding and support to carry through with these plans and stay there,” she said.

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Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010

Boil Water Notice Ended for White Rock On September 1, 2010, the Boil Water Notice was lifted for the City of White Rock and the 80 South Surrey EPCOR customers after Fraser Health Medical Health Officer Dr. Elizabeth Brodkin confirmed that the water in household and commercial systems was safe to drink and use. EPCOR appreciates your understanding and compliance with the notice as we worked to resolve this situation. We moved as quickly as we could, while carefully and methodically cleaning the system. We thank customers for their patience through this process. EPCOR’s investigation identified reservoirs as the source of contamination and these have been drained, inspected and disinfected. Although the cause has not been conclusively identified, there was some microscopic evidence of contamination by birds. What should I do now that the notice has been lifted? Residents can stop boiling water prior to drinking or cooking, and resume normal water handling practices. In doing this, residents are advised to adhere to the following precautions: Residential customers should: x Flush all water-using fixtures for 1 minute. (Flush means run taps) x Run all cold water faucets for 1 minute before using the water x Drain and flush ice-making systems on their refrigerator x Drain and refill hot water heaters set below 45 degrees C (normal setting is 60 degrees C)

Commercial customers should: x Flush all water-using fixtures for 1 minute x Run all cold water faucets and drinking fountains for 1 minute before using the water x Drain all cisterns, and flush with clean water x Drain and flush all ice-making systems x Backwash pool filters and change media (filters) or water x Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle x Drain and refill hot water heaters set below 45 degrees C (normal setting is 60 degrees C) x Clean and disinfect all shared toys and diapering areas x Run food spraying sprinklers for 1 minute before using the water x Clean and disinfect all counters

Next steps The rooftops on both Merklin reservoirs will be upgraded to help prevent a situation like this from happening again. During the construction period, which may take several weeks, EPCOR will continue chlorinating the water so it remains safe. Customers may notice a slight chlorine odour in White Rock water during this time. Where can I get more information? Members of the public who have general questions can call EPCOR at 604-536-6112. Further information, including FAQs, is available at There are no indications to date from physician visits, hospital visits or provincial lab tests of illnesses associated with water quality. Individuals who are concerned about their personal health can speak with a HealthLinkBC nurse by calling 8-1-1, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Further health information is available at How can I provide feedback?

Your feedback is important. A formal debriefing on the White Rock Boil Water Notice will occur in the future with EPCOR, Fraser Health and the City of White Rock. Your comments will be taken into careful consideration and we invite you to please send them to us at Thank you in advance for taking the time to do so.

Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News



Training day for littlest Mounties Dozens of youngsters got a firsthand look at police work recently, during the RCMP’s annual Junior Police Academy. The day-long camp – held in five Surrey communities, including South Surrey – is an opportunity for police to build relationships with kids, said Sgt. Shelly Jacobsen. “It’s a chance for them to get to know the police in an unofficial setting,” Jacobsen, with the Mounties’ youth section, said. “Kids should feel comfortable interacting with the police when they leave the camp and consider us someone they can turn to.” The free camp, in its seventh year, is operated by the RCMP and the City of Surrey parks department, and is for children aged six to 10. It runs over five days in August at schools

in North Surrey, Guildford, Newton and Cloverdale. It was held locally on Aug. 27 at the South Surrey Rec Centre. More than 70 children participated that day, Jacobsen said. While one group did drills, others learned about crime scene forensics and police-style physical training. The “Junior Police Constables” were also treated to a police dog demonstration; a close-up look at police cars and even Air 1, one of the RCMP’s dedicated helicopters. They also had a chance to explore a tactical assault vehicle recently acquired by the Emergency Response Team. Questions put to officers at the South Surrey camp ranged from “do you have guns?” – posed to ERT Const. Taylor Daigle – to “why were you late?” The latter was directed at Const. Tammy Sandquist, a tactical flight officer with the RCMP’s Air Services Section, after Sandquist’s arrival at the camp via Air 1 was delayed when the team was called to assist in a search for “bad guys with guns” in Langley. “Yes, we got them,” Sandquist

assured the youngsters. The program includes badges, free T-shirts and a hot lunch for all. The officers who work with the children all volunteer their time, and the food and T-shirts are provided by sponsors. This year’s event saw the largest turnout for classes yet. Since the summer program was launched, more than 2,000 children have taken part. Many of them are repeat visitors. Surrey Parks’ Ali Mansoun said he has been part of the camp for the past four years,

Children taking part in the Junior Police Academy in South Surrey last week got a first-hand look at policing from officers such as Const. Tammy Sandquist (right). and has as much fun as the kids. “I get just as giggly,” he said. Most participants say they like the helicopter and police dogs best, Mansoun noted. “The ones that really get to you are the ones that say I get to hang out with a police officer all day.” - Tracy Holmes

Tracy Holmes photos

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Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010

N OT I C E O F P U B L I C H E A R I N G - M O N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 13 , 2 010 The Council of the City of Surrey will hold a Public Hearing pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act, in the Council Chamber at City Hall, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, on Monday, September 13, 2010, commencing at 7:00 p.m.


Surrey Official Community Plan By-law, 1996, No. 12900, No. 270 Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17237 Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17238 Application: 7910-0037-00

Surrey Official Community Plan By-law, 1996, No. 12900, Text No. 105 Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17232 Application: 7910-0077-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 5939 - 180 Street (also shown as 5905 - 180 Street) APPLICANT: Lutheran Senior Citizens Housing Society c/o Thomas Crump 5939 - 180 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 4L2 PROPOSAL: To amend “Surrey Official Community Plan By-law 1996, No. 12900”, as amended, in Division A. Schedule B Temporary Use Permit Areas, under the heading Temporary Commercial Use Permit Areas, by adding a new heading “Temporary Commercial Use Permit Area No. 25 - Temporary Office Use”. This amendment will allow a temporary office use for a communications company in an existing seniors care facility.


Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17236 Application: 7910-0084-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 18537 - 54 Avenue APPLICANT: Kulwinder S. and Karminder S. Dhami c/o Coastland Engineering & Surveying Ltd. (Mike Helle) #101, 19292 - 60 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S 3M2 PROPOSAL: To rezone the property from “One Acre Residential Zone (RA)” to “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)”. The purpose of the rezoning is to allow subdivision into two (2) suburban single family lots. B. Permitted Uses for By-law 17236 The lands and structures shall be used for the following uses only, or for a combination of such uses: 1. One single family dwelling. 2. Accessory uses including the following: (a) Bed and breakfast use in accordance with Section B.2 of Part 4 General Provisions of Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, as amended; and (b) The keeping of boarders or lodgers in accordance with Section B.2 of Part 4 General Provisions of Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, as amended.

Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17233 Application: 7908-0249-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 19186 - 96 Avenue APPLICANT: 622151 B.C. Ltd. c/o Russcher and Evans Architects 20633 - 46A Avenue Langley, BC V3A 3K1 PROPOSAL: To rezone the property from “Self Service Gasoline Station Zone (CG 1)” and “Local Commercial Zone (C 4)” to “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)”. The purpose of the rezoning is to permit construction of a gasoline station, truck card lock facility, accessory convenience store and dwelling unit. B. Permitted Uses for By-law 17233 The lands and structures shall be used for the following uses only, or for a combination of such uses: 1. Gasoline station provided that where self-service hoses are available, at least 2 full-service hoses shall be available on the same lot. 2. Transportation industry limited to card lock fuel dispensing facility. 3. Accessory uses including the following: (a) Automotive service uses of vehicles less than 5,000 kilograms [11,023 lbs.] G.V.W.; (b) Retail stores limited to the following: i. Convenience store provided that the total sales and display area open to the public is not more than 278 square metres [3,000 sq.ft.]; and ii. Sale of automotive accessories. (c) Coffee shops provided that the seating capacity shall not exceed 35 and said coffee shop is not licensed by the Liquor Control and Licensing Act R.S.B.C. 1996 chapter 267, as amended; (d) One dwelling unit provided that the dwelling unit is: i. Contained within the principal building; ii. Occupied by the owner or the owners employee for the protection of the businesses permitted on the lot; and iii. Limited in size to a maximum gross floor area of 154 square metres [1,650 sq.ft.].


CIVIC ADDRESS: 8713 - 158 Street APPLICANT: Pete Klassen Millwork & Const. Ltd. c/o Abbott Kinney Lands Ltd. (Sam Hooge) #308, 3335 Rosemary Heights Drive, Surrey, BC V3S 2H5 PROPOSAL: By-law 17237 To authorize the redesignation of the site from Urban (URB) to Multiple Residential (RM). By-law 17238 To rezone the site from “Single Family Residential Zone (RF)” to “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)”. The purpose of the redesignation and rezoning is to permit the development of 23 townhouse units. Permitted Uses for By-law 17238 The lands and structures shall be used for ground-oriented multiple unit residential buildings.


Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17234 Application: 7910-0112-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 14377 - 64 Avenue APPLICANT: Sullivan Corner Holdings Ltd. c/o Dalbir Dosanjh 11930 Cottonwood Avenue, Delta, BC V4E 3J9 PROPOSAL: To rezone the property from “Local Commercial Zone (C 4)” to “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)”. The purpose of the rezoning is to permit additional permitted uses including office uses and general services to an existing commercial building. B. Permitted Uses for By-law 17234 The lands and structures shall be used for the following uses only, or for a combination of such uses: 1. The following uses are permitted, provided that the total floor area does not exceed 370 square metres [4,000 sq.ft.]: (a) Retail store limited to the following: i. Convenience store; ii. Video rental; and iii. Florist shop; (b) Eating establishment excluding the following: i. Drive-through restaurant; and ii. Eating establishment licensed by the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, chapter 267, as amended; and (c) Personal service uses limited to the following: i. Barbershop; ii. Beauty parlour; iii. Cleaning and repair of clothing; and iv. Shoe repair shop; (d) Office uses excluding social escort services and methadone clinics; (e) General service uses excluding funeral parlours and drivethrough banks; and (f) Community services. 2. One dwelling unit provided that the dwelling unit is:

Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


N OT I C E O F P U B L I C H E A R I N G - M O N DAY, S E P T E M B E R 13 , 2 010 (a) (b) (c)

Contained within the principal building; Occupied by the owner or the owner’s employee, for the protection of the businesses permitted on the lot; and Not more than 185 square metres [2,000 sq.ft.] in floor area.


Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17235 Application: 7910-0086-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 13147 - 76 Avenue (also shown as 13163 and 13177 76 Avenue) APPLICANT: 581486 B.C. Ltd. c/o Ionic Architecture Inc. (Samuel Chan) 5500 - 152 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 5J9 PROPOSAL: To rezone the site from “Light Impact Industrial Zone (IL)” and “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)” (By-law No. 15851) to “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)” (By-law No. 17235). DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE PERMIT To vary “Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000”, Section F, as follows: (a) To reduce the minimum rear yard setback from 7.5 metres (25 ft.) to 2.44 metres (8 ft.). The purpose of the rezoning and development variance permit is to include furniture store as a permitted use and to relax the rear yard setback for a proposed industrial building. B. Permitted Uses for By-law 17235 The lands and structures shall be used for the following uses only, or for a combination of such uses: 1. Block A (a) Light impact industry; (b) Recycling depots provided that: i. The use is confined to an enclosed building; and ii. The storage of used tires is prohibited; (c) Transportation industry; (d) Automotive service uses; (e) Automobile painting and body work; (f) Vehicle storage and parking facilities including truck parking and recreational vehicle storage; (g) Warehouse uses; (h) Distribution centres; (i) Office uses limited to the following: i. Architectural and landscape architectural offices; ii. Engineering and surveying offices; iii. General contractor offices; iv. Government offices; and v. Utility company offices; (j) Accessory uses including the following: i. Recreation facilities, excluding go-kart operations, drag racing and rifle ranges; ii. Community services; iii. Assembly halls limited to churches, provided that: a. The church does not exceed a total floor area of 700 square metres [7,500 sq. ft.]; b. The church accommodates a maximum of 300 seats; and c. There is not more than one church on a lot; iv. Child care centres; v. Dwelling unit(s) provided that the dwelling unit(s) is (are): a. Contained within the principal building; b. Occupied by the owner or a caretaker, for the protection of the businesses permitted; c. Restricted to a maximum number of: (i) One dwelling unit in each principal building less than 2,800 square metres [30,000 sq. ft.] in floor area; (ii) Two dwelling units in each principal building of 2,800

2. (a) (b) i. ii. (c) (d) (e)

(f) i. ii. iii. iv. (a) (b) (c)


square metres [30,000 sq. ft.] or greater in floor area; and (iii) Notwithstanding Sub-sections B.1(j)v.c.(i) and (ii), the maximum number shall be two dwelling units; d. Restricted to a maximum floor area of: (i) 140 square metres [1,500 sq.ft.] for one (first) dwelling unit on a lot and where a lot has been subdivided by a strata plan then there shall only be one 140 square metre [1,500 sq. ft.] dwelling unit within the strata plan; (ii) 90 square metres [970 sq. ft.] for each additional dwelling unit; and (iii) Notwithstanding Sub-sections B.1.(j)v.d(i) and (ii)., the maximum floor area shall not exceed 33% of the total floor area of the principal building within which the dwelling unit is contained; vi. Sales of rebuilt vehicles less than 5,000 kilograms [11,023 lbs] G.V.W. provided that: a. It is part of an automobile painting and body work business; b. The number of rebuilt vehicles ready for sale shall not exceed 5 at anytime; c. The business operator holds a current and valid Motor Dealer’s certificate; and d. the business operator is an approved Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Salvage Buyer. Block B Light impact industry; Office uses excluding: Social escort services; and Methadone clinics; Warehouse uses; Distribution centres; Retail stores limited to a maximum of two furniture stores provided that the maximum floor area for one furniture store does not exceed 2,923 square metres [31,470 sq. ft.] and the total floor area for the other furniture store does not exceed 1,492 square metres [16,062 sq.ft.]; Accessory uses including the following: Recreational facilities, excluding go-kart operations, drag racing and rifle ranges; Community services; Child care centre; and Dwelling unit(s) provided that the dwelling unit(s) is (are): Contained within a principal building; Occupied by the owner or a caretaker, for the protection of the businesses permitted; Restricted to a maximum number of: (i) One dwelling unit in each principal building less than 2,800 square metres [30,000 sq. ft.] in floor area; (ii) Two dwelling units in each principal building of 2,800 square metres [30,000 sq. ft.] or greater in floor area; and (iii) Notwithstanding Sub-sections B.2.(f) iv.c(i) and ii., the maximum number shall be two dwelling units; and Restricted to a maximum floor area of: (i) 140 square metres [1,500 sq. ft.] for one (first) dwelling unit on a lot and where a lot has been subdivided by a strata plan then there shall only be one 140 square metre [1,500 sq.ft.] dwelling unit within the strata plan; (ii) 90 square metres [970 sq. ft.] for each additional dwelling unit; and (iii) Notwithstanding Sub-sections B.2.(f) iv. d.(i) and ii., the maximum floor area shall not exceed 33% of the total floor area of the principal building within which the dwelling unit is contained.


Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17239 Application: 7910-0017-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 6358 - 142 Street APPLICANT: Olive, Daniel, William, and Robert Staples c/o Barnett Dembek Architects #135, 7536 - 130 Street Surrey, BC V3W 1H8 PROPOSAL: To rezone the property from “One Acre Residential Zone (RA)” to “Comprehensive Development Zone (CD)”. The purpose of the rezoning is to permit development of a 40-unit townhouse development and protection of riparian area as open space. B. Permitted Uses for By-law 17239 The lands and structures shall be used for the following uses only, or for a combination of such uses, provided such combined uses are part of a comprehensive design: 1. Ground-oriented multiple unit residential buildings. 2. Child care centres, provided that such centres: (a) Do not constitute a singular use on the lot; and (b) Do not exceed a total area of 3.0 square metres [32 sq.ft.] per dwelling unit.


Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17240 Application: 7909-0263-00 CIVIC ADDRESS: 6128 - 142 Street APPLICANT: Surinderpal K. Hare c/o Hunter Laird Engineering Ltd. (Clarence Arychuk) #300 - 65 Richmond Street New Westminster, BC V3L 5P5 PROPOSAL: To rezone the property from “One Acre Residential Zone (RA)” to “Single Family Residential (12) Zone (RF-12)”. The purpose of the rezoning is to permit subdivis ion into twenty-four single family small lots.



Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, Text Amendment By-law, 2010, No. 17242 APPLICANT: City of Surrey (Council Initiative) 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3X 3A2 PROPOSAL: 1. “Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000,” as amended, is hereby further amended by replacing Part 7, “Special Building Setbacks” with the following: “A. General 1. Notwithstanding anything in this By-law, setback of buildings and structures on a lot abutting existing or future highways shown on the “Surrey Major Road Allowance Map”, attached as Schedule K to the “Surrey Subdivision and Development By-law, 1986, No. 8830”, as amended, shall be the sum of the following: (a) One-half of the width of the ultimate highway allowance shown on the “Surrey Major Road Allowance Map”, attached as Schedule K to the “Surrey Subdivision and Development By-law, 1986, No. 8830”, as amended, measured from the centreline of the ultimate highway allowance, which may not necessarily coincide with the centreline of the existing highway; plus (b) The required setback set forth in Section F Yards and Setbacks of the Zone in which the lot is located.” The amendment will reflect new Schedule K (on file) - “Surrey Major Road Allowance Map” that will act to define the road allowance requirements for each section of major road (arterial roads, collector roads, and some unique local roads) in Surrey. Additional information may be obtained from the Planning & Development Department at 604-591-4441. Copies of the by-law(s), development variance permit, supporting staff reports and any relevant background documentation may be inspected at the City Hall, Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. from Tuesday, July 27, 2010 to Monday, September 13, 2010. All persons who believe their interest in property will be affected by the proposed bylaw(s)/ development variance permit shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing on matters contained in the by law(s)/development variance permit. Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to convey to Council, please fax to 604-5918731, email, or submit in writing to the City Clerk at 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3X 3A2, no later than Monday, September 13, 2010 at 4:00 p.m.

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CIVIC ADDRESS: 19438 - 16 Avenue APPLICANT: 0801757 B.C. Ltd. c/o South Surrey Aggregates Ltd. and Tyam Construction Ltd. (Jason York) 27474 Gloucester Way , Langley, B.C. V4W 4A1 PROPOSAL: To designate the property at 19438 - 16 Avenue a Soil Removal Area. This by-law is intended to allow the issuance of a Soil Removal Permit; and removal of 200,600 cubic metres of gravel from the property and deposit a similar quantity of fill material as to return the property to its pre-construction topography to support future farming opportunities.









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arts & entertainment …on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

Local concert to benefit orphaned children in Africa

Celtic Fantasy Alex Browne


Arts Reporter

here’s an undeniable resonance – and a strong thread of history – binding past, present and future in the Celtic tradition of music, literature and dance. Which should make A Celtic Fantasy (Saturday, Sept. 11, 7 p.m., First United Church, 15385 Semiahmoo Ave.) the perfect multi-generational attraction to support fundraising by a group of grandmothers who want to change the future for orphaned children. The concert – which combines the silver tones of well-known soprano Leanne Page with a hand-picked group of local instrumentalists, readers and dancers – is a special presentation of the Oneness Gogos. The Peninsula-based group is part of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign run by the Stephen Lewis Foundation to assist the African grandmothers raising some 13 million children orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, and proceeds from the concert will go to this cause. Pianist Trudy Bishop – one of the performers – is also a member of the Oneness Gogos, and it was her idea to bring together Page, violinist Celia Collin and choreographer/dance teacher Maureen Lyon (and her traditional Celtic dance group The Tam O’Shanter Dancers) for what promises to be a magical evening of haunting melodies, lilting poetry and toetapping dance. Rounding out the list of performers are two of Page’s family – son Connor, 12, adding ornament and haunting quality on recorder, and husband Todd, providing rhythmic underpinning on guitar – plus, family friend Ann Schwartz (a noted pianist, she is also “a beautiful reader,” Page said) and Jim Nicol, whose authentic Scots’ brogue will bring just the right touch to many of the traditional verses. There’s also a strong feeling of celebrating family behind the concert, Bishop said. “The reason we chose the Sept. 11 date – while it’s infamous for another reason – is that Sept. 12 is Grandparents Day,” she said. “It would be nice if local seniors homes and facilities could assist residents in

Alex Browne photo

Trudy Bishop, Connor Page, Maureen Lyon, Leanne Page and Celia Collin are performers participating in the fundraising concert A Celtic Fantasy, Saturday, Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. at First United Church, to benefit the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign. getting to the concert,” Page said. “It should be very nostalgic, I would think,” said Collin, formerly of the Aldoria Trio, who, in addition to lending her expert violin technique to the concert, has provided special arrangements of the featured folk tune medleys for the flexible instrumentation of the group. While it’s clearly not an exercise in latterday Celtic fusion, the concert is bound to strike a chord with many people of many generations, the participants agree. And along with such well-known favourites as My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose, Kathleen Mavourneen, Comin’ Thru The Rye and Mairi’s Wedding, there will be a few lesser-known historic gems, such as the original melody for Auld Lang Syne (although the group will play the popular New Year’s Eve version as well). “A lot of people will know the music, even if they’re not from Scotland or Ireland – but

Notice of AGM The Community of Lights Events Society Monday, September 13, 2010, 7:00pm Centennial Arena Lounge 14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock

so many are,” said Page. As much as there is crossover between Irish, Scottish and English traditions – with each area claiming and making variations on popular time-honoured melodies and lyrics – the vicissitudes of history have given a different tone to each, Page noted. “We’re starting off with this fantastic poem, The Hills In The Highlands,” she said. “Scottish poetry is very atmospheric in its physical descriptions of the landscape – the heather, the moonlight and a rippling stream.” Irish poetry and lyrics, on the other hand, reflect a history of wars, famine and forced migration, Page said. “It tends to be very sad – much more about how people feel about Ireland – about having to leave Ireland and looking back.” History is also part of every gesture of Celtic dance, Lyon said, noting that a lot of the dances began life as an evocation of the

daily work of the people, from hunting and herding cattle to spinning and weaving. But other dances, such as the slow Strathspey, are evocative of the elegant ballroom of special celebrations, she said. “And the Jubilee Quadrille we will be dancing goes back to the old, old style of dance that came from France and was brought over by Mary, Queen of Scots,” Lyon added. Page said singing such historic material seems very natural to her. “I’ve always liked Celtic music, always loved old, original music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. “The older it is, the more connected I feel with it,” she said. Tickets for the upcoming concert ($12, $7 for children aged 12 and under) are available from Tapestry Music, 1335 Johnston Rd., or by calling 604-538-3843, 604-538-5564.


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crowns in one appointment

Louise McKnight


Bay Realty Ltd.

This family dental practice welcomes new patients.

STAYTE DENTAL is located at 1115 Stayte Rd. • 778-294-6982


Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010

arts & entertainment

Another busy season for King Alex Browne Arts Reporter

Following a successful summer season in White Rock and Vancouver with the farce No Sex, Please, We’re British, Surrey’s Royal Canadian Theatre Company and its artistic director, Ellie King, move into high gear this month with auditions for its Christmas pantomime and a new production. Auditions for King’s new panto take on Alice In Wonderland will be held Saturday, Sept. 11 at the company’s scene shop (the south east corner of the old Cloverdale Mall, 5710 175 St.) Some speaking roles, including Alice, the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit are up for grabs, as well as chorus roles, for the production, which will run Dec. 17 to Jan. 2 at Surrey Arts Centre’s main stage. Auditonees should prepare one short song (bring CD or tape backing). To book an audition time email auditions@rctheatreco. com

Meanwhile, King is preparing to return to the stage in her signature title role in Shirley Valentine, which runs Sept. 16-17 (8 p.m.) and Sept.18 (4 and 8 p.m.) at Surrey Arts Centre’s main stage. For tickets ($25, $22 seniors and students, plus service charges) call 604-5015566.


Ellie King returns to the stage in her signature title role in Shirley Valentine.

Over 1000


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Hours for donations: 10am - 4:30pm

Thrift Store 15562 - 24 Ave. (behind Black Bond Books)


Check us out at www.


Dr. William The Liang B.Sc., D.M.D., F.A.A.I.D., B D.I.C.O.I., F.A.G.D.


604.541.8108 604.531.3344 DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER

Windsor Square Shopping Center #225 - 1959 - 152 Street, Surrey

Facial rejuvenation is the latest buzzword in the topic of maintaining a youthful appearance. There is a lot of talk about Botox and Dermal Fillers and their effects on diminishing facial wrinkles. While there is certainly a place for these medical wonders, the more fundamental structures of the face deserve other considerations first. A sagging

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B E AU T Y NEW INSTITUTE 112 - 1656 Martin Dr, White Rock


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Beauty is much more than skin deep smile or sunken face is often associated with looking old. It is also commonly the result of missing one or more teeth. Besides their obvious functions in speech and chewing, teeth are essential in holding up the structure of the mouth and lower half of the face. In many cases, loss of teeth will not only diminish that support, but also relate to the loss of surrounding bone. We know that the loss of teeth may lead to a corresponding loss of up to 70% of bone volume in that region within a short time. The resulting net decrease in facial volume may be beyond compensation by any amount of botox or dermal fillers. There is a saying that “the soft tissue may be the issue but the bone sets the tone”. As Oral Implantologists, we reconstruct the jaw by not only replacing the numbers of missing teeth, but also by reconstructing the underlying bone whenever possible. Doing so ensures that the new tooth replacement is in the right position for proper function and

Experience the Benefits of Acupuncture p

Feng Li

• Stroke • Hot Flashes, Menopause/ Menstrual Symptoms • Infertility • Soft Tissue Injuries • Sleep Disorders & Chronic Fatigue • Smoking & Alcohol


Acupuncture & Natural Healing

#101C–1440 George Street, White Rock • 604-538-9367 Monday – Friday, Saturday morning

A fuller face generally reflects a younger look and a more beautiful smile. So reclaim your smile starting from the inside. Visit your dentist to find out how implant dentistry can make you look and feel younger.

Dr. William Liang Board Certified, American Board of Oral Implantologists Director, Canadian Dental Implant Training Centre Inc.

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We use the science of acupuncture to successfully treat a variety of conditions and their underlying causes. • Allergies, Sinus & Asthma • Acne, Rosacea, Eczema & Psoriasis • Arthritis • Depression & Anxiety • Stress & Panic Attack • Eating disorder & weight loss • High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

support of the overlying soft tissue. In the event that it is not possible to reconstruct the missing bone, the replacement teeth can be made in such a way to mimic the original position of the bone and thereby still support the face.

FENG LI M.D. (China) B.C. Registered Acupuncturist & Herbal Practitioner Coverage from DVA, Extended Health Health Care C & MSP

Brief benefit from using artificial tears? Let Dr. Moison guide you through a comprehensive treatment plan to give you sustained relief of your Dry Eye Symptoms. Let your eyes feel good again! New patients welcome.

Pearl Powder— Natural cosmetic formula keeps skin radiant, smooth and youthful!

Facial acupuncture for skin rejuvenation & reducing visible lines


103-15385 Hwy 10, Surrey

Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


Ron Wiseman

Call an ing d Outstan ! t n e g A ®

Colonial Pacific

Mark Grafton, from the Bar K Ranch near Prince George, talks steak with Diane Parsons and Laureen Pope at South Point Save-on-Foods Sunday, as part of the company’s Meet a Rancher program. ■ Senior’s Friday Friendship – a place ■ Multiple Sclerosis Support Group for seniors 55 and older to enjoy a meal meets the first Friday of the month at and inspirational program – Sept. 10 at 11:30 a.m. in the hall of St. White Rock Baptist Church, John’s Church, 1480 George 1657 140 St. Crafts, 9:30 St. Next meeting Sept. 3. a.m.; $7-hot lunch, noon; Info, 604-535-7170. music, 1 p.m. ■ Burnaby South Class of ■ Shoot-Out Street Hockey ‘65 reunion Sept. 10 (wine Tournament Sept. 17 at and cheese reception) and the Salvation Army White Sept. 11 (dinner buffet) Rock Church and Comat Burnaby Hilton at munity Ministries, 15417 Metrotown. Cost, $80 for Roper Ave., to raise funds two evenings. Classmates for the organization’s local from other 60s years welcome. services. Info, 604-531-7314, sanoel@ Pre-register. Info, 604-395-4274 or or


Brian Giebelhaus photo

Meat and greet



LY !


SEPT 9–12



date book




Design, style & renovate all under one new roof! Find innovative products, new ideas & great deals with over 325 retailers & industry experts.




Get up close & personal with HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler & Food Network’s David Adjey on the Urban Barn Design Stage presented by HGTV.

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Dr. Renée Duprat


is pleased to announce the commencement of her practice of

General Dentistry with

Dr. Ron Regan at

White Rock Dental Clinic Unit 207 - 1656 Martin Dr., South Surrey 604-536-7606 ext. 2

Dr. Ben Barrus, Optometrist, now provides complete eye health & vision examinations at IRIS in South Surrey at Grandview Corners. New patients are welcome!

We’ve got some TLC for you. Get your furnace serviced before September 30, 2010 and get a…


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Dr. Ben Barrus, Optometrist



GET APPLI YOUR C ONLIN ATION E terase ngas.c AT: om/tlc

Grandview Corners 2438 - 160th Street, South Surrey Across from Home Depot

604.541.2645 An Independent Lennox Dealer



Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and IRIS The Visual Group.



Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010

lifestyles ■ Semiahmoo Secondary Class of ‘75 Friday 35-year reunion Sept. 11 from 6 to 11 ■ Hominum Fraser Valley Chapter – a p.m. at Eaglequest Coyote Creek, 7778 support and discussion group to help 152 St. $30/person. Cash bar, appetizers gay, bisexual and questioning men and sweets. Reply to Shawn Lazarowich with the challenges of being married, at or 604-534separated or single – meets Sept. 24 at 2963. 7:30 p.m. For information and location, ■ David Suzuki book signing, talk and call 604-462-9813 or 604-329-9760. question-and-answer period Sept. 18 at ■ New to You Linen Sale – presented 8 p.m. (doors, 7:30 p.m.) at Southridge by the Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary School. Tickets ($35, Society’s Kwatcha Group available at Black Bond – Oct. 29 from 10 a.m. Books) include copy of to 3 p.m. at First United his book, The Legacy: Church, Centre Street An Elder’s Vision for our and Semiahmoo Avenue. Sustainable Future. Call Donations of linens and 604-536-4444 to reserve. collectibles appreciated. ■ Great Canadian Saturday Shoreline Cleanup at Blackie Spit Sept. 25 ■ Rotary Club of White Rock book sale Sept. 4 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Rotary Club Field p.m., featuring a shoreline cleanup, House in South Surrey Athletic Park, 148 children’s activities, displays and free Street and 24 Avenue. Proceeds benefit Beach Hero goodies. Divers welcome local projects. Info, 604-219-5532. for the sub-tidal debris removal. Info, ■ Burnaby South Class of ‘65 reunion or www. Sept. 10 (wine and cheese reception) and Sept. 11 (dinner buffet) at Burnaby ■ Patient Voices Network – which Hilton at Metrotown. Cost, $80 for two hopes to work with the White Rock evenings. Classmates from other 60s Division of Family Practice to involve years welcome. Pre-register. Info, 604community members – free orientation, 395-4274 or training and support Sept. 25 for people ■ Prostate cancer awareness event and interested in joining and helping to pancake breakfast with Dr. Caleb Ng change the health care system. Sept. 11 from 8 a.m. to noon at Choices Register at Markets, 3248 King George Blvd. Cost, or 1-888-742-1772. Info, connect@ $5. To register, phone 604-541-3902.

date book

WALMART CORRECTION NOTICE G21 Ladies' Denim (#3494710/66/822/78…) for flyer ending September 2nd, should be Was $15, now $14.

========================== We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Beginning Class Intermediate Class Advanced Class Bible Study

TourHERO 1.800.968.7087

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Vancouver - Las Vegas (9 Days) Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 20, Dec 22 Single: $689.00 Double: $549.00 Triple: $469.00 Quad: $399.00

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-- Each Thursday 10:00am -- 12:00pm -- $20/person Free Coffee and Tea Peace Portal (Chinese) Alliance Church 15128 27B Avenue, Surrey BC V3P 1P2 Please Register Early

(Contact Person): Mrs. Tracy Lott 604-992-6769 Mrs. Eileen Cai 604-960-1493 Mr. Matthew Wong 604-671-9703


Hurry in, offer ends September 30. | 604 517 0100 †

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Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


…on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

Club founder credits new coach

Young divers make big splash the one- and three-metre boards at Irene MacDonald Provincial Members of the White Rock Championships. Divers had one of their most “Sammy had a hand injury for successful summers in recent some of the season, too, so he was memory, with podium finishes off for awhile,” Boys said. and strong performances in a Davies, meanwhile, was a B.C. variety of events. Games gold medallist. And club founder Bev Boys is Like Augustin, Greg Cox won pretty sure she knows the reason gold at the Irene MacDonald why – the club’s head championships, and coach Grant Brehaut. followed that with “Having Grant around two top-10 finishes at has been the difference, nationals and a 13th-place absolutely,” Boys said finish on the one-metre from Tucson, Ariz., where board in the men’s she was watching the division at Summer World Age Group Diving Senior Nationals. Championships along Keith Tidey, who begins with Brehaut, who was classes at UBC-Okanagan there as part of a coaching Grant Brehaut this month, won gold at apprenticeship with provincials on the threediving coach Diving Canda. metre board; was fourth “He’s been absolutely wonderful. on the one-metre at nationals, I know he’s been offered coaching ninth on three-metre and sixth on jobs everywhere, but we’re very platform. lucky to have him.” Stephanie Hansen, who will dive Brehaut has a long history with at the University of Reno this year, the club – first as a member, won gold at provincials and had before heading off to dive at two top-15 finishes in the girls A Simon Fraser University, and then division at nationals in July. as a part-time coach. But this Rounding out the results season, Boys explained, was really are Jaymee Porter (silver at the first he spent as a full-time provincials); Sky Corbett-Methot instructor. (four gold medals at provincials, Brehaut’s influence has helped tier 2 overall grand prix winner for a slew of local divers obtain 2010 season); Madeline Wainman personal best results this season. (silver and bronze at B.C. Games); Sammy Augustin and Alex Carlyn McNeely (two silvers at Davies, both competing in the B.C. Games); and Ellen De Crom 14-15 year-old age class, have had (bronze at B.C. Games). impressive summers, Boys said. Divers have had most of the last Augustin had two top-10 month off, but registration for finishes – on the one-metre the upcoming season – for new and three-metre boards – at or experienced divers – is set for age group nationals in July, Sept. 9 at the South Surrey Indoor while also finishing 13th in the Pool. country on the platform. Prior For information, including to that, he had a championshipregistration forms, visit www. winning performance on both Nick Greenizan Sports Reporter

Brian Giebelhaus photo

White Rock Divers Ellen De Crom, Sky Corbett-Methot, Carlyn McNeely (front row) and Greg Cox, Keith Tidey and Sammy Augustin (back row) all had excellent summers on the competitive diving circuit.

Peninsula athlete Jackie Davidson qualifies for Ironman Hawaii

Team Rogue leads local contingent at Ironman Canada Nick Greenizan Sports Reporter

A group of athletes from Peninsula Runners calling themselves Team Rogue led an impressive White Rock and Surrey group at the 2010 Ironman Canada competiton last weekend in Penticton. Nearly 30 athletes who took part in the grueling race were listed as being from Surrey, with a handful more coming from White Rock. Team Rogue was made up of “at least eight” athletes, plus a handful of unofficial members, according to the team’s Gary Loosemore. The top local finisher was Surrey’s Timothy Ferguson, who placed 291st – out of 2,732 who started the race – in a time of 10 hours, 40 minutes, according to preliminary results

that were published earlier this week. The event begins with a 2.4-mile swim, and is followed by a 112-mile bike ride, and then a 26.2-mile marathon. Others to complete the demanding event included Norm Flemington (11:13:11), Steve Addison (11:17:51), Stew Weepers (11:48:09), Team Rogue’s Helena Munro (14:50:30) and Jackie Davidson, the highest-finishing local woman who finished in 11:24:57 – good for eighth place out of 149 in the women’s 45-49 division. Her time was also good enough to qualify for Ironman Hawaii; she was the only competitor from the Peninsula to qualify. “That’s really impressive, to qualify for Kona (Hawaii),” Loosemore said. “She had a great, great race.” Loosemore, who also completed Ironman

Canada in 2004, finished in 11:27:55, which was a shade under his target time. “I’m very happy with how I did,” the longtime South Surrey runner said. “My fitness (level) suggested I should’ve been able to finish the race in about 11-anda-half hours, and I finished right on target, I hit my goal.” Carmen Cameron was the second Surrey woman to cross the finish line, in 11:50:28 – good for 23rd out of 144 in the women’s 40-44-year-old age division. The race was won by Ukraine’s Viktor Zyemtsev, who clocked a time of 8:32:28. The top woman was San Francisco’s Meredith Kessler, who finished in 9:13:46. Of the 2,732 to begin the race, only 2,605 finished. Tracy Holmes photo For full results, visit Team Rogue’s Laurel Van Zanten (right) on  more photos, page 24 the climb towards Yellow Lake.


Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010


2011 REP Softball Tryouts Surrey Storm Fastpitch is an internationally recognized Rep softball club. Our athletes and teams represent some of the top fastpitch players in the province. You can be a part of it too!

Surrey Storm invites girls ages 11 to 18 to try out for our Rep A & B teams for the 2011 season:

Hitting the road Dozens of athletes from White Rock/South Surrey took part in Ironman Canada last weekend in Penticton – a race that includes a 180-km bike journey. Above, Deb Mochinski jogs alongside cyclist Helena Munro during part of the race; top right, Team Rogue’s Dale Anderson chats with a supporter as he cruises past; right, Munro – who competed in Ironman to mark her 50th birthday – rounds a corner in Okanagan Falls.

Dr. Hansen Liang “Our aim is to provide a caring & comfortable dental experience for our patients.�

CLOVERDALE ATHLETIC PARK (168th & 64th Ave Surrey) Squirt (2000/99)

New patients always welcome! WINDSOR SQUARE

6 - 8 pm

Midget (94/93/92) Sept. 7th & 9th

8 - 10 pm

PeeWee (98/97)

Sept. 8th & 10th

6 - 8 pm

Bantam (96/95)

Sept. 8th & 10th

8 - 10 pm

For more information, as well as details on our Seniors & Junior divisions, please email:

Dream It • Plan It • Do It!

Tracy Holmes photos

Re-Roofing Specialists • Over 35 Years Experience


• General dentistry • Children’s dentisty • Single visit crowns, inlays & onlays • Cosmetic dentistry – tooth whitening & veneers • Smile reconstruction analysis • Cast gold restorations

#225 1959-152 St. • 604-531-3344

Sept. 7th & 9th

604-536-2668 “Your backyard is our backyard�














*(47),33=(33,@ 9 , . 0 6 5 ( 3  7 ( 9 2 ; 6 > 5 : / 0 7  6 -  3 ( 5 . 3 , @

Sept 18 & Sept 19, 2010 10:00am - 5:00pm -*7&.64*$r'"3.&34."3,&5 ) P N F  # B L J O H  r  1 SF T F S WF T  r  $ S B G U T

46/%":1"/$",&#3&",'"45 $IJMESFOT"SFBr(BNFT"DUJWJUJFT "%.*44*0/1&340/t$)*-% FREE - children 6 & under and seniors 65 & over FREE - anyone in pioneer costume!

P H O N E :


(search: country celebration)

6 0 4 - 4 3 2 - 6 3 5 9





Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News

sports Carrey seventh

finished 10th in St. Catharines, at seven-under.

South Surrey native Devin Carrey had his best finish yet on On the podium the Canadian Tour last weekend, Peninsula BMX rider Nick placing seventh at the Canadian Benetti’s impressive racing Tour Championships in St. season continued last weekend, Catharines, Ont. with a third-place finish at The 23-year-old – in his first Canadian BMX Super-Cross year on the CanTour after Championships in Airdrie, Alta. wrapping up his college career Benetti, 18, took home bronze at the University of in the elite class, Louisiana-Lafayette behind silver – shot a four-round medallist Kevin Hill, score of eight-under 25, and 22-year-old par at the par-70 St. James Brown. Catharines Golf and Earlier this season, Country Club. Benetti – a recent He was in second- graduate of Earl place after an Marriott Secondary opening round 68, – travelled to South Africa for followed by a second-round the UCI-sanctioned 2010 World score of 63. BMX Championships; he was The tournament was won by one of just seven Canadians to American Aaron Goldberg, qualify for the prestigious event. who is the hottest player on the CanTour, with three wins in his Team BC last four events. Seven members of Ocean The seventh-place finish was Athletics Track and Field Carrey’s first top-10. Club were part of Team BC at Carrey has made the cut eight Canadian championships in times in nine events during Ottawa last month. his rookie season as a pro, In the 15- to 17-year-old with earnings of $23,423. His division, Max Hanna had the performance has also earned longest javelin throw heading him his tour card for the 2011 into the event – having season. accomplished the feat at Legion Abbotsford’s Adam Hadwin, Nationals earlier this year – and whose father is a pro at Morgan ended up with the silver medal Creek Golf and Country Club, in Ottawa.

sports notes


Ocean Park Massage Therapy Clinic Alison Williams competed in two events, the 300-m and 800m, and scored silver in the latter competition. Despite wet conditions, Meghan Palesch pulled off a big upset in the 200-m hurdles, taking gold against some of the country’s most accomplished young competitors. The national title added to an already impressive summer for Palesch – she won gold in pentathlon at B.C. Summer Games in Langley earlier this summer. In the juvenile division, Jake Bruchet finished just off the podium in the 2,000-m steeplechase, finishing fourth. The race featured two athletes who are ranked in the top-5 worldwide. Vanessa Sjoberg won bronze in the 400-m and also ran the 200-m. Williams, Palesch and Sjoberg also added to their medal totals in the relays, with other members of Team BC. The Canadian championships are notoriously difficult to qualify for, accordiing to Ocean Athletics coach Jim Clifford, as the qualifying standard is set to be equal to the third-place mark of the previous year’s event. “So most of the athletes who qualify are expected to compete for a medal,” he said.

established in White Rock/ South Surrey in 1988


• Vicki Wills RMT • Doris van Koll RMT • Arthur de Luis RMT • Shauna Fairholm RMT • Tina Hansen-Baker RMT • Vicky Vishniakoff RMT Experienced Therapists are skilled in many techniques including: • Swedish Massage • Cranio-Sacral Therapy • Trigger Point Therapy • Applied Somatis • Sports Therapy • Shiatsu • Injury Rehabilitation • Postural Assessment & Remedial Exercise • Pre & Post Natal Therapy

Roller Hockey W!


• Begins September 7 - March • All games at Langley Sportsplex • Goals, Goals, and more Goals! • No Bodychecking! • 4-on-4 Action • 500+ Players last year

Ages: • Tyke: 8 & under • Mite: 10 & under • Squirt: 12 & under P • Peewee: 14 & under B • Bantam: 17 & under 20165 91A Ave (Walnut Grove) Langley • 604-882-1611 •


Softball Try-Outs - for all minor division players -

The White Th Whit Rock R k Renegades R d and d the th S.S.W.R. S S W R - Thunder Th d softball ftb ll associations will be holding open try-outs for each team.

Each player will be evaluated and all new players are welcome. Division & Age

Helping you prepare your children for tomorrow Early learning programs – It’s back to school time. And in today’s skillbased economy it’s more important than ever to make sure your child gets a head start on their education. That’s why the Province of B.C. is funding early learning programs like Ready, Set, Learn and StrongStart BC. These programs will provide your child with the skills to be successful in school and to be prepared for the opportunities of the twenty-first century. For more on helping prepare your children for tomorrow, visit

Try-out Dates


MIDGETS (born 1992/93/94) Tuesday, Sept. 7 8:00 - 10:00 PM BANTAMS (born 1995/96) Wednesday, Sept. 8 8:00 - 10:00 PM PEEWEES (born 1997/98) Wednesday, Sept. 8 6:00 - 8:00 PM SQUIRTS (born 1999/2000) Tuesday, Sept. 7 6:00 - 8:00 PM Only if you can not attend on the above days, then please come on: Thursday, Sept. 9 SQUIRTS & PEEWEES 6:00 - 8:00 PM BANTAMS & MIDGETS 8:00 - 10:00 PM Monday, Sept. 13 SQUIRTS 6:00 PM / PEEWEES 7:00 PM / BANTAMS 8:00 PM / MIDGETS 9:00 PM TRY-OUT LOCATION: Softball City - 24th Ave. & 148th St., South Surrey Extra team try-out sessions may be called by the respective White Rock Renegade coach.

• Athletes should show up to their tryout session approx. 30 minutes prior to the posted start time to register. • All players must show up and try out or have a parent register at the tryout time listed above. • Each athlete should be prepared for a variety of physical and technical testing. • Ample warm-up time will be allowed. Injuries shold be reported to the tryout coordinator in advance of the session. • Each athlete shoujld attend a minimum of one tryout session at their respective age category, however we highly recommend attending both sessions.

If you are interested in playing but not able to attend the above dates, or require further information, please contact us at 604-536-9287 or email us at


Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010


Grandparents Day Brunch

September 12th s 10 am to 1 pm Out to dry

Doug Shanks photo

The pathway outside South Surrey Arena was no doubt a pungent one last month, as hockey gear was set out to dry in the sun, during the Silver Streaks’ annual summer rec league hockey tournament. Right, Ed Gilbert arrives for his game.

Sports groups scoop grant money Last month, the provincial government announced that hundreds of groups across B.C. – including a number on the Semiahmoo Peninsula – were to receive community gaming grants. In total, more than $260,000 was doled out to local groups in order to “encourage active lifestyles and help our youth foster their talents through sports,” a release stated.

Peace Arch Soccer received $50,400, the Crescent Beach Swim Club received $42,000, while the White Rock Divers received $33,500, which will be put toward springboard diving instruction. The White Rock-South Surrey Titans Minor Football Club received $25,300 for its football and cheerleading programs; the Surrey Orcas Water Polo Club – which has numerous Peninsula

members – was given $7,100. Surrey-White Rock Ringette Association was given $18,400; $28,600 was earmarked for the White Rock Amateur Swimming Association; and the Semiahmoo Minor Lacrosse Association received $15,100. The White Rock-South Surrey Skating Club was given $35,000 and the White Rock-Richmond Rockets Speedskating Club was given $1,900.

So ld 21 H Th o is me Su s m m er !

Everyone’s choosing High Street!

2 can dine for $15 R.S.V.P. by September 10 th

Welcome Tea Party September 16th s 2:30 pm Enjoy complimentary tea, goodies & live old time music

6676 203rd Street, Langley 604.539.0571 Member of BCSLA

Our undivided attention |

It’s easy to see why. Amazing floorplans New lower prices! Homes from $264,900! We pay net HST! * 604.536.9333


e Av








r eo

south point exchange

High Street Discovery Centre 152nd St


Cactus Club




discovery centre at: 170 – 2940 king george blvd


new display suite by nood *Conditions apply. See our agent for details. Calculated on the basis that the purchaser qualifies for the full federal and provincial HST credits.

Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


OPEN SUNDAY SEPT. 5 2:00-4:00 P.M.

15357 ROPER AVE. • REGENCY COURT Brand new. Fully loaded one and two bdrm. apartments. This European builder has outdone himself on this project. Handpainted mural at the entry to this building begins the experience of living here. The hallways with crown mouldings, wall paneling and recessed lights make you feel you are living the life of luxury. At your private door you will find a camera for additional safety. Additional touches and workmanship are evident throughout. Exterior is hardy plank and brick for a long-lasting exterior. The Regency Court is the only new apartments available in White Rock for 2010. Stewart Peddemors 604-541-4888 or 604-329-6759 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty Ltd.

15437 BUENA VISTA OCEAN VIEW! • $795,000 Lovely 2 level ocean view home with RV parking and private yard. Ocean view from living room, dining room, kitchen and nook. Superior light! Lower level has separate entrance opening into a large family room – great for teenagers or home office! Home is 2737 sq. ft. with up to 4 bdrms. and 2.5 bath. Top condition!! A must see. Doug Russell 604-328-0924 Doug Russell Realty Ltd. 14636 - 36A AVENUE • $599,900 • ANDERSON WALK

OPEN Brand new 3 level home with quick access to Hwy. 99. Open SUNDAY kitchen, granite island, 9’ ceilings, quality hardwood floors, fully SEPT. 5 2:00-4:00 fin. bsmt. with 1/2 bdrms., large rec room. Crown moulding, plus carpet, hardy board siding, super vac system, alarm, more. P.M.


2056 - 128TH STREET • SHOWHOME Genex Ocean Park Three. New development on 7 cul-de-sac lots. Pricing starting at $993,680 + applicable taxes. Susan Vollmer 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty Ltd.

OPEN SAT. SEPT. 4 2:00-4:00 P.M.

1633 - 156A ST. • $660,000 5 bdrms., 4 full bathrms., on 8323 sq. ft. level lot. Meticulously renov., massive windows, 3 skylights, wrap-around deck, lush private yd. Great room w/3-way fp, gorgeous kitchen, 2 bdrm., 2 bath unauth. suite. Call for private showing. Bonnie Keith 604-855-6234 Keller Williams Valley Realty

OPEN SUNDAY SEPT. 5 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#205 - 15342 - 20TH AVENUE • $254,000 New listing! Sterling Place, open, spacious floor plan, quiet condo steps to shopping, transit and Bakerview Park. South-facing balcony. Ryan Samson 604-538-2125 Royal LePage Northstar

OPEN SUNDAY SEPT. 5 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#301 - 15035 THRIFT AVENUE • $369,000 Fabulous updated two bedroom, two bath top floor condo. Private roof top deck with ocean view and ocean view from living room. Close to beach. Age 19+, no pets, no rentals. Jacquollyne Tomsin 604-538-8888 Sutton Group West Coast Realty

OPEN SUNDAY SEPT. 5 12:00-2:00 P.M.

#103 - 1555 FIR STREET • PRICE REDUCED: $199,900 West Coast style 855 sq. ft. one bdrm. and den (could be 2nd bdrm.) located in heart of White Rock, steps to shopping, restaurants and transit. Large patio great for entertaining. Ryan Samson 604-538-2125 Royal LePage Northstar

Lulu Sorbara 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SUNDAY SEPT. 5 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#6 - 15133 - 29A AVE. • STONEWOODS END UNIT • $408,000 Three bdrm., 2-1/2 bath townhome, 1600 sq. ft. Maple kitchen with stainless appliances. Games room down. End unit, 2-car garage, fenced yard. Bianca Myddleton & Craig Crawford 604-535-7653 or 604-531-1111 HomeLife Benchmark Realty 15368 - 17A AVE. • MORE UNITS AVAILABLE! Ocean Wynde,

OPEN luxury condominiums. Quiet location, yet only steps to shopping SUNDAY & transit. Two bdrms., 2 baths, open design, 9’ ceilings, gourmet SEPT. 5 1:00-4:00 kitchen, premium ss appliances, crown mouldings. Double-glazed low-E windows, remainder of 2-5-10 New Home Warr. P.M.

Lulu Sorbara 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

1940 - 128TH ST. • PRICED AT $514,900 • ACCESS FROM LANE OPEN SUNDAY Excellent three bedroom, two bath rancher on sun exposed lot. SEPT. 5 Lane access to two-car garage. 2:00-4:00 New quality roof. P.M. Carmen Champoux 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

P U B L I C N OT I C E NOTICE OF TEMPORARY COMMERCIAL USE PERMIT The Council of the City of Surrey proposes to pass a resolution to issue a Temporary Commercial Use Permit, pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act, at the Regular Council-Public Hearing meeting in the Council Chamber at City Hall, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, B.C., on Monday, September 13, 2010, commencing at 7:00 p.m. PERMIT NO. APPLICANT:


7910-0077-00 Lutheran Senior Citizens Housing Society c/o Thomas Crump 5939 - 180 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 4L2 5939 - 180 Street (also shown as 5905 - 180 Street) To allow a temporary office use for a communications company in an existing seniors care facility for a period not to exceed two years.

#211 - 15340 - 19A AVENUE • LISTED AT $379,900

OPEN Exquisite Stratford Gardens offers this large corner condo MONDAY overlooking the park. Family room off kitchen SEPT. 6 surrounded by windows and lovely covered deck. 2:00-4:00 Over 1300 sq. ft. Shows very well and waiting for a new resident. P.M.

Carmen Champoux 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SUNDAY SEPT. 5 1:00-4:00 P.M.

#309 - 1720 SOUTHMERE CRES. • $229,000 South-facing top floor end unit in park-like atmosphere. Close to shopping, restaurants, schools and transit. Ready for quick possession. Ian Kerr 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SAT. SEPT. 4 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#55 - 8266 KING GEORGE BLVD. • $83,800 Double wide mobile. Large lot. Two bedrooms, two baths. Large east rear yard. Jackie Allain 604-805-3437 One Percent Realty

OPEN SUNDAY SEPT. 5 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#2 - 12909 - 17TH AVENUE • $515,500 Approx. 1504 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, double garage, great floor plan, south-facing rear patio. Super quiet location in Ocean Park. Jackie Allain 604-805-3437 One Percent Realty


Additional information may be obtained from Planning & Development at 604-591-4441. Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to convey to Council regarding this Temporary Commercial Use Permit, please fax to 604-591-8731, email, or submit in writing to the City Clerk no later than Monday, September 13, 2010, 4:00 p.m. Jane Sullivan City Clerk


Serving our community since 1986

Ron Morin, Lawyer 604-538-9887 Notary Public

The Temporary Commercial Use Permit, supporting staff reports and any relevant background documentation may be inspected at City Hall, Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., from Tuesday, July 27, 2010 to Monday, September 13, 2010.

Action Mortgage Corp.

• Purchases • Sales • Mortgages • Development

Saying “YES” to mortgage clients since 1993.

Paul Hart, AMP 604.535.1011 (7 days) Mortgage Broker



Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010




Well kept 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 2849 sq ft, Basement entry home, excellent income potential, lots of parking for the toys, close to schools and shopping.

#2 12909 17th Ave.

#55 8266 King George Blvd.

#23 17516 4th Ave.

Call 604-535-8429 Talking Ad # 205 LIVE THE BEACH LIFESTYLE




1504 sq. ft., 2 bdrms, 2 baths, double garage, located in Ocean Park.

2 bdrms, 2 baths, double wide mobile home, up-dated, ready for you to move-in.

1174 sq. ft., 2 bdrms, 2 baths, 7 years new, quick posession.

} Full MLS Service } Full Personal Service } Advertising

At 1/2 the Price!

One Percent Realty Ltd.

Thinking of Buying or Selling?

Stay Ahead in a Changing Market! For a FREE Home Evaluation, call Sarah Daniels and Philip DuMoulin

1200+ sq ft 2 bedroom, 2 full bath Condo Open Floorplan, Huge Open Patio, Enjoy the many Restaurants and shops, Walk the Pier and Promenade.

Call 604-535-8429 Talking Ad # 204 HUGE PRICE REDUCTION !!!

Solid, 3 bedroom, 2 full bath rancher on 7000+ square foot lot with private front and rear yard. With huge lighted deck. Close to Schools, Parks, Transportation.

MUST SELL!!! Call 604-535-8429 Talking Ad # 202 WHITE ROCK’S FINEST OCEAN & SUNSET VIEWS!!!

Panoramic Ocean and Mountain Views. This 5500 sq ft Luxury Home features a wonderfully designed open floor plan. Wrap around deck’s, Media Room,

Call 604-535-8429 Talking Ad # 210

Watch for Sarah talking Real Estate every Wednesday on the Global TV noon news!

Sarah is the author of: “Welcome Home: Insider Secrets to Buying and Selling Your Property” published nationally by Wiley & Sons.

Bay Realty Ltd. 604-531-4000

Re/Max Colonial Pacific

Local New Homes

Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


Foxridge Homes offers new, single-family detached homes in a quiet Cloverdale neighbourhood ›› p.3

September 3, 2010

This year’s PNE Prize Home is designed with entertainment in mind, in a palette of cool blues, rich browns and accent whites. The Fair at the PNE runs till Sept. 6.

Vista’s West offers spacious detached homes.

Vista’s West: new homes in Cloverdale

PNE Prize Home: dream big It’s beautiful inside and out. And someone has to win... TRICIA LESLIE The Fair at the PNE celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. And the 2010 PNE Prize Home has been specially designed with celebration in mind, to honour the historical fair’s big birthday.

“This year, careful attention was paid to ensure the home exudes a luxuriously welcoming atmosphere perfect for celebrating any occasion,” says PNE Prize Home interior co-ordinator Barbara Aylesworth, who is also sponsorship co-ordinator and founder of A Stroke of Genius in North Vancouver. “The ease of entertainment is the overriding theme – from the handsome, wroughtiron gate that separates the wine cellar from the great room to the sense of open spacious-

ness designed to encourage free-flowing conversation.” The craftsman-style home, more than 3,000 square feet, was professionally designed and custom-built by Britco Structures. It will be relocated to the prestigious Kirschner Mountain development in Kelowna, overlooking stunning views of the Okanagan Valley and Okanagan Lake. CONTINUED ON P.30

61 FRESH APARTMENT HOMES STARTING FROM $119,900! Mon-Thurs 1pm-4pm; Sat & Sun Noon to 5pm

Foxridge Homes have a deserved reputation, built over 60 years of building homes with which buyers fall in love. They understand a home is not just bricks and mortar, but a special place that should enhance the homeowners’ lifestyle and realize their dreams. This great attention to detail is most evident in the Vista’s West project in Cloverdale. This collection of beautifully designed single-family homes has stunning valley and mountain views, plus 13 acres of dedicated parks and green space within the subdivision. All Vista’s West homes offer important benefits the homebuyer can’t necessarily see, but are very important for the comfort of each family: R-14 insulation in walls and R-40 in the attic, and a Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada 10-year warranty, which includes two-year builder and fiveyear water penetration coverage. There is also the knowledge a Vista’s West home has been built by a Registered Certified Residential Builder and a company that has been in business for more than 50 years. Every window is Low E, double-glazed vinyl warm-frame, with muntin bars on the front windows for the safety of each homeowner’s family. CONTINUED ON P.31


Local New Homes

Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010

Prize Home comes with a Kelowna view CONTINUED FROM P.29

Boasting three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the home’s open-living layout also features the fundamentals of high-style, ecoluxe family living with an Old-world library, a media room with a 52-inch flatscreen TV and a gourmet kitchen with a freestanding island. High-quality finishings are standard throughout, and the home comes with a builtin sound system and home electronics feature a surveillance camera and 12-inch monitor. Inside, cool blues, rich browns and white accents create a colour palette that is welcoming and relaxing, in a style that is both modern and chic, yet also traditional and timeless. “My goal was to create a nice, calm, relaxing feeling,” Aylesworth says. The idea, she says, is for the home to be welcoming for living everyday life as well as entertaining. “I really like the open concept ... the main floor has 20-foot-high ceilings in the main room, but remains open to all the other areas of the home, aside from the library. I also love the colours, and how they flow through the entire home.” Ayelsworth also notes the covered outdoor patio – complete with an outdoor heater, hot tub, barbecue and patio furniture (all provided by sponsors) – is perfect for year-round entertaining. Downstairs, the great room is enhanced with an oversized fireplace surround and an incredible crystal chandelier hanging high

This year’s PNE Prize Home boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a great room with 20foot ceilings, a library, a wine cellar, a media room and a master ensuite with a fireplace.

above it all. A charming staircase, reminiscent of those built 100 years ago in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy and Dunbar neighbourhoods, leads guests from the main floor to the Juliet balcony that overlooks the great room. Upstairs, the master bedroom features a sitting area and an ensuite bathroom with a carrera marble tub deck and matching floor tiles, a fireplace and a TV. There is also an espresso coffee-maker and a small bar fridge, making it easy to use the


master suite as a mini-getaway. “You never really have to leave the master suite,” Aylesworth says. “Everything you need is right there.” She also likes the fact the laundry room is on the upstairs level. There are also several eco-friendly, sustainable features that are not only better for the environment, but also mean better energy efficiency and savings for the homeowner. Terasen has provided an award-winning generator system for the house that is able to extract water from the air and transform it into fresh, healthy drinking water. There is also a high-efficiency, quickrecovery gas-fired water heater with unique geoexchange technology, a wide range of Energy Star appliances, siding made from B.C.

pine beetle wood, the lowest VOC Benjamin Moore paint, UV ray protection windows, and low-flow, energy-conserving plumbing fixtures. “Today’s homebuyers expect the best in eco-friendly technologies, so they can rest assured of their low environmental impact and keep energy bills low,” says Aylesworth. The Grand Prize package is worth more than $1.2 million and includes a one-year housecleaning service (MiniMaid), a $2,500 grocery package (Marketplace IGA),and a one-year subscription to a daily newspaper. The Fair at the PNE runs until Sept. 6 and Metro Vancouverites can view the PNE Prize Home on-site. Tickets to the PNE Prize Home lottery are five for $25 or 15 for $50. Visit for details.

Perfect place. Perfect timing. HST EVENT ON NOW!




t t t t t

Prices include HST for a limited time only Purchase now with only a 10% deposit Enjoy now or move in next Spring A short 90-minute commute from Vancouver A $5 million, 10,000 sq ft clubhouse and pools fully complete t 3 display cottages open for viewing

INCLUDING HST 1.877.888.4950 Discovery Centre & Display Cottages






1168 sq ft

2 Bedroom Rancher

$ 424,900

including HST


1284 sq ft

2 Bedroom + Loft

$ 459,900

including HST


1570 sq ft

2 Bedroom + Loft

$ 514,900

including HST

Open daily from 12 noon to 5pm except Wednesday 1777 Columbia Valley Rd. Lindell Beach, BC Copyright 2010 © | Higherground Project Marketing Inc. Brokerage and Sales by Multiple Reality Ltd. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Local New Homes

Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


‘A wonderfully personalized home’ CONTINUED FROM P.29

A 50-gallon hot water tank comfortably services the whole family’s needs and, for those chilly winter evenings, the efficient natural-gas fireplace in the great room or family room will be welcome. A combination heating system also contributes to home’s comfort and savings with a highly efficient natural gas furnace and zone-controlled baseboard heaters on the upper floor. The kitchen is a dream for the inner chef in the family. Maple cabinets with brushed chrome pulls are complemented by flat-edge laminate countertops with full-height ceramic tile backsplashes. The maple cabinets are repeated in the bathrooms. The master bathroom ensuite comes complete with a one-piece soaker tub and shower, and ceramic tile surrounds. All bathrooms have pressure-balanced valves in the shower heads for the homeowner’s comfort. Each home comes with an extensive options package that allows homebuyers to customize their home further. “We are unique at Foxridge, because we don’t just give our clients a choice of two or three exterior and interior finishes – we have a huge room filled with choices so each home is individual,” says Foxridge Homes sales and marketing manager Diane Zarola. “Clients pick out their exterior colours, interior paint colours and finishes and stain colours in the kitchen and bathrooms. There are experts to advise, but the end result is a wonderfully personalized home.” This subdivision is almost complete, so new buyers will be moving into a family oriented, established community to begin a new chapter in their lives. Homes are priced from $634,500. Visit for details.

Foxridge Homes offers attention to detail and an established reputation with its Cloverdale collection of detached, single-family homes at Vista’s West. Homes come in a variety of sizes and styles, with plenty of options so each homeowner can personalize his or her home to taste. Gourmet kitchens feature maple cabinetry and full-height ceramic tile backsplashes; the cabinetry is repeated in the bathrooms. Ensuites offer soaker tubs to relax, while natural-gas fireplaces are perfect for cool fall and winter evenings. Vista’s West is also close to several Metro Vancouver commuter and transit routes.


Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010

New Local Homes

Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News

Can small town values and big city amenities coexist? Start with quality highrise residences located in the heart of the thriving town centre. Add ocean views, amenity-rich shopping promenade of Johnston Road, and top ranked local schools. Of course it can.



W W W. AV R A L I V I N G . C O M

This image is an artists’ representation only.This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made with a disclosure statement. E.& O.E.



Built with the needs of a growing family in mind, SummerďŹ eld is a brand new community of Built Green CertiďŹ ed character homes in South Surrey. And thanks to a rich variety of colour palettes, architectural details and exterior ďŹ nishing, the houses on each street are as unique as the families who call them home.

Heritage Homes from $540,900 Classic Homes from $699,900

604.536.1155 www.summerďŹ 109 – 172A Street Surrey BC V3S 9R2 Presentation Centre Open 12-5pm daily (closed Fridays)



176TH ST

172ND ST


HWY 99




Prices subject to change without notice.



Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010


INDEX IN BRIEF FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . . . . . . . 1-8 COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . . 9-57 TRAVEL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61-76 CHILDREN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80-98 EMPLOYMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102-198 BUSINESS SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . 203-387 PETS & LIVESTOCK . . . . . . . . . . . 453-483 MERCHANDISE FOR SALE . . . . . . 503-587 REAL ESTATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 603-696 RENTALS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 703-757 AUTOMOTIVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 804-862 MARINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 903-920










RELIABLE MOM OF 3. Plenty of toys, storytime, outings, near parks, close to Jessie Lee & HT Thrift Elem. Safe environ. Teach basic skills, manners, letters, numbers, colours & sounds. Snacks & drinks prov. Call Jodie at 604-657-9527 SUSAN’S NANNY AGENCY accepting resumes for Childcare, Housekeeping, Elderly care 5 F/T nannies w/cars looking for work, avail now. F/T L/O. Special needs: F/T L/O, 3 children; P/T 3 days/wk. Avail 3 L/I Filipino & 2 L/I European. Male care aide looking for live-in position. Fax 604-538-2636/Ph 538-2624


BODEN, Clayton William, February 1, 1921 August 28, 2010


LOOKING for RMT & independent personal trainor to rent space in busy training studio, daily/monthly. Stayte Rd. 604-889-4091.

PRE-SCHOOLS Peninsula Childcare now accepting Registration for Preschool, Daycare and Before & After School Care. Please call Olive at 604-541-8433

Victory Memorial Park Funeral Centre 604-536-6522

STEWART, Gordon Ashley November 14, 1918 - August 29, 2010 reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisment and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisment and box rental.

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Gordon, a resident of White Rock since 1972, passed away peacefully in his sleep August 29, 2010 at the age of 91 years. He was predeceased by his parents, Stewart and Agnes and special friend Ivy Lloyd. Gordon was born in Vancouver. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Alberta in 1940. World War II saw him serve as a Radar Mechanic in England. After the war, he earned his Chartered Accountant Designation in Vancouver and practiced this profession until he retired. He was Treasurer for the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie No. 3029 Blaine, WA. and a member of the Royal Canadian Legion #8 in White Rock. Gordon’s passions were photography and the History of Transportation involving Steamships, Trains, Aircraft and especially Automobiles. A very caring person, Gordon never missed an opportunity to do a favour for anyone he knew. All Finance Ministers would receive a letter detailing how their latest budgets affected the lives of low income earners. For their compassionate care a special thanks to Dr. J. O’Brien and the caregivers and nurses at Westminster House. Gordon requested that no service be held. He will be missed by all who knew him.


DGS CANADA 2 DAY FORKLIFT WEEKEND COURSE Every Saturday at 8:30am #215, 19358-96 Ave. Surrey NO reservations: 604-888-3008 Ask about our other Courses... *Stand up Reach *Fall Protecton *Aerial Lift *RoughTerrain Forklift *Bobcat *WHIMIS & much more. “Preferred by Employers

Real Estate License within 3 months !! We will teach you all you need to know to receive your Real Estate License.

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INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL Train on full-size Excavators, Dozers, Graders, Loaders. Includes safety tickets. Provincially certified instructors. Government accredited. Job placement assistance. 1-866-399-3853



• Discover your career direction • Learn resume/letter/interview skills • Learn about options for government funded training



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Sources - Cloverdale Employment Resource Centre

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DISPATCHER - Berry & Smith Trucking requires an experienced dispatcher for our Lower Mainland based fleet. Please email resume to

F/T CHILDCARE REQUIRED for 1 child in my South Surrey home. Call 604-809-3054.

( passed away peacefully on August 28, 2010. A Celebration of His Life will be held at The Pacifica, 2525 King George Blvd, on Sunday, September 5 from 2:00 - 4:00 pm. Survived by daughters Carol Anne Ehrlich & Gloria June Rusnak. Full obit at above website.



IN MEMORIAM GIFTS cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition.





***ALBERTINE Custer Duchesne*** *** Sept 1, 1937- June 2, 2008 *** Happy Birthday to my wife of 50 years. A loving mother and a caring grandmama. **************** “We look for you in the sun and clouds, we feel your breathe in the wind and stars. We hear your voice in the morning chirping birds. In our hearts, we shall not part”. **************************** Love your family and friends

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• Free job postings 101 -5783 176A Street, Surrey - 604-576-3118

Surrey Employment Resource Centre – Newton 102 - 13771 - 72A Avenue, Surrey - 604-501-2224

Whalley Employment Resource Centre 105 - 13655 104th Avenue, Surrey - 604-584-0003


Funded in whole or in part through the CanadaBritish Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement 33


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FOUND: BICYCLE COMPUTER on Crescent Rd. 604-541-2336 FOUND: BUDGIE, yellow. Vic, Crescent park area. Call 604-5417698. FOUND: LOVE BIRD Green, yellow & orange with gray on tail. Very friendly. Found in vic. 141st & 27A Ave on Sept. 1st. Pls call to identify (604)538-7039


Flexible hours. We’re hiring.


PALM SPRINGS Condos. 1 or 2 bdrms, 2 full baths, fully equipped, updated & secure Good loc. Across from Golf course. 604-542-0777




Family Daycare with Preschool activities. Circles crafts ABC’s puppets. FT/PT, drop-in. Ages 1.5-5yrs. Refs. Pavlina 604-996-9824

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Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 115




Help wanted for busy drycleaners full-time position. Drop off resume to: 1655 - 128th St.

LUBE STORE MANAGEMENT New Oil change company in the lower mainland is looking to fill all management positions. q Attractive compensation q Benefits q Bonus Package Apply in confidence to:



Chair Rental with Good commission structure. Must have clientele. If you are looking to work in a fun, relaxed environment in an awesome White Rock Salon-Pls call Emil For more info 778-239-8244



CLEANERS required Part-Time. 5 6hrs. / day for local established housecleaning co. in Surrey. Must have experience and own vehicle. Please call: Mica 778-565-0424

CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. Medical Supply Distributor in N.Delta requires highly motivated team player with excel. communication and telephone skills. Computer literacy, outgoing personality & previous experience an asset. Competitive Salary & Benefits


Richmond based food processing and Distribution Company is currently seeking a Production Supervisor.

DENTAL ASSISTANT / RECEPTIONIST No experience necessary. Will train.

Previous experience in meat fabrication, processing and packaging is an asset. Must be able to organize and lead a production team in a fast paced enviro.

Donald’s Fine Foods Offers A Competitive Wage Full Medical & Dental Benefits. Please fax your resume: 604.875.6031 or email: careers@


Established group clinic seeks 4 friendly “people persons”. Willing to train the right candidates. Go to Facebook and search “dental on the job training” to apply.

Apply at: Safeway Peninsula Village

FLAGGERS NEEDED If not certified, training available for a fee. Call 604-575-3944

Applications are available at the CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK


(only successful candidates will be contacted).

Req. for Surrey precast concrete manufacturing plant. Rebar Tying & Concrete experience an asset. Union position with full benefits after qualifying period. Fax resumes: 604-574-1174 or e-mail Marten VanHengel at Marten.VanHengel@

GET IN THE GAME!!! Up to $20/hour. No phones. Work with people. 15 positions for our Promotional Dept. People skills an asset. No experience, no problem.

Call Shelley 604-777-2195



SERVERS & DISHWASHER Req’d P/T for Pelagos Restaurant. Apply in person with resume: 2728 O’Hara Lane. 604-538-6102.



RN Positions Regular & Casual AVAILABLE AT

HIGHLAND LODGE Langley, BC Fax: 604-534-7139 or email: sphillips@




Customer Service Reps The most employee and customer focused plumbing service company in the Fraser Valley has an opening for a CSR at our Langley Head Office.

F Must have superior customer relations skills. F Must type 40+ wpm F Must be extremely computer literate. F Must have intermediate exp. in MS Word. F Must have superior phone sales experience. F Must be willing & excited to learn our propriety computer program. If you are interested in joining our expanding Customer Care Team, send cover letter, resume & salary expectations to:

Will be responsible for organizing and managing meat processing and packaging.

Fax resume & cover letter

604-585-0193 or e-mail:




Executive Assistant Full-time position in Langley D Must have min. 5 yrs office experience. D Must type 60+ wpm. D Must be extremely computer literate D Must be willing & excited to learn our proprietary computer program D Must have advanced experience in MS Word and Excel. D Must be a self-starter and able to work unsupervised. D Must want to work in a small office. If you’re interested in working with a great team, send cover letter, resume and salary expectations to: service



Richmond based food processing company is hiring for local Sales Manager. Will be responsible for assisting in new development and maintaining current local accounts. Visits customers on a daily basis to build and maintain relationships. Requirements: · Bachelors degree in a business related field · Must be fluent in English, Cantonese and / or Mandarin. · Minimum of 5 years experience in a sales management capacity in the meat industry

Donald’s Fine Foods Offers A Competitive Wage Full Medical & Dental Benefits. Please fax your resume: 604.875.6031 or e-mail: careers@






I have had 25 yrs of experience in meal prep, respite care, shopping or Dr’s, or even drives in the county, in the White Rock/Ocean Park area. In the comfort of your own home. 3 Spaces available.

Call: 604-825-1243 or 604-541-0214

Classifieds, Give us a call! www bcclassified com 160


REINFORCING PLACERS We require Infrastructure Installers throughout BC - All Levels of Experience. Competitive wages. Medical benefits. Please send resume to:



MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A CHILD’S LIFE: Become a Literacy Tutor to work one to one with a child aged 7-13 in an after school program offered by the Learning Disabilities Association. Applicants must have excellent English skills. Extensive training is provided. Attend an information session on either Wednesday, September 8th or Thursday, September 9th, at 7:00pm at our office: #201 - 13766 - 72 Ave. (above Coast Capital Savings)



D Windows Out & In D Gutters cleaned In & Out D Pressure Washing, Snrs Disc. D Serving W. Rock for over 25 yrs D Lic. & WCB insured. Free Est.

Professional Services:

FREE Estimates Residential/Commercial Top quality customer service We care & respect your home

Eric 604-541-1743


METICULOUS & IMMACULATE. Chemical Free. 20 years exp. Exc. ref’’s. 604-763-8443; 604-542-4313

Peninsula Window Washing D Inside/Outside Windows D Fully Insured/Licensed D Free Estimates - Seniors Disc. D Friendly - Dependable D Quality Work- Reasonable rates

Mark (778)855-7038 RESIDENTIAL CLEANER/HOUSEKEEPER $20/hr. 12 Yrs exp. Ref’s. Bondable. (778)835-8141

SuperCity Cleaning Services





CALLING ALL successful inside sales representatives! We are seeking a successful inside telephone salesperson who is passionate about selling and servicing business customers. Our sales representatives contact existing and new business customers, outbound selling (B2B); multiple daily orders, and a short sales cycle. Intensive outbound sales is the focus with some inbound crossselling and upselling. This is a great opportunity with outstanding earning potential. We are an established business with 2,000 employees with a brand following throughout the province. Check out our website at We offer: • Outstanding earning potential. Base plus commission. • Two weeks paid holidays • Excellent benefits (medical, dental) • Pension plan Qualifications: • 1 year successful sales experience preferred (B2B telephone experience preferred) • Outstanding sales skills • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills • Computer and time management skills • Advertising, media experience a plus Email:

The place to advertise EVERY week



#1 IN PARDONS Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation Toll-free 1-866-416-6772




Do you hardly have time to get your cleaning work done? We understand & we have the time & experience! We treat your home or business as if it is our own. Satisfaction guaranteed!! Why not try us out & compare our rates & service?





SCOTGUARD ELECTRICAL LTD. Expert in electrical repairs & troubleshooting. Panel upgrades, Renovations Guart. work. Licensed/bonded BBB app. No job too small


AAH ABOVE ALL APPLS REPAIR Quality work. Also appls for sale. Elect & plumb serv 604-588-2828


#1 QUALITY WORK, Big or sm. Exp. Electrician avail. Reas.rates.604-773-0341. Lic#9902 ALL JOBS Big or Small. Panels, lighting, plugs, fans, hot tubs etc. Guaranteed work. 604-539-0708 Cell 604-537-1773 Lic. 26110 ALL JOBS welcome. Your trouble shooting expert. Tel/Cable incl. *Seniors Discount* Work guaranteed. Insured & Bonded. GWN Electric. 604-862-9650 Lic#99986 COM/RES. Electrical Contractor for maint/renos/upgrades. Prof./friendly & reliable. Call Vern, 604-538-2373. LC# 92338. FITZ ELECTRIC Reg. #91779 Tenant Improvements, Offices, Commercial bldgs, Reno’s, Hot Tubs, Services upgrades. Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Reas. Rates. 778-231-8332 OCEAN PARK ELECTRIC Small Jobs. Reasonable Rates. Elec. Heat, Lighting % Seniors Discount % Call (604)591-7621

604-720-9244 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

Peace Arch Appliance


Service to fridges, stoves, washers, dryers & dishwashers. Reasonable.

BOBCAT & MINI-EXCAVATOR Concrete Breaking, Post Hole Auger, Driveways Stump Removal, Excavation 604-541-1557 Gord 604-328-8360

Call Mark (604)536-9092

Evergreen Bobcat & Mini Excavator


Driveway removing, trenching & concrete breakers, drain tile, septic install & repairs. Oil tank removal. 20yrs. exp. Gd rates 604-250-6165






6 FT FENCING, Retaining Walls, Blacktop/Concrete driveway’s, Reno’s, Roofing & Bobcat Service. Gaary Landscaping (604)889-8957






NEWTON accounting firm requires CGA student with public practice experience. Must have working knowledge of Caseware and Taxprep. Strong English skills. Please fax resume to 778-593-7833.



AVOID BANKRUPTCY - SAVE UP TO 70% Of Your Debt. One affordable monthly payment, interest free. For debt restructuring on YOUR terms, not your creditors. Call 1-866-690-3328 or see web site: DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.


Warehouse Clerk Entry level position available in South Surrey. Will train. Involves lifting and attention to detail. Grade 12 education, team player, fluent in English and have own transportation. Fax resume to 613-226-3728 or email to: carol.petersen@thermofisher. com




Installation Refinishing Repairs


Psychic Sephia Palm & Tarot Card Reader Will tell your - Past Present-Future. She will not ask your problems She will tell-you-helps with depression-Family quarrels, removes Ja-doo-aura-cleansing. Tells your enemies by name. Couples trying to conceive. Reunites loved ones. Most problems solved in 24 hrs. 3 readings for $25: All readings private. Call today

(604)542-9881 ART/MUSIC/DANCING PIANO/THEORY Lessons by exp’d reg’d music teacher. Jeanie @ 604538-8967 or


~CHOICE CARPET CLEANING~ Free Estimates. Guaranteed Work! 604-897-6025 (24 hr) 788-688-0117







# 1 hardworking detail orientated cleaning. For fast, efficient, reliable & honest service call 604-315-2440 No job too big or small. Excellent references. Insured and bonded. Serving the White Rock / South Surrey area for 15 + years. www.abovetherest

A MAID TO CLEEN For all Your Cleaning Needs!

Kristy 604.488.9161


FLOOR LAYER: 30 YEARS EXP. Carpet, Lino & repairs. Work Guar’d! Gary 604-585-2044.


Unique Taste, Unique Menus... Gourmet, customized menus tailored to your function! q Dinner Parties q Executive Meetings q Family Gatherings q Weddings / Banquets q B-B-Ques q Funerals We Come To You! Doing It All, From Set-Up - Clean-Up.

Call Jerry at 604-532-8080


Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly Exc. Refs & Rates. Move In/Out. Carpet Cleaning, pressure wash, New Const., Res./Comm., offices Welcome! Lic., Bonded/Insured.

Call 778-883-4262 “We enjoy leaving your home bright & clean!” CLEANING LADY ~ reliable, prof., will clean your home, office. 10 years exp. Reasonable rates. Excellent references. 778-960-9865 DETAILED



Efficient, Reliable, Exc. References. 18 yrs exp. Ivet: 778-235-4070.


ALL Concrete Brick, Block & Stonework. Good job - Good price. Call Enzio (604)594-1960 CONCRETE Work. Remove & Replace. Specializing in driveway, patios, etc. All types of finishes. FREE Estimates. 604-996-6878.

PLACING & Finishing * Forming * Site Prep, old concrete removal * Excavation & Reinforcing * Re-Re Specialists 30 Years Exp. Free Estimates. AAA Lawn

Call: Rick (604) 202-5184 SEMI-RETIRED contractor will do small concrete jobs. Patio’s, sidewalks, driveway’s. Re & re old or damaged concrete. Ken 604-532-0662

STAMPED CONCRETE FPatios FPool Decks FSidewalks FDriveways FForming FFinishing FRe & Re All Your Concrete Needs 30yrs exp. Quality workmanship Fully Insured

Danny 604 - 307 - 7722


DRYWALL Friendly Benjamin’s

Drywall Service & Flatten Popcorn Ceilings 604-230-7928 or 604- 538-3796

A Cut Above Yard Maintenance *Pruning *Weeding *Power Raking *Aerating * Mowing *Yard Clean-ups White Rock Owned & Operated Since 1991

604-536-1345 BLOOMING GARDEN SERVICES We Maintain All Your Lawn & Garden Needs. Residential & Commercial Properties. Let’s get it done Call Maria now at



Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010





GUTTER CLEANING, Roof Sweeping, Lawn Mowing, Yard Clean-Up & Odd Jobs. FINER CUT YARD SERVICES. Free est. WCB Ins. Tim (604) 539-1024 or 897-0153 Professional with Gutter & Window cleaning, Pressure Wash. WCB. Jeremy Testimonials on site. 778-384-3855



Repair/replace or custom build.


Call Peter 604-541-8841

Pick up or delivery. Covered storage. Call 604-644-1878 Soil, bark, Sand, Gravel etc. $25/yd + $50 del. Also, Property Maint. Services avail.Simon 604-230-0627



Bath, Kitchen, bsmt reno’’s Windows & Decks Electrical & Plumbing Baseboards & Moulding’s & Ceramics Free Est. Work guaranteed!

All Other Landscaping Needs. FREE ESTIMATES

Call Brian 604-787-2946 Call Michael 778-554-5200

778.277.4745 SPENCER


◆ Natural & Cultured Stone Masonry ◆ Retaining Walls ◆ Paving Stones ◆ Fencing ◆ Driveway & Patio Sealing

Repairs, Remodeling

Residential & Commercial

Local handyman avail. for painting, moulding & millwork, laminate flooring, tile work etc. No job too small. Reasonable Rates. Call Peter 604-807-7946 or 604-536-4665

• • • • • • • •




Blake and his Dad make a positive difference in your life by providing quality workmanship delivered with integrity.

Rot Repairs & Decks Tiling & Wood Flooring Windows, Doors + Trim Crown Moulding included Texture Ceiling & Drywall Repairs Garbage Removal Comm. & Residential Free Est. Seniors Discount

D interior & exterior renovation D rot repair & restoration D Decks D Fences & much more free estimates.



RUBBISH REMOVAL Almost for free! Dave (778)997-5757, (604)587-5991




Residential * Commercial * Strata’s & Industrial * Backyards * Garages * Pressure Washing * Grass Cutting * Demolition

ALLAN CONST. & Asphalt. Brick, concrete, drainage, foundation & membrane repair. (604)618-2304 ~ 604-820-2187. SPARTAN Moving Ltd. Fast & Reliable. Insured Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. Call Frank: (604) 435-8240


1 Room $79 Ask our Customers about our Quality Work Ceilings, Doors & Trim

Call Blake or Brian (604)816-1653 Licensed, Insured, WCB



10% OFF if you Mention this AD! AMAN’S PLUMBING SERVICES Lic.gas fitter. Reas $. 778-895-2005 #1 IN RATES & SERVICE. Lic’d. LOCAL Plumber. Plugged drains, renos etc. Chad 1-877-861-2423 $38/HR! Clogged drains, garbs, drips! Insurance, licensed & WCB Call BC Redi-Rooter 778-888-9184 AAA HOT WATER TANKS PLUS Plumbing and heating Services. Licensed * Ticketed * Insured * 778-994-1637

ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704 AT PANORAMA PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS SERVICES. Jobs Small-Big, Res/Com 604-818-7801 SEMI-RETIRED LIC’D PLUMBER fr the U.K. Sm jobs: toilets, d/w, sinks, garburators, taps, leaky pipes, etc. Reas John 604-562-3747

Handyman Services Repairs, renovations, additions painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry & much more Servicing BC since 1980 Reasonable rates - Free est. NO JOB TOO SMALL

David 604-779-5320

A-OK PAINTING Forget the Rest Call The Best! Harry 604-617-0864

Home Maintenance, Repair & Renovations - Interior & Exterior. Basement suites, tiling, flooring, plumbing, roofing, and more. Call (604)855-5820 Serving the Fraser Valley & Lower Mainland.

For all your decorating needs why not call a Master Painter?

Cleaning Serv. Decks, driveways, gutters, pressure washing. Insured Bonded, WCB. Ref’s 604-833-1462 CRAFTSMEN RESTORATIONS *Concrete *Framing *Drywall *Roofing *Doors/Windows *Finishing. Bonded & Insured. 778-789-3047 DECKS - R - US. Sundecks by exp. European craftsman. Interior home Renos. Kitchen/bath/bsmt. Insured. Ivan 778-549-6858 DIAMOND CUT CERAMIC TILE ceramic tiles, marble, slate, natural stone, laminate floors, kitchens, bthrm renos. Mike: (778)241-9070




10 YRS. EXP. CALL DAVE: 604-614-3416

Call Gary 604-576-4406




Call 604-807-0979


JAPANESE YARDMAN *Fall Clean-up *Trimming *Weeding No BST. Kris 604-617-5561

Renovations & Repairs

S Dependable S Affordable S Professional



For All Your Renovation Needs

Serving White Rock & area for over 20 years - Free Est.


SPECIALIZING IN: Vinyl and Wood decks.


Geo Pacific Enterprises Ltd.

EXPERT HANDYMAN available for most jobs, big or small. Young, fit and hardworking. Great rates and friendly service! Phone 778-3195713. Ask for Dan! HANDYMAN. Very reliable. 20 yrs exp. Senior’s discount. Make a list. CAN DO IT ALL! 604-866-4977




Dan Laybourn Paint Contracting

TWO OLD men TOO YOUNG to retire. Residential & commercial construction, renovations & painting. Over 80 years of combined experience. 778-222-0140

36 Years Experience All Aspects of Painting Int./Ext. Com/Residential Gutter & Window Cleaning also available. Free Estimates We will pay 1/2 of the HST on Residential Contracts.

Call 604-607-6659

Free Est. - Same Day Service

604-218-5022 DISPOSAL BINS. 4 - 40 yards. From $179 - $565 incl’s dump fees. Call Disposal King. 604-306-8599.

359 SAND, GRAVEL & TOPSOIL LITTLE LOAD SPECIALIST. Sand & gravel delivered. Small orders welcome. Topsoil available. Call (604) 532-0662 days/eves.


353 ROOFING & SKYLIGHTS A to Z Roofing Ltd. Spec in re-roofing, asphalt, cedar, flat roof. Guar Wrk. WCB, BBB. 778-996-6479. B & B DUROID ROOFING Free Est,re-roofing & Repairs. WCB & Insured. Brad 604-603-2527


D Conversion from cedar to Asphalt, Shingles, Fibreglass D 30, 40, 50 years Warranty D WCB, BBB, Liability Ins. Free Estimates. Call Gary 604-599-5611 OR Visit

WANT IT DONE RIGHT? * Award Winning Work * Custom Tile Specialists * Design Specs Available * Waterproofing * Interior / Exterior * 18 Years on the Peninsula COMMERCIAL / RESIDENTIAL

This is The Team You Want! Call (604) 340-3004


Great price refs Paul 604-328-0527 EAST WEST ROOFING & SIDING CO. Roofs & re-roofs. BBB & WCB. 10% Discount, Insured. Call 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437 GL ROOFING & Repairs. Cedar shakes, Asphalt Shingles, Flat roofs BBB, WCB Insured. 604-240-5362

✔ Basement suites, decks ✔ Bathrooms,Kitchens ✔ Finishing work & moulding

TREE SERVICES A1-TRI-CRAFT Tree Serv. Dangerous tree removal, spiral pruning hedge trimming, stump grinding, topping. Insured, WCB Free Est Arborist Reports

Best Local Roofs & Repairs



A-1 Ceramics, Marble, Glass blocks etc. Install/Repair. Res./Comm. Free Est. 20 years exp. Peter’s Tile (604)209-0173 TILE/LAMINATE SPECIALIST With Design Expertise. Grout color adjustment & restoration.16 yrs on the Peninsula. No Job Too Small. Free Est. Perry 604-538-6976

Andrew 604-618-8585 $ Best Rates $

Receive 10% off with this ad Free Est.

Call Dave: 604-862-9379


INTERIOR/EXTERIOR, Repairs & Reno’s, Sundecks & Additions, New Homes

✗ TREE Pruning & Sculpting ✗ Hedge Repair ✗ Pro-Climber ✗ Gardening & Landscaping

European Quality Workmanship



*Seniors Disc. * Insured *22 yrs

604-513-8524 WEED FREE MUSHROOM Manure 15 yds - $110 or Well Rotted 10yds - $125 Free delivery in Surrey. (604)856-8877



Per Molsen 604-575-1240



e mail:

Call to book your free in home estimate today!

Check us us outout online: Check online:

Greencare Rubbish Removal Commercial & Residential Cheapest in White Rock/S. Surrey Call (604)506-2817



Popcorn Ceilings Are Very UGLY They are impossible to clean and always loaded with cob webs, even when painted still look dirty. We can give you a beautiful, clean, flat ceiling, lovely to look at & will modernize your home.

AAA ADVANCE MOVING Experts in all kinds of moving/packing. Excellent Service. Reas. rates! Different from the rest. 604-861-8885

Make us your first call! Reasonable Rates. Fast, Friendly & Uniformed Staff.

CALL FRIENDLY BENJAMIN 604-230-7928 or 604-538-3796

A AMC MOVING. Professional movers. *Big/small *local/long distance. Insured, great rates. Free est. 778-888-9628



604.587.5865 WHITE ROCK




“Georgie” award finalist-best kitchen 2008 & 2009 In-house design team and cabinet shop Let MPB make your renovation dreams come true! Showroom: Unit 62 - 15515 24th Ave. (at King George Hwy.) Tel: 604-538-9622

Vincent 543-7776 Moving & Storage Visa OK. 604-628-7136

“White Rock & South Surrey’s Leading Renovator since 1989”

Designing and renovating new kitchens, bathrooms, basements, house make-overs and additions since 1989



Licensed  Liability Insured  Member of Worksafe BC  Call to book your free in home estimate today!


Member of Better Business Bureau

STONE F BRICK F REPAIRS Installation & Repairs. European Trained / 20yrs exp. References. 604-306-5389


Custom Paint

• Kitchen • Bath • Flooring • Complete Interiors

• Interior & Exterior • Free Estimates

Licensed • Insured • WCB • Full 10yr. Guarantee

“An investment in Quality”



Interior/Exterior Quality Work Residential Free Estimates!



Self Horse Board, S Surrey, Hazelmere area. $100/mo per horse. (778)986-7798 or 778-668-9493.

~ PRO PAINTERS ~ INTERIOR / EXTERIOR Quality Work, Free Estimates


Phone:(604) (604)307-5894 307-5894 Phone:

Owner/Operator Owner / Operator


MESA PAINTING INTERIOR and EXTERIOR Quality work at reas rates.Free Estimates. Michael (cell) 604-724-7458

Call Joy at 604-530-8585 $20 per hr

WestcanConstruction WestcanConstruction

Member of Worksafe BC


Tyler 778-861-6289

De-Klutter & Organize it Let me put order into your mess

Interior Renovation Specialists INTERIOR/ /Exterior EXTERIOR RENOVATION SPECIALISTS

Liability Insured

Residential, Commercial, Interior, Exterior, Fence, Deck, Pressure Wash, All Kinds of Floorings, Seniors & Vacancies Discount. Professional, Reliable, Affordable Services. Lowest price in town. Free Estimate. Licensed. Fully Insured.


Kitchens/ Bathrooms / Bathrooms/ Fireplace / FireplaceRenovations Renovations&&more.... more.... Kitchens



A1 BATH RENO’S. Bsmt suites, drywall, patios, plumbing, siding, fencing, roofing, landscaping, etc. Joe 604-961-9937 or 604-581-3822


Steve Pendlington Steve Pendlington


1 CALL ABOVE all Handyman Serv Elect,. Plumb, Appls, Gen Repairs, No job too small. Sell repair & install major appls. Also do kitchen, baths, bsmt, renos. 604-588-2828.





Blue Nose Pitbulls, Razor’s Edge/ Gotti bloodlines, Seal blue coats with blue eyes, 1st shots & dewormed. $1000 Call 604-825-6918 CATS & KITTENS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats.604-309-5388 / 856-4866 CKC reg lab pups guart’d first shots vet chk, microchipped, exc temp. declaws. $750, 604-533-8992. COCKER SPANIEL puppies, 4M, 1F, 1st shot, light golden colour, taild docked, $500. 778-866-8668. FILA / MASTIFF GUARD DOGS. Excellent Loyal Family Pet, all shots Great Protectors! Ph 604-817-5957. Gentle Giants, loyal family dogs, unreg. St Bernard pups, 1st shot, $900&up ready now (604)462-8605 GERMAN SHEPHERDS, 2 fem. p/b, 4 mo. black & tan, long-haired, shots & vet ✔ $600 (604)820-4644 GOLDEN RETRIEVER puppies, family raised, 1st shots & vet chkd, born July 21st $600. (604)864-8288 LAB Pups CKC Reg’d Champ.lines 2 females (1blk/1yellow), 1st shots, de-wormed, tattooed, vet ✓ $800. 604-857-9192 LAB Retriever pups, yellow/blck, $650; chocolate, $750. Vet check, quality lineage, dew claws, 1st shots, dewormed. (604)702-0217 LOST DOG : Golden Lab X Sharpei, beige short haired w/ rust color on head and ears. Tattoo in ear. More closely resembles a Lab. Lost evening of August 28 in the Cliff avenue, Buena Vista cross road area. Please call 604-541-8839, 604-996-5212, 604-531-1911 or 778-867-5209 if you have found her or seen her. “REWARD”

Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News PETS 477




UNDER $100

Pug X Jack Russell Shih Tzu X Bichon Miniature Dachshund Type Chihuahua X Cairn Terrier Jack Russell Terrier Type



13529- 26th Ave. @ 136th St. Sat. Sept. 4 9am - 2pm Moving - Must Sell Furniture, h/hold items, lots of books, Dining Chairs, High Chair, Crib & Girl’s clothing

13813 - 18 Ave. Surrey Family Garage Sale Sat. & Sun. Sept. 4 & 5 9am - Noon. Wide Selection of Goods

2284 - 132nd St. Sat. Sept. 4th, 9am -1pm Toys & Household items. 3 FAMILY SALE BRIDGEVIEW FLEA MARKET Every Sunday, Year Round, 80 Vendors 7am-3pm, 11475-126a St. Sry. Info./Book Table 604-625-3208

Christina Place Garage Sale 1183 Maple St. White Rock Sun. Sept. 5th 9am - 1pm In the underground parking lot at the foot of Maple Street. Don’t Miss it!! Multi-Family Home Reno Sale Light fixtures, Kitchen/bath access. furniture, freezers, Orig. Artwork. Sat. Sept. 4th, 9am - 2pm 1743 - 137A St. Surrey South Surrey

MOVING SALE Sat. Sept. 4th, 9 a.m. 1 p.m. 1754524th Ave. Furniture etc.





All Petland puppies are vet inspected & come w/vaccinations up to date, a spay / neuter incentive, health guar., training DVD & more!


Garage/Yard/Estate Sale. Rain or Shine


Sat. & Sun. Sept. 4th & 5th 9am - 5pm 13806 North Bluff Rd. W. Rock

Kitchen ware, chain glass coffee table, items under $10.

Something for everyone. Books, Kitchen, cosmetics, collectibles, hardware, electrical, clothing, etc.

NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! or call: 604856-3647. POMERANIAN TOY PUP: Male, 5 months. $550. Please call (604)794-7347. PUG: Reg’d Female, brindle, exbreeder, now retired. Very affectionate. Comes with grunts & snorts! $500. Pls call: (778)549-3646. TOY POODLE PUPPIES 6 wks, brown, black & brown, and black $650. 604-820-4230 604-302-7602 YELLOW LAB pups. 2 males left. Smaller size. Ready to go. Parents on site $500. 604-852-6176 Abtsfrd

saw, most


Sat. Sept. 4, 9-2 Advertise across the lower mainland in the 17 best-read community newspapers! Call 604-575-5555

Ocean Park

MOVING GARAGE SALE Sat. Sept. 4 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 12510 - 19th Ave.


Bursting at the Seams!! 12347-Seacrest Drive Sat & Sun 9am - 4pm

Sofa, loveseat, child’s bdrm suite, lawnmower, weedeater, coffee table, lamps, etc.

Boys clothings 2-6yrs, shoes boots, girls clothing 0-4yrs & womens, hshld items, glass pottery, dishes, small electronics, so much more. Great prices

South Surrey

GARAGE SALE Sat. Sept. 4th 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 15416 - 34th Ave.




LARGE MOVING SALE 14743 GOGGS AVENUE Saturday, Sept. 4 Sunday, Sept. 5 9:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. Antique Pool Table 6ft. x 12ft. $1200

GARAGE SALE SAT, Sept 4 9am-2pm.

2515 142 St.

WANTED GOOD USED newer fridges, stoves, washers & dryers. $ for some. Call (604)536-9092


Loads of Items, Antiques, Furniture, Pictures, Sports Equip. Tools & Much More!

Coffee table, end tables, household items. Lots of other stuff


RANGERS OCEAN PARK APPLIANCE Appliances Wanted Cash for Some. Call (604)538-9600



UNDER $100

12” PUSH MOWER - Like new. $100: (604)535-9376 BIG, FAST Computer - $100: Windows 7, Sound, DVD, MS discs *Flat Screens Mike 604-808-3850 QUEEN STEEL BED FRAME on castors - $25: (604)538-1389

Surrey Garage Sale Sat. Sept 4, 8:30-3pm. 2061 139 St. 50’s style furniture, Caravan seats, kids sports equip, plus more.

20” ELECTRIC Lawnmower Homelite, 12 amp, with bag. Like new . $200: (604)535-9376 ANTIQUE Solid Oak Swivel Desk Chair - 4 castors. $125: (604)5381389 CHALLENGER WALKER with basket. Exc. cond. Green. Good brakes. $125: (604)541-2836 SOLID WOOD DESK - 4 drawers, 1 filing drawer, 1 pullout shelf 61” x 26” x 29”. $125: (604)538-1389


UPRIGHT PIANO, antique, Hartman & Co., oak case, great cond., must see, $700. Call (604)860-0222



TREADMILL - Trimline, model 1610 For Sale Purchase price $1480 in perfect working order. Rarely used. Manual avail. Need space. $700/obo. (604)531-4230

UNDER $200


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Relax. It’s Done.




Ask us about 12

Savor your thoroughly clean home. And a little more time to enjoy doing what you want.

• Reliable service • DVA clients welcome


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The new monthly payment option from ICBC

604-536-7111 FAX604-536-7106 3050 KING GEORGE HWY., SURREY V4P 1A2 s r




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Older Home? Damaged Home? Need Repairs? Behind on Payments? Quick CASH! Call Us First! 604.657.9422

LOTS South Surrey

AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

SOUTH MERIDIAN - Rare & large 7700 sq/ft lot - In sought after South Meridian neighbourhood - Corner lot in cul-de-sac, near schools, US Border & ocean - 3 minute safe walk to South Meridian School. - Zoned for single family home & will accept full in-ground bsmt.

$435,000 - By Owner. Call Tom @ 604-538-4528

615 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY WHITE ROCK: For Sale. Commercial/Retail. 5 corners. 1300 / 2214 s/f. Incl. 5 u/g pkng. 604-996-9887.

625 559





GRANDVIEW HTS, 1/2 acre view lot 4 bd 2 bath & rec/rm magnificent fir trees $699,000. 1-604-796-0073

MISSION: By Owner: Duplex, reno’d, $1,000 rent per side. 1,900 sq/ft, 6,100 sq/ft lot. $299K. Call Kelly: 604-418-3162. #5196

633 MOBILE HOMES & PARKS Downsize with style, comfort & affordability in White Rock. 38 ft - 1 bdrm completely loaded park model with complementary built on laundry/storage room, many extras included. Move in ready, a must see. $56,500:




AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses! HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

566 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ALTO SAX, great condition, used for semi band. $550! less than 2 yrs. rental. Call 604-538-5937. GERHARD HEINTZMAN cabinet grand piano, upright. $450 firm. 604-859-7766 MASON RISCH UPRIGHT PIANO, exc cond, recently tuned, lovely tone, $900. Call 604-576-9658.

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By owner. Bright, open 1 bdrm. condo. 55+ Quiet S. Surrey location. $161,900

DOWN 1. Mosque priests 2. Stray calf 3. Small plant-opening 4. Wood sorrels 5. Apronlike garments 6. Child 7. Prowled 8. Union group 9. Brilliant fish 10. Hors d’oeuvres 11. It’s of miner concern 12. Evening party 13. Coming

604-538-4635 PUZZLE NO. 519

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To advertise on the Friday

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WHITE ROCK OPTOMETRY CLINIC “Caring for you and your family for over 25 years”



Dr. Melanie Sherk, Dr. Cindy Anderson, Dr. Tracy Ertel, Dr. Tracey Curry, Dr. Sally Donaldson


“Ask us how you can earn AIR MILES® reward miles”?



* SELL YOUR HOME FAST * Buying Any Price, Cond., Location. NO COMMISSIONS ~ NO FEES ~ No Risk Home Buying Centre (604)435-5555


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S SURREY Condo 2 bedroom plus den. HW flooring, 2 full BR, with W/D. Quiet location. 2 secure U/G parking with work-out facilities. $1500/mo. 604-999-7005 or


Sofa Italia 604.580.2525

USED MOBILITY AIDS Scooters, Walkers, Lift Chairs, Pwr/Wheelchairs. 604.539.8200.

AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

~ STAR OF THE SEA HALL ~ 15262 Pacific Ave., White Rock. Saturday, Sept.4, 9 am ~ 2 pm

Pine cabinet, organ, pool tables




CCM RED BIKE for 9 yr old. 6 spd, kick stand. Like new. $45/firm. (604)541-2836 GAMER’S FAST PC $150. New Xbox & games. Flat screen. DVD, CD Burners. 604-808-3850

GRANDVIEW Petland #10 – 2215 160 St, Surrey 604-541-2329



Call Shayda at 604-542-7418

102 - 1656 Martin Drive, White Rock Semiahmoo Professional Building


Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010 REAL ESTATE



BANK ON US! Mortgages for purchases, renos, debt consolidation, foreclosure. Bank rates. Many alternative lending programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, your Mortgage Warrior, simplify the process!1-888-711-8818






GROSVENOR SQUARE Great location. Family complex. 1 & 2 bdrm units avail immed. Near schools, shop & bus. Security Card Access.


WHITE ROCK: 1331 Merklin. 1 bdrm, completely updated, $850 & 2/bdrm, incl heat, cable & prkg. Adult oriented. Avail now. $985/mo. N/S, N/P. 604-535-0925.


1 MONTH FREE RENT!! CALL FOR DETAILS Nice quiet building. 1 & 2 bdrm suites. Includes: Hot water, cable, underground parking, video surveillance. NO PETS CALL 604-536-8499



MONTEBELLO - Your new home is waiting for you in the Montebello, at 19330 69th ave. 3bed, 3ba, 3level, 3 yr old twnhs. MOVE IN READY. This home is a MUST on your list. Call today for private viewing: Karen Conyers Sutton Group West Coast 604-538-8888


Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley



CONDO--Beautiful 2bd/2 Spa-Style bath/5appl gas f/p, gym, ungrd prk. NS/NP Avail immediately. Not a rental complex -Ocean Bay Villas 15350 16A Ave. 1yr lease min $1300/mo. 604 736-6948. Morgan Creek area- Croydon Drive. 2bdrm 2bthrm, lrg balc. 3rd flr, $1280mo Avail. now. 604-725-6742 WHITE ROCK. 2 bdrm, 1 bath. Nr Mall. $1095 incl heat/hotwater, Senior oriented. NS/NP.604-5369565 or 778-385-9565

SOMERSET GARDENS (S. Sry) Family housing, 1851 Southmere Cres. E. 2bdrm appt. starts at $875. Pet friendly, nr all amen, heat, Community garden. 604-451-6676 S. SURREY: reno’d 2 bdrm, top flr south facing apt. White cabinets, updated flrg thru-out. Rent incl: heat/hw, F/S & D/W. 1850 Southmere Cres. Avail Oct 1. $1050/mo. N/P. Call: Ann (604)720-9293

S SURREY / WHITE ROCK 5 min drive from the beach!

WHITE ROCK: 1 bdrm apt, ground floor, recently renovated. u/g parking. 1 block from Semiahmoo Mall. All appl. Laundry. $875/mo. Avail. now. (778)298-1730 WHITE ROCK - 2 Bdrm apt. 2 bathroom $1325/mo. Behind the library. Heat, hot water & u/g parking incl. H/w flrs, Laundry. Avail. now. (604)721-4713 WHITE ROCK area: Spac 1 bdrm & den suite. Walk to malls, bus, rest; large deck. In-ste lndry. $1250/mo gas incld. N/P, N/S. 604-531-9457. WHITE ROCK. Bachelor suite on 3rd flr, $695/mo. Clean quiet, adult oriented bldg. 1 year lease. Ns/np Incl. hot water/heat. 604-560-9841 WHITE ROCK - Central Location 1 bdrm- $775/mo. Heat/water & sec. prkg. n/s, n/p. Avail. Oct. 1st. (604)721-4713


152 St & Southmere Crest E. $925/mo, NEWLY RENOVATED ONE BEDROOM, AVAILABLE September 1st. Top floor, South facing with open balcony. Laminate floors, tile, updated kitchen & bathroom. Sec u/g prkg. Outdoor swimming pool. N/S, N/P, please. For inquiries please phone Mario at: 604-721-4713. S.Surrey/WR 2 bdrms, 2 bath condo. New flooring, freshly painted, gas f/p, inst lndry, sec prkg, quiet priv west balcony facing green space. Cls to South Point Mall & trans. 2855 152 St. $1200, N/S, avail Sept 1. Lee 604-970-6753

Close to Semiahmoo Mall

1 & 2 BEDROOM Concrete Hi-rise. 55+, NS/NP

Somerset Gardens

Call 604-538-5337 WHITE ROCK exec. new penthouse, 15988 26th Ave. 3 bdrm., 1250 sq. ft., 7 appl., 2 baths, 2 prkg., rec centre. $2200 mo. C.21 Prudential 604-232-3039

1 Bdrm $850/mo on 4th Floor Avail Sept 1st

2 Bedroom suites starting at $875.00/mo. Close to all amenities. Avail now.


2007 Rabbit 4 Dr

WHITE ROCK SUNSET VILLA. 2 bdrm apt, f/p, d/w, w/large balcony, concrete bldg. $1050/mo. block from Semiahmoo Mall. Avail. Aug. 1st. Call for appointment to view: 604-541-6276

Call 604-538-4599


PROPERTY Rentals Have Qualified Tenants Need Homes Call Sheri M 604-535-8080 Full pictures & info. on our website Promp & Professional


So. Surrey: Immac bright, new appl Nice neighbrhd. Cntrl, 3brm+office. $2180: 1yr lease. 604-536-9190 SOUTH SURREY: Elgin 3500sf family home, cul-de-sac, 5bdrms, 3-1/2 bathrms, nanny suite, hot-tub. Granite, h/w. Avail. Nov. 1st. N/S, N/P. $2700: Refs. (604)916-1659 S SURREY: 3 bdrm, 2 bath, lge Rancher. Dble garage. $1900/mo. Avail now. N/S, N/P. 604-809-5974.


Landlord/Investor To take care of your properties


ATTN: SNOWBIRDS Looking for an honest reliable housesitter? Anywhere, South Surrey, Langley, White Rock area. Call 604-351-4277 you will not be disappointed.



OCEAN PARK - 4 br, 3 bath, 2179 sq ft. Recently reno’d. Avail Sep 1. $2450/mo + util. 604-535-6288

LANGLEY, South. Spac 2 bdrm mobile home with deck, lrg fncd yard & storage shed. N/S. Avail now. $950 + utils. (604)530-0417

2007 Rabbit 4 Dr




(3) 2 bdrm brand new units at Merklin/Roper avail now!

Alfred 604-889-6807


5 Speed, Loaded Including Sunroof and Alloys, Black, 86,000 kms. #P2335

Tenants Houses/Condos/Townhouses Rental units available now

Office: 604-534-7974 Ext: 205

Monthly Parking on the Beach $100/mo. Starting in Sept. (604)538-3237


OCEAN PARK rancher. Quiet area very clean, 3 bdrm, brand new bath, 5 appl, gas f/p, h/w flr, sgl garage. N/S. Lawncare incl. Long term pref. Small quiet dog ok. $1900/mo + utils. 13058-14A Ave 604-531-7209

WHITE ROCK 15582 RUSSELL AVE. Modern duplex, 2635 sq. ft., 5 bdrm, 3 baths, incl. 4 pce master ensuite, family room, games room, kitchen nook, gas FP, 5 appl., large sep. laundry room, 2 car garage, south fenced rear yard with deck. N/S. Quiet and private. Avail. immed. $2000 + utils; min 1 year lease. Call John at 604-538-7713 or email: for spec sheet & floor plan WHITE ROCK: 6 yr old home, 4 bdrms up, 1 office, liv/rm, din/rm, kitchen & fam/rm. $2600 incl utils. Must be immac tennant. Avail Sept 16th. Ph: (778)292-1882. WHITE ROCK Columbia st 2100sf oceanview home 3 bdrm 2 bath view Oct 1. $2000/mo. NS/NP Suit sngl/cple. 778-861-2445


2007 Rabbit 4 Dr

5 Speed, Loaded Including Sunroof and Alloys, Sage Green, 75,000 kms. #P2336



2006 Golf GLS TDI

2006 Golf GLS



Auto, Loaded including Alloys, Silver, 73,000 kms. Auto, Loaded including Sunroof and Alloys, Silver, Auto, Loaded including Sunroof and Alloys, Silver, #P2323 78,000 kms. 100,000 kms. #P2324 #P2323





Serving White Rock, S. Surrey, Surrey, Langley, Delta, Ladner & Tsawwassen, Steveston, New West & Coquitlam Call Now! 604-536-0220 or email:



CENTRAL White Rock. 2 Ground Floor Offices in newly renovated building, 1425 sqft bright new office, 747 sq ft office with outside entry. Both incl washroom and u/g pkg, gross rents. 604-536-5639.

OFFICE FOR LEASE 621 sf office, 2nd floor, elevator, sec. indoor prk. 4840 Delta St. Ladner.

Phone Gertie 1-250-247-7242 or cell: 604-306-4563



WHITE ROCK / S. SURREY. Furnished room for quiet student on bus route. Utils, cable & internet incl. $475/mo. 604-220-1168

748 SHARED ACCOMMODATION CRESCENT BEACH: total reno! Lrg bdrm $600. + Den $675. Incl utils, net/all appls, NS/NP, 604-538-6960 S. SURREY. 20/KGH. Furnished bedroom. Single occupancy. N/S. Utilities & internet incl. $500/mo. Avail. now. Call 604-538-0031.


2008 Rabbit 4 Dr

5 Speed, Loaded Including Sunroof and Alloys, Gray, 33,000 kms. #P2352


VW Certified Pure • • • •

2006 Golf GLS TDI


Houses, Townhomes, Condo’s & Suites

Executive Townhouse approx 1500 + sq. ft. 3 bdrms + fam rm with f/p State of the art 6 s/s appls, gourmet kitchen w/granite countertops. Tandem garage. N/s, n/p. $1800/mo Avail Oct.1st. 152nd/34th Ave Nr Southpoint mall Refs req.

SOUTH SURREY - 1200 sf, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 5 appl., f/p, n/s, n/p. Adult. $1100 + utils. (604)937-3086 S. SURREY, SXS with bsmt, 3 bdrms, liv/rm & din/rm, 1.5 baths, ensuite, appls. Nice backyard. Cls to all amenits. Lease, refs. $1300. Phone 604-538-2797 leave msg. S.Surrey/W.R. 20/KGH.Bright clean 2 bdrm w/d $1075incl utils Sept.15 short term possible. 604-538-9199


OCEAN PARK 2577 - 126th St.

MOVING OR RELOCATING? White Rock Sausalito Furnished 2 bdrm apt available, fully self contained, dogs okay. (604)538-3237 $2000/mo




Modern duplex, 4 bdrms, 3 full bathrooms, incl. 4 pce ensuite, family room, games room, kitchen nook, gas FP, 5 appl., large laundry room, 2 car garage, SW fenced rear yard, sundeck. N/S. Near school, buses, walk to Crescent Beach. Avail. immed. $1950 + util; min 1 yr lease. Call John at 604-538-7713 or email for spec sheet & floor plan.

Call 604-318-3365


Auto, Loaded Including Sunroof and Alloys, Sage Green, 76,000 kms. #P2331


CRESCENT BEACH. Back on the market. Fully furn. 2 bdrm, 2 bath. All utils incl. N/P. N/S. $1350/mo. Sept. to July. 1-360-772-8088


1851 Southmere Crescent E.

Call 604-451-6676

CLOVERDALE 4 Bed, 2800+ sqft, a/c, 2 FPs, nr amenities, $2000+ utils N/S N/P call 604-341-7609

Heat, hot water, & light included

Quiet, well kept building. Hot water included. Close to shops, bus, hospital. N/P.


AVAILABLE - CRESCENT BEACH: 2 lvl 3 bdrm fully furn’d house. Sept 1 - May 31. $1750/mo. 12237 Agar. (604) 306-0341 or (604) 250-0255

Beautiful, large 1 & 2 bedroom suites available. Close to Semiahmoo Mall, rec. centers, transit and White Rock beach. Nestled in a park like setting, with some suites cat friendly, it’s a must see. To view call 604-531-9797 or email and ask for Suada.

Call Mike 604-535-7206


ACREAGE AND privacy. Older 5 bed 2 bath 2 kitchen near bus, beach and Ray Shepherd. Oct 1 $2400





Quiet lifestyle with a view.

1Bdrm $825/mo & up, 2 bdrms $1200/mo & up. Avail now. Spacious, close to beach, shops, buses, recent reno’d.





Call 604-589-5693


2 year or 40,000 km VW Warranty 112 point mechanical inspection All maintenance completed Financing at 2.9% APR up to 60 months OAC

• See us for more details

2092 152nd Street, South Surrey (604) 536-7212 Fax (604) 536-7218









S SURREY. Furnished bdrm in country home. $495/mo incl. all util., internet & laundry. Avail Sept. 1 N/P. Pls call 604-535-5459.

WHITE ROCK very nice bright 3 bdrm main r, nice back yard with deck, great loc nr bus, schls, beach, shopping. N/S, avail now. $1550/mo. Drive by: 13876 North Bluff Rd (16th Ave) 778-891-7870.

S.SURREY Priv room w/en-ste in newer home, nice view nr shops & bus, ns/np. $700 incld utils. 604531-8147 eve/wkends.

S. SURREY: share a beautiful west coast home on 1 acre. Suits prof person. NS/NP, N/Drinker. $650 incl utils, net & cble. 604-542-1995

WHITE ROCK- furnished bdrm in comfortable home. n/s, n/p. Nr Peace Arch Hosp. $395/mo. Avail. now. 604-536-6303



S.SURREY, farm storage, 30’ long, 8 wide x 8½’ high, fully insullated & dry. $300. Sept 1. 604-538-1440.




LANGLEY 50/200, 2+ BDRM., 3 bath, t/h, with 1500sf. This familyfriendly complex in a park like setting, is a joy to come home to. New ooring, bathroom and countertops and comes comp. with 5 appl., 2 car cov. prkg. 2 priv. decks, f/p, Oct. 1. N/S N/P $1300/mo. 1-888-992-5717





2004 Ford 350 crewcab Lariat 4x4 L/box leather auto 168K, 6L diesel, new tires & battery 2003 24ft Salem Forest River 5th whl trlr 1 slide new tires micro open r plan roof air Both $35,000 obo 604-812-1278






SCRAP CAR REMOVAL “No Wheels, No Problem�


604-328-0081 7 Days/Week




1989 Kustom Koach, 23’ - 5th whl, 94 Chev 3/4T, Xcab shrt bx,low km, $10,500 both or sep. 604-856-3819


OCEAN PARK 1 bdrm gr lvl suite, $1000 utils/cable/net incl, inste lndry gas f/p ns/np Sept.15/Oct.1. Nr beach/shops/bus. 778-292-0322


AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $100 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673






2007 GMC Uplander van, gold, 60K, 7 pass. under wrnty, loaded, no accid. $10,990. 604-785-8566


The Scrapper

RE: THE ESTATE OF MARY PAIGE FEE, DECEASED CREDITORS and others having claims against the estate of Mary Paige Fee, deceased, late of White Rock, B.C., are hereby notiďŹ ed under section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to the Executor at 15245-16th Ave., Surrey, B.C., V4A 1R6, on or before September 27, 2010 after which date the Executor will distribute the estate among the parties entitled to it, having regard to the claims of which the Executor then has notice.

Notice to Creditors & Others


25’ CLASS “C� MOTORHOME avail. for rent. Very clean, sleeps 5, a/c, micro. For Info 604-783-6848


MORGAN CREEK AREA: Large 1 bdrm suite, lower level suite, priv. entr., newer suite with f/p, in-ste laundry, good storage, D/W, rent incl utils & cable. n/s, n/p Avail. immed. $850/mo. $425 /damage deposit. Call (604)541-1206




AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!



2005 VOLKSWAGEN Passat. 4 Motion, 5 spd, 107K, loaded, stereo/tv, custom rims, low proďŹ le tires, sunroof, fully serv, no accd’s. $14,900. obo 604-649-1094. 2006 BMW Z-4- convertible, mint. 48K, auto, blk. no accident, all power options, heated seats, must see, beauty $23,995obo (604)328-1883 2008 HONDA CIVIC 4/dr auto, p/w, p/l, A/C, CD, light blue, mag wheels 29K. $12,500. 604-825-9477. 2010 Kia Rio 4 door sedan, 5 spd. manual, 5,000 kms. Silver. $6700 ďŹ rm. Call 604-329-6225.

LANGLEY Willowbrook 31/2 Br Large TH w/Appl and Laundry and Balcony. 2 car Garage. ns/np. 1450$ avail. 604-788-0237


CLAYTON. 2 bdrm lower suite, lndry, ns np, Avail immed. $750+ 1/3 utils. Call 604-209-5675


Friday, September 3, 2010 Peace Arch News


Re: Estate of PHYLLYS ELEANOR BROWN, Deceased, formerly of #113 - 15240 - 34th Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of PHYLLYS ELEANOR BROWN are hereby notiďŹ ed under section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent c/o Marjorie Mooney, Barrister & Solicitor, 300 - 1676 Martin Drive, Surrey, British Columbia, V4A 6E7 on or before October 1, 2010, after which date the Executor will distribute the estate among the parties entitled to it, having regard to the claims of which the Executor then has notice.


1976 CHEV CMPR Van. Sink & stv. Compl lined. Rr dbl bed, rev. bkt sts, air/crd.$800-ďŹ rm. 604-584-3959 1989 DODGE RAM window van. 3/4 ton. Call for details 604-5380484 many new parts, $1350 obo 1998 FORD E250 VAN, white, exc cond, runs great, low kms, $2500 obo. 604-715-2337 2006 CHEV UPLANDER 70,000K 3.5L 1yr warranty, dark grey, $12,500 obo. 604-575-8003 2007 DODGE RAM 1500 Quad cab big horn, 20’ alloys, mint. new brakes/tires, safety inspected, no accidents. $17,995 (604)328-1883





CIBC Trust Corporation, Executor HAMBROOK & COMPANY Solicitors




OCEAN PARK. Bright, garden level 1 bdrm suite in quiet area. Private entry & sundeck. Shared laundry. $850/mo. util. incl. NP/NS. Avail Oct. 1st. Call 604-538-6237 Ocean Park just a stroll to crescent beach bright lge bdrm +den/bdrm garden level 1000sf sep ent priv patio f/p d/washer w/d ns/np Immed. $975/mo. 604-760-4276 S.SURREY Like new bright priv 1 bdrm. Suit single. Nr Southpointe. Walk out bsmt, f/p, soakertub, appls, w/d, NS/NP Incl cble, utils. $800. Avail Oct 1. 604-720-4343 S SURREY. Rosemary Heights: 2 Bdrm. Avail now. Includes W/D, D/W, wireless net, heat & light. $1000/mo N/S, small quiet pet neg. 604-538-8572 or 604-880-8234


S.Surrey White Rock fully furnished 1 bdrm + ofďŹ ce side ste street level NS/NP. Avail now. 604-536-7550


SURREY 3 Bdrm, NEW, 168 & 64, 975 + util., 7 appliances 604-5514748 WHITE ROCK. 1 bdrm. suite. Lge bright, priv. entry. Steps from beach & uptown. Private ldry, 4 appl., $900/mo. + utils. 778-688-3459

Don’t be haunted by missed opportunity...

White Rock 1bdrm suite, priv. ent. & yrd. 1 blk to beach. $850 incl utils. n/s, n/p. Avail now 604-535-8286

TOTO REGISTER REGISTERCALL CALL 1-877-275-6013 1-877-275-6023


WHITE ROCK. Clean bright Bach. Lndry, prkg, tub, priv ent. 9’ ceilings new wood rs. N/S. Small pet ok. Immed. $650 incl util. 604-536-7993


WHITE ROCK. East Beach 1 block from water. 1 bdrm., full bath, incl. stacking w/d & utils. Elec. heat in each room, extra storage, sep entr. Walk to shops, restaurants, bus & beach. Ns/np. Ref’s. req’d. Suit 1. Avail. now. $850mo. 604-531-7717

WHITE ROCK. Nr ocean. 1 bdrm. suit single mature person. Pri ent. inste laundry, soaker tub. N/S. N/P. $850 incl hydro & gas. Ref’s req’d. Avail Sept. 1. (604)531-5942 WHITE ROCK, Studio Avail Oct 1. 1 room in lower level of T/H on West Beach. South facing, no view. Sep entry & heat. Incl util & cable. $675/mo. Street parking, 1 cat ok. 604-999-0548 WHITE ROCK. Walk to beach or town ctr. 1 bdrm suite. Laundry, f/p & bright kitchen. Cls to bus stop, beach & restaurants. N/P. N/S. utils incl. Avail immed. $900/mo. This suite is spotless. 604-536-4630. W. ROCK. FULLY FURN. & loaded bsmt New const. ocean view, walk to beach. Short term OK. $1100 incl utils. Avail now. 604-542-5707.



ABBOTSFORD Bright Spacious 1 Bdrm above ground suite on horse farm open oor plan soaker tub gas f/p W/D F/S D/W utilities and wireless int incl $750 N/S N/P avail immed 604-625-8904 S SURREY. Lrg 3 bdrm 2 bath, main r. 5 appls. N/S. $1475 + ½ utils. Avail now. 604-809-5974. S. SURREY. Main oor of house on 1/4 acre. 2 bdrm. + lge bonus room. Recent updates. 5 min. to beach, shops & schools. Jet tub. N/s. Pet negot. Oct. 1. $1500. 604-818-5121 WHITE ROCK 15307 Columbia Ave 2 bdrm, ocean view, 2 ba, appl incl. $1600. N/S. Sept. 1. 604-536-1525 WHITE ROCK: 2 Bdrm main r deluxe ste, 2 mins to beach, D/W, inste W/D, F/P, garden. $1450 incls utils. Sept 15. N/S. (778)294-0084.


STK#RO5662 MSRP $15,300 60/84 TERM @ 1.49% INTEREST


STK#SO5092 MSRP $17,595 60/84 TERM @ 2.9% INTEREST

2010 Kia SOUL

2011 Kia

Don’t be haunted by missed opportunity...



2010 Kia FORTE $



0% Financing on all 2010 Models


BI-WEEKLY PAYMENT #SD3389 MSRP $28,845 60/84 Term @ 5.99 interest

2010 Kia SEDONA




1990 NISSAN SENTRA. For parts, newer 13â€? tires & battery. Runs BI-WEEKLY PAYMENT BI-WEEKLY PAYMENT okay. $200. 604-597-9547 MINT COND. 1994 SAAB-SCANIA #SR5402 STK#SP2702 900S, 4dr. 5 spd. h/b, looks/runs MSRP $25,795 MSRP $23,795 like new, aircrd. $3500. 541-0344. 60/84 TERM @2.9% 60/84 Term @ 4.9% INTEREST Interest 1994 Honda Accord 4dr auto A/care new tires/brks. No rust, very cln. All power. $2500. MINT. 778-848-7621 1997 Honda Civic - 4 dr. auto, pwr. options, local, no accidents, new motor, blk. mint. I love this car I’m APPLEWOOD KIA IS #1 IN BC FOR SALES, SERVICE AND SELECTION moving! $4000obo 604.720.8064 1998 Honda Accord Special edition 4dr auto loaded a/cared 182K mint cond $5500 obo. 604-812-1278 s 9%!2 +-7/229 &2%%#/-02%(%.3)6%7!22!.49T 1998 VW JETTA, red, 4 cyl, 178 SPECIAL PREFERRED AVAILABLE EXTENDED WARRANTY s 9%!2 +-0/7%242!).7!22!.49 1 YEAR/12,000 KM INTEREST RATES UP TO 200,000 KMS COMPREHENSIVE km, std, 4 dr, A/C, s. roof, maggs. s 9%!2 +-%842!#!2%2/!$3)$%!33)34!.#% FREE WARRANTY COVERAGE 24-HR ROADSIDE 7 DAY/1,000 KM $3,900 obo. Phone (604)513-8189. ASSISTANCE CUSTOMER EXCHANGE PRIVILEGE s./$%$5#4)",%#(!2'% 1999 HONDA Civic Si(G) Silver ext Grey cloth int Coupe Sunroof 2 0 M I N U T E S F R O M A N Y W H E R E Manual 168,000 km 4 cyl Air condition Power everything ABS Airbags 16299 Fraser Hwy. 19764 Langley Bypass Aftermarket taillights and spoiler 16299 Fraser Hwy. 19764 Langley Bypass SURREY LANGLEY LANGLEY New water pump and timing belt SURREY Reg. oil change, uids, brake check, etc. $5600. Call 604-8563435 or 604-309-3757 for more details 2003 JETTA Station Wagon. 1.8 turbo, auto, leather, a/c, $8800. Stock #3. DL# 5691. 604-351-6170 The Power to Surprise™ WWW.APPLEWOOD.CA 2004 TOYOTA ECHO, 4 dr. sedan, Mon.-Thurs. 9-8, Fri.-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 11-5 Mon.-Thurs. 9-8, Fri.-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 11-5 5 spd. manual, burgundy, clean car, 2011 2010 KIA RIO EX,182 biweekly payments of $87 based on the selling price of $14,950 over a 60/84 term @ 1.49% interest the cost of borrowing is $900 and the residual is $4900 OAC. 2010 KIA SOUL, 182 biweekly payments of $95 based on the selling price of $16,395 over a 60/84 term @1.49% interest the cost of borrowing is $900 and 95K kms. $4750 ďŹ rm. 604-538-9257 the residual is $5400 OAC. 2010 KIA FORTE, 182 biweekly payments of $89 based on the selling price of $15,595 over a 60/84 term @ 1.49% interest the cost of borrowing is $850 and the residual is $5200 OAC. 2011 KIA SPORTAGE, 182 biweekly payments of $155 based on the selling price of $23,495 over a 60/84 term @ 4.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $4400 and the residual is $8600 OAC. 2011 Kia Sorento, 182 biweekly payments of $149 based on the selling price of $24,545 over a 60/84 term @ 2.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $2700 and the residual is $8400 OAC. 2010 Kia Sedona, 182 biweekly payments of $147 based on the selling price of $21,795 over a 2006 HONDA CIVIC EX - Local, no 60/84 term @ .9 % interest, the cost of borrowing is $5000 and the residual is $8000. Cash Savings of $7,000 applies to all 2010 Sedonas and is available on cash purchase only. 0% ďŹ nancing available on all 2010 models for up to 60 months OAC. “3 payments on usâ€? Kia Canada will pay the equivalent of 3 payments (excluding taxes) on 5.99% accidents, auto, sunroof, grey, Low all 2010MY purchase ďŹ nancing. The payment amount is calculated based on the (MSRP+D&D+A/C Tax+Color Charge)/60. This amount will be provided in the form of a cheque, or, can be applied to reduce the selling price of the vehicle. All offers include Cash Credits and manufacturer credits. See dealer for complete details. These prices do not include taxes, license, fees, paint charges, battery and tire levy or air conditioning levy. No payments for 60 days or november 1st means the 60 day payment defferal applies for purchase ďŹ nancing offers on all new 2011 Kia models. No interest will accrue during the ďŹ rst 30 days of the ďŹ nance contract. After this period mileage. $13,995: 604-531-3514


2011 Kia SORENTO

$7,000 FREE

16299 Fraser Hwy.



APPLEWOOD KIA “It’s all good at Applewood!�

1-877-275-6023 1-877-275-6013

interest starts to accrue and the purchaser will repay principal and interest monthly over the term of the contract. First payment is due November 1st, 2010.These offers are not combinable. All offers expire September 30th, 2010.

19764 Langley Bypass 082010

WHITE ROCK, new 2 bdrm, 1 bath bsmt suite, in-ste lndry, lrg kitch, NS/NP, alarm, 1 prk spot, walk to Hosp/Schl. $975 incl all but phone. Avail Now. Ph. 604-531-4469.


1990 Cadillac Allante, conv. rare, 2 seater, only 153,000kms. Must sell. $7500. 604-309-4001 1991 DODGE SHADOW conv, burgundy, ArCrd, spotless, new roof, 1 owner, $1500 (604)951-6307 2000 PONTIAC SUNFIRE 4dr. auto aircrd 175K keyless ent a/c. $1600 778-836-4422, 604-592-4422. 2001 Chev Tracker LXT Sport, 4x4, Auto, Loaded, excel cond., 124k kms, $6200. Call 604-530-2340 2002 MUSTANG GT conv, 5/spd, black, leather, fully loaded, 117K, no accid, $11,500. 604-230-1932. 2006 Pontiac G6 S4 Sports Sedan. 46,000kms. Excellent condition. $10,995/obo. (604)535-1672 Peter




WHITE ROCK Large one bedroom basement suite in new home available Oct 15 2010 on quiet street, central location. $800/month includes all utilities, hi speed internet, security system. N/S no pets. Call 604-3451 3402 .



WHITE ROCK. Large 1 bdrm g/l suite, $700 incl hydro / cable. Avail now or September 15th. NS/NP. 604-306-4099 or 604-339-2389.



Peace Arch News Friday, September 3, 2010

100% B C Owned and Operated

s e t y School B

Free Se RD. minar, Th Seminars and Events are back! Fetterly, ursday, Sep e l o c i N n ia t. 9, 1:00-5:00p m. Ask the Dietitian: Healthy Foods for the Fall with Choices’ Dietit Choices Marke ts Kitsilano, 2627 W. 16th Ave, Vancouver. No registration required. Saturday, ND. Sept. 11, 8: Caleb Ng, 00am-12:00pm. Prostate Cancer Awareness Event and Pancake Breakfast with Dr. Choices Markets So uth Surrey, 3248 King George Blvd. Cost $5.00.

Libertè Greek 0% M.F. Yogurt

Hot House Red Tomatoes Meat Department On the Vine assorted varieties Top Sirloin Steak Canada from Origin O Farms B.C. Grown, Certified Organic Grade A value pack


Olympic Regular and Organic Multipack Yogurt

plain or vanilla



500g • product of Canada

product of Canada Healthy Way Organic Grains Bread Larabar Energy Bars

assorted varieties

assorted varieties



570-600g • product of Canada

48-51g • product of USA

MaraNatha No Stir Peanut Butter Kiju Organic 100% crunchy or smooth Juice Blends


White Nugget Potatoes B.C. Grown

Specialty Roasted Chickens .98lb/2.16lb

Bulk Department

assorted flavours

2.00 off regular retail price

Oriental Rice Crackers prepacked or bins

20% off regular retail price

Creamy Coleslaw

.99/100g reg 1.69

500ml • product of Canada

assorted varieties


From Our Bakery


235g • product of Canada

Wholesome Country Sourdough Bread

3.99 340g • product of USA

Raisin Bran Muffins

Rice Bakery

Brown Rice Hamburger Buns


39 pack

An energy booster with vitamin and mineral complexes. Several flavours to choose from.

739ml • product of USA

assorted varieties


Leclerc Celebration,Vital or Praeventia Cookies assorted varieties

4.99 package of 6

Alacer Emergen-C

Pastificio Di Martino Pastas

Barbara’s Bakery Fig Bars assorted varieties


package of 4


Old Dutch Simply Natural Organic Potato Chips Pasta Sauces assorted varieties

Dairyland Creamo assorted varieties


From the Deli

3/250ml - 1 L

+ deposit + eco fee

7.99 340g • product of Canada




Ethical Bean Organic Fair Trade Coffee assorted varieties

from 1.39

Choices’ Own Gourmet Pork Sausages Green Seedless Grapes Certified Organic, California Grown sweet or hot Italian or chorizo

assorted varieties

500g • product of USA

2.48lb/ 5.47kg

4.99lb/ 11.00kg

6 / 12 x 115g

454g • product of Italy

Imagine Foods Organic Soups

2.99 175g-340g

assorted varieties

Sun-Rype Fruit-To-Go assorted varieties


4/1.00 14g • product of Canada

604-541-3908 ALDER CROSSING 3248 KING GEORGE BLVD Hours: 10am-6pm Closed Wednesdays


1 L • product of USA Kitsilano 2627 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 604.736.0009

Cambie 3493 Cambie St. Vancouver 604.875.0099



1888 W. 57th Ave. 1202 Richards St. Vancouver Vancouver 604.263.4600 604.633.2392

Prices Effective September 2 to September 8, 2010.

Choices in the Park

Rice Bakery South Surrey

2595 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 6855 Station Hill Dr. 604.736.0301 Burnaby 604.522.6441

3248 King George Blvd. South Surrey 604.541.3902

Choices at the Crest 8683 10th Ave. Burnaby 604.522.0936

Kelowna 1937 Harvey Ave. Kelowna

250.862.4864 Note Area Code

We reserve the right to limit quantities. Not all items may be available at all locations. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.

Profile for Peace Arch News

Fri Sept 3, 2010 PAN  

Complete September 3, 2010 issue of the Peace Arch News newspaper as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, see www.peacearchn...

Fri Sept 3, 2010 PAN  

Complete September 3, 2010 issue of the Peace Arch News newspaper as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, see www.peacearchn...