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Friday July 23, 2010 (Vol. 35 No. 59)






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Banner weekend: Last weekend was near-perfect for the White Rock Renegades, as three of its teams won provincial titles – in peewee, bantam and midget dget divisions – and now head to national fastpitch h championships.  see page ge 33

Accusations ‘a witch-hunt’

Former district staffers charged

Biologist shares home

Bird man of Surrey

Sheila Reynolds Black Press

Hannah Sutherland Staff Reporter


s David Hancock swings open the gate to his yard, he is greeted by his regular houseguests, including Bahama pintail and blue-billed ruddy ducks. “Hello guys, how are you?” Hancock says in a melodic voice, as the waterfowl wade through a pond stretched across the lawn. The South Surrey acreage is home to about 20 bird species, some permanent residents, others just visiting. A pair of Canada geese come to Hancock’s property annually to raise their young, and this year they have four babies just learning to fly. Hancock, a biologist, says the youngsters will have seven to 10 days to master the skill before the family leaves and returns next February. Other feathered members of the backyard community are heard long before they are seen. As Hancock navigates his way along the pond’s rock wall, he stops to listen to the cry of a nearby baby pileated woodpecker. It’s the first time he has heard its call. While most of Hancock’s guests seem calm and indifferent to his approach, he steps more carefully around the aggressive, full-grown sandhill cranes.  see page 11

Boaz Joseph photos

A white-cheeked turaco is just one of numerous species David Hancock (left) has on his acreage.

Four years after they resigned under mysterious circumstances, two former Surrey School District employees have been charged with fraud and theft. Robert (Bob) Chadwick, a former associate superintendent, and his administrative assistant Barbara Chadwick (neé Moore) were sued in April 2009 by the school district, which claims the pair pocketed thousands of district dollars through fraud and kick-back schemes over several years. The two resigned in October 2006, with the school district unable to reveal why due to confidentiality rules. Both are now fac- Robert Chadwick ing charges of theft over ex-superintendent $5,000 and fraud over $5,000. Robert has also been charged with breach of trust by a public officer. In a statement of claim filed last year, the district alleged cheques from San Diego State University (SDSU) totaling US$167,689.32 payable to the school district in 2002 and 2003 were deposited to the Chadwicks’ accounts at Coast Capital Savings Credit Union for their personal use. SDSU had a contract with the school district to provide classroom accommodation, instruction and support for its International Educational Leadership Program. The school district claimed Robert, who managed the program, and Barbara opened an SDSU Fund Account “off record” to the financial affairs of the school district and that there was no accounting for the receipt and disbursement of the money. The pair were also alleged to have received financial kickbacks from several school district contracts for supplies and services.  see page 4



Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010


High standards for RCMP T

he RCMP have had contract with the RCMP. This is several tough years, a very important decision and and many people are must not be made lightly. wondering if the national police The Gordon Campbell force should remain in the local government trend has been to policing business, as it is in relinquish some B.C.-related Surrey. decision-making powers to Unquestionably, the force’s the federal government. It has lowest point was the Taserdone so with national parks and related death of most recently with the Robert Dziekanski at HST. Thus its natural Frank Bucholtz Vancouver International tendencies seem to lean Airport in 2007. The towards the status quo four officers involved with the RCMP. did not show a lot of Renewal may not be the presence of mind a bad decision, but the that one would associate government must play with good policing, hardball with the RCMP and the force as an before agreeing to renew organization went into the contract. There must full coverup mode after be more accountability the Polish man’s death. to the provincial Only a video by fellow government, local traveller Paul Pritchard, municipalities and the one which the RCMP public at large. As the tried to keep from the public, Braidwood Commission report told the full story of what recommended, police should happened. not have the ability to investigate Surrey RCMP is the largest themselves. This power must detachment in the country. As go to a civilian agency with such, it offers an unparalleled no ties to the law enforcement ability to train new officers in establishment. modern-day policing. Surrey The local detachments must is a multicultural community, also be given more autonomy and police have to interact with from the national force than people from many different they have at present. Surrey backgrounds every day. RCMP needs to have better ties The RCMP have recognized with the city, which pays the Surrey’s value to the force lion’s share of RCMP salaries, as a whole by planning to and with the community at relocate the E Division (which large. There needs to be more has responsibility for B.C. preference given to hiring police operations) headquarters in officers who are Surrey natives, Surrey. This is a big benefit to and they should have the ability Surrey, as it means there will be to stay here. a lot of good-paying jobs here Surrey RCMP need to be able and the Surrey detachment will to set their own policies which have easy access to headquarters. may not always fit in with Meanwhile, the provincial national policies. Ottawa has no government will soon be making idea about local conditions in a decision as to whether it will Surrey and should have limited renew the provincial policing ability to tell local police how to

...and frankly a y

do their day-to-day business. Surrey RCMP can take a cue from local police departments in Delta, Vancouver and Abbotsford about how to communicate effectively with the public – something that is not always done well in Surrey. Internal RCMP strife, and there is plenty of it, should not affect day-to-day policing here, and if there is no way to prevent that, the city should have the ability to set up its own police force without paying a huge financial penalty for doing so. Surrey RCMP have done an effective job of setting up zone policing in Surrey, and this system has worked well. It is not common in the RCMP, but it makes sense in Surrey. Many Surrey RCMP officers have done a tremendous job of policing this community over the years. There have been far more good apples than bad. But the bad apples draw the most attention, and Surrey RCMP has had a few. The local detachment needs to have more ability to swiftly discipline such people. Current RCMP disciplinary measures are far too lax, with police remaining on “desk duty” and drawing full pay for years while the criminal charges they are facing wend their way through the court system. Police must be held to a much higher standard than the rest of us, because they enforce the law. If Surrey RCMP can show the public that the detachment is willing to live up to such high standards, there is no reason it can’t remain our local police force. Frank Bucholtz writes Fridays for the Peace Arch News. He is the editor of the Langley Times.

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Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News


news Residents campaign against wireless technology in public places

Free Wi-Fi at beach fuels health debate Tracy Holmes Staff Reporter

Opponents of wireless technology are speaking out about the dangers of electro-pollution, following the introduction of free Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along White Rock beach. Locals, including some who are part of a group organizing against unfettered use of the technology, say it is linked to a multitude of health issues, from headaches to heart palpitations. But those behind the Tourism White Rock’s new BlueZone say many such concerns are based on propaganda, not fact. The BlueZone is “well within” industry standards regulating the networks, and is not the technology’s first appearance along the waterfront, said executive director Betina Albornoz. “The reality is all these wireless waves are already reaching the sidewalk… the beach. The difference is our network is unsecured (accessible without password),” Albornoz said. “People distributing this kind of material, they do a disservice. We haven’t added anything that should be of concern.” The BlueZone launched last week in an

effort to boost tourism in White Rock through permission-based wireless content that promotes local events. The Marine Drive strip has 14 hotspots from which video can be transmitted to Bluetooth-enabled cellphones, or downloaded to other mobile devices through Wi-Fi. Before the BlueZone existed, there were already more than 250 wireless routers along the waterfront, Blue Jamb Media’s Michelle Herlihy noted. Health Canada information states a person would have to be in a room within 20 centimetres of 1,000 such routers for an extended period of time for there to be any health concern, she said. BC Ferries, as well, has begun offering free wireless Internet on all sailing between Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen, and at those terminals. “I understand (opponents’) concerns, but there is proven data that is to the contrary,” Herlihy said, recommending those concerned that the regulations aren’t enough focus their efforts on those who set the standards. Drew Sinatra, a South Surrey naturopath, said he learned of the network through a longtime White Rock resident who con-

File photo

Tourism messages are sent via Bluetooth. tacted him July 16 with concerns. Sinatra said he isn’t an expert on the issue, although it is a focus of his father’s, a Connecticut cardiologist. But from what he has learned, Sinatra is concerned about potential impacts of exposure to the technology – to the point he doesn’t have Wi-Fi or cordless phones in his own home. He noted many schools in countries such as France and Germany no longer have Wi-Fi, in response to health concerns. Sinatra said he is treating a few patients for electro-sensitivity symptoms, and spoke with one woman recently who said her head

hurts whenever she talks on her cellphone. Still, the number of those who are sensitive is small, he noted. “Most of the population, they’re fine,” Sinatra said. “You and I and most people aren’t affected by it. But there are some out there that are, and unfortunately, they can’t go down to the beach in White Rock because there’s Wi-Fi there.” South Surrey’s Lynda Honing, with Citizens for Safe Technology, questioned why the BlueZone was established without any public consultation. Honing said she experiences heart palpitations if she’s around the technology, and said people need to do more to educate themselves on the issue. “This is not something we are meant to be around at all,” she said. Sinatra said that while there is no hard evidence pinning symptoms on wireless technology, he doubts such signals have zero impact. “You can never point the finger, you can never say exactly what it is,” he said. “This signal is being pulsed out 24/7, it must be having some effect on my body. It probably isn’t good for me.”

New life for maternity at PAH

Shoppers help police

Birth of a baby ward

Mall chase follows bank heist

Hannah Sutherland Staff Reporter

The finishing touches are being put on the first phase of Peace Arch Hospital’s renovated maternity ward, and mothers are expected to be delivering in the brand new 400-sq.-ft. singlefamily birthing rooms within days. While the opening marks that the first phase is on time – construction began six months ago – it also signals a step forward in patient comfort. The four new ocean-view birthing rooms slated to open include sinks, fridges, TVs, beds for fathers and private bathrooms fit with showers and soaker tubs. Because all of the medical equipment is hidden in cabinetry, maternity manager MerryAnn Keane said the rooms resemble those of a four-star hotel rather than a hospital. “This is giving birth in a state-of-the-art hospital while feeling at home,” Keane said during a tour of the ward Wednesday. The Thrifty Foods Education Room has also been completed, which is to be used for staff education, meetings and group prenatal classes. Phase 2 of the $5.3-million renovation will now begin in the half of the maternity ward that remained open during construction of phase 1. The second phase will include four more birthing rooms, and is scheduled for completion in December. Once the entire ward is finished, Keane said, mothers will be able to labour, deliver and recover in the same room. The concept is a stark contrast to the hospital’s previous model, in which the birthing experience took place in three rooms; one for assessment, one for labour and delivery, and another for postpartum care. The new ward will also be 50 per cent larger and have almost three times the capacity of the previous one. The renovation is just one of five projects in

Doug Shanks photo

Maternity manager Merry-Ann Keane shows some of the features as the ward nears completion. Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health Foundation’s $32-million Partners in Caring Campaign, which has already added 56 acutecare beds on two floors of unused hospital space, as well as obtained an MRI machine. The campaign is currently raising money for the Integrated Centre for Health Improvement, and aims to do the same for a new emergency department. Foundation executive director Jackie Smith said the maternity ward is on budget, and has so far brought in more than $4.2 million. “One hundred per cent of the project is funded by the community,” Smith said, noting many items, such as mattresses, were donated. The new ward is a far cry from the clinical and sterile feel of the previous birthing rooms, and will likely attract families from outside the Peninsula, she added. “It makes a huge difference for families. We think it’s exciting for the patients.” Other added details in the ward include a ledge on the bathtubs where patients’ companions can give massages; a wheelchair-accessible

bathroom; wood basinets to replace the metal ones; and a cupboard for laughing gas that a patient can access from the bed area as well as the bathroom. A small Murphy bed folds out from one of the wall cabinets, where a baby will be moved to if he or she requires medical attention following delivery. After being tended to, the baby would be returned to mom, and the bed folded back, out of sight. “You would never know anything medical just happened,” Keane said. “Everything is tucked away.” Although the renovation will see the end of shared showers and fathers sleeping on the floor, Keane stressed that the quality of medical care isn’t going to change. She did admit, however, that staff are looking forward to their new work space. “I have staff who are excited to come to work next week because they think they’ll be working over there.” Keane, who considers the project her “baby,” became emotional while talking about the ward’s transformation. “I get goosebumps every time I think about it,” she said, through tears. “The women in this community really deserve this.” To donate, or for more information, visit or call 604-5354520.

It isn’t the smartest thing to try and rob a bank located just metres away from a police station. But one man tried it Monday, triggering a police response that all but eliminated any chance of escape. “He was basically surrounded. He wasn’t going to get away,” said Const. Kenn Meglic. South Surrey RCMP officers were called to the 1700-block of 152 Street just after 4 p.m. July 19, after a male in a black hoodie and green cap walked into Vancity and demanded money. According to police reports, the robber fled on foot towards Semiahmoo Shopping Centre, where an officer gave chase after a nervouslooking man matching the description of the suspect bolted. Police say the man led officers through the mall – ditching sundry clothing along the way – then outside in a loop through the upper parking lot by Tim Horton’s, before returning back into the mall. “He was peeling his clothing while he was trying to escape,” said Const. Kenn Meglic. A suspect was apprehended – and an undisclosed sum of cash recovered – with the help of two off-duty RCMP officers. Investigation determined the individual was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for an unrelated offense, Meglic noted. White Rock police assisted in Monday’s operation. Mall patrons pointed police to the garbage cans into which they saw a fleeing man stuff articles of clothing. Meglic described the incident as “textbook, in terms of police response… Everybody contributed, including the public.” Charges have been recommended against a 38-year-old Surrey man. - Tracy Holmes

Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

news Health minister answers doctors’ criticism

Falcon responds critical for individuals. “There may be a reduced waiting Health minister Kevin Falcon has list for orthopedic surgeries, but there reacted to comments by Peace Arch is a reduced access to the hospital for Hospital medical staff angered by his other kinds of surgeries.” recent assertion that reduced elective While Todd acknowledged health surgeries in July and August are a spending may have increased, as Falresult of their vacation planning. con suggests, on a local, specific level, But in a letter to the editor Fraser Health’s budget for received by the Peace Arch surgeries has decreased. News Wednesday (see page 7) “The minister is probably the Surrey-Cloverdale MLA correct, but the demand is makes no mention of the ever-increasing as the popuvacation issue, or his earlier lation ages. They’re scramcomments. bling to find ways to cut costs Falcon – who could not – and we definitely received be reached at press time – a budget cut.” instead maintains that “conAnd he added it was “poptrary to comments made (by pycock, absolute rubbish” for Kevin Falcon acting head of surgery Dr. Falcon to suggest in earlier Peter Skepast and head of comments that this was a anethesia Dr. Bob Friesen), there are result of staff taking vacation time. not reductions in health spending.” Vacations were scheduled around “Each and every year the Fraser cutbacks to surgeries that they had Health budget has increased substan- earlier fought, he said. tially,” he writes. “We were told this is the way it is While adding that “for too long going to be,” Todd said. “If, suddenly, governments measured the success of there is a little extra money for surour health care system by the amount geries, we can’t immediately change of dollars spent,” he notes that by plans and schedules. the end of the B.C. Liberals current “But I’m working this week, and this three-year budget plan, health care Wednesday the OR was not available spending “will have increased by 91 to me. I lost my times. And, yes, I’m per cent since our government was going to be able to do some emergent first elected in 2001.” surgeries next week, but my elective He also writes that, in the same time cases have been bumped to October.” period, wait times for hip and knee The broad term “elective surgery” replacement surgeries have dropped can cover a range of critical health by “approximately 50 per cent.” issues, Todd said, including hernias, But Dr. John Todd, a general sur- colostomies and gall-bladder diseases geon at PAH, said Thursday that this that, while non-life-threatening, cause has been achieved at the expense of patients a great deal of pain, distress other surgeries that may be just as and economic hardship. Alex Browne Staff Reporter

No personal use: couple  from page 1 In a statement of defence filed last May, the Chadwicks called the investigation a “witch-hunt” by the school district and denied any theft, fraud and kickback allegations. The pair claimed senior administrators instructed them to keep certain finances separate from the financial affairs of the district, but argued no money was ever diverted to their personal use. The couple also said there were no kickback schemes arranged with third parties, and that contrary to school district allegations, they did not destroy or misdirect financial

records or spoil evidence. In their statement, the Chadwicks said they were “colleagues and good friends for years” and affirmed they had no intimate relationship in August 2006 when asked, but were subsequently married that November. They are due to appear in B.C. provincial court in September. Robert remains under investigation by the B.C. College of Teachers. Barbara wasn’t subject to a teachers’ college investigation because she was an administrative assistant and not required to be certified by the professional organization.




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Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News

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Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

opinion Peace Arch News Published at White Rock by Black Press Ltd.


Event organizers worthy of thanks


very summer, myriad activities fill the days and nights of Peninsula residents and visitors, alike. For starters, there’s the ever-present draw – the waterfront, from Mud Bay to the Peace Arch – but there has always been plenty going on away from our shores, too, from the Canada Cup to the Sea Festival to the Tour de White Rock, which just wrapped up its three-day run last weekend. In fact, there’s always been so much going on that one wonders if, perhaps, these events – and the people responsible for organizing them – have started to be taken for granted. After all, many have come close to being axed in recent months. The Canada Cup, for example, took a hit this year when a scheduling conflict kept the top international women’s teams at home, and the future of the tournament was as shaky as a knuckleball. But, not wanting to leave local fans lacking, White Rock Renegades and a host of other volunteers stepped up to the plate and delivered the Canadian Open – a stop-gap tournament which focused on young teams and talents, while still including higher-profile teams many Canada Cup fans were accustomed to watching, including the Canadian national side. White Rock’s Spirit of the Sea Festival, too, had been on a much publicized death-watch, after criticisms from city staff and politicians about last year’s organization. Not enough money, not enough time; event directors stepping up, then stepping away; even talk of re-establishing some sort of accompanying sandcastle contest has been bandied about, with limited success. But, in the end, the annual festival is set to go this August long weekend – a credit to resilient organizers and supporters who never let it slip away with the tide. And while last weekend’s Tour de White Rock has never – publicly, at least – showed signs it was on the rocks, it has stood strong while other BC Superweek cycling events, even the famed Tour de Gastown, have fallen by the wayside. Of course, there are also seniors events, children’s activities, arts and entertainment, all a short trip from our doorsteps, most organized by individuals and groups from within our community. Their continued success – to be enjoyed by the masses – is made possible only through the dedication of a few. On behalf of this community, we offer admiration and appreciation.

B.C. Lottery Corp. graphic


question week of the

Last week we asked...

Hypocrisy label stings over Liberals’ gamble


evin Krueger says he is “sad” his and of the MLAs who voted for it.” provincial Liberal government Krueger said those words on June 19, has expanded into cyberspace 1998. with North America’s first govAnd Rich Coleman, the curChris Foulds ernment-regulated online casino. rent minister responsible for “I’m not happy about it, but I gambling, said this on Oct. 3, agree it’s a logical move to make. 2003: “The highest incidence is I feel sad about it,” the Kamin things like illegal gaming and loops-South Thompson MLA Internet gaming – and those and tourism minister told me by are the things we fight to stamp phone this week. out.” “I’d prefer there was no one Krueger has heard charges he involved in gambling, period. is a hypocrite – an accusation It has terrible consequences for that stings. people. But it’s a decision for “That is a charge that has adults to make.” been thrown at me repeatedly This is the same Kevin Krueger and that hurts,” Krueger said. well known for his anti-gambling “I’ve been a Christian all my life tirades when he was the B.C. and I made a decision to follow Liberal critic for gambling in the 1990s. Jesus… I do things, some say, overzealYes, Krueger told me, he acknowledges ously, and I do my research.” the words he said back then are today Aside from buying the odd lottery being thrown back at him every time the ticket, Krueger said he knew next to Liberals expand gambling. nothing about gambling when, in the After all, a veritable tome could be late 1990s, Gordon Campbell named compiled containing the Liberals’ him gambling critic. criticism of the then-NDP government’s He said he grew more alarmed as he gambling expansion and the promises of learned more about the deleterious the Grits to not do the same when they effects of gambling – the higher suicide assumed power. rates, the disintegration of family, the “Women in B.C. will die because of toll on the health of the addict. gambling expansion. Children may die Krueger stands by his words of 1998 as a result of gambling expansion and and his view today that gambling can be their blood will be on the heads of the destructive. The difference between now government that expanded gambling and then, according to Krueger, is the

other views

Linda Klitch Publisher

200 - 2411 160 Street., Surrey, B.C. V3S 0C8 Phone: 604-531-1711 Circulation: 604-542-7430 Classified: 604-575-5555 Fax: 604-531-7977 Web:

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Lance Peverley Editor

Rita Walters Sales manager


Published at White Rock by Black Press Ltd.

150 responding research done into problem gambling, the warnings issued by government, the creation of a gambling-addiction fund (which Krueger gives credit to the NDP’s Joy MacPhail for initiating) and the ubiquity of the Internet. If government figures are correct and British Columbians are spending $100 million a year on offshore gambling sites, Krueger said the problems associated with that betting has been the responsibility of Victoria. It has had to pay for treatment and social costs without realizing any revenue. “There’s no going back,” he said of government’s foray into gambling, regardless of party affiliation. “It’s like alcohol. Prohibition ended up benefitting organized crime and government changed its mind. Some time ago, because of the Internet, it became a case of turning back the tide. And you can’t…I wish people would try to look at the big picture.” There will be those who still label Krueger a hypocrite, and Coleman and Campbell and Ida Chong and John Les alongside him. There is a basic expectation from voters that its government representatives do what they say they will do and stand firm on principled belief. There is nothing stopping Krueger, or any other Liberal MLA, from resigning in protest of a policy that is at odds with his principles. However, like any tax – and gambling has been labelled a tax on stupidity – once revenue is tapped, it is harder to cap than an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Chris Foulds is editor of Kamloops This Week, sister paper to the Peace Arch News.

Marilou Pasion Circulation manager Jim Chmelyk Creative Services manager

Kevin Falcon for premier?

yes 35% no 65%

The Peace Arch News is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent within 45 days to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby street, Nanaimo, B.C., V9R-2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to www.


Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News


Peace Arch News

No reduced health budget Editor: Re: PAH surgical staff take Falcon to task, July 21. It was unfortunate to see some of the comments by Peace Arch Hospital’s medical staff regarding elective surgeries over the month of August in the newspaper. Contrary to comments made in the article, there are not reductions in health spending. Each and every year the Fraser Health budget has increased substantially. That doesn’t mean there are unlimited dollars, however. They have to manage spending within those record budget levels. For too long, governments measured the success of our healthcare system by the dollars spent. By the end of our three-year budget plan, health-care spending will have increased by 91 per cent since our government was first elected in 2001. In that same vein, surgeons at Peace Arch Hospital are using the base surgical budget of Fraser Health as the measure of appropriate surgical outcomes for residents of White Rock and South Surrey. I believe we should be focusing less on inputs and more on outcomes. Earlier this year, we announced we will move towards a patient-focused funding model approach for health care. This innovative model rewards hospitals and health authorities on outcomes – by providing financial incentives for delivering acute-care services for a competitive, set price. Instead of patients being seen as an expense, hospitals will see patients as an opportunity to generate revenue to perform even more services for taxpayers. While this may be a novel idea in Canada, it is a concept embraced around the world. And we will work with surgeons to ensure patients benefit from the additional surgical procedures that will be undertaken through patientfocused funding starting this fall. With respect to outcomes for elective procedures, B.C. leads Canada in meeting benchmarks in key surgical areas, such as hip and knee replacements, cataract and cardiac surgery and cancer treatment. Since 2001, wait times for hip and knee replacements alone have dropped by about 50 per cent. Kevin Falcon, Minister of Health

Wi-Fi distress on waterfront Editor: Re: Tourism White Rock unveils free Wi-Fi, July 16. I live on the hill above West Beach, and I am highly distressed. Tourism White Rock has, in one fell swoop, adversely affected the citizens of this gem of a city in a way that stifles thoughtful input and participation, while threatening our health and well-being. It seems council has allowed, carte blanche, the deployment of Bluetooth technology all along our waterfront. An around-the-clock

BlueZone with 14 hot spots now exists outside my home. Those who find pleasure and convenience in wireless access may find the new direction exciting. However, I am part of a growing percentage of the population that is aware of the adverse effects of the microwave radiation that these antennae emit. To be part of the mobile-technology wave crave is far from appealing to me. That “no one’s ever done it anywhere in the world” is not reassuring either. It is most certainly not a source of pride to the many who cannot go for a walk on the beach or the pier, dine, shop, socialize or even live safely, anywhere near the radiated zone this creates. The effects actually extend up the hill for at least a kilometre. To be blanketed, without informed consent, with free access points and hot spots shows a profound lack of acknowledgment to the health of those who live and work here. A growing number of people are sensitive to the radiation that is emitted by this technology. I am only one of them. Children and senior citizens and people with pre-existing health issues are particularly vulnerable and at-risk. The vital considerations connected to a decision like this go far beyond convenience and monetary gain. They require assurances that we can live safely in a healthy environment. Thousands of scientific studies now confirm wireless technology

is not safe. If this project is being launched on a trial basis, we need to rethink it. Concerns and issues surrounding health and welfare will only increase as people become aware of the Pandora’s box that has been opened with this initiative. Linda Ewart, White Rock

Sockeye ruling far from rigged Editor: Re: Groups rail against fishy salmon decision, July 16. We want to clarify and correct some of the information contained in reporter Jeff Nagel’s story about the decision of an independent adjudicator over an objection filed with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in the Fraser River sockeye salmon fishery assessment. Nagel’s article began by saying the independent adjudicator “swiftly overturned objections.” In reality, it was a deliberative and inclusive process over four months. The article includes a quote from one of the objectors that says the MSC process is rigged; this is patently false. The MSC standard, methodologies and procedures were developed by hundreds of fishery scientists, conservation organizations, industry and others working collaboratively.

Furthermore, MSC has a board of trustees, technical advisory board and stakeholder council to ensure the program remains the world’s leading and most credible environmental standard for the certification of wild-capture fisheries. Many environmental organizations are actively involved. The article includes a quote claiming consumers could buy “endangered salmon,” but this, too, is incorrect. No sockeye salmon stock is officially listed as endangered under the Species at Risk Act in Canada, and the certification report addresses the recovery of sockeye salmon subpopulations of concern. MSC certification does not mark the conclusion of a process; rather, it marks the beginning of a defined plan to ensure sustainable fish stocks that can be tracked for over the fiveyear life of a certification program. The Fraser River sockeye salmon certification report includes 17 specific improvements to maintain certification, and annual surveillance audits will evaluate progress. Leading B.C. fishery scientists agree that, if met, these conditions will progress B.C. wild salmon policy significantly. There are 29 fisheries across Canada actively engaged in the MSC program and more than 200 fisheries worldwide. Fisheries who participate in the MSC certification program have brought about substantial and positive changes. Mike DeCesare, MSC

“ “

quote of note


To be part of the mobile-technology wave crave is far from appealing to me.a Linda Ewart

write: 200 - 2411 160 Street, Surrey, B.C. V3S 0C8

fax: File photo

Initial apprehension about prospective surgery at Peace Arch Hospital proved groundless, writes Eric B. Tweedie.

Health care all good but the wait Editor: I am recovering at home following a radical prostatectomy performed at Peace Arch Hospital. In the lead up to my surgery, there were a number of letters published in the Peace Arch News about the level of services and care at the hospital which were less than complimentary. Despite some initial apprehension as to what awaited me, my experience at Peace Arch in the three days I was hospitalized proved my concerns to be groundless, and so I feel compelled to share my positive experience with your readers. From admissions right through to discharge, I was treated professionally and with care and compassion. As a patient, one could not have asked for better treatment, and I wish to pay tribute to all the staff at the hospital for making my stay as comfortable as it could be. I am a South African permanently resident here in South Surrey. Prior to moving to Canada, my experience with the medical profession had been within the context of private health care, and whilst not all the experiences were positive, timeous access to medical services and treatments was never an issue.

Unfortunately, the same is not generally the case under the state-funded model. If I have one gripe about my recent experience, it was that 4½ months elapsed from the initial examination by my urologist through the biopsy process to completion of the surgery. Whilst in my case I do not believe the prognosis was prejudiced by the wait, it could have been and there definitely is room for improvement here. This issue was further reinforced by the front page article in the July 14 edition (Staff vacations delay surgeries: Falcon) indicating various local hospitals have significantly reduced OR capacity for elective surgery in July and August as result of cost-cutting measures. I have always held the view that the challenge we face here in Canada is not the quality of health care, but access to it within a reasonable time frame. The discussions around state-funded versus private health care in Canada will continue to rage. Whilst both models have their various pros and cons, and whilst neither is a panacea in its own right, surely there is some form of acceptable compromise? Eric B. Tweedie, Surrey


e-mail: editorial@

questions? 604.531.1711

Submissions will be edited for clarity, brevity, legality and taste.


Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

news South Surrey RCMP thank 22 volunteers at ceremony

Community police honoured South Surrey RCMP honoured 22 community policing volunteers Wednesday for service totalling nearly 20,000 hours. “My deepest gratitude and thanks to every one of you,” Staff Sgt. Scott Campbell told attendees of the awards ceremony, noting the combined time is the equivalent of 470 consecutive 40-hour work weeks. The policing office, at 1815 152 St., boasts dozens of active volunteers, many of them retirees with lengthy careers already under their belts. Last year, the group gave more than 7,000 hours to the community. So far this year, they’ve logged nearly 4,000. Programs they have organized or helped deliver include Mature Drivers workshops, bike patrol, speed watch and home security. Volunteers also assist members of the general public who come to the office with questions or concerns. Insp. Gary Begg, whose son is an RCMP officer stationed in South Surrey, described their commitment as “the highest form of public service.” “The most precious gift that any of us have is our time,” he told the volunteers. “Other people sit back and complain about law and order or the justice system; you actually put a face to it and say I’m


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Doug Shanks photo

Volunteer Bill Cooke (centre) chats with RCMP Staff Sgt. Scott Campbell (left) and Insp. Gary Begg after receiving his award. going to do what I can to make a difference.” The volunteers recognized two of their own, Ken Rous and Bill Cooke, for dedication and outstanding service in 2009. Volunteers recognized for hours given were: Margaret Frydenlund (6,000 hours); Mavis Dunsford (4,000 hours); Charlie Gregor (3,000 hours); Paul Kusch, Tony Mullin (2,000 hours); Margaret Everitt, Michael Kaye (500 hours); Val

MacKay, Don Hollaway, Albert Prinz (200 hours); Kimberley Gillis (100 hours). Several were honoured for years of service: Rati Jattan, Jean Walker, Marcel Lavigne, Merrilyn Wright and June Young all have given five years to the community policing station; Maria Bourbonniere, Charle Gregor, Shirley Hayton, Tony Mullin and Josie Stephen have volunteered for 10 years. - Tracy Holmes

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GoKidz owners Carolina & Ivan Rojas and family

Peninsula parents now have another option when it comes to childcare. It’s called the GoKidz Children’s Centre – a progressive and unique approach to before-and afterschool care – geared towards children in Grades one through six. South Surrey husband and wife Ivan and Carolina Rojas have been busy putting the finishing touches on the bright and child-friendly facility, located at 2255 King George Blvd. “We are really excited to get up and running,” says Ivan on opening the 1600- square foot centre this upcoming school year. While the modern centre is committed to providing a safe and comfortable supervised program, it isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill daycare facility. “We are proud to provide opportunities for recreation, relaxation and creative learning experiences,” adds the father of three. Ivan, a football coach for the South Surrey Titans and Carolina who volunteer at Sunnyside Elementary School came up with the concept for the unique approach to childcare after asking his own children, as well the kids around them about what their ideal child minding centre would be like. The result – a modern, state-of-the-art centre that features a climbing wall, foosball and ping pong tables, air hockey, the latest in Lego, arts and crafts, music, indoor and outdoor physical activities as well as video games that encourage exercise. But that’s just the beginning. “There is nothing like this throughout B.C.,it’s pretty unique,” says Ivan of the centre, which is partnering with Kate Wright from Champion Cheerleading and Master Davidson from Seung-ri WTTU Black Belt Academy. Other offerings include self defence lessons by a taekwondo instructor, educational field trips and Amber Alert GPS systems, which are personal tracking devices for parents to locate their children. Carolina and Ivan will have a table at the Waterfront Market during the Spirit of the Sea Festival, which runs July 30 to Aug. 1 They invite parents to stop by and visit. “Come on by and meet us and ask any questions you might have,” encourages Ivan. “We look forward to meeting you!” For more information, visit

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News


news City could follow Pitt Meadows’ lead if ban on licensed marijuana growers passes

Surrey keeps tabs on medical grow-ops Kevin Diakiw Black Press

Surrey is watching closely as the City of Pitt Meadows prepares to ban people from growing medical marijuana in that municipality. Health Canada allows the medicinal use of marijuana for several conditions, including severe pain or muscle spasms from multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury or disease, pain or nausea from cancer or HIV and seizures from epilepsy. Tuesday, Pitt Meadows held a public hearing on a bylaw amendment that would ban the growing of marijuana for medical purposes.

Smoke hearing Aug. 16 A B.C. Human Rights Tribunal hearing centred on secondhand smoke is hoped to result in better protection for residents of subsidized housing, says Rose Marie Borutski. The resident of Kiwanis Park Place in South Surrey led the effort that resulted in next month’s hearing, set to begin Aug. 16. Borutski believes it will have a provincewide impact for many seniors and people with disabilities. “The health hazard of drifting secondhand smoke explodes into critical mass when considering all (multi-unit dwellings) provincially and nationally,” she states in a press release issued this week. The complaints, first filed nearly two years ago, allege discrimination based on physical disability due to second-hand smoke in subsidized suites at the 12850 126 St. complex. According to Borutski, changes have been made since the conflict began – including the introduction of smokefree rental agreements – but they haven’t gone far enough. Borutski says she hopes the hearing will “finally garner enough public attention and dialogue to provide protection for nonsmoking seniors and persons with disabilities forced to live in subsidized housing.” – Tracy Holmes

A final vote is scheduled for September. If it passes, Pitt Meadows would become the first city in Canada to disallow the federally sanctioned activity. Surrey fire Chief Len Garis said the Pitt Meadows move is quite bold, and noted Surrey has existing bylaws that preclude growers from conducting business in urban areas. Because it is a horticultural use – and it is for profit – medical grows are not allowed in a residential setting, he said. Garis has long said medical grow-


nly 25th O ys & Da 24th ly Ju

ops are often wired incorrectly and either before or after licensing.” Aglukkaq also referred to a pose a high risk of causing a structure fire. “reform exercise” being undertaken. He notes they are not permitted, regulated or Health Canada has deemed safe by a city declined city requests for the locations of the authoinspector. While Health Canada rized growers for privacy reasons. stipulates permits are required, federal Health Garis said he’s also been Minister Leona Aglukkaq unable to find out how many authorized growwrote in a letter to the Federation of Canadian ops there are. Len Garis About 2,800 production Municipalities in April: Surrey fire chief “Health Canada does licences have been issued not, however, verify comto medical marijuana pliance with these requirements growers in Canada.


Garis said of the six Lower Mainland municipalities participating in a new Electrical Fire and Safety Initiative, there have been 50 medical grow-ops found. Garis said it’s possible Surrey could introduce a similar bylaw to that of Pitt Meadows, depending on how it stands up to legal challenges. Surrey is also watching closely to see what the federal government does with its “reform exercise.” Studies have shown that dwellings with marijuana grow operations are 24 times more likely to catch fire.


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Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010


RCMP boost overnight patrols Recent break-ins to Marine Drive businesses have prompted White Rock RCMP to ramp up overnight patrols along the popular strip. Sgt. Paul Fletcher said officers will “make more of a presence” in the early morning hours, after logging six commercial break-ins since January.

All of the crimes occurred after 2:30 a.m. The latest – to Grand Bazaar Istanbul, at 102-15505 Marine Dr. – took place July 15, when the store’s front glass door was smashed. A male was seen running from the store and getting into what is believed to have been an older, gold-coloured BMW, Fletcher.

The crime was reported at 5:20 a.m. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 778593-3600. In addition to increasing patrols, Fletcher said police are also asking vendors to not leave valuables in their front windows. - Tracy Holmes

‘Masked bandit’ A ‘masked bandit’ sent a South Surrey woman and her children fleeing to the safety of their bathroom last week. Police attended the 15000-block of 19 Avenue around 11:30 p.m. July 12, after a woman reported someone was trying to break down a rear door of her home. Out of concern, she gathered her children up, locked everybody in the bathroom and called police. Officers responding quickly determined the culprit was neither at the door nor was he out to nick the family’s jewels. It was an oversized raccoon. Attempts to scare the critter away were unsuccessful.

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P U B L I C N OT I C E SURREY CLOSE AND REMOVE THE DEDICATION OF HIGHWAY OF PORTIONS OF 186 STREET, 189 STREET AND 191 STREET IN THE 9800 BLOCK BY-LAW, 2010, NO. 17212 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the intention of the City Council of the City of Surrey, pursuant to Section 40 and Section 94 of the Community Charter SBC 2003, c.26, to adopt “Surrey Close and Remove the Dedication of Highway of Portions of 186 Street, 189 Street and 191 Street in the 9800 Block By-Law, 2010, No. 17212” at the Regular Council – Public Hearing meeting on the 26th day of July, 2010. The intent of the By-law is to close and remove the dedication of highway of: • 559.6 square metres of 186 Street to be consolidated with adjoining S&R Sawmill Ltd. lands located at 18795-98A Avenue and 9827-186 Street; • 787.2 square metres of 189 Street to be consolidated with adjoining S&R Sawmill Ltd. lands located at 9840-188 Street and 18966-98A Avenue; and • 311.9 square metres of 191 Street to be consolidated with adjoining S&R Sawmill Ltd. lands located at 19012-98A Avenue, 19092-98A Avenue and 19108-98A Avenue These parcels are to be included in a land exchange between the City of Surrey and S&R Sawmills in the Port Kells area. In accordance with the Community Charter, SBC 2003, c.26, as amended, approval of the disposition of the roads will be considered by City Council at a later date. The portions of road being closed are outlined below:

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18795 9827

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VANCOUVER: 2177 West 4th • 2828 Granville • 2173 West 41st RICHMOND: Ironwood Plaza • Blundell Centre PORT MOODY: Newport Village • WHITE ROCK: Peninsula Village WEST VANCOUVER: The Village at Park Royal NORTH VANCOUVER: Edgemont Village VICTORIA: 622 Yates St.

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Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to convey to Council, please submit them in writing, fax or email to the City Clerk, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Fax: (604) 591-8731, email:, no later than Monday, July 26, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. There will also be an opportunity for persons wishing to do so, to make representations to Council at the July 26, 2010 Regular Council - Public Hearing meeting. Copies of the by-law may be inspected at the City Hall and any inquiries relating to property issues should be made to the Realty Section (604-598-5700) or for inquiries relating to traffic issues contact the Transportation Planning Section (604-591-4146), Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., commencing Tuesday, July 13, 2010 up to and including July 26, 2010. “J. SULLIVAN” City Clerk

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Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News


…on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

Boaz Joseph photos


Sandhill crane with chick

Ruddy duck

Sandhill crane

Flocking together…  from page 1 Just a few metres away are two adults with stilt-like legs, long, arcing necks and pointed beaks. Their large, grey-feathered wings are folded around their bodies as they walk around the perimeter of the yard, watching their surroundings closely with eyes framed by a splash of red. They are wary, and Hancock warns they could strike if threatened. It’s easy to understand why, once the couple’s baby – the size of a month-old kitten – emerges from some shrubbery, and scurries to catch up with mom and dad. “Hello! How are you doing?” Hancock says as he walks towards the family. “What a fine little baby you’ve got there.” The cranes edge away and head off – a different reaction than he receives from a pair of caged crane parents. As Hancock approaches, they make a loud trumpeting call in unison, before one runs at the fence, wings at full span. It’s the distinction between captivereared and wild cranes, Hancock said. Those in the wild avoid humans; those that have lived near people aren’t afraid to get close and attack. He’s observed the behaviour through his studies of the animal, which he is undertaking in hopes of helping them breed and, ultimately, replenish their dwindling population. “I think this is

such a neat indigenous bird,” he says. “It would be nice to have them back again.” • • • Hancock has had a passion for birds since catching his first hawk at 11 years old and becoming a falconer. He’s spent most of his life studying West Coast and Arctic wildlife, and worked as a pilot and wildlife film producer. While Hancock has published writings on whales, seals, seabirds, grouse and northern native cultures, his specialty is in northern raptors, particularly eagles. His most recent work has been with live bald eagle streaming video cameras, a wild study that has turned up more than 300 nesting pairs in Greater Vancouver. On top of lecturing, Hancock also runs his own publishing company, specializing in western history, native culture and nature and wildlife books. The business supports his other pursuit,

the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, which strives to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats. Hancock runs both organizations out of his 0 Avenue property, where his house, office and around 20 aviaries can be found. Hancock once had 135 outdoor pens, but many collapsed under snowfall a few winters ago. Luckily, most of the birds were indoors.  see page 12

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Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010


Hancock has point to prove  from page 12 There are approximately 100 birds on his property, including a number of tropical turacos, such as the whitecheeked and lady ross varieties. • • • Hancock selects the birds he keeps based on various projects. Currently, he is focusing on cranes. While there is little chance of Hancock getting close to a baby crane guarded by its two defensive parents, there are many captive-reared youngsters who are eager to socialize. They follow him around while he visits the aviaries, inquisitively peck at the buttons on his shirt and attempt to untie his shoelaces. Hancock says his daughter, Mia, as a young teen, had a crane for three years after it hatched at her bedside. It considered her his de facto mother. Mia would take Gus in the car for visits to Crescent Beach. “As long as you have lots of napkins, it’s OK,” Hancock says, smiling. Mia would help Gus learn to fly by running ahead of him on 192 Street. Upon reaching a dip in the road, Gus would take off into the air and always return home after. Although baby cranes are affable, they don’t stay that way, Hancock notes. Within years, they become hostile and attack humans. The behaviour is similar to the birds’ instinct upon hatching. Although cranes lay two eggs, they only raise one baby, as one kills the other. Hancock intervenes before this happens for those in his care. He takes one of the eggs to be raised by him and his staff. As the siblings age,

they are no longer violent towards each other, and can intermingle. Captive-rearing the cranes is part of his goal to help them in the wild. Hancock says wild cranes insist on large, secluded areas to breed, which is problematic when much of their habitat is encroached upon by people. He wants to help the birds adapt to smaller areas, where they can raise young – something he says many wild cranes haven’t done for years. “Our local populations are on the verge of being nothing. Cranes demand absolute isolation and privacy. If we raise them in captivity, we might be able to get them to nest in their natural areas that are reduced in size… By captive-rearing the birds, they get a little more accustomed to people and built-up surroundings.” Hancock would like to see crane habitats enclosed with coyote-proof fencing. He believes captive-reared cranes would be more likely to stay within the confines than wild ones. “I need to show people cranes can fend for themselves,” he says, hoping to replicate similar projects that proved successful with eagles and peregrine falcons. “Initially, you have to show it’s possible.” With nearby wild crane areas – Burns Bog and the Serpentine fen – unfenced, the next step is finding someone to invest in the undertaking. “That’s a fairly big expense.” But it hasn’t stopped Hancock from trying. He’s determined to see sandhill cranes return to their natural habitat to successfully raise young and thrive. For more info – or to volunteer – visit

CITY NEWS CALL FOR INTEREST The TransLink Access Transit Users’ Advisory Committee is now accepting applications. The committee provides important feedback and direction to TransLink. The role of the committee is to assist TransLink in ensuring the implementation of the Access Transit Strategy and provide ongoing advice on all plans, programs and other TransLink funded initiatives. Candidates will be selected based on qualifications and the need to reflect balanced representation from the following areas: seniors, persons with disabilities, the medical community, educational institutions, as well as social services representing immigrants and new Canadians. The committee will also reflect a cross-section of regional representation. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please submit your application to no later than September 15, 2010.

BURN BAN NOW IN EFFECT Due to recent dry weather, the fire hazard in the City’s parks and ravines has been upgraded to high. Please use extreme caution in these areas and refrain from smoking. As well, please note that a burn ban is now in effect prohibiting the open cooking fires and open flame campfire apparatus throughout the city. The ban does not restrict BBQs or stoves using propane or briquettes. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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Governance and Legislation Committee Meeting (following Council) All meetings held at City Hall, 15322 Buena Vista Avenue

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Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News



Smile bouquet Two Surrey florists took part in Make Someone Smile Week by delivering floral arrangements to residents of seniors homes. The local effort was part of an international initiative created 10 years ago by service organization Teleflora. Over the past decade, Make Someone Smile Week has involved more than 22,000 florists and seen more than 200,000 arrangements sent to create smiles. Surrey’s Teleflora team – comprising staff and volunteers from South Surrey’s EH Florist and Newton’s LaBelle Fleur Floral Boutique – made “be happy mugs” filled with flowers and delivered them to seniors homes the following day.

Public welcome A South Surrey nonprofit agency providing services to recovering adult male alcoholics and addicts is opening its doors to the public Aug. 1 for its 10th annual barbecue. The noon ‘til 9 p.m. event at the Launching Pad, 984 160 St., is free, and will feature guest speakers as well as entertainment by the Neil Harnett Blues Band. Everyone is welcome at the barbecue; the site is wheelchair accessible.

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P U B L I C N OT I C E Doug Shanks photo

Peninsula Resort Retirement Living residents were among recipients of fresh flower bouquets during Make Someone Smile Week. pebbles from Crescent inviting senior women Pebble pedal Beach to support living alone or women Sources Community seniors programs in the living with a disability Resource Centre will community. on a fixed income to launch Participants take part in its Biggest Pebble can donate Little Garden Program. Pedal to $25 per Selected participants the Pier pebble or will receive a container with an $100 for five. garden for their inaugural For more balconies. ceremony information, The society will this fall. contact 604provide a three-tiered From cedar garden, soil, 531-6226 or 6 to 7 fertilizer, plants and p.m. Sept. 21, Sources, visit seeds, tools and a dignitaries and guests will welcome 10 cyclists Women wanted handbook. South Fraser Women’s as they arrive at White For more information, Services Society is Rock pier pedaling call 604-536-9611.

lifestyles notes

COMMUNITY CHARTER, S.B.C. 2003, CHAPTER 26 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO DISPOSE OF CITY PROPERTY SECTIONS 26 AND 94 Pursuant to Sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter, S.B.C. 2003, Chapter 26, as amended, the City of Surrey hereby gives notice of the intention to dispose of the following A-1, General Agriculture zoned City land: Civic Addresses: 13372 Colebrook Road, Surrey, BC Legal Description: Parcel 1 District Lot 51 Group 2 New Westminster District Plan LMP53129 PID No. 025-352-628 Property Description: This A-1, General Agriculture zone lot contains 65.23 acres of farmland, currently being farmed. The lot is located within the agricultural acreage lands that border the southern portion of the Panorama Ridge area. It is located on the south side of Colebrook Road, immediately east of 131A Street, and backs onto Highway 99 to the south. Invitation to Offers to Purchase: The City invites offers to purchase this parcel of land. Interested persons or parties should submit their offer(s) to purchase to the City of Surrey, Realty Services Division, Engineering Department, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3X 3A2 before 4 p.m. on Thursday, September 2, 2010. Offers received after this closing date will not be accepted or considered. Delays caused by any delivery, courier, or mail service(s) will not be grounds for an extension of the closing date.

Pet support Animal lovers across the province are gearing up for the 2010 Scotiabank and BC SPCA Paws for a Cause, which is held in 36 communities around B.C. and is scheduled locally for Sept. 12 at Crescent Park. “Participants begin registering now and fundraise in their own communities all summer long,” Denise Meade, the society’s director of development, said in a release. Past individual fundraising efforts have included car washes, garage sales, bracelet and baking sales, auctions and various fee-forservice initiatives, such as performing odd jobs and chores for donations. Registration begins at Crescent Park, 2610 128 St., at 9:30 a.m., with the walk at 11 a.m. and activities – including dog agility demonstrations and games for pets – held throughout the day. Visit to register

The West Coast

Champ Happy Hour Any slice $


* 9:00pm-10:00pm * Not valid for deli very

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$ 3.50

26.95 $29.95



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*C Cannot ann nnott be be co combin com combined bined d with other promotions or discounts

Pick-up Delivery

Peninsula Village Pen 15355 24th Avenue South Surrey


Hours Sat-Thurs: 11:00am - 10:00pm Friday: 11:00am - 10:30pm

Visit for our complete menu and 20 location details

Dine In • Take Out FREE DELIVERY and On-Line Ordering

Further Information: AN INFORMATION PACKAGE CAN BE OBTAINED AT A COST OF $10 FROM THE CITY OF SURREY, ENGINEERING RECEPTION COUNTER, 14245 - 56 AVENUE, SURREY, BC V3X 3A2. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT AVRIL WRIGHT, PROPERTY NEGOTIATOR; PHONE: 604-598-5718; FAX: 604-598-5701 or go on the City’s web page: > Doing Business >City Land Opportunities The City of Surrey reserves the right to accept or reject the highest or any offer and may reject any or all offers without giving reasons therefore. The proposed sale and the terms and conditions thereof will be subject to final approval by Surrey City Council.



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eryday at your s its rewards ev Park Safeway ha ity iv us cl Ex Ocean ntre, feway - or Ocean Park Shopping Ce Penninsula llaSage Shopping rrey Penninsula Vi Centre, Surrey



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$40 purcha complete details. *Minimum service for


Lucerne Butter








Club Price

Boneless Bottom Sirloin Steak

Club Price

Strawberries 1 lb. Product of U.S.A. No. 1 Grade.


Deli Counter Chicken Breast Regular or Smoked. Sliced or Shaved Fresh or Prepackaged.






/lb. 11.00/kg

Club Price






Club Price

Prices effective at all British Columbia Safeway stores Friday, July 23 thru Sunday, July 25, 2010. We reserve the right to limit sales to retail quantities. Some items may not be available at all stores. All items while stocks last. Actual items may vary slightly from illustrations. Some illustrations are serving suggestions only. Advertised prices do not include GST. ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Canada Safeway Limited. Extreme Specials are prices that are so low they are limited to a one time purchase to Safeway Club Card Members within a household. Each household can purchase the limited items one time during the effective dates. A household is defined by all Safeway Club Cards that are linked by the same address and phone number. Each household can purchase the EXTREME SPECIALS during the specified advertisement dates. For purchases over the household limits, regular pricing applies to overlimit purchases. On BUY ONE GET ONE FREE items, both items must be purchased. Lowest priced item is then free.

/100 g

Club Price

JULY 23 24 25 FRI


Prices in this ad good through July 25th.

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MIRAMAR VILLAGE PLAZA 15154 Russell Ave., White Rock (near the Whale Wall Bldg)

Hedy shops at the market each week especially for the fresh produce. or call 604-897-3276 Supporting Local Community & Businesses

Contributed photos

Arden Reimer (above) mans a garage sale table in the Chantrell Creek Elementary parking lot. Below: Rachel Wong with friend Alison Bogar, plays clarinet for visitors during the giant sale. parking lot, would raise at least $1,000. By day’s end, with an estimated 30 families chipping in proceeds from the sale of sundry items, the total topped $4,000. Donations of $1,000 each from the Legion’s Ladies Auxiliary and the grandfather of two Chantrell Creek students brought the total to just over $6,000. “It was an incredible day and a lot of fun to pull together as a community,” Lowe said. For anyone still wishing to donate, a trust account has been set up at Coast Capital Savings. - Tracy Holmes

THANK YOU! all our 31st Annual

Tour de White Rock Sponsors & Volunteers Gold Sponsors: City of White Rock, White Rock Leisure Services, Maximum Collision, Peace Arch News, Homelife Benchmark, AVRA

Silver Sponsors: Choices Markets, BC Commissionaires, Express Computers, Imperial Paving, Suarez Clothing, White Rock Dental, Thrifty Foods,Translink

Bronze Sponsors: BCAA, CIBC, EPCOR, REMAX Stewart Peddemors, Vancity, 4th Utility, Castrol, Radius Security, South Surrey Cycle, O'Hagans Peninsula Cycles, Ocean Promenade Hotel, Starbucks, White Rock Travel, Go Wireless, Great West Graphics, Gem Towing, White Rock Massage Therapy Clinic, Parfour Printing

Thank you to all our Supporters! Nando's South Surrey, White Rock Design and Print, Howes Market.

This event would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and hard work of over 150 volunteers!

Kim Cattrall


Special thanks to the White Rock BIA, RCMP, White Rock Firefighters Charity, White Rock Amateur Radio Club, the volunteer hosts who opened their homes to out of town cyclists and the community for making the 31st Annual Tour de White Rock a huge success!


100 Cash Back

when you purchase featured frames with fully coated prescription lenses.

Grandview Corners

Semiahmoo Shopping Centre

Across from Home Depot

1711 - 152nd Street



Dr. Grace Tsang & Dr. Ben Barrus, Optometrists

Dr. Judith Balberan & Dr. Desiree Lui, Optometrists ®TM

Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and IRIS The Visual Group.

For more information, call 604-541-2199 or visit the website at:

Supporting Local Community & Businesses

Community pulls together

Supporting Local Community & Businesses

Supporting Local Community & Businesses

Garage sale raises nearly $7,000 for South Surrey family

A garage sale in support of a South Surrey family burned out of their home raised nearly $7,000 last weekend to support renovations that will ease 12-year-old Katrina Barberie’s life. It was an “amazing success,” Janet Lowe, an organizer of the sale, said by email this week. “We were completely overwhelmed by how much we surpassed our goal.” Lowe and other parents whose children attended Chantrell Creek Elementary with Katrina were spurred to help after learning a July 7 fire had caused extensive damage to the Katrina Barberie 13502 14A Ave. home the girl shared with her mother, Nancy, and grandparents, Jean and Ken Murphy. Much of Katrina’s medical equipment – she has leukodystrophy, a rare, degenerative brain disease – suffered water damage in the blaze. While the home was insured, renovations to accommodate Katrina’s recent growth spurt are not covered, as they were not part of the original structure. Lowe had hoped Saturday’s garage sale, held in the school



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The Caribbean By Bert Stevens - Marlin Travel The Caribbean is known around the world for its incredible beauty, gorgeous weather, friendly people, beautiful beaches, and lively activities. Whether you prefer a quiet island off the beaten path or one of the region’s more famous destinations - with lots of attractions and lively nightlife.

choose to spend time inland as well. The islands each offer their own unique wildlife and beautiful plants for travelers who spend a bit of time inland. Natural beauty is the selling point for many of the Caribbean islands, especially those popular with eco-tourists.

islands, and their influences can be found in everything from island names to important ruins.


The best way of experiencing a cross section of what the Caribbean has to offer is by cruise ship. Approximately two million travelers choose the Caribbean as their cruise destination

From gorgeous beaches to historic sites and glittering casinos, there are plenty of places travelers enjoy stopping at during their vacation.

Another perk of a cruise is the ability to experience more than one Caribbean island each time the ship makes port.

One of the Caribbean’s most beloved features is the idyllic weather that can be found here year round. Every location offers warm temperatures and soothing sunshine. One aspect of the Caribbean that cannot be overlooked is the gorgeous beachfront scenery it offers.

If you’re planning to cruise, plan ahead: Depending on the season, cabins may get completely booked months before the cruise is scheduled to set sail.

From the pristine white sands of Aruba to the colorful pink and black sands found throughout the region, you may never feel as though you’ve seen it all. Nature in the Caribbean can mean everything from volcanic peaks to deep valleys, natural springs, rainforests, and even deserts. And, of course, it’s hard to ignore the crystalline waters that edge these sandy stretches of heaven. However, this is just the beginning of what the Caribbean has to offer, so many travelers

Whether you seek an extravagant vacation aboard a floating luxury hotel, a romantic getaway with your loved one, or an activity-filled family voyage, your dream cruise awaits.

Of the many cruise ships sailing the Caribbean, each offers a variety of price, size, and itinerary options.

Over the years European squabbles over these beautiful islands resulted in an incredible mix of architecture and history. With sights ranging from British naval yards to Spanish cathedrals, and forts on many of the islands, those interested in colonial history will certainly find something fascinating. Even before the Europeans found the islands, however, native tribes made their homes on the

Caribbean Cruise Specials Round trip Ft. Lauderdale FROM

Round trip Ft. Lauderdale FROM

Round trip Ft. Lauderdale FROM





Join Marlin Travel at the “Caribbean on the Rock” show on Friday 27th August next to the Whale Wall. Meet representatives from Air Canada Vacations and from ten Caribbean Islands. The show, with live music starts at 1pm.

Cruise and Coach New Orleans, Branson, Texas

7 Day 7 Day 10 Day 10 Day Western Eastern Southern Eastern Caribbean Caribbean Caribbean Caribbean Round trip Tampa FROM

each year for the beautiful beaches and warm weather. Caribbean cruises maintain their popularity because of the nearly all-inclusive price that encompasses everything from travel and lodging, to food and daily activities.

Sept 18 – Oct 10th, 2010 – 23 Days, Get ready for Cruising down the Pacific Coast, coaching across California, Texas and Louisiana. Stroll along the River Walk in San Antonio, explore the Houston Space Center, rediscover the revitalized city of New Orleans, including the devastated area from the Katrina flood and a special Plantation tour. Branson, Missouri delivers first rate entertainment with Mickey Gillies, Shoji Tabuchi, Yakov Smirnoff and more. All balcony suites. This trip is packed with entertainment, history and a load of fun. 4 seats left! Door to door pick up and returns. $3595 Cdn PP Dble. 604-596-9670.

Prices are in Canadian dollars, per person based on double occupancy, cruise only. Taxes extra. All cruises are “AIRMILES” eligible.



1544 Johnston Road White Rock

BC Reg 3561

Ageless Adventures

‘Making g River Cruising g Affordable’ AVALON WATERWAYS & Cruise Holidays of White Rock Exclusive RIVER CRUISE Sale Save up to


per person! OR

2 for 1 Savings

Chemainus Theatre

BamĮeld & the Alberni Inlet

Presents: Guys & Dolls

August 10 - 12

August 11 - 13

DesolaƟon Sound

Princess Louisa Inlet,

& Tsa-Kwa-Luten Ldg

Float ‘n’ Fly

August 16 - 19

August 24 - 26

Valid on select Summer/Fall 2010 departures! Limited Space - Call now for details! Discount Specials apply l to certain i ddates/sailings / ili only, l subject bj to availability il bili and may be withdrawn at any time. Not available to Jr Suites. Offer applies to New Bookings only. Some restrictions may apply.

BC REG#33131

BC Reg #2599

Call about: Fabulous Kootenays, Aug. 30 - Sep. 3 & San Juan Islands, Sep. 7 - 9 Fully leisurely escorted, • 604-542-5566 • pac for 21 ye ed tours ars!

Book by July 27th, 2010


604-531-3307 Independently Owned & Operated

#102-2429 152nd St. White Rock


Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News



MEET ME Metro committee gives AT MORGAN nod to waste incinerators CROSSING! Board to vote on concept July 30

However, the notion of burning the waste that can’t be A plan to build controversial recycled got a cooler response, waste-to-energy incinerators both from the public and in the region has been politicians. endorsed by Metro Opposition to Vancouver’s Waste incineration was Committee. hot in the Fraser The 14-member Valley, particularly committee gathered in Abbotsford, where Wednesday to weigh the fears of damage to the pros and cons of wasteairshed caused concern. to-energy by way of a On Wednesday, large incinerator. Burnaby Mayor Derek The construction of Corrigan said he the $470-million new ❝In five years, speaks from a unique waste-to-energy plant we will be perspective as his is in the region is the the only city with an laughing at incinerator. committee’s preferred the concerns Corrigan supported option to deal with up that we had.❞ the waste-to-energy to 500,000 tonnes of additional garbage per proposal and said it Mary-Wade Anderson year that can’t otherwise should be created in the councillor be recycled. Metro region. The decision comes “I have not received at the end of a long and any complaints tumultuous public process, and from our community (about will go to the Metro Vancouver incineration),” Corrigan told the board next week. committee. Metro recently wrapped up Director Wayne Wright agreed, the 60-day public consultation stating he lives right on the air process, where the public path of the Burnaby incinerator. overwhelmingly supported “It’s not our job to get initiatives to reduce and recycle re-elected by not doing the right garbage. thing,” said Wright, mayor of Kevin Diakiw Black Press

New Westminster. Vancouver’s Heather Deal said it’s time to evolve, using conversion technologies rather than incineration. She believes there are financial benefits to conversions that create other fuels that can be sold. White Rock Coun. Mary-Wade Anderson said there’s been an overreaction to incineration. “In five years, we will be laughing at the concerns that we had,” Anderson said. Surrey’s Linda Hepner supported the incineration idea, but didn’t rule out putting the facility outside the region. “I discount the argument that we need to look after our own garbage,” Hepner said. “We’re looking at a commodity.” Now that the concept of a local incinerator has been supported by the committee, the Metro Vancouver board will vote on it Friday, July 30. From there, it goes to the provincial Ministry of the Environment. The minister has the option of approving it, amending it and approving it, or sending it back to the board with recommended changes.

S UMM E R Preschool Music & Movement Music, song and dance! Explore balance and rhythm using a variety of instruments and other materials. Parent participation is required. 4 sessions $17.75 1-2yrs 4214058 M Aug 9 9:30am-10:15am 4 sessions $17.75 2-3yrs 4214060 M Aug 9 10:30am-11:15am Kwomais Point Park

Nature Nuts Parent and child can enjoy exploring the natural surroundings in their own community. 5 sessions $35.50 18mos-3yrs 4214063 Tu Aug 3 11:30am-1:00pm Kwomais Point Park

Children Art in the Park Learn the basics of painting, sketching, printmaking, collage and much more while enjoying the outdoors. 4 sessions $37.50 10-13yrs 4211272 Tu-F Aug 3 1:00pm-3:00pm Kwomais Point Park

Art Ventures Camp Explore the wonderful world of arts and crafts. Create all kinds of things from masks to jewelry to pottery. 5 sessions $46.75 9-13yrs 4211253 M-F Aug 16 1:00pm-3:00pm Kwomais Point Park

Nature Discovery Camp For kids who love being outside and exploring our environment. Come with us as we discover ecosystems, get crafty with eco-art, play outdoor games and take nature walks. Different enviro-focus each week. 4 sessions $43.00 6-8yrs 4211300 Tu-F Aug 3 9:30am-11:30am Kwomais Point Park

For a full listing of camps pick up a copy of the Summer Daycamps Brochure or check out our website.


SUMMER ART SALE presented by “The Group of 10” Surrey and White Rock Artists.

OPENING NIGHT, FRIDAY, JULY 30, 6-9 PM #110-15715 Croyden Dr., [next to the clock tower] Contact Debbie Lawrance or Irma Bijdemast 604-597-3434 or



Corner of 24th Avenue & Croydon Drive



Dance Camp An excellent opportunity to test your dance shoes with a variety of dances. Try jazz, and hip hop in this energetic, fun camp. 5 sessions $50.50 6-9yrs 4211314 M-F Aug 9 9:00am-11:30am 5 sessions $60.50 9-12yrs 4211320 M-F Aug 9 12noon-3:00pm Kwomais Point Park

Drama Camp Enter stage right! Be silly and have fun while learning about theatre and stage presentation. This program introduces you to drama exercises, games and improvisation. 5 sessions $60.50 6-9yrs 4211308 M-F Jul 26 9:00am-12noon 4211309 M-F Aug 30 9:00am-12noon 5 sessions $60.50 9-12yrs 4211312 M-F Aug 30 12:30pm-3:30pm Kwomais Point Park

Musical Theatre Camp Enter stage right! This program will introduce you to drama exercises, games, theatre sports, play building and improvisations. No experience required. 5 sessions $60.50 6-9yrs 4211305 M-F Aug 23 9:00am-12noon 5 sessions $60.50 9-13yrs 4211307 M-F Aug 23 12:30pm-3:30pm Kwomais Point Park

Sports Play soccer, basketball and more! You name it! Bring your friends and your energy for for sports galore! 5 sessions $121 6-12yrs 4210913 M-F Jul 26 9:00am-3:00pm 4210915 M-F Aug 9 9:00am-3:00pm 4210916 M-F Aug 16 9:00am-3:00pm 4 sessions $96.75 6-12yrs 4210914 Tu-F Aug 3 9:00am-3:00pm Semiahmoo Sr. Secondary

Art in the Park Learn the basics of painting, sketching, printmaking, collage and much more while enjoying the outdoors. 4 sessions $112 10-13yrs 4211337 Tu-F Aug 3 9:00am-3:00pm Sunnyside Hall

Art Ventures Explore the wonderful world of arts and crafts. Create all kinds of things from masks to jewelry to pottery. For more details on themes or program content please contact facility. 5 sessions $140 7-12yrs 4211251 M-F Aug 16 9:00am-3:00pm Sunnyside Hall

Clayworks Enjoy being creative with your hands and imagination as you make unique items and pieces with clay manipulation. 5 sessions $140 7-12yrs 4211323 M-F Jul 26 9:00am-3:00pm Sunnyside Hall

The Master Michelangelo Children will put their own creative twist on some interesting works of art and learn some of the techniques from the old master through drawing and painting. 5 sessions $140 7-13yrs 4211325 M-F Aug 9 9:00am-3:00pm Sunnyside Hall


Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010


Alexandra Neighbourhood House A R Retreat & Conference Centre

White Rock - South Surrey Stroke Recovery Club would like to thank the sponsors and supporters of our

Summer reading Children and teens up to 15 years old are encouraged to participate in Black Bond Books’ summer reading program, Reading Rocks! Participants can receive store credits and every purchase is an opportunity to enter to win prizes drawn throughout the summer. The program – in its fifth year – has developed a short review form for members who want to share their book knowledge. A $2-coupon is given for each review handed in. Info, call 604536-4444 or visit


Strides for Strokes Promotions.




Semiahmoo First Nation Cobs Bread - Ocean Park Thrifty Foods Sundance Seafood Ltd. The Derby Bar & Grill Canada Safeway - Ocean Park Linda Pharmacy Wee Care Coast Capital Savings - White Rock Eileen DeHaan Publisher Clowning Around with Korki Fastsigns - Newton Full Line Specialites Skyhigh Balloons

Cones for coins On July 24, Marble Slab Creamery stores across the country – including its Grandview Corners location at 50-2295 160 St. – will donate $1 from each cone to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Canada. Additionally, the branches will be selling $1-paper cones, which will be displayed in store from July 23 to Aug. 8 to benefit the charitable organization. The goal of the campaign is to raise $20,000.

October 15-17 2010 9 Wine & Cheese Reception 9 Motivational Speaker 9 Workshops

Registration Information

9 Activities

Early Bird Before Aug 1, 2010 $250

9 Networking 9 Silent Auction

After August 1, 2010 $300 Alex House Members, $235

! s i c o u i l e D

9 Evening Entertainment

2916 McBride Avenue in Crescent Beach, Surrey 604-535-0015


Tim Readman & Hugh Ellenwood

Okanagan Cherries Now In!

Fresh Local

Raspberries & Blueberries U-PICK $ 99 Blueberries (picked fresh daily)


Strawberries & Raspberries





We also carry Dairy, Homemade Jams, Pickled Specialties, Fresh Bread and Buns made with no preservatives or additives.

Surrey Farms W E R E S E R V E T H E R I G H T TO L I M I T Q UA N T I T I E S .




Local English PEAS

39 99 ¢






2/ $

¢ LB.

Prices valid July 23-26/2010 Open 9am-7pm 7 days a week. 5180-152nd Street 604 574-1390

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News



ete Pretorius wouldn’t call himself brave. “He’d basically given up,” Pretorius says. “I “This was closer to foolishness,” he says don’t know if he’s breathing and I shout at him to with a chuckle. “Bravery is when you breathe but he’s just lying there with no response.” actually think about it.” It was a long ways to shore, so Pretorius focused Pretorius, a long-time Fleetwood resident, his energy on doing 15 strokes or so, then went to White Rock Sunday, July 11. The plan dropping his feet down to see if he could touch was to relax, maybe enjoy an ice cream cone and bottom. He finally felt sand between his toes and spend quality time with his wife and two was soon able to run backwards, dragging children. the man behind him until he reached the Lorene Keitch It was late in the afternoon when pebbly shore. Pretorius saw someone in knee-deep Pretorius was already working through water far from shore frantically waving what to do next but when he made it and shouting for help. Pretorius asked to the land, he could tell the man was her what was wrong. She pointed to a breathing. man far off in the distance and said he “His tongue was all chewed up and was drowning. there was lots of blood coming out of Pretorius could barely see the man’s his mouth from a bitten tongue, I think,” head bobbing in and out of the water. He Pretorius says. was “flopping” around, with no power “His tummy was distended right under in his arms as he sporadically waved his ribs - he must have swallowed a lot of around. The beach was crowded on this water.” particularly hot afternoon but Pretorius The man’s family was waiting on shore says either no one else noticed the and, as soon as Pretorius dropped him on incident or they weren’t responding. He knew the the ground, they dragged the man up the beach, drowning man had no chance unless someone across the tracks and into a waiting car. on that beach attempted to rescue him. Pretorius “It was so surreal,” Pretorius says. “Here I am quickly took off his hat and shoes and went swimming for my life and his, and the next dashing through the water to reach him. second I’m sitting on a log waiting for my pants “You always hear stories that drowning folks to dry.” grab you and push you under so they can have Pretorius answers humbly when asked how it their heads above water,” Pretorius shares. felt to save somebody’s life. He did not do it for “So as I’m swimming, I kept thinking I have to the thanks, he says, and only hopes if one of his have a good plan because I don’t want my wife to family members were ever in the same position, a raise the two kids on her own.” stranger would be willing to do what he did. Pretorius finally reached the man and quickly Pretorius attributes his quick thinking and assessed how to carry him to shore without ability to handle a potentially dangerous situation taking them both down. He grabbed the man’s to his taekwondo training, which he has been wrist and turned him around so his back was doing at the Cloverdale Black Belt Academy. against Pretorius’ side. That allowed Pretorius to “They are very focused on training you for the do a scissor kick swim with one arm while safely unexpected,” Pretorius says. holding the man with the other. “And they are not just training you taekwondo; Pretorius could see the man was in rough shape. they’re training you to be a good person.”

coffee with

Lorene Keitch photo

Surrey resident Pete Pretorius saved a stranger from drowning at White Rock beach Sunday, July 11.

Bring in this ad & receive $250.00* off any new full or cast partial denture. *$1,000 minimum treatment. Valid for one offer per patient.

coffee with

Ready for the unexpected P

Christina Place For the Young At Heart FRIENDS, FAMILY & FUN… IT’S WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE!

Envision Your New Smile C o m f o r t . Fu n c t i o n . A e s t h et i c s .

Now Open in South Surrey Envision Denture and Implant Centre is unique with our own in-house laboratory. Our trained and experienced staff will create a custom denture that fits your unique smile. Call us to schedule a complimentary consultation with our BPS Certified Denturist Tanya Little.

Tanya Little

Envision Denture & Implant Centre 104 - 2055 152nd Street South Surrey T: 604.53TEETH (604.538.3384)

You know about the fabulous care and amenities at Christina Place, but what everyone is talking about is the non-stop fun! • Barn Days • Dances • Luau’s • Holiday Theme Parties PLUS MUCH MORE!

Join us for a Tour & Tea

OPEN HOUSE Sunday, July 25, 11 am-3 pm

Look for us in the Sea Festival Torchlight Parade, July 31st and Sandcastle Competition!

1183 Maple Street, White Rock, B.C. V4B 5K9



Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

datebook Childbirth, a communitybased support for women ■ Mad Science July 23 and their families in at 3:30 p.m. at White Rock Library, 15342 Buena Vista the childbearing year. Pre-register at info@ Ave. Help Eggbert get crescentmoonchildbirth. into his home; explore the org or 604-535-1175. concepts of lift and heat; ■ Largest Garage Sale watch dry ice fog storms; of the Year, in support taste a CO2 burp; and of Small Ritual Coffee have a bubble shower. Society, July 24 from 9 Register at the library. a.m. to 2 p.m. at Morgan 604-541-2204. Elementary, 3366 156A St. ■ Perogy dinner July www.smallritualcoffee. 30 at a fundraiser from org 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the ■ Garage sale July 24 at Ukrainian Cultural Centre, St. Michael’s 13512 Church, 12996 108 Ave. 60 Ave., from 9 Eat-in a.m. to 3 p.m. or take■ Splashes away Bikini Car Wash borsch, Fundraiser for perogies Breast Cancer and Research July cabbage 24 from 10 rolls. Info, a.m. to 4 p.m. 604-531at Splashes, 1923 or 3050 King George Blvd., 604-581-0313. including a barbecue, ■ Super Weirdo – a beer garden and music. family-oriented comedy Proceeds benefit BC juggling show with Cancer Foundation. audience participation ■ 45+ Singles Silly Tourist – Aug. 13 at 1 p.m. at Theme Dance July 24 White Rock Library, 15342 at Star of the Sea Hall, Buena Vista Ave. Super 15262 Pacific Ave. Free Weirdo uses crystal balls, dance lesson from 7:30 a tennis racquet and a to 8:30 p.m.; live band six-foot ladder as some from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 of his performance props. a.m. $23 includes snacks, Register at the library. refreshments, sandwich 604-541-2204. buffet. Newcomers and ■ Bobs and Lolo Chilcouples welcome. Info, dren’s Concert, a fund604-535-1388 or www. raiser for Semiahmoo Family Place, Aug. 20 ■ Great Canadian from 1 to 5 p.m. Tickets Shoreline Cleanup at available at the door and Blackie Spit Sept. 25 from online at www.semiah9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., featuring a shoreline ■ Summer Reading Club Wind-Up Celebration Aug. cleanup, children’s 20 at 1 p.m. at White Rock activities, displays and Library, 15342 Buena Vista free Beach Hero goodies. Divers welcome for the Ave., featuring children’s sub-tidal debris removal. musician Will Stroet. Info, information@ Register at the library. or www. 604-541-2204. ■ Shoot-Out Street ■ Cool Runnings Chutney Hockey Tournament Sept. Dance Hall Party Aug. 7 17 at the Salvation Army at Sullivan Hall. Cost, $10. White Rock Church and Doors at 8 p.m. Info, 604Community Ministries, 209-5081. 15417 Roper Ave., to raise


date book

funds for the organization’s local services and programs. Info, 604-5317314, or


■ Birthing with Hypnosis series starts July 24 at 7 p.m. for five sessions, with Crescent Moon

educational information, gardening workshops and children’s activities. Cost, $20 adults; $10 youth (nine to 14 years); kids eight and under, free. Tickets available at flavours@ or 604-591-4307.

Best Buy – Correction Notice

Grocery Specials


Owned by: John & Francina Kavanagh

Seahorse Grill

Quality Meats For Less! Cut from Canada AA Grades Of Beef

Berio B.B.Q. Kraft Extra Virgin Sauce Selected Olive Oil Varieties 455 1 L ml



Beef T-Bone Steaks


Canada AA AA Canada 12.96/kg 12.96/kg

Kraft Salad Dressings Selected Selected Varieties Varieties 414 ml ml & & 475 475 ml ml 414






Kraft Miracle Whip or Real Mayo Selected Selected Varieties Varieties 890 ml ml 890

Ocean Spray Cocktails Selected Selected Varieties Varieties 1.89 LL 1.89




Back Attached 5.47/kg




Pork Rib Tail Ends Frozen 3.70/kg


/100 g


Fresh Taste Of Savings 48 ea

Whole Seedless Watermelon Imported Imported




5 Sweet

Sweet Sweet

Plus Dep., Recycling Fee Where Applic.

Corn on the Cob BC or Washington

Western Family Sun-Rype SaladJuices Dressings 100% Selected Selected Varieties Varieties Frozen 1475 L ml


Fresh Chicken Breasts

Lean Sockeye Ground Wild Beef Salmon Head Off 4.41/kg

To our valued customers: We apologize for any inconvenience caused by an error in our flyer dated: July 16 - July 22. Product: Haier Commercial Cool 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. As advertised on page 19 of the July 16 flyer, please note that some store locations may have very limited to no stock available for this product due to high customer demand. SKU: 10122950

PRIME RIB EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT With Fresh $ 95 Yorkshire Pudding!

Best Buy – Correction Notice To our valued customers: We apologize for any inconvenience caused by an error in our flyer dated: July 16 - July 22 Product: HP All-in-One Computer (600-1220). Please note that this product advertised on page 9 of the July 16 flyer DOES NOT have a remote, as previously advertised. SKU:10146229

Store Wide Savings


■ Flavours of Surrey July 25 from noon to 4 p.m. at Historic Stewart Farm, 13723 Crescent Rd. Food tasting, beer and wine sampling, live entertainment, farmers market and local artisans, interactive and

Best Buy – Correction Notice To our valued customers: We apologize for any inconvenience caused by an error in our flyer dated: July16 - July 22 Product: Sony 14.2 Megapixel DSLR Camera (NEX5KS and NEX5KB). On page 2 of this week's flyer, please be advised that these cameras are 1080i AVCHD Video, NOT 1080p. SKU:10148310/ 10148290





Plus Dep., Recycling Fee Where Applic.





Organic Organic Romaine Romaine Lettuce Lettuce TM


BC BCGrown Grown Fresh Fresh



ea ea



Organic Cantaloupe California Grown 1.94/kg



Prices Effective: Sunday, July 25th to Saturday, July 31st, 2010

12147 Sullivan St., Crescent Beach 604-542-6211


OPEN FOR LUNCH: Wed/Thurs/Fri. 11:30–2:30 • Closed Tuesday DINNER HOURS: Wed. to Mon. – 5 pm to Close

HOURS: MON. - FRI. 8am - 8pm • SAT. 8am - 6pm • SUN. & HOLIDAYS 9am - 6pm



We reserve the right to limit quantities. Limited quantity specials require a $10 min. family purchase excluding limited quantity specials & tobacco products. Some items are subject to GST and plus deposit/eco fees where applicable.


Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News

datebook Tuesday

■ The King’s Banquet Soup Kitchen offers nutritious meals Tuesdays from 3:45 to 6 p.m. at Star of the Sea Community Hall, 15262 Pacific Ave. For more information, visit


■ WR/SS Women’s Probus Club, for retired and semi-retired professional/business women, meeting July 28 at 1:30 p.m. at Cranley Hall, 2141 Cranley Dr. Topic: Mandate tours. Info, 778-574-1188.


■ Tai Chi for adults at White Rock Community Centre. Daytime and evening session, introductory to advanced levels. Info, White Rock Leisure Services at 604541-2199. ■ TOPS, Take Off Pounds Sensibly, is a non-profit weight loss support group. For more info, call Gary at 604-582-0120. ■ Vine Youth Wellness Drop-In Clinic is open Mondays and every fourth Wednesday from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. at 15455 Vine Ave. 604-542-3926. Doctor and youth worker available. ■ Walkee Talkees polewalking club meets 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays and 10:30 a.m. Saturdays at the track, 148 Street and 20 Avenue. ■ White Rock Health Unit well child clinics, by appointment, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning and on the third Tuesday evening of each month. Bring your child’s passport to the clinic. 604-542-4000. ■ Yoga classes offered by White Rock Leisure Services include Hatha Yoga, Dru Yoga and Men

Only Yoga. Call 604-5412199 for more information or visit

Citizens Organizations, devoted to improving the quality of life for seniors. Info, Ernie Bayer, 604576-9734. Seniors 604-576■ Alexandra 9734. 604Neighourhood 576-9733. House seniors ecbayer@ hot lunch program, ■ Mixed Wednesdays Singles from noon-2 Over Sixty. p.m. 13. $6. Join other Call to reserve active 60+ at 604-535singles 0015. for various activities and ■ Chris’ Dinner, hosted outings. Meets every third by South Surrey White Thursday. Info, Carole at Rock senior support, 604-590-4992. Mondays at 12:30 p.m., ■ Osteofit exercise featuring a three-course class, for seniors with meal at Elks Hall, 1469 osteoporosis, offered George St. $6. Info, 604through White Rock 535-5380. Leisure Services. Info, ■ Council of Senior 604-541-2199.

date book


■ Senior Information Line, provided by White Rock Surrey Come Share Society, offers resource information. 604-531-9400. ■ Seniors’ Lunch held at First United Church, Centre Street and Buena Vista Avenue, Wednesdays at noon. 604-531-4850. ■ Wednesday Hot Lunches for seniors at Alexandra Neighbourhood House, featuring activities and musical entertainment. $6. ■ White Rock Nordic Stride Club meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays around the city. Participants should have experience or have taken an introductory course. Info, White Rock Leisure Services, 604-541-

Where: The Launching Pad

984 160th St., Surrey When: Sunday, August 1 Time: Noon til’ Nine Cost: FREE!

with sunscreen roller shades

50/50 Draw proceeds to BREAD FOR LIFE in Surrey Join us for a musical

Blues Celebration!

45% OFF Designer Screen Shades



Neil Harnett & Band

Silhouette • Duette Luminette • Pirouette OR VISIT O

Hot Dogs! Burgers! Guest Speakers! Kids Welcome!


Wheelchair accessible.

#9 -12988 84 Ave., Surrey SURREY • DELTA • WHITE ROCK • LANGLEY


■ A new group is being formed for those in their 50s wanting an opportunity to socialize, enjoying new and worthy connections in a venue offering wine, conversation and subtle background music. Info, crowsrendezvous@


COOL this summer



You are invited to our 10th Annual

Keep your home

Beat the

sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays; and Pins and Patches sewing group, Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. Call 604-531-9400. ■ Yoga for seniors Wednesdays at White Rock Community Centre at 3 p.m. Drop-ins welcome. Info, 604-5412199.

2199. ■ White Rock Surrey Come Share Society and Senior Support Services wants to hear from seniors interested in a caregiver support program, held the first Monday of the month; computer class, morning and afternoon

604-597-7222 • 604-597-7922 Let’s go Shopping in

uptown zfive cor ners zeast beach z west beach

• Tooth-Coloured Restorations • Crowns & Bridges • Porcelain Fillings • Veneers Senior’s • Dental Implants Discount • Root Canal Treatments Ask about our:


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#103 - 12840 16th Ave., S. Surrey


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GeoGem Jewellers 20457 FRASER HIGHWAY, LANGLEY

604.530.6807 w w w. g e o g e m . c o m

BUY LOCAL White Rock

You bring the blanket, we’ll bring the stars. Join us... FRIDAY, JULY 30TH

For complete movie information and listings of upcoming events, visit www. whiterockbia. com

on East Beach for an


Proud Partners


Dr. Mehrdad Chitsaz


1524 1524 Foster Foster Street Street - Central - Central Plaza Plaza - White - White Rock, Rock, BC BC V4BV4B 3X83X8 - T:- 6T: 0 46-0543-65-3469-5489 5- 8F :- 6F0: 46-0544-15-4012-2082 2- 8E :- i En :foi n@ fow@ h iwt ehro i t ecro k bci ka .bcioa .mc o m


Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

lifestyles #240. For those who have earned a flying badge or are associated with ■ A Real Piece of Work, a holiday flying. 604-531-5602. art and fine craft sale at Ocean ■ Alexandra Park Community Hall Neighbourhood House Dec. 11 and 12, has Hot Lunch Program announced a call 11:30 a.m. Thursdays for entry. A separate at First United Church, show for jewelry and corner of Buena Vista accessories, A Real Avenue and Centre Gem, will be Dec. 18 Street. $3 or ‘as you and 19. Jury is ongocan.’ Info, 604-535ing. Info, 0015. ceofwork@hotmail. ■ Art sale and fundcom or 604-767-0595. raising event every ■ Aircrew Association luncheon Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the the fourth Wednesday of the month parking lot of Trisha’s Artist’s Place, except July and August at the Royal 15237 16 Ave. Entertainment and Canadian Legion, Crescent Branch bbq included. Info, 604-535-4664.


date book

■ BC Lung Association’s 26th annual Bicycle Trek for Life and Breath – a two-day, 200-kilometre bicycle ride through the Fraser Valley – starting and finishing at Hazelmere RV Park and Campground Sept. 11 and 12. Trekkers are required to fundraise a minimum of $425 by Sept. 11. Email or call 604-7315864. ■ Beach Heroes at White Rock Farmers’ Market July 27. The Friends of Semiahmoo Bay booth offers colouring activities and microscope viewings. The Beach Hero interpreters also offer fishing and shellfish harvesting information and species identificaton.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is the administration of medical oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure to improve or correct a variety of conditions. Conditions that respond to hyperbaric oxygen therapy include: • Autism • Multiple • Immune System • Brain Injury Sclerosis Disorders • Cancer • Non-Healing • Stroke • Cerebral Palsy Wounds Recovery • Chronic Fatigue • Parkinson's • many other & Pain Relief Disease conditions • Lyme Disease • Pre & Post HEALTH CANADA LICENSED CHAMBER • Arthritis Surgery MEMBER OF THE CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF HYPERBARICS • Migraines • Sports Injuries

On The Peninsula

Stroke Recovery with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

#35 - 1480 Foster St., White Rock • 604-538-2509 Web. • email:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) provides a unique opportunity for stroke patients to make a significant recovery. HBOT should be administered as soon after a stroke as possible; however positive benefits have been noted when HBOT has been applied as long as 13 years after the stroke.


$ Coaching

Money.... You know how to earn it and spend it. Now I will show you how to keep more of it... painlessly! Providing you advice on: ¸ Shopping ¸ Saving ¸ Utilities/Expenses ¸ Debt Management

¸ Mortgages ¸ Investments ¸ Insurance ¸ And much more!!!

Professionals fessionals

Tricia Churko is

“Your Money Mentor”

“I will show you ways to get the most out of your income, increase your cash flow and create a plan to achieve your financial goals.”

Recovery from a stroke depends upon several factors, one of which is the size and extent of the damage. Another crucial factor is the size of the penumbra region, which are brain cells that lie between the damaged tissue and the unaffected, normal brain. This extremely important area of the brain contains idling brain cells that are nonfunctional but intact. HBOT re-awakens the stunned brain cells within the penumbra by providing them with much needed high doses of oxygen. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides the stroke patient with a number of additional benefits such as:

Experience the many benefits of therapeutic massage. • Decrease muscle tension and spasm • Aid in easing chronic pain • Enhance circulatory function • Provide serene, quiet place for relaxation • Enhance awareness of the mind & body connection

Linda M. Dickout RMT & Haida Irvine, RMT

Monday to Saturday New Patients Welcome

Please contact Tricia Churko, Your Money Mentor, to book your introductory consultation.

Semiahmoo Wellness Centre

604-787-5956 or e-mail:



To Advertise on . . .

Dedicated to Excellence in Eye Care

Dr. Lindsay Kamachi, Dr. Maye Doldolea, Dr. Daphne Wong Kamachi

• Retinal Imaging • Non-surgical Vision Correction for NearSightedness (Ortho-K) • Breathable Soft Contact Lenses • Customized Progressive Lenses • Great Childrens' Eyeglass Package • Prescription Designer Sunglasses

New Patients of All Ages Welcome WHITE ROCK GUILDFORD

101-2055 152nd St. A3-10160 152nd St.

604 531-4274 604 589-7311

305-1656 Martin Drive, Surrey, BC


Professionals fessionals On The Peninsula

Call SHAYDA at


• • • • •

Relief of oxygen starvation (hypoxia) Improvement of microcirculation Relief of brain swelling Relief of spasticity Reduction of free radicals

Call today to find out more about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and how it can help you or someone you know whose life has been affected by a stroke.

O2 Plus Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic Ph: 604-538-2509 web:

Now all eyes and ears are on the Boardwalk Let us introduce you to a new concept in hearing aids:

Wh said Who W d hearing h aids had to be big, beige and boring?

• We offer a complimentary hearing test for anyone 55 and over. • We offer the latest hearing aid technology from leading Canadian manufacturers such as Bernafon, Starkey and Phonak. • We have the most current diagnostic technology in use - the latest Audiometric testing equipment and a digital imaging OTOcam for recording high resolution images of the eardrum. • We provide a full 60 day money-back trial period and a full 2 year warranty including loss (loss for 1st year, 2nd year optional). • We accept all DVA and RCMP claims.

Suite 101-2055 152 Street, South Surrey, BC at BOARDWALK OPTOMETRY

Michael March Hearing Instrument Specialist, Licensed Optician and Contact Lens Fitter.

Call today to book your Complimentary Hearing Test: (604) 531-4274

naturally different

with Dr. Daphne Wong-Kamachi and Dr. Lindsay Kamachi

Disappointed with your Thermage treatment? ... Then try the TITAN! Dramatic effect for saggy skin, ideal for turkey neck. Rev up your collagen and elastin production!

Introducing the Titan, a revolutionary skin and collagen tightening system. • Corrects sagging and redundant skin • Tones, lifts and tightens skin • Extremely effective on the face, chin, underarms, abdomen and thighs

IN S TITUTE NEW BEAUTY 112-1656 Martin Dr., White Rock 604.541.8750

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News

news and master-carver KwaGulth Hereditary Chief Tony Hunt, and then presented to the Canadian Navy in honour of its centennial.

Salish Sea named

There’s a new name to cover the collection of ocean waterways and inlets from Vancouver Island to Seattle. The Salish Sea encompasses the Strait of Bidding begins Georgia, Juan de Fuca Strait, Desolation TransLink has issued a request Sound and Puget Sound. for proposals for three prequalified Those individual names are not companies to bid to provide a changed or replaced – the new smart card and SkyTrain Salish Sea is a supplemental faregates system. umbrella name, like the Great The bidding groups are Lakes. Thales/Octopus International “Coast Salish peoples Projects, maker of Hong have traversed these waters Kong’s Octopus card, Serco/ for thousands of years and Parkeon, provider of a this name pays homage to smart card system in Perth, our collective history,” said B.C. Lt.Australia and Cubic/IBM, operator of the Gov. Steven Point at a formal naming London Oyster card system. ceremony Thursday featuring aboriginal A decision on a preferred proponent is leaders and dignitaries from both sides of expected by December. the border. The provincial and federal governments As part of the celebrations, Coast are providing $70 million, while Salish chiefs, elders and dancers gave TransLink will cover the remaining costs the name Salish Sea to a canoe, which of the estimated $170-million system. was hand-carved and painted by Point TransLink officials say it will help make



the transit system more efficient and effective. Riders will load their card with cash and then swipe it by readers as they board and exit a transit vehicle or station, with payment automatically deducted.

Water fountain app coming If you’re thirsty, you may want to check your iPhone. Metro Vancouver is preparing to launch an app that finds locations of drinking water fountains throughout the region. A web database is to provide the same information to other mobile phones like Blackberrys and Androids. Metro officials also intend to include locations of restaurants and hotels willing to make tap water available to the public. Managers say the water fountain iPhone app is one of Metro’s strategies to try to reduce bottled water use 20 per cent by this year. Metro Vancouver also opted to spend $200,000 recently on two water wagons to distribute drinking water at public events.

rosemary heights dental centre && mily Family and and Family Family & Family Cosmetic & Family Cosmetic Cosmetic Cosmetic ic Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry 604-542-7874 604-542-7874 604-542-7874 42-7874 604-542-7874 604-542-7874 54-BRUSH 54-BRUSH

54-BRUSH 54-BRUSH New patients New patients always always welcome! welcome! Dr. Patrick Gowdy sNew New Patients New Patients Always Welcome! Welcome! always patients welcome! always welcome! Dr.Always Patrick Dr. Patrick Gowdy Gowdy Dr. Patrick Dr. Gowdy Patrick Gowdy Dr. Bruce McCaig Dr.n Michael Layton


Rosemary Centre • 206-15350 34th Ave.

Wills, Power of Attorney & Representation Let us do the legal work.

Fedewich &Witt El Fedewich, Norman Witt, B.A., M.B.A. and Trish Fedewich, B.Comm


Local notaries for over 30 years. 5661-176A St., Cloverdale 604-576-9468

AUDITIONS For the production of…

Dead Man’s Cell Phone Written by Sarah Ruhl Directed by Dave Carroll Sunday, August 1 Semiahmoo House 7pm to 10pm 15306 - 24th Ave., South Surrey Monday, August 2 at Coast Capital Playhouse 7pm to 10pm 1532 Johnston Rd., White Rock Performance dates are October 6 to 23, 2010

Live Where Last Minute is Plenty of Time

This dark comedy is looking for three females 30 to 45, one female 50 to 70 and two males 30 to 45. For more information, please contact Dave Carroll 604-318-8428 or 604-531-7739.

Peace Arch News Canada Day Rock 10k Run/Walk Congratulations Runners, Walkers, Peace Arch News and TRYEVENTS for supporting charities, through the Canada Day 10k Run/Walk. Funds raised from the registrations supporting the WRSS Community Foundation help build the ‘Community Endowment Fund’, which will provide grant funding to a broad network of local charities.

Why is it that the words excitement and spontaneity always seem to follow “if”, “when” or “as soon as”? Wouldn’t it be great if we could put aside all the reasons why we don’t and just do? Of course, certain realities prevent us from living up to our full spontaneous potential – work, traffic, chores, etc… It seems like there’s always a to-do list stuck between you and your free time. Remember that trip you wanted to take? That canvas you wanted to turn into a painting, or that forgotten recipe still hanging by a fridge magnet? Is it that the days got shorter? Or did we just forget to take a timeout?

Thank you for supporting your local White Rock South Surrey Community Foundation!

Let’s go back to impromptu play dates and spur of the moment adventures – ones that work on two wheels or two feet. Skip the red lights and traffic jams and get moving on what you really want to do. Say yes to the bike-ride, that cooking class, the morning workout or the homemade meal. Because if we spend our lives driving to the moment instead of living in it, we’ll forever be asking, “Are we there yet?” At Morgan Crossing, spontaneity is a built-in feature. It’s where your favourite restaurant, gym, shoe store, bakery, dry cleaner, hair salon and grocery store are only as far as the front door. It’s a nice change from typical suburbia where a mid-day lawn mow might be the closest thing you’ll find to spontaneity. There’s a community built around you, where you can walk to your wants and needs instead of tracking them with a GPS device. Watch life unfold in the courtyard, in the coffee shop or at the edge of your balcony. Here, time isn’t just spent, it’s enjoyed.


Endowment funds benefit the community forever!

Presentation Centre: Open daily (except Fridays) 11–5:30pm Located at 103–15775 Croydon Drive, South Surrey, next to Thrifty Foods <


Visit PO Box 71549, White Rock, B.C. V4B 5J5 ph: 778-292-1367 email:

Sustaining Partners


A Different Way to Live This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering may be made only with a disclosure statement. Prices and specifications are subject to change. E.&O.E. Sales and marketing by Developed by


Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

spirit of the sea


White Rock July 30 - August 1, 2010

Join the Festival JULY 30 - AUGUST 1 The 61st Annual Spirit of the Sea Festival on the August long weekend in White Rock, BC is full of free fun for the whole family featuring…



The 2010 Spirit of the Sea Festival needs your help on Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1

The Community of Lights Events Society is pleased to present the 61st Annual Spirit of the Sea Festival. The success of the Festival requires Community Sponsorship to include Fireworks and other favorite events. Cash and in-kind donations are gratefully accepted. Sponsorships opportunities start at $500. and many high profile events are still available. To lend your support or for more details please contact: or

PLEASE SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER WITH THE FOLLOWING: • Shuttle Bus Drivers • Torchlight Parade & Barricades • Children’s Activities • Pier Games • Waiter & Special Races • Semiahmoo First Nation Salmon BBQ • Ambassadors • Parking Lot Attendants • Volunteer Tent • Signage Up & Down Teams • Barricade Teams

Volunteer Orientation BBQ will be on Sunday, July 25 at Semiahmoo Park from 2-4 pm. If you think you can help before the Festival come to Tommy Salsa on Wednesdays at 5 pm.

To sign up online please visit our online office at or


The Now Newspaper

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News


arts & entertainment …on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

Familiar names and new talent set to perform July 30-Aug.1

Festival to showcase medley of music Alex Browne

Sea Fest support strong


Arts Reporter

t’s called the Spirit of the Sea Festival – but it might just as well be called the Spirit of Entertainment. That’s because – for all of the other beach and family-oriented events featured at the event – it’s the wide and varied entertainment line up that is the most accessible and characteristic aspect of an annual celebration in a city known for its fondness for the arts. That’s not lost on Janice Savage who – in addition to producing this year’s lineup of entertainment suitable for a relaxed summer weekend (July 30-Aug.1)– recently took on the presidency of organizing group the Community of Lights Events Society following the resignation of Matt Todd. Just as the ‘spirit’ ❝Medderick seems to be has not been returning to heard locally the festival for a while, so in its 61st that’s going to be year – after a low ebb exciting.❞ in the Janice Savage aftermath festival president of criticisms of last year’s event – so, too, have many of the community’s favourite entertainers, plus notable performers from around the Lower Mainland and beyond, rallied to add their talents in spite of organizers’ late start in securing sponsorship funding. Looking for familiar names? Try upbeat Louisiana-style band Mojo Zydeco, or singer and ace songwriter Ron Irving (with Bryan Nelson and Michael Vincent); blues and country guitar wizard Jason Buie; impassioned vocalist and writer Neil Harnett; Celtic-and-more entertainer Pat Chessell and his trio; and, one of the mainstays of the Peninsula music scene, singer-guitarist Glen Pearson. Other well-known contributors in slightly different or pared-down contexts include Tedd Tosoff from Blue Voodoo; Steve Sainas from Mud Dog plus – working as a duo – earthy roots and neo-folk mavens the Sumner Brothers. Singer Medderick will be featured with long time friend and musical associate Steve Gidora

(The Wheat In The Barley). “Medderick has not been heard locally for a while, so that’s going to be exciting,” said Savage. And guitarist Jim Black is also back – but not, this time, in retrofunk Star Captains mode, Savage notes. “He’s working in his Jimmy James and the Blue Flames

1469 George St. 604-538-4016 email:

LOUNGE OPEN DAILY 3-7 FRI. - SAT. 3-12 Non-members welcome

persona,” she said. The soulful and jazzy vocal tones of Heidi McCurdy will also return, with an addition, Savage said. “She’s going to be presenting some of her Free Your Natural Voice Studio students, too, which will help expose some new talents.” The Spirit of the Sea has always provided a venue for young and emerging performers, and this year is no exception. Among featured rising artists will be popular blues-rock and pop brother act Sam and Luke, riding high after recently recording their first full-length album in Nashville. Langley folk and new-country sister duo Robyn and Ryleigh Gillespie add to the sibling appeal, while other young and emerging talents will include Ocean Park Idol winner Tom Vander Kam,

White Rock Elks presents

50/60’S CLASSIC ROCK with BARRIE Sat., Aug. 7, 2010 7:00 pm All Welcome!

Contributed photos

The Spirit of the Sea Festival will showcase a variety of entertainment, including Mojo Zydeco (above) and duo Robyn and Ryleigh Gillespie (left). popular youth band Their There, alternative girl singers the Oh Wells, plus award-winning young vocalists Chanel Stasiuk and Payton Rector and participants in the B.C. Junior Talent Search. Classical music is not neglected, Savage added. “The West Coast Symphony is back – they’ll be the opening performers of the festival on Saturday (July 31) at 1 p.m.” A variety of other idioms are also covered, Savage said. “We’ve got a big country band – Todd Richard and the Reluctant Cowboys – and Jonny and The Kingbees will be doing a fusion  see page 26

The Spirit of the Sea Festival is on track for its return to White Rock July 30-Aug. 1. That’s the word from Janice Savage, president of organizing group the Community of Lights Events Society, who said the community has been rallying around the event, which has weathered a slow start and the departure of past-president Matt Todd, who resigned in June to concentrate on his college course-load. “Fortunately the team from last year is almost intact, which has meant that the parade and children’s activities and organization of volunteers has been able to go forward as usual,” she said. “This festival will look the same and feel the same.” Another plus, she said, has been the appointment of new manager Tara Sketchley for the waterfront market feature of the festival. “We actually have more vendors than last year,” Savage said. “There has been so much interest in the festival this year,” she added, noting that recent newspaper articles have given a higher profile to a tradition that people have tended to take for granted. People are very supportive everywhere I go, asking how they can help. I haven’t found that in past years – it was just something that was always going to happen. The support has been overwhelming.” There’s a full main stage entertainment roster, including such local favourites as Mojo Zydeco, Ron Irving, Pat Chessell, Jim Black, the Little Brother Band and Heidi McCurdy, she said. But there’s still a need for sponsors to come forward for such festival favourites as the fireworks display, torchlight parade and second entertainment stage, Savage said, acknowledging that sponsorship “wasn’t addressed early enough.” Sponsorship comes with full banner recognition and publicity opportunities, she said, although  see page 28

Air Conditioned Lounge & Hall Friday meat draw 5:30, Karaoke & drop in pool 7:30-11:30 HALL RENTALS FOR WEDDINGS AND PRIVATE PARTIES FOR INFO CALL 604-805-3437

Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

arts & entertainment

Magic, movies and musical acts  from page 25 of flamenco and blues music.” The alt folk, alt country, fingerpicking and slide guitar style of the Pernell Reichert Band will be in contrast to the acoustic indie folk-rock approach of Scottish-born troubadour Ryan Donn. “He’s coming down all the way from Kelowna to be part of the festival,” Savage said. Blake Havard, Dal Hothi and the Headlines, The Little Brother Band, The Steps, Sean Hayden, Coldwater Caravan, The Dave Ison Project, Pack Mentality, Framed Faces, Myles Bigalow, David Gates, Eddie Warren and Joy of Cooking are also scheduled to perform at the festival. Versatile vocalist Laine Henderson, who holds sway at Slainte By The Pier (also one of the afterhours entertainment venues during Spirit of the Sea, along with Deluxe) while other Slainte-associated artists featured at the festival include Mo and the Fholes and Celtic Music Session. Audiences will also welcome such longestablished performers as singer Delaney Rose, children’s entertainer and storyteller Max Tell, and Starchild, while the Sweet and Sassy Comedy Magic Show promises to provide an added fillip to the line up. The start of the festival also coincides






2 2010



2010 MAZDA 3



2381 King George Hwy., Surrey

604-531-7456 SHOWTIMES - July 23 - 29/10

SALT (PG) Daily 2:20, 7:20 & 9:25 (no passes)

INCEPTION (PG) Fri. & Sat. 2:00, 6:30 & 9:30 Sun.-Thurs. 2:00 & 7:30 (no passes)




THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE (PG) Daily 2:10, 7:10 & 9:20 (no passes)







Auto, power windows, power locks, air conditioning, 16” wheels, ABS brakes

Daily 2:30, 7:00 & 9:00 (no passes)

Wolfe’s Langley Mazda



1734-152nd St., White Rock 604-541-9527


2010 Mazda 3 & 3 Sport Lease term is 48 months. Down payment requirements are $0. Lease rate is 6.25% as for a security deposit $350 1st lease payment is due at inception. Is subject to change without notice. See sales team for complete details and conditions. 20,000 km lease allowance per year, charge of 15¢/km for excess kilometers. Lease on approved credit for qualified customers only. While supplies last. Offer expires June 30, 2010 for a limited time only. Illustrated models are for reference only and actual models may not be exactly as shown.

SHOWTIMES - July 16 - 22/10

INCEPTION (PG) One Show Nightly 8:00 Matinee Sat.-Sun 2:00 (no passes)

THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE (18A) Daily 7:00 & 9:25 Matinee Sat.-Sun 2:10

Contributed photos

Pernell Reichert (top) of the Pernell Reichert Band and Ryan Donn also hit the stage. with a screening in White Rock BIA’s free outdoor movie series July 30 at East Beach (in front of Sideshows). Seating for the movie, the 1960 Elvis Presley classic Blue Hawaii, starts at 6 p.m. with the screening at dusk (preceded by live entertainment with Elvis impersonator Robin Brown. As usual, all Spirit of the Sea performances, except late night venues, are free of charge. For more information, visit www.

Update Your Home With Our Custom Design Options!

State of the Art Showroom • Kitchen • Bath • Closet Organizers • Marble & Granite • Cabinetry Design & Hardware • Window Shutters & Blinds • Flooring At Lovelle Design Centre, quality is not the exception it’s the rule!

6918 King George Highway, Surrey 604.635.3322 visit us at:

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Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News

arts & entertainment

Sand sculptor to hit beach Alex Browne Arts Reporter

Professional sand sculptor Craig Mutch has always had a soft spot for White Rock. It was here, after all, that friends lured the graphic artist and photographer to make his first attempt at creating three dimensional images from the gritty granules some 21 years ago. Long graduated from basic beach sand to high-quality blends, and from individual experiments to heading competitive teams, Mutch has won such kudos from peers as best architectural sculptor in the Harrison Hot Springs Sandcastle Contest in 2001 and the master solo award at the 2008 Parksville sandcastle contest. It’s a career that has taken him around the world including contests and special commissions in Europe and North Africa – most recently the Marine and Heritage Festival in Quattar, Saudi Arabia – but again this year it comes full circle as he returns to White Rock to create a unique work for the Spirit of the Sea Festival. Starting on July 27, Mutch’s three-person team will use 20 tons of specially blended sand, trucked to the parking lot adjacent to White Rock Museum and Archives, to create a unique eight-foot-high sand sculpture. It will be different from the tall castle and marine theme last year, Mutch said. “It’s going to be a Buddha Zen garden theme,” he added. “I think it’s a positive image that appeals to almost all cultures, and I’m going to include a few other things as well, including the ‘Om’ and some Chinese symbols.” It will also include two six-foot-square blocks suitable for showcasing the names of sponsors – “sandvertising” as Mutch, terms it – including Gold Key Volkswagen, ReMax and Shell Robinson and some others yet to be announced. Sponsorship is key to paying the costs of such sculptures, Mutch – who also creates ice and snow sculptures and pumpkin carvings

Contributed photo

Craig Mutch, with his 2009 sand sculpture. – said, and he is grateful to have had a city commission to

create some special White Rock sculptures for the Winter

Olympics’ O-Zone in Richmond. “It’s thanks to the City of White Rock, Mayor Catherine Ferguson and (Community of Lights Events Society president) Janice Savage that I’m back in White Rock.” Mutch is also promoting public photos of the sculpture, by donation, to help pick up some of the costs. Opportunities to sand carve are dwindling locally, he noted – citing the fact that the Harrison contest is now defunct. “We want to keep sand sculpture alive in White Rock,” he said.





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the intention of the City Council of the City of Surrey, pursuant to Section 40 and Section 94 of the Community Charter SBC 2003, c.26, to adopt “Surrey Close and Remove the Dedication of Highway of a Portion of Lane at 164 Street and 11A Avenue By-law, 2010, No. 17210” at the Regular Council-Public Hearing meeting on the 26th day of July, 2010.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the intention of the City Council of the City of Surrey, pursuant to Section 40 and Section 94 of the Community Charter SBC 2003, c.26, to adopt “Surrey Close and Remove the Dedication of Highway of Portions of Lane in the 300 Block between 171 and 172 Street By-law, 2010, No. 17209" at the Regular Council-Public Hearing meeting on the 26th day of July, 2010.

The intent of the By-law is to close and remove the dedication of highway of 77.5 square metres of Lane at 164 Street and 11A Avenue. This closure is intended to facilitate the consolidation of the lane with the adjacent land at 1144-164 Street to permit the creation of two single family lots. In accordance with the Community Charter, SBC 2003, c.26, as amended, approval of the disposition of the lane will be considered by City Council at a later date.

The intent of the By-law is to close and remove the dedication of highway of 872.1 square metres and 1,893.3 square metres of Lane. This closure is intended to facilitate the conversion of the land to parkland. In accordance with the Community Charter, SBC 2003, c.26, as amended, approval of the disposition of the lane will be considered by City Council at a later date.

The portion of lane being closed is outlined below:

Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to convey to Council, please submit them in writing, fax or email to the City Clerk, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Fax: (604) 591-8731, email:, no later than Monday, July 26, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. There will also be an opportunity for persons wishing to do so, to make representations to Council at the July 26, 2010 Regular Council-Public Hearing meeting. Copies of the by-law may be inspected at the City Hall and any inquiries relating to property issues should be made to the Realty Section (604-598-5700) or for inquiries relating to traffic issues contact the Transportation Planning Section (604-591-4146), Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., commencing Tuesday, July 13, 2010 up to and including July 26, 2010. “J. SULLIVAN” City Clerk

The portion(s) of lane being closed are outlined below:

Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to convey to Council, please submit them in writing, fax or email to the City Clerk, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Fax: (604) 591-8731, email:, no later than Monday, July 26, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. There will also be an opportunity for persons wishing to do so, to make representations to Council at the July 26, 2010 Regular Council-Public Hearing meeting. Copies of the by-law may be inspected at the City Hall and any inquiries relating to property issues should be made to the Realty Section (604-598-5700) or for inquiries relating to traffic issues contact the Transportation Planning Section (604-591-4146), Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., commencing Tuesday, July 13, 2010 up to and including July 26, 2010. “J. SULLIVAN" City Clerk



Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

arts & entertainment

Festival meetings a success We’ve got some  from page 25 these dwindle the later a sponsor is confirmed. Savage also acknowledged criticism of last year’s festival – and ensuing bad feelings between society members and the City of White Rock – in which 11th-hour confirmation of events, such as the fireworks, was cited as a reason for planning and policing problems. “This year, we’re working very closely with the RCMP and they’re actually helping us plan,” she said. “What we’re doing is what the city recommended – to plan for everything. If the funding for something doesn’t come through, it’s easier to subtract

something than to add it.” Among other events featured at the Spirit of the Sea will be the children’s Pirate Parade and Carnival; Try Events’ White Rock Stiletto Run and 5K Beach Race; Semiahmoo First Nation’s popular salmon barbecue, Cupcake’s Teddy Bear Picnic; professional sand sculpture by Craig Mutch and his team; Run to the Rez Car Show and Shine, beach games and activities and the Marine Drive Waiters’ Race. Savage said another city requirement, that the society have its schedule in place in time to present to city council at its July 12 meeting, has worked to organizers’ advantage.

“We knew we had a deadline and it helped that we did,” she said. Savage said the focus of open weekly organizing meetings, Wednesday nights from 5-7 p.m. at Tommy Salsa’s, has been reinforcing everything that worked well last year. “Previously meetings were held in a closed building, but now everything’s very transparent,” she added, noting the society welcomes feedback from the public at the meetings. “If something wasn’t working particularly well, let us know it,” she said. To sponsor an event or stage, contact Savage at

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An Independent Lennox Dealer

GET APPLI YOUR C ONLIN ATION E terase ngas.c AT: om/tlc


spirit of the sea


Colour this picture and drop off at the Peace Arch News Tent on the beach SATURDAY, JULY 31ST! You could win one of two brand new COMPLETE FISHING ROD & TACKLE KIT. Courtesy of the Peace Arch News, Surrey Leader & Canadian Tire.

One entry per person. Random Draw August 1st. Ages 6 - 10 eligible. NAME:_____________________________________________



Friday, Friday,July July23, 23,2010 2010 NEW Peace LOCAL Arch HOME News


“One of the things I tell people who are buying (homes) is you are playing both offence and defense,” says Real Estate Investment Network president Don Campbell. ›› p.2

July 22, 2010

Summer time, and homebuying is easy

Maple Ridge Mayor Ernie Daykin welcomes homebuyers to his city, which is a fantastic place to invest in real estate, according to recent reports. Martin Knowles photo

Invest in the best: beautiful B.C. Metro Vancouver houses hot spots for real estate investment MAGGIE CALLOWAY A family home is always a good investment. A home provides a focus for the family, it provides security of place for the children and, equally important, it grounds the family in the community.

For years, many homeowners have treated the family home as a cash cow. Buoyant real estate markets over the past decade, coupled with low mortgage interest rates, made real estate gurus of many Metro Vancouverites. What some of these ‘gurus’ lost sight of was what the family home should represent: a family dwelling, a refuge, a shelter from the ups and downs of daily life. However, those who are in the market for a family home that they will live in, will

likely find it helpful to educate themselves about what is available in the Metro Vancouver area. The Real Estate Investment Network, one of Canada’s leading real estate research, education, and consulting organizations, does in-depth research based on the latest statistics, economic and social trends. Its latest report is an analysis of key CONTINUED ON P.30

It’s a great time to house-hunt for a new home in B.C. According to the B.C. Real Estate Association, residential sales in the province declined by 23 per cent to 7,722 units in June compared to the same month last year. On a seasonally adjusted basis, residential sales posted to the industry’s listing service declined by five per cent from May to June this year, but the average Multiple Listing Service price climbed by eight per cent to $499,908 in June compared to June 2009, says the BCREA. But slower sales can be good news for homebuyers. “Market conditions Cameron Muir have shifted from balanced conditions at the start of the year to a buyers’ market this summer,” says BCREA chief economist Cameron Muir. In June, there was 9.3 months of supply on the market given current Gregory Klump sales activity, up from 5.6 months in January 2010. “Tighter credit conditions for homes with secondary suites and low-equity homebuyers have moderated consumer demand,” Muir notes. Year-to-date, B.C. residential sales dollar volume increased 31 per cent to $21.4 billion, compared to the same time last year. Residential unit sales rose 17 per cent to 42,343 year-to-date, while the average MLS residential price climbed 13 per cent to $504,281 over the same period. Residential sales declined across Canada CONTINUED ON P.31


PeaceLOCAL NEW Arch News HOME Friday, Friday,July July23, 23,2010 2010

Researching before buying can be helpful CONTINUED FROM P.29

economic fundamentals for both investors and potential homeowners throughout North America. REIN president Don Campbell says it is important for potential homebuyers to conduct research on every municipality in th e Metro Vancouver area, if they are considering purchasing a home in the region. “House prices in Vancouver are high and will stay there in the foreseeable future but we shouldn’t paint the whole area with the Vancouver numbers,” Campbell says. “If a buyer wants to live in Vancouver, it is a financial decision ... you have to be ready to make a financial sacrifice and if that’s the lifestyle you are looking for it doesn’t get any better than that in Canada. If you are raising a family with an average income and you want a little bit of dirt, you do have to step outside Vancouver and look at the outlying regions.” A recent REIN report that looks at the top Real Estate Investment Network president Don Campbell says homebuyers should research Metro Vancouver municipalities before purinvestment towns in B.C. outlines the best chasing, and make decisions based on the kind of lifestyle they’d like to live – and on budget. Martin Knowles photo places to invest in real estate in the province, and Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows came in economic leaders in 2011 and 2012 as “One of the things I tell people who are easy access to major transportation routes, second, right behind Surrey. Maple the economy finds its post-recession buying is you are playing both offence and TransLink bus lines and West Coast Express Ridge is also the fifth-best place to footing and begins to create jobs. defense, because in defense, these areas – stations are in demand. invest in real estate in Canada, acThese reports are also of parpercentage-wise – drop less when the market One of these, Maple Ridge, has already cording to REIN. ticular interest to the real estate slows down, and they go up more quickly benefitted from the new Pitt River Bridge and Other Metro Vancouver cities investor, but homeowners can gain when the market goes up,” he says. Golden Ears Bridge. that made the top 10 provincial great insight into where the deals “So no matter what the market does, you This region has been hampered by poor list include Abbotsford (third) and are and which areas of the Metro win. Now with the interest rates going up, transportation infrastructure for decades, says Vancouver (ninth). Vancouver are thought to be vibrant. (homebuyers) must remember we are still at REIN, and consequently property values have According to the provincial report, Campbell likens homebuying to playhistoric low rates.” CONTINUED ON P.31 B.C. is still poised to be one of the country’s ing sports. In the Lower Mainland, communities with


A mere mere 90-minute 90-minute drive drivefrom fromdowntown downtown A Vancouverbrings bringsyou youto toThe TheCottages. Cottages. ItItfeels feelslike likeaa Vancouver worldapart. apart.Steps Stepsfrom frompeaceful peacefuland andpristine pristineCultus CultusLake, Lake, world surroundedby bybreathtaking breathtakingmountains mountainsand andlush lushgreen green surrounded forests,with withthe thegreat greatoutdoors outdoorsright rightatatyour yourdoorstep. doorstep.But But forests, this isn’t your grandfather’s rustic idea of a cottage – these this isn’t your grandfather’s rustic idea of a cottage – these luxuriousfamily familycottages cottagesare arestyled styledyour yourway, way,with withall allthe the luxurious featuresand andfinishes finishesyou youcould couldhope hopefor forand andlarge largeprivate private features porchesand anddecks decksproviding providingplenty plentyof ofspace spacefor forfamily familyand and porches friendsto togather gatherand andenjoy enjoyBC BCliving livingatatits itsbest. best.And Andasasifif friends thatwasn’t wasn’tenough, enough,the the10,000 10,000sq. sq.ft. ft.clubhouse clubhousewith withpools pools that offeringall allthe theamenities amenitiesof ofaafirst-class first-classresort. resort. offering Single Cottages Single Famil Family yCottages from from

$399,900 $399,900 Phase Phase11and and22SOLD SOLDOUT! OUT! Phase Phase33Now NowSelling. Selling.

1.877.888.4950 1.877.888.4950

I think cottage life life agrees agrees with with her. her.

Discovery Discovery Centre Centre& &Display DisplayCottages Cottages

Open Open daily dailyfrom from12 12noon noonto to5pm 5pm except exceptWednesday Wednesday 1777 1777 Columbia ColumbiaValley ValleyRd. Rd.Lindell LindellBeach, Beach,BC BC Copyright Copyright2010 2010©©| |Higherground HighergroundProject ProjectMarketing MarketingInc. Inc. Brokerage Brokerageand andSales Salesby byMultiple MultipleReality RealityLtd. Ltd.Prices Pricesare are subject to change without prior notice. subject to change without prior notice.

Friday, Friday,July July23, 23,2010 2010 NEW Peace LOCAL Arch HOME News


Buyersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; market in Metro Vancouver this summer CONTINUED FROM P.29

Oakvaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trails Edge offers new duplex homes in Maple Ridge. Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender at the nearly completed Golden Ears Bridge last May. At that time, he said the bridge represents huge opportunity for urban growth. File photo

The West is the best: investing in B.C. real estate makes sense CONTINUED FROM P.30

been historically lower than other regions. But, with the new transportation links, Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows will be among the most accessible regions in Metro Vancouver; local experts say this will drive demand for both residential and commercial/ industrial property as values rise. As well, the expansion of Highway 1 and the new Port Mann Bridge will make this area an extremely desirable place to live, says Maple Ridge Mayor Ernie Daykin. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Not only are we considered one of the

top places to invest and live in B.C., we are fifth in the whole country,â&#x20AC;? Daykin notes. â&#x20AC;&#x153;For a town our size that is fantastic. Transportation in and out of Maple Ridge has been challenging over the years, but with the two new bridges, this has been solved.â&#x20AC;? Daykin says that despite past transportation problems, Maple Ridge has continued to grow because it offers great value, natural beauty while retaining a sense of rural charm, â&#x20AC;&#x153;that small-town feel.â&#x20AC;? He points out the access to outdoor recreation is superb, â&#x20AC;&#x153;but we also offer a vibrant

arts and culture community.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;The quality of life Maple Ridge offers is extremely good,â&#x20AC;? Daykin says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;For people who commute to work, we have the West Coast Express, which gets people into Vancouver in an hour in great comfort.â&#x20AC;? Maple Ridge is expanding faster than ever, Daykin adds. A plan to increase density in the downtown core stemmed from the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Smart Growth from the Ground Plan, Daykin says. In 2003, there were about 8,500 people living in the regional town centre (from the Fraser River to 124 Street, and from 221 Street to Burnett Street), and that is expected to increase to 20,000-22,000 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; almost triple â&#x20AC;&#x201C; over the next 10 years, says Daykin. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are making sure we are ready for growth when it comes by upgrading the services to this area,â&#x20AC;? he says. With between 35,000 to 40,000 people moving to B.C. every year, communities such as Maple Ridge that have plans in place and are preparing infrastructure to handle a larger population will likely be the winners.

in June, reports the Canadian Real Estate Association, along with number of newly listed homes. Led by lower activity in Toronto and Calgary, seasonally adjusted national home sales (via the MLS) receded 8.2 per cent in June, says the CREA. Although near-record levels were recorded in the first quarter, the CREA cites tightened lending regulations and anticipated interest rate hikes as reasons for the more moderate sales activity. While the number of newly listed homes on the Canadian MLS declined by 6.8 per cent in June compared to the previous month, a declining trend in new listings â&#x20AC;&#x153;will help maintain the balance between supply and demand, and temper home price volatility,â&#x20AC;? says the CREA. The national average price of homes rose 4.9 per cent across the country, on a yearover-year basis, to $342,662. While the market is becoming more challenging for sellers, buyers now have more choice and less competition. â&#x20AC;&#x153;National home sales activity is easing due to fewer and more cautious first-time homebuyers,â&#x20AC;? says CREA chief economist Gregory Klump. While the pricing environment is becoming more challenging, â&#x20AC;&#x153;A recovering economy and job market will provide support for housing activity and prices,â&#x20AC;? Klump says. Visit or for more information.


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(]L (]L


` //^^` LLLKK \NNOOL 33VV\

604-453-4962 ("&!&'%!&*($ &&&$#! % "




PeaceLOCAL NEW Arch News HOME Friday, Friday,July July23, 23,2010 2010



If you’re looking for the luxury of space and the convenience of a lock-and-go lifestyle, now’s the time to make your move to Motif. With no home maintenance to worry about, you’ll enjoy life to the fullest in the heart of Burnaby’s vibrant Brentwood community, an elevator ride away from shops, restaurants and a private fitness spa. Just 15 minutes from downtown by Skytrain.

PRICES STARTING FROM THE MID $400,000S. HURRY ONLY 15 HOMES LEFT! SALES CENTRE 4400 Buchanan Street Burnaby BC V5C 6R4 Open Daily Noon to 5PM (Except Friday) 604.298.8800


Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News


…on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

Sade Smith will put off her snowboarding dreams to head south with Canada’s U20 rugby side

Two-sport star takes last crack at rugby Nick Greenizan


Sports Reporter

Sade Smith

t 20 years old – and torn between two sports she not only loves but excels at – Sade Smith was forced this spring to make a choice: rugby or snowboarding? And though she’d played rugby at provincial level since high school, the former Semiahmoo Totem chose snow-

boarding, with the hope that she could With that new goal in mind, Smith, parlay it into a professional career. who also plays club rugby with the Though the two sports don’t necessar- Bayside Sharks, passed on a pair of ily overlap – rugby is ❝We definitely won’t be down Rugby Canada trainmostly a spring sport, ing camps – one in there wearing grass skirts while snowboarding, San Diego, the other of course, is a winter in Florida – which drinking from coconuts.❞ pursuit – Smith knew were held earlier this that in order to dedicate herself fully, year to help coaches select the U20 she would have to focus solely on one. national team.

“I was all ready to move to Banff and do the whole ski bum thing,” said Smith, who used to teach snowboarding at Cypress Mountain. “That’s what I really want to do. I’ve been snowboarding for as long as I can remember, and I’ve dedicated myself so much to it – I can’t remember how many times I’ve gone to Whistler or  see page 35

White Rock Renegades ‘94 shortstop Steph Caron (left) and her teammates are heading to nationals after winning provincial gold last weekend in Cloverdale. Brian Giebelhaus photo

White Rock Renegades claim three provincial titles Nick Greenizan Sports Reporter

The White Rock Renegades completed an impressive triple play on diamonds across the province last weekend, winning three provincial titles. The White Rock Renegades ‘91 – defending national champions – took top spot in the B.C. midget girls fastpitch championships in Richmond; the ‘94 Renegades took home the bantam title in Cloverdale; and Susan Derosiers’ 1996-born squad captured gold in the peewee tournament, which was played in Victoria. All three teams advance to nationals, as do the Renegades ‘92, who snagged the final

berth at midget nationals, by virtue of their third-place finish in Richmond. Adding to the medal haul were one of the association’s youngest squads, the Renegades ‘98, who one week ago finished with silver medals at squirt-division provincials. The club’s senior women’s team, meanwhile, has already punched its ticket for nationals, to be held two weeks from now in Kitchener, Ont. “It was a damn good weekend for the Renegades, that’s for sure,” said Renegades president Gregg Timm. “This year is particularly good. We’re pretty spoiled this year.” The Renegades ‘91, coached by Chuck Westgard, rolled to their B.C. title with a 9-1

tournament record, culminating with a 12-3 win over Surrey Storm ‘93 in the championship game. Earlier in the tournament, Surrey had handed White Rock its one loss. “We felt pretty deflated (after the loss) but we came back fighting,” said Westgard. With the team having to advance to the finals through the loser’s bracket, because of the loss, Nicole Sidor pitched the team’s final three games. She was backed up by an offense that came alive at the right time, Westgard said. “We were just hitting the ball,” he explained. “All throughout the lineup we scored runs and did our job. The girls… were never worried and just got it done.”

Leading the offensive charge was Jackie Rothernberger, who crushed seven home runs in the tourney, and Tayla Westgard, who hit over .500. The ‘94 ‘Gades also rolled through much of the tournament unscathed. Aside from a close 2-0 win over Ridge Meadows ‘94 in round-robin play, White Rock won every game in lopsided fashion. In the finals, White Rock beat Victoria ‘94 13-1. “We mercied every team after that one,” said coach Mark Palmer. “It was good because, even in the final game, we were able to get everybody into the game, and on the field.” - with files from Richmond Review



$36,710 - $4,000

= $32,710


Cash Purchase Allowance




Finance APR up to 60 months*

Includes: 17” wheels, Power tilt & sliding glass roof, satellite radio, blue tooth and more.

DL #30601

MSRP for 2011 C30 T-5 Level 2 is $36,710. Cash Purchase Price is $32,710 which includes “Cash Purchase Allowance” of $4000. Cash Allowance available only to cash customers and may be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease and finance offers. Selling Price for Finance or Lease option is $34,210 which includes $2500 “Volvo Cash Bonus”. MSRP and Cash Purchase Price include freight and PDI ($1715). Taxes, license, insurance, registration, retailer charges and up to $75. PPSA are extra. Financing available on approved credit to qualified retail customers through participating Volvo retailers and Volvo Financial Services Canada. Offer ends Aug 2, 2010. Some terms/conditions apply. Vehicles shown may have optional equipment at additional costs. See Volvo of Surrey for complete details.


15383 Guildford Drive, Surrey, BC 604.588.6088


Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010


Rams ready for season opener Nick Greenizan Sports Reporter

After a big preseason victory last week over the Chilliwack Huskers, the Big Kahuna Rams are set this weekend to open the B.C. Football Conference regular season on the road against the defending champion Vancouver Island Raiders. The two rival clubs, who met last year in the B.C. final, will square off Saturday, 4 p.m. in Nanaimo. The Rams will sport quite a different look this year, especially after the departure of starting quarterback Cam Clark, who left to join the University of Manitoba Bisons. Additionally, the handful of Toronto natives – including former starting running back Errol Brooks and lineman Lincoln Bryan – who suited up for the Rams last year are not back, nor is kicker Curtis Glawson, who will be replaced by rookie Nick Boyd. But in their stead, the Rams, who

Brian Giebelhaus photo

Rams coach Chris Butschler (centre) will be directing plenty of new players when the season kicks off Saturday. finished with a 7-3 record last season, will look to a handful of newcomers this year. Many of the fresh faces played prominent roles in last weekend’s 36-0 preseason win. At quarterback, second-year pivot Jon

Ellingson – nephew of former CFLer, and former Ram, James Ellingson – started the game, and ran an effective offence, although several deep throws were off the mark. In the second quarter, another newcomer, Nathaniel White – a former Earl Marriott Mariner who most recently played high school football in Virginia – took over the quarterbacking duties. The South Surrey squad got touchdowns from running back Carlos Garziano, wide receiver Brian McLean – on a 30-yard toss from White – and reigning BCFC special teams player of the year Nick Downey, who returned the game’s first punt 45 yards for a score. Shane Poberznick also returned a Huskers’ kick for a TD. White threw two more touchdown passes in the fourth quarter – one to former White Rock-South Surrey Titan Zach Middleton and another to Surrey Bears alum Ryan Taylor.

Lawnbowlers make B.C. podium

Headed to nationals

Linda Brunn

Evie MacCallum

Evie MacCallum and Linda Brunn captured the gold medal in the ladies pairs division of B.C. Championships last week, bringing to five the number of local bowlers set for nationals. The White Rock Lawn Bowling Club duo will join fellow club members Mary Wright, Beryl Harrington and Dave Baldwin at Canadian Lawn Bowling Championships, which are scheduled for Edmonton, Aug. 14-22. Wright and Harrington are half of the women’s fours team that won silver at provincials earlier this month, while Baldwin won gold as part of a men’s fours team. Wright will also compete in a second national tournament, in the senior triples division alongside Christie Grahame, in Halifax, Aug. 26 to Sept. 1.

Jr. Tritons out The White Rock Junior Tritons were bounced from B.C. Junior Premier Baseball League playoffs in the qualifying round last Wednesday, after a 9-3 loss to the Okanagan Jr. Athletics at Kelowna’s Lombardy Park. The Junior Tritons had chances to score early in the contest, according to head coach Russ Smithson, but couldn’t capitalize. “We had chances early to break it open, but we didn’t play fundamental ball,” Smithson said. “As the coach, it was frustrating. Things we worked on all season were not executed and it cost us.” The two squads were playing for a chance to advance to the BCJBL Championships, which features the league’s top eight teams and were played last weekend in North Delta. The Langley Jr. Blaze took home the title, after a convincing 16-2 win over the Coquitlam Redlegs in the title game Sunday night. The Blaze were also the regular-season champs, finishing first in the league with a 29-11 won-lost record.

Clarification A photo of Tour de White Rock volunteer Donna Tarver – which appeared in Wednesday’s Peace Arch News – identifies the longtime tour volunteer as chasing a cyclist on Magdalen Avenue. Tarver was, in fact, running with the rider to offer instructions and encouragement, as the Magdalen hill is one of the toughest challenges on the Tour de White Rock road race course.





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the intention of the City Council of the City of Surrey, pursuant to Section 40 and Section 94 of the Community Charter SBC 2003, c.26, to adopt “Surrey Close and Remove the Dedication of Highway of a Portion of 113A Avenue and 131 Street By-Law, 2010, No. 17211” at the Regular Council – Public Hearing meeting on the 26th day of July, 2010.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the intention of the City Council of the City of Surrey, pursuant to Section 40 and Section 94 of the Community Charter SBC 2003, c.26, to adopt “Surrey Close and Remove the Dedication of Highway of a Portion of Road between 3rd and 4th Avenue at 171 Street By-law, 2010, No. 17213” at the Regular Council – Public Hearing meeting on the 26th day of July, 2010.

The intent of the By-law is to close and remove the dedication of highway of 0.197 hectares of 113A Avenue and 131 Street. This closure is intended to facilitate the consolidation of the road with the adjacent proposed multi-residential development at 13111 King George Boulevard In accordance with the Community Charter, SBC 2003, c.26, as amended, approval of the disposition of the road will be considered by City Council at a later date.

The intent of the By-law is to close and remove the dedication of highway of 1,082.9 square metres of road adjacent to the north property line of 310 – 171 Street. This closure is intended to facilitate the consolidation of the road with the residential development site at 300 and 310 – 171 Street, 287 and 311 – 172 Street and 17162 – 4 Avenue. In accordance with the Community Charter, SBC 2003, c.26, as amended, approval of the disposition of the road will be considered by City Council at a later date.

The portion of road being closed is outlined below:

The portion of road being closed is outlined below:

Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to convey to Council, please submit them in writing, fax or email to the City Clerk, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Fax: (604) 591-8731, email:, no later than Monday, July 26, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. There will also be an opportunity for persons wishing to do so, to make representations to Council at the July 26, 2010 Regular Council - Public Hearing meeting. Copies of the by-law may be inspected at the City Hall and any inquiries relating to property issues should be made to the Realty Section (604-598-5700) or for inquiries relating to traffic issues contact the Transportation Planning Section (604-591-4146), Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., commencing Tuesday, July 13, 2010 up to and including July 26, 2010. “J. SULLIVAN” City Clerk

Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to convey to Council, please submit them in writing, fax or email to the City Clerk, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Fax: (604) 591-8731, email:, no later than Monday, July 26, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. There will also be an opportunity for persons wishing to do so, to make representations to Council at the July 26, 2010 Regular Council – Public Hearing meeting. Copies of the by-law may be inspected at the City Hall and any inquiries relating to property issues should be made to the Realty Section (604-598-5700) or for inquiries relating to traffic issues contact the Transportation Planning Section (604-591-4146), Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., commencing Tuesday, July 13, 2010 up to and including July 26, 2010. “J. SULLIVAN” City Clerk

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News


GRAND OPENING Sat. July 31, 2010 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


529 West Front Street Sumas, Washington

Re-Roofing Specialists • Over 35 Years Experience



“Your backyard is our backyard”








$2,,400 $2,400


226,05 6,059 59


00.9 .99%


$1,5000 $

27,7559 27,759


0% z













Only 5 blocks from the Sumas border crossing


Contributed photo

Olympic rugby may lure her back

from 11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Bring your family and friends to come try our new high performance rental karts on this brand new outdoor 3955 ft long rental / race go kart track

Sade Smith has been playing rugby since her high school days with the Semi Totems.

said.  from page 33 Smith and her wherever by myself, teammates leave for because I couldn’t the Bahamas Aug. 12, find anybody else who where they’ll be put wanted to come. through two-a-day “I want to give it a shot – do some filming, practices before facing international teams, maybe get some including the U.S. and sponsors and see what Trinidad and Tobago. happens.” “It’s going to be But a funny thing grueling, very intense happened on the way – we definitely to the top of ❝I told Jay won’t be down the mountain: her old rugby I’d give him there wearing grass skirts coach called. one more drinking from Jason summer.❞ coconuts,” Young, who Smith laughed. had coached “For me, it’s very Smith with various exciting to be on my provincial sides since first national tour… she was 15 and now wearing Canada’s heads up Canada’s U20 colours, it’s incredible.” team, wanted her on She’s well aware, too, his team, which next that after getting the month heads to U20 chance to play at such World Championships a high level, it will in the Bahamas. be that much more “I told Jay that this difficult to hang up might be it, but I’d give the cleats and head for him one more summer colder climes. – just one,” Smith said. “It’s going to be really So now Smith tough, most definitely, prepares to wear the to give up rugby. I’ve Maple Leaf for the first played it for so long, time – and possibly but after this, I really the last – in her rugby need to just go play in career, although she the snow.” admits that the lure Smith, like many of the 2016 Olympics, of her teammates, is in which seven-a-side seeking sponsorship to rugby will premier, might draw her back to help her cover the costs of her trip to world the sport eventually. “Rugby will always be championships. Anyone interested in contacting there for me – it’s not something I’m going to her can email sade_s_@ forget how to play,” she


White Rock Hyundai 3150 King George Highway Surrey, 604-538-7022 D#30780



Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

OPEN HOUSES 15357 ROPER AVE. • REGENCY COURT Brand new. Fully loaded one and two bdrm. apartments. This European builder has outdone himself on this project. Handpainted mural at the entry to this building OPEN begins the experience of living here. The EVERY hallways with crown mouldings, wall DAY paneling and recessed lights make you feel 1:00-5:00 you are living the life of luxury. At your private door you will find a camera for additional safety. Additional P.M. touches and workmanship are evident throughout. Exterior is hardy plank and brick for a long-lasting exterior. The Regency Court is the only new apartments available in White Rock for 2010. Stewart Peddemors 604-541-4888 or 604-329-6759 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty Ltd.

#211 - 1280 FIR STREET • WHITE ROCK OCEANA VILLA • GREAT BUILDING • GREAT CONDO What a gorgeous condo! Completely renovated 2 bdrm., 2 bathroom home in one of White Rock’s best buildings. Over OPEN 1000 sq. ft., new white kitchen with new appliances, attractive SUNDAY JULY 25 cottage ceiling, trendy wide plank rustic laminate floors, in-suite laundry. East-facing glassed-in balcony overlooks lovely trees, 2:00-4:00 P.M. tranquility of Clifton Lane. Quiet, tranquil, walk to shopping, library, etc. Offered at $289,000 Come to the open house or call for private showing. Marty Smith 604-802-7814 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty


1473 JOHNSTON ROAD • MIRAMAR VILLAGE An exclusive collection of luxurious concrete highrise homes in a vibrant new urban village. View our two fully furnished showrooms. Move in now! Jean Openshaw & Madonna Avitan 604-542-8700 Bosa Properties

OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

14447 - 16TH AVENUE • OUTSTANDING RANCHER Central White Rock area, large 60x120 lot, lane access, RV parking, private backyd., 2 bdrm. rancher in excellent condition, upgrades throughout, newer appliances, attached garage, wood fp, patio, trail to beach across the street, rec nearby, transit outside your door. Maureen Fritz 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN 15598 VICTORIA AVE. • OFF MARINE DR. AT FINLAY ST. • $799,900 SAT. & Panoramic ocean views from this custom built 2-storey hillside home SUN. with 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, granite countertops throughout, 10 & JULY 12 foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood & tiled floors, 24 & 25 gourmet kitchen, private sundeck & yard, 1/2 block to beaches. 1:00-5:00 Gary McGratten PREC 604-538-8888 Sutton Group Westcoast Realty P.M. OPEN 16133 - 9TH AVE. • $799,000 2341 sq. ft. 2-level home, partial ocean SAT. & view, sundeck. Inspiring kitchen, tile floors, light maple cabinets, SUN. marble tops, black appls. Master suite + 2 addn’l. bdrms. up. Main JULY 24 & 25 level den, laundry, famrm. + 1 bdrm. suite w/sep. entrance. 348 sq. ft. 1:00-4:00 cottage. Tranquil 7085 sq. ft. yd., on dead end street, walk to beach. John Kambouroff 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty P.M. OPEN 14837 - 33A AVE. • MAPLE WYND • NEW PRICE: $704,900 SAT. & Padwood Homes, maple hardwood floors, bright kitchen, maple SUN. cabinets, ss appliances. Large famrm., fp, level walk out to JULY oversized patio w/gas hook-up, low maint. yard. Lge. master 24 & 25 bdrm., walk-in closet, +2 addn’l bdrms. & main bath up. Cindy 2:00-4:00 Poppy, Garrie Holmes 604-531-1111 HomeLife Benchmark Realty P.M.

#302 - 1273 MERKLIN STREET • OFFERED AT $274,900 OPEN This 983 sq. ft., 2 bdrm./2 bath upper floor unit is a must see! SUNDAY Beautiful upgrades and situated on the quiet side of the building. JULY 25 Adult-oriented, sorry no pets, no rentals. 2:00-4:00 Janet Sheard 604-531-1111 P.M. HomeLife Benchmark Realty OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 1:00-3:00 P.M.

#306 - 1830 SOUTHMERE CRESCENT Bright open, top floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo. New kitchen and new laminate floors. Open plan, shows well. Asking $258,900, open to offers. Quick possession. Rhys Edworthy 778-899-1374 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN 15368 - 17A AVE. • MORE UNITS AVAILABLE! Ocean Wynde, SAT. & luxury condominiums. Quiet location, yet only steps to shopping SUN. & transit. Two bdrms., 2 baths, open design, 9’ ceilings, gourmet JULY kitchen, premium ss appliances, crown mouldings. Double-glazed 24 & 25 low-E windows, remainder of 2-5-10 New Home Warr. 1:00-4:00 Lulu Sorbara 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty P.M. OPEN 12559 - 25A AVENUE • $839,900 SAT. & Crescent Heights Estates 2-storey home in quiet double SUN. cul-de-sac. Lovely home, 4 bdrms. plus den and games room. JULY New cedar shake roof and gutters, complete repainting inside 24 & 25 make this home look like new! 1:00-4:00 Scott Harrison 604-421-2220 Macdonald Realty Maple Ridge P.M.


2056 - 128TH STREET • SHOWHOME Genex Ocean Park Three. New development on 7 cul-de-sac lots. Pricing starting at $993,680 + applicable taxes. Susan Vollmer 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty Ltd.

OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#10 - 1828 LILAC DRIVE • NEW PRICE: $399,900 Almost 2000 sq. ft. 3-level, 3 bdrm. & den townhome. Open floor plan on main, gas fireplace, powder room, private south-facing garden patio. Close to schools. Chris Penny 604-816-8814 HomeLife Benchmark Realty

OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

15767 CRANLEY DRIVE • BETTER THAN A TOWNHOUSE! $510,000 No strata fees! Craftsman style, 9 yrs. old, 2765 sq. ft., 3 bdrms., 2.5 baths. Hardwood floors, granite counters, open plan. Unfinished bsmt. with rough-in plumbing for another bathrm. Fenced yd., entertainment sized deck off famrm. & kitchen. Craig Crawford 604-531-1111, 604-535-7653 HomeLife Benchmark Realty

OPEN #18 - 1840 - 160TH ST. • BREAKAWAY BAYS SAT. & Good mobile, new windows and doors by SUN. CMHC 2008. Roof only 7 years. Near pool and rec centre. Well kept. JULY Only $59,000. 24 & 25 Sharon Fownes 604-240-9809 1:00-5:00 Sutton Group West Coast Realty P.M. OPEN #72 - 2588 - 152ND ST. • WOODGROVE • GATED SAT. & Beaut. 3 bdrm., 1536 sq. ft. meticulously kept t/home, offered by orig. owners. Crown moulding, 9’ ceilings, SUN. walnut hardwood, new staircase carpet, gas stove, JULY powder room, large deck off kitch/dining, 2 oversize 24 & 25 bdrms. up, ensuite & 2nd bathrm. Walkout to private backyard. Ray Speichert 2:00-4:00 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty P.M. OPEN SAT. JULY 24 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#702 - 1442 FOSTER ST. • $299,900 Concrete building. Large 930 sq. ft. 1 bdrm. with fantastic views of ocean & Mt. Baker. Original owner, top floor, south-facing unit in central White Rock. Highly desirable building. Gary Foltyn 778-999-1496 Sutton Group West Coast Realty

OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

1940 - 128TH STREET • LISTED AT $529,900 • PARK AT REAR Excellent 3 bdrm., 2 bath rancher with lane access. Bright with skylights, family room off kitchen, brand new quality roof, over 1500 sq. ft., generous two-car garage. Carmen Champoux 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

14916 - 20TH AVENUE • $629,900 Ideal 1841 sq. ft. family home close OPEN to transit & schools. Beautiful updated kitchen, granite countertops, SUNDAY wood cabinets, SS appls. Large dining room overlooks open floor JULY 25 plan living room w/vaulted ceiling. New fixtures, carpets, bathrooms, 2:00-4:00 2 yr. old roof. Private & sunny south facing yd. Warm family home. P.M. Morley Myren 604-506-2006 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#305 - 1473 BLACKWOOD STREET • NEW PRICE $287,000 Stunning 2 bdrm., 2 full bathrooms, top floor corner unit. Renovated kitchen and bathroom. Move-in condition, quick possession possible. 19+ bldg., no rentals, two cats allowed. Barb Patrick / Frank Rayner 604-530-0231 Royal LePage Wolstencroft

OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#29 - 15020 - 27A AVENUE • $599,900 Master bdrm. on main! St. Martins Lane, upscale, low-density setting. End unit, 3 bdrms., 3 baths, 1920 sq. ft., private fenced yard, double garage. Lavish ensuite, gas range, new flooring. Immaculate! Graham Williams 604-542-2444 Macdonald Realty

#207 - 1460 MARTIN STREET • $269,900 OPEN Two bdrm., 2 full baths, corner unit. Classic and tasteful updates, SUNDAY granite kitchen, quality appliances, flooring, lighting, JULY 25 window coverings, 1026 sq. ft., light-filled and peaceful 2:00-4:00 with view of the gardens. Well-managed Capistrano. P.M. Graham Williams 604-542-2444 Macdonald Realty OPEN SAT. JULY 24 2:00-4:00 P.M.

15488 GOGGS AVENUE • $719,900 Charm and elegance abounds in this 3 bedroom, 4 bath, custom-built home. Attention to detail with beautiful finishings. A definite “must see.” Janet Sheard 604-531-1111 HomeLife Benchmark Realty

OPEN SAT. & SUN. JULY 24 & 25 1:00-4:00 P.M.

3612 - 154TH STREET An immaculate, open concept three bedroom beauty backing onto the St. Andrews’ greenbelt. Garrie Holmes 604-866-7411 HomeLife Benchmark Realty

Realtors – To Advertise call Joanne 604-542-7414

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News


1918 - 128A STREET ASKING $879,000 Four bedrooms up. Quiet cul-de-sac. Private backyard. www. Beebe Cline 604-830-7458 Hugh & McKinnon

Stay Ahead in a Changing Market!

Watch for Sarah talking Real Estate every Wednesday on the Global TV noon news!

Sarah is the author of: “Welcome Home: Insider Secrets to Buying and Selling Your Property” published nationally by Wiley & Sons.

OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

OPEN SAT. JULY 24 1:00-3:00 P.M.

#302 - 1467 MARTIN ST. • SEARIDGE COURT Gorgeous 2 bdrm. top floor unit, extra large floor plan, west-facing encl. balcony, cozy gas fp, galley kitchen with upgraded appliances, spacious master bdrm. boasts vaulted ceilings, extra windows, gorgeous courtyard, quiet, 5 min. to amenities. Melanie Sasso 604-531-1111 or 604-306-8352 HomeLife Benchmark Realty

OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

13357 - 15B AVE. • OCEAN PARK • $599,900 Priced below assessed value, 2500 sq. ft. family home, 8400 sq. ft. lot, great area. New roof, hardwood floors, painted in and out, 4 bdrms., 3 bathrooms, Great schools. Diane Reelie 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

1691 - 157TH STREET • NEW PRICE: $467,000 Renovated 2 bdrm. rancher, hardwood floors, tile and updated cabinets in kitchen, professionally landscaped west-facing yard, walk to shopping and schools. Visit for photos and virtual tour. Andre Edwards 604-765-9961 Homelife Benchmark Titus

OPEN SUNDAY JULY 25 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#5 - 14655 - 32ND AVENUE • $649,900 • ELGIN POINTE Townhome, master on main, fully finished bsmt. South-facing backyard with access from street. Hardwood floors, granite counters, Calif. shutters, 2-car garage plus extra owned parking stall in front of unit. Great complex, well run. Natalie Hahn 604-910-0611 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SAT. JULY 24 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#103 - 1555 FIR STREET • PRICE REDUCED: $209,900 West Coast style 855 sq. ft. one bdrm. & den (could be 2nd bdrm.) located in heart of White Rock, steps to shopping, restaurants and transit. Large patio great for entertaining. Ryan Samson 604-538-2125 Royal LePage Northstar

Bay Realty Ltd. 604-531-4000


+RXUVD'D\604-535-8429 Then Enter “Talking Ad” ID Number


Action Mortgage Corp.

• Purchases • Sales • Mortgages • Development


Serving our community since 1986

Saying “YES” to mortgage clients since 1993.

Ron Morin, Lawyer 604-538-9887 Notary Public

Paul Hart, AMP 604.535.1011 (7 days)

NEW LISTING ‘LIFE AT THE BEACH’ Great views, level walk to Beach, Shops, Restaurants. Plus a pristine over 3800 sq ft home with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1800 sq ft of decks, private south yard, double garage and additional parking. Includes 2 bedroom registered suite with seperate laundry private entrance and patio. Asking $1,259,000. Call Lee for private showing or visit for virtual tour and more information.


Lee Graham

Thinking of Buying or Selling? For a FREE Home Evaluation, call Sarah Daniels and Philip DuMoulin

15716 COLUMBIA AVE. • $875,000 White Rock beach living family home, 6 yrs. new, 3600 sq. ft., 5 bdrms., one block to beach. Bright, spacious, well designed. Great room on ground level, 9 ft. ceilings, sep. den/office, opens to new patio & fully fenced private backyard. Four bdrms. up,master w/ensuite. Loads of parking. Greg Fraser 604-531-1111 HomeLife Benchmark Realty

Mortgage Broker



RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty Ltd.

)5((5($/(67$7(5(32576 Hot New Listings Report ext 220 Home Seller’s Kit ext 240 *OPEN HOUSE* SUNDAY 2-4PM

Solid, 3 bedroom, 2 full bath rancher on 7000+ square foot lot with private front and rear yard. With huge lighted deck.

MUST SELL!!! Talking Ad # 202

Live at the Beach!!! 1200+ Sq Ft Condo, 2 Bed 2 Bath, Open Floorplan, Huge Patio, Walk the Pier and Promenade.

Talking Ad # 204

INVESTMENT PROPERTIES!!! (2) 1 Acre Properties in Grandview Heights, side by side Both with well kept homes, with outbuildings, Excellent income potential, Buy and hold, or Live in.

Talking Ad# 205 EXQUISITE COUNTRY ESTATE!!! Luxury Executive Estate. Absolutely no expense spared in this timelessly elegant, spectacular custom-built home. Talking Ad # 208

WHITE ROCK’S FINEST VIEW!!! Panoramic Ocean and Mountain Views. This 5500 sq ft Luxury Home features a wonderfully designed open floor plan. Talking Ad # 210

Free Market Evaluation Or Online

ext 250 Re/Max Colonial Pacific

Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

Kids outgrow everything. Except a

Summerfield home.

Built with the needs of a growing family in mind, Summerfield is a brand new community of Built Green Certified character homes in South Surrey. And thanks to a rich variety of colour palettes, architectural details and exterior finishing, the houses on each street are as unique as the families who call them home.

Heritage Homes from $540,900 Classic Homes from $699,900

604.536.1155 109 – 172A Street Surrey BC V3S 9R2 Presentation Centre Open 12-5pm daily (closed Fridays)



15 176TH ST

172ND ST


HWY 99




Prices subject to change without notice.












$ 45,700








$ 47,100

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News

Seller Says Bring Offers! SPECIAL PRICE OF $370,000

Bringing Home Buyers and Sellers Together Specializing in Residential Detached & Strata Properties in the South Surrey, White Rock areas.

Bright top corner south exposed large bright multi window kitchen. 1433 sq. ft. 2 parking stalls.


Tel: 604.535.SOLD (7653) Web: Bianca Myddleton n


3 $27

Personal Real Estate Corporation Cele



as a


ing m

Real ear tor!



Craig Crawford

Corner 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom


8 $31

Rossana Klampfer


2nd floor. 1173 sq. ft. Just move in!


Royal LePage Northstar

Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. 1-1920-152 STREET, SOUTH SURREY • 604-531-1111 This communication is not intended to solicit persons already under contract.


Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

superior location | convenience | design Grosvenor quality | amenities warranty | finishes | value LOWER PRICES! PLUS, WE PAY HST!* Move-in ready homes from $259,900! *Provided buyer qualifies and assigns rebate to vendor.




Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News

Amazing ocean views

gas cooktops

granite countertops

spacious open concept layout stainless steel Bosch appliances

wood veneer cabinetry

Can value & luxury coexist? With 60 quality highrise residences under $399,000. Add ocean views & open spaces. Of course it can. AV R A . A F F O R D A B L E & L U X U R I O U S . REGISTER NOW


W W W. AV R A L I V I N G . C O M

This image is an artistsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; representation only.This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made with a disclosure statement. E.& O.E.



Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010






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Advertise across the lower mainland in the 17 best-read community newspapers. ON THE WEB:












Wilson, Alexander Lennox October 5, 1926 - July 15, 2010 On July 15, 2010, Alexander Lennox Wilson of Edmonton passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 83 years. Eck was born in Beatty Sask. His parents, Sandy and Gladys, ran the Red and White Store in Beatty and Eck and his brother George and parents lived above the store. He had an idyllic childhood playing in the fields and sloughs of rural Saskatchewan with good friends and many adventures. He didn’t graduate from high school due to his burning need to join the army but WWII ended before his basic training was completed. He returned to Saskatchewan to drive trucks in the summer and play junior hockey in the winter. He courted and married Elisabeth Jellicoe in 1951 and they subsequently had 3 children. He then worked for B.A. Oil Company, which first became Gulf Oil and then Petrocan, starting out as a truck driver and then ending up as a sales manager. Eck and Bette had many moves over the years, finally retiring in Surrey, B.C. Eck had kidney disease and spent time on renal dialysis before 2 kidney transplants, the second of which was successful, lasting 33 years until his death. He nursed his beloved wife Bette until her death at home from rheumatoid arthritis in 2000. Eck loved nature, reading the paper, following the stock market, the Oilers and Saskatchewan Roughriders. He cared about social justice and was a fun and loyal parent, grandparent and friend. Eck was also predeceased by his brothers in law Ron, Pat, Harold and John Jellicoe and Margaret Grainger. He will be lovingly remembered by his children Pam (Walter) Otiniano, Lisa (Ross Alexander) and Tom Wilson (Bev Fletcher), grandchildren, Eloise, Alex and Graeme, his brother George Wilson and his sister in law Marion as well as many dear nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and friends. A Memorial Service will be held at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 10037-84 Avenue, Edmonton, on Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 2:00pm. In memory of Eck, donations may be made to the Kidney Foundation, 11227 Jasper Avenue, Suite 202, Edmonton, AB T5K 0L5. Eck would have appreciated your signing an organ donation card. The family wish to thank all of the staff of 5A2 University Hospital and especially Dr. M. Andruchow as well as the residents and staff at the Churchill Retirement Community where Eck spent 4 happy years. To send condolences please visit, Foster & McGarvey Ltd. 10011-114 Street. Edmonton, Alberta (780) 428-6666.

Lloyd passed away peacefully on July 15, 2010, in his 73rd year. A wonderful husband, loving father and grandfather, he leaves behind his wife Pat of 54 years, his children Dan, Laurie (Rob), predeceased by his son Terry (1963). Lloyd also leaves his granddaughter Jamie, many family members, relatives, and friends. The family would like to thank the staff at Evergreen Baptist Home for their care of Lloyd over the past year. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society of B.C. or The Children’s Hospital. A celebration of Lloyd’s life will be held Monday July 26, 2010 at 2:00 pm at Valley View Funeral Home, 14660-72nd Ave Surrey, B.C.



Accepting top personnel Livein/Live-out elderly/child care, housekeeping. Come join our roster of 5 Star candidates being referred to GVRD’s finest families

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North Shore (604)910-0511

EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 108 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BE YOUR Own Boss. You decide: where you work, when you work, who you work with, what you earn.

Well Established Janitorial Business



SUSAN’S NANNY AGENCY accepting resumes for Childcare, Housekeeping, Elderly care 5 F/T nannies w/cars looking for work, avail now. F/T L/O. Special needs: F/T L/O, 3 children; P/T 3 days/wk. Avail 3 L/I Filipino & 2 L/I European. Male care aide looking for live-in position. Fax 604-538-2636/Ph 538-2624

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CRESCENT BEACH: Fully furn’d Vacation Beach house, short-term rental, across from sand & surf. Avail now, weekly or monthly. N/P, N/S. Call for info: (604)535-3031.

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White Rock / S. Surrey area. Excellent growth potential for a family-run business.



Seniors Day Trips with Sandy

HAYES, ALICE Alice Nina Hayes passed away peacefully at White Rock, BC on Saturday, June 12, 2010, at the age of 87. A Memorial Service will be held at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, 12953 - 10th Ave., South Surrey on August 7th at 2pm. A tea will be held in the church hall, immediately following the service.

Where your walker is welcome! ************************************** Indian Arm Cruise & Luncheon Aug 30 - $109.00 Harrison Cruise & Lunch Aug 06 - $149.00 Cirque Du Soleil Premium seating! - $115.00 More trips still available! Includes transportation on a deluxe motor coach with washroom. Call Sandy 604-535-6280






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FOUND: Child’s Scooter vic. 160th close to King George. Pls call (604)542-9973 to identify FOUND: pair of mens Nike golf shoes in a Nike bag. Found on Everall Street in White Rock. Call to identify 604-535-6491


LANGLEY BASED COMPANY looking for Super B Experienced Class 1 Driver for summer. This 2 month job can lead to full time employment. Fax resume and drivers abstract to: 604-513-8004



Become a Psychiatric Nurse train locally via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements, and some regional classroom delivery. Wages start at $29/hour. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Gov’t funding may be available. Toll-free: 1-87-STENBERG

DGS CANADA 2 DAY FORKLIFT WEEKEND COURSE No Reservations Needed Report to 19358 - 96 Ave., #215 Surrey, Saturday 8:30am 604-888-3008 “Preferred by Canadian Employers”

FOUND Photos - 1971 Wedding 604-536-6522 LOST: Men’s silver watch vicinity of West Beach boat launch (Firefighters Iron Cross & engraving on back) - approx. July 17th, 18th. Pls call (604)536-4067.


INTERIOR Heavy Equipment Operator School Train on full-size Excavators, Dozers, Graders,Loaders. Includes safety tickets. Provincially certified instructors. Government accredited. Job placement assistance. 1-866399-3853

Real Smart

Real Estate or Mortgage Broker Course 604.597-8925

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 127


EXPERIENCED HAIR STYLISTS F/T & P/T positions avail for chair rental located in S.Surrey/W.Rock. Please call 604-308-7204. TEEZERS HAIR STUDIO In Windsor Square. BE YOUR OWN BOSS. 2 chairs for rent. First month - Half Rent Free $640 per mo. incl. HST. For confidential interview call or text Rose @ 604-340-8975



A Rock $ Roll Attitude! Up to $800/Week!!!

10 F/T Openings Avail NOW! 40 hrs./wk - skip the rush hour. Great Team Environment. Quick learners welcome. Benefits Available

Call Jill 604 777 2195 Cleaning Supervisor-Inspect sites to confirm sites are completed to company standards. Train new staff. Schedule/Delegate duties. May perform certain cleaning duties to ensure deadlines are met. $17/hr F/T. Sales Rep-Promote sales, give presentations, estimates, monitor contracts/follow up. $18/hr F/T. Send resume-Envirosafe Janitorial Inc. #4-8456 129 A S. Sry, BC V3W 1A2. Fax, 604-507-7727. FLAGGERS NEEDED If not certified, training available for a fee. Call 604-575-3944 FULLTIME CAREGIVER for young male wheel-chair bound. Needs assist. in all activities of daily living. Wages negotiable. Please call Kahn 604-716-5671 LIVE-IN NANNY req, care for children aged 2 & 5, energetic, love children, cooking, laundry & cleaning, activities, preferably speaks second language: albanian. $8/hr, 40 hrs/week. Call 604-541-8301 or email resume to: MORINE & CO. Chartered Accountants - Small to mid-sized CA firm in White Rock area is looking to hire a quality assurance manager for F/S, file, GAAP/GAAS review and control, work flow and client management. Preferably a recent graduate from the CA or CGA programs, several years public practice experience is a must, a strong knowledge of current GAAP/GAAS is a must. Apply with resume and salary expectations to S. LANGLEY boarding kennel requires part-time assistants. Relevant experience working with dogs an asset. Please fax resume: 604856-7760

SUMMER WORK $16.25 base-appt. Ideal for students, no exp. nec. Conditions apply, flexible openings. 604-595-1040.



ATTENDANTS / COOKS SUPERVISORS Frankie’s Burger Enterprises Inc. dba Fatburger hiring for various locations in British Columbia; Vancouver, Langley, N. Van, Burnaby, White Rock, Squamish. Req’s Food Counter Attendants wages $10.31/hr, Grill Cooks wages $14.19/hr, Food Service Supervisors wages $12.81/hr. All 40hrs/wk + benefits. Apply by fax: 604-637-8874 or by email: DELI STAFF Required Part - Time for a well established EUROPEAN DELICATESSEN in White Rock. Must be fluent in English. No exp. nec. willing to train. Perm. long term position in a pleasant working enviro. No eves. or Sundays. Must live locally. Wolf’s Deli 604-531-5030



Exp’d energetic CDA req’d for modern computerized dental office in Langley. Proficiency in all aspects of Restorative pros oral/implant surgery and Dentrix Software (or comparable) is a major asset. F/T position starts ASAP. Please send cover letter/resume: Attn Yvonne: MOA: F/T exp’d MOA for busy specialist office. Must have strong computer skills, transcription 60 words+, Smart Series, and must have exc communication skills. Send resume & ref’s please to Box 250, c/o the Langley Times, 20258 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC, V3A 4E6



CHAMCO Industries Ltd has an immediate opening for a Service Technician in its Surrey location. Duties include, but are not limited to, the commissioning, maintenance and repair of pumps, compressors, and industrial air dryers. For further details of this posting, refer to



CNC MACHINIST - Experienced HOR/VERT MILL SETUP MACHINIST required for an INNOVATIVE,TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED & PROGRESSIVE SHOP. We need TEAM PLAYERS that are looking for PERSONAL & TECHNICAL GROWTH. If you desire to work for a cutting edge shop with endless opportunities, submit your resume to, or fax to 604-576-4181.

Excavator Operator CIVIL & PARK CONSTRUCTORS Seeks Excavator Operator for projects in the Vancouver area. Must have own vehicle. Min. 4 years experience in heavy equipment operation. Fulltime $23 - $28 (depending on experience) Plus OVERTIME & BENEFITS Fax resume to 604-507-4711 or Email:


Metro Roofing based in Langley B.C. requires exp. Flat Roofers, BUR, torch, single ply (TPO & PVC). Commercial and Industrial Projects.

LABOURERS Also required. Apprenticeship opportunity available.

Good Wages & Benefits. Call: 604.888.4856 Fax: 604.888.4827 E-mail: Serious Enquiries Only!

FOREMAN GRADEMAN MACHINE OPERATORS PIPELAYERS & LABOURERS Required by Established Construction & Development Co. The successful applicants must be exp’d in all facets of civil construction. We are looking only for committed individuals who are versatile, reliable and possess a positive attitude. Min 3 years exp and own transportation required. These are long-term positions. Medical / Dental available.


We are a great team of ladies who are enthusiastic, exp., reliable & detail oriented. Unique Taste, Unique Menus... Gourmet, customized menus tailored to your function! q Dinner Parties q Executive Meetings q Family Gatherings q Weddings / Banquets q B-B-Ques q Funerals We Come To You! Doing It All From Set-Up - Clean-Up.

We have a passion for cleaning & it shows in our high standards. We also love to do various other chores such as: dog walking, laundry, windows, grocery shopping & so much more!

Kristy 604.488.9161

Please call for free estimates


12 yrs serving White Rock S. Surrey area. Insured & Bonded. Competitive Rates.



ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704


AVOID BANKRUPTCY - SAVE UP TO 70% Of Your Debt. One affordable monthly payment, interest free. For debt restructuring on YOUR terms, not your creditors. Call 1-866-690-3328 or see web site: DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.

E & M MAINTENANCE WINDOW WASHING D Windows Out & In D Gutters cleaned In & Out D Pressure Washing, Snrs Disc. D Serving W. Rock for over 25 yrs D Lic. & WCB insured, Free Est.

METICULOUS & IMMACULATE. Chemical Free. 20 years exp. Exc. ref’’s. 604-763-8443; 604-542-4313

Peninsula Window Washing D Inside/Outside Windows D Fully Insured/Licensed D Free Estimates - Seniors Disc. D Friendly - Dependable D Quality Work- Reasonable rates

Mark (778)855-7038







AAH ABOVE ALL APPLS REPAIR Quality work. Also appls for sale. Elect & plumb serv 604-588-2828

Peace Arch Appliance Service to fridges, stoves, washers, dryers & dishwashers. Reasonable. Call Mark (604)536-9092



Nimbus Computing & Consulting Ltd. We are here to help simplify people’s lives

*Competitive Rates dependant on experience. *Medical Benefits.

through quality services.


~CHOICE CARPET CLEANING~ Free Estimates. Guaranteed Work! 604-897-6025 (24 hr) 788-688-0117




Herb Magic, Love, Money, Protection, Fidelity, Luck, Wishes. 604-531-1379


- Hardwood Floor Specialist -Installation, Sanding, Refinishing Express your unique and individual style with a custom stain. Dust free sanding. 778-995-Wood (9663). View our picture gallery at


D In Ground Sprinkler Systems D Prompt, professional installation D Complete Landscape Services

Call Wayne Today! Cell 604-803-5296



EVER - GRO LANDSCAPING ◆Lawn / Garden Care ◆ Hedge Trimming ◆ Power Raking ◆ Moss Control. Exc. Rates! 604-780-6079



Friendly Benjamin’s Drywall Service & Flatten Popcorn Ceilings 604-230-7928 or 604- 538-3796

Hedge Trimming ◆ Pruning ◆ Weeding

20 yrs exp F Hort Grad BCIT

Mike 604-671-3312 ** HON’S GARDEN SERVICE ** Lawn Maintenance, Power Raking Trimming, Pruning Garden clean-up New Sod, Weeding. Free Est. 604317-5328


Professional Services:

FREE Estimates Residential/Commercial Top quality customer service We care & respect your home

Soil, bark, Sand, Gravel etc. $25/yd + $50 del. Also, Property Maint. Services avail.Simon 604-230-0627


Look Who’s Hiring!

AAA Lawn


#1 QUALITY WORK, Big or sm. Exp. Electrician avail. Reas.rates.604-773-0341. Lic#9902 ALL JOBS Big or Small. Panels, lighting, plugs, fans, hot tubs etc. Guaranteed work. 604-539-0708 Cell 604-537-1773 Lic. 26110 ALL JOBS welcome. Your trouble shooting expert. Tel/Cable incl. *Seniors Discount* Work guaranteed. Insured & Bonded. GWN Electric. 604-862-9650 Lic#99986 COM/RES. Electrical Contractor for maint/renos/upgrades. Prof./friendly & reliable. Call Vern, 604-538-2373. LC# 92338. DM ELECTRIC. Licensed ~ Bonded ~ Insured. Full Renos & Upgrades. Residential ~ Commercial ~ Maint. Putting the customer first. Lic# 103993 ~ 604-616-3134 OCEAN PARK ELECTRIC Small Jobs. Reasonable Rates. Elec. Heat, Lighting % Seniors Discount % Call (604)591-7621

*Pruning *Weeding *Power Raking *Aerating * Mowing *Yard Clean-ups White Rock Owned & Operated Since 1991


Commercial & Residential Hot-tubs Service & Panel upgrades, Renovations Guart. work. Licensed/bonded BBB app. No job too small

✶ LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION ✶ Maintenance ✶ New Lawns ✶ Retaining Walls ✶ Pavers ✶ Triming ✶ Pruning ✶ Bark Mulch ✶ Bed Wedding


604 - 961 - 8595

6 FT FENCING, Retaining Walls, Blacktop/Concrete driveway’s, Reno’s, Roofing & Bobcat Service. Gaary Landscaping (604)889-8957 MCPHAIL Brothers Fence & Gate All types of fence: chain link, wood, ornamental, custom gate & gate automation. 604-585-6644

◆ Natural & Cultured Stone Masonry ◆ Retaining Walls ◆ Paving Stones ◆ Fencing ◆ Driveway & Patio Sealing All Other Landscaping Needs. FREE ESTIMATES

Alpine Landscaping



778.277.4745 SPENCER

SCOTGUARD 24 hr. electrical services


Browse through’s career and employment listings in the 100’s.

A Cut Above Yard Maintenance



ATTN: GARDEN GIRLS There is nothing like the “Garden Girls” to maintain your garden beds. We’ll give it a face lift that will turn people’s heads!!


Garden Clean-up/maint. Redesigning D Soil Pruning D Planting Vacation watering

op.Double G Landscaping 604-542-9029, 604-838-8341

SUPREME HEDGES ++ ✗ TREE Pruning & Sculpting ✗ Hedge Repair ✗ Pro-Climber ✗ Gardening & Landscaping

PROMPT & AFFORDABLE *Seniors Disc. * Insured *22 yrs

604-513-8524 WEED FREE MUSHROOM Manure 15 yds - $110 or Well Rotted 10yds - $125 Free delivery in Surrey. (604)856-8877

Email: Web: 14366 Blackburn Ave. 604-345-4879

#1 Residential Cleaner $22/hr. w/ supplies, 7 yrs. exp. refs. bondable. Make ur home shine! 778.386.5476


LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB? Use - Employment Section 100’s

Will tell your - Past Present-Future. She will not ask your problems She will tell-you-helps with depression-Family quarrels, removes Ja-doo-aura-cleansing. Tells your enemies by name. Couples trying to conceive. Reunites loved ones. Most problems solved in 24 hrs. 3 readings for $25: All readings private. Call today


- Free Est - Pick up/Drop off - In home setup - Hardware & Software - Remote support - Operating system repair - Virus, adware, spyware removal - Custom built computer + more -


Danny 604 - 307 - 7722

Driveway removing, trenching & concrete breakers, drain tile, septic install & repairs. Oil tank removal. 20yrs. exp. Gd rates 604-250-6165






Evergreen Bobcat & Mini Excavator

We are now hiring for various jobs in the Greater Vancouver District

Psychic Sephia Palm & Tarot Card Reader


FPatios FPool Decks FSidewalks FDriveways FForming FFinishing FRe & Re All Your Concrete Needs 30yrs exp. Quality workmanship Fully Insured

BOBCAT & MINI-EXCAVATOR Concrete Breaking, Post Hole Auger, Driveways Stump Removal, Excavation 604-541-1557 Gord 604-328-8360

REINFORCING PLACERS Experienced Reinforcing Steel Installers Required.



ALL Concrete Brick, Block & Stonework. Good job - Good price. Call Enzio (604)594-1960 CONCRETE Work. Remove & Replace. Specializing in driveway, patios, etc. All types of finishes. FREE Estimates. 604-996-6878. DO YOU HAVE sunken concrete? Don’t tear it up, raise it up and save money. Sidewalks, driveways, steps, patio and garage. Acme Pro Concrete Lifting Inc. 604-626-4930


FULL-TIME LABOURER required immediately. Welding & pipe laying experience preferred. E-mail resume: or Fax: 604-513-9821




YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

F/T Contract Supervisor-Build/install interior finishing. Requisition materials/supplies. Ensure standards for safe working cond. Prepare schedules/reports. $28/hr. Email, or 123-13065 84 Ave Surrey V3W1B3

Please visit: and fill out the online application


Eric 604-541-1743

ADVANCED FOOT CARE “because feet shouldn’t hurt” home visits and facilities 604-864-8580

Please fax a detailed resume with references to: (604)534-8469 or Email to:


Complete Maid Services for you and your family








A MAID TO CLEEN For all Your Cleaning Needs! Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly Excellent Refs & Rates. Move In/Out. Carpet Cleaning, pressure wash, New Const., Res./Comm., offices Welcome! Lic., Bonded/Insured. CLEANING LADY ~ reliable, prof., will clean your home, office. 10 years exp. Reasonable rates. Excellent references. 778-960-9865 DETAILED



Efficient, Reliable, Exc. References. 18 yrs exp. Ivet: 778-235-4070.


Call 778-883-4262 “We enjoy leaving your home bright & clean”

Home, Garden & Design Solutions

FREE ESTIMATES Complete Garden / Landscape Designs & Makeovers New Homescapes • Outdoor Living Spaces • Gardening Brick / Block • Retaining Walls • Pavers • Cultured Stone Pillars • Gates • Driveways • Masonry Lighting / Sprinkler / Drainage Systems Lawn Installations • Pruning • Weeding • Clean-Ups Residential Maintenace Programs • Landscape Products Fencing • Home Improvements • Handyman Services

BBB • WCB • Fully Insured • 20 Years

One Call Does It All B.C.’s Premier Full Service Home Renovation & Landscaping Company



Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010






▲ Joes External Roof Cleaning Roof Washing Specialist. Gutter & Window Cleaning. * Fully Insured * Licensed * Bonded 21 yrs. exp. Joe 778-773-5730







Housekeeping Services - Cleaning, Dishes, Laundry, Insured, Bonded, WCB Call 778-772-2628

1 Room $79 Ask our Customers about our Quality Work & Laminate floors! CALL DAVE:



INTERIOR/EXTERIOR, Repairs & Reno’s, Sundecks & Additions, New Homes

HANDYMAN. Very reliable. 20 yrs exp. Senior’s discount. Make a list. CAN DO IT ALL! 604-866-4977







Per Molsen 604-575-1240

For All Your Renovation Needs

Popcorn Ceilings Are Very UGLY

Geo Pacific Enterprises Ltd.

They are impossible to clean and always loaded with cob webs, even when painted still look dirty. We can give you a beautiful, clean, flat ceiling, lovely to look at & will modernize your home.

Serving White Rock & area for over 20 years - Free Est.

CALL FRIENDLY BENJAMIN 604-230-7928 or 604-538-3796

Residential & Commercial


S Dependable S Affordable S Professional

SPECIALIZNG IN: Vinyl and Wood decks.

Call 604-807-0979

Renovations & Repairs Local handyman avail. for painting, moulding & millwork, laminate flooring, tile work etc. No job too small. Reasonable Rates. Call Peter 604-807-7946 or 604-536-4665

Repair/replace or custom build.

Call Peter 604-541-8841


A SEMI-RETIRED CONTRACTOR. Specializing in Renovation’s. Available for work. 604-532-1710 BRIAN’S HANDYMAN SERVICE & Montego Design

Blake and his Dad make a positive difference in your life by providing quality workmanship delivered with integrity.

Repairs, Remodeling Bath, Kitchen, bsmt reno’’s Windows & Decks Electrical & Plumbing Baseboards & Moulding’s & Ceramics Free Est. Work guaranteed!

British Construction Old Country tradesmen Retirement was boring No job too small

Interior/Exterior. FREE Estimates. Quality job. Fully insured - WCB Please call Sonly.

10% on your first job Call 604-593-0422 DECKS - R - US. Sundecks by exp. European craftsman. Interior home Renos. Kitchen/bath/bsmt. Insured. Ivan 778-549-6858 Good Quality, Good Serv. & Good Prices. Reno’s, Repairs, Additions. Int/Ext. Martin 778-858-0773.

WHITE ROCK PAINTING - Since 1981 Clean, professional work Free No Pressure Estimates * Brush / Roll or Spray

STONE F BRICK F TILE Installation & Repairs. European Trained / 20yrs exp. References. 604-306-5389


Bill Mutch 604-538-4408 604-833-1448

MOVING & STORAGE Moving & Storage Visa OK. 604-628-7136 AAA ADVANCE MOVING Experts in all kinds of moving/packing. Excellent Service. Reas. rates! Different from the rest. 604-861-8885 A AMC MOVING. Professional movers. *Big/small *local/long distance. Insured, great rates. Free est. 778-888-9628


For all your decorating needs why not call a Master Painter?


Dan Laybourn Paint Contracting

Local & Long Distance

36 Years Experience All Aspects of Painting Int./Ext. Com/Residential Gutter & Window Cleaning also available. Free Estimates We will pay 1/2 of the HST on Residential Contracts.


From 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 Ton Trucks Insured ~ Licenced ~ 1 to 3 Men Free estimate/Seniors discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos


Call 604-607-6659




10% OFF if you Mention this AD! AMAN’S PLUMBING SERVICES Lic.gas fitter. Reas $. 778-895-2005 $38/HR! Clogged drains, drips, garbs,sinks, toilets, installs & more. 24/7 Emergencies. 778-888-9184. AT PANORAMA PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS SERVICES. Jobs Small-Big, Res/Com 604-818-7801




Same day serv. avail 604-724-6373

Pressure Washing & Cleaning Serv. Gutters, Decks, Driveways. Insured, Bonded, WCB, Ref’s. 604-833-1462

#1 Roofing Company in BC

INTERVAN PAINTING * Painting Contractor


Repairs, renovations, additions painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry & much more Servicing BC since 1980 Reasonable rates - Free est. NO JOB TOO SMALL

Specializing in:

SPRUCE UP WITH US. Powerwashing, Sealing Concrete Driveways. Insured, WCB. 604-341-9087

Big or Small. Safe & Reliable. Full Packing avail. 7 days/week. WCB Approved. Seniors Disc. Free in-home Quotes

Call Dave: 604-862-9379

Handyman Services

David 604-779-5320



Complete Additions, Reno’s, New Construction, Custom Concrete, Stairs, Retaining Walls, Sundecks, Skylights Excellent References Call Dale 604-767-4419






1 CALL ABOVE all Handyman Serv Elect,. Plumb, Appls, Gen Repairs, No job too small. Sell repair & install major appls. Also do kitchen, baths, bsmt, renos. 604-588-2828. A1 BATH RENO’S. Bsmt suites, drywall, patios, plumbing, siding, fencing, roofing, landscaping, etc. Joe 604-961-9937 or 604-581-3822 CLASSIFIED A D S MEAN MORE BUSINESS PHONE 604-575-5555



Cell 604-317-7377 or Home 604-535-2644 Locally Owned/Operated SPARTAN Moving Ltd. Fast & Reliable. Insured Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. Call Frank: (604) 435-8240

329 PAINTING & DECORATING A-OK PAINTING Forget the Rest Call The Best! Harry 604-617-0864



* Residential / Commercial * New construction * Re-paint Interior / Exterior We provide the hi-end quality. Price includes HST WCB, Insured, Free Est’s! Call Henry 778-288-4560 MESA PAINTING INTERIOR and EXTERIOR Quality work at reas rates.Free Estimates. Michael (cell) 604-724-7458

MILANO PAINTING 604 - 551- 6510 Interior & Exterior S S S S

Professional Painters Free Estimates Written Guaranteed Bonded & Insured


Quality Work, Free Estimates Member of Better Business Bureau WCB INSURED

All types of Roofing Over 35 Years in Business

BBB • WCB • Fully Insured • 20 Years

One Call Does It All B.C.’s Premier Full Service Home Renovation & Landscaping Company




D Conversion from cedar to Asphalt, Shingles, Fibreglass D 30, 40, 50 years Warranty D WCB, BBB, Liability Ins. Free Estimates. Call Gary 604-599-5611 OR Visit



Best Local Roofs & Repairs Great price refs Paul 604-328-0527 EAST WEST ROOFING & SIDING CO. Roofs & re-roofs. BBB & WCB. 10% Discount, Insured. Call 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437

WINDOW & HOUSE CLEANING, sidewalk power sweeping. 604-584-6580

PETS 453


Self Horse Board, S Surrey, Hazelmere area. $100/mo per horse. (778)986-7798 or 778-668-9493.









Interior/Exterior Quality Work Residential Free Estimates!


Showroom: Unit 62 - 15515 24th Ave. (at King George Hwy.) Tel: 604-538-9622

Looking for a “SUPER” employee? Advertise in the best-read community newspapers 604-575.5555


AMERICAN BULLDOG pups, p/b, eye patches, 5 wks, ready to go. $550/each. (604)793-8659 BERNESE Mountain Dog Pups. Champion line, training. $1500. 604-740-0832 or 604-740-2986. BERNESE MTN DOG X 1/4 Goldnen Rtrv pups, $850 obo. 604-7206484, for pics BLACK LAB PUPS - 8 wks. Vet check, dewormed. $400 each. Call 604 576 0482. CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. For info 604-309-5388 / 856-4866


“White Rock & South Surrey’s Leading Renovator since 1989”

Let MPB make your renovation dreams come true!


A-1 Ceramics, Marble, Glass blocks etc. Install/Repair. Res./Comm. Free Est. 20 years exp. Peter’s Tile (604)209-0173 TILE/LAMINATE SPECIALIST With Design Expertise. Grout color adjustment & restoration.16 yrs on the Peninsula. No Job Too Small. Free Est. Perry 604-538-6976


Make us your first call! Reasonable Rates. Fast, Friendly & Reliable Service.

“Georgie” award finalist-best kitchen 2008 & 2009 In-house design team and cabinet shop




Designing and renovating new kitchens, bathrooms, basements, house make-overs and additions since 1989

359 SAND, GRAVEL & TOPSOIL LITTLE LOAD SPECIALIST. Sand & gravel delivered. Small orders welcome. Topsoil available. Call (604) 532-0662 days/eves.

RELIABLE, ESTABLISHED, exc. refs. Best Care Dog Walker 604340-8400


Kitchens • Bathrooms • Renovations • Additions Outdoor Living Spaces • Suites • Custom Homes Flooring • Hardwood • Tiles • Laminate Sundecks • Patios • Arbours • Pergolas Pillars • Gates • Driveways • Masonry Brick / Block • Retaining Walls • Pavers • Cultured Stone Roofing • Windows / Doors • Framing • Fencing Complete Renovations • Handyman Services & More Gardening • Landscaping

WORLD’S CHEAPEST Rubbish Removal from $40: Seriously - Check with me first Rob - 604-835-5991

ALL TYPES OF ROOFING. Est. 20 yrs Asphalt, Shingles, Cedar. Clean gutters $80. Gurpal 604-240-5362

Vincent 543-7776








Interior / Exterior Renovation Specialists

Home, Garden & Design Solutions


Call for your FREE ESTIMATE


Steve Pendlington Licensed  Liability Insured  Member of Worksafe BC 


ALLAN CONST. & Asphalt. Brick, concrete, drainage, foundation & membrane repair. (604)618-2304 ~ 604-820-2187.

Licensed, Insured, WCB

Receive 10% off with this ad Free Est.


ABOVE THE REST “ Int. & Ext., Excellent Prices, Res/Comm. Free Est. Written Guarantee. No Hassle, Quick Work, Insured, WCB. Call (778)997-9582


✔ Basement suites, decks ✔ Bathrooms,Kitchens ✔ Finishing work & moulding



(778)997-5757, (604)587-5991


Foundation, Framing, Roofing Siding, Stucco, Drywall, Paint Plumbing, Electrical Driveways, Paving, Fences



Call Blake or Brian (604)816-1653

604-536-4849 / 604-802-3455


DEMOLITION / RUBBISH Removal Remove: concrete / drywall / stucco trees/junk. Best Deal 604-773-9479

Almost for free! Dave FREE Estimates ◆ Driveways ◆ Wall Caping ◆ Staircases ◆ Concrete Work ◆ Retaining Walls ◆ Chimneys ◆ Fireplaces ◆ Cultured Stone ◆ Concrete Cutting ◆ Walkways ◆ Natural Stone ◆ Stone Facings ◆ Patios ◆ Masonry Repairs ◆ Planter Walls ◆ Brick & Block Bobcat & Disposal Service 604-671-4953

D interior & exterior renovation D rot repair & restoration D Decks D Fences & much more free estimates.

Call Brian 604-787-2946 Call Michael 778-554-5200




Custom Paint

• Kitchen • Bath • Flooring • Complete Interiors

• Interior & Exterior • Free Estimates

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“An investment in Quality”

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News MERCHANDISE FOR SALE 542


Local raspberries/blueberries $9.99 flat. Straw/Raspberry U-Pick .99¢/lb U-Pick Blueberries avail. 5180-152 St. Surrey Farms. 604-574-1390

12622-26th Ave. Sat. July 24 9am - 1pm MOVING SALE Small appl., Furniture, Clothing etc. 12713 24TH AVE Garage Sale Saturday July 24, 8:30-12:00 Desk, luggage, Christmas ornaments, household items - Great prices

14089 - 18TH AVE Sat July 24, 9am-2pm. A great variety of unique items. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

14151 - 23 A Ave. Sat. & Sun. July 24th & 25th 9am - till done Multi-Family Sale Art, Furniture, Tons of Stuff!!

MOVING / GARAGE SALE Sat & Sun July 24 & 25 9:00 - 2:00

15524 - Madrona Dr. White Rock Sat. July 24th 8am-3pm Collectable’s, Furniture, 5 gal hot water tank, China, Books, etc. 2584 - 162A St. Sat. July 24, 9am - 3pm Collectable’s, Wooden table with 4 chairs with wrought iron Baker’s Rack, Dishes, odds & ends.

Garage Sale 1117 Parker St. Sat. July 24th, 9am - 3pm GARAGE SALE: 3551 Rosemary Hts Cres. S. Surrey. Saturday, July 24 - 8am to 11:30. Appls, Household items, toys, book and misc.

Huge Multi-Family Yard Sale 14749 Vine Ave

Sat. & Sun. July 24 & 25 ~ 8 to 3


Toys, clothes, bedding, furniture, etc.

MOVING SALE 16687 - 18th Ave. South Surrey Sat. / Sun. July 24 & 25 9am -3pm Furniture, Lamps, Books, Motorcycle parts, Skis, Dishes, Baby items, Household items etc. CLASSIFIED ADS MEAN MORE BUSINESS

OCEAN PARK Garage Sale Sat/Sun, July 24 & 25, 9am-4pm

132B Street & Marine Drive Pebble Creek Estates Multi-Unit Sale 16335-14th Ave. S. Surrey Sat. July 24, 8am -12 noon only S. Surrey 180 St. & 20 Ave multifamily sale rain or shine. Follow pink balloons Sat 24 July 9am-4pm

S. SURREY. 2 Family Sale Sat. July 24th ~ 9 to 3 pm. Toys & household items. 12676 19A Ave. No early birds S SURREY, Garage Sale. 1477 134A St. Sat. 8:30-3. 600+ books, games, ornaments, china, jewellery S.Surrey


Saturday, July 24th, 8am-2pm 13928 19A Ave.

Multi Family Garage Sale 14573 & 14736 - 17th Ave. Saturday - July 24th 8am ........

Sat. July 24th, 8 -3pm Lots of Clothes, Kids & Adults, H/hold items, Toys, Furniture, Must sell everything!!!

WHITE ROCK, ESTATE SALE, 103-2511 King George Blvd. Sat. Sun. July 24 & 25, 8-3. Furn. crystal

PETS 477


CHIHUAHUA, tiny teacup female, 11mos, $700, Pomeranian toy, male, 4mos, $700. (604)794-7347. COLLIE pups 2 male, smart/beautiful, CKC reg. tattoo vet chk 1st shots eye test $1000 604-864-6477 CUTE GENTLE SPOTTED male tabby, 10 weeks old , vet ✓ free to good home, refs. 604-531-5615 ENGLISH BULL TERRIER 6 yr old female, spayed, shots etc. free to good home (604)226-4303 ENGLISH MASTIFF. Gorgeous huge male pup, registered. $1250. vet chk’d, 11 wks. 604-858-6779 ENGLISH MASTIFF lg. p/b pups. Rare, apricot color & fawn. Shots, declawed. Ready now. F-$900; M-$1100. Call 604-769-1234 FILA / MASTIFF GUARD DOGS. Excellent Loyal Family Pet, all shots Great Protectors! Ph 604-817-5957. FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES, reg. micro chip, health guarant’d. 1st shot vet ✔ $1900 778-908-9172 GERMAN SHEPHERD Reg’d puppies, top quality German & Czech working bloodlines. Excellent for pets & protection. 604-856-8161. GERMAN SHEPHERDS: One F, 2 Puppies, 1M, 1F, 1st shots, dewormed. $550. 778-863-6332. Golden Retrievers, unreg., ready to go, vet check, shots, dewormed. $500. (604)796-2474

PETS 477

STANDARD poodle black puppies. CKC registered purebred, family raised, exceptional temperament. $1300. 250-832-8032 or ST-BERNARD-CROSS (6) white & brown puppies. 3 females, 3 male. Father full St-Bernard. Mother 1/2 St- Bernard 1/2 Bernese Mountain dog 8 wks old. $500. 604-462-7929 Tabby Kittens (2) and 2 black kittens, 8wks, vet check, 1st shots. $50/each. Call (604)796-2462 YORKIE PUPPIES: 1 fem, 1 males, fam raised, 10 wks, 1st shots, great condo dog, $900. (604)856-7615

Pug Type Boxer Type Pug X Boston Terrier Pekingese Type Persian Type Kittens

All Petland puppies are vet inspected & come w/vaccinations up to date, a spay / neuter incentive, health guar., training DVD & more! KITTENS, Adorable Rag Doll P/B. 8 wks. vet checked. Mom/Dad on site. $500 ea. Call (778)891-9955 LAB PUPS CKC Reg’d, 3 yellow 4 blk. Champ. blood lines, 1st shots, dewormed, tattooed, vet ✔. $800/ ea Ready Aug.8 604-857-9192. Lab Pups, Silver / Charcoal RARE! PB, vet chd, vacc, social, quiet temp. $800. (778)549-8621 PIT BULL PUPPIES. 8 Weeks old, 2 males, 3 females. Please contact 778-829-4453.

VITAL BERRIES INC. On Sale Now Fresh Local Berries incl. Spray Free Blueberries!!!

The Largest Garage Sale of the Year! In support of Small Ritual Coffee Society Saturday July 24th 9am-2pm Morgan Elementary 3366 156A St. Surrey White Rock

GARAGE SALE Sat. July 24, 9 - 4 p.m. 1515 - 133B St. China cabinet, double & single beds, small furniture, electronics, TV & DVD player, lots of designer clothing, books & much more.

2 Locations to serve you: 17423 - 8th Ave. 1975 - 232nd St. 778-86Berry 778-862-3779



AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!



Large Multi Family Sale 14516 SUNSET LANE Sat July 24, 9am - 3pm Antiques, collectibles, furniture, burl coffee tables, china, lots of frames, etc.

Sat July 24, 8am-3pm.


HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837


UNDER $200

FOOSEBALL TABLE - New cond. Pub Quality. Pd over $400: Sell for $150/obo. (604)531-3361 HEAVY DUTY Commercial Deep Freeze - mid size, $175: (604)535-7797 Powerful Computer - $200: Windows 7, Sound, DVD, MS discs *Flat Screens Mike 604-808-3850


UNDER $300

2 LEATHER LAZYBOY CHAIRSTaupe colour. $300 for both. (604)536-8041


PIANO KIMBALL UPRIGHT, very good condition, wonderful mellow tone $650 obo (604)826-5585


REAL ESTATE 612 BUSINESSES FOR SALE AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!



CLOVERDALE, brand new house, 9 bdrms, 5 baths, 4 kitchens, granite cntrs, hrdwd flrs, $610,000 incl tax. 604-785-1410 / 604-572-7574.


23 X 19” h, Round Wicker Table, double braided with bottom shelf. Tan. Exc. cond. $23: 604-538-6221 LOVE SEAT & Bed Chesterfield avail. (great shape!) Seagreen/Blue fabric. $49.99/obo. (604)536-5419

CHERRY JUBILEE Sour Cherries 2017 - 272 St., Aldergrove. Wk. ends 8 - 5 / Wk. days 8 - 2 Call to Order: 604-856-5844


BLUEBERRIES $9.99/flat Rai’s Colebrook Farming 14176 Colebrook Rd. 604-599-3516, 778-878-4650

S.SURREY, lovely well kept 3 bdrm, 2 storey house, on quiet culde-sac, new roof, flrs etc. Rare lrg lot, S facing yrd, deck & shed. $565,000.778-218-9637/ 232-3469



* SELL YOUR HOME FAST * Buying Any Price, Cond., Location. NO COMMISSIONS ~ NO FEES ~ No Risk Home Buying Centre (604)435-5555


Older Home? Damaged Home? Need Repairs? Behind on Payments? Quick CASH! Call Us First! 604.657.9422

South Surrey: Luxury Condo in Retirement Res. 2 bdrms/2 bths, full kitchen, w/d. Bus to malls. Cleaning & meal pkgs avail. & casino bus at door!! $2500/mo. (604)539-1762 SOUTH SURREY - NEW 2 bdrm 2 bath condo, 5 appl. n/p. n/s. $1550 mo. Avail. Sept. 1st. 2nd floor- 2970 King George Hwy. Call Perry at (604) 617-6487 S. SURREY, 1 bdrm. Sub-let. Avail. July 31. 1st mo. $500. Off 18th Ave. $925 mo. H/W floors, balcony, pool, u/g sec. prkg. 604-560-0795 btwn 6:30pm & 9:30pm or 250-764-7653 anytime S. SURREY. Newer 1 bdrm + den, 6 appl, f/p, u/g parking, clubhouse, fitness facility. Nr all amen. Aug 1 or Sept. 1. Ns/np. $1100/mo. 604763-2711 WHITE ROCK. 1331 Merklin. 1 bdrm, gr floor, complete update, $850 & 2 bdrm, incl heat, cable & prkg. Adult oriented. Avail. Aug 1st. $985/mo. N/S, N/P. 604-535-0925. WHITE ROCK 152/18 Ave. 2 bdrm, newly reno’d, ctrl loc. $1000 incl prkg, avl now, pet ok. 604-626-2627 WHITE ROCK. 2 bdrm, 1 bath. Nr Mall. $1185 incl heat/hotwater, lam flrs. Senior oriented. NS/NP.604536-9565 or 778-385-9565 WHITE ROCK: 2 BDRM, 2 bath, s/s appl, granite countertops, 5 min walk to beach. w/d, Lrg balcony $1450: n/p, n/s. Avail. Aug 16. 604505-1476 or 604-897-6976



CRESCENT BEACH Cottage, Rent Sept. through June. Furnished. $1300/mo incl. utils, yard maintenance & property manager close by. (604)541-5437



SOUTH SURREY: 3bdrm, lwr lvl, gas f/p,156 & 20 $950mo+utils. n/p. Aug 1. 604-538-0144 / 802-4331 S. SURREY, SXS with bsmt, 3 bdrm, liv rm & din. rm, 1.5 baths, ensuite, appls, nice b. yrd, cls to all aments, lease, refs, $1300. Phone 604-200-1931 leave msg.



3 BDRM, 2 bth top floor 1/2 duplex, bot. suite rented. 1500.00 incl. util. 2 sm. fenced yards. Easy access from 2 sep. road entries, plenty of parking and storage. Close elem. and high school, beach, shopping and bus.Pets ok with sep. dep. Avail. Aug 15/Sept.1. 604-535-1538 ALDERWOOD - White Rock. Bright clean & spacious, large 3 bdrm. Townhouse, 1.5 baths. Full bsmt. 5 appl., v blinds, carpet, $1450/mo. N/s. Avail. Aug. 1st. 604-250-6652. CRESCENT BEACH. 3 bdrm 2.5 bath, furn country style, f/p, avail Sept. 2010 - June 2011. $2000 + utils. NS/NP Refs. 604-542-9578. CRESCENT BEACH. Fully furnished 2 bdrm, 2 bath. All utils incl. N/P. N/S. $1350/mo. Avail. Sept. to July. Call 1-360-772-8088 CRESCENT HTS. 2 bdrm rancher on lrg lot, nr beach, bus, shops, $1350 Aug.1 Aft 6pm 604-535-2925

WHITE ROCK Brand new 1 bdrm with stainless steel appli’s incl microwave, washer & dryer, f/p, heat/h.water, sec prk, suit 1 person, ns/np. Avail now. 604-240-8571.


Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley

689 WHITE ROCK SOUTH SURREY CRESCENT HTS. 1700 sq ft Rancher 4/bdrms, 2/bthrms, 7350 sq ft lot. 50 x 147 ft. Close to all amenities. 5 min. walk to Crescent Beach. Reduced to $499,000. 604-535-9182 or 604-908-5567



WHITE ROCK, Casabella, 5 corners. Bachelors & 1 bdrms. $700 $850. Incl cable. h/water. N/S. Sml pet considered. 15391 Buena Vista Ave. Sml. quiet bldg. 2nd flr, walkup. Hardwood flrs. 604-803-2005. White Rock. EXECUTIVES 2/bdrm, 2/bath, fully furnished. JUST BRING SUITCASE. Insuite laundry, pool, sauna, hottub, prkg & more. Ns/np, lease rates. 604-880-8785 WHITE ROCK

OCEAN VIEW! Quiet lifestyle with a view. Beautiful, large 1 & 2 bedroom suites available. Close to Semiahmoo Mall, rec. centers, transit and White Rock beach. Nestled in a park like setting, with some suites cat friendly, it’s a must see. To view call 604-531-9797 or email and ask for Suada.

Bridge Lake & Deka Lake 604-880-2625 West Pro Properties Ltd.



CRESTWOOD MANOR 1321 Foster St. 1 Bdrm $850/mo. Aug 1st. 1 Bdrm $850/mo. Sept 1st.

WHITE ROCK PACIFIC VIEW CONDOS Suites available. Some reno’d. Pacific Avenue Condos. 5 appl’s, 2 bdrms, 2 baths, heat, hot water & gas incl’d. Avail. Now or Aug. 1. From $1400. No smoking no pets

Call Jennifer 778-881-3402 WHITE ROCK

In well maintained, newly updated building. Heat, hot water and secured u/g parking stalls incl. No pets, no BBQ’s.

Quiet, well kept building. Hot water included. Close to shops, bus, hospital. N/P.

Call: 604-760-7882

1 Bdrm $850/mo on 4th Floor Avail Sept 1st


S. SURREY 5 bdrm., executive, completely reno, quiet c.d.s. Mature gardens, gourmet kitchen, Nanny suite, $869,000. Open house July 24 & 25, 1-5. 14562 16A Ave. (1 block to all amens.) 604-512-4255 Agents welcome


WHITE ROCK. Bachelor suite. Avail immed. $600/mth. incl heat, hot water & basic cable. Sorry no pets. Phone 604-538-8408.


FLEETWOOD/TYNEHEAD 8650 156 St. Bsmt entry home. 3074 sq.ft. 9257 sq.ft. fully fncd lot. Main flr has 3 bdrms, 2 full baths, fam/rm, 2 f/p’s lrg sundeck. Crown mouldings thru out. Grnd lvl flr has 2 + 1 bdrm stes. Ea with sep entry’s. All on heated 4’ crawlspace. SAVE $20,000. (604) 595-5678 or 351-4421.



WHITE ROCK. Bachelor ste on 3rd flr, $705/mo. Clean quiet, adult oriented bldg. 1 yr lease. N/S N/P. Incl. hot water/heat. 604-560-9841

615 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY WHITE ROCK: For Sale. Commercial/Retail. 5 corners. 1300 / 2214 s/f. Financing avail. 604-996-9887.


WHITE ROCK area: Spac 1 bdrm & den suite. Walk to malls, bus, rest; large patio. In-ste lndry. $1250/mo gas incld. N/P, N/S. 604-531-9457.

BEAUTIFUL CURIO / CHINA CABINET - 80” tall x 28” wide, 4 glass shelves, light, curved glass sides & full length glass dr.

(604)576-1897 lve msg


UNDER $100



862 - Maple Street.

Brand NEW Norco Womens Mountain Bike. Pd $400 asking $300 obo 778-294-0568, 778-878-6247


633 MOBILE HOMES & PARKS MOBILE HOMES. Need a home. Financing available. Occupancy ready with down payment. Merritt, B.C. $45,900 & up. Also mobile home lots available.1-800-361-8111

AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

A huge variety of new & used footwear, some jewelry & household misc. etc. N.E.B.


Pls call 1-250-738-0642 leave message

RFR lot 560 sq. metres $360,000: (NO HST) can accom. 3700 sf home with basement, prime subdivision lot w/south facing backyard, 50 ft front Oa Ave, & 172A Includes small house on lot 604-599-1646 or 604-538-3237

USED MOBILITY AIDS Scooters, Walkers, Lift Chairs, Pwr/Wheelchairs. 604.539.8200.


BURIAL PLOT IN Victory Memorial Park Cemetery - Section 66, Row E, Lot 17. Valued at $4,000: Asking $3,000/obo. Sold Out Section

604-535-9182 or 604-908-5567


8 ft x 5 ft Jordan carpet, white wool rug. Both items are pristine. $300 each or best offer.

WEEKLY AUCTION seeks quality antiques, collectibles & estates. 604818-9473


CRESCENT HTS. Single family, 9650 sq ft lot. 50 x 193 ft. Can build 3500 sq ft home + bsmt. Close to all amenities. 5 min. walk to Crescent Beach. Reduced to $399,000.


WANTED GOOD USED newer fridges, stoves, washers & dryers. $ for some. Call (604)536-9092




COBRA SHOPRIDER SCOOTER Used 3 months. Like new. Excellent cond. $2,200 OBO. 604-786-1713



Grandview Petland #10 – 2215 160 St, Surrey 604-541-2329


NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! or call: 604856-3647. SIBERIAN/LAB pups. 3M, 3F, 1st vac, family raised, paper train, born May 31. $400. 604-835-3952


14320 29A Ave.



Furniture ( 2 recliners ) Etc, Household Items, Linens, Toys, Comp. Printers & Games, Tools, Clothing, Bar-B-Que, NEW Jewelry, and MUCH MORE ........

(By Centennial Park)


Olhausen 4 X 8, 2” slate pool table w/ceiling lamp, cues & cue rack, furniture, sofa bed, toys & many misc. household items.

15316 Royal Ave W.Rock Moving Sale. Sat & Sun, July 24 & 25, 9am-3pm. Rain or shine. No reasonable offered refused.

Advertise across the lower mainland in the 17 best-read community newspapers.




Great location. Family complex. 1 & 2 bdrm units avail immed. Near schools, shop & bus. Security Card Access.

Call 604-589-5693

RESORT STYLE LIVING 1 bdrm., 1 bath, furn. condo. 3rd flr., great Las Vegas strip view. Tile flr., granite tops, W/D Roman tub, f/p, vaulted ceil., complex pool, spa, gym, all in walking dist. to LV Strip. $150K

James 702-205-7227 Golden Rlty. SKYLINE APTS. WHITE ROCK 15321 Russell Ave 1 MONTH FREE RENT!! CALL FOR DETAILS Nice quiet building. 1 & 2 bdrm suites. Includes: Hot water, cable, underground parking, video surveillance. NO PETS CALL 604-536-8499

Call 604-538-4599 Tenants Houses/Condos/Townhouses Rental units available now

Alfred 604-889-6807 Office: 604-534-7974 Ext: 205 OCEAN PARK - 2179 sqft, 3 BR, 3 bath. Recently reno’d. Avail Aug 1. $2600/mo plus util. 604-535-3544

OCEAN PARK 2 Level 3 bdrm, 1.5 baths, h/w flrs, new appl. sec. syst. ocean view from deck. Avail. Aug. 1st. $2200/mo n/s, sm. pet considered. 3 bdrm, 2 bath updated rancher, family room, Priv. yard, $2200/mo. n/s, small pet considered. Avail. Aug. 15th. Cozy 2 bdrm Rancher with great ocean view. H/W floors, new appl. $1700/mo. n/s. Small pet considered. Avail. Sept. 1st. (604)728-1436

WHITE ROCK, Roper/George. 1 bdrm & solarium, ocean view condo, top floor. N/S. Cat neg. Incl h/w, heat & prkg. $900. 604-542-5465. WHITE ROCK SUNSET VILLA. 2 bdrm apt, f/p, d/w, w/large balcony, concrete bldg. $1050/mo. block from Semiahmoo Mall. Avail. Aug. 1st. Call for appointment to view: 604-541-6276 WHITE ROCK - Top floor, 1 bdrm, $785: Adult oriented. Heat & hot water, parking & cable incl. n/s. n/p. Avail. Aug 1st. (604)531-7946 WHITE ROCK. Unobstructed ocean view opposite the pier. 1 bdrm apt N/P. N/S. Suit 1 person. $750/mo. Damage Deposit, lease. Avail now. Refs. (604)536-3764

707 APARTMENT FURNISHED WHITE ROCK: Furnished 1 bdrm exec suite. Spac kitchen & liv/rm. Ideal for short term stay (min 1 month rental). Incls: lndry, phone, internet & parking. $1500/mo. Aug 1st. 604-536-8595 or 778-881-4223


S. SURREY lge. 2 bdrm., 2 baths, lge. balcony. W/D. N/S N/P. Aug. 1. $1200 mo. 604-535-4922 785-5231

Landlord/Investor To take care of your properties

AGASSIZ, RENT or lease, new 2 yr 2400sf shop + 840sf mezzanine, heat & forklift incl. $1800/m. Call 604-316-1668/604-796-2025

PROPERTY Rentals Have Qualified Tenants Need Homes Call Sheri M 604-535-8080 Full pictures & info. on our website Promp & Professional SOUTH SURREY- 2 bdrm rancher on 1 acre fully fenced, nicely landscaped & very priv. N/s, N/p. Refs. Looking for family oriented or professionals. $1300 inc. utils except cbl & phone. Call Paul for viewing Avail. Aug. 1st. (604)807-9940 or email: South Surrey-3 brm + office, v.clean Central loc. Quiet neighborhood. $2300: Min 1yr lease 604-536-9190 SOUTH SURREY: House for rent in quiet neighborhood, 1 unit: 2 bdrm, 2 bth & kitchen. NO PETS/ N/S. Close to school, bus & amen. Call 604-541-1512 or 778-229-1512


Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010 RENTALS






WHITE ROCK bright 1 bdrm spotless grnd lvl fully furn’d suite, (with everything), inste w/d, Aug1. Ns/np, $1300 incl utils/cbl. 604-535-6866.

PROPERTY Rentals Have Qualified Tenants Need Homes HOUSES Ocean Park, 2491-127A. 4 bdrm, 2 1/2 baths duplex. N/S. N/P. Sept 1. $1600. S. Sry. 16020 - 9th Ave. 2 bdrm, 2½ baths rancher. Walk to beach. N/S. N/P. $1650. S. Surrey, #238, 2501-161A. 3 bdrm 2 1/2 baths in Highland Park . N/S. N/P. Sept 1. $2000. W. Rock, 14046 Blackburn. 4 bdrm & den, 3 baths, H/W flrs. N/S. N/P. $2190.

CONDOS S. Sry.1870 Southmere Cres. 1 bdrm, 1 bath, grd flr. open flr plan. Lrg patio. N/S. N/P. $950.

SUITES S. Sry. 15566 - 37B. Lower 1 bdrm & den. Pri laundry. N/S N/P. $975 utils incl.

WHITE ROCK. Bright 2 bdrm. D/w, lndry, full ba, f/p, a/c. Ns/np. $950. incl utils Lease req’d. 604-538-3070 WHITE ROCK. Bright garden lvl, 1 bdrm ste, priv entry, modern kitchen, bth, lounge, a/c, w/d. $850/mo. incl. hydro. N/s, N/p. (604)538-6038 WHITE ROCK. Clean bright bach. Lndry, prkg, tub, priv ent. 9’ ceilings new wood flrs. N/S. Small pet, avail immed. $700 incl util. 604-536-7993 WHITE ROCK East. Lrg bright 1or 2 bdrm grnd lvl ocean view suite in newer home, 1.5blks to beach, priv entry, pkng, incl heat/h.wtr, w/d, f/p, cbl&net. Avail Aug1st, quiet pet ok. *1bd$1100. *2bd$1200.*furn$1350. Suit 1 quiet professional or 2 Students. Call 778-240-4319. WHITE ROCK: GROUND LEVEL 1 bdrm, view, shrd lndry, NS/NP, $850 incl utils. Call 604-531-1316. WHITE ROCK - Large spacious. bachelor suite. 1 block from beach. n/s, n/p. Female preferred. $900 inc utils. Avail. immed. (604)868-2544 WROCK 1 bd + den f/s/dw/grb. Own lndy 4 pc bth inc hydro/gas ns/np. Avail Aug 1. 604-535-9871





WHITE ROCK, One Bedroom basement suite - Close to the beach!!! Living room with electric fireplace, modern kitchen fridge/stove/dishwasher and microwave. Three piece bathroom, insuite laundry, and large storage area. Separate entrance and private patio area. Two parking stalls. Four blocks from beach and up town. Heat, hot water and cable include. n/p n/s. $950 mo.

Mature Couple transferring to White Rock / S. Surrey area. Looking for small house or large 2 bdrm sunny basement suite for Aug/Sept. Pet friendly. Refs avail. Call W: 250-738-2253

More details and to view please call 604-538-6765 or 604-8030773 - email:

WHITE ROCK AREA - Looking to rent garage. Pls call John at 604771-4117



WHITE ROCK W., nr school & bus, 3 bdr + ldry, gas f/p, central air. Np /Ns, $1400/mo Aug 1 604-538-6230 CLASSIFIED A D S MEAN MORE BUSINESS PHONE 604-575-5555










#23 - 15531 - 24 Ave. S. Surrey

604-535-1018 BEATERS UNDER $1000

Check out the “Real Estate Section” in Classifieds.

1987 CHEVETTE SCOOTER, Economical little car $550. o.b.o. 604-538-4927

Class 625 - For Sale By Owner Class 638 - Open Houses



S SURREY. Reno’d furn clean private 2 bdrms + den. $1500/mo. Aug. 1. N/S. 604-536-7148


Semiahmoo Automotive

Time to put down some roots?


Call Sheri M 604-535-8080 Plus! Full pictures & info. on our website S. Surrey, 160/14th. Renov 3 bdrm rancher, 1 bathrm. 2 decks, lrg yd. 4 appls. N/P. 604-644-4590. S.SURREY. 3 bdrm 2 bathrms. large rancher. Dble garage. $2100 Avail now. N/S. N/P. 604-809-5974. WHITE ROCK: 2 bdrm cottage, cls to beach, 4 appl. Avail. Aug. 1st. $1050/mo. Refs req. (604)541-0040 WHITE ROCK: 3 bdrm home, 2 bathrooms, 1 full washroom & 1-2 piece washroom, $2000/mo. Avail. now. Call 604-341-0371 or 604518-7306 Kenny WHITE ROCK. 3 bdrms, totally renovated, 1 block to beach, $1850. Avail now. Pets OK. (604)948-1966 WHITE ROCK: 6 yr old home, 4 bdrms up, 1 office, liv/rm, din/rm, kitchen & fam/rm. $2600 incl utils. Must be immac tennant. Avail Aug 1st. Ph: (778)292-1882.


Check out Help Wanted - Class 130


MERCHANDISE: CLASS 500’S From antiques & collectibles, to sporting goods and electronics, to parakeets and pet supplies, if it’s considered merchandise for sale, you can find it here.



1988 FORD TAURUS Wagon, 3.8, good condition, passed AirCare, $950 Firm. Call 604-535-9410. 1990 OLDS REGENCY, 4 door, auto, exc. cond. 186,000 kms, fully loaded. $3400 obo. (604)576-1671

GIC 1YR. .................... =2.1% 2 YR. ................... =2.7% 3YR. .................... =3.3% 4YR. .................... =3.6% 5YR. .................... =3.9%

5.00% for Life Steve Bowman P: 604-531-1111 C: 604-202-2110 SUNNYSIDE VILLAGE 2387 King George Hwy. • 604-531-3312 E:

Ensure Financial Services Inc. 15233 Russell Ave. 604.538.3111

HomeLife Benchmark Realty Visit:

www. WANTED Houses, Townhomes, Condo’s & Suites!

#1-1920-152 St., White Rock, BC V4A 4N6


Relax. It’s Done. sm

“Caring for you and your family for over 25 years”

Serving White Rock / S. Surrey, Surrey, Langley, Delta, Ladner & Tsawwassen Steveston, New West & Coquitlam Call Now! 604-536-0220 or email info: 741


CENTRAL White Rock. 2 Ground Floor Offices in newly renovated building, 1425 sqft bright new office, 747 sq ft office with outside entry. Both incl washroom and u/g pkg, gross rents. 604-536-5639.



OCEAN PARK: Furn sgl bdrm. N/s, Ldry, cooking, wireless, cbl & prkg $450 + part util. Now. 604-535-5953 White Rock: Furn 1 bdrm & den. TV, priv bth. Fridge, shr w/d, d/w. Nr bus & beach. Very priv. $600 all incl. (604)536-7247



OCEAN PARK, Large 1500 sq ft ground floor suite. Priv entry. Spacious l/r, d/r, fam rm, 4 pce bath with jacuzzi tub. 2 f/p, large galley kitchen, 4/appli. laundry room with w/d. 1 large bdrm & den. Priv walk out patio. Util incl. $1475/mo. (604)541-9773 OCEAN PARK: stroll to Crescent Beach garden lvl ste, lrg 2 bdrm, 4 appls, f/p, ns/np. Nr bus/schools Avail now, $1050. 604-760-4276 RET. COUPLE looking for suite. white rock, south surrey. Oct 1st. 604-200-2380 S. SURREY new 1 bdrm. bsmnt. suite, utils, cable wireless int., a/c, hot water heat, own control. F/S. Priv. ent., sec. alarm. N/S N/P. Aug. 1. $850 mo. 604-218-5328 S SURREY. Rosemary Heights: 2 Bdrm, 850 sq/ft ste, 3 yrs old. 1 person living upstairs. Avail now. Inclds own W/D, D/W, wireless net, heat & light. $1100/mo. NS/NP. 604-538-8572 or 604-328-2708. WHITE ROCK. 1 bdrm $780/mo. avail Aug.1. Suits single. NS NP, utils/net/lndry incl. (604)626-8374

Dr. Melanie Sherk, Dr. Cindy Anderson, Dr. Tracy Ertel, Dr. Tracey Curry, Dr. Sally Donaldson


102 - 1656 Martin Drive, White Rock Semiahmoo Professional Building




Ask us about 12


The new monthly payment option from ICBC


604-536-7111 FAX604-536-7106 3050 KING GEORGE HWY., SURREY V4P 1A2

s r



ACROSS 1. Look at 6. Not shallow 10. Coax 14. City in Nebraska 15. Refinery owner 17. Stare 18. Pertaining to the eye 19. Edit 20. Without 21. Austrian emperor 23. Breakfast order 25. Fraternity letter 28. Frequent attender 29. Group 30. Fixed routine 31. Hail 32. Intergalactic spacecraft 36. Examine 38. Dull finish 39. Sonnet's kin 40. Fruit pastry 41. Hand-to-hand fight 42. Michener's product 43. Hindu title 46. Copter blade 47. Sap producer 48. Gator's cousin 49. Flax fabric 50. Pose, as for a portrait 51. Ventilate 52. Crisp, thin cake 53. Circumstances 57. Courteous 59. Place for heroes

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Savor your thoroughly clean home. And a little more time to enjoy doing what you want.

• Reliable service • DVA clients welcome

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“Ask us how you can earn AIR MILES® reward miles”? ®

TM Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne Inc., Retail Media Group Inc. And Merry Maids®

Comfort Keepers® Comforting Solutions for In-Home CareTM

604 y541 y8654 #215-3388 Rosemary Heights Crescent Surrey, BC V3S 0K7

Each office is independently owned & operated

“Comforting Assistance with Daily Living Activities”

Friday, July 23, 2010 Peace Arch News TRANSPORTATION 818












1988 Toyota Corolla 4dr auto aircare 280,00K, good condition. $750 obo. 778-235-1301 1991 HONDA ACCORD EXR 4 cyl, auto, fully loaded, sunroof, a/c. $1200. 778-554-4997, 501-4875 1991 TOYOTA MR2. 5/spd, clean, loaded, AirCrd, new tires. No rust. Low Kâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. $5350.obo. 604-594-7932.

1994 HONDA ACCORD EXR 4 cyl, auto, fully loaded, sunroof, a/c. $3200. 778-554-4997, 501-4875

ORE â&#x20AC;&#x153;APPLEWOOD KIAâ&#x20AC;? 1995 OLDS CUTLASS SL 4/door, loaded, spotless cond! Private. $3900. 604-518-9435 1999 CHRYSLER Cirrus LX1, auto, leather seats, fully loaded, 2.5L V6, $2849 obo. Pls call 778-571-4211 2000 BUICK Century Ltd. Leather, loaded, 116K, Pristine cond! Estate Sale. $5900/obo. 604-940-9427.

2000 BUICK LeSABRE. Very clean. Full load incl. lthr. $3800. obo. Must sell. 604-530-1825; 604-813-0944 2000 OLDS ALERO 4/dr, loaded BCAA CertiďŹ ed. Impeccable! 137K. Private. $5900. 778-565-3474. 2001 Oldsmobile Arroara V6 heated p/seats, p/w, leather, 130K $5750. 604-816-2572, 604-5814572

2002 MUSTANG Convertible grey V6, auto, air, 100,020k, no accident $7500. 778-554-4997, 501-4875

TURAL SALE AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

00 845











Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada


Donate Your Car - Shareopportunity... A Little Magic y missed Donate A Car



SS FINANCING tax receipt issued

3-10F A12


A Program of White Rock Millennium Rotary Club









912 1996 BMW 328 IS, 188,000K, auto., exc, fully loaded. Black on black. Rebuilt $3900. 778-893-4866


1998 ACURA TL-Grey, auto, 4dr, leather, 39,000 kms. 1 owner. Exc. cond. $10,900: (604)531-6868

2000 HONDA CBR 600, red/black, 25,000K, exc. bike for new riders, $5000obo.604-880-3650/ 572-9899


2001 HONDA CIVIC. Auto, light grey, 4 dr, 121K, clean car good condition. $4,900. 604-728-0390

1987 Ford Getaway Ext Van: Fully camperized. 208K, slps 4, a/c, loaded! $2,775. (778)558-7143.


2002 MAZDA Protege5 $5900 obo. 5spd, pwr w/dr/mir, moonrf, 4dr, 177k Call Robyn 604-803-4292

21½â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Ciera Bayliner. Amazing, economical & user friendly boat! Wide beam, deep, V fresh water cooled. Camper-type. Great for families, day / overnight trips. $5800. Call Tony 604-538-4927


CHECK CLASSIFIEDS 604-575-5555 2004 TOYOTA ECHO, 4 dr. sedan, 5 spd. red, 90,000km. Runs & looks great. $5400 ďŹ rm. 604-538-9257

2000 NOMAD 24 ft travel trailer, slps 6, used only 12 times, table seating for 6, lrg fridge, stove, oven, bathroom, tap & toilet, shower sink $12,500. Joe 604-583-7729

2005 TOYOTA COROLLA, 4 dr, pw pl, ac, cd, new tires, very good cond. $7600. 604-607-4906


AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $100 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673



STK#SP5511 MSRP $23,545. 60/84 Term @ 2.9% Interest

2010 Sportage MSRP $25,545 plus $15,000 Cash Back. 60/84 term @ 5.74% interest Cost of borrowing $7635. Residual $12,875.

DONATE YOUR VEHICLE & BE A HERO â&#x2014;&#x2020; FREE TOW â&#x2014;&#x2020; TAX RECEIPT 24 - 48hr. Service


you could do with $15,000!!! BRAND NEW CAR & NO DEBT


BBQ or Bike!

all M U ST go!

604.408.2277 The Scrapper

No Payments Until Fall On all New 2010 Models!


847 SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES 1999 FORD Expedition Eddie Bauer model, exc cond, very clean $6500 obo. 604-542-6114


2010 KIA Soul

2010 KIA Rio

STK#SO5092 MSRP $17,595 60/84 Term @ 2.9% Interest







STK#RO5662 MSRP $15,300 60/84 Term @ 3.49% Interest






2004 KIA




2010 KIA Sedona

2011 KIA Sorento

STK#SD3389 MSRP $28,695. 60/84 Term @ 5.99% Variable Interest

STK#SR5402 MSRP $26,645 60/84 Term @ 2.9% Interest

7,050 $



â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 FORD 2000 HONDA â&#x20AC;&#x2122;01 HONDA








â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 HONDA 2005 BMW â&#x20AC;&#x2122;05 DODGE


CRV PRELUDE CIVIC X5 CARAVAN DOOR $ CONV. GT $4,999!! $6,900!! $2,999!! Full Load $7,999!! 3,900!! $ $ 21,999!! 3,999!! C R AS H E R S! #22821












s 9%!2 +-7/229 &2%%#/-02%(%.3)6%7!22!.49T s 9%!2 +-0/7%242!).7!22!.49 s 9%!2 +-%842!#!2%2/!$3)$%!33)34!.#% s./$%$5#4)",%#(!2'%


16299 Fraser Hwy. SURREY






2 0


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all good at Applewood!â&#x20AC;?

19764 Langley Bypass The Power to Surpriseâ&#x201E;˘ Mon.-Thurs. 9-8, Fri-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 11-5

19764 Langley Bypass

1-877-275-6013 19764 WW W . A P PLangley L E W O O D . Bypass CA LANGLEY

16299 Fraser Hwy. Mon.-Thurs. 9-8, Fri-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 11-5

2010 KIA RIO EX,182 biweekly payments of $72 based on the selling price of $11,500 over a 60/84 term @ 3.49% interest the cost of borrowing is $1500 and the residual is $4000 OAC. 2010 KIA SOUL, 182 biweekly payments of $99 based on the selling price of $16,000 over a 60/84 term @2.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $1750 and the residual is $5500 OAC. 2010 KIA FORTE, 182 biweekly payments of $89 based on the selling price of $15,600 over a 60/84 term @ 1.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $1000 and the residual is $5200 OAC. 2010 KIA SPORTAGE, 182 biweekly payments of $123 based on the selling price of $20,245 over a 60/84 term @ 2.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $2100 and the residual is $6900 OAC. 2011 Kia Sorento, 182 biweekly payments of $151 based on the selling price of $24,945over a 60/84 term @ 2.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $2700 and the residual is $8500 OAC. 2010 Kia Sedona, 182 biweekly payments of $146 based on the selling price of $21,645 over a 60/84 term @ 5.99 % variable rate, the cost of borrowing is $4,984 and the residual is $ 8,000 . 0% purchase ďŹ nance is available on all 2010 models, various terms apply. See dealer for details. Cash Savings of $7,000 applies to all 2010 Sedonas and is available on cash purchase only. The 1st year Free Maintenance can not be combined with any other offer and is good for 2 #1 and 1 #2 service on ďŹ nanced vehicles only. Free barbeque or bike is only available with a purchase of a brand new Kia and does not have a retail value larger than $150. These prices do not include taxes, license, fees, paint charges, battery and tire levy or air conditioning levy. No payments for 90 days applies to purchase ďŹ nance offers on all new 2010 Kia models. No interest will accrue during the ďŹ rst 60 days of the contract after this period interest accrues and purchaser will repay principal and interest monthly over the term of the contract. Up to $1000 loyalty program applies to current Kia owners and is applicable on the 2011 Sorento and 2010 Sportage. Please see dealer for complete details. The HST has been discounted by 3% to a total of 9% for this special offer. Restrictions do apply, please see dealer for complete details These offers expire July 31st, 2010. All ďŹ nance and cash prices are OAC.


1991 Ford F150 XLT, 302 eng, 8ft box, p/w, well maintained, $1500 obo. 604-581-4572, 604-816-2572 1992 Ford F250 custom 4x4, auto, aircrd, 63,000 kms, sigl bench seat, reg. cab, $6,500. 604-536-8859 1995 Ford F250 propane powered, V8 auto, standard cab, very good shape $2500. 604-328-7981 1995 NISSAN PathďŹ nder, brown, 4x4 SE 6 cyl, exc running cond., 160,000K, black book value $3950. Nds passenger window & front bumper ďŹ xed, great truck for $2400 obo. 778-554-1709 1998 TOYOTA SIENNA. green, 164kms, A/C, no accidents. $3,900. Good cond. (604)728-0390



Writing an effective classified ad is easy when you know how. What follows is a step-by-step guide focusing on the time-tested principles of a successful ad. 1. Use a KEYWORD. Start your ad with the item for sale, the service offered or the job title. 2. Be DESCRIPTIVE. Give customers a reason to respond. Advertisers have found that the more information you provide, the better the response.

Family Vacation $ Fall Tuition $ Home Renovations $ Holiday Property


NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS NOTICE is hereby given that Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of EDWIN JOSEPH JONES also known as EDWIN JONES, Deceased, who died on the 27th day of March 2010, are hereby required to send them to the undersigned Executors, BMO Trust Company & William Edwin Jones, c/o J. Lorne Ginther, Barrister & Solicitor, #101 - 15261 Russell Avenue, White Rock, British Columbia, V4B 2P7, before the 23rd day of August, 2010, after which date the Executors will distribute the said Estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard to the claims of which he has notice. J. Lorne Ginther, Barrister & Solicitor, #101-15261 Russell Avenue, White Rock, BC, V4B 2P7.

How to write a classified ad that works


Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be haunted by missed opportunity...

BOAT WANTED, 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-12â&#x20AC;&#x2122;-14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; aluminum boat. With/without motor, trailer. Will pay cash 604-319-5720


Monthlyy Paayym meent $1,050 BCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 3 #1 KIA SUPERSTORE â&#x20AC;&#x153;APPLEWOOD KIAâ&#x20AC;? 2010 KIA Days Sportage $ Only! Plus




2001 Honda Civic 149,865 kms. Estate Sale. Summer & winter tires. $6400/obo: 604-531-9691

Total Owing $15,000!



plus! $15,000

5 Year Free Oil Change


Shop from home! Check out our FOR SALE sections: class 500â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for Merchandise, 600â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for Real Estate, and for Automotive view our 800â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.

2010 KIA Sportage

Time is Running Out!


2005 Chev Colorado Sport 13,000K loaded never rain driven showroom cond $16,000 604-538-5712

APPLEWOOD KIA is #1 in BC for Sales, Service and Selection! VISA $5,000 owing . . . Pa: ym ent $350 MASTERCARD: $5,000 owing . . Paym ent $350 AMERICAN EXP $5,000 owing . . PaymRESS: ent $350




3. LIMIT abbreviations. Use only standard abbreviations to avoid confusion & misinterpretations. 4. INCLUDE PRICE. Always include the price of the item for sale/rent. 5. GET ATTENTION! Use enhancements, such as LARGE TYPE, white space, borders, graphics, etc. to bring attention to your ad. 6. How to RESPOND. Always include a phone number (with area code) and/or area. For more information & assistance please contact one of our professional classified sales representatives 604-575-5555



Fishing is HOT @ Port Renfrew! 4 person Hali/Salmon Combo Fully guided from $ 99900 Trailhead Resort 250-647-5468


Peace Arch News Friday, July 23, 2010

100% B C Owned and Operated

Free Seminars at Ch Thursda red. oices Markets South Surrey y, July 29, ion requi t 3:00-7:00pm a r t s i g e r o Free Chiropractic Assessments with Dr. Mark Prii, DC. N

Nature’s Path Organic Boxed Cereals

Meat Department

El Saboroso Tortilla Chips

assorted varieties

Guacamole or Salsa flavoured


4.99lb/ 2/5.00 11.00kg Red Seedless Watermelon


Monde Naturel Fruit Spreads

Bandito’s Organic Salsas

no added sugar

assorted varieties

assorted varieties



Organic Beef Maui Ribs

8.99lb/ 19.82kg


290ml • product of Poland

From the Deli

Amy’s Organic Refried Beans

Danone Activia Yogurt Multipacks

assorted varieties

assorted varieties

Anderssen’s Flax Rolls assorted varieties



2.49 each

398g • product of USA

reg 3.59

8 pack/100g • product of Canada

TrueBlue Blueberry Super Juice Blends assorted varieties


Olafson’s Flour Tortillas



From Our Bakery


Chocolate Chips Cookies


package of 12

Rice Bakery

Rice Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies


package of 6

reg 2.49

496g • product of Canada

R.W. Knudsen Sparkling Sweet Apple Cider


Sourdough Multiseed Bread


1.29/100g Lundberg Nutra-Farmed Brown or White Basmati Rice


750ml • product of USA

170g pkg

from Homegrown Organic Farms Certified Organic, California Grown

.58lb/1.28kg Long English Cucumbers B.C. Grown

.98 each

Bulk Department Red or White Organic Quinoa

20% off regular retail price Kiss My Face Shampoo and Conditioner

6.99 each

Black Forest, Honey or Old Fashioned


+ deposit + eco fee

Earth’s Choice Organic Peanut Butter assorted varieties

Grimm’s Hams

60% whole wheat or sun dried tomato

1.89 L

B.C. Grown, Certified Organic

Whole Organic Chickens


284-375g • product of Canada

Blueberries from Warkentin Farm


Treat your hair and your senses to the perfect blend of organic botanical and essential oils,certain to put the bounce back in your hair and in your step!

Bio-K+ CL1285®

38.99 15 pack A unique probiotic formula of L. acidophilus and L. casei that regulates intestinal functions. Promotes and maintains a healthy and balanced digestive system.

908g • product of USA

+ deposit + eco fee

Keebler Waffle Bowls or Cones

Amy’s Original Pot Pies Made with organic vegetables.

2/7.00 113-141g So Delicious Dairy Free Frozen Desserts assorted varieties

vegetable, broccoli cheese or shepherd’s


4.99 946ml

604-541-3908 ALDER CROSSING 3248 KING GEORGE BLVD Hours: 10am-6pm Closed Wednesdays

213-227g • product of USA

Ceres Imported Fruit Juices select varieties

2/5.00 1 L • product of South Africa + deposit + eco fee

Sol Cuisine Frozen Veggie Burgers assorted varieties


3.99 284-364g • product of Canada Kitsilano 2627 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 604.736.0009

Cambie 3493 Cambie St. Vancouver 604.875.0099



1888 W. 57th Ave. 1202 Richards St. Vancouver Vancouver 604.263.4600 604.633.2392

Prices Effective July 22 to July 28, 2010.

Choices in the Park

Rice Bakery South Surrey

2595 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 6855 Station Hill Dr. 604.736.0301 Burnaby 604.522.6441

3248 King George Blvd. South Surrey 604.541.3902

Choices at the Crest 8683 10th Ave. Burnaby 604.522.0936

Kelowna 1937 Harvey Ave. Kelowna

250.862.4864 Note Area Code

We reserve the right to limit quantities. Not all items may be available at all locations. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.

Fri July 23 2010 PAN  

Complete July 23, 2010 issue of the Peace Arch News newspaper as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, see www.peacearchnews....

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