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Adventure Challenge: nge: Determined to help children dren at Canuck Place children’ n’s hospice, a group of local women are in training too take on a new adventure. e.  see page 11

Emergency plan not deployed, says Sinclair

Councillors criticize E. coli warning Alex Browne Staff Reporter

City officials concerned with how White Rock residents were informed of a boilwater advisory will discuss the matter at an in-camera meeting Monday. The issue will be added to the agenda of a special meeting Aug. 30, called for by Couns. Doug McLean and Grant Meyer. Of concern, McLean said, is that both councillors and residents feel left out of the loop about the boil-water advisory issued by Fraser Health and water-supplier Epcor last Friday following the discovery of E. coli in the city’s water supply.




“I’ve had a lot of calls from residents who arrived home and did not know there was a boil-water advisory,” McLean said. “It’s a serious matter – we’re asking for a report on it.”

Meyer said there should have been an immediate door-to-door notification of residents, considering the number of seniors in the community and those with compromised immune systems. He said he got up at 3:30 a.m. Saturday for his shift with B.C. Ferries Corp. unaware of the advisory. “I drank a couple of glasses of water and brushed my teeth,” he said. Coun. Lynne Sinclair, who returned from vacation in San Francisco Monday, said she only found out about the advisory through a phone call from her mother. She said she doesn’t know why the city’s

emergency plan wasn’t deployed, or why there wasn’t a door-to-door campaign. “I went from Waterworld (a California theme park) to water nightmare,” she said. But both Mayor Catherine Ferguson and Fraser Health medical health officer Dr. Elizabeth Brodkin – while acknowledging the issue may have to be revisited in future – said they are supportive of the basic communications strategy that had been developed by the Edmonton-based water utility. Further – according to Ferguson and White Rock fire Chief Phil Lemire, the city’s emergency co-ordinator – it was the city’s  see page 3

Boarders lobby city

Skating the law Hannah Sutherland Staff Reporter

Police escorted about two dozen longboarders down Johnston Road to White Rock City Hall this week, where the group chanted in protest to the city’s bylaw prohibiting longboarding on open public streets. Despite a lower-than-expected turnout – organizers predicted 150 to 300 participants – 16-year-old Evan House said the rally was successful in raising awareness about the needs of the longboarding community, as well as getting the attention of White Rock Mayor Catherine Ferguson, who met with the crowd. “This was just the first step,” House said, noting they now plan to apply as a delegation before council. House said the protestors want the bylaw amended – not abolished – to allow longboarding in the city but require riders to wear proper protective equipment. Currently, the activity – which is typically done on boards 90 to 150 centimetres in length – is prohibited on any public street unless it has been closed temporarily, as well as on any sidewalk or public right of way in the town centre.

Brian Giebelhaus photo

Rallying longboarders – accompanied by police escort – travel down Johnston Road toward White Rock City Hall Wednesday. “Don’t 100 per cent restrict us, just make it safer for us,” House said. To make their point, longboarders – some as young as 12 – convened at Bakerview Park, 1845 154

St., just before noon Wednesday, then boarded down 152 Street and Johnston Road to city hall, 15322 Buena Vista Ave. Along the way, designated members of the group “spotted” at inter-

sections to ensure everyone travelled through them safely. White Rock RCMP were also on hand to promote a “safe, peaceful” march. “Today our main focus is to


ensure a peaceful protest takes place, not for enforcement,” Sgt. Paul Fletcher said. The rally – which has been four weeks in the making – was orga see page 4




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Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


Horse racing a better bet for provincial government F ...and frankly

between horse racing and casino gambling is that horse racing has supported an entire industry. While casinos certainly provide jobs for many people, the effect outside the walls of the casino is either negligible or negative. People who work in casinos spend money with local businesses, but those who gamble heavily and lose likely spend less than they used to. More of their money goes to the casino, and ultimately, to the government. Those who win at the casino likely will spend more money, but in the gambling business, the house always wins. Thus, the number of winners is likely not enough to counter the loss to the overall economy caused by those who lose. If the province was willing to take the time to understand the overall impact of casino gambling versus racetrack gambling, and comprehend the effect of shortened race seasons, it might take some steps that would make a difference. If less effort went into setting up online gaming sites, for example, and more attention paid to making horse racing attractive to gamblers, there might well be an increase in the amount of money bet at the track. That would make a huge difference. That in turn would lead to bigger purses, more horses being entered and more people being employed in the industry. It’s an option that needs to be given full consideration. Frank Bucholtz writes Fridays for the Peace Arch News. He is the editor of the Langley Times.

TIDES at White Rock Beach • Sat., Aug. 28

• Sun., Aug. 29

• Mon., Aug. 30

• Tues., Aug. 31













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raser Downs, formerly matically. This is largely due to known as Cloverdale Race- the plethora of casinos and all way, is in critical condition sorts of other gambling enter— but few people outside the prises being literally in people’s horse community and Cloverfaces – whether on a television dale business community seem commercial or at the nearest lotto care. tery ticket booth. Frank Bucholtz Perhaps they don’t The provincial govknow just how serious ernment, through B.C. the situation is, or perLottery Corporation, haps they are taking a is the seller of all these “survival of the fittest” gambling services, approach. However, they contracted out through may be forgetting the various companies. The law of unintended congovernment gets most sequences. of the revenue and in When I heard a month fact is dependent on ago that Chuck Keeling ever-increasing gamwas leaving Great Canabling revenue, as other dian Gaming Corporastreams of funding like tion, the parent comforestry diminish. pany of Fraser Downs, I The province has been had a sense of foreboding. The involved in the racing industry Keeling family built the current far longer than it has been in the race facility and have been excel- lottery business. Not only has it lent owners and operators over regulated the business, it has on the past 34 years. numerous occasions intervened When it was taken over by directly. It has also made a subGreat Canadian as part of a deal stantial amount of money from to turn the facility into a casino, racing over the years. in addition to the harness racBut horse racing is much more ing facility, Keeling stayed on as than a race run at a track, where general manager. This provided patrons bet on the outcome. It continuity, but it also provided involves the breeding, traina much-needed link to the staning and care of horses. Many dardbred horse owners, trainers people have been employed in and drivers. the industry (about 500 at presTwo weeks ago, it was ent), and many farms have been announced that the number devoted to race horses. of race dates in the upcoming As the industry states, it’s a season would be cut severely “labour-intensive and green – from 37 to 23, with the race industry.” season ending much earlier than All these jobs have meant there usual on Dec. 31. is a significant spinoff effect There are logical business from horse racing. This effect reasons for this. The amount of has been noticeable in Clovermoney wagered on all types of dale and nearby communities. horse racing has dropped draOne significant difference


Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


news Coast guard auxiliary called out several times

Beach emergencies keep rescuers busy Tracy Holmes Staff Reporter

Evan Seal photo

Not all swimmers needed rescuing Wednesday, as Brett Owen, 13, does a flip off the pier.

A White Rock woman is praising fellow beachgoers and lifeguards with averting potential tragedy, after a teenaged boy was pulled from the current off Crescent Beach Wednesday afternoon. “It was a good ending,” Susan Potzold said. “I went back to see the lifeguards after… and they said he definitely was very distressed when they plucked him out of the water.” Potzold said she and her husband had been at the beach for about two hours when she noticed a woman “pointing frantically at this kid that was locked in the current… really struggling.” The teen was trying to swim to shore from a sandbar near the pier as the tide was coming in, she said. When Potzold realized someone was in trouble, she ran to the swimming pool to alert lifeguards, while a third woman flagged down a passing kayaker. The lifeguards were “very quick” to react, she said. “I said (to them), ‘it doesn’t look good, it looks to me like he’s in trouble.’ Because those currents are notorious, they didn’t waste a lot of time.” The lifeguards shut down the pool and signalled to the beach patrol crew that they needed to get their boat in the water. Shortly after, the swimmer was safe. Potzold said while she is relieved by the “so nice” ending to the situation, it serves as a reminder to parents and others of the unforgiving strength of the currents. The event was among at least four local water-related emergencies this week. Crescent Beach Coast Guard Auxiliary members responded to calls on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, the team’s Sig Kristensen said. All of those also ended well. Sunday’s call came from two commercial fishermen who reported their aluminum skiff had broken down and one of the men was having chest pains. Rescue response was complicated by the

Brian Giebelhaus photo

A 13-year-old girl talks to a paramedic after rescuing her sister Tuesday afternoon. fact the men reported they were in Birch Bay, when they were in fact drifting in Boundary Bay – about 10 miles away, Kristensen said. U.S. Coast Guard – including a Dolphin helicopter and rescue swimmer – Washington State Fisheries Department and two teams of Canadian CGA were involved in locating and evacuating the 39-year-old man and his 52-year-old uncle. Saturday, the team responded to a report of an overturned sailboat and two people in the water. The boat, which was capsized around 4:30 p.m. by a gust of wind, was righted by the time the crew arrived. The dunked pair had managed to get themselves out of the water, Kristensen said. Tuesday afternoon, the local crew was tasked to White Rock’s West Beach, where a dropped 911 call had alerted to someone in the water. It turned out that a nine-year-old had suffered an epileptic seizure while wading with her 13-year-old sister. Paramedics at the scene described the older sister as a “guardian angel,” and credited her with saving her sibling. The older sister told Peace Arch News her sibling has suffered similar seizures her whole life. They typically happen after a lot of activity or excitement, she said. While “a little scared” by what happened, she knew what to do, she said.

Communications are being reviewed continuously: Ferguson  from page 1 job primarily to support and facilitate both Fraser Health’s order and Epcor’s existing emergency plan. “Our responsibility as a city is to ensure that Fraser Health and Epcor are doing their job,” Ferguson said, following a press conference Wednesday. Lemire added that he and other city officials are meeting three to four times daily with Epcor and Fraser Health, and that “the pretty limited resources” of city workers were focused on assisting Epcor in draining the Merklin reservoirs and making sure permits for all work and related testing were in place. Brodkin said it is important to remember that in the initial stages of the crisis, and through last weekend, testing had shown only one positive result for a low level of E. coli in one location. It was only on Monday that three tests – one at the Merklin low reservoir, one at Peace Arch Hos-

pital and one south of the Merklin reservoirs – indicated the problem was more severe. The reservoir reading peaked at two counts in 100 ml for E. coli. “Given the level of coliform found on (last) Friday evening, I feel notification was adequate,” she said. “But some residents feel it was not adequate,” she noted, adding that she may recommend Epcor modify its communications strategy in future.

Brodkin added that door-to-door notification of residents was discussed with Epcor. “They said it would take 250 people to go door-to-door and it would take six hours,” she said. “They could not find the people to do this, but for the future we may be looking at groups who would be able to help – can Telus do it, or can the Boy Scouts do it?” McLean said he had received critical feedback from residents.

“There are concerns about residents who are shut-ins and may be stranded in their homes,” he said, noting the school board was also not informed, although teachers and staff are already back in city schools preparing for fall classes. Sinclair said the boil-water advisory is of particular personal concern since she is “immune-suppressed” due to medication she is receiving for chronic arthritis. “The first thing I would have

Boil-water advisory continues into weekend Nearly a week after E. coli was discovered in White Rock’s drinking water, the source of the contamination remains a mystery. As a result, the boil-water advisory continues, and it’s expected to remain in place at least through the weekend, Epcor, Fraser Health and city officials announced Wednesday afternoon. Epcor’s David Rector told reporters that draining of the mural-decorated Merklin 2 reservoir found no evidence of contamination.

“There was nothing that would indicate a potential source of intrusion,” Rector said. Officials are looking at the possibility a mouse or bird got into the system, however, as the reservoir’s drainage pipes are 18 inches wide, any such creature would have been flushed out with the water into the sanitary sewage system, Rector said. “All of us would like to find the smoking gun,” Rector said, while acknowledging it is possible the specific source of contamination may never be found.

done after getting home from a flight was take a drink of water,” she said. “I’m lucky enough to have a mother who phoned me.” But she is concerned other residents who have health issues and may not have seen or heard reports of the advisory through media. “E. coli is not something you fool around with,” she said. “Why didn’t we implement our emergency plan? Quite apart from the health concerns, it would have been a good exercise in using the plan.” Ferguson is adamant that the matter, while disturbing, is in hand and being dealt with effectively. “We are committed to the safety of residents in this community,” she said. “Communications are being reviewed on a continual basis between Chief Lemire and his staff and Epcor and Fraser Health. “I completely understand how upsetting this is to residents. We’re optimistic that (service) will be back to normal as soon as possible.”


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010



Board rally  from page 1 nized following a Peace Arch News story last month that reported how White Rock RCMP are cracking down on longboarders by enforcing the city’s bylaw. Police will be vigilant in efforts to curb the activity, Fletcher said last month, noting that while education is a focus, $60 tickets may also be issued. But Ferguson said last week that White Rock RCMP haven’t steppedup enforcement. “I think what the RCMP were doing was being preventative, however, they have had no proliferation of longboarding or skateboarding, so they haven’t had to do anything more than they’ve been doing as far as enforcement goes,” she told ❝I could Peace Arch News. easily be House said he has dismissed as been stopped by a stupid kid.❞ police officers for longboarding, while Kyle Grant protest organizer rally organizer and local Grade 12 student Kyle Grant said he has a friend whose longboard was confiscated. In speaking to the protestors outside city hall this week, Ferguson said the bylaw addresses a safety issue with other traffic and pedestrians. “Safety is non-negotiable. We have to ensure the safety of our residents.” When asked why longboarding is treated differently than cycling, Ferguson said bikes have brakes, whereas longboards rely on physical maneuvering to stop. The activity is safer in



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Mayor Catherine Ferguson greets longboarders oustide city hall. a controlled environment, she said, and suggested longboarders utilize nearby South Surrey Bike Park. The protestors asked if they would be allowed to use bike lanes that Ferguson said are planned for Thrift and Roper avenues. Grant noted many of them don’t have driver’s licences, and use longboarding as an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. The demonstrators also questioned why the bylaw has remained the same since 1999, when longboarding technology has improved since then, making it easier and safer to stop. Ferguson encouraged the protestors to appear before council as a delegation with some positive suggestions for longboarding in the city. “I could easily be dismissed as a stupid kid,” Grant said, to which Ferguson responded that it is unfair to discredit council and their openness to hear from the public.




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Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News

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Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

opinion Peace Arch News Published at White Rock by Black Press Ltd.


The kindness of strangers


ur reliance on one another is unequivocal. While as individuals we provide certain skills and learned knowledge to help us along the way, we rely on others for expertise, for tasks, for sustenance, for safety, for news… This was certainly clear last weekend in White Rock, after it was revealed E. coli had been discovered in the city’s untreated well water. Once the decision was made to issue a boil-water advisory late Friday night, it was up to others to disseminate the information to ensure each and every person affected heard the news, before it was too late. Although there have been no reported illnesses (as of this writing), some feel the communication was lacking – especially considering the city’s tiny size, just 5.28 sq. km. Many report finding out too late, long after potentially consuming life-threatening bacteria. And they want answers. The answers they receive, unfortunately, are tainted by being reliant in the skills and knowledge of others. Were mistakes made? Are the right people making the right decisions? Is the science accurate? We’re told chlorination would solve the problem, yet many have expressed health concerns over chlorine. Who’s right? Or, more likely, who’s more right? The same community has been in the midst of a peculiar debate this summer over the safety of radio waves, after it was announced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are being transmitted by Tourism White Rock. While some embrace the technology and free Internet access, others argue that regardless of Wi-Fi’s global acceptance, it is unhealthy, with its dangers soon to be exposed. Another debate taking place here is about the safety of suntanning. We also hear conflicting views on the best way to dispose of our garbage. And product recall notices are commonplace, and too often sent long after the danger periods have passed. While there is little the individual can do to guarantee supposed “facts” are indeed factual, the situation is not without hope. Sure, we’re at risk of becoming a society of cynics, but there’s nothing wrong with healthily doubting all information and their sources. Expiration dates? Don’t believe ‘em. Side-effect warnings? Trust they’re likely far from complete. And the next time you hear of a potential danger in your area? Pass on the information. Leave it to your neighbours whether to believe you.


question week of the

Digital communication no match for written word


here’s something to be said for the unamusing – but I think I can compete written word. as far as cheekiness goes. But I digress. Not typed. Written. Each letter I wasn’t there – or anywhere – the day he wrote the letter to my mom. Sent scripted in full with not a hint of such from England, it’s dated early lingo as ‘omg’, ‘lmao’ or ‘wtf.’ Tracy Holmes 1971 and I arrived a year later. I was reminded of the value of handwritten correspondence The pages are folded a bit, but the other day, when I discovered the creases can’t camouflage my grandfather’s personality. my mom looking through a box My first hint is the page of mementos: black-and-white numbers, each accompanied by photographs of her parents; congratulation cards to a new such parenthesized comments as “cheeky”, “lucky?”, “how does mother; a news article detailing one stop” and, on page 8, “any the “micro miracle” birth of my time now.” cousin; and a pretty adorable photo of a certain 2½-day-old I found the first paragraph baby who bears remarkable equally telling: Dear Sir, Madam and offspring resemblance to my own children (Canucks), in their infant days. Now is the time when everyone And then there was the letter. “He could write a good letter, my dad! should come to the aid of the party and That must be where you get it,” my this particular party is very very old, very very forgetful, very slow moving about, mom said as she handed me the brown learning to drive a car and – all in all – envelope. The suggestion I may have refusing to grow old gracefully. inherited his prowess for the written word further piqued my curiosity in the I chuckled as I read his wonderings 39½-year-old missive. about whether the “Old Girl” (my grandma) who “poodles along” to bingo I’d never really considered where my is “keeping another man,” and how interest in writing came from. Reading that letter, I began to wonder – could a scenery on the bus “is far more exciting, little bit of my grandfather lives on in me? what with all the mini-skirts.” On page 5, I felt tears: He was clearly much funnier than When I look at the pictures of Linda & I – in fact, I’m sure there’s one or two Stephen (my siblings) on their homestead people out there who find me entirely

in other words

Linda Klitch Publisher

200 - 2411 160 Street., Surrey, B.C. V3S 0C8 Phone: 604-531-1711 Circulation: 604-542-7430 Classified: 604-575-5555 Fax: 604-531-7977 Web:

Lance Peverley Editor

Rita Walters Sales manager

yes 78% no 22% 76 responding it brings back terrific memories to me because I was born & bred on a similar place. I often wish I could pop in… Reading on, my chuckles returned, as the letter offers parental advice, frustrations of aging and commentary on a wedding where guests were advised to speak carefully. “Maybe I’m a lecherous type – but she was in the family way anyway – and what does it matter where you enjoy your first night after marriage, providing the bed springs don’t give in.” (Reporter’s note: Ick.) I still have letters from my dad’s mum. Of the half-dozen or so from my grandma, the earliest is dated 1981. None of them approach my grandfather’s letter in length or personality, but I treasure them no less. Re-reading them, I regret that the exchange tapered off; that I never thought to communicate similarly with my other grandparents. I’m sure the connection those letters sparked had much to do with the impact I felt when my grandma died. They made her real to me. My other grandparents had all died years before. But until last week, she was the only one I had cried for. I’d only met my mom’s dad once, when I was seven. Last week, reading his letter, he was suddenly real, too. An email, I’m sure, would not have evoked the same response. Technology may have made it more convenient to keep in touch, but it will never hold a candle to a handwritten letter. “ttfn” Tracy Holmes is a Peace Arch News reporter.

Marilou Pasion Circulation manager Jim Chmelyk Creative Services manager

2010 2010 WINNER

Published at White Rock by Black Press Ltd.

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Did you receive adequate warning for White Rock’s boil-water advisory issued Aug. 20? Vote online at

The Peace Arch News is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent within 45 days to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby street, Nanaimo, B.C., V9R-2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to www.


Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


Peace Arch News

Not high on MLA Hogg Editor Re: Voice of reason could be at risk, Aug. 20 editorial. Quite the contrary, voice of reason, the people, have spoken. MLA Gordon Hogg (Surrey-White Rock) has done nothing but bow to Premier Gordon Campbell’s every command, and he and his Liberal cohorts are all directly responsible for the total destruction of B.C. The only B.C. Liberal who did his job and represented the people was Paul Nettleton, and we all know what happened to him. To watch Hogg in the legislature, gazing up at Campbell’s back in awe, is enough to make the taxpayers vomit. Hogg was one of the top votegetters in our anti-HST initiative petition. Congratulations, Mr. Hogg. Well deserved. He did nothing for the children’s

ministry, a global disgrace, for no good reason. We continue to have no transit and was demoted to Act Now BC and paid his to get us to work early in the morning or home after bars/ huge salary, expenses and entertainment close at night. pension – which he voted for himself – to do a ‘job’ a He fell on his own sword to cover for his god professional trainer would have done for far less. and mentor Gordon Campbell, regarding Bill He spent several photoBennett. He was also a ops taste-testing the Gordon Hogg privatized off-sight frozen no-show at the last allcandidates meeting. food coming in to feed sick patients at the Peace Arch Hospital, If you need any more reasons as to why he is not wanted here – and and raved about how delicious he will go down, either directly or it was, still partially frozen when served. I tasted it several times while indirectly, depending on exactly visiting an elderly friend who only who the people decide to recall – I survived because family brought her think the proof is in the 8,000-plus who signed the anti-HST initiative food from home, as did all patients petition in his riding. who had a family. This riding – prior to Campbell Hogg stuck by his master, as we all listened in disbelief when Campbell changing many boundaries before last year’s preset election – also ripped up the Hospital Employees Union’s legal and binding agreement included Crescent Beach. Campbell removed this extreme right-wing – and the huge price we paid. We lost the 351 bus to Vancouver, area and included it in Surreycausing seniors living in his riding to Panorama to take it away from the NDP, as he did in many ridings – all cancel all their outings to concerts, etc. in Vancouver, due to the fact this this and more under Hogg’s ‘watch.’ Jean Moffat, Surrey night direct-route was shut down

Gas rises higher here Editor: Why are we getting it stuck to us here on the Peninsula for gas prices? It is more than strange all of our gas stations are setting the same price, which, coincidentally are higher than anywhere else in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Whistler. There, they are all lower – up to 10 cents a litre lower. The gas prices have been down for a long time now, and in July alone our prices went up even though oil became cheaper per barrel. It’s not just the taxes, folks, because we’ve all been faced with the tax increases, but the other areas have not had their prices manipulated upward like the Semiahmoo Peninsula has. What gives? Across the border at Costco, I pay 75 cents US vs. $1.196 Cdn here – $25 a tank less. Bill Phelps, Surrey

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Take a few minutes to ensure your neighbours are informed of the situation – as it could save someone’s life.a Randy Sigouin

On notice Editor: Re: Slow boil over water warning, Aug. 25. We were on holidays last week and returned Friday evening. On Saturday, we went about our normal routine, which included drinking the wonderful water we enjoy here in White Rock. On weekends, we rarely watch TV or turn on the radio. We did not leave the house Saturday. The fact that a boil-water advisory was in place was unknown to us, so we spent the day drinking contaminated water. Sunday morning, on a whim, I suggested we watch the BCTV morning news – and much to our horror there was a brief news story about the boil-water advisory. After hearing this story, I started going door-to-door to inform my neighbours of this danger. Much to my surprise, all eight of those I spoke to knew of the advisory. Most had received text messages from friends around the Lower Mainland. My family and I are lucky we did not get very sick from drinking the contaminated water. I was upset to learn Epcor felt their South Surrey customers deserved hand-delivered notices about this potentially deadly situation, but not all White Rock customers. Wednesday morning, when I opened the Peace Arch News, lo and behold there was a bright yellow boil-water advisory notice dated Aug. 20. The fact Epcor would send out this notice five days after the initial advisory made my blood boil. I feel all of Epcor’s customers deserved hand-delivered letters to alert us to this potentially deadly situation, particularly given that White Rock has many seniors who have no access to emails or text messages, and who rarely get out. I also have a suggestion for my neighbours. When you receive important information regarding a

Brian Giebelhaus photo

Epcor workers inspect the Merklin Street reservoir Tuesday after a sample tested positive for E. coli contamination. potentially deadly situation, please have the compassion to take a few minutes to ensure your neighbours are informed of the situation – as it could save someone’s life. Randy Sigouin, White Rock Q Epcor says a discussion will have to be held about what happened, what they did and what they can do better. We came back from a vacation on Saturday evening. Entering White Rock by bus, we didn’t notice a sign on Johnston Road. We didn’t know anything about the contamination of the water. We didn’t find a note from Epcor in our mailbox and they didn’t leave a message on our machine! How were we supposed to know? We only found out late at night after a friend phoned us, but that was after we’d used the water already. Having a bad immune system, it really got me worried. I guess I was lucky, I didn’t get sick. So, Epcor, you can do better. Renate van der Zande, White Rock Q An open letter to White Rock Mayor Catherine Ferguson and Epcor. If this had been a serious health issue – as in a full-on outbreak of lethal proportions like Walkerton – your communication plan would get a D for “disastrous.” We live two blocks from city hall, five blocks from the Epcor office

and walk the streets daily, and we knew nothing about the outbreak until hearing about it on national news Monday morning. Placing signs on the boundaries of White Rock presumed people left town and would enter on those routes; we didn’t. An email network presumes everyone is online and is using it daily; many, like us, don’t. Finally, when I got to the Epcor website, messaging was incomplete, unclear and old. I still don’t know if I can safely give my pet tap water. What could you have done differently? Ensure signage is placed in prominent locations within city boundaries and faces traffic flow in all directions. Use mobile car-mounted loudspeakers. Most important, direct contact is best. Photocopy enough notices to handdeliver to all residences, and hand out in high-traffic locations within hours of the emergency. You can hire crews from a temp agency, or service groups might volunteer to help. Next time, we may not be so lucky. Glenda Bartosh, White Rock

Questions pour in Who’s watching Epcor? Not the city. Based on its response, the city takes no responsibility for the safety of its citizens and relies fully on a private company. If you review Epcor’s annual report,

they were to develop an emergency response plan. Where is it? Are they doing the required maintenance, and to what standards? A system such as White Rock’s needs the highest levels of preventative maintenance, as it is an untreated system. Are they upgrading and renewing the system to ensure its integrity and its ability to deliver safe water? What are they doing to address the elevated levels of arsenic? Their report talks about it, but they indicate no plans to address it. Maybe it’s time for the city to pay attention and review operations to ensure safety of the residents. Or stock a large supply of “boil-water advisory” signs for the next events. The city must be held accountable, as this event raises serious questions regarding emergency preparedness. It should serve as a wake-up call. R. Emanuels, White Rock Q Is White Rock about to be part of Surrey’s water supply? Was the water contaminated on the days before the last test? Should we have been alerted about the E. coli mid-week? I know that alarms must have gone off somewhere in the system. Not all people watch the late-night news or have a computer to read the paper or see the sign at 16 and 152. The warning system needs a checkup. Wayne Conrad Serbu, White Rock

write: 200 - 2411 160 Street, Surrey, B.C. V3S 0C8

fax: 604.531.7977

e-mail: editorial@

questions? 604.531.1711

Submissions will be edited for clarity, brevity, legality and taste.

Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010



Pratt back in jail ear, Pratt told the board Tuesday that being out of prison was a “big shock.” The man who dragged a Maple He was 16 in March 2005 when he Ridge gas station attendant to his struck attendant Grant De Patie in a death five years ago is going back to stolen car while fleeing without payprison. ing for gas. Pratt dragged the 24-yearDarnell Darcy Pratt had his statu- old under the car for 7½ kilometres. tory release revoked this He has been in prison ever week following a hearing in since. front of the National Parole “I didn’t know what to do. I Board at Matsqui Institution didn’t know anybody in Kamin Abbotsford. loops,” Pratt told the board. “I “It is evident that you lack took off because I wanted to insight and did not use the see my family.” skills that you were given,” Pratt admitted he drank on said parole board member the first night but said he Sam Reimer as he handed didn’t consume any alcohol down the decision. “That on his second visit to the pub. Darnell Pratt makes it impossible to manHe said he was given the drugs age your risk (to the combut denied he used them. munity).” “I just needed to let go of my Pratt was granted statutory release stresses,” Pratt said. June 16 and ordered to live in a KamIf he could turn back the clock, Pratt loops halfway house. The 21-year-old indicated he would ask to be close to reported to the residence and met his his family. 8 p.m. curfew, but failed to return the No one from Pratt’s family attended next day. the hearing. A Canada-wide warrant was issued Doug De Patie, Grant’s father, for his arrest and Kamloops RCMP believes Pratt got what he deserved: found Pratt on June 19, walking along another stint back inside prison. a Kamloops street. “My hopes for Darnell were that he The parole board heard that Pratt turn over a new leaf and come out went to a pub twice while on the lam and comply with his conditions,” said and was found with a powdery sub- De Patie, a Surrey resident who read stance, believed to be heroin, when he a victim-impact statement on behalf was arrested. He told his community of his family. parole officer he intended to go to the “Grant gave his life to stop Darnell Lower Mainland. and really, he threw it back in Grant’s Dressed in dark blue prison-issued face.” jeans and a white T-shirt with shortly Pratt will be eligible for mandatory cropped hair and earrings in his left statutory release in November 2011. Monisha Martins Black Press

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Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


Vehicle shot, man charged A 24-year-old Surrey man has been charged in connection with a report a man shot a vehicle and uttered threats. Police responded to the area of 24 Avenue and 164 Street around 8:30 a.m. Saturday (Aug. 21), Cpl. Marc Searle said Wednesday. When officers arrived, however, the shooter was gone. Investigation led police to a motel in the 800-block of 160 Street – where residents report hearing of a substantial police presence – and then to a third, unidentified location, where one man was taken into custody. Searle described police response at the motel

Fin coming to town Vancouver Canucks mascot Fin will be at South Point Exchange Saturday (Aug. 28) in support of a weekend event benefiting Cops for Cancer. The popular orca will be onsite from noon to 1 p.m. to help kick off Tour de Valley rider Steve Dickinson’s weekend atop a scissor lift. Canadian Cancer Society’s Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley is a nine-day, 900-kilometre bike tour to raise funds for children living with cancer. Dickinson is from South Surrey. He plans to stay in the scissor lift through to Sunday (Aug. 29). For more information or to donate online, go to www.

Free ice offered A Vancouver-based icedistribution service is offering Marine Drive restaurants 40 pounds of free ice each, in response to White Rock’s ongoing boil-water advisory.

as “just the process of working our way through where (the suspect) might be located. “We had to ensure there were sufficient resources to cover all eventualities,” he said. “I don’t have information that he was detained there.” It is unclear if the man was a guest at the motel. Investigation into the incident is ongoing. Casey Ouellette is charged with mischief (damage to property) and uttering threats. He was remanded until Aug. 27 for a bail hearing at Surrey Provincial Court. – Tracy Holmes

On The Rocks Ice Distribution Ltd. announced the offer to media late Wednesday. According to a statement, two 20-lb bags of ice were to be delivered to each restaurant between 9:30 and 11 a.m. today (Friday). For more information, call 1-866-989-4423.





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weekend’s highlights. Retired Canada Border Services Agency officer Vince Astoria said the hope is to raise at least $10,000 for the cause.

Pickton reward shared

Six informants are being paid out part of a $100,000 reward for assistance they provided the Roof-top fundraiser missing women investigation that led to the conviction of A three-day fundraiser for serial killer Robert Special Olympics “Willie” Pickton. BC is taking place The Vancouver high above the Police Board, which ground outside determined how the Wal-Mart in the reward would Grandview Corners be split up, did not this weekend. Free the Fuzz disclose the identity of the recipients. White Rock – “All applications in which law enforcement officers will remain are treated as confidential and no names will be released by the atop special scaffolding – gets Vancouver Police Board,” said a underway 11 a.m. Friday (Aug. news release on the Vancouver 27) and is to continue until 2 Police Dept. website. p.m. Sunday. The reward consisted of $70,000 Funds raised over the weekend will benefit Special from the Ministry of Public Safety Olympics athletes. Visits by local and Solicitor General and $30,000 participants will be part of the from the VPD.

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That Part of District Lot 99 New Westminster District Shown on Plan BCP45655 (Parcel A)

Civic Address:

A 559.6 m² portion of lane located between the Canadian National (CN) Railway to the south and the Fraser River to the north in the 9800 block of 186 Street.

Property Description: The property is a portion of redundant road. It is currently zoned Light Impact Industrial (IL) and designated Industrial in the Official Community Plan. The property is being sold to an adjoining owner for consolidation purposes. Purchasers:


Nature of Disposition: Fee Simple Selling Price:

One Hundred and Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred Forty Two Dollars ($117,542.00)

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Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

BOIL WATER ADVISORY (BWA) REMAINS IN EFFECT FOR WHITE ROCK & SOME SOUTH SURREY RESIDENTS – SYSTEM FLUSHING UNDERWAY August 27, 2010 Starting the evening of Thursday, August 26, EPCOR began flushing the distribution system using water from the disinfected Merklin Low Reservoir. This water is slightly chlorinated as part of the current cleaning process. As with any flushing program, customers can expect water discolouration as well as the potential for noticeable particles. Also in this case, a slight chlorine odour may be present. These are aesthetic issues, not health concerns. Customers are advised to continue following the boil water instructions listed below until further notice. Boiling will ensure your water is safe to use and remove any chlorine odour. To facilitate flushing of the system, EPCOR asks that residents reduce their outdoor water use. As a public health precaution, EPCOR and the Fraser Health Authority are advising residents in the City of White Rock to continue to boil their drinking water for at least one minute before drinking. This precautionary measure should be followed until further notice. The health authority advises that there were no reports of illnesses related to water quality when the boil water notice was issued. There has also been nothing since then to suggest an outbreak of illness due to this event. EPCOR continues to work on confirming the source of E. coli. The work underway includes cleaning and inspection of all three system reservoirs, extensive sampling and flushing of the water distribution system. Update: Aug. 23 & 24 • Merklin Low Reservoir drained so that EPCOR could physically inspect it for the presence of a source of E. Coli. • Reservoir found to be structurally sound and nothing found to suggest an "intrusion" by a small animal of some kind. • E. Coli detected in three water samples taken from the reservoir as it was being drained. Aug. 25 • •

Refilling of Merklin Low Reservoir begins (it will take approximately 15 hours to complete this procedure). After the reservoir has been re-filled, water sampling of the reservoir will occur.

Once the Merklin Low Reservoir is back in service, the same procedures will be repeated for the Merklin Tall Reservoir and the Roper Site Reservoir. EPCOR continues to work around the clock, along with Fraser Health and the City of White Rock, to restore White Rock's drinking water system. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation. What should I do? As we continue to work on the system, residents and businesses should take steps to prepare for the continuation of the Boil Water Advisory through the weekend. This includes: • • • • • •

Boiling water for at least one minute at a full boil before drinking the water. Boiled water should be used for hand washing dishes, for washing vegetables or for anything else you eat or drink. Ice cubes should not be used unless they have been made with boiled water. Boiled water should also be used for brushing teeth and cleaning dentures. Your tap water remains safe for washing clothes and bathing. Reduce outdoor watering to facilitate flushing program.

Updates and contact information EPCOR is working closely with Fraser Health and we will continue to keep you informed of developments as they unfold. Residents with general questions are encouraged to visit or call our info line at 604536-6112. The recorded message at this number is updated regularly as new information becomes available. People with health concerns should contact their doctor or call the HealthLinkBC at 8-1-1, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News



…on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

Group of women train for race in benefit of Canuck Place

Adventures in fundraising for children Hannah Sutherland Staff Reporter


hat began as a twoperson effort in last year’s Adventure Challenge has grown into a solid team of seven, after more Peninsula women caught wind of the September fundraiser and jumped onboard. Fitness Town Freakettes – comprising five South Surrey mothers and two other friends – will kayak four kilometres, bike 20 km and run 5 km Sept. 11 in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove. The group has been training over the last year for the event, which benefits Canuck Place and its palliative and respite care services for sick children and their families. Melanie Berezan decided to take part after learning about the race through past participant Esther Peverley, whose children go to the same school as her own. “I heard about Adventure Challenge from her last year, when she did it,” said ❝It’s not a Berezan, an depressing place, avid runner it’s just a place who has that provides so six halfmarathons much fun.❞ under her Melanie Berezan belt. “That’s my passion – to try new things and have fun. “I’m excited about the challenge.” But it was the prospect of raising money for children that was the biggest draw for the mother-offour. “I just love the idea of being part of a team and helping kids. It just reinforces the fact we’re all in this together.” The cause is especially meaningful for Berezan, whose daughter was taken to BC Children’s Hospital with a fever a few days after being born. She recalls being unable to hold and comfort her newborn, who was hooked up to an array of equipment. “In the four or five days that she was in there it was so traumatic.” Berezan said she was shocked to walk outside the hospital and see numerous motorhomes in the back parking lot, where some families stay while their children receive medical care. “I was at the hospital for a few days, and (seeing the

Doug Shanks photo

Outside Canuck Place: Jane Abbott, Melanie Berezan (below), Dianna Christopoulos, Christie Kennedy, Esther Peverley and Allison Douglas. motorhomes) really put it in perspective.” With long-term hospital stays

Brian Giebelhaus photo

usually associated with stress and trepidation, Berezan said she was surprised to learn from Peverley – a Canuck Place volunteer – that the Vancouver hospice has a joyful environment. “It’s not a depressing place, it’s just a place that provides so much fun.” Peverley said everyone at Canuck Place – located in a 100-year-old, 16,000-square-foot Shaughnessy mansion donated to the city by Elisabeth Wlosinski in 1991 – has a “fantastic outlook,” and it’s hard not to be absorbed by the upbeat energy. “I try to explain to people, 95 per cent of the time you go into the

hospice and it’s happy,” she said, noting family volunteers such as herself interact with sick children and their siblings by playing video games, having water fights and going on field trips. “It’s a very positive, happy, fun place.” Peverley said Canuck Place is mostly volunteer-run, and 65 per cent of its funding comes from donations – a fact Berezan was shocked to learn. “I was really blown away – I didn’t know that.” To contribute to its operations, the Freakettes are raising $1,000 each – the minimum required to participate in Adventure

Challenge. Already, Fitness Town and the group’s trainer, Dai Manuel –a fellow parent at Rosemary Heights Elementary – are sponsoring the team, and have offered to pay for each members’ $50 registration fee. Berezan said they are now looking for outside donations, which can be made at “No amount is too small – we’d be grateful for anything,” she said, noting people are also encouraged to come out the day of the event and cheer them on. “We could use all the help we could get.”


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


Clearing the air on secondhand smoke concerns Tracy Holmes Staff Reporter

Issues around smokefree housing will be the focus of two upcoming presentations at Semiahmoo Library, 1815 152 St. The Sept. 16 and 22 sessions are part of an effort to clear the air on how to address the health issue, organizers say. “We will be talking about how we can help people with this movement and why this is a movement,” said Rose Marie Borutski. Borutski, a resident of Kiwanis Park Place, is among tenants who filed a human-rights complaint that alleged discrimination based on physical disability due to secondhand smoke in subsidized suites at the 12850 26 Ave. complex. The matter, originally scheduled for a 10-day tribunal hearing, went to a settlement meeting Aug. 18. Borutski said a gag order prevents her from sharing details ❝This is last a public of week’s issue. It’s meeting. She also huge.❞ Rose Marie declined to Borutski disclose if the matter was resolved. Representatives of Crescent Housing Society, which operates Kiwanis Park Place, also refused to comment. However, no further meetings to discuss the issue are scheduled. Borutski said the library presentations will cover “anything you want to know about drifting secondhand smoke in multi-unit dwellings… what we’ve been going through as a group and what other people have been going through.” “We will be showing people what’s possible and how to go about it.” The Sept. 16 presentation is set for 7-9 p.m.; Sept. 22, it is scheduled from 1-3 p.m. Borutski hopes to also take the presentation to libraries and community centres in other areas. “This is a public issue. It’s huge,” Borutski said. “There’s lots of information people need to know.” For more information, Borutski may be reached at socionik@

Rose Marie Borutski and other residents of Kiwanis Park Place plan to share what they’ve learned about dealing with drifting secondhand smoke through community presentations, starting with two next month at Semiahmoo Library. Brian Giebelhaus photo




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Contributed photo

Donna Vosloh participates in PNE parade

White Rock royalty rides again PNE pageant. White Rock teacher “Everyone involved Donna Vosloh joined other former Miss in the parade had a great time,” she said, PNEs at last week’s parade celebrating the noting it was the first time in 15 years the 100th anniversary of the Pacific National event had been held. Exhibition. “The excitement was so apparent.” Vosloh ❝It was such a – who as Vosloh – teenager good experience who lived in Donna for such a young White Rock for 20 years Furlani teenager.❞ before moving gave up her to the U.S. Miss White Donna Vosloh Rock crown straight out to become of UBC – has been teaching Grade Miss PNE 1986-87, 6 at White Rock rode in a horse-drawn Elementary the last carriage through the streets of English Bay 1½ years while living Aug. 20. in Blaine, Wash., and plans to move back The Semiahmoo to White Rock next Secondary grad was joined by a dozen or so month. other former winners The mother-of-two of the now-defunct said serving as Miss

The ADDED Touch

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Future at stake for Fraser Downs, Hastings Park

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Minister mulls merger Jeff Nagel


Black Press

Fewer gamblers play the ponies. Falling racetrack revenues translate into lower purses. And less money to attract owners, jockeys, breeders and trainers – not to mention feed and maintain the horses. The woes of the horse racing industry point to one high-stakes possibility. Drivers who now race standardbred racehorses at Cloverdale’s Fraser Downs track and jockeys who ride thoroughbreds at Vancouver’s Hastings Park could both end up at the same facility. If the industry consolidates at a single Metro Vancouver track, the outcome amounts to a double-or-nothing bet for Cloverdale – where several hundred jobs hang in the balance – as well as for horse-related businesses in Surrey and Langley. Such a move would eliminate the lease payment to either the City of Surrey or Vancouver for the track that closes. It would also pool all the betters and Howard Blank support staff in one locavice-president tion, end the duplication of marketing and other expenses and bring other economies of scale. A spokesperson for Rich Coleman, the minister responsible for gaming, confirmed Tuesday consolidation of both racing styles at a single dual-purpose track is one of the options being weighed by a government-appointed management committee charged with finding solutions to stabilize racing. But Howard Blank, vice-president of media and entertainment for Great Canadian Gaming Corp., which owns both Fraser Downs and Hastings Park, denied

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The ministry responsible for gaming is looking into merging Fraser Downs and Hastings Park into one horse racing facility. the company is pursuing consolidation. He said Great Canadian would only proceed with consolidation “if the committee feels it’s the most viable option.” “We don’t have that scenario in play,” he said. “We are committed to both. This is not the closing of one and consolidating.” The company wouldn’t have spent millions renovating both sites in recent years if that was the plan, he said. Blank also hotly denied backstretch speculation Great Canadian is laying the groundwork for an end to harness racing in B.C. The company this month announced it’s slashing more than a third of the race days at Fraser Downs this fall and temporarily cancelling the 2011 race slate pending further decisions. The move stoked fears the end is near. “It’s not true,” Blank said. “We will announce our racing schedule for the winter and spring at Fraser Downs very quickly. We will be racing.” The key difference, he said, is the two tracks won’t run racing seasons that overlap and eat into each other’s take. Fully enclosed Fraser Downs will race in the colder months from fall through spring, leaving Hastings Park – which has outdoor bleachers – to take over through the summer. Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce executive director Bill

Reid said he believes an industry consolidation at a single track is very much in the cards. And although there’s pressure in Vancouver for more parkland in the vicinity of Hastings Park, he expects a concerted battle from forces who want the Vancouver track and not Cloverdale to emerge the survivor. “It will take some lobbying,” said Reid, a former Social Credit government minister. He argues several factors weigh in favour of Fraser Downs. It would cost much more to renovate Hastings to accommodate standardbreds than to modify Cloverdale for thoroughbreds, he said. Thoroughbreds at Hastings race a full mile compared to the 5/8 mile harness racing course at Fraser Downs. Lower land values in Surrey relative to Vancouver are also a factor, as is the ease of parking. Horses are already based in Surrey and Langley, he noted, so carting them to Vancouver daily would make much less sense. “We have the community for it,” he said. “Vancouver doesn’t.” Reid said the “supercasino” the goverment plans to build at GM Place stadium will drain gamblers from Hastings Park. “It won’t be viable for a casino at any size to be anywhere within that range,” he predicted. “Hastings Park Casino and Racetrack’s days are numbered anyway.”


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Doug Towle and Guest “Brian Geerts lives close by and loves to bring his dog to MIRAMAR VILLAGE PLAZA socialize at the market” 15154 Russell Ave., White Rock (near the Whale Wall Bldg) or call 604-897-3276 Supporting Local Community & Businesses

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#111 - 7322 King George Blvd., Surrey, BC V3W*for 5A5 • Tel: 604.590.8879 qualifi ed patients

P U B L I C N OT I C E COMMUNITY CHARTER S.B.C. 2003 CHAPTER 26 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL CITY LANDS Pursuant to Sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter, S.B.C. 2003, Chapter 26, as amended, the City of Surrey hereby gives notice of the intention to dispose of the following City lands: Civic Address:

281 m2 portion of surplus City land from 13140 – 113B Avenue.

Legal Description:

Lot “A” (BE12939) (Except: Part Dedicated Road on Plan BCP45094) Section 9 Block 5 North Range 2 West New Westminster District Plan 17410

Property Description: The property is an isolated portion of land containing 281 m2 that results from a northerly realignment of 113B Avenue. It is currently zoned Single Family Residential (RF) Zone and designated Urban in the Official Community Plan. The property is being sold to an adjoining owner for consolidation and development purposes under Project 7806-0301-00. Purchasers:

Riverview Investments Inc.

Nature of Disposition: Fee Simple Selling Price:


Supporting Local Community & Businesses


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Further information can be obtained from the City of Surrey, Realty Services Division, Engineering Department, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC. For further information please contact Ken Woodward, Property Manager at 604-598-5722. THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF PUBLIC DISCLOSURE ONLY, NOT SOLICITATION OF AN OFFER

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Local cadets receive their wings Two teenaged members of 907 White Rock Air Cadet Squadron are among the province’s newest pilots. Flight Sgt. Gareth Bosley and Flight Sgt. Janko Rogan were two of 70 air cadets on parade Aug. 19 to receive their air cadet pilot’s wings at the Regional Gliding School in Comox. The cadets were presented their wings by Col. W.F. Veenhoff, commander of the Regional Air Command Element Detachment Esquimalt. Rogan was one of 44 air cadets from across B.C. to spend six weeks in Comox

learning to fly the Schweizer 2-33A glider, achieving his Transport Canada Glider Pilot Licence. Gareth Bosley Squadronmate Bosley spent eight weeks in Victoria learning to fly powered aircraft and achieving his Transport Canada Private Pilot Licence. “Air cadets has taught me the fundamentals of leadership and has provided me the chances to lead other cadets, and of course, to fly,” Rogan, a

fourth-year member of the squadron, said in a release. The duo will return to the Janko Rogan squadron this fall and reprise their various roles as senior noncommissioned leaders and instructors. “These young men and women have worked very hard this summer to become licensed pilots and we are all very proud of their accomplishments,”

P U B L I C N OT I C E COMMUNITY CHARTER S.B.C. 2003 CHAPTER 26 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL CITY LANDS Pursuant to Sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter S.B.C. 2003, Chapter 26, as amended, the City of Surrey hereby gives notice of the intention to dispose of the following City lands: Legal Description:

That Part of Section 4 Township 9 New Westminster District Shown as Parcel A on Plan BCP45654 That Part of Section 4 Township 9 New Westminster District Shown as Parcel B on Plan BCP45654

Civic Address:

A 787.2 m² portion of lane located at 189 Street between the Canadian National (CN) Rail Line and a 311.9 m2 portion of lane located at 191 Street between the CN Rail Line and 98A Avenue.

Property Description: The properties are portions of redundant road. They are currently zoned Light Impact Industrial (IL) and designated Industrial in the Official Community Plan. The properties are being sold to an adjoining owner for consolidation purposes. Purchasers:


Nature of Disposition: Fee Simple Selling Price:

One Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Seventy Three Dollars ($175,073.00) (Parcel A) Sixty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Seven Dollars ($69,367.00) (Parcel B)

said Lt. Col. Tony Appels, commanding officer of RGS (Pacific). “This is a very dedicated group of young adults who are going to make their own special mark on this country; it may be as a future prime minister, an airline pilot or by simply being a better Canadian.” Royal Canadian Air Cadets is a national co-educational youth organization sponsored by the Canadian Forces and Air Cadet League of Canada. In B.C., there are around 3,600 air cadets enrolled in 55 squadrons. For more information, visit


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101–15261 Russell Ave. White Rock Barrister & Solicitor



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WE PAY THE HST* on your FURNITURE or MATTRESS purchase and

1/2 THE HST* on your APPLIANCES purchase plus

NO INTEREST until Nov. 2010 Further information can be obtained from the City of Surrey, Realty Services Division, Engineering Department, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3X 3A2. Phone (604) 5985722. THIS ADVERTISEMENT IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF PUBLIC DISCLOSURE ONLY, NOT SOLICITATION OF AN OFFER


WHITE ROCK 3033 King George Hwy 6045318331

LANGLEY 19860 Langley Bypass 6045140447

“We do more than the others do” The equivalent to the HST will be deducted on furniture or mattress purchases. Half of the HST will be deducted on appliance purchases, available at White Rock location only. No minimum purchase required. Taxes and delivery must be paid when order is placed. See instore for full details.


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15177 Thrift Ave.

City Council and staff are continuing to support Fraser Health and EPCOR, the City’s water provider, in their effort to complete tasks to have the Boil Water Advisory lifted. Safe and healthy water are of high priority for the city; the advisory will not be lifted until this can be assured.

The City of White Rock has received an application to amend the CD-16 zone for 15177 Thrift Ave. The request is to increase the number of residential units from 202 to 260 in Towers 3 and 4 and allow minor changes to the commercial and residential floor space. The building heights, densities, and overall floor area remain unchanged. A developer information meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 7 between 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Elks Hall at 1469 George St. for the public to review this application. The meeting will be an open house format with display outlining the details of the proposed development. For more information, please contact Maylene Ginetz at 604-412-0310 or

DEVELOPER INFORMATION MEETING 1438 Best St. The City of White Rock has received an application for a Rezoning from RS-1 to RS-7 to permit the subdivision into two lots. A developer information meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 7 between 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the City Library at 15342 Buena Vista Ave. for the public to review this application. The meeting will be an open house format with display outlining the details of the proposed development.

Regular updates are being posted at on the title page under In Focus or you may call 604-536-6112; the recorded message and website are being updated regularly.

CALLING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS White Rock is a special place and no one knows that better than the people who live here. Do you have photos that capture the unique essence of White Rock? If so, we’d love to start using them in our promotional materials. We’ll even give you photo credit. And remember, there’s more to White Rock than just the beach. Send your photos to

For more information, please contact Sam Thind at 604-599-4888 or

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Are you looking for a new challenge? The City of White Rock is currently inviting applications for the following positions: Recreation Facility Clerk • Two positions • Regular full time; 35 hrs/wk • Must have Grade 12 supplemented by word processing courses and two years related experience • Experience using MS Office and facility booking and registration software (i.e. CLASS) preferred. • Application deadline is August 30 Lead Skate Attendant • One position • Casual • Must possess first aid certificate • Application deadline is September 3 Skate Attendants • Up to 11 positions • Casual • Must possess first aid certificate • Application deadline is September 10

NEXT WEEK *There are no meetings scheduled for the month of August.

For complete position details, visit






Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News



Auditor checks school money skills Tom Fletcher Black Press

VICTORIA – B.C. school districts have started to amalgamate their payroll and business administration systems, and they should do the same with their banking and investments, auditor general John Doyle says. In a report on how colleges and school districts manage their money, Doyle found that different organizations keep widely varying amounts of cash on hand, and

some report that they said in a report released Wednesday. are reluctant to shop around for banking “Given the size of services because government banking of the time and cost involved in requirements, the central switching banks. “Although co-ordination colleges and of school districts procurement use individually for these services competitive procurement could benefit Margaret colleges processes for MacDiarmid banking and and school education minister districts investment substantially.” services, we doubt that they are As students get ready able to be obtaining to return to classrooms, overall best value to some of B.C.’s 60 government,” Doyle school districts are

P U B L I C N OT I C E COMMUNITY CHARTER S.B.C. 2003 CHAPTER 26 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL CITY LANDS Pursuant to Sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter S.B.C. 2003, Chapter 26, as amended, the City of Surrey hereby gives notice of the intention to dispose of the following City lands: Legal Description:

Parcel A Section 9 Block 5 North Range 2 West New Westminster District Plan BCP45656

Civic Address:

A 0.197 ha (1970 m2) portion of road located at 131 Street and 113A Avenue adjacent to 13111 King George Boulevard.

implementing a shared system for payroll, vacation and substitute teacher scheduling, accounts payable and receivable, financial reporting and travel expenses. Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid announced in May that the common business system will be implemented first in

Kamloops-Thompson, Surrey, Vancouver and North Vancouver districts, because they are large districts whose computer systems are in need of replacement. In a separate report looking at fraud prevention in government, Doyle cited an example of two former school

district employees who diverted $160,000 worth of cheques payable to the district to their personal accounts. In another case examined by auditor general staff, a college employee created fake invoices totaling more than $400,000 and then approved them for payment.

Louise McKnight


Bay Realty Ltd.

You asked for low fee funds, so you’re getting them. But your in-branch hot tub idea is a no -go.

Property Description: The property is a portion of redundant road. It is currently zoned RF (Single Family Residential) and designated Urbanin the Official Community Plan. The property is being sold to an adjoining owner for consolidation and development purposes. Purchasers:


Nature of Disposition: Fee Simple Selling Price:

Three Hundred Eighty One Thousand Six Hundred and Ninety Dollars ($381,690.00)

The Low-fee, More-for-me Mutual Funds


Further information can be obtained from the City of Surrey, Realty Services Division, Engineering Department, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3X 3A2. Phone (604) 598–5731.

You can’t have everything. But with our new mutual funds, you can have among the lowest fees in the country. Conservatively managed and easy-to-understand, our funds are also easy to buy. Get started with as little as $50 a month. Visit, your nearest branch or call 1.888.517.7000 to find out more.


The Low-fee, More-for-me Mutual Funds™ are managed by SEI Investments Canada Company and provided by Worldsource Financial Management Inc. Mutual fund values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses may all be related with mutual fund investments. Mutual funds are not guaranteed. Please read the relevant prospectus before investing.


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


Fraser River sockeye running for record return “The 2010 return is fabulous,” she said. “But we don’t know

Jeff Nagel Black Press

Fraser River sockeye salmon are returning in numbers not seen for nearly a century. The Pacific Salmon Commission dramatically upgraded its estimate of the incoming run Tuesday, pegging the total number of Fraser-bound sockeye as high as 25 million – more than double the pre-season forecast of 11 million. That makes it the largest sockeye run since 1913. This is the first time in four years commercial fishermen have been allowed to catch Fraser sockeye. Disturbingly low returns of fewer than two million sockeye in each of the last two years prompted the federal government last year to appoint a judicial inquiry to probe the decline. At its Tuesday meeting, the salmon commission estimated laterun sockeye will number a huge 17.2 million, dramatically driving up the total run size. “All the populations seem to be doing better than forecast,” Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) B.C. Interior area director Barry Rosenberger said. “This is the new record,” he said, adding their estimates could climb higher still. A single test fishing seine boat hauled in 85,000 fish in six sets on Tuesday. Fishermen have now caught more than five million sockeye, while at least six million have been allowed to continue upriver. It’s not clear why this year’s run has come back so strongly. Better marine condi-

why there was a decline last year and a boost in the numbers this year.”

Delta Richmond-East MP John Cummins called the huge return

a “mystery” but said the underlying theme of the wild swings in the stock

is that DFO is unable to predict or account for the changes.

File photo

Deckhand Sandra Pinette sorts through sockeye catch. tions and more food for the salmon during their stint in salt water is one theory. But biologists caution one year’s strong return is no proof of a lasting rebound. “What we have this year is an exceptionally good return of the last thriving lineage,” said researcher Alexandra Morton. “This is not a rebound.” This year was expected to be the peak of the four-year sockeye cycle, with much lower returns projected in the next two years, based on the number of adults that previously spawned. “The young of last year’s feeble return are in the lakes and awaiting their turn,” Morton said. “If they suffer the fate of their parents they are extinguished.” She said this year’s huge run is a message that a broader turnaround is possible, a “reminder of what this fish can do.” The trend in sockeye returns has been down since at least the early 1990s. Cohen Commission spokesperson Carla Shore said this year’s run will factor into the inquiry’s work but doesn’t change its mandate or the big questions to be answered.


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Lawnbowling club a proud White Rock legacy A

community comretary. The season’s modest posed mostly of budget included expendiwater and hills tures of $10 for the use of seems an unlikely place for Habgood’s lawn, and a $5 a national-class lawn bowldeposit on a site for a new ing club. green. That’s unless you know Since the membership that White Rock contains agreed with Harry Vidal two overridthat Semiing assets: ahmoo was Lorraine and Hugh Ellenwood legendary “more euphoweather and nious” than resourceful White Rock, seniors. the associaCompettion began life ing at the as Semiahmoo national level Lawn Bowling is no novelty Club. for the White Officially Rock Lawn incorporated Bowling Club, Nov. 21, 1935, which is gearclub membering up to host ship elected the Canadian Mrs. CalderMixed Pairs Championships bank as vice-president, and in September. J.D. MacMillan as treasurer It all began in the midst of to join Oswald and Vidal the Great Depression. In the for the following year. summer of 1935, the novice The site at Royal Avenue group gathered to bowl on and D (Dolphin) Street was W.J. Habgood’s lawn on purchased for $750. ImmeStayte Road, sharing bowls diate plans were made to and enjoying Habgood’s build a clubhouse. strawberry patch. Opened July 8, 1936, the By the end of the year building served until 1974 they had achieved two main when a burgeoning memobjectives: to find a home, bership required larger and to incorporate the club. quarters. Provisional officers were During the early years, newly arrived Anglican bowling news consistently minister H. U. Oswald, occupied a prominent spot chair, and Harry Vidal, secon the front page of the

historical perspective p p

White Rock Museum & Archives photos

local newspaper, and editor Louis Starck, an avid bowler, seldom found reason to displace it throughout the Second World War. Aside from the name of the club being changed to White Rock Lawn Bowling Club in 1949, modifications to the club’s makeup have

Members of the Semiahmoo Lawn Bowling Club (above), including W.J. Habgood, in front of their clubhouse in 1947. Alex and his father, Jim Hazlitt (right), dominated lawn bowling competitions in the ’50s and ’60s. been few. The Ladies Divionly once. sion, established in 1939, 1974 proved to be a critihas since been assimilated cal year. The prospect of the into the main body. Flood cost of the new clubhouse lights – 40 years after they and soaring taxes led to were proposed – arrived negotiation with the city. with the new clubhouse, An abortive attempt to and a telephone was relocate the club to Macinstalled in 1977. caud Park resulted in the Longtime White Rock city taking ownership of the resident and club member Royal Avenue property, and Guy Weston, 88, can count leasing it back to the club, himself one of the few gain- which pays all maintenance fully employed by the club; and improvement costs. as a boy, he was paid 50 From the start, the club cents to mow the green, but has produced champi-

ons, Habgood and Vidal amongst them. Currently, several members are competing in a national competition in Edmonton, while others have qualified for upcoming international meets. Club president Arlene McGinn acknowledges the journey through 75 years has not always been a walk in the park, citing a recent example. During the changeover from grass to carpet to allow year-round play, a long-hidden garbage dump was uncovered, costing $26,000 to remove. Although justifiably proud of all the club has brought to White Rock, it is not content to rest on its laurels. Current challenges include devising strategies to attract younger members, and to set up a school program. Judging by its first 75 years, it’ll find a way to succeed. The Peninsula’s best-known mother-and-son historians, Lorraine and Hugh Ellenwood, are dedicated to preserving local history through the White Rock Museum & Archives. If you want to learn more about White Rock’s history, or if you want to share your memories, call 604-541-2222 or email

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Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

ay at your rewards everyd Safeway its s ha ity iv Exclus Ocean Park ntre, feway - or Ocean Park Shopping Ce Penninsula Sa Shopping Surrey

ge Penninsula Villa Centre, Surrey


Earn an additional


AIR M iles reward m

ou shop* every timreequyired. Please see customer

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Prices effective at all British Columbia Safeway stores Friday, August 27 thru Sunday, August 29, 2010. We reserve the right to limit sales to retail quantities. Some items may not be available at all stores. All items while stocks last. Actual items may vary slightly from illustrations. Some illustrations are serving suggestions only. Advertised prices do not include GST. ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Canada Safeway Limited. Extreme Specials are prices that are so low they are limited to a one time purchase to Safeway Club Card Members within a household. Each household can purchase the limited items one time during the effective dates. A household is defined by all Safeway Club Cards that are linked by the same address and phone number. Each household can purchase the EXTREME SPECIALS during the specified advertisement dates. For purchases over the household limits, regular pricing applies to overlimit purchases. On BUY ONE GET ONE FREE items, both items must be purchased. Lowest priced item is then free.

AUGUST 27 28 29 FRI


Prices in this ad good through August 29th.

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Shop Local Contest SEVEN WINNERS of $500.00 each!


Enter completed entry form at any one participating location. Fresh Hair....................................Photo# __ Sticky Rice Thai & Asian Cuisine ................Photo# __ Laura's Fashion Fabrics ...........Photo# __ Coastal Winemakers ................Photo# __ Deals World ................................Photo# __



Maple Sushi ...............................Photo# __ Imagine Laserworks .................Photo# __ K&D Furniture & Appliance Centre.......................Photo# __ Sandcastle Recreation .............Photo# __ Never E'nuff Clothes .................Photo# __ Lens R Us.....................................Photo# __ Pure Healthy Aging ...................Photo# __ Surfside Flooring .......................Photo# __ NAME: ______________________ ADDRESS: ___________________ _____________________________



PHONE: _____________________


GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN! Winners announced Fri., Sept. 10, 2010 RULES: Simply match the store






owners/managers pictures to their store names. Clip out your entry & deposit it at one of the participating merchants' stores. One lucky winner will be drawn Friday, September 3 at noon.







• Must be 18 years or older to enter • One entry per person per week • No purchase necessary • Prizes have no cash value • Merchants, their employees and employees of Black Press are not eligible.

ENTER AT ANY ONE OF THESE PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES: • Anna Kristina Boutique • Bernard Callebaut • Brewing Experience • Canadian Tire • Carpet Showplace • Cartridge World • Checkpoint Plumbing & Heating • Coastal Winemakers

• Deals World • Imagine Laserworks • Eleganté Shoes • Institute of New Beauty • Extreme Clothing • K & D Furniture & Appliance Centre • Foto Source • Kokopelli • Fountain Tire • Laura's Fashion Fabrics • Fresh Hair • Lens R Us • Gold Key Volkswagen • Lundline Glass & Aluminum • Grandview Corners Dental & Wellness • Maple Sushi

• Natalia Jewellers • Never E'nuff Clothes • Pantry Restaurant • Peace Arch Toyota • Peninsula Runners • Pure Healthy Aging • Robertson Hearing • Sandcastle Recreation

• South Point Dental • Spectrum Optometry • Sticky Rice Thai & Asian Cuisine • Surfside Flooring • White Rock Players' Club • White Rock U-Lock • Zig Zag Fashions


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Coastal Winemakers

Voted #1 on the Peninsula for 10 years in a row!

Believe it or not the start of the holiday season is just around the corner, and it is not too early to start your Christmas wine. Whether you’re new to the winemaking experience or have been doing it for years, there’s no better place to get started than at Coastal Winemakers at 2546 King George Blvd. Voted “Best on the Peninsula” for the 10th year in a row, Coastal Winemakers combines the ambience of a Bert & Val Moritz neighbourhood boutique winery with intricate workings that make up the wine-making facility, producing top quality wine in all price ranges. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you select your wine – everything from red, white, dry and sweet – according to your taste and budget. After your juice is mixed, you sprinkle in the yeast which starts the fermentation process, and a few weeks later your wine is ready to be bottled, corked, shrink-wrapped and labelled. The staff will happily provide tips and advice about the aging process for your wine, to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment out of your purchase. Owners Bert & Valerie Moritz are proud to be producing such high-quality and delicious wine for residents of the Peninsula, and say that the winemaking lifestyle is really catching on. “Wine has come so far in the past 18 to 20 years, it’s really quite remarkable,” she said. “We produce some beautiful wine.” It’s no surprise the wine that comes out of Coastal Winemakers is of the highest quality – it’s main supplier of wine kits, Winexpert, is not only the largest wine kit producer in the world, but is also a winner of 267 medals at the 2009 International Amateur Wine Competition hosted by WineMaker Magazine. Even if you’re not in need of a new batch of tasty wine, Coastal Winemakers has a gift shop full of wine-themed items, such as dripless decanters, aerators, including the popular Vinturri, vacuum bottle stoppers and a variety of wine glasses including the beautiful Eisch brand breathable glasses from Germany – perfect gift ideas for wine lovers. Owning a business in White Rock/South Surrey has special meaning for Bert who has called this area home all his life and owning Coastal Winemakers is a wonderful experience. Because winemaking is such a happy hobby, many new friendships have blossomed between customers and the staff. In appreciation for all of their loyal clients, Bert & Val are offering $15 off your next order of wine or a wooden crate for each person you refer who orders their first premium wine kit. The new client will also receive a free gift. So for a fun, unique and rewarding experience, visit Coastal Winemakers and see for yourself what makes them the best on the Peninsula. “Love your wine – we guarantee it!”

New Fall Fashions Arriving!

2546 King George Blvd., S. Surrey, BC




One of a kind jewellery designs created by Anna Kristina


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci


Anna Kristina Boutique

35% OFF





Expires Sept. 30/10

Family owned & operated Licensed & Insured


K&D Furniture & Appliance Centre

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Bar Stool Sets

For more than 38 years, K&D Furniture and Appliance Centre has been proudly serving the White Rock/South Surrey community with a dedication to customer excellence. Located at 3033 King George Boulevard, the store has everything you need to make your house feel like a home. As the largest furniture store on the Peninsula, you’ll find a wide selection of appliances, home furnishing, George Lake mattress sets, lamps, pictures and home accessories, all Store Manager of the highest quality and competitively priced. No matter how big or small your purchase, owners Henry and Allyson Chenier and their knowledgeable staff take pride in providing top-notch customer service. With a low turnover in staff, you can be sure to see familiar faces every time you visit K&D, and the team will be more than happy to help you find the right combination to fit your individual style and budget. K&D is proud to introduce their new manager, George Lake, who joined the team last May. With a life-long passion for sales and customer service, as well as a history of retail excellence, George is thrilled to be helping customers on the Peninsula. “It’s pretty wonderful out here,” says the proud grandfather of three. “The homes are nice, the area is nice and the people are just fabulous... It’s also great to work with such a helpful team – not to mention a store where customer service is paramount. It’s obvious K&D really cares about its customers.” As part of a 450-store buying group, K&D has better buying power than other big named retailers, which allows them to offer their customers low prices, while still maintaining the flexibility to purchase for their own customers’ needs. K&D takes pride in running their store with honesty and integrity, which, along with quality service and products, have become the cornerstones of their business. This dedication to customer satisfaction has contributed to their success in running a business in the White Rock/South Surrey community for so many years, despite ever increasing competition. Another factor contributing to K&D’s success on the Peninsula is their high level of involvement in the community. The owners support many local charities and have been involved in fundraising galas for a variety of causes. K&D is also a proud member of the South Surrey White Rock Chamber of Commerce as well as the Better Business Bureau. Involvement in the community, along with their proven track record of great service and quality products, has helped to garner K&D a loyal customer base, with some customers spanning three generations. Recently, K&D was voted the best furniture store and best appliance store on the Peninsula – a distinction they have held for many years. For old-fashioned, reliable service, the best prices around and quality merchandise for your hard earned money, visit the local team at K&D Furniture today.

Jonathan Toews

See Our Complete Selection

Stools available in regular dining (24”) or assorted bar height (26”, 30”& 34”)

WHITE ROCK LANGLEY 3033 King George Blvd. 19860 Langley Bypass 6045318331 6045140447 “We do more than the others do”


Footwear Fetish

HU HURRY H URR RRY Y IN F FOR OR BEST SELECTION! Sign up to be a member at and enter the $25,000 NHL® Dream Season contest! Jonathan Toews got his first pair of skates at Canadian Tire. Not surprising since we’ve helped countless hockey players, including Stanley Cup® winners, get the most from the game we all love. We’re excited to be working with Jonathan and the NHL® to develop - an online hockey resource for tips, advice, and exclusive offers, designed specially for you!

South Point Exchange • 3059 - 152nd Street • 604.542.4317

25 YEA Ser vin


g the Penins ula


Semiahmoo Shopping Centre 1711 - 152nd Street



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Always the Best Value In Town!

Deals World Peninsula residents looking for a great deal on top quality merchandise have been flocking to Deals World in White Rock for the past 17 years. Locally owned and operated, Deals World is a true one-stop shop for everything you need for your home. Furniture, food, clothing, pet supplies, toys, candles, health and beauty needs – the list goes on and on. Joanne With back to school just around the corner, Deals World is your best bet for a huge range of school supplies, as well as fall fashions and new home decor and furnishings. The popular store has a constant turnover of inventory – you never know what new items at discount prices you will find at Deals World. And according to manager Michelle Young, many customers visit the store on a weekly basis in hot pursuit of the latest shipment of brand name merchandise. As the only liquidation-type store on the Peninsula, you can often find things at Deals World that you can’t find anywhere else. Shipments of merchandise come from all over the Lower Mainland, Eastern Canada and the U.S., and because they’re not a “big box” store, they are often able to specially order items for their customers. Although the staff at Deals World is on a constant mission to find the best deal, they’re careful not to sacrifice the quality of merchandise they stock, and strive to provide a wide variety of current styles and trends to appeal to a wide range of customers. The owners and staff of the family-run business are also grateful to have been providing such great deals to their customers for so many years. Despite increased development in the White Rock/South Surrey area which has seen the arrival of several big name stores, Deals World still strives to uphold its smalltown feel, which reflects the atmosphere of the community. The store’s dedication to quality, variety and value has earned it many loyal customers over the years, many of whom have been shopping at Deals World since they first opened their doors more than 17 years ago, and have evolved from customers to good friends. So if you’re in the mood for a treasure hunt, or just want to check out what new and exciting items are in stock, visit Deals World at 1350 Johnston Road for an amazing selection of everything you need for your home. Customers are encouraged to stop by and fill out an entry form for a $50 gift certificate to Deals World. Winners are announced on their Facebook page every Wednesday and Sunday. For more information about Deals World visit

Book any maintenance service during September & receive a 55 point inspection

1350 Johnston Road - White Rock 604-536-1199 Hours: Sun. 11-5, Mon.-Wed. 9:30-6, Thurs. & Fri. 9:30-7, Sat. 9:30-6


Philips Soft Select


LADY SHAVER Wet & dry, hypo allergenic 24K gold foil for sensitive areas

Large varitety to choose from

$ 12.95

¢ ach

L.A Colors




.35 e



2011 16 Month Calendar ........... $1.18 Art Canvasses 5x7 - 48x48 Many to choose from ..... .98¢ - $49.95 Red River Cereal 1.35 kg .............. $3.48 Mini Box Cereal Chocolate Crisp or Honey and Nut 375g ..... 2 for $3.48 Success Peach Slices 398ml ..........98¢ Hippen Valley Ranch Dressing 236ml ....................................98¢

ENTER TO WIN A $50.00 GIFT CARD Draw Made Every Wednesday & Sunday. No Purchase Necessary. See in-store for details or visit our website. All Coloured Gemstone Jewellery

50% OFF


See in-store or

Only this Weekend! call for detai ls today!

Dealer #30377

PEACE ARCH Since 1966 3174 King George Hwy., White Rock 604-531-2916

til Aug. 31st at 6pm

Certified Gemologist Appraisal Clinic Book your appointment today

Your ur Canadian Diamond Store

#C102-15735 2-1 Croydon Dr., Surrey • 604-531-8777 w.n Some conditions apply. Sale applies to email: il:

Gold Tagged goods only.

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Never E’nuff Clothes In the women’s clothing market it is hard to be a grown up. With more and more stores catering to teens, tweens and smaller sizes, there seems to be fewer and fewer options available to the sophisticated woman looking for high-quality, flattering fashion. Enter Never E’nuff Clothes in Peninsula Village. As one of the longest-standing fashion boutiques in the community, Never E’nuff Clothes is your best choice Carole Hecht for all your fashion needs, where you’re sure to find the latest trends at affordable prices. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to helping customers find the right clothes to fit their body shape and style, and help them to leave the store feeling their best. “We are here for the women who find most fashion way too young, too cheaply made and too skimpy,” says Carole Hecht, owner of the popular clothing store. “We offer high quality and good value for your money.” Whether you’re looking to add to your daytime work wardrobe, you need something dressy for a special occasion, or you’re seeking out the latest in cruise wear for an upcoming vacation, the selection at Never E’nuff Clothes guarantees you’ll find that perfect stylish addition to your closet and the matching fashion jewelry. With fall just around the corner, the staff at Never E’nuff Clothes are busy stocking the racks for another exciting fashion season. “We are so looking forward to the coming fall fashions,” says Carole. The season is going to be all about suits, jackets and knitwear. Purple continues to be a hot colour. Pair with a brilliant charcoal grey for the latest look. Fabrics like cashmere blends are rich and luxurious – the prints stunning – the prices reasonable. Cardigans are long and flowing and combine well with jeans and straight-leg pants. “Most importantly, everything is geared for easy travel. Pack your basic skirts and pants in black, the little black dress, then put the fun into your travel bag with bright, coloured tops and dresses – and never forget a dash of sequins and the Swarowski crystal jewelry from Myka!” With lines from designers such as Joseph Ribkoff, Vex and Simon Chang, the emphasis is on carrying Canadian merchandise. Among many other things, you will find a very good, well-priced pant line from Montreal, as well as the famous Parkhurst sweaters at Never E’Nuff Clothes. Never E’nuff Clothes has always been heavily involved in the community, from supporting local school events to contributing to the Vintage Affair and participating in the annual Nite of Hope fashion show. Visit Never E’Nuff Clothes in Peninsula Village for a great selection of the hottest fashions and helpful service that will leave you smiling. “Shopping here in Peninsula Village is relaxed, access is easy and parking is convenient. Come in and see us, treat yourself to something new now or pick up a coupon for a future purchase.”

Peninsula Village 604-536-5555

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

Daily Features

ter 4pm) SENIORS NIGHT (af MONDAY ..............$8.99 .... .... .... .... .... .... .... TOSSED SALAD ENDLESS SOUP & TUESDAY ..............$7.99 .... .... .... .... ............ m) LY NIGHT (after 4p ..........$9.49 .... WEDNESDAY FAMI ............................ PRICE APPY’S THURSDAY HALF the purchase of an entrée) (with


5 2 pc FISH & CHIPS eberry Pie ... $10.9 with a Personal Blu ES T PANCAK ALL YOU CAN EA.... ........... $6.99 2pm) ........ .... (until

Drink of the Day



SPBERRY) ..................$4.25




CAESARS ............

............... $4.25

or (includes coffee, tea .............. $12.95 .... regular juice) ........ *all specials dine-in only*

TWO CAN DINE continues...

With th h coupon co oupon ou pon at at 152nd 152nd 52 2 d Street 2nd Streett loca St locati location oca cati tion ion on ion onl only. ly O Off Offers ffers ffer ff ers expire expir pire i No Nov N November ovembe b r 30, 30 0 2010. 20 Cannot be combined with other offers. No substitutions. Excludes applicable taxes. Prices and items subject to change.

1812 - 152nd St., South Surrey 604-535-0910


Lunch for 2 $14.99

Dinner for 2 $18.99




Awesome Twosome (2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 pancakes) AND/OR Fresh Strawberry Waffle

1/3 lb. Deluxe Burger (with fries) AND/OR Sunshine Chicken Salad

Old Fashioned Roast Beef Dinner AND/OR Chicken Stir Fry

Offer Expires Nov. 30, 2010

Offer Expires Nov. 30, 2010

Breakfast for 2

Offer Expires Nov. 30, 2010

Excludes applicable taxes

Excludes applicable taxes

Excludes applicable taxes

1812 - 152nd St. South Surrey

1812 - 152nd St. South Surrey

1812 - 152nd St. South Surrey


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


Surfside Flooring When it comes to renovating your home, having professional, reliable help is essential for any job, big or small. Peninsula residents have come to rely on the reputable service found at Surfside Flooring, from the moment they walk into the showroom to the last ďŹ nishing touch on installation. With more than 20 years of experience in the ďŹ&#x201A;ooring industry, owners Dora and Brian Brian and Dora Belyk can help you make the right decision based on your individual ďŹ&#x201A;ooring needs. The spacious show room boasts one of the largest selection of hardwood, laminates and tile around â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all clearly priced and labelled for your convenience. The knowledgeable staff will help you ďŹ nd the ďŹ&#x201A;ooring that suits your budget, lifestyle and decor, without the pressure that comes from commission-seeking salespeople. Free detailed quotes are also offered, which spell out exactly where each cost is coming from, to ensure no surprise expenses for the customers. Because Brian and Dora are former installers, Surfside customers can rest assured the professional installers will do a top-notch job with your new purchase, to maximize its lifespan and minimize future problems. Along with friendly service and a wealth of ďŹ&#x201A;ooring knowledge, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll also ďŹ nd nothing but straight-forward, honest prices at Surfside Flooring. With little overhead and strong, long-term relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, customers beneďŹ t from the lowest possible prices offered at Surfside. In addition to the range of top-quality products including Lauzon, Mirage, Armstrong, Wilsonart, Columbia and Vintage Hardwood plus various types of tile, Surfside Flooring carries specialty ďŹ&#x201A;ooring such as bamboo, and cork â&#x20AC;&#x201C; quickly becoming a favourite among homeowners. Made from 100 per cent rapidly renewable resource, this ďŹ&#x201A;ooring option is not only a green choice, but just as durable as regular hardwood, and available in several different colours. Distressed ďŹ&#x201A;oors with built-in markings that hide ďŹ&#x201A;aws are also a popular choice, especially for high-trafďŹ c areas where the potential for damage is high. If you have something unique in mind for your home, the Surfside staff can help bring your vision to reality with custom ďŹ&#x201A;oor work. For expert advice, high quality and the lowest prices around, visit Surfside Flooring at 15229 Russell Avenue in White Rock for all your ďŹ&#x201A;ooring needs.

Surfside Flooring l ssiona ing e f o r P ďŹ nish od Re o w d Har ble! Availa




3.69 sq. ft.



3.69 sq. ft.

Many More In-store Specials â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Free Estimates 15229 RUSSELL AVENUE WHITE ROCK â&#x20AC;˘ 604-538-2733 Mon. - Fri. 10am - 6pm Sat. 10am - 5pm



Changing peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lives one smile at a time.

In O 1 To 0 k o FF ne O r rR F e F $

ďŹ l


Whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re heading back to school or just back to work, head to Cartridge World for your ink and toner. You not only save money, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll help save the environment by reducing the number of cartridges in Canadian landďŹ lls.

The best things in life start with a smile. Financing available. COSMETIC DENTISTRY â&#x20AC;˘ FAMILY DENTISTRY â&#x20AC;˘ SEDATION DENTISTRY


Emergency Patients Welcome

South Surrey/White Rock 3189 King George Boulevard (next to Rona) Surrey, BC V4P1B8

Call or drop by today and see how much you can save:

â&#x20AC;˘ Acute & Chronic Pain â&#x20AC;˘ Stress Reduction/Chronic Fatigue â&#x20AC;˘ Cancer & Immune Rebalancing

Acupuncture Chinese Medicine â&#x20AC;˘ Infertility â&#x20AC;˘ Obesity/Weight Loss â&#x20AC;˘ Allergy & Internal Medicine â&#x20AC;˘ ReďŹ ned Herbal Medicine

Š2008 Cartridge World. All rights reserved.

Purchase 10 Acupuncture Treatments and receive one free. Expires Sept. 30/10.

Alfred Man & Selene Yang


UNIT #20 - 2448 160TH STREET, SURREY â&#x20AC;˘ 604-541-9919 OPEN: Evenings & Weekends!

* Discount applicable on one cartridge reďŹ ll per customer per visit. Good for one purchase. Value up to $10. $10.00 minimum purchase. Not valid with any other offer. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Offer expires Sept. 30/10.


The Global Ink and Toner Experts Visit us on facebook

1881-C3 (12/08)

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


Fresh Hair Concepts Thinking about sprucing up your style with a new look from one of the highest trained hairstylists on the Semiahmoo Peninsula? Look no further than Fresh Hair Concepts at Morgan Creek. As a Vidal Sassoon-trained salon, Fresh Hairâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stylists are very highly trained in a variety of different techniques and trends. Marty Hunter The salon offers a satisfaction guarantee for each and every client and stylists promise to meet or exceed clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; expectations, leaving them looking and feeling their absolute best. Each stylist spends about two years completing advanced training, which progresses through different techniques along the way. The salon holds weekly, in-house education nights where stylists reďŹ ne their skills and each member of the staff is required to take ďŹ ve education days per year in order to keep up-to-date with advancements in techniques or styles. The result is a team of stylists whose skills are next to none, offering precision cutting and colour in the latest popular styles. The salon itself has a very modern, upscale atmosphere and is always immaculately clean. The staff thrive to create a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere, serving clients lattes and cappuccinos while chatting like old friends. And Fresh Hair is open late two nights per week, to accommodate clients with busy schedules who may not have the time to come in during the day. Fresh Hair Concepts uses only the best products, including colour from Davines, an Italian company whose products are so popular, they handpick which salons can use their hair colour products. All of the stylists are constantly keeping an eye on fashion magazines for the latest hair styling trends, and with their emphasis on continually learning new skills and techniques, clients at Fresh Hair Concepts can rest assured theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in great hands. To get the latest in hair style and colour from experts in the ďŹ eld, visit Fresh Hair Concepts at the Morgan Creek Corporate Centre today.


wishes to welcome Jelena Banjac ADVANCED TRAINED HAIR CUTTER/STYLIST Trained in the fashion of Vidal Sassoon, Jelenaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s style and architectural interpretation of shape and suitability make her skills a valuable attribute to our family. Her dedication to precision and creativity make her a fantastic choice for those who have difficulty chooseing a haircut that is suitable for their looks and needs. Satisfaction and a Fresh look will make you feel stylish and modern.

JELENAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SPECIALITES: â&#x20AC;˘ Highly precise cutting and finish â&#x20AC;˘ Dedication to advancement & creativity â&#x20AC;˘ Shape suitability and ease of styling

Jennifer Mills ADVANCED TRAINED HAIRSTYLIST Also trained in the fashion of Vidal Sassoon, Jenniferâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s style is chic and modern with clean lines and precision cutting. Her creativity makes Jennifer an ideal choice for those looking to capture a feminine, soft style with a touch of glamour. Her coloring techniques add to her already impressive skills specializing in high lift blonds and color corrections. Jennifer is the perfect addition to our well-established staff here at Fresh Hair Concepts.

JENNIFERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SPECIALITES: â&#x20AC;˘ Modern cuts â&#x20AC;˘ High lift blondes â&#x20AC;˘ Blow dry / styling


25% OFF your ďŹ rst visit with both Jelena and Jennifer!

FRESH HAIR CONCEPTS LTD. #108 - 15252 - 32 Avenue, Surrey â&#x20AC;˘ Morgan Creek Corporate Centre 604-542-8877 â&#x20AC;˘

Get ready for fall and save!

Hurry! August 14 - September 7, 2010 only!

Fall Car Care Package - Save $1000 This package prepares your vehicle for the change in temperature and driving conditions, which prevents costly breakdown repairs. One of our specially trained technicians will: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Replace engine oil* and oil filter (specialty oils/specialty filters extra). Lube chassis (as required). Analyze charging and starting systems. Rotate tires and adjust air pressure (as required).** Inspect and top up fluids (to a maximum of one litre). Inspect brakes and suspension. Inspect all exterior lights, wiper blades, belts and hoses. Inspect and test block heater. Test engine coolant and inspect for leaks.




95 plus applicable taxes

*To a maximum of 5 litres. See retailer for details. Disposal fees and shop supplies are extra. **Excludes vehicles equipped with TPMS.

With coupon only. Expires Sept. 11/10

(Special Price $49.95, Regular Price $99.95)

With coupon only. Call store to book appointment. Expires Sept. 11/10.

â&#x20AC;˘ Mon - Fri, 7am - 5pm â&#x20AC;˘ Sat 7:30am - 4pm

The friendly folks at Check-Point service â&#x20AC;˘ Water Heaters â&#x20AC;˘ Furnaces â&#x20AC;˘ Boilers â&#x20AC;˘ Gas Lines â&#x20AC;˘ Plumbing â&#x20AC;˘ Instant Hot Water Heaters

Checkâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Point Plumbing, Heating & Gas Fitting Inc. #34â&#x20AC;&#x201C;3033 King George Hwy/Blvd., Surrey

Offers available at the following participating locations:

24th Ave. Ki




Fountain Tire





152 St. 152nd


SAME DAY SERVICE Call Dave, Rich, Kent & Beth

50% OFF 4 Wheel Alignment Special

2546 King George Blvd., White Rock

If your hot water tank leaks... remember we offer

/VERLOCATIONSACROSS7ESTERN#ANADATOSERVEYOUsWWWFOUNTAINTIRECOM *Offers applicable from August 14 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; September 7th, 2010 at participating retailers. All applicable taxes (ie: HST and tire taxes) are extra. ÂŽâ&#x201E;˘ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Goodyear Canada Inc. Fountain Tire is licensed by AMVIC in Alberta.

604-535-1768 OfďŹ ce Hours: 8 a.m to 4 p.m Monday to Friday



Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


Lens R Us For the very latest in designer frames, contact lenses, fittings and repairs, Lens R Us is your onestop-optical shop. The family-owned and operated business opened it’s doors on the Peninsula just over a year ago, offering a full-service manufacturing lab and wide selection of the best optical products at competitive prices. Raj Sood Lens R Us, located inside the Peninsula Village, one will find an unbeatable variety of high-quality designer and private label frames, lenses, contact lenses, accessories and sunglasses. In addition to offering a wide selection, Lens R Us offers a quick turnaround time on all jobs, from custom-fittings to repairs. Most glasses can be ready in just one day and progressive lenses with detailed work– three to four days. The local optical store’s approach to business is simple, according to owner Raj Sood. “We treat every customer as we would treat a guest in our home,” he says. “And we make sure they leave informed and satisfied with their purchase.” While Lens R Us may be the new kid in town on the Peninsula, the independently-owned chain has been around for more almost two decades, with a location in Langley and another in Newton. Having found that many of his customers were making the trek all the way from the White Rock and South Surrey area to Newton, Raj decided to open another store for their convenience – a move he says he’s glad to have made. “We are thrilled to offer another location in the Peninsula Village. Business is booming in the area and our customers are very appreciative to have us in their own neighbourhood.” With fall just around the corner, there’s no better time to upgrade your eyewear. Lens R Us is currently offering a special promotion: buy one pair of lenses and get the second for 50 per cent off. What are the latest eyewear trends? Retro styles, geek chic, aviators and big chunky frames continue to rock the runway and hallway for back to school. Raj and his team at Lens R Us look forward to meeting new customers and helping them see better in style. “Drop by today for a visit and check out the latest in optical trends and technology.”



50%* OFF Summer End

SALE Purchase 1 pair of glasses or sunglasses and receive a second pair for 50%* off. OFFER VALID UNTL SEPT. 15/10

We carry all major designer frames and sunglasses. *Equal or lesser value. Some conditions may apply.

Peninsula Village Shopping Centre 15355 - 24th Ave. 604-535-7766 SURREY 604-501-1533 • LANGLEY 604-530-9600


Invisalign makes it easy to straighten your teeth without bands, brackets, or wires. This innovative technology helps you straighten your teeth virtually invisibly.


OFF Screens

& Residential Sealed Units

*Excludes Retractable Screens. Min. $150 per order. Supply & Install only. Expires Sept 15, 2010. Must be presented at time of order.

WE SUPPLY & INSTALL: ■ Patio Covers ■ Balcony/Enclosures/Sunrooms ■ Aluminum Railing ■ Window Replacements

20% OFF Botox Cosmetic

We repair most styles of windows ■ Window Screens & screens. ■ Residential Glass A selection ■ Retractable Screens of parts also available. ■ Storm Doors

Expires August 31/10



S We beat competitoany written q r's u window scote on ree or glass! ns

SOUTH POINT DENTAL CENTRE #830 - 3041 152nd Street, Surrey (next to Save-On-Foods at the South Point Exchange)


Screen Specialists. Manufacturer of quality door & window screens. GLASS & WINDOW REPLACEMENT

#9 - 2320 King George Highway 604-536-4012 •

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice

Robertson Hearing Consultants are ree cel ce cele celebrating e eb brat ating their... th


y r a s r e v i n An

“It has been our pleasure to serve the residents of Surrey/White Rock for the past 27 years. Service is the key to our success. We value your patronage in the past, and look forward to helping you in the future. Remember... there's no substitute for experience!” DAVID J. HOWIE, BC-HIS Hearing Aid Specialist


Thai & Asian Cuisine


15% OFF – With coupon only º– Expires August 30, 2010


You don’t need to travel halfway across the globe for a taste of authentic Thai cuisine. Last month Sticky Rice opened its’ doors in South Surrey, offering a large and diverse menu of freshlyprepared Thai entrees, appetizers and desserts in a tastefully-decorated dining establishment. Having heard plenty of praise for the Peninsula’s hottest new asian eatery, I decided to drop by for John Thein lunch to see what all the buzz was about. My taste buds were not disappointed. The soft decor and warm ambience of this new hot spot – located at 3099 152 St. – has proven popular for business professionals grabbing a quick bite on their lunch break for its prompt, friendly service and specials that are easy on the wallet and the waistline. Our party was promptly seated by the restaurant’s manager, John Thein, who went out of his way to make us feel welcome and at ease. He was helpful in explaining their menu, pointing out that every dish is made to order and that all sauces are made fresh. While several of my coworkers optioned for the Pad Thai (one of the restaurant’s signature dishes), I decided to give the Beef Basil Stir-fry with Rice a whirl. Lunch arrived prompt and fresh. The Pad Thai was tastefully presented and my dining companions were in love at first bite. Bean curds, eggs, bean sprouts and house made sauce top a bed of freshlyfried rice noodles. On the side of the dish was a small bowl of crushed peanuts. My stir-fry came sizzling right out of the kitchen – the freshly-sliced, tender strips of beef were adorned with fresh sprigs of basil and a crisp vegetable medley, served with a side of its house speciality – Sticky Rice. Looking around the busy dining room, it was obvious other patrons were also having an enjoyable dining experience. With the elegant crystal chandelier hanging overhead, and soft, soothing music playing in the background, I’d definitely return for a night out on the town with my husband. These days date night seems to always includes our toddler – luckily Sticky Rice offers an affordable children’s menu sure to please even the pickiest little diner.


Menu h c n u L r u O y r T Come • Basil Beef



steamed rice, salad

• Pad Thai Chicken




• Yellow Curry$ 00 12 Seafood steamed rice, salad

Entrees for 1-2 people Kids menu is available

Enter r a draw fo 0


nd 450 3099 152 Street (across from Cactus Club)





HOURS: 11:30am-9:30pm daily

Kahrs Hardwood & Kraus Carpet ON SALE NOW!

Lenore Howie X David Howie X Marlene Jatsura



BUY ONE GET ONE Throughout August Only • Limit 2 per customer Since 1963

ROBERTSON HEARING CONSULTANTS David J. Howie, BC-HIS, Hearing Aid Specialist


Semiahmoo Professional Building Registered under the Hearing Aid Act.


Rest assured – you made the right choice in flooring. CARPET SHOWPLACE Flooring for every lifestyle. 2423 King George Blvd. Surrey 604-538-1551 FLOORING EXPERTS • hardwood • ceramic • laminate • vinyl • cork

#308-1656 Martin Drive, White Rock, B.C. V4A 6E7 Accredited since 1995



Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


Pure Centre For Healthy Aging

Dr. Rostvig’s

Pure Centre for Healthy Aging recently opened its doors in South Surrey offering an array of specialty services and skin care products to help men and women turn back the hands of time. The highly-skilled Dr. Rostvig and Dr. Peach, both experienced medical/cosmetic practitioners, along with their team of licensed medical technicians, apply the science of skin rejuvenation with the science of bio-identical hormone replacement and longevity medicine to provide the latest and Tania Miller most effective anti-aging procedures on the Peninsula. At their state of the art clinic, located at Unit 109 15388 24 Ave., skin rejuvenation is achieved using a variety of lasers and technologically-advanced machines, combined with the use of Botox and Hylauronic fillers such as their newest exclusive product – Voluma, a natural, gentle filler specifically developed to restore lost facial volume in the cheeks, cheekbones and chin. “We are the only skin care clinic on the Peninsula to offer this,” says Pure business manager Tania Miller. The unisex clinic also offers Da Vinci Teeth Whitening, Microdermabrasion, Laser Acne treatments, Revlite Laser (for facial rejuvenation), Intense Pulse Light Facials, Refirme skin tightening, Matrix Fractional Laser, Triniti Skin Series (as seen on the hit show The Doctors), Soft Lift (a non invasive face lift done with Botox and fillers), Laser Bio stimulation Hair Rejuvenation, laser hair removal, oxygen facials (better known as the Madonna facial), tattoo removal and much more. Pure’s mantra is taking care of its clients on the inside and out. That’s why the clinic is proud to offer a lifestyle assessment which covers a range of services, from a basic physical examination to a sophisticated genomic testing of hereditary disease. These services can be provided “a la carte” or as part of an extensive personal evaluation For top of the line, effective skin care products, Pure is your one stop skin care shop offering effective acne and wrinkle creams, medical gels, toners, and astringents. Pure also carries top of the line, medical grade skin care, including doctor Rostvig’s own brand compounded next door at Pure Pharmacy. This fall, Pure will be launching its Extreme Makeover Contest, which Tania says is going to be “a huge event.” “We have 20 different businesses involved for this extreme makeover, which will be awarded to one lucky winner. They’ll receive $6,000 worth of services.” The makeover will include a hair cut, colour and style, teeth whitening, full facial rejuvenation, skin care or makeup regime, a professional style assessment and a personal home fitness program. Dr. Rostvig, Dr. Peach and staff invite you to take a tour of Pure and enjoy 20 per cent off any service (some restrictions apply, 20 per cent not valid on Botox and Juvederm or product and may not be combined with any other offer). Call the clinic today at 604-542-7788 for more information or to book a complimentary consultation.


Bringing Vision to Lif Serving the community since 1999

One Test Your Child Can’t Afford To Miss


Laser Facial plus

Mini Lip Enhancement


20% OFF any service*



Expire Sept. 30/10

Complimentary Consultation Provided for All Services

*Not valid on Botox, Juvederm or product. Expires Sept. 30/10

Coming Soon...

Pure Healthy Aging Extreme Makeover Contest. Includes: - facial juvenation - teeth whitening - hair cut & colour from Aru, - skin & makeup consultation from Lana Mitchell at Pure Pharmacy - personalized fitness program from Trainers Personal Training - style assessment form Revival Style Consultants and much more

PURE CENTRE FOR HEALTHY AGING #109 15388 24th Ave., South Surrey

Tel: 604.542.7788 Web:

fall style

from top to bottom

Because a child's vision may change frequently, regular eye and vision care is crucial to a student's classroom success. 60% of children labeled as "problem learners" may actually have undetected vision problems and are sometimes incorrectly diagnosed as having attention-deficit disorder. At Spectrum Optometry children’s eye exams are covered by the BC Medical Service Plan.

Clinic Hours Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Dr. Michelle Elliott Dr. Stephanie Gautier

604.536.2050 e m o c l e W s t n e i t New Pa

Peninsula Village Shopping Centre 670 - 15355 - 24th Avenue, South Surrey, BC V4A 2H9

Clothes • Shoes • Accessories

Peninsula Village

604-535-1565 15355 - 24th Avenue

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News



Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

Sign Me Up!


Sign Me Up!

Piano Lessons for Children & Adults

e Social Dancing

Langley Twin Rinks 2010 Fall Programs

JJoin oin the fun! Meet new people and make new friends. Friendly atmosphere. Simple instructions.

Classical & Popular Lessons on a Grand Piano Exp. Teacher B. Mus

Sept 19 Powerskating & Hockey Skills Level 1

Sept 19 Powerskating & Hockey Skills

Cha Cha - Level 2 7:30-8:30 Ballroom - Level 2 8:30-9:30

Level 2/3

Starts September 2

Sept 19 Ladies Hockey Development Sept 19 Ladies Skating, Shooting & Scoring Sept 22 Powerskating & Hockey Skills—

Swing Dances - WC, EC, SR Swing plus NC 2Step! Level 2 7:30-8:30, Starts September 21

South Surrey 778.294.0303

Keri’s Scottish Highland Dance Studio Skye Ferguson B.C. Champion

Ages 4 and up Kinder-Tartan age 3 Wee Scotts Ballet Fun - High Energy Build Confidence

Traditional Highland & National Dances Irish Jigs - Hornpipes - SDTA Medal Testing Medal testing, Choreography & and performance competition Performance Recreational Classes, Competition Standard

REGISTER NOW Artistic Director Keri Ring Ferguson 32 Years Experience


604-536-7061 604-852-8648

Makai Genovese Dance Instructor at: OPCH 1577 128th St., Surrey 8 Classes, Practice Dance & Organized Social Dance Outing

All Levels

Makai Genovese

Accompanist and Pianist for special events

Sept 14 Hockey Tips 4 Tots (3-6 yrs) Sept 15 Hockey Tips 4 Tots (3-6 yrs) Sept 18 Hockey Tips 4 Tots (3-6 yrs) Sept 20 Hockey Fundamentals

Preschool 3-5 yrs Standard 6-13 yrs

Sept 13 or Sept 14 Monday’s or Tuesday’s 3:30 or 4:15pm Pre-school & Standard

Sept 14 or Sept 15

(6-8 yrs)

Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s 9:45 or 10:30am Pre-school

Sept 22 Powerskating & Hockey Skills (9-10 yrs)

Sept 18 Saturday’s

Sept 23 Powerskating & Hockey Skills

2:15pm Pre-school 3:00pm Standard


Register Online:


Or by Phone:

“Quality Instruction, Quality Experience”


Canlan Ice Sports- Langley Twin Rinks- 5700 Langley Bypass

B a l l ro o m • L a t i n • Sw i n g • S o c i a l • O n e - o n - O n e

Keep Moving


STAY FIT • LOSE WEIGHT Afternoon Yoga Mon., Wed. & Fri. sessions at 3:30pm. Max. 12 - 75 min. sessions per month for $30

Sign Me Up!

Register Now for September Lessons!

• Piano • Guitar • Voice • Adult EZ Play • Theory

Equipment is provided

Programs for beginners include: • • • • • •

Come for all, or choose your sessions! Register early for September. Space is limited.

BABY AND ME PROGRAM – ages 0-21/2 PRESCHOOL PROGRAM – ages 21/2-4 RED MUSIC COURSE – ages 4-5 YELLOW MUSIC COURSE – ages 6-7 BLUE MUSIC COURSE – ages 8-10 PRIVATE LESSONS Call for rates and times



7050 King George Blvd., Surrey

2849 North Road, Burnaby



Semiahmoo Minor Hockey Association PEEWEE HITTING CLINICS Friday, Sept. 3rd South Surrey Arena All PeeWee Rep and “C” level players must attend a hitting clinic A-G 1700 - 1800 Q H-P 1800 - 1900 Q Q-Z 1915 - 2015 ‘C’ Evaluations start Saturday, September 11. See schedule




Sat. Sep 4

Atom R - Z Atom H - Q Atom A - G Atom Rep. Goalies PeeWee A - F PeeWee G - N PeeWee O - Z Bantam A - G Bantam H - Q Bantam R - Z Bantam REP Goalies Midget REP Goalies Midget A - G Midget H - Q Midget R - Z

0730 - 0845 0900 - 1015 1030 - 1145 1200 - 1315 1330 - 1445 1500 - 1615 1630 - 1745 0800 - 0915 0930 - 1045 1100 - 1215 1230 - 1345 1400 - 1515 1530 - 1645 1700 - 1815 1830 - 1945

Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS

1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3 1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4

Atom H - Q Atom A - G Atom R - Z PeeWee Rep. Goalies PeeWee A - F PeeWee G - N PeeWee O - Z Bantam Game #1 Bantam Game #2 Midget Game #1 Midget Game #2 Bantam Game # 3 Bantam Game # 4 Midget Game #3

0800 - 0915 0930 - 1045 1100 - 1215 1230 - 1345 1400 - 1515 1530 - 1645 1700 - 1815 0800 - 0915 0930 - 1045 1100 - 1215 1230 - 1345 1400 - 1515 1530 - 1645 1700 - 1815

Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent. SS SS SS SS SS SS SS

1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3 1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3

Atom Game #1 Atom Game #2 PeeWee Game #1 PeeWee Game #2

0800 - 0915 0930 - 1045 1100 - 1215 1230 - 1345

Cent. Cent. Cent. Cent.

1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4

Sun. Sep 5

Mon. Sep 6


Drsg. Rm





Drsg. Rm

Mon. Sep 6

Atom Game # 3 PeeWee Game #3 PeeWee Game #4 Bantam Game # 5 Bantam Game # 6 Midget Game #4 Midget Game # 5 Bantam Game # 7 Bantam Game # 8 Midget Game # 6

1400 - 1515 1530 - 1645 1700 - 1815 0800 - 0915 0930 - 1045 1100 - 1215 1230 - 1345 1400 - 1515 1530 - 1645 1700 - 1815

Cent. Cent. Cent. SS SS SS SS SS SS SS

1&3 2&4 1&3 1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3

Tues. Sep 7

Atom Game # 4 Peewee Game # 5 Bantam Game # 9 Midget Game # 7 Midget Game # 8

1800 - 1930 1945 - 2115 1800 - 1915 1930 - 2045 2100 - 2230

Cent. Cent. SS SS SS

1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3

Weds Sep. 8 Atom Game #5 PeeWee Game # 6 Bantam Game # 10 Midget Game # 9 Midget Game # 10

1800 - 1930 1945 - 2115 1800 - 1915 1930 - 2045 2100 - 2230

Cent. Cent. SS SS SS

1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3

Thurs. Sep. 9 Atom Game #6 Atom Game #7 Peewee Game #7 Peewee Game #8 Midget Game # 11

1845 - 2015 2030 - 2200 1800 - 1915 1930 - 2045 2100 - 2230

Cent. Cent. SS SS SS

1&3 2&4 1&3 2&4 1&3

Fri. Sep. 10

Atom Game #8 PeeWee Game # 9 Bantam Game #11

1830 - 1945 2000 - 2115 2130 - 2245

Cent. Cent. Cent.

1&3 2&4 1&3

Sat Sep.11

Atom Game # 9 PeeWee Game #10

1200 - 1315 1330 - 1445

Cent. Cent.

2&4 1&3

Sign Me Up!

Sign Me Up!

White Rock Singers Community Choir Is Back!

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


Sign Me Up! Music & Fitness Classes for Active Kids ages 6 months to 4 years


Registration / Start Date

Classes & Fall Registration Sept. 13-18

Monday, Sept. 20 Semiahmoo Secondary Music Room 1785 - 148th St., South Surrey 7:15 - 9 pm 11 sessions + concert $79

• White Rock • Surrey • Maple Ridge • Aldergrove

Choir directed by Dave Proznick “All singers welcome – no previous experience necessary – the focus of this group is Singing for the joy of it!” 3 & 4 part singing, all varied styles of music. A great inclusive fun group that you are sure to enjoy.

Call Kathy for details 604-850-2977 604-538-5456 3UH. WR *UDGH 








White Crane Kung Fu

<RXFDQ·WILQGEHWWHUJUDGHVLQ WKHEDFNWRVFKRRODLVOH The back-to-school aisle is a great place to get new book bags, pencil cases, and binders–but these thing won’t help kids prepare their brains. At Oxford Learning, kids get equipped with a brain that is ready to learn and earn better grades. It’s the best back-to-school supply of all.

oxford learning

Call today, or visit More back-to-school tips can be found at


South Surrey 604-575-1494 #205 - 15149 Hwy. 10

Every Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm 14250 Crescent Rd., Surrey (Elgin Hall)

Langley 604-534-4089 #312 - 6325 204th St. Oxford Learning Centres®

Children’s Fall Programs! Kids & Teens con’t

Preschool Ballet – Dance with Me 18-30 months 19384 Th 10:30-11:15AM Sep 23 / #10 19385 Sa 10:30-11:15AM Sep 25 / #10 Ballet – Preschool 3-5 yrs 19386 Th 11:30AM-12:15PM Sep 23 / #10 19387 Sa 11:30AM-12:15PM Sep 25 / #10

Sign Say & Play 3-18 months NEW 19527 Sa 10:00AM-10:45AM Oct 16 / #6 Skating Lessons 3-6 yrs Fri 10-10:30am 2:45pm-3:15pm Sep 17 Sa 10am-10:30am 10:45am-11:15am Sep 18/#6 Parent & Pee-Wee Art Play 2-5 yrs 19522 Tu 11:30AM-12:30PM Sep 21 / #6 Mom’N’Toes Art 0-24 months 19498 Sa 10:15AM-11:30 AM Sep 18 / #7 Princesses & Pirates 3-6 yrs 19523 Tu 01:00PM-02:30PM Sep 21 / #8 Art Bugs & Animals 3-6 yrs 19521 Tu 10:00AM-11:30AM Sep 21 / #8

Hop Hop Junior 10-12 yrs 19508 Sa 01:00pm-02:00pm Sep 18 / #8 Babysitter Training Sa 09:00am-04:00pm Sep 25, Nov 06, Dec 04 / #1 Basketball 7-13 yrs 7-9 years 19397 Tu 06:30pm-07:30pm Sep 21 / #10 10-13 years 19398 Tu 07:30pm-08:30pm Sep 21 / #10 All Sports Co-ed 6-9 yrs 19519 M 07:00pm-08:00pm Sep 13 / #4 Mixed Martial Arts 6-12 yrs 6-9 yrs 19515 M 05:00pm-06:00pm Sep 20 / #8 10-12 yrs 19512 M 06:00pm-07:00pm Sep 20 / #8 Skating Lessons 6-14 yrs / #6 Friday 3:30-04:00pm Sa 11:30am-12:00pm Sep 17, 18 SNAG Golf 5-12 yrs / #4 5-8 yrs Tu 19509 03:30-04:30pm Oct 05 9-12 yrs Tu 19510 04:30-05:30pm Oct 05 Tennis – Junior Lessons 8-12 yrs / #4 M 05:00pm-6:30pm F 05:00pm-06:30pm Sep 10, Sep 13 Pro-D Day Skates @ Centennial Arena F Oct 22, Nov 12 Stick & Puck 5-12 yrs 10:45am-11:30am Family Skate 11:45am-1:00pm

Kids & Teens YMCA Youth Leadership Development Wed 6:30-8:30pm Sep 15 / All year Ultimate Art Experience 6-12 yrs 19525 Tu 03:30pm-05:00pm Sep 21 / #8

For more information on these courses visit Register online or call 604-541-2199


SKATING LESSONS White Rock South Surrey Skating Club • CanSkate - learn to skate • CanPowerSkate - hockey skating skills development • STARSkate & Competitive - figure skating

Register at our

OPEN HOUSE & SKATE SALE Thursday, Sept. 9 4:30 - 6:30 PM Centennial Arena Registration, information, new and used skate and clothing sale, and on-ice assessments for new skaters FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US AT



Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

Sign Me Up!

Sign Me Up!

Sign Me Up!

Rosemary Heights School of Music Enjoy music in a fun and relaxed atmosphere • Piano, Accordion, Organ • All Styles - Classical, Pop, Jazz, Blues • Theory, Harmony, History • RCM Exam Prep Including ARCT • All Levels - All Ages • 25+ Years Experience MMus

September Registration Now Open For:


Sign Me Up

yoga basics - beginners group personal training fit n fabulous bootcamp try pack personal training

* * * *

FloMoti on Fitness Fit ness + Yoga Studio Studio FloMotion + Yoga 15186Buena BuenaVista Vista Avenue, Avenue, White Whit e Rock 15186 Rock @ 55 Corners Corners @


Rosemary Heights/Morgan Creek Area



PIANO & VIOLIN Enjoy fun, imaginative lessons from professionals

MARGARET TAYLOR / AGNES FROBB ...excellent, experienced teachers

• All styles of music • All ages Morgan Creek & Ocean Park Studios

604.541.8052 Agnes


For weddings & special events hire the Margaret Taylor Orchestra





Do you dream of being a professional make up artist?

Are you between 12 and 18 and interested in: • flying and gliding • summer camps • range/biathlon • pilot’s license • effective speaking • first aid / band • leadership training • citizenship • physical fitness • survival training

Onsite professional course is now on Marine Drive! Mon. & Wed. from 12pm - 3pm or 6pm - 9pm Correspondence courses also available. Check out our website

Parade night: 6:30pm every Wednesday at Emmanuel Covenant Church, 17029 - 16th Ave, Surrey BC Phone: 604-538-4018 Information Session and Registration: Monday, September 13, at 6:30pm

B AC K S TAG E STUDIOS 14903 Marine Dr. White Rock 604.535.3993

Peninsula Runners Fall 2010 Walk, Learn to Run, Run Easy & Run Faster Clinic


Starts Tues., Sept. 14th 6:30 pm Group meets once a week for 14 weeks for a coached invigorating workout INCLUDES: • store discounts • weekly home work schedule

• shopping nights • experienced leaders • lots of fun • a proven program 00

$80. 1708 - 152nd St.,

Come in and check out why we’re known as the “Fit Experts”


“We Fit Feet”



Does the best future for your child start here? • high academic standards incl. French, Mandarin, PhysEd, Music, Art, Drama, Band, technology (hard-wired - no harmful radiowaves) • low staff ratio • individualized learning • values & ethics, social skills • responsible citizenship • cooking, sewing, gardening & woodworking • field trips, local and distant

Elementary (Ages 6 to 12 yrs)

& Secondary (Ages 12 to 15 yrs)



(Ages 4mths to 3 yrs) Surrey Central or South Surrey

Daycare (Ages 2-1/2 to 5 yrs)

Primary(Ages 2-1/2 to 5 yrs) Out-of-school Care (Ages 6 to 12 yrs) 7am to 6pm

Come and find out why parents have been trusting their children to us for 25 years!


Roots & Wings Montessori Place and Radicalus Secondary 5438 – 152nd St • 604-574-5399 • •

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News

S O U T H S U R R E Y ’ S FA L L P R O G R A M S

FALL REGISTRATION – SIGN ME UP! Register for our exciting programs at the South Surrey Recreation Centre! Parent Participation


• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Social Recreation One Day Wonders Rhythm & Rhyme Sports Dance Stay & Play Nature Nuts Music & Movement

Preschool • Licensed Preschool • Social Recreation - Seasonal • One Day Wonders • Cooking • Yoga • Tot Gym • Art Explorers • Sports

Children • • • • • • •

Dance Yoga Karate Guitar Gymnastics Acting One Day Wonders

Youth • • • • • • • •

Guitar Yoga Pilates Babysitter Training DJ - Level 1 & 2 Sports Snow Tubing Kickboxing

Pilates Yoga Dance Karate Photography Zumba Qlgong Meditation

Adult 55+ • • • • • •

Arthritis Osteo Fitness Tai Chi Painting Yoga Sports Spanish

Pick up your Leisure Guide NOW at any City of Surrey facility! • • • • •

For more information, visit the

South Surrey Recreation Centre 14601 - 20 Avenue or call

604-592-6970 Also, check out our newly renovated facility at Kwomais Point Park 1379-128th Street. Health & Wellness programs available! Call 604-592-6970 for more information on specific programs.




Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010



Laura’s Fashion Fabrics


2499 MSR





Quality storage in White Rock & Surrey

• Over 1000 built-in stitches • 209 built-in embroidery designs • Large full colour LCD touch screen • On screen editing

.. a’s. r u La he ! at see t !!! :) G OM ave 2 BRICS u h W FA NE




799 99




649 900D

Embroidery and Sewing

GO WILD FOR TILES! Learn how to create EMBROIDERED WALL ART 6 Fridays starting Sept. 17th 10 am, noon or 2 pm

• 105 built-in embroidery stitches including 35 Disney® and 6 embroidery lettering fonts • Easy to use • Built-in thread d cutter teer er

We’ll teach you the techniques to create your own embroidered wall art. Call to pre-register






3034D • 3 or 4 thread serger • Easy threading ead ading in Differential feed • Instant rolled • Diff d hhem





For more than 32 years, Peninsula seamstresses of all experience levels have been turning to Laura’s Fashion Fabrics on Johnston Road for their sewing needs. Whether you’re an expert seamstress or embarking on your first project, Laura’s has a diverse selection of quality sewing machines, embroidery machines, sergers and accessories, and a stunning array of fabrics, threads and patterns, you are sure to find Laura exactly what you need. As the authorized dealer for Brother and Janome sewing machines, Laura’s carries machines suited for all budgets and experience levels. The fabulous selection and the high level of customer service at Laura’s has made them a popular destination for Peninsula residents and beyond. The friendly and knowledgeable staff go well beyond helping customers find what they are looking for – they will also provide advice and help you through your project, big or small. With the purchase of any sewing machine, embroidery machine or serger comes free, unlimited one-on-one lessons to help customers operate their new machine. Laura’s is also a well-known destination for those looking to improve their sewing and quilting skills, or to learn new techniques. The store offers in-store hands-on classes, including beginner’s quilting, machine quilting and table runner classes, machine applique, machine cutwork, regular quilting... the list goes on and on. Laura’s is caught up in the hottest new quilting trend – “Hoop Sister’s Embroider Block of the Month.” You have to drop by the store to see their exciting samples and find out how you can get involved. New this fall in machine embroidery is “Wild For Tiles.” Create your own beautiful themed wall hanging in just six lessons. Visit for our fall class schedule. There is plenty to learn at Laura’s and everything you need is in the store. Fall is just around the corner, and the staff at Laura’s are thrilled about all the new and exciting fabrics that just arrived. Every year, the fabrics seem to get better and better and this year they are truly outstanding in rich colours in sweater knits, virgin wools, sparkle knits, ruffled knits, and the perfect fabrics for tights – Jeggings. And... oh you just have to come in and see as well as touch for yourself. Laura’s early fall community fundraiser is a “Bagilicous” challenge. Customers purchase a kit and then create their own unique bag. All proceeds go to the White Rock Women’s Place. The bags are already to starting to come in the store and everyone is encouraged to come in a vote for their favourite bag. There are prizes for everyone. Come and visit Laura’s soon – the excitement is contagious.

Embroidery E Em b and an nd n d Sewing


1552 Johnston Road, White Rock • 604-531-3293 Open Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5:30


Pearl Skin Perfect

• New units individually alarmed • Perimeter Fencing & Access Control • Digital Video & Alarm Station Monitoring • Robust Steel & Concrete Construction

• Heated & Unheated Lockers Available • Select 24-hour Business Units • Mail Boxes • Boxes & Moving Supplies For Sale

on Featured ors The Doct ! TV show

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm Sat & Sun: 9am-5pm

Ask us today for your FREE Pearl Consultation

The Pearl Laser Procedure safely and effectively renews the skin’s surface. Pearl minimizes wrinkles, uneven texture and discoloration in one or two treatments. Unlike fractional technologies, Pearl involves less overall recovery, while giving your skin a healthy pearl-like glow.

$200.00 OFF PEARL TREATMENT Please present coupon at the consultation. Valid until October 20, 2010.

604-536-7988 15028 - 32nd Ave. CANADIAN OWNED AND OPERATED

(Behind the Auto Mall and next to the South Point Mall) email:





Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


Imagine Laser Works


Take The Plunge!

Whether you’re looking to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, or overcome Addiction, Imagine Laserworks on Martin Drive can help you achieve your goals and get on your way to a healthier life. The clinic uses low level laser therapy which is applied to specific acupuncture points on the ears, nose, fingers and wrists depending on the specific problem being treated.

Ralph Semple

Results for patients treated with low level laser therapy have been exceptional. For smokers looking to kick the nicotine habit, Imagine Laserworks has seen up to 94% quit rates, with many clients quitting after just one therapy session. Weight loss clients have also seen a high level success, with laser treatment effectively speeding up metabolism, decreasing appetite, controlling hunger cravings and increasing endorphin levels. Imagine Laserworks also uses low level laser therapy to treat drug and alcohol addiction by minimizing symptoms of withdrawal. Used in combination and nutritional supplements, herbs and exercise – to detoxify and repair the body – laser releases a flow of natural endorphins, creating calm and relaxation. The physical dependence on the abusive substance is then relieved, and symptoms including anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, cramps, vomiting and depression may be eliminated or greatly reduced. While treatments at Imagine Laserworks are not a quick fix, the success of laser therapy will help to relieve a number of withdrawal symptoms that are associated with quitting substance abuse, and will also restore the body’s energy and internal function to stronger levels. To find out more about any of the safe and effective treatments available at one of our 17 Imagine Laserworks Centres in Canada, call the White Rock office at 604-538-2106 and take the first step to feeling great.


in less than 1hr! Up to 94% Success Rate!


Using a combination of laser, acupuncture and nutritional consultation

DRUG & ALCOHOL TREATMENTS End your addiction naturally with no side effects.


Valid until Book any of our programs in September and add acupuncture stress points ($40 value) FREE Sept.30/10 17 CENTRES ACROSS CANADA Check our website for your nearest location.

214-1676 Martin Drive, White Rock



Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


Maple Sushi There’s no shortage of places to dine out here on the Peninsula, but for a place with variety and quality, at an affordable price, you’ll want to visit Maple Sushi. Located at 2385 King George Hwy., next door to the Caprice Theatre, Maple Sushi offers a full selection of Japanese cuisine, including sashimi – raw fish – and a wide variety of sushi rolls. But if the thought of eating raw fish makes you Iris Huang a little green around the gills, Maple Sushi also has a vast menu of cooked Japanese items as well, including tempura, noodles and their signature teriyaki dish. “A lot of people think of Japanese food as raw food,” says manager Iris Huang. “But we have a lot of cooked food – even our sushi menu has a lot of cooked rolls.” At Maple Sushi, in addition to a wide variety of menu items, you will find the quality of food to be very high. Their popular California rolls are made with the highest quality of crab meat – unlike some restaurants that use imitation crab meat or pollock, which can lower their cost by half. Some of the fish used in items at Maple Sushi is also flown in from Japan the and East Coast – the ahi tuna, yellowtail and octopus are all flown in fresh three times per week, so you can rest assured you’re getting high quality, genuine fresh food. If you don’t have enough time to dine in at Maple Sushi, they provide free delivery for your convenience. They also offer 10 per cent off your order if you pick it up, as long as it’s $20 or more before taxes. If you’re able to dine-in, visit Maple Sushi for lunch and choose from one of their 15 different lunch boxes. The portions are generous, and the wide selection ensures that you’ll find something to suit your taste – and each one is within $10. Or you can try one of their most popular menu items – the Happy Choice. It’s a make-your-own combo where you can pick out any three items from a list of 30 choices, and includes free Miso soup. Despite being open for just three years on the Peninsula, Iris says the staff at Maple Sushi has already developed friendships with many of its loyal customers. “We feel very fortunate to have opened a business in this neighbourhood,” Iris says. “Our customers help us grow in many ways. They are just like friends of ours.” Whether you’re a sushi connoisseur, or you want to test out something new in the way of Japanese fare, Maple Sushi is the place for fresh, delicious food and great service.

SPECIALIZING IN JAPANESE CUISINE: • Fully Air Conditioned • Quality food at moderate prices • No close between lunch & dinner • Variety of cooked food available (Tempera, Teriyaki, Noodle, Fried Rice) • Take-out & Delivery Available • Pick-up orders 10% OFF (with minimum $20 order before tax)

Lunch Specials Everyday

13 lunch box to choose from 3 items & Miso Soup 11:30 - 4pm Low Price, Fresh Choice



 FREE California Roll

FREE Lucky Roll

FREE Kirin Roll

Dine in only with $30 order (before tax) With coupon only. Except beverage. Expires Sept. 30/10.

Dine in only with $50 order (before tax) With coupon only. Except beverage. Expires Sept. 30/10.

Dine in only with $100 order (before tax) With coupon only. Except beverage. Expires Sept. 30/10.

Business Hours: Monday - Thursday 11:30 - 9:30 Friday - Saturday 11:30 - 10:00 Sunday & Holiday 1:00 - 9:30

604-538-4812 • 2385 King George Hwy., Surrey

has set a new standard for wine excellence!

En Primeur offers an exquisite array of old and new world wines from which to build your cellar. Create the pride of your cellar with En Primeur red and white vintages from around the world!

Fresh and delicious Peninsula Village 240, 15355 24 Avenue, South Surrey 604 531 6777

604-535-7200 #15 - 3033 King George Blvd., Surrey

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


Sandcastle Recreation Just imagine spending a day at the world famous White Rock beach and topping it off with a really great homemade flame-broiled burger, an iced cold beverage and some 5 or 10 pin bowling. Sandcastle Lanes, located at 1938 152 St. in South Surrey is the Peninsula’s only bowling centre. The local hot spot is proud to serve up the most fun, the best food and drinks that you, your family and friends can enjoy any time of the year. Jennifer Let Sandcastle arrange your child’s next birthday party, your company staff function or just a fun get together with you and your closest friends. We also have banquet facilities for special occasions such as Christmas parties or retirement parties. “Just give us a call and we will be happy to provide pricing for our various banquet bowling packages,” says Jennifer, manager of Sandcastle Fitness and Bowling. “We also have leagues for everyone – Juniors, Seniors and Adult leagues. Give us a call to find out about our very popular ‘Toonie Tuesday.’” Keeping fit and getting regular exercise is an essential part of overall health, and finding the right place to work out is equally as important. The fitness club you join can make all the difference when it comes to reaching your goals. Sandcastle Fitness, located in the same unique complex as the bowling alley, is changing the way people think about fitness clubs, with an emphasis on a warm, welcoming environment for people of all ages and fitness levels. The owners, management and staff know the importance of maintaining a small-town feel and non-intimidating atmosphere, and go the extra mile to get to know their members by name. Sandcastle Fitness, apart from other gyms is their no pressure and no commitment policy – members pay on a monthly basis, and there are no lockedin contracts to sign. The 20,000 sq.-ft. club boasts two fully equipped gyms – one co-ed and one ladies only – including all the cardio equipment, free weights and other gear you’d expect to see at any of the corporate chain clubs. The club offers a variety of group fitness classes, including step, pilates ,yoga, and Johnny G Spin (certified),an indoor cycling program. Sandcastle Fitness also provide child minding services onsite for children as young as newborns. Certified personal trainers are on hand to offer fitness help and advice. To learn more about this fun and friendly community fitness club, visit Sandcastle Fitness today at 1938 152 Street or call 604-531-6255 and take the first step to a happier, healthier you.




Every Thursday is Ladies Night:

After 8 pm Ladies Bowl for FREE! (Shoe rental not included) Draws for great prizes!


Buy a bucket of bowling - 10 games for only $30

plus HST.

Must bowl all games in one visit. Shoe rental not included.

FALL LEAGUES FORMING NOW! Sign up for a fall league. league We have Adult, Senior and Junior Leagues.


1938 - 152ND STREET, SOUTH SURREY • 604-535-2695

White Rock Players’ Club 66t presents SEASOh N

2010 - 2011 Season

GoldKey Volkswagen 1 for Customer Satisfaction  3 years running as voted by our loyal customers 


:2/)6%85* $:$5' 2008/2009 



2092 152nd St., White Rock • (604) 536-7212 • Fax (604) 536-7218

COMING SOON TO THE COAST CAPITAL PLAYHOUSE: A SEASONS OF “SECRETS & SILLINESS” DEAD MAN’S CELL PHONE, by Sarah Ruhl Oct 06 – 23 A tragic-comic view of what happens if you innocently answer someone else’s phone and are drawn into his personal and business life. ROBINSON CRUSOE, by Charlotte Johnston, ad. by The Charlottans Nov 26 - Dec 26 A brave sailor, Man Friday, cannibals, fairies and awful jokes; a classic White Rock Panto with a brand new look. EARTH & SKY, by Douglas Post Feb 09 – 26 A tense whodunnit - police disinterest draws a woman to investigate her boyfriend’s murder. LADIES OF THE CAMELLIAS, by Lillian Garrett-Groag April 06 – 23 A witty and hilarious farce with dueling divas, a scheming anarchist and Cyrano de Bergerac. CAT’S MEOW, by Steven Peros June 08 – 25 Money, movie stars and murder, aboard William Randolph Hearst’s yacht. (Program may change due to availability or production considerations)

RESERVATIONS: 604.536.7535 OR Box Office open 1-5pm,Tues - Sat. Visit our website for other scheduled events - music, magic, dance and more!


1532 Johnston Rd. • White Rock • 604.536.7535 •


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

Stay ‘n’ Play


with Mandate Tours

Mandate Tours is an established BC owned and operated company with 22 years experience specializing in escorted tours for mature adults looking to discover their own backyard and beyond. Our tours offer diverse sightseeing, comfortable accommodations, quality meals and are created to flow at a leisurely pace. Wherever possible, Mandate includes local guides in addition to our own tour guides, for a more detailed look at indigenous traits symbolic of the area. Most meals and all entrance fees are included as are home pick-up and drop-off service within the lower mainland. We have developed a new type of tour package that we are calling Stay ‘n’ Play; this is in addition to our popular coach tours. It’s a tour that stays at one hotel for three or more consecutive nights. The hotel/resort/lodge must meet several criteria. It must be a 3* hotel rating or better, centrally located and have several amenities such as a pool and / or hot tub / sauna. The pricing will always include view rooms. Each Stay ‘n’ Play tour will have at least two sightseeing tours and several meals will be included. When a meal is on your own the tour guide will provide options and help with reservations, where appropriate. During free time there is always something offered as an option and an opportunity to explore an area in greater depth. From cultural activities to soft adventure. From welcome reception to wine and cheese parties. Lazy days, few early morning departures. Relax by the pool in the morning and enjoy sightseeing in the

afternoon. Our Stay ‘n’ Play tour packages create an opportunity for single people to travel within the safety of the group but still have some independence and always fully escorted by a Mandate Tour guide. In the past few years we have been introducing some Stay ‘n’ Play tours such as Santa Fe & Albuquerque, Jasper Park Lodge Spring Fling, Stormwatching at Long Beach, Palm

a sun filled getaway. Enjoy eight nights at the Westward Look Resort in Tucson. Nestled high in the foothills overlooking the city, this gem of a resort offers authentic Southwestern hospitality. With song birds and wildlife, sunshine and mountain views, this 80-acre oasis is at once relaxing and stimulating. Westward Look combines the charm of an authentic hacienda-style

Copper Camps” and enjoy a stroll along Main Street to take in the architecture and shops filled with arts, crafts, antiques and remnants of days gone by. Visit Tombstone, the “Town Too Tough to Die” and walk the streets that Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and Doc Holliday walked. See the infamous Bird Cage Theatre, OK Corral and mingle with the local cowboys and perhaps take a ride on the old Butterfield Stage Coach. Shopping is a must at the historic Old Town Artisans and eclectic 4th Avenue. This is nine day tour departs November 1. Call for a brochure featuring Fall, Winter 2010 and Spring 2011.

Springs Getaway, Discover Maui and Tucson Sun Getaway. The Santa Fe & Albuquerque tour is one of our most unique fall ‘Stay ‘n’ Play” tours. Highlights include: the mass ascension of 700 balloons at the largest ballooning event in the world, five nights at the historic La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fee, 250 galleries, a visit to Taos Pueblo to name a few. This eight day tour departs October 4. Or fly away with us to Tucson Arizona for

estate with contemporary comforts. Come with Mandate Tours and experience “The Soul of the Southwest.” There is plenty of leisure time to enjoy the many amenities of the Westward Look Resort as well as touring Tucson. The highlight of the tour will be the beautiful Mission San Xavier del Bac and a visit to the world-famous Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Travel down to the historic mining town of Bisbee, “The Queen of the

Mandate Tours Contact: Melinda Burns (604) 542-5566 toll free 1-(877) 277-5577 facsimile: (604) 542-9677 Windsor Square Shopping Centre (North Mall) #260 – 1959 152nd Street Surrey, BC V4A 9E3 Email: Website:

18 Day Hawaii Cruise Round trip Vancouver April 24 - May 11, 2011

May 14, 2011 • 16 Days • 41 Meals

Cruising with Holland America on the “Zaandam”. Explore four exotic islands including a full day in Maui. Bonus... no air required from Vancouver.

Inside Stateroom ................... FROM $2638.00CAD Ocean View Stateroom .......... FROM $3034.00CAD Verandah Stateroom ........................ SOLD OUT

Call to book one of our two slide show presentations on Sept. 16th in Langley or White Rock. Call for brochure.

Hosted by Bob andTeresa Marshall Pack and unpack only once on this spectacular 14-night journey from Amsterdam to Budapest aboard the 5 Star Amadeus Princess. • Visit Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. • Travel on four of Europe’s most famous rivers; the Main, Rhine, Moselle and Danube. • Mid outside cabins $6399 per person double occupancy, including air, transfers and taxes. • $350 Medical/CxIn Ins., no medical questionnaire.

604-538-4499 1544 Johnston Road White Rock



Fares are per person based on double occupancy and are in Canadian dollars. Taxes are additional at $98.14. Insurance is not included but highly recommended.

D O O R - TO - D O O R P I C K U P S A N D R E T U R N S BC reg. #2599

Ageless Adventures

Princess & Alaska the Perfect Combination!!


7 Days aboard the GoldenPrincess ss


ONE Sailing ONLY - Vancouver to Seattle, e, May 14, 2011

shipboard credit

- Vancouver - Juneau - Skagway - Glacier Bay - Ketchikan - Victoria - Seattle - And bus back to Vancouver

San Juan Islands Whale watching & cruising

September 7 - 9

KeƩle Valley Railway

Albuquerque, Santa Fe

October 3 - 5

October 4 - 11

Autumn Colours in the Cascades

Arts & Culture

October 17 - 20

Ask about: Tucson Nov 1-9, Thanksgiving at Harrison H. Spr. Oct 10-12, Chemainus ‘Christmas Carol’

Fully leisurely escorted, pac for 21 ye ed tours ars!

• 604-542-5566 •

Balcony from $1479 Ocean View - Obstructed from $1109 Ocean View - Unobstructed from $1399 are in Cdn funds and include all taxes, Inside from $929 Prices and bus transportation back to Vancouver BC REG#33131

ick-up & Home P Service Drop-oī

Call today for all the details!


604-531-3307 Independently Owned & Operated

#102-2429 152nd St. White Rock


Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News

arts & entertainment


…on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

Tenor’s star shining bright in Germany Alex Browne


Arts Reporter

Contributed photo

The Peninsula’s Lance Ryan as Siegfried.

pera legend Marilyn Horne said it years ago. Singing the praises of White RockSouth Surrey’s own Lance Ryan, she declared “He is Siegfried.” Now undeniably an international opera star himself – so much so that even Canadian companies, notably lacking in prescience, are now bidding years in advance for his services – the tall, blond tenor from the Peninsula has taken a further step in cementing his reputation as the archetypal

version of the hero of Wagner’s cycle Der Ring des Niebelungen. His authoritative performance of Siegfried – honed at various European houses since his debut in the role at Karlsruhe in 2005 – has taken audiences by storm this summer at that bastion of all things Wagnerian, the Bayreuth Festival in Germany. Founded by the composer himself in 1876, and still run by his descendants, the fabled annual festival has long been considered the definitive venue for Wagner’s work, and continues to attract opera devotees and the glitterati of Germany, and the rest of Europe,

to its gala premieres. And while Tancred Dorst, current director of the Ring cycle, has come in for criticism for his staging approach, it seems clear the festival has benefited from the arrival on the scene of an exciting new Siegfried in the person of Ryan. It’s a role even the modest and retiring singer – now hailed as “the heldentenor of the 21st century” – was born to play, but one that few have been willing to tackle because of the demands it places above and beyond vocal quality.  see page 42

Surrey residents crack top 20 in contest

Dancers vie for Canadian crown Alex Browne Arts Reporter

Contributed photos

South Surrey’s Nathalie Heath performs with dancing partner Mackenzie Green on CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance Canada, where she and Danielle Gardner (above right) are among the top 20 finalists.

Two Surrey dancers are in the top 20 of the new season of CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Nathalie Heath, 23, and Danielle Gardner, 21 – both categorized as ‘contemporary’ dancers – are both in the limelight in season three of the series which will be airing regularly on both CTV and MuchMusic. Heath, who teaches dance, started dancing at age four and began her studies at South Surrey dance studios training in jazz, ballet, modern, musical theatre, street jazz and hiphop. Heath’s professional career has included doubling for Hilary Duff in The Lizzie McGuire Movie and as one of the lead dancers in crooner Michael Buble’s video, Haven’t Met You Yet. The determined Heath, who informed her mother at age five that she “loved the stage,” was picked for So You Think You Can Dance Canada after her third try at auditioning for the show. She says her favourite nondance activities include cooking, meditating, reading fiction and spending time with girlfriends. Gardner, who also teaches

dance, grew up in North Delta and is now a resident of Surrey. She was inspired to take up dance while still a toddler, after seeing her older sister dancing, and has been training virtually ever since. A former student of the Langley Fine Arts School, she has trained with six different studios across B.C. including Move and Modus Operandi in Vancouver and her resume also includes experience in ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern, tap and musical theatre. Her dance career has taken her as far as a world dance competition in Oslo, Norway, and her first brush with fame was an impromptu appearance on Live! With Regis and Kelly in New York, where she so impressed with her stint as go-go dancer that she was brought back for the show’s Relly Awards, in which she was named best go-go dancer of 2007. Next episodes aired will be on CTV Monday, Aug. 30 at 9 p.m. and Tuesday Aug. 31 at 8:30 p.m. Recaps and the top 22 reveal episode will be aired on MuchMusic starting at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 28, and weekly performance and results episodes move to a regular time slot of 5 p.m. on MuchMusic starting Sept. 4.


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

arts & entertainment

Singer holding local benefit concerts in December  from page 41 It does no harm to his Niebelungen. A busy schedule booked burgeoning career that Ryan At 39, Ryan – noticeably has won the friendly support beyond the middle of this slimmed down and wearing a decade may include an of some of the big guns of the curly red wig – has not only the classical world – appearance with the Vancouver voice, but the necessary Opera in 2016. But knowing youth, physical presence, ❝Siegfried had including conductors locals won’t have to wait so long stamina and acting chops won the hearts Zubin Mehta and Sir Simon Rattle, to see him on home turf. to convincingly portray of the people of and tenor superstar While a Dec. 15 benefit Siegfried’s challenging Placido Domingo, concert for the Peninsula Arts combination of Bayreuth.❞ who personally Foundation with his wife, forcefulness and naivete. Gloria Clinker congratulated Ryan soprano Viviana Passalacqua And that was not singer’s mother on his stamina in an (now billed as Viviana Maria de lost on an enthusiastic earlier appearance as Siegfried. Carlo), is sold out, the public Bayreuth audience, said Ryan’s Ryan, who made his can still buy tickets for another mother, Gloria Clinker, who was benefit at Douglas College in Metropolitan Opera debut there at the premiere with his in New York in February as New Westminster Dec. 13. father, Brian, on July 30. For tickets (after Sept. 15) call Bacchus in Ariadne auf Naxos, “They sent him out for a is next off to Shanghai to appear 604-521-5050 or visit www. bow alone and there was this as Siegfried in the Ring das roar,” she said of the extended ovation. “I’ll never, never forget it. Marcus (Ryan’s agent Marcus Karl) said they never usually give (Siegfried) a solo bow. But I think P U B L I C N OT I C E they could see when the curtain came down and everybody exploded how COMMUNITY CHARTER S.B.C. 2003 CHAPTER 26 well it had gone over. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL CITY LANDS “All the cast came out together, and then they Pursuant to Sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter S.B.C. 2003, Chapter sent him out alone. I 26, as amended, the City of Surrey hereby gives notice of the intention to think Lance was taken dispose of the following City lands: aback, too. Siegfried had Legal Description: Parcel A Section 12 Township 1 New Westminster District won the hearts of the Plan BCP45658 people of Bayreuth.” The second opera Civic Address: A 77.5 m² portion of lane located adjacent to following the exploits 1144 – 164 Street of Siegfried, The Gotterdamerung, Property Description: The property is a portion of redundant lane. It is currently was received equally zoned Duplex Residential (RM-D) Zone and designated enthusiastically two as Urban in the Official Community Plan. The property is nights later, Clinker said. being sold to an adjoining owner for consolidation with A further sign of Ryan’s 1144 – 164 Street and rezoning to permit two single family acceptance in the role (RF) lots. is the fact that, while Bayreuth will take a Purchasers: HEATHER JEAN FINK break from the Ring for two years, it will return Nature of Disposition: Fee Simple in 2013, and Ryan will be Selling Price: Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00). Siegfried then, too. “Although they did that about six months ago,” Clinker noted, adding that Ryan began adjusting his schedule to accomodate Bayreuth as soon as he knew the festival was interested in him. “It’s pretty hard to say no to Bayreuth if Wagner is your specialty,” she said.

Contributed photo

Lance Ryan has earned the praise of such opera superstars as tenor Placido Domingo for his role as Wagner’s Seigfried, which he first played in 2005.

P U B L I C N OT I C E COMMUNITY CHARTER S.B.C. 2003 CHAPTER 26 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL CITY LANDS Pursuant to Sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter S.B.C. 2003, Chapter 26, as amended, the City of Surrey hereby gives notice of the intention to dispose of the following City lands: Legal Description:

Parcel A Section 6 Township 7 New Westminster District Plan BCP45657

Civic Address:

A 1,082.9 m² portion of road located adjacent to the north property line of 310 – 171 Street.

Property Description: The property is a portion of redundant road. It is currently zoned One-Acre Residential (RA) Zone and designated Urban in the Official Community Plan. The property is being sold to an adjoining owner for consolidation and development purposes. Purchasers:


Nature of Disposition: Fee Simple Selling Price:

One Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand One Hundred Fifty Two Dollars ($198,152.00).


CAPRICE 2381 King George Hwy., Surrey

604-531-7456 SHOWTIMES - Aug. 27 - Sept. 2/10

THE LAST EXORCISM (14A) 7:30 & 9:35 Matinee Sat.-Sun. 2:30

NANNY McPHEE RETURNS (G) 7:10 & 9:25 Matinee Sat.-Sun. 2:10

THE OTHER GUYS (14A) 7:00 & 9:20 Matinee Sat.-Sun. 2:00

THE EXPENDABLES (18A) 7:20 & 9:30 Matinee Sat.-Sun. 2:20

RIALTO TWIN 1734-152nd St., White Rock 604-541-9527 SHOWTIMES - Aug. 27 - Sept. 2/10

Further information can be obtained from the City of Surrey, Realty Services Division, Engineering Department, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3X 3A2. Phone (604) 5985718.

Further information can be obtained from the City of Surrey, Realty Services Division, Engineering Department, 14245 - 56 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3X 3A2. Phone (604) 5985731.



EAT PRAY LOVE( PG) 7:00 & 9:35 Matinee Sat.-Sun. 2:00


7:10 & 9:05 Matinee Sat.-Sun. 2:10

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News

arts & entertainment

Quality, Style,


Visit the Fraser Valley’s largest showroom for all your tile needs.

Doug Shanks photo

Mini mountie mugshot

White Rock resident Veronica Griffen takes a picture of friend Nadine Jarry of Richmond at the Marine Drive visitor information booth Sunday afternoon.

Annual Christmas play features 10 leading roles

Panto talent sought The Fraser Valley Gilbert & Sullivan Society will hold auditions for its 24th annual panto extravaganza, Snow White and the Vertically-Challenged Excavators, Thursday, Sept. 2 and Tuesday, Sept. 7 in Surrey and North Delta. Producer Reginald Pillay, artistic director Robert Newcombe, choreographer Carol Seitz and music director Dann Wilhelm will hold callbacks Thursday, Sept. 9 and will start rehearsals Sept. 12 for the show, which will run on Surrey Arts Centre’s main stage Nov. 24 to Dec. 5. The large cast will include 10 leading roles, including Snow White,

Prince Charming, the Wicked Queen, the Magic Mirror, the vertically-challenged excavators and some new panto comedy characters, plus some 20 members of the chorus and junior chorus (minimum age seven). Due to a large number of anticipated auditionees, auditions will be by appointment only (email, indicating name, gender, age and interest in chorus, dancer or lead role). A return email will provide audition date, time and location. For more information, visit www.

Quality Tiles starting from


Visit our showroom and turn your interior design dreams into reality.

Your Pain Goes Away in 60 Seconds or You Don’t Pay! 

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• Slate • Granite • Ceramic • Porcelain • Travertine

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100 - 7881 - 128 Street, Surrey

“Over 90% of those who use this natural magnesium compound feel significantly less pain in 60 seconds! My clients wish that I’d developed it years ago and I had to agree!”


Complementary Sample with this ad. Expires ExpiresAugust June 12/10 31/10

Access our MOBILE Edition now at




am Dorteter y L

Erin Cebula, Spokesperson

#101-8035 120th Street, Delta | 604.596.1774 Toll Free: 1.877.596.1774 |

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BC Gaming Event Licence #25773

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Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News

arts & entertainment

Change of venue for Phillips concert Nothing succeeds like success. Saturday night’s (Aug. 28) concert with legendary folkrock pioneer Shawn Phillips has drawn so many reservations that it’s forced a change of venue and time.

Instead of 7:30 p.m. at Sanford Hall, Kwomais Point Park, the concert will now be at 8 p.m. at Coast Capital Playhouse, 1532 Johnston Rd. The concert is presented by Crescent Moon Coffee House,

500 Save up to



and co-organizer Harriet Quint said the committee agonized about shifting the event from their home base to a larger venue. “But we had so much interest and so many pre-sales, we

didn’t want to take the chance of disappointing a bunch of people,” she said. At press time, a few tickets were still available. For information, call 604-538-8144. -Alex Browne

Our professional consultants will evaluate your hearing and recommend the hearing aid that best suits your lifestyle and your budget. This is a limited time offer so call and make an appointment today.

on a new pair of hearing aids.

WHITE ROCK ELITE: 1564 Johnston Road

Beginning Class Intermediate Class Advanced Class Bible Study Select one that fits you Starting from September 16th, 2010

-- Each Thursday 10:00am -- 12:00pm -- $20/person Free Coffee and Tea Peace Portal (Chinese) Alliance Church 15128 27B Avenue, Surrey BC V3P 1P2


Monday-Friday 9am–5pm Open Wednesday night until 8pm Saturday 10am–4pm *Applies to private clients only. Posted amount is the maximum allowable rebate and is valid on a pair of hearing aids ordered before August 31, 2010. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or previous purchase. See clinic for details. Registered under the Hearing Aid Act (BC).

Please Register Early

(Contact Person): Mrs. Tracy Lott 604-992-6769 Mrs. Eileen Cai 604-960-1493 Mr. Matthew Wong 604-671-9703

It’s all about priorities. You want your children to play and have the right equipment, but of course that equipment doesn’t come for free. We get it. We’ll sit down together and balance your financial planning with your busy hockey schedule. Then, in time, overtime will only have one meaning. | 604.517.0100



Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

lifestyles Church, Centre Street and Semiahmoo Avenue. Donations of linens and collectibles appreciated.


■ Hominum Fraser Valley Chapter – a support and discussion group to help gay, bisexual and Saturday questioning men with ■ BC SPCA volunteer the challenges of being orientation Aug. 28 married, separated or from 10 to 11 a.m. at single – meets Aug. 27 at the Surrey branch, 6706 7:30 p.m. For information 152 St. Seating limited. and location, call 604-462- To participate, apply 9813 or 604-329-9760. and register at spca. ■ Ukrainian Cultural Centre fundraiser Aug. volunteer.html 27 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. ■ Prostate cancer at 13512 108 Ave. Eat-in awareness event and or take away borsch, pancake breakfast with perogies and cabbage Dr. Caleb Ng Sept. 11 from rolls. Info, 604-531-1923 or 8 a.m. to noon at Choices 604-581Markets, 3248 0313. King George ■ Multiple Blvd. Cost, $5. Sclerosis To register, Support phone 604Group 541-3902. meets the ■ Semiahmoo first Friday Secondary of the Class of month at ‘75 35-year 11:30 a.m. reunion Sept. in the hall 11 from 6 to of St. John’s Church, 1480 11 p.m. at Eaglequest George St. Next meeting Coyote Creek, 7778 Sept. 3. Light lunch and 152 St. $30/person. refreshments offered. Cash bar, appetizers Info, 604-535-7170. and sweets. Reply to ■ Senior’s Friday FriendShawn Lazarowich at ship – a place for seniors 55 and older to enjoy a or 604-534-2963. meal and inspirational ■ Great Canadian program – Sept. 10 at Shoreline Cleanup at White Rock Baptist Blackie Spit Sept. 25 from Church, 1657 140 St., fea9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., turing Slava Alexandrov, featuring a shoreline who will sing Russian folk cleanup, children’s songs. Crafts, 9:30 a.m.; activities, displays and $7-hot lunch, noon; musifree Beach Hero goodies. cal program, 1 p.m. Divers welcome for the ■ Shoot-Out Street sub-tidal debris removal. Hockey Tournament Sept. Info, information@ 17 at the Salvation Army or www. White Rock Church and Community Ministries, ■ Patient Voices 15417 Roper Ave., to raise Network – which hopes funds for the organizato work with the White tion’s local services and Rock Division of Family programs. Info, 604-531Practice to involve 7314, community members – or free orientation, training ■ White Rock Social and support Sept. 25 Justice Film Society presfor people interested in ents Full Signal – a film joining and helping to that examines a disconchange the health care nect between health and system. Register at www. profits, one of the many issues in the fight to regu- or 1-888742-1772. Info, connect@ late antenna placement – Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. at First United Church, 15385 Sunday Semiahmoo Ave. ■ Family picnic in ■ New to You Linen Sale Crescent Park Aug. 29 – presented by the Peace from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Arch Hospital Auxiliary Hosted by White Rock/ Society’s Kwatcha Group South Surrey Jewish – Oct. 29 from 10 a.m. Community Centre. to 3 p.m. at First United

Entrance off 128 Street and Crescent Road. Adult, $5; family, $15. Call 604-541-9995 for more

information or info@ ■ Princess Party Fundraiser for girls aged

two to 12 Aug. 29 from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at Sunnyside Hall. Funds benefit Variety – The Children’s

Charity. Advanced tickets are required ($15 minimum donation) and are available at Remax

Colonial Pacific Realty. For more information email wrprincessparty@

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White Rock Hyundai 3150 King George Highway Surrey, 604-538-7022 D#30780

D#30780 Luxury spa resorts in Indian Wells.

The desert is your oasis.

Golf with the champions in La Quinta. World class shopping in Palm Desert. Outdoor natural wonders in Palm Springs.

Vancouver to Palm Springs



Book today for travel on select days at or call your travel agent.* *Book by September 1, 2010 (11:59 p.m. MT) for travel on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays until December 15, 2010. Fares on other days may be higher. Taxes, fees and surcharges are extra where applicable. Fuel surcharge still applies to Air Miles™ redemption bookings. Advance purchase required. Seats at these fares are limited and may not be available on all flights. New bookings only. 100% non-refundable. Flights may not operate on certain days. Offer combinable with other fares. All fares shown are one-way. See for details.

The heart of the valley: Rancho Mirage.

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News

lifestyles Sunday

■ BC SPCA Paws for a Cause Sept. 12 at Crescent Park, 2610 128 St., featuring dog agility demonstrations and games for pets. Registration for the walk begins at 9:30 a.m.; walk starts at 11 a.m. To register or for information, visit ■ Patient Voices Network – which hopes to work with the White Rock Division of Family Practice to involve community members – free orientation, training and support Sept. 26 for people interested in joining and helping to change the health care system. Register at www. or 1-888742-1772. Info, connect@

to ■ The King’s Banquet Soup Kitchen offers nutritious meals Tuesdays from 3:45 to 6 p.m. at Star of the Sea Community Hall, 15262 Pacific Ave. For more information, visit


■ Volunteer literacy tutor information session Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. at the Learning Disabilities Association’s office, 201-13766 72 Ave. Tutors needed to work one-to-one with children aged seven to 13 in an after-school program offered by the association. Training provided. Info, 604-5915156 or






■ South Fraser Women’s Services Society nutritional consultations for women with Dolores Fairfoull Wednesdays. Appointments from 10 to 11 a.m., 11 a.m. to noon, 1 to 2 p.m. and 2 to 3 p.m. To book an appointment, call 604-536-9611, ext. 221. ■ Tai Chi for adults at White Rock Community Centre. Daytime and evening session, introductory to advanced levels. Call 604-541-2199 for more information.



2 2010

2010 MAZDA 3











Auto, power windows, power locks, air conditioning, 16” wheels, ABS brakes

Wolfe’s Langley Mazda 19265 LANGLEY BY-PASS, SURREY/LANGLEY


2010 Mazda 3 & 3 Sport Lease term is 48 months. Down payment requirements are $0. Lease rate is 6.25% as for a security deposit $350 1st lease payment is due at inception. Is subject to change without notice. See sales team for complete details and conditions. 20,000 km lease allowance per year, charge of 15¢/km for excess kilometers. Lease on approved credit for qualified customers only. While supplies last. Offer expires August 31, 2010 for a limited time only. Illustrated models are for reference only and actual models may not be exactly as shown.


■ Valley Women’s Network, White Rock chapter, meeting and Monday luncheon ■ 907 Sept. 2 from Royal 11:30 a.m. to Canadian 1:30 p.m. at Air Cadets Pacific Inn, – for those 1160 King 12 to 18 George Blvd. years old Members, interested $18; nonin flying, members, $20; gliding, drop-ins, $23. range, Laughter yoga biathlon, session will be effective speaking, first presented. Info, www. aid, survival training, valleywomensnetwork. etc. – information and com or 778-298registration session 7330.Reservations: Sept. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at vwnwhiterockchapter@ Emmanuel Covenant Church, 17029 16 Ave. ■ Volunteer literacy tutor information session Sept. Tuesday 9 at 7 p.m. at the Learning ■ Nature walk and Disabilities Association’s environmental program office, 201-13766 72 in Mandarin Aug. 31 Ave. Tutors needed to at 10 a.m. in Redwood work one-to-one with Park. Non-members, $4; children aged seven to members, $2. Info, www. 13 in an after-school or 604program offered by the 327-8693. association. Training ■ Vancouver Area provided. Info, 604-591Cycling Coalition, Surrey/ 5156 or White Rock committee, ■ Osteoporosis Canada, bicycle route/sign planSurrey/White Rock ning meeting Sept. 7 from chapter, annual general 7 to 9 p.m. at Newton meeting Sept. 16 at 10 Recreation Centre Wave a.m. at Crescent Gardens Pool, 13730 72 Ave., mulRetirement Community, tipurpose room 2. Info, 1222 King George Blvd. or Guest speaker, Vancouver Community College ■ White Rock Laughter president Kathy Kinloch. Yoga Club fall sessions Refreshments served. begin Sept. 7 and 28 and RSVP to 778-588-3362 or White Rock Library, 15342 Buena Vista Ave., from ■ Understanding 7 to 8 p.m. Info, 604-541dementia – a free 2201. telephone workshop from ■ Fraser Valley Estate the Alzheimer Society of Planning Council invites B.C. – Sept. 23 from 7 to professionals from finan8 p.m. Family caregivers cial and estate planning will learn how to fields to its Sept. 21 dinunderstand symptoms and ner meeting from 5:45 to reactions likely to arise 8:30 p.m. at Eaglequest through different stages Golf Centre, 7778 152 St. Trevor Throness of Strate- of the disease. To register, visit the Care-ring gic Corporate Resolutions Voice website at www. Inc. will speak on Soft in Business Suclearning.php and click on cession. Cost, $30 first ‘upcoming sessions’ or time; $55 thereafter. New call 1-866-396-2433. members welcome. RSVP

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where the wide open spaces are called ‘patios’ Easily the best seat in the house, you won’t be surprised when friends and family just happen to be in the neighbourhood. When you’re not entertaining, you might sink into the quiet retreat of your recliner while the sun gently massages your back.


More space means more time spent rather than wasted. Where instead of finding a spot, you’re taking a seat, and instead of picking up the cheque, you’re handpicking

A patio should be more than a small ledge for potted

tonight’s menu. Here, there are no bad tables, no wait times,

plants. This time of the year, it should be the single best

and no such thing as bad company. And when your patio

place in your home. Whether letting the day pass with

is accented by a vast courtyard complete with community

a glass of wine or grilling juicy marinated steaks, an

gardens, an outdoor barbeque, and a sunning area, the

expansive patio is your stage for the perfect summer.

grass is always greener on your side.


Presentation Centre: Open daily (except Fridays) 12–5pm Located at 103 -15775 Croydon Drive, South Surrey, next to Thrifty Foods. <


A Different Way to Live This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering may be made only with a disclosure statement. Prices and Developed by specifications are subject to change. E.&O.E. Sales and marketing by

Sports section begins on page 53


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News



Built with the needs of a growing family in mind, SummerďŹ eld is a brand new community of Built Green CertiďŹ ed character homes in South Surrey. And thanks to a rich variety of colour palettes, architectural details and exterior ďŹ nishing, the houses on each street are as unique as the families who call them home.

Heritage Homes from $547,500 Classic Homes from $699,900

604.536.1155 www.summerďŹ #

109 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 172A Street Surrey BC V3S 9R2 Presentation Centre Open 12-5pm daily (closed Fridays)

HWY 99



176TH ST

172ND ST

15 8TH AVE



Prices subject to change without notice.

So ld 21 H Th o is me Su s m m er !

Everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s choosing High Street!

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to see why. Amazing ďŹ&#x201A;oorplans New lower prices! Homes from $264,900! We pay net HST! * 604.536.9333


e Av








r eo

south point exchange

High Street Discovery Centre 152nd St


Cactus Club




discovery centre at: 170 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2940 king george blvd


new display suite by nood *Conditions apply. See our agent for details. Calculated on the basis that the purchaser qualiďŹ es for the full federal and provincial HST credits.



Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010



Tobiano Marina Ready 2011

Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

OPEN SAT. AUG. 28 2:00-4:00 P.M.

15357 ROPER AVE. • REGENCY COURT Brand new. Fully loaded one and two bdrm. apartments. This European builder has outdone himself on this project. Handpainted mural at the entry to this building begins the experience of living here. The hallways with crown mouldings, wall paneling and recessed lights make you feel you are living the life of luxury. At your private door you will find a camera for additional safety. Additional touches and workmanship are evident throughout. Exterior is hardy plank and brick for a long-lasting exterior. The Regency Court is the only new apartments available in White Rock for 2010. Stewart Peddemors 604-541-4888 or 604-329-6759 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty Ltd.

15815 RUSSELL AVENUE • WHITE ROCK • $599,900 Fabulous California-style rancher in west White Rock. Completely updated ~ modern open kitchen, new appliances, new flooring, the works! Private sunny yard with a large deck for entertaining. Walk to elementary and high schools, shopping, parks and transit. Great for families, those looking to downsize or investment. See photos at Pam Mitchell 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty #309 - 1840 SOUTHMERE CRES. E. • $309,900 Great location, great building, amazing renovation! From top to bottom, this two bedroom, two bath unit has been completely renovated. Rainscreened building, new roof, all common areas updated and tasteful. Walk to everything. 19+, rentals and pets with restrictions. See photos at Pam Mitchell 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

1919 - 159A STREET • $629,000 OPEN Spacious 3000 sq. ft. home close to shopping SAT. & & transit, 2-storey, 3 bdrms. up, covered deck, SUN. ensuite jacuzzi in master, 1200 sq. ft. 2 bdrm. AUG. 28 & 29 & den in-law suite, lane access. 12:00-3:00 Susan Champion 604-561-3928 P.M. Sutton Premier Realty OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

15222 VICTORIA AVE. • WHITE ROCK NEW PRICE: $817,000 Incredible views! Two bedrooms, renovated kitchen, six parking spots! Leigh or Roz 604-531-4000 Bay Realty

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 1:00-4:00 P.M.

Realty #407 - 1442 FOSTER ST. Spacious 2 bdrm., 2 bath end unit with ocean view. Adult-oriented (55+), concrete bldg. in uptown White Rock, OPEN SUNDAY 1150 sq. ft. condo with newer AUG. 29 carpets, paint, windows & h/w 12:00-2:30 floors. Additional 100+ sq. ft. enclosed patio. P.M. Well-run strata. Chad Hippsley 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SAT. TO TUES. NOON5:00 P.M. OPEN SAT. & SUN. AUG. 28 & 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

2056 - 128TH STREET • SHOWHOME Genex Ocean Park Three. New development on 7 cul-de-sac lots. Pricing starting at $993,680 + applicable taxes. Susan Vollmer 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty Ltd. #106 - 1840 - 160TH ST. • BREAKAWAY BAYS • DRASTICALLY REDUCED: WOW! $69,876 Must sell. Double wide in quiet location, remodelled, F/P, good appliances, nice storage shed. Very open plan. Private enclosed deck. Beautiful. Sharon Fownes 604-240-9809 Sutton Group

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

15399 RUSSELL AVENUE • $719,000 White Rock beauty! Two spacious bedrooms, hardwood floors, granite countertops, new paint and blinds. Kim Dhesi 604-219-2894 Money Saver Realty

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#77 - 15151 - 34TH AVE. • SERENO • $389,900 Hot price! 5 yr. upscale T/house, 3 bdrms., 3 baths, gourmet kitchen, great room style L/R, granite, hardwood, tandem double gar., private patio, super onsite gym & cluhouse, gated, pet & family friendly. Graham Williams 604-542-2444 Macdonald Realty

1473 JOHNSTON ROAD • MIRAMAR VILLAGE An exclusive collection of luxurious concrete highrise homes in a vibrant new urban village. View our two fully furnished showrooms. Move in now! Jean Openshaw & Madonna Avitan 604-542-8700 Bosa Properties

Ray Speichert 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

2243 - 153RD STREET • $459,000 Gorgeous half duplex in great family neighbourhood. Newly renovated 3 bdrms., 3 baths. Large fully fenced private west-facing backyard. Jacquollyne Tomsin 604-538-8888 Sutton Group West Coast Realty

#301 - 15035 THRIFT AVENUE • $369,000 Fabulous updated two bedroom, two bath top floor condo. Private roof top deck with ocean view and ocean view from living room. Close to beach. Age 19+, no pets, no rentals. Jacquollyne Tomsin 604-538-8888 Sutton Group West Coast Realty

OPEN SAT. AUG. 28 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#208 - 15270 - 17TH AVENUE • THE CAMBRIDGE Lovely, bright and spacious 2 bdrm., 2 bath condo with large 170 sq. ft. deck and western outlook. Centrally located. No pets, no rentals, 55+. $335,000 Kathleen Thomas 604-531-4000 Bay Realty

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

12689 OCEAN CLIFF • NEW LISTING • $789,000 Family-friendly Ocean Cliff home with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2000+ sq. ft. and a large 7300 sq. ft. lot. Updated kitchen, 3 year old roof. Perfect for families. Kathleen Thomas / Louise McKnight 604-531-4000 Bay Realty

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

#111 - 15168 - 36TH AVENUE • NEW LISTING • SOLAY Gorgeous 3 bdrm. townhouse, large famrm. down, backing onto greenbelt. Features 3/4” solid birch hardwood flooring, maple kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, S/S appliances. Beautiful designer paint throughout. $388,800. Michael Williams 604-531-1111 HomeLife Benchmark Realty

#72 - 2588 - 152ND ST. • WOODGROVE • $439,900 3 bdrm. gated

16133 - 9TH AVENUE • $799,000 2341 sq. ft. home with 348 sq. ft.

OPEN cottage in back yard for home-based business, artist studio, etc. SUNDAY Open floor plan with sliders to south-facing sundeck with partial AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 view, 3 bdrms., 2 bathrooms, 1 bdrm. suite with private entrance on main. Mature landscaping, private street, walk to beach. P.M.

Morley Myren 604-506-2006 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

15488 GOGGS AVENUE • WHITE ROCK Beautiful custom-built home offers 3 levels of elegant living space. Tastefully finished with an abundance of millwork and attention to detail. You’ll find charm and character in this home, offered at the new price of $699,900. Janet Sheard 604-531-1111 HomeLife Benchmark Realty

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

16315 - 12TH AVENUE • $519,900 Fabulous two bedroom rancher with open kitchen and family room with sliding glass doors to spacious deck and fenced yard. Newer roof, eaves, windows. Nearly 1500 sq. ft., the perfect spot to start out or to retire to! Fern Abercromby / Ron Robinson 604-531-1909 Hugh & McKinnon Realty 15368 - 17A AVE. • MORE UNITS AVAILABLE! Ocean Wynde,

OPEN luxury condominiums. Quiet location, yet only steps to shopping SUNDAY & transit. Two bdrms., 2 baths, open design, 9’ ceilings, gourmet AUG. 29 1:00-4:00 kitchen, premium ss appliances, crown mouldings. Double-glazed low-E windows, remainder of 2-5-10 New Home Warr. P.M.

Lulu Sorbara 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

1776 - 140A STREET $779,000 Lot: 7481 sq. ft. Three bedrooms, three baths, two levels renovated. Bayridge Elem. and Semiahmoo Sec. catchments. Beebe Cline 604-830-7458 Hugh & McKinnon


OPEN townhome, 1536 sq. ft., crown moulding, 9’ ceilings, walnut SUNDAY hardwood, new staircase carpet, gas stove, powder room, large AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 deck, 2 bdrms. up, ensuite, double sinks, laundry, 2nd bathroom. Lower bdrm./den features laminate, walkout to private backyd. P.M.

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.


#207 - 1460 MARTIN ST. • CAPISTRANO • $259,000 Two bdrm., 2 full baths, corner unit, bright & peaceful. Large bdrms., updated kitchen with granite, Kitchenaid appliances, lighting & more. Well-managed building. Graham Williams 604-542-2444 Macdonald Realty

14636 - 36A AVENUE • $599,900 • ANDERSON WALK

OPEN Brand new 3 level home with quick access to Hwy. 99. Open SUNDAY kitchen, granite island, 9’ ceilings, quality hardwood floors, fully AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 fin. bsmt. with 1/2 bdrms., large rec room. Crown moulding, plus carpet, hardy board siding, super vac system, alarm, more. P.M.

Lulu Sorbara 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty

OPEN SAT. AUG. 28 1:30-3:30 P.M.

#314 - 15300 - 17TH AVENUE • CAMBRIDGE TWO • $434,900 1400 sq. ft. top floor unit. Beautifully renovated 2 bdrms., 2 bath. Features 3 skylights, engineered oak floors, gorgeous bright open kitchen, large remodeled ensuite. Walk to transit, shopping, hospital and recreation. Al Bolan 778-878-1193 HomeLife Benchmark Realty Fleetwood

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 1:00-4:00 P.M.

12296 GARDINER STREET • WELL PRICED AT $779,900 Vaulted ceilings, four bedrooms and a games room, on one of the quietest streets at the beach. Walk to everything the village has to offer. Quick possession possible. Dave Erickson 604-541-4888 RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

OPEN SUNDAY AUG. 29 2:00-4:00 P.M.

2680 - 126TH ST. • VICTORIAN BEAUTY AND COACH HOUSE 14 years old character home, 4 bedrooms and coach, 66x130 gated property in Crescent Heights, minutes to the beach. Great location. $1,099,000 Monica Donetti Ross 604-725-6960 Bay Realty

OPEN SAT. AUG. 28 1:00-4:00 P.M.

#133 - 2738 - 158TH STREET Polygon’s Cathedral Grove. Pay no HST! Includes washer, dryer and blinds. Mint condition, 4 bdrm., 4 bath gorgeous corner unit with mountain view. New price: $549,000. Dawn Carbol 778-848-2903 HomeLife Titus Realty

y m e r Je

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Serving our community since 1986

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Paul Hart, AMP 604.535.1011 (7 days) Mortgage Broker

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Not applicable to condos and townhouses. Call for more details.

Call Kim Dhesi 604-219-2894 & SAVE YOUR MONEY! This communication is not intended to solicit listings already under contract.


15399 Russell Ave.

15918 26th Ave., South Surrey

White Rock beauty! Two spacious bdrms., hardwood floors, granite countertops, new paint and blinds.

The Morgan, located in Grandview Heights. This quiet fourth floor penthouse unit faces south over looking the pool & gardens below. Enjoy over height 9’ ceilings, large windows, granite counters, S/S appliances, walking distance to restaurants & shopping.


Offered at $406,000







This custom 2500sf, 4 bedroom home has many unique features. Open plan living area with vaulted ceiling and skylights, staircase with bridge, fish pond, lap pool, private easy-care yard, oversize garage, 5.5’ crawlspace, hot-tub. This is a stylish, entertainers home at an affordable $638,800 in Rosewood, the best area of Cloverdale. Photos on-line at or call for private viewing.

Thinking of Buying or Selling?

Money Saver Realty Why Pay More? Full Service Fees From NEW Only... PRICE!


TREELAND REALTY #101-6337 198th St., Langley



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Well kept 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 2849 sq ft, Basement entry home, excellent income potential, lots of parking for the toys, close to schools and shopping.

Call 604-535-8429 Talking Ad # 205 LIVE THE BEACH LIFESTYLE

Specializing in Residential Detached & Strata Properties in the South Surrey, White Rock areas. CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE MARKET EVALUATION

1200+ sq ft 2 bedroom, 2 full bath Condo Open Floorplan, Huge Open Patio, Enjoy the many Restaurants and shops, Walk the Pier and Promenade.

Call 604-535-8429 Talking Ad # 204

Tel: 604.535.SOLD (7653) Web: Bianca Myddleton n Personal Real Estate Corporation Cele



as a


ing m

Real ear tor!



Craig Crawford


Solid, 3 bedroom, 2 full bath rancher on 7000+ square foot lot with private front and rear yard. With huge lighted deck. Close to Schools, Parks, Transportation.

MUST SELL!!! Call 604-535-8429 Talking Ad # 202 WHITE ROCK’S FINEST OCEAN & SUNSET VIEWS!!!

Panoramic Ocean and Mountain Views. This 5500 sq ft Luxury Home features a wonderfully designed open floor plan. Wrap around deck’s, Media Room,

Call 604-535-8429 Talking Ad # 210

Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. 1-1920-152 STREET, SOUTH SURREY • 604-531-1111 This communication is not intended to solicit persons already under contract.

Re/Max Colonial Pacific


Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News


…on the Semiahmoo Peninsula

Weinberger takes bronze at international meet Melissa Smalley Staff Reporter

It only took South Surrey native Richard Weinberger one appearance at an international swim meet to come home with a medal around his neck. Weinberger won bronze in the 10-kilometre open water race at the Pan Pacific swimming championships in Irvine, Calif.

Sunday, bringing Canada’s total medal count for the five-day competition to 11. The Semiahmoo Secondary grad told Peace Arch News that throughout the entire race, he was determined to get a podium finish. “In every race you’re trying to win, but there were a lot of faster and stronger guys than

me there,” Weinberger said. After a slow start from the entire pack of swimmers, Americans Chip Peterson and Francis Crippen – who would go on to win the gold and silver, respectively – shot ahead by 15 to 20 metres, Weinberger said. “That’s when I just really started trucking and working really hard. I didn’t catch up to

them until maybe five-k,” he said. “I led the whole race from there until about 9.7-k. “My strategy was pretty much to go hard for the whole five-k so that it spread out the pack. I knew I’ve got the endurance and they’ve got the speed, and only three other guys could keep up with me.”  see page 54

Richard Weinberger (right) celebrates his bronze medal with Chip Peterson and Francis Crippen of the U.S. Contributed photo

White Rock resident set new course for life with taekwondo

Turning obstacles into opportunities planting seeds for new trees. “When you’re a black belt, you start ourteen years ago, Lorne Davidson’s to plant seeds for the future, and that future was looking rather bleak. means passing on your knowledge,” he After 25 years spent touring the said, describing the path that led him to West Coast with a country/blues band, the teaching. married father-of-three declared personal Despite entering the sport late in life, bankruptcy, and had “no clue” what Davidson has plenty of success to pass on to direction his life was headed in. his young pupils. That all changed when Davidson was Earlier this summer, he took first place introduced to taekwondo at the age of 48. in traditional weapons and forms at the The sport quickly became an outlet for American Taekwondo Association’s World the mounting pressure and anxiety he was Championships in Little Rock, Ark. facing in life. After competing at the tournament for the “I was looking for a positive last seven years, the 63-year-old environment to release some said winning gold was “awesome,” ❝It wasn’t until I of the stress,” the White Rock started martial arts and something he was happy to resident said, adding that the celebrate with his students. that I found I still sport’s strong focus on life “They were all very proud,” skills as well as its physical had that little spark he said. “Some of them now component was an unexpected that allowed me to have their sights on pursuing bonus. becoming a world champion.” envision a future.❞ Davidson admits that when he “We’ve all been raised on Lorne Davidson Bruce Lee movies and a lot first started learning taekwondo, Taekwondo instructor the idea of competing on the of violence,” he said. “The one thing that struck me world stage or running a blackwas the emphasis on things like courtesy belt academy were far from what he and respect. It’s kind of the antithesis of envisioned for himself. what you would see in the old martial arts However, he attributes his success to one movies.” of the sport’s philosophies of setting small Davidson is now a fourth degree black goals and always dreaming big, even when belt and owner and chief instructor of life hits a roadblock as it did for him years Seung-ri Black Belt Academy, which has ago. two locations on the Semiahmoo Peninsula. “It wasn’t until I started martial arts that He likens his experience with taekwondo I found I still had that little spark that to that of a tree passing through various allowed me to envision a future, instead of stages as it grows to maturity, eventually  see page 54 Melissa Smalley Staff Reporter


Brian Giebelhaus photo

White Rock’s Lorne Davidson is a world champion in taekwondo, in forms and weapons.


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


Gold medal ‘awesome’  from page 53 saying, ‘I’m a failure, I might as well give up,” he said. Davidson is now looking ahead to next summer, when he’ll be testing for his fifthdegree black belt. Ultimately, his goal is to obtain his mastership when he is 70, which would require him to attain sixth-degree black belt status. “There’s a lot of work between now and then,” he said. Until then, he said he’s happy to continue sharing his knowledge with young martial artists and spreading the positive message

KENM RE energy savings rebate


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Contributed photo

Lorne Davidson accepts his golf medals from Chief Master M.K. Lee at the world taekwondo championships in Arkansas in June. of taekwondo that he has become so familiar with. “No matter how old you are, no matter how young you are, you




can create your future, as long as you keep an open mind and are prepared to turn your obstacles into stepping stones.”

Endurance key to bronze finish  from page 53 The third-place finish was especially sweet for 20-year-old Weinberger, after he had a disappointing race in the 1,500-metre freestyle earlier in the week. “I felt it was necessary to support my country,” he said. “They’ve spent a lot of money on sending me here to compete and they did a wonderful job preparing me for the meet, so I felt I needed to swim

really well.” Weinberger will soon be returning to Victoria to continue training and will also be starting classes at UVic in September. While he doesn’t have any major swim meets lined up in the near future, his most recent victory has helped him set his sights on the London Olympics in 2012. “The first Olympic trials are next summer, so I’ll be in really good shape for that,” he said.


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Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News



Medal haul for local swimmers

Brian Giebelhaus photos

Pre-flight practice The Surrey Eagles returned to the ice for training camp this week with plenty of scrimmage game action, including a fight between Zach Hillhouse and Vann Imoo (above). Last week, the squad held a pretraining camp tryout skate, where new coach Matt Erhart (below) spent some time working with a group of Eagles hopefuls.

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The Peninsula was well-represented at the B.C. Summer Swim Association provincials in Kamloops last weekend, as more than two dozen medals were won by local swimmers. Members of the White Rock Amateur Swim Association and Crescent Beach Swim Club competed in several events at the Aug. 20-22 meet. From the WRASA, swimmer Emma Mittermaier dominated the girls open category 2, taking gold in the 50metre freestyle – where she also tied a provincial record – as well as gold in the 50m butterfly. She also finished on top of the podium – and set new provincial records – in the 100m freestyle and 100m butterfly. Among the summer division swimmers from WRASA, Katherine Toy took bronze in both 50m and 100m freestyle in girls Division 2. In boys Division 3, James Bogart won bronze in 50m breaststroke, and Michael Milic won gold in 50m breaststroke and 100m individual medley (where he set a new provincial record), as well as silver in 50m backstroke and bronze in 100m freestyle.

Competing in the girls Division 5, Keyana Bjornson won gold in 50m and 100m freestyle, silver in 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle. Michael Dolmat came home with two golds in Division 6 competition – in 100m butterfly and 100m freestyle – as well as silver in 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle, while Kevin Mason took the gold in 50m freestyle. Rounding out the medals for the WRASA in the girls Division 7 category were Valerie Ward, who took gold in 100m backtroke and 100m freestyle and Celine Dempsey, who won silver in 100m backstroke and bronze in 50m freestyle. From the CBSC, Ryan Neapole won gold in the 50m freestyle, silver in the 100m freestyle and bronze in the 100m individual medley. Perrin Finley took silver and bronze in the 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle, respectively and Brenna Short won silver in the 50m breaststroke. Though they didn’t earn medals, CBSC swimmers Katrina Shinkaruk, Hailey Pattenden and Devon Seidel also had a good showing at the provincial meet. -Melissa Smalley


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Langley Chiefs

k Your first loo 1 at the 2010/1 ! Surrey Eagles

at South Surrey Arena • 2199 - 148 St. Visit or call 604 531-4625 Admission: $5


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

sports Semiahmoo grads on gold medal U20 squad

Canada wins NACRA title Three Peninsula rugby players helped Canada’s U20 squad to a first-place victory at the North American Carribean Rugby Championships in the Bahamas last weekend. Sade Smith, Tia Croteau and Laura Murphy Burke – all Semiahmoo Secondary grads – suited up for the Canadian side’s goldmedal match against the U.S. The second test of the year between the Canada U20s and the U.S. U20s ended with a tight 6-3 win for Canada. Both teams played incredibly physical defence, and vigorously contested the breakdown. Earlier in the week-long tournament, the Canadians opened their time in Bahamas with a 43-0 win over a Caribbean Select side. The Canada U20s continued their winning ways with a 62-0 win over the Cayman Islands. The team scored 31 points in each half to earn the lopsided victory over a feisty Cayman side. Canada took head coach John Long’s pre-game message to heart and played a fabulous, tough and spirited defence against the U.S. for the tournament title Aug. 21. In the end, the game came down to penalty kicks throughout the entire 40 minutes. Both teams headed into halftime with many areas to discuss and tighten up for the second 40 minutes. The U.S. fullback scored first at 44 minutes from a penalty kick inside the 22-metre line. It took some further bashing from Can-

Contributed photo

Canada’s U20 women’s team celebrates after beating Team USA. ada’s forwards, and then Canada was rewarded with a penalty just to the outside of the left post and outside the 22-m line. Flyhalf Murphy-Burke coolly collected her kicking tee and delivered a penalty kick deadcentre through the posts. Some shifting in Canada’s backline resulted in Misha Maric being the one under pressure to convert a penalty to Canada with only 10 minutes left and the score knotted at 3-all. Maric, who started the game in the second row and then moved to 8-man when Smith left the field, had a successful attempt about 18 metres from the posts. The Canadians weathered a storm from the U,S. when they had to scrum down again on

Future Shop – Correction Notice HP 14" Pavilion Laptop (DM4-1050CA) 10146655 Please note the the incorrect front facing image was advertised for this product found on page 2 of the August 20 flyer. Please be advised that this 14" HP DM4 laptop DOES NOT have a numeric keypad or Beats Audio. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers.

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their own 40 metre line. The U.S. attacked and brought the ball within 15 metres of Canada’s try line when another scrum was awarded to the Americans. Canada was called for an intentional wheel by the assistant referee and a penalty kick was awarded. The American fullback pulled the kick left this time and ended the scoring threat with only two minutes left until full time. There was much celebration from the Canadians at the final whistle as the physical battle could not have been sustained much longer by either team. The NACRA delegation presented a player of the tournament to both teams, with winger Katie McNally taking home the hardware for Canada.

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Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News

sports 14 and under division, finishing at plus one, with an impressive sixunder-par second round.

No rest for Oleksiew After representing Canada at a golf competition in Trinidad and Tobago last week, South Surrey’s Jamie Oleksiew has added a first-place finish at a tournament in Ontario to her list of accomplishments. Oleksiew,16, had been in NiagaraOn-The-Lake since late last week, where she took part in the Nike Golf Junior Championship. In the girls 11-19 category, she finished first out of the four competitors at the invitation-only tournament, shooting rounds of 80, 74 and 76. Surrey’s Donald Qui also took first place at the tournament, in the boys

Locals take bronze


Ron Wiseman

tournament, outscoring their opponents 53-38 over the fourday tournament, before falling to Abbotsford. Ridge Meadow took on the Saskatoon Braves for the bronze medal, coming out on top by a score of 11-9. Abbotsford went on to defeat Brandon in front of a home crowd for the gold medal.

Two young White Rock baseball players pitched in to help the Ridge Meadow Royals peewee AAA squad win bronze last weekend. Kevin Smith and Aaron Pultz plays for cup Wiegart were picked up by the Royals as they Surrey golfer Karen headed to Brandon, Pultz is in Parksville Man. for Baseball Canada’s 2010 this week competing in the Royale Peewee Western Championships. Cup Canadian Women’s Senior The Royals went 4-2 at the Championship.

sports notes

Pultz shot an at-par 73 in her first round Tuesday at Morningstar Golf Club and sat in second place behind Ontario’s Mary Ann Hayward going into the second day of play. On Wednesday, however, Pultz had particular trouble on the second hole, and finished the second round at plus seven, leaving her in third place overall. Results from the final round weren’t available by press deadline. The Royale Cup Canadian Women’s Senior Championship is open to women who have turned 50 on or before the first day of competition, and also includes an inter-provincial team championship.

Call an ing d Outstan ! t n Age ®

Colonial Pacific


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Autism is a disorder that affects one out of every 150 children born. Healthcare professionals are beginning to understand that Autism is multi-functional disorder that may, among other things, involve: * Heavy metal/autoimmune damage to brain cells * Intestinal inflammation * Persistent yeast, viral and bacterial infections * Cellular energy processing dysfunction (Kreb Cycle)


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Promising Autism Treatment - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Many recent studies have been conducted evaluating the efficacy of hyperbarics for the treatment of Autism.

Some of the Key benefits noted in these studies are: * Improved language * Decreased stimming * Improved neurocognitive abilities * Increased awareness and engagement * Markedly improved eye contact * Greater patience for tasks * A new understanding and application of case-andeffect more complex, age-appropriate cognition and problem-solving


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Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010


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FOUND: 3 keys on ring vic. of 28th & 148th on August 24th. Pls claim at Peace Arch News.




SUSANâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S NANNY AGENCY accepting resumes for Childcare, Housekeeping, Elderly care 5 F/T nannies w/cars looking for work, avail now. F/T L/O. Special needs: F/T L/O, 3 children; P/T 3 days/wk. Avail 3 L/I Filipino & 2 L/I European. Male care aide looking for live-in position. Fax 604-538-2636/Ph 538-2624

FOUND: GOLD WATCH in front of Dollar Store pkng lot @ 18th/152nd. Call to identify 604-536-4864. FOUND - KEYS, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Matt & Natâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; in White Rock, pls call (604)538-1655

Hazel (Loud)

OBITUARIES MELVIN James Thomas â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jimâ&#x20AC;?

Passed away peacefully in Brockville, Ontario on July 30, 2010 aged 89 years. Formerly of North Vancouver and Ocean Park, B.C. Predeceased by his loving wife Dorothy and his brother Breen. Survived by his daughters Linda and Shawne, grandchildren Nikki and Jason, great granddaughters Payton and Darah, his cousin Deane Clarke and sister-in-law Mary 7Letham. Celebration OBITUARIES of Life Service at Crescent United Church 2756 - 127th Street, Surrey, BCMELVIN on Sunday, SepJames tember 19,Thomas 2010 at 2â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jimâ&#x20AC;? pm. In lieu of ďŹ&#x201A;away owers, peacefully donations to Passed in First United Ontario Church, on VancouBrockville, July ver, B.C. or the charity of your 30, 2010 aged 89 years. choice. of North Vancouver Formerly and Ocean Park, B.C. Pre",!)2 ĂĽ2OBERTĂĽ deceased by his loving wife ĂĽ ĂĽĂĽ Dorothy and his brother Breen. Survived by his daughters 2OBERTĂĽ h5NCLEĂĽ "OBvĂĽ grand"LAIRĂĽĂĽ Linda and Shawne, PASSEDĂĽ AWAYĂĽ ONĂĽ !UGUSTĂĽ TH ĂĽĂĽ children Nikki and Jason, great ĂĽ WITHĂĽ HISĂĽ SONSĂĽ granddaughters Payton-ICHAELĂĽ and ĂĽ ANDĂĽ ĂĽ $AVIDĂĽ ĂĽ HISĂĽ ĂĽ SIDEĂĽ ĂĽ ATĂĽĂĽ Darah, his ĂĽ BYĂĽcousin Deane -ORGANĂĽand 0LACEĂĽ ĂĽ ĂĽ "ORNĂĽ INĂĽ ĂĽ 3COT ĂĽ Clarke sister-in-law Mary LANDĂĽ ONĂĽ #HRISTMASĂĽ DAY ĂĽofĂĽ Letham. Celebration Life ĂĽ .OWĂĽ BACKĂĽat INĂĽCrescent THEĂĽ ARMSĂĽ United OFĂĽ HISĂĽĂĽ Service WIFEĂĽ -ARYĂĽ 7ILLĂĽ- BEĂĽ MISSEDĂĽ BYĂĽĂĽ Church 2756 127th Street, MANYĂĽ EXTENDEDĂĽ FAMILYĂĽ SepANDĂĽĂĽ Surrey, BC on Sunday, FRIENDSĂĽ 19, 2010 at 2 pm. In tember !ĂĽ -EMORIALĂĽ WILLĂĽ BEĂĽ HELDĂĽ ATĂĽ THEĂĽ lieu of ďŹ&#x201A;owers, donations to ĂĽ 0ACIlCAĂĽ 2ETIREMENTĂĽ First United Church, COMPLEXĂĽ Vancou- ĂĽ ĂĽB.C. +INGĂĽ 'EORGEĂĽ ONĂĽĂĽ ver, or the charity(WYĂĽ of your 3UNDAYĂĽ !UGUSTĂĽ THĂĽ ATĂĽ ĂĽĂĽ choice. PMĂĽ $ONATIONSĂĽ MAYĂĽ BEĂĽ MADEĂĽ THEĂĽĂĽ #ANCERĂĽ3OCIETY

Hazel (MOM) passed away peacefully at Maplewood House in Abbotsford with family at her side. Born in Langley, BC the ďŹ fth of ďŹ ve children, she was preceded in death by all four siblings and her high-school sweetheart, Hal in 1997. She will be lovingly remembered for her dedication to family, cheerful disposition and positive outlook, by her children, Bev (Peter) Kokoska, Larry (Anne), Gail (Bob) Hayes, Ken (Monica) and Ed (Bob), her eight grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. The family would like to thank the care givers at Grand Street Lodge (Mission) and Maplewood House for giving Mom such a warm and caring home during the ďŹ nal years of her life. No service by request and ďŹ&#x201A;owers are gratefully declined. Online condolences to the family may be offered at

SET OF Keys vic. of Grandview Corners on Aug 16th. Pls call to identify. (778)887-5830

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115 33



Closest childcare to WR beach! Lic. ECE. Enjoy daily outings to local beach / parks letters, numbers, art, science, snack. ESL welcome! Ages 1-5. 7:30 am - 5:30pm

FOUND: SET OF KEYS with small purse attached - Victoria Ave on Aug24.Call to identify 604-536-5403

July 28, 1920 - August 24, 2010


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sand & Sea Childcare Centreâ&#x20AC;?

FOUND: PRESCRIPTION glasses, Sunday August 22nd in Bakerview park. Phone 604-538.1178.


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HOUSEKEEPER Experience an asset. For motel / hotel industry. Must be friendly and reliable. Wage depending on experience.

Fax resume to: 604-531-4735 or Call 604-531-4720


Req. for Surrey precast concrete manufacturing plant. Rebar Tying & Concrete experience an asset. Union position with full benefits after qualifying period. Fax resumes: 604-574-1174 or e-mail Marten VanHengel at Marten.VanHengel@

HIGH VOLTAGE! 604-575-5555

SHINGLERS & LABOURERS Required immediately. Call for more info 604-603-2527



Torbram Electric Supply is a family owned multi national company committed to provide solutions to the electrical industry, industrial plants, as well as the commercial and institutional businesses. Our Langley location is currently accepting applications for an Account Manager. The selected person will be a highly motivated individual, confident to develop new business as well as building the existing business with-in the Langley area. To apply for this salaried position including company car and benefits, resumes must be submitted by September 3; however contact will only be made with those individuals meeting the acceptable criteria. Please submit your resume to Torbram Electric Supply #102 - 6360 202nd St. Langley, BC V2Y 1N2; attention Tracy Schatz or via e-mail:



FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICES FOR JOB SEEKERS • Discover your career direction • Learn resume/letter/interview skills • Learn about options for government funded training

FOR EMPLOYERS • Free job postings

Sources - Cloverdale Employment Resource Centre 101 -5783 176A Street, Surrey - 604-576-3118

Surrey Employment Resource Centre – Newton 102 - 13771 - 72A Avenue, Surrey - 604-501-2224

Whalley Employment Resource Centre





*Competitive Rates dependant on experience. *Medical Benefits.

Please visit: and fill out the online application RENTALS: These listings cover all types of rentals from apartments, condos, office space, houseboats and vacation homes. So if you’re in the market to rent, or looking for a roommate, start here.


PLUMBING FOREMAN & SUPERVISORS Daryl-Evans Mechanical Ltd. has expanded our operation to the Interior of British Columbia. This development is very exciting to us and we trust that it will be beneficial for you as well.


MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A CHILD’S LIFE: Become a Literacy Tutor to work one to one with a child aged 7-13 in an after school program offered by the Learning Disabilities Association. Applicants must have excellent English skills. Extensive training is provided. Attend an information session on either Wednesday, September 8th or Thursday, September 9th, at 7:00pm at our office: #201 - 13766 - 72 Ave. (above Coast Capital Savings)




If you are interested in relocating to the interior and being part of our Supervisory team, please forward your resume to: 604-525-4744 (fax)

TEAM LEADERS Use your people-skills and make a difference! Qualified candidates must have a minimum of 2 years experience, including the ability to supervise and manage employees. Must be able to make informed decisions, foster a positive team environment and meet daily and monthly sales targets. Wage range $16+ depending on experience and performance.

CASHIERS / SALES ASSOCIATES Full Time positions available for dynamic, hardworking individuals with exceptional customer service skills. Successful candidates will be friendly, outgoing and able to think on their feet, and strive to make each of our customers feel welcome and find what they need. Must have 2 years retail sales experience & shift work flexibility. Starting Wage is $11-$14 per hour based on experience. Fluency in English is required for all positions. Forward your cover letter & resumé to: Peace Arch Duty Free Shop Suite 260 – 13900 Maycrest Way Richmond, BC V6V 3E2 T/ 604-278-1669 F/ 604-278-1679 E/ The Peace Arch Duty Free Shop is located at the Peace Arch Canada/USA Border Crossing in Surrey. Own vehicle is a must, no public transportation available to this location.




Labour work for day and night. Power sweeping, power scrubbing and line painting. Must be hard working with a good attitude. $15/hr to start. Rapid increases based on performance. Experience beneficial but will train. Email:



NOW HIRING: Warehouse workers, Order Pickers, Fruit Packers, Forklift Driver. Must be capable of physical labor. Part time & full time available. Flexible hours. Call: 604-856-1466 Fax Resume: 604625-8896




BUS PERSON req’d in White Rock a couple of evenings per week. Great job for student. Call Pierre after 1:30 pm, 604-531-6261. CASHIER/SERVER Required! Parttime/Full-Time. NANDO’S CHICKEN WHITEROCK. Apply In Person Only! #101-3010 152 Street. 604549-5790 P/T PIZZA COOK & F/T Delivery DRIVER req’d at Ocean Park Pizza. Apply in person at 20097 40th Ave.



We are now hiring for various jobs in the Greater Vancouver District

Searching for your dream home or selling it? This is the location. BCCLASSIFIED.COM listings include everything from acreage, farms/ranches to condos and waterfront homes.



REINFORCING PLACERS Experienced Reinforcing Steel Installers Required.


Is Hiring Hair Stylists






Advertise across the lower mainland in the 17 best-read community newspapers.








KIDS AND ADULTS NEEDED Papers are delivered right to your door. No need to insert flyers either! Deliver 2x a week, after school, Wed. and Fri. Call the Circulation Department at 604 542 7430 or email us at Route Number Boundaries 17001102 17001104 17001105 17001106 17001110 17001112 17001129 17001130 17002225 17002232 18000323 18101405 18102511 18102527 18102529 18103612 18103618 18103625 18104701 18104703 18104712 18104726 18104728 18105803 18105814 18106904

105 - 13655 104th Avenue, Surrey - 604-584-0003

Number of Papers

Blackburn Ave, Coldicutt Ave, N. Bluff Rd, Lancaster St, Cory Rd, Nichol Rd 101 Malabar Ave, Blackburn Ave, Coldicutt Ave, North Bluff Rd, Nichol Rd, Bishop Rd 95 Malabar Ave, Blackburn Ave, Park Ave, Vine Ave, North Bluff Rd, Phoenix St, Kerfoot Rd, Brearley St, Archibald Rd 99 Magdalen Ave, Marine Dr, Magdalen Cres, Archibald Rd, Beareley St, Kerfoot Rd 80 Bellevue Cres, West Beach Ave, McDonald Ave, Gordon Ave, Marine Drive 113 Prospect Ave, Buena Vista Ave, Beachview Ave, Oxford St, Elm St, Vidal , Marine 87 Thrift Ave, Oxenham Ave, Upper Roper Ave 79 Marine Drive & Nichol Rd 33 Marine Drive, Columbia Ave, Pacific Ave, Finlay St, Maple St, Lee St 126 Marine Drive, Columbia Ave, Pacific Ave, Kent St, Keil St 82 2450, 2501 & 2515 - 161A St 108 20 Ave, 20A Ave, 21 Ave, 148 St, 149 St, 150 St 87 140 St between 16 Ave & 20 Ave 87 20 Ave, 20A Ave, 21 Ave, 21A Ave, 129B St, 131 St, 131A St, 131B St 78 134A St, 136 St, 14 Ave, 14A Ave, 15 Ave 60 Crescent Rd between 129 St and 140 St 56 24 Ave between 128 St & 140 St 62 31 Ave, 32 Ave, 33 Ave, 136 St, 137 A St, 138A St 81 Nico Wynd Place 101 140 St between 24 Ave & Crescent Rd 89 27A Ave, 28 Ave, 28A Ave, 29 Ave, 152 St, 153A St 68 32B Ave, 33A Ave, 34 Ave, 144 St, 145 St 81 28 Ave, 28A Ave, 29 Ave, 29A Ave, 144 St, 146 St, 146A St 61 156 St, 157 St, 157A St, 24 Ave, 23B Ave, Cranley Dr 49 154 St, 155 St, 17A Ave, 18 Ave, 19 Ave, Poplar Dr 102 161 St, 161B St, 162A St, King George, 14 Ave, 14A Ave, 14B Ave 22

Opportunity for an outstanding

Graphic Designer Black Press Lower Mainland is looking for an experienced Graphic Designer to fill an immediate full time opening in Maple Ridge. The successful applicant will be creative, organized and work effectively under tight deadlines, interacting with advertising clients, sales representatives and the creative team. Speed, accuracy and attention to detail is a requirement. A comprehensive working knowledge is required of CS3 on Mac OS X. If you’d like to be part of a successful company, please send a resume with a portfolio showcasing your talent to: Carly Ferguson Advertising & Creative Services Manager Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News 22328 - 119th Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2Z3 Closing date: Friday, Sept. 10, 2010 Black Press is Canada’s largest independent newspaper group with more than 150 community, daily and urban weekly newspapers located in BC, Alberta, Washington State, Ohio and Hawaii.

THE NEWS Serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows since 1978

Funded in whole or in part through the CanadaBritish Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement


Become a Psychiatric Nurse in your own community There is an urgent need for more Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN), particularly outside the urban areas of the province. And with the workforce aging – the average age of a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in BC is 47 years – the number of retirees from the profession is exceeding the number of graduates. Entry-level earnings start at $29/hour. Train Locally – The only program of its kind in BC, students can learn within their local communities via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements, and some regional classroom delivery. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Government funding may be available.

Toll Free:



Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010 PERSONAL SERVICES







AVOID BANKRUPTCY - SAVE UP TO 70% Of Your Debt. One affordable monthly payment, interest free. For debt restructuring on YOUR terms, not your creditors. Call 1-866-690-3328 or see web site:


Psychic Sephia Palm & Tarot Card Reader Will tell your - Past Present-Future. She will not ask your problems She will tell-you-helps with depression-Family quarrels, removes Ja-doo-aura-cleansing. Tells your enemies by name. Couples trying to conceive. Reunites loved ones. Most problems solved in 24 hrs. 3 readings for $25: All readings private. Call today

(604)542-9881 175 CATERING/PARTY RENTALS

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.

Class 109 Career Opportunities! Why not make your dream a reality?



FOOT CARE NURSE, “because comfort counts” ask about the SENIORS special. 604-864-8580





FLOOR LAYER: 30 YEARS EXP. Carpet, Lino & repairs. Work Guar’d! Gary 604-585-2044.



Call Mark (604)536-9092

Use - Employment Section 100’s





Inside Sales Specialist Black Press Digital has an outstanding opportunity for an Inside Sales Specialist. In this role you will place outbound calls and are responsible for identifying, qualifying and closing sales. You must be articulate and able to cultivate relationships with businesses and online advertisers. You’ll actively track and manage lead pipeline, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. You will also educate prospects on Online Advertising opportunities with over 110 Websites in family of Black Press Digital. Qualifications: s Knowledge of computer usage in a web-based environment s Familiar with online marketing activities (SEO, SEM, CPM, CPC, etc) s Selling directory listings a definite advantage s 3+ years of previous telesales experience preferred especially in advertising or directories s Excellent verbal and written communication skills s Solid analytical and technical skills s Exposure to formal sales methodologies s Maintain records of correspondence s Research companies on Internet, industry publications, and third party tools to identify new targets s Excellent organizational and time management skills s Excellent interpersonal and client interaction skills with strong attention to detail and accuracy s Must possess a calm/professional telephone presence s Ability to multi-task; flexible and comfortable working in a fast paced environment s Able to assume responsibility and work autonomously in a professional manner s Ability to remain focused and flexible during rapid change s Business, Sales and Marketing diploma an asset. Black Press Group Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all applicants are given equal consideration. We will only respond to those applicants who most closely match the job specifications and requirements. We thank you for your interest in our career opportunities. Please forward you resumeby Mar. Sept. 05, 15 2010 to:, attn: Eileen Campbell.

WESTERRA Consulting Ltd.

* Excavation * Final Grading * U/Ground Services * Backfill * Farm Services * Brush Cutting * Concrete Breaking * Driveways 25 yrs + Industry Experience Res & Comm / WCB / Ins.

One Call Does it All 604-813-5200





◆ Natural & Cultured Stone Masonry ◆ Retaining Walls ◆ Paving Stones ◆ Fencing ◆ Driveway & Patio Sealing All Other Landscaping Needs. FREE ESTIMATES

778.277.4745 SPENCER


6 FT FENCING, Retaining Walls, Blacktop/Concrete driveway’s, Reno’s, Roofing & Bobcat Service. Gaary Landscaping (604)889-8957


HARDWOOD FLOORS SOLUTIONS Installation Refinishing Repairs


D Windows Out & In D Gutters cleaned In & Out D Pressure Washing, Snrs Disc. D Serving W. Rock for over 25 yrs D Lic. & WCB insured. Free Est.

Call Jerry at 604-532-8080



SUE D Dew’s Cleaning & Home Support. Professional. Insured & Bonded. (604) 538-9352, 728-6615

SuperCity Cleaning Services

Peace Arch Appliance




Eric 604-541-1743

AAH ABOVE ALL APPLS REPAIR Quality work. Also appls for sale. Elect & plumb serv 604-588-2828

Kristy 604.488.9161


~CHOICE CARPET CLEANING~ Free Estimates. Guaranteed Work! 604-897-6025 (24 hr) 788-688-0117


Service to fridges, stoves, washers, dryers & dishwashers. Reasonable.



#1 IN PARDONS Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation Toll-free 1-866-416-6772




275 224

HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES Unique Taste, Unique Menus... Gourmet, customized menus tailored to your function! q Dinner Parties q Executive Meetings q Family Gatherings q Weddings / Banquets q B-B-Ques q Funerals We Come To You! Doing It All, From Set-Up - Clean-Up.



A gift of time detail orientated cleaning. For fast, efficient, reliable and honest service call 604-781-1423. No job too big or small. Exc refs. Insured and bonded. Serving the White Rock / South Surrey area for 15 + years.

DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member

DREAMING of a new career? Look in’s





Do you hardly have time to get your cleaning work done? We understand & we have the time & experience! We treat your home or business as if it is our own. Satisfaction guaranteed!! Why not try us out & compare our rates & service?

Efficient, Reliable, Exc. References. 18 yrs exp. Ivet: 778-235-4070.






Exceptional Career Opportunity in Sales and Marketing. Excellent Opportunity to earn above-average income and to develop a rewarding career. One of Canada’s largest private media companies, Black Press, has an opening for an Assistant Sales Manager with The Richmond Review. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills and a superior knowledge of sales and marketing. While experience in community newspapers is an asset, it is not a prerequisite. Prerequisites include a minimum four years sales and marketing experience, a willingness to learn and embrace change and a desire to succeed. Black press is a multi-platform media organization that encompasses community-based newspapers and websites as well as and To apply, please forward your resume with a cover letter by August 31, 2010 to: Mary Kemmis The Richmond Review #140-5671 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2C7 the richmond







ALL Concrete Brick, Block & Stonework. Good job - Good price. Call Enzio (604)594-1960 CONCRETE Work. Remove & Replace. Specializing in driveway, patios, etc. All types of finishes. FREE Estimates. 604-996-6878.

Call: Rick (604) 202-5184 SEMI-RETIRED contractor will do small jobs. Patio’s, sidewalks & driveway’s. Re & re old or damaged concrete. Call Ken 604-532-0662

STAMPED CONCRETE FPatios FPool Decks FSidewalks FDriveways FForming FFinishing FRe & Re All Your Concrete Needs 30yrs exp. Quality workmanship Fully Insured


604-513-8524 AAA Lawn

A Cut Above Yard Maintenance

White Rock Owned & Operated Since 1991


GUTTER CLEANING, Roof Sweeping, Lawn Mowing, Yard Clean-Up & Odd Jobs. FINER CUT YARD SERVICES. Free est. WCB Ins. Tim (604) 539-1024 or 897-0153

Friendly Benjamin’s

Professional with Gutter & Window cleaning, Pressure Wash. WCB. Jeremy Testimonials on site. 778-384-3855


#1 QUALITY WORK, Big or sm. Exp. Electrician avail. Reas.rates.604-773-0341. Lic#9902 ALL JOBS Big or Small. Panels, lighting, plugs, fans, hot tubs etc. Guaranteed work. 604-539-0708 Cell 604-537-1773 Lic. 26110 ALL JOBS welcome. Your trouble shooting expert. Tel/Cable incl. *Seniors Discount* Work guaranteed. Insured & Bonded. GWN Electric. 604-862-9650 Lic#99986 COM/RES. Electrical Contractor for maint/renos/upgrades. Prof./friendly & reliable. Call Vern, 604-538-2373. LC# 92338. OCEAN PARK ELECTRIC Small Jobs. Reasonable Rates. Elec. Heat, Lighting % Seniors Discount % Call (604)591-7621


283 GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS Gutter cleaning, power wash & roof sweeping. Economical, Efficient, Great Service. Gur 604-724-9036

Drywall Service & Flatten Popcorn Ceilings 604-230-7928 or 604- 538-3796


WEED FREE MUSHROOM Manure 15 yds - $110 or Well Rotted 10yds - $125 Free delivery in Surrey. (604)856-8877

*Pruning *Weeding *Power Raking *Aerating * Mowing *Yard Clean-ups




EXPERT HANDYMAN available for most jobs, big or small. Young, fit and hardworking. Great rates and friendly service! Phone 778-3195713. Ask for Dan! HANDYMAN. Very reliable. 20 yrs exp. Senior’s discount. Make a list. CAN DO IT ALL! 604-866-4977

287 JAPANESE YARDMAN Weeding. Clean-up. Brush cutting. Maint. No BST. Kris 604-617-5561 Soil, bark, Sand, Gravel etc. $25/yd + $50 del. Also, Property Maint. Services avail.Simon 604-230-0627


ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704




Expert in electrical repairs & troubleshooting. Panel upgrades, Renovations Guart. work. Licensed/bonded BBB app. No job too small


For all Your Cleaning Needs!


“We enjoy leaving your home bright & clean”

*Seniors Disc. * Insured *22 yrs

Danny 604 - 307 - 7722


Call 778-883-4262

✗ TREE Pruning & Sculpting ✗ Hedge Repair ✗ Pro-Climber ✗ Gardening & Landscaping

PROMPT & AFFORDABLE PLACING & Finishing * Forming * Site Prep, old concrete removal * Excavation & Reinforcing * Re-Re Specialists 30 Years Exp. Free Estimates.

YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly Excellent Refs & Rates. Move In/Out. Carpet Cleaning, pressure wash, New Const., Res./Comm., offices Welcome! Lic., Bonded/Insured.


BOBCAT & MINI-EXCAVATOR Concrete Breaking, Post Hole Auger, Driveways Stump Removal, Excavation 604-541-1557 Gord 604-328-8360

Evergreen Bobcat & Mini Excavator Driveway removing, trenching & concrete breakers, drain tile, septic install & repairs. Oil tank removal. 20yrs. exp. Gd rates 604-250-6165 REDMOND’S BACKHOE & TRUCKING: Sewers, drains, waterlines, excavating, backfilling. 24 Yrs Exp. Free est. 604-818-2137.

Home, Garden & Design Solutions

FREE ESTIMATES Complete Garden / Landscape Designs & Makeovers New Homescapes • Outdoor Living Spaces • Gardening Brick / Block • Retaining Walls • Pavers • Cultured Stone Pillars • Gates • Driveways • Masonry Lighting / Sprinkler / Drainage Systems Lawn Installations • Pruning • Weeding • Clean-Ups Residential Maintenace Programs • Landscape Products Fencing • Home Improvements • Handyman Services

BBB • WCB • Fully Insured • 20 Years

One Call Does It All B.C.’s Premier Full Service Home Renovation & Landscaping Company


Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES 287









SPECIALIZING IN: Vinyl and Wood decks. For All Types of Renovations

Call Peter 604-541-8841

Qualified carpenter for all your home improvement needs.

A SEMI-RETIRED CONTRACTOR. Specializing in Renovation’s. Available for work. 604-532-1710

D Additions D Decks D Bathrooms / Kitchens D Skylights / Windows D Tiling D Laminate Flooring


Repairs, Remodeling

✔ Complete Renovations from Start to Finish For a No Obligation Consultation GIVE ROBERT A CALL Cell: 604-290-4964 Eves: 604-535-0603

Bath, Kitchen, bsmt reno’’s Windows & Decks Electrical & Plumbing Baseboards & Moulding’s & Ceramics Free Est. Work guaranteed!

Old Country tradesmen Retirement was boring No job too small

• • • • • • • •

604-536-4849 / 604-802-3455

For All Your Renovation Needs Residential & Commercial

Geo Pacific Enterprises Ltd. Serving White Rock & area for over 20 years - Free Est.

Advertise across the lower mainland in the 17 best-read community newspapers. ON THE WEB:

Repairs, renovations, additions painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry & much more Servicing BC since 1980 Reasonable rates - Free est. NO JOB TOO SMALL

David 604-779-5320

For all your decorating needs why not call a Master Painter? Dan Laybourn Paint Contracting 36 Years Experience All Aspects of Painting Int./Ext. Com/Residential Gutter & Window Cleaning also available. Free Estimates We will pay 1/2 of the HST on Residential Contracts.

Call 604-607-6659

WestcanConstruction WestcanConstruction email:

e mail:

Call to book your free in home estimate today!

Call to book your free in home estimate today!

Check us us outout online: Check online:

HUDOLIN’S ON HOMES RENO’S ✔ Basement suites, decks ✔ Bathrooms,Kitchens ✔ Finishing work & moulding

“White Rock & South Surrey’s Leading Renovator since 1989”

Designing and renovating new kitchens, bathrooms, basements, house make-overs and additions since 1989

Receive 10% off with this ad Free Est.

Call Dave: 604-862-9379

“Georgie” award finalist-best kitchen 2008 & 2009 In-house design team and cabinet shop

Showroom: Unit 62 - 15515 24th Ave. (at King George Hwy.) Tel: 604-538-9622


Tyler 778-861-6289


MESA PAINTING INTERIOR and EXTERIOR Quality work at reas rates.Free Estimates. Michael (cell) 604-724-7458


MILANO PAINTING 604 - 551- 6510 Moving & Storage Visa OK. 604-628-7136 AAA ADVANCE MOVING Experts in all kinds of moving/packing. Excellent Service. Reas. rates! Different from the rest. 604-861-8885 A AMC MOVING. Professional movers. *Big/small *local/long distance. Insured, great rates. Free est. 778-888-9628

Interior & Exterior S S S S

Professional Painters Free Estimates Written Guaranteed Bonded & Insured

~ PRO PAINTERS ~ INTERIOR / EXTERIOR Quality Work, Free Estimates


Let MPB make your renovation dreams come true!

LT99 PRO PAINTING Residential, Commercial, Interior, Exterior, Fence, Deck, Pressure Wash, All Kinds of Floorings, Seniors & Vacancies Discount. Professional, Reliable, Affordable Services. Lowest price in town. Free Estimate. Licensed. Fully Insured.

STONE F BRICK F REPAIRS Installation & Repairs. European Trained / 20yrs exp. References. 604-306-5389

Member of Worksafe BC

Member of Better Business Bureau

Local & Long Distance



Kitchens • Bathrooms • Renovations • Additions Outdoor Living Spaces • Suites • Custom Homes Flooring • Hardwood • Tiles • Laminate Sundecks • Patios • Arbours • Pergolas Pillars • Gates • Driveways • Masonry Brick / Block • Retaining Walls • Pavers • Cultured Stone Roofing • Windows / Doors • Framing • Fencing Complete Renovations • Handyman Services & More Gardening • Landscaping BBB • WCB • Fully Insured • 20 Years

10% OFF if you Mention this AD! AMAN’S PLUMBING SERVICES Lic.gas fitter. Reas $. 778-895-2005 #1 IN RATES & SERVICE. Lic’d. LOCAL Plumber. Plugged drains, renos etc. Chad 1-877-861-2423 AAA HOT WATER TANKS PLUS Plumbing and heating Services. Licensed * Ticketed * Insured * 778-994-1637 AT PANORAMA PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS SERVICES. Jobs Small-Big, Res/Com 604-818-7801 SEMI-RETIRED LIC’D PLUMBER fr the U.K. Sm jobs: toilets, d/w, sinks, garburators, taps, leaky pipes, etc. Reas John 604-562-3747



Autumn Roof Tune-up ✦ 35 years experience ✦ Cedar repairs ✦ Built-in gutters ✦ Re-roofing ✦ Conversions ✦ WCB Insured Call Don: 604-781-5433


968-0367 359 SAND, GRAVEL & TOPSOIL LITTLE LOAD SPECIALIST. Sand & gravel delivered. Small orders welcome. Topsoil available. Call (604) 532-0662 days/eves.



D Conversion from cedar to Asphalt, Shingles, Fibreglass D 30, 40, 50 years Warranty D WCB, BBB, Liability Ins. Free Estimates. Call Gary 604-599-5611 OR Visit

Andrew 604-618-8585 $ Best Rates $ BEST CHOICE ROOFING Spring Special - 20% OFF w/ ad Reroofs, Torch-on, Asphalt & Cedar Conversions. Tarlok 778-892-6444

Best Local Roofs & Repairs Great price refs Paul 604-328-0527 EAST WEST ROOFING & SIDING CO. Roofs & re-roofs. BBB & WCB. 10% Discount, Insured. Call 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437 GL ROOFING & Repairs. Cedar shakes, Asphalt Shingles, Flat roofs BBB, WCB Insured. 604-240-5362

PETS 453



CALL FRIENDLY BENJAMIN 604-230-7928 or 604-538-3796


RECYCLE-IT! Make us your first call! Reasonable Rates. Fast, Friendly & Uniformed Staff.



1 Room $79 Ask our Customers about our Quality Work Ceilings, Doors & Trim

B.C.’s Premier Full Service Home Renovation & Landscaping Company

10 YRS. EXP. CALL DAVE: 604-614-3416


A-OK PAINTING Forget the Rest Call The Best! Harry 604-617-0864


Self Horse Board, S Surrey, Hazelmere area. $100/mo per horse. (778)986-7798 or 778-668-9493.

DISPOSAL BINS. 4 - 40 yards. From $179 - $565 incl’s dump fees. Call Disposal King. 604-306-8599.


TREE SERVICES A1-TRI-CRAFT Tree Serv. Dangerous tree removal, spiral pruning hedge trimming, stump grinding, topping. Insured, WCB Free Est Arborist Reports


SPARTAN Moving Ltd. Fast & Reliable. Insured Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. Call Frank: (604) 435-8240


A-1 Ceramics, Marble, Glass blocks etc. Install/Repair. Res./Comm. Free Est. 20 years exp. Peter’s Tile (604)209-0173 TILE/LAMINATE SPECIALIST With Design Expertise. Grout color adjustment & restoration.16 yrs on the Peninsula. No Job Too Small. Free Est. Perry 604-538-6976


They are impossible to clean and always loaded with cob webs, even when painted still look dirty. We can give you a beautiful, clean, flat ceiling, lovely to look at & will modernize your home.

Local handyman avail. for painting, moulding & millwork, laminate flooring, tile work etc. No job too small. Reasonable Rates. Call Peter 604-807-7946 or 604-536-4665


B & B DUROID ROOFING Free Est,re-roofing & Repairs. WCB & Insured. Brad 604-603-2527

Per Molsen 604-575-1240

Renovations & Repairs




One Call Does It All


Vincent 543-7776


From 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 Ton Trucks Insured ~ Licenced ~ 1 to 3 Men Free estimate/Seniors discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos

Popcorn Ceilings Are Very UGLY

Home, Garden & Design Solutions




Licensed  Liability Insured  Member of Worksafe BC 


ALLAN CONST. & Asphalt. Brick, concrete, drainage, foundation & membrane repair. (604)618-2304 ~ 604-820-2187.

A to Z Roofing Ltd. Spec in re-roofing, asphalt, cedar, flat roof. Guar Wrk. WCB, BBB. 778-996-6479.

Call Joy at 604-530-8585 $20 per hr

Phone:(604) (604)307-5894 307-5894 Phone:

Almost for free! Dave (778)997-5757, (604)587-5991

Same day serv. avail 604-724-6373

De-Klutter & Organize it Let me put order into your mess

Interior Renovation Specialists INTERIOR/ /Exterior EXTERIOR RENOVATION SPECIALISTS




Kitchens/ Bathrooms / Bathrooms/ Fireplace / FireplaceRenovations Renovations&&more.... more.... Kitchens

Liability Insured


1 CALL ABOVE all Handyman Serv Elect,. Plumb, Appls, Gen Repairs, No job too small. Sell repair & install major appls. Also do kitchen, baths, bsmt, renos. 604-588-2828. A1 BATH RENO’S. Bsmt suites, drywall, patios, plumbing, siding, fencing, roofing, landscaping, etc. Joe 604-961-9937 or 604-581-3822

Call 604-807-0979



Call Gary 604-576-4406

S Dependable S Affordable S Professional

Owner/Operator Owner / Operator

Free Estimates S Insured S Excellent Refs 604-575-9506

Call Blake or Brian (604)816-1653




Pride & Quality Workmanship

Rot Repairs & Decks Tiling & Wood Flooring Windows, Doors + Trim Crown Moulding included Texture Ceiling & Drywall Repairs Garbage Removal Comm. & Residential Free Est. Seniors Discount

Handyman Services


European Craftsman


British Construction



Licensed, Insured, WCB

Call Brian 604-787-2946 Call Michael 778-554-5200

Steve Pendlington Steve Pendlington



S Interior / Exterior S Residential / Commercial S 30 years experience

D interior & exterior renovation D rot repair & restoration D Decks D Fences & much more free estimates.




Blake and his Dad make a positive difference in your life by providing quality workmanship delivered with integrity.

Repair/replace or custom build.

Cleaning Serv. Decks, driveways, gutters, pressure washing. Insured Bonded, WCB. Ref’s 604-833-1462 DECKS - R - US. Sundecks by exp. European craftsman. Interior home Renos. Kitchen/bath/bsmt. Insured. Ivan 778-549-6858





Interior/Exterior Quality Work Residential Free Estimates!




2 CUTE kittens. 1 male and 1 female. 8 wks old. litter box trained. $15 each. 604-541-9928

BABY BUDGIES: $15. each. Various colours. (604)535-1262.

604.587.5865 Greencare Rubbish Removal Commercial & Residential Cheapest in White Rock/S. Surrey Call (604)506-2817


SL PAINTING Interior/Exterior. FREE Estimates. Quality job. Fully insured - WCB Please call Sonly.



The ulitimate pet, the incredible miniature horse. Safe & responsive with children. Super low prices. Armstrong 250-546-9323 250-308-2746. 5 minutes to IPE grounds.



Custom Paint

• Kitchen • Bath • Flooring • Complete Interiors

• Interior & Exterior • Free Estimates

Licensed • Insured • WCB • Full 10yr. Guarantee


“An investment in Quality”


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010 PETS 477

15695 Thrift Ave at Lee St. Sat. Aug. 28th, 10am -3pm Christmas Decorations, Stemware, China, Ornaments, Pictures/Frames Memorabilia. Shine only

16061 - 13 A Ave. S.Sry DAYCARE CLOSING SALE. Sat & Sun, 9am-4pm Lots of toys, castle slides riding cars, etc. DAILY GARAGE SALE Sunday - Friday, 9a.m.- 5p.m. 13490 108th Avenue, Surrey FAMILY Garage Sale Sat Aug 28 09:00 to noon. 12735 24 Ave, Surrey. 10gal fish tank, kids paddle pool, books, girls clothing & toys, bamboo wine rack and more!!

Garage Sale 1837 Lilac Dr. S. Surrey Between K. George Hwy & 152nd Behind Earl Marriott High School. (Alderwood)

Sat. Aug. 28, 9am-Noon Coffee tables, books, lots of household items, Q/S bed frame & much, much more. Large Multi-Family Garage Sale 14592-17 Ave. Sat. Aug. 28, 8-2pm NEB. Furniture, electronics, h/h, wine equip, clothing, bedding, lamps, art & collectibles. Good stuff - good prices.

OCEAN PARK. Downsizing Yard Sale. 12688-23 Ave. Sat, Aug. 28, 9am-2pm. Baby items, furniture, yard equip, hsehold items & more South Surrey

16373 - 15th Ave. Sat. & Sun Aug. 28 & 29, 10-3 p.m. Gorgeous maternity wear, baby items, NB-18mos. + household. S. Surrey

2 Family Garage Sale 1417 128A St. Sat, Aug. 28 9am-2pm Electronics, tools, perennials, garden tools, art, household items, bedding and much more. No early birds please S. SURREY


Sat. Aug. 28th 9 am - 1pm 13049 - 19A Ave. Ocean Park

Last Big Garage Sale of the Summer Sat. Aug. 28th, 7:30 am 15485 - 16A Ave.

Misc. Household items, Dishes, Desks, Dressers misc. garden items.

Restaurant/Kitchen Supplies, Furniture, H/H access./Decor, Hockey/Soccer Equip. Women’s & Men’s Clothing, Artwork. All Proceeds will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Canada. Coffee & donuts by donation.

14056 Blackburn Ave Sat. Aug. 28 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

13608 - 20th Ave.

Household items, furniture, Trinkets & treasures. See you Saturday!! White Rock

MOVING SALE Sat. Aug. 28 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 15822 Goggs Ave. (off Kent St.)

Fri. Aug. 27th, 1 pm - 7pm & Sat. Aug. 28th, 9am - 1pm MULTI FAMILY Yard Sale Sat Aug 28 10am-4pm 777 200th Street, SW Corner of 8th Ave & 200th Langley

Some antiques & collectibles.

PETS 477




APPLIANCES LIKE NEW Super capacity WASHERS/DRYERS Newer self & easy clean STOVES Super clean Fridge’s, Stackers & more Warranty, delivery, low prices 19897-56 Ave. 604-534-4402 ----------------------------------------APPLIANCES WANTED * Free pick-up* 604-339-0744

RANGERS OCEAN PARK APPLIANCE Appliances Wanted Cash for Some. Call (604)538-9600 WANTED GOOD USED newer fridges, stoves, washers & dryers. $ for some. Call (604)536-9092


UNDER $100

ALUM. Extension Ladder - $25: (604)535-8199 BIG, FAST Computer - $100: Windows 7, Sound, DVD, MS discs *Flat Screens Mike 604-808-3850 FANCY POLISH BRASS Head Board + frame. Ideal for Girls. New $99: (604)535-8199 LARGE COMPOSTER - Like new, $25: (604)535-8199 STUDENT SPECIAL Computer $75 Great graphics. Flat sceen. Games. New XBox extra. 604-808-3850

White Rock

Multi-Family Garage Sale New Clothing & Shoes Household & Misc., Furniture, Dryer, Toys,


MULTI FAMILY GARAGE SALE SAT. AUG. 28, 8:30-2 2300 BLOCK 131A ST. Books, household treasures, tools, toys, etc.


SHELTIE PUPPY FOR SALE. One female, 9 weeks old, Call for more information (604)826-6311 St Bernard pups, m/f, unreg., gentle giants, 1st shots, puppy pack, can email pics, $1000. 1 (604)462-8605 YORKIE X AMERICAN blue terrier. Male, very tiny, 8 wks. Lovable, playful. Asking $700. 604-852-7318

PETS 477



UNDER $200

SKYLAR Burgundy couch & 2 chairs & ottoman. Good cond. $199obo 536-8969 / 604-790-9099


UNDER $400

QUEEN SIZE HIDE-A-BED. Soft Green fabric. Exc. cond. $375: (604)536-5270




BLUEBERRIES 3 flats for $25



SURREY 4 bdrm. up + den, 2 bdrm. suite, CDS. Close to schools. Backing onto greenbelt. Negotiable. 778881-5854

AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses! GUILDFORD 3 bed rancher. $399K id #5210 Open House Sat/Sun 2-4, many new updates 250 530-9726



* SELL YOUR HOME FAST * Buying Any Price, Cond., Location. NO COMMISSIONS ~ NO FEES ~ No Risk Home Buying Centre (604)435-5555


Older Home? Damaged Home? Need Repairs? Behind on Payments? Quick CASH! Call Us First! 604.657.9422



CATS & KITTENS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats.604-309-5388 / 856-4866 CHIHUAHUA, pb, F, 3yrs old, all shots, vet ✔ very affectionate, ideal companion $300. (778)549-3646.

NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! or call: 604856-3647. PRESA puppies, family farm raised. Great temperment. Great guard dog. $700. 604-855-6929.

SOUTH MERIDIAN - Rare & large 7700 sq/ft lot - In sought after South Meridian neighbourhood - Corner lot in cul-de-sac, near schools, US Border & ocean - 3 minute safe walk to South Meridian School. - Zoned for single family home & will accept full in-ground bsmt.

$435,000 - By Owner. Call Tom @ 604-538-4528



BANK ON US! Mortgages for purchases, renos, debt consolidation, foreclosure. Bank rates. Many alternative lending programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, your Mortgage Warrior, simplify the process!1-888-711-8818 BUYING OR SELLING? Use - Merchandise for Sale 500’s



BEAUTIFUL LOG HOME WITH pan abode on 5 acres in lovely Hazelmere, Surrey. Set up for horses, perfect for B & B. Open house Sun Aug 29th, 1-3pm. 632 - 192 St. Hans - Global 604-596-1800.


Rai’s Colebrook Farming 14176 Colebrook Rd.


ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPS, 9/wks, show quality, CKC reg’d, shots, 1yr health guar. 1M/1F. 604-513-0092. GERMAN SHEPHERD Reg’d puppies, top quality German & Czech working bloodlines. Excellent for pets & protection. 604-856-8161. GERMAN SHEPHERDS, 2 fem. p/b, 4 mo. black & tan, long-haired, shots & vet ✔ $600 (604)820-4644

ROTTWEILER PUPPIES, CKC reg. 10 weeks. Preferred pedigree from Germany. Pet & show stock to approved home. 604 - 287 - 7688

GRANDVIEW Petland #10 – 2215 160 St, Surrey 604-541-2329 Jack Russell Terrier Type Shih Tzu X Bichon Yorkshire Terrier X Miniature Dachshund X Maltese Chihuahua Type French Bulldog Type

All Petland puppies are vet inspected & come w/vaccinations up to date, a spay / neuter incentive, health guar., training DVD & more! JACK RUSSEL PUPPIES tri-colour tails docked 1st shots, vet checked (604)820-5225 KITTENS FOR ADOPTION. Spayed and neutered. $100. each. Call (604)820-1032 (Mission) LAB Pups CKC Reg’d Champ.lines 2 females (1blk/1yellow), 1st shots, de-wormed, tattooed, vet ✓ $800. 604-857-9192 LAB Retriever pups, yellow/blck, $650; chocolate, $750. Vet check, quality lineage, dew claws, 1st shots, dewormed. (604)702-0217 LOVE BIRDS babies/adults/breeding pairs. Opalines, Peach &Orange face. $50 & up. Alex 778-294-2883 MIN Schnauzer 4F/1M, tails docked, 1st shots, dewormed, hypo-allergic. $550. (604) 761-1994



WANTED: HYDRAULIC MASSAGE table. Call 604-889-4091.


566 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS GERHARD HEINTZMAN cabinet grand piano, upright. $450 firm. 604-859-7766 MASON RISCH UPRIGHT PIANO, exc cond, recently tuned, lovely tone, $900. Call 604-576-9658. SAXOPHONE: Yamaha Jr in excellent condition; nice case; fully serviced. $650. Call 604-853-5060. UPRIGHT PIANO, antique, Hartman & Co., oak case, great cond., must see, $700. Call (604)860-0222



AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

REAL ESTATE 615 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY WHITE ROCK: For Sale. Commercial/Retail. 5 corners. 1300 / 2214 s/f. Incl. 5 u/g pkng. 604-996-9887.

S SURREY / WHITE ROCK 5 min drive from the beach! 152 St & Southmere Crest E. $925/mo, NEWLY RENOVATED ONE BEDROOM, AVAILABLE September 1st. Top floor, South facing with open balcony. Laminate floors, tile, updated kitchen & bathroom. Sec u/g prkg. Outdoor swimming pool. N/S, N/P, please. For inquiries please phone Mario at: 604-721-4713.

SUNNY WHITE ROCK Large, bright 1 bdrm. Partial View $915/mo. Available Immed. Includes Heat, Hot Water, Parking & Cable.

604-209-2004 / 604-842-2916 SURREY SOUTH

Somerset Gardens 1851 Southmere Crescent E.

2 Bedroom suites starting at $875.00/mo. Close to all amenities. Avail now.

Call 604-451-6676 WHITE ROCK: 1331 Merklin. 1 bdrm, completely updated, $850 & 2/bdrm, incl heat, cable & prkg. Adult oriented. Avail now. $985/mo. N/S, N/P. 604-535-0925. WHITE ROCK 2 bdrm, 1.5 bath, ground level, 5 appl, large laundry room, new wood floors, large patio, parking & storage. Sept 30, $1175/mo incl heat. 1561 Vidal. Cat ok. Denis 604 535 6235 WHITE ROCK. 2 bdrm, 1 bath. Nr Mall. $1095 incl heat/hotwater, Senior oriented. NS/NP.604-5369565 or 778-385-9565



Monthly Parking on the Beach $100/mo. Starting in Sept. (604)538-3237


Executive Townhouse approx 1500 + sq. ft. 3 bdrms + fam rm with f/p State of the art 6 s/s appls, gourmet kitchen w/granite countertops. Tandem garage. N/s, n/p. $1800/mo Avail Oct.1st. 152nd/34th Ave Nr Southpoint mall Refs req.

Call 604-318-3365

WHITE ROCK. 2 bdrm., 2 bath garden condo with large patio. N/S. Cat neg. $1200/mo. incl h/w heat & parking. Sept. 1st. 604-542-5465 WHITE ROCK area: Spac 1 bdrm & den suite. Walk to malls, bus, rest; large patio. In-ste lndry. $1250/mo gas incld. N/P, N/S. 604-531-9457.

Call 604-538-5337 WHITE ROCK

OCEAN VIEW! Quiet lifestyle with a view.


Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley



FARMLAND FOR LONG-TERM LEASE. In Surrey: 82 acres, 188 St., south of 8 Ave; In Langley: 28 acres, 88 St. & 264 Ave. Land only. For info call 604-683-9641.


Beautiful, large 1 & 2 bedroom suites available. Close to Semiahmoo Mall, rec. centers, transit and White Rock beach. Nestled in a park like setting, with some suites cat friendly, it’s a must see. To view call 604-531-9797 or email and ask for Suada.



GROSVENOR SQUARE Great location. Family complex. 1 & 2 bdrm units avail immed. Near schools, shop & bus. Security Card Access.

Call 604-589-5693

OCEAN view! Top flr, corner unit, 2 bed, 2 bath, laundry, quiet. $1800 NS Max 778-888-3319

SKYLINE APTS. WHITE ROCK 15321 Russell Ave 1 MONTH FREE RENT!! CALL FOR DETAILS Nice quiet building. 1 & 2 bdrm suites. Includes: Hot water, cable, underground parking, video surveillance. NO PETS CALL 604-536-8499

WHITE ROCK Quiet, well kept building. Hot water included. Close to shops, bus, hospital. N/P. 1 Bdrm $850/mo on 4th Floor Avail Sept 1st

Call 604-538-4599


Landlord/Investor To take care of your properties Tenants Houses/Condos/Townhouses Rental units available now (3) 2 bdrm brand new units at Merklin/Roper avail now!

Alfred 604-889-6807 Office: 604-534-7974 Ext: 205 LANGLEY - 53rd/198th Fam. friendly on cul-de-sac. 4 bdrm. 1.5 bath, pets OK, 5 appli. fenc’d yrd. 3 sides, Avail. Now $1450 604.789.2776 OCEAN PARK. 4 bdrms, 2 lvl. Nr all amens. Lower $800, upper $1500, whole hse $2100. Avail Sept. N/P. N/S.. Lease. 604-535-2081 OCEAN PARK - 4 br, 3 bath, 2179 sq ft. Recently reno’d. Avail Sep 1. $2450/mo + util. 604-535-6288 So. Surrey: Immac bright, new appl Nice neighbrhd. Cntrl, 3brm+office. $2180: 1yr lease. 604-536-9190 South Surrey: 3 bdrm house on half acre, fenced backyard. 1 bathroom. 5 appl. Pet ok. Avail. Sept. 1st. $1400 + utils. (604)536-6614 S SURREY 24/138 acreage 4 bdrm 2 full ba, 5 appl., nr both schl, bus, Oct 1st. $1900. N/P. 604-541-6172



PROPERTY Rentals Have Qualified Tenants Need Homes Call Sheri M 604-535-8080 Full pictures & info. on our website Promp & Professional SOUTH SURREY: 4 bdrm, 2-1/2 bathrooms, l/r, f/r, office & sunroom. Swimming pool. Cls to all amen. Avail. now. $2500/mo + utils. n/s, n/p. (778)895-1453 S SURREY: 3 bdrm, 2 bath, lge Rancher. Dble garage. $1900/mo. Avail now. N/S, N/P. 604-809-5974.




Houses, Townhomes, Condo’s & Suites Serving White Rock, S. Surrey, Surrey, Langley, Delta, Ladner & Tsawwassen, Steveston, New West & Coquitlam Call Now! 604-536-0220 or email: WHITE ROCK, 3 bdrm. with garage, 1.5 baths, RV pkng. N/P. $1500/mo. Immed. 604-541-4684. WHITE ROCK: 6 yr old home, 4 bdrms up, 1 office, liv/rm, din/rm, kitchen & fam/rm. $2600 incl utils. Must be immac tennant. Avail Sept 1st. Ph: (778)292-1882. WHITE ROCK Columbia st 2100sf oceanview home 3 bdrm 2 bath view Oct 1. $2000/mo. NS/NP Suit sngl/cple. 778-861-2445 WHITE ROCK: Crescent/35A. Hse with dtch’d garage/workshop on lrg lot. 4 Bdrm, 2 bath. $2400/mo. Avail immed. (604) 847-3250, 729-3250 WHITE ROCK furn/unfurn., 1 or 2 bdrm. Ocean view. Luxury exec. suite. Long or short term. 5 appl., f/p. Avail. now. 604-536-4293 White Rock: Sept 1. Furn’d; ocean vw, nr Hwy 99, 2/bdrm+. $1950/mo. N/P, N/S. Pics avl. 604-327-9597.


Concrete Hi-rise. 55+, NS/NP Heat, hot water, & light included



ACREAGE AND privacy. Older 5 bed 2 bath 2 kitchen near bus, beach and Ray Shepherd. Oct 1 $2400 AVAILABLE - CRESCENT BEACH: 2 lvl 3 bdrm fully furn’d house. Sept 1 - May 31. $1750/mo. 12237 Agar. (604) 306-0341 or (604) 250-0255 COBBLESTONE Lane 3BR Exec Home in WW Plat. 2000sf on 2 Upr Flrs,2 ? Bath. Grt Rm Design w/Gas FP, Gourmet Kitch w/Gas Rnge. $2200/Mo + 2/3 Util. N/S, N/P. NOW! 604-377-4475 CRESCENT BEACH 10 month rental. Beautiful furnished 5 bdrm, 4 baths, executive home with 1 bdrm in-law-suite, short walk to Crescent beach on Sandy Trail. Gorgeous view of mtns. & water. 2 car heated garage. NS. Dogs OK. Sept. to June. $4000/month 604-536-4519 or 604-992-2096 CRESCENT Heights 2 bdm cottage 4 appls, lrg yard. Avail Sept. 15. Cats ok. $900/mo 604-535-2924.



LOVE SEAT - shades of gold Good cond.-$80: 2 metal deck chairs $10/ea. Track lights removable heads - $25/ea. 2 rattan Kimono Chairs - $30/ea. 2 dark green bedside wicker tables - $45/ea. (604)538-3237 MOVING SALE Kitchen table/chairs, beds, patio set, electric BBQ, sofa’s, computer desk, curio cabinet, etc., etc. (604)538-6803

S SURREY: 160/24 Ave: Morgan Crossing: BRAND NEW 3/bdrm, 2/bath cozy village-style living. Walk to everything! Steve Nash gym, Thrifty’s... In-suite W/D, hardwood floors, corner unit, 2 u/g prkg, lrg storage unit. Avail Sept 1. N/P, N/S. $1900/mo+ utils. Ref’s & Lease. Please call (604)690-5757.




AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

SOMERSET GARDENS (S. Sry) Family housing, 1851 Southmere Cres. E. 2bdrm appt. starts at $875. Pet friendly, nr all amen, heat, Community garden. 604-451-6676


CLOVERDALE 17317A-60 Ave 3 bdr 1.5 bth ste, upr flr in 4-plex. Quiet area, lrg shrd yrd, lots prkg, 5 appl. $998 +hydro. Sept. 1 Long term. NS/NP. John 604-603-8557. #92405 Crescent Beach, Sept 1-June 30 lease. Bright clean furnished. np/ns 2 bdrm F/p. $900+util 604-535-3399 SOUTH SURREY - 1200 sf, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 5 appl., f/p, n/s, n/p. Adult. $1100 + utils. (604)937-3086 S. SURREY, SXS with bsmt, 3 bdrms, liv/rm & din/rm, 1.5 baths, ensuite, appls. Nice backyard. Cls to all amenits. Lease, refs. $1300. Phone 604-538-2797 leave msg. S. SURREY, (Crescent Park), lower duplex, extra lrg bdrm and den. Insuite W/D, F/S, sec. syst., Nr transit and schls. Walk to Crescent Park. $995/mth. Call (604)542-0001.

Close to Semiahmoo Mall

USED MOBILITY AIDS Scooters, Walkers, Lift Chairs, Pwr/Wheelchairs. 604.539.8200.

CKC reg lab pups guart’d first shots vet ✓ microchipped, exc temp. declaws. $750, 604-533-8992.



WHITE ROCK. Bachelor suite on 3rd flr, $695/mo. Clean quiet, adult oriented bldg. 1 year lease. Ns/np Incl. hot water/heat. 604-560-9841

FRESH LOCAL BLUEBERRIES: Picked: $9.99 flat. U-Pick avail. 5180-152 St, Surrey Farms. Call for info: 604-574-1390.




South Surrey

604-599-3516, 778-878-4650 Blue Nose Pitbulls, Razor’s Edge/ Gotti bloodlines, Seal blue coats with blue eyes, 1st shots & dewormed. Call 604-825-6918




CENTRAL White Rock. 2 Ground Floor Offices in newly renovated building, 1425 sqft bright new office, 747 sq ft office with outside entry. Both incl washroom and u/g pkg, gross rents. 604-536-5639.

OFFICE FOR LEASE 621 sf office, 2nd floor, elevator, sec. indoor prk. 4840 Delta St. Ladner.

Phone Gertie 1-250-247-7242 or cell: 604-306-4563

748 SHARED ACCOMMODATION CRESCENT BEACH: total reno! Lrg bdrm $600. + Den $675. Incl utils, net/all appls, NS/NP, 604-538-6960 RESP. PERSON to share large house, furn bdrm, $420/mo cable & util incl. 2 blks bus (778)294-0743 S. SURREY. 20/KGH. Furnished bedroom. Single occupancy. N/S. Utilities & internet incl. $500/mo. Avail. now. Call 604-538-0031. S. SURREY: beautiful west coast home on 1 acre. Suits prof person. NS/NP, N/Drinker. $650 incl utils, net & cbl. 604-542-1995

Looking for a “SUPER” employee? Advertise in the best-read community newspapers 604-575.5555



WHITE ROCK SUNSET VILLA. 2 bdrm apt, f/p, d/w, w/large balcony, concrete bldg. $1050/mo. block from Semiahmoo Mall. Avail. Aug. 1st. Call for appointment to view: 604-541-6276

707 APARTMENT FURNISHED MOVING OR RELOCATING? White Rock Sausalito Furnished 2 bdrm apt available, fully self contained, dogs okay. (604)538-3237 $2000/mo

709 COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL Lease treatment room in busy personal training studio, daily/monthly. Suit RMT, physio, acupuncture etc. Stayte Rd. W. Rock 604-889-4091.

By owner. Bright, open 1 bdrm. condo. 55+ Quiet S. Surrey location. $161,900


Friday, August 27, 2010 Peace Arch News




WHITE ROCK, Victoria St. unobstructed 180 degree view, water, pier, islands, 950 sf 1 bdrm, patio, prk, W/D, NS/NP, $1200/mth. + utils. Oct. 1st. Early inq. welcome. Refs. 604-375-6940 (lv. msg).

S.SURREY, farm storage, 30’ long, 8 wide x 8½’ high, fully insullated & dry. $300. Sept 1. 604-538-1440.



EAST BEACH. Bright 1 bdrm., suite recent reno’s, private entry & patio. Incl heat, hydro, cable, share ldry. N/S. N/P. $800. 604-535-0791. IDEAL for single/couple. 2 bdrm All util incl, N/S, N/P, sep lndry Ref on req. Avail Sep 1st. $1350/mo Call 604-535-2135 to view. OCEAN PARK: 1/Bdrm ste, sep ent, phone, laundry, heated flrs, wood f/p. Sept 1st. N/S. $900/mo inclds utils. Tricia: 604-782-5553. S. SURREY, 20/176th. large 2 bdrm suite. On 2 acre. Good for horses. Call 604-649-0552. S. SURREY Elgin Area - Spacious 1000+ sft one bedroom plus den/ office. Close to all amenities. Gas fireplace, own laundry and lots storage. All utilities plus cable incld. NS/NP. $1100/mnth. 604308-1137. S.SURREY Like new bright priv 1 bdrm. Suit single. Nr Southpointe. Walk out bsmt, f/p, soakertub, appls, w/d, NS/NP Incl cble, utils. $800. Avail Oct 1. 604-720-4343 S. SURREY Lrg, clean, 1 bdrm+den bsmt suite. Quiet, cul-de-sac, green belt. All appliances, mw, w&d. Full bthrm. Utils, cable, internet incld. Suite vacant, flexible on move in dates. N/s, n/p. $1150. 604-5417910 S SURREY: Nr Southpointe & Choices: Newer 1/Bdrm, suits sgl, shrd W/D, N/P, N/S. $750/mo inclds utils. Pls call (604)538-4070. S. SURREY Ocean view, quiet, sep entry, furn or unfurn ste. FP/utils incl. Suit mature sgle. 1 Car prkg. $1000. Avail now. 604-541-0213 S SURREY. Rosemary Heights: 2 Bdrm. Avail now. Includes W/D, D/W, wireless net, heat & light. $1050/mo N/S, small quiet pet neg. 604-538-8572 or 604-328-2708. S.Surrey White Rock fully furnished 1 bdrm + office side ste street level Sept 1 NS/NP. 604-536-7550 WHITE ROCK - 1Bdrm Bsmt White Rock Sept 1 $800 incl util, net, lndry. Suit single, quiet, mature, resp person w/ref’s. Non smokers, n/p. 604-626-8374 WHITE ROCK. 1 bdrm. Close to Town Centre & hosp. $800/mo. incl. utils. N/s. Avail. now. 604-535-8525 WHITE ROCK. 1 block to east beach. 3 bdrms, 5 appl. Cable, internet, gas & hydro incl. $1350/mo. Sept 1. N/S. N/P. 604-531-4119

✿ WHITE ROCK ✿ 1st Time Rental !




South Surrey: Like new, clean, bright 2 bdrm upper suite, laundry, skylight, f/p, with view of front & back yards. Close to Hwy 1, border, beach & transit, n/s, n/p. $1100/mo incl utils. Avail. now 604-535-4152 S. Surrey. Lrg 3 bdrm 2 bath, main flr. 5 appls. On acreage N/S. $1475 + ½ utils. Avail now. 604-809-5974. S. SURREY. Main floor of house on 1/4 acre. 2 bdrm. + lge bonus room. Recent updates. 5 min. to beach, shops & schools. Jet tub. N/s. Pet negot. Oct. 1. $1500. 604-818-5121 WHITE ROCK 15307 Columbia Ave 2 bdrm, ocean view, 2 ba, appl incl. $1600. N/S. Sept. 1. 604-536-1525 WHITE ROCK very nice bright 3 bdrm main flr, nice back yard with deck, great loc nr bus, schls, beach, shopping. N/S, avail Sept 1st. $1600/mo. Drive by: 13876 North Bluff Rd/16th Ave. 778-891-7870. WHITE ROCK, Victoria St. unobstructed 180 degree view, water, pier, islands, 950 sf 2 bdrm, patio, prk, W/D, NS/NP, $1400/mth. + utils. Oct. 1st. Early inq. welcome. Refs. 604-375-6940 (lv. msg).


1990 NISSAN SENTRA. For parts, newer 13” tires & battery. Runs okay. $200. 604-597-9547

2010 TOYOTA COROLLA S. Auto, 4 door, power options. Only 2300 kms. $14,900. 604-765-4245 (Sry)

MINT COND. 1994 SAAB-SCANIA 900S, 4dr. 5 spd. h/b, looks/runs like new, aircrd. $3500. 541-0344.




AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

SCRAP CAR REMOVAL “No Wheels, No Problem”






1997 Honda Civic - 4 dr. auto, pwr. options, local, no accidents, new motor, blk. mint. I love this car I’m moving! $4000obo 604.720.8064


CREDITORS and others having claims against the estate of Mary Paige Fee, deceased, late of White Rock, B.C., are hereby notified under section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to the Executor at 15245-16th Ave., Surrey, B.C., V4A 1R6, on or before September 27, 2010 after which date the Executor will distribute the estate among the parties entitled to it, having regard to the claims of which the Executor then has notice.

7 Days/Week

1997 TOYOTA CAMRY LE, 4 cyl, auto, loaded, 197K, AirCared. 4dr, $4,500 obo 604-812-1278 1998 VW JETTA, red, 4 cyl, 178 km, std, 4 dr, A/C, s. roof, maggs. $3,900 obo. Phone (604)513-8189. 2000 HONDA CIVIC. Auto. 178,500 kms. No acc’d. 4 dr, am/fm stereo, CD player. $5400. 604-724-7100 2003 JETTA Station Wagon. 1.8 turbo, auto, leather, a/c, $9300. Stock #3. DL# 5691. 604-351-6170 2004 TOYOTA ECHO, 4 dr. sedan, 5 spd. manual, burgundy, clean car, 95K kms. $4750 firm. 604-538-9257

851 838


1989 Kustom Koach, 23’ - 5th whl, 94 Chev 3/4 T, ext shrt bx, low km, $10,500 both or sep.(604)856-3819



1995 GMC 1500 PICKUP 262,000 km, standard, $1,500. AirCared. Phone (604)543-8596. 1998 TOYOTA SIENNA LE. Loaded, AirCared, 7 pass, 196K, keyless. $6500 obo. 604-812-1278


The Scrapper


CIBC Trust Corporation, Executor

2005 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SE, dual air & heat, pwr. seat & c/d. exc. cond. $5500 / 604-514-4849

2006 BMW Z-4- convertible, mint. 48K, auto, blk. no accident, all power options, heated seats, must see, beauty $23,995obo (604)328-1883


2006 HONDA CIVIC EX - Local, no accidents, auto, sunroof, grey, Low mileage. $13,995: 604-531-3514

AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $100 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673

2006 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE-2 dr. 5 spd. pwr. opt. sun roof, prem. stereo, alloy. $12995 604.657.8659



2007 DODGE RAM 1500 Quad cab big horn, 20’ alloys, mint. new brakes/tires, safety inspected, no accidents. $17,995 (604)328-1883 2007 GMC Uplander van, gold, 60K, 7 pass. under wrnty, loaded, no accid. $10,990. 604-785-8566




Liquidation Event With Special

EXTENDED HOURS NO OFFER REFUSED Friday, Aug 27 Saturday, Aug 28 Sunday, Aug 29


2011 KIA

Sportage MSRP $23,795 60/84 Term @ 4.9% Interest




2010 KIA Forte


STK#FO7103 MSRP $17,395. 60/84 Term @ 1.9% Interest









Rio EX $ STK#RO5662 MSRP $15,300. 60/84 Term @ 1.49% Interest


604-535-1018 CARS - DOMESTIC

00 Neon

Enter for a chance to win one of 6 trips • Draw 6 pm Sun, Aug 29



02 Civic Bypass 04 Rio



2 0


2,900 STK#23012


Every Hour

Test Drive a New Kia ENTER TO WIN

a s r hers C r o o D 19764 Langley 19764 Bypass Langley

Door Prizes


Cold Drinks


#23 - 15531 - 24 Ave. S. Sry

02 Rio W Wagon $


No purchase necessary.

03 Ford Explorer 04 Elantra GT $







3,888 STK#22848


APPLEWOOD KIA “It’s all good at Applewood!”


1983 Mustang 3.8 V6 auto p/s, p/b, grey/red. 63K mi. Awesome cond. Collector plts. $2400 604-594-9461 1991 DODGE SHADOW conv, burgundy, ArCrd, spotless, new roof, 1 owner, $1500 (604)951-6307 1993 CHRYSLER INTREPID. 68,000 kms. Excellent cond. 1 owner. $1,600. Call 604-560-1203 2000 PONTIAC SUNFIRE 4dr. auto aircrd 175K keyless ent a/c. $1750 778-836-4422, 604-592-4422. 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser. Auto, loaded, new trany & timing chain. Mint cond. $4,250. 604-309-3135 2006 Pontiac G6 S4 Sports Sedan. 46,000kms. Excellent condition. $10,995/obo. (604)535-1672 Peter 2007 FORD FOCUS - Wagon, auto. 45K, maroon, pwr. options, very clean, $5750 Firm (604)538-4883

STK#SO5092 MSRP $17,595. 60/84 Term @ 2.9% Interest

DAY BBQ or ALL Hamburgers Hot Dogs Bike! OONN AALL LL NNEW EW






16299 Fraser Hwy. SURREY



2010 KIA Soul

5 Year

BI-WEEKLY PAYMENT s $ 4,999 $1,888

16299 Fraser Hwy. SURREY


3Day Massive Sa le 155

✿ 604-538-8626 ✿

16299 Fraser Hwy. SURREY



Friday & Saturday 9 am - 9 pm • Sunday 10 am - 6 pm

Beautiful, bright 1/Bdrm ground level suite. Approx 700 sq/ft. New bamboo flooring, freshly painted, private entry, in-suite laundry, (un)furnished; suit mature adult. Easy access to beach. Np/ns. Avl Sept 1st. $850/mo inclds utils.

WHITE ROCK. Bright garden lvl, 1 bdrm, priv entry, modern kitchen, bth, lounge, a/c, w/d. $850/mo. incl. hydro. N/s, N/p. (604)538-6038 WHITE ROCK - Bright studio suite approx. 350 sf, full kitchen, newer appl. Lrg closet, $750/mo. All utils. Share laundry, Would suit quiet person. Avail. Sept. 15 (604)542-0845 WHITE ROCK. Clean bright Bach. Lndry, prkg, tub, priv ent. 9’ ceilings new wood flrs. N/S. Small pet ok. Immed. $700 incl util. 604-536-7993 WHITE ROCK. Large 1 bdrm g/l suite, $700 incl hydro / cable. Avail now or Sept. 1st NS/NP. 604-3064099 or 604-339-2389. WHITE ROCK. Large, bright spac & clean 1 bdrm, 4 appl., quiet, private, steps from beach. Private prkg. NS/NP. $895/mo. 604-535-4084 WHITE ROCK new 1 bdrm lge ste NS/NP Incl utils & W/I. $1200/mo. Avail now. Sh w/d. 604-619-4959 WHITE ROCK, new 2 bdrm, bright walkout, E. beach, patio & lndry. N/S, N/P. $1150. 778-292-1287 WHITE ROCK. Nr ocean. 1 bdrm for single mature adult. Pri ent. inste laundry, soaker tub. N/S. N/P. $850 incl hydro & gas. Ref’s req’d. Avail Sept. 1. (604)531-5942 WHITE ROCK. SHORT TERM fully furn & equipped main flr suite. 2 bdrm. Patio, prkg. TV, net. 2 mins walk to beach & Hwy 99. N/S, pet neg. Avail Aug 29. $1390/mo. incl utils. Weekly $380. 604-541-1457. WHITE ROCK. Small 1 bdrm ste in quiet private home. Suit single. N/P. N/S. $700 incls utils. 604-542-2244 WHITE ROCK Spacious, looks like new 2 bdrm, lrg kitch, s/s appls, lrg famrm, gas BBQ & lamp hook-up, laundry, pkng, exc area, Panoramic ocean view. $1550/mo incl utils. Ns/np, Avail Now. 604-538-4543.









S.SURREY Priv room w/en-ste in newer home, nice view nr shops & bus, ns/np. $700 incld utils. 604531-8147 eve/wkends. WHITE ROCK- furnished bdrm in comfortable home. n/s, n/p. Nr Peace Arch Hosp. $395/mo. Avail. now. 604-536-6303




19764 Langley Bypass The Power to Surprise™ Mon.-Thurs. 9-8, Fri-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 11-5

19764 Langley

Bypass 1-877-275-6013 W W W . A P P LE WO O D . C A

16299 Fraser Hwy. Mon.-Thurs. 9-8, Fri-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 11-5

2010 Kia Rio EX, 182 biweekly payments of $77 based on the selling price of $15,300 with a discount/down payment of $1989 over a 60/84 term @ 1.49% interest the cost of borrowing is $638 and the residual is $3900 OAC. 2010 Kia Soul, 182 biweekly payments of $101 based on the selling price of $17.595 over a 60/84 term @ 2.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $1750 and the residual is $5500 OAC. 2010 Kia Forte, 182 biweekly payments of $89 based on the selling price of $17,395 over a 60/84 term @ 1.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $1000 and the residual is $5200 OAC. 2011 Kia Sportage, 182 biweekly payments of $155 based on the selling price of $23,795 over a 60/84 term @ 4.9% the cost of borrowing is $2100 and the residual is $6900 OAC. 0% purchase finance is available on all 2010 models, various terms apply. See dealer for details. Cash Savings of $7,000 applies to all 2010 Sedons and is available on cash purchase only. These prices do not include taxes, license, fees, paint charges, battery and tire levy or air conditioning levy. No payments until fall applies to purchase finance offers on all new 2010 and 2011 Kia models. No interest will accrue during the first 30 days of the finance contract after this period interest accrues and purchaser will repay principal and interest monthly over the term of the contract. First payment is due in October 2010. Free barbeque or bike is only available with a purchase of a brand new Kia and does not have a retail value larger than $150. 5 Years of free oil changes are applicable to new vehicles that are financed only and are good for 3 oil changes per year for 5 years if all regular service work is performed at Applewood Kia in Surrey. First year of payments is a maximum value of up to $5000 for financed customers or equivalent amount of cash purchase customers. Please see dealer for complete details. These offers are to combinable. All finance and cash prices are OAC. All offers expire at end of August 29, 2010. All prizes are exclusive to the date of the deal, no exceptions made.


Peace Arch News Friday, August 27, 2010

100% B C Owned and Operated Farm F olk City F Delta. , y r e n o i l k W ’s Feast of Fields Tickets a , Sunday, August 29, 1-5pm, Wellbrook vailable at com. stoffields. Metro Vancouv a e f . w w w t a er line Choices Markets, Wellbrook Winery or on-

Mighty Leaf Tea

Mountain Pride Premium Ice Cream

assorted varieties


assorted varieties

15 count

Kicking Horse Organic Fair Trade Coffee assorted varieties

assorted varieties


Olympic Organic Yogurt original or French vanilla

Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts value pack



Hardbite Natural Potato Chips

Adam’s Peanut Butter creamy, crunchy, salted or unsalted

San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water

Rogers All Natural Granola assorted varieties

2/7.00 700-750g • product of Canada

From Our Bakery




750ml • product of Italy

assorted varieties


185g • product of Canada

4.99 package of 6

Rice Bakery




reg 3.99

Fine Choice Vegetable Spring Rolls

6/4.98 reg 1.09 each

3/6.99 398ml • product of USA

Bulk Department Whole Raw Almonds prepacked or bins

20% off regular retail price Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit

26.99 or 2/49.99 1 kit

Uniquely designed to support cleansing and elimination while enhancing all aspects of metabolism.

Life Choices Frozen Chicken Burgers, Nuggets, Strips and Fish Fillets and Strips

McVitie’s Digestives and Hob Nob Cookies

Rice Pineapple or Mandarine Kase Sahne Slice


assorted varieties

Plum-M-Good Organic Rice Cakes

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins



Wolfgang Puck Organic Soup

+ deposit + eco fee


Cauliflower from Earthbound Farm Certified Organic, California Grown

reg 5.49

150g • product of Canada

2.99 500g • product of USA

Glo Haven Peaches from Organics Plus

1.98lb/ 4.37kg



assorted varieties


assorted varieties

500-600g • product of Canada

2.79 300-500g • product of UK

1 pint

B.C. Grown, Certified Organic


assorted varieties

product of Canada


From the Deli

1.75kg • product of Canada


Cranberry Pecan Sourdough Bread

4.99lb/ 11.00kg

1.89L • product of B.C.

454g • product of Canada

B.C. Grown, Certified Organic

Organic Whole Chickens



Silver Hills Sprouted Whole Grain Breads

Meat Department

Mixed Cherry Tomatoes from Linas Garden

604-541-3908 ALDER CROSSING 3248 KING GEORGE BLVD Hours: 10am-6pm Closed Wednesdays


Milton’s Original & Bite Size Crackers assorted varieties

Vicolo Frozen Pizzas with Cornmeal Crust assorted varieties

3.29 226-283g

4.99 389-425g • product of USA

Kitsilano 2627 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 604.736.0009

Cambie 3493 Cambie St. Vancouver 604.875.0099



1888 W. 57th Ave. 1202 Richards St. Vancouver Vancouver 604.263.4600 604.633.2392

Prices Effective August 26 to September 1, 2010.

Choices in the Park

Rice Bakery South Surrey

2595 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 6855 Station Hill Dr. 604.736.0301 Burnaby 604.522.6441

3248 King George Blvd. South Surrey 604.541.3902

Choices at the Crest 8683 10th Ave. Burnaby 604.522.0936

Kelowna 1937 Harvey Ave. Kelowna

250.862.4864 Note Area Code

We reserve the right to limit quantities. Not all items may be available at all locations. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.

Fri August 27, 2010 PAN  

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