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Practise a lower-jaw-activated, rather fast vibrato firstly, on the notes that require trilling. The more ‘musically vulgar’ and extreme the vibrato is, the more helpful it will be to the eventual achievement of a good trill. The vibrato helps the embouchure to ‘break away’ from the single pitch onto the next functional note of the trill. One pulse of the vibrato ultimately yields the two adjacent pitches of the trill. #3C: Accuracy: 2-4 minutes Visualise and ‘hear’ a random series of notes that you then play. Remove the mouthpiece from the lips between each note. (Maybe you could use the Farkas exercise for this.) Make some of the attacks ‘without tongue’. NB Your mental visualisation (‘imaging’) of each note should contain an exact quantification of its type of attack (hard, soft, moderate, etc); its tonal timbre (bright to dark and intermediate shades); and its duration. Music example #3C: #3D: High register: 4-6 minutes 1) Whistle (without the m’piece) a few notes in the middle of the whistling range. Whistle some ascending intervals, e.g. up a 5th, a 6th or even an octave if you can. Notice that the upward slur is achieved by the raising of the tongue towards the roof of the mouth. Memorise that sensation! The ascending-octave (or higher) tongue movement is used in the next section (2). 2) Play a series of rapid upwards glissandi using long-ish valve combinations so that you can ‘catch’ lots of the notes of the harmonic series. Take deep breaths, and blow quite quickly but not too loud, around ‘mezzo-piano’ to ‘mezzo-forte’, with a light-ish mouthpiece pressure so that the lip doesn’t get too ‘slotted into’ the lower pitches particularly, but ‘skims’ over the notes. Start on any note between Middle C and 2nd line G. When making the glissandi, remember to raise the tongue as in whistling. Try to press only a little more as you approach the top of the glissando. As long as you aren’t pressing VERY hard or stretching/ bunching the lips (try to keep the chin down, see the picture in the Farkas book) after about 8 or 10 glissandi there will be a sort of  

Tony Halstead horn warm up