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#2E: Time: 2 minutes. At this point, you should start concentrating on achieving a full, round, ringing tone-quality. Play 4 or 5 major and/or minor scales over a range of at least 2 octaves. Alternate between slurring and tonguing patterns. Include at least one 3 -octave scale, e.g. Start on ‘pedal’ A and play up to A above the stave, and down again. #2F: Time: 2 minutes. Repeat # 2E but play arpeggios instead of scales. Include at least one diminished or dominant 7th arpeggio. Rest for 30 sacs. to one minute #2G: Time: 3-4 minutes. Play a series of Long tones, at different dynamics and in different registers. Not just the ‘old-fashioned’ crescendo-diminuendo ones, but including a) fully-sustained sound; b) starting forte then diminuendo; c) starting piano then crescendo; d) pianissimo, as long as possible. Alternate tongued attacks and breath attacks. PLAYING-WARM-UP ENDS HERE. Total time of warm-up: c.20 minute’s maximum, c.15 minute’s minimum. Rest for 5 to 10 minutes. -------------------------------------------------Practise Plan after ‘Playing- Warm-up’: Optimum: 3 sessions of daily practise on ‘free’ days: Session 1: 25-30 minutes, starting 5 to 10 minutes after end of complete warm-up “ 2: 30-35 minutes (afternoon) “ 3: 35-40 minutes (evening) Alternative 1: 2 practise sessions on moderately busy days: Session 1: 30-35 minutes, starting 10 to 15 minutes after end of warm-up  

Tony Halstead horn warm up