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2 clean folded handkerchiefs, lint or cotton pads. Fill one bowl with very cold water, preferably including ice-cubes; fill the other bowl with very hot water, as hot as you can stand putting a finger in. Dip hanky no.1 in hot water, squeeze it out and apply it to the lip area until the water starts to cool down. Dip hanky no.2 in cold water, squeeze it out, apply it to the lip area until water starts to warm up. Repeat the above steps for several minutes or until the hot water is tepid and the cold is at room temperature. Then rest for 5 minutes before starting the pre-warm-up exercises. However bad the embouchure feels, continue through to and including exercise #1C. When you start exercise #1D, if the mouthpiece feels actually painful on the lips, STOP!! This means that there really is bruising; it may not be visible to the eye, because it is internal. Don’t do any playing at all on the mouthpiece for the rest of the day. Take ‘Arnica’ as either a pill or as (homeopathic) drops in water. Try to do exercises #1A to #1C at least one more time, maybe in the afternoon or evening. Before going to bed, do the therapeutic #0 again. Take some more Arnica. There will be a good chance that next day things will be OK. If it feels better, DON’T overdo it immediately! Do the Pre-warm-up and about half only of the following Playing- warm-up. NB Remember to repeat Exercise #0 (hot + cold water) before going to bed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. PLAYING - Warm-up:  

Tony Halstead horn warm up