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Personal 100% MAKUBULI Herbalist

My muti is you answer same day results.* Delete loans and free from loans R600. *hire magic stick to bring money into house or account R800, short boys bring money& into your house R1000, win any competition you want R450. * Duwa make your partner to think abou you R400, bring him/her back to you in 20 minutes R600, magic wallet to bring in your small business that can make you happy in your life R580. *Promotion & double your slary R420 & many more MAKUBULI Mail Order Welcome ( 071 265 1434


History & experienced traditional healer. Fortuner Teller. My muti help those who are dissapointed & are miserable life. Find job. Anyone went missing in your family life. Broken marriages. Lost partner or lover. Make you sexually stronger. Court cases,financial problems. Business attraction.Your prayers to come true,enemies at your wok.Uncontrolled menstruations. Infertility. Tokoloshe and demons at home. Know about your future & others. Consultation fee R50. Call now for appointment Doctor located at Cleary Park Opposite Shell Garage, behind Chicken Licken University Road, Shop1P.E

(076 390 5470


MAAMA FINA & PROF ALI 076 123 7615

Spiritual Healer with good news 100% results same day 100% guaranteed. They solve all men & women problems success, love affairs, sickness. We delete loans and be free.To separate someone whose got your lover & bring back be yours forever. Pregnancy, sexual problems. Do you want to know ur enemies what they planning against you? Come see them the magic water? Stop drinking & cheating! Do you want to increase your salary or promotion at work, looking for jobs, business attraction, court cases, pass exams.Financial problems and win lotto & competitions,troubled marriages, body deseases. Are you struggling to sell your property, house,land, cars etc come 100% bad luck, evil enemies & to be protected women who cannot produce 100% working & resign. They took long to pay your money come imm 100% guaranteed. BRANCH: PE, KWT, Queenstown, H/Dorp, Jeffs, Hankey, E/L. MAIL ORDERS

(076 123 7615


MAAMA REENAH & DR WILLY 079 571 0063

,Bring back your lost lover & he/she becomes yours forever & ever. ,Stop cheating in relationships ,Promotion at work, you have desired a long time ,Magic sticks to resolve your financial problems ,Protection at your workplace ,Removing bad luck from your life ,Job seekers are helped to get jobs ,Has your account been frozen for no reason? Come & redeem yourself & your money will be given to you ,Has your retirement package been delayed come for help everything will be finalised within 30 day's ,Do you want to know your enemies & what they are planning against you? Come & hear the news MAIL ORDERS AVAILABLE








Father George II Herbalist & Spiritual Healer

Mbule Herbalist Umthakathi Wabathakathi

Specialist in family matters and broken relationships, business, divorce and many more.

(072 729 9752 BABA SIGALA

Bring back lost lover He can also solve any financial problems Solved quick using stick wallet, sendwana oil, akalakacho. Finish unfinished jobs. Phone now

071 552 8988

: Pretoria. Mail Order


Specialist in the following: Lost lovers. Male enlargement, more rounds. Borrow lucky stick & rats. New Sendewana to finish unfinished jobs. The secret of the richest Indians Rainbow water for good luck. Tuka oil for love attraction. Binding power for locking your lover. Lucky mirror to see your lover. Promotion at work. I can tell your future and heal all diseases. If you are far call & get delivery

(072 337 9729/ 073 552 5774 CHIEF OBAMA

The member of healers he never fails 100% guaranteed. Specializes: ,To remove bad luck Chilonga powder to win all gambling. ,Enlargement all sizes. ,Bring back lost lovers. ,Kanganga to finish your financial problems. Boosting your business & protect your property. ,Short boys & magic stick to bring money to your house. ,Remove enemiesin your life. ,Get job & promotion at work., Court cases & come out of jail.,Remove tokoloshe in your house & your body. ,Libombo to finish unfished jobs. ,Divorce problems. ,Delete Loans. MY OFFICE IN UITENHAGE, DURBAN STREET

079 664 7008

Do you need help?


You are living a life of misfortune, hardships, tears

Are dissappointed I

& endless suffering?

specialise in problems like: Bring back lost lover R360 Get married quickly & love you alone Stop your lover from divorcing you &

Financial problems R360 Come

separate lovers

& borrow lucky stick for winning competition Amagundwana, short boys & rats Lucky wallets & pillows direct to your house Wonder /invisible snakes to attract money in your house/business Holy water & oil to quick finish other doctors (Pay after success)Find him in P.E Contact

078 685 1189


HERBALIST MAIL ORDER Love is most beautiful thing but it can be painful when you lost your love., Make your lover not sleep around & listern to you whatever you can say.,Marriage problems and we fix broken marriages.,Women and men problems ,Magic stick to bring money in your house or account,Get double your salary,Delete your loan you have no matter how much. ,Woza woza oil to push your business,Do you have delayed work or unfinished work left by others. Please call Dr Maluwa now to get good help.

072 651 0287 P.E & UTH

I delete your loans & be free of loans * Men problems * Make love problems dissapear * Win any competition that can give you millions of rands easily. * Men & women problems *Magic stick to bring you money, you test it before you pay. * Not happy with your short boy's or rats? I will make them stronger with 1 year guarantee, giving you hard cash everyday. *Dangerous tokolosh Indian Spirit that makes you rich in a small business . * I can clean money with bad luck * Holy water to make you have more luck. Call Father George II: 0790330805 (P.E)

He is from Kamoto via Zanzibar. Dont panic 100% guarantee. Bring back your lover & stop cheating on you. Bring back someone. Malingatshoni esaphila quickly. Get job quick, salary increase,woza woza for business. Amagundwana bring you money in the house. Magnetic wallet go in the shop & get more change. Short boys & lucky stick for hire 3 days Get rich by using ufa powder very quick. Female tightening Call Mbule he never failed since 1997. Call now

(0715927312 Uitenhage



,guaranteed. , Cape Road,R200 no dissapointments.

Peter. (073 708 2365 GOGO ATUPELE & GRANDSON

The strongest African Healer who never fail to any kind of problem like: ,Bring back lost lover and make him/her love you the most ,Enlargement of male organ ,Financial problem to borrow magic wallet or short boys to bring money in your house or account and many more

(076 454 4753 FREE DELIVERY Gogo Ngwali

Amandla kagqirha angasoze angaphumeleli * Emadodeni anengxaki ngokungafumani abantwana *Ubudoda obungavukiyo *Ingxaki yabantu besifazane *Oothikoloshe abakuzisela imali endlini *Ukubuyisa indoda yakho*Ukunceda izinto zakho zihambe kakuhle emsebenzini *Ukuba unengxaki ngezizalwane zakho* Uku pasa esikolweni *Uku wina kwi gambling *Yenza ngoku khawuleza *Ufuna ishishini lakholihambe kakuhle? *Ukuba ufunaukugqubekeka phambili nowakwakho, nange zinto zasekamereni iza kum. *Ndifumaneka

Kwa Nobuhle

(079 596 0332

INGABA UDANILE U Gogo Majola Herbalist

engum Xhosa ngemveli unceda oomama icell Cell: 073 372 8853/ 083 340 2505 ,Umthi wam uyimpedulo yakho.,Ingxaki zamadoda sisebenzisa iyeza iMilondo. ,Senza umthandazo we Duwa kwabo baphethwe ziidimoni.,Akulali ebusuku? ,Buyisa isithandwa sakho esilahlekileyo, yomeleza ubuhlobo / imitshato. , Ingaba uyathandana umntu wakho? ,Sinceda zonke ingxakizabantu.,Sinamayeza okuphumelela iikompetishini, ukunyuselwa emsebenzini, wamkele kabini.,Akuwufumani umsebenzi?Unamashwa? ,Singakuboleka imagic stick ukukwenza isityebi., Ingaba uyathengisa kodwa akunabathengi? ,Uku odola yiya kwa 102 Commercial Rd, Sidwell, PE.


,I specialise in bringing back lost lovers no matter how long & difficult the lover has left you, 2hrs results 100% guarantee.

Call Mantha (073 896 7285 '24hrs'

I delete loans & set you free from loans guaranteed. ,You can win competitions that will bring you millions. ,Magic stick can bring money in your account or house in 20 min. , I test you before you pay.,Strong short boys bring more cash everyday no side effects. ,Magic wallet & chitimbe spirit brings money in your small business & make you rich. ,Protect your money with bad luck. ,Oil to make you have more luck. , Your love & be yours and more things . ,Finishing jobs left by other doctors for free.

(079 015 0154 PE & UITENHAGE Prof Jose & Mama Sofi

Specialist in herbal healing for both women & man problems

(079 549 7186

PSYCHIC - Gifted from birth. Phone readings

( 072 515 0011 Patricia


,No pain,Male enlargement pills/powder,Strong erection.Mail order available for pills

(079 017 3707 James


Educational COMPUTER TRAINING One - on- one. Certificate given. ( 041 373 5720


Businesses for hire FUNERAL PARLOUR

North End. Fully equipped. Phone 041 4842798 / 073 799 3111


BRIDGING CASH while waiting for

PENSION/ PACKAGE Payout (lumpsum only)

SAME DAY PAYOUTS 086 110 1388 18SMC25-280911-PX-pension

Let me help you grow your Business Contact Princess Ndema For all your Classified and Block Display Advertisements

Tel: 041 503 6030 / Fax: 041 503 6039 E-mail: “Bringing people together” “Yiza Nabantu” 1AWWGFQ-310811-PX-eb-vuller

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