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Body of drowned KwaNobuhle man found NCEBA DLADLA


HE body of John Smith, who drowned during the recent heavy rains, was found on Sunday by members of the community who started their own search after the Police’s search didn’t yield any results after several days. His body was recovered at the river near Kromburg in Uitenhage on Sunday 28 October. Smith (20) of Mara Street, Holomisa was walking over a flooded bridge at Mabandla Street when the heavy current swept him into the raging waters on October 21. The Search and Rescue Unit K9 from Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage had been searching since Monday 22 October but on Friday police spokesperson Lt Col Priscilla Naidu said the K9 divers who have swum with their dogs to the Swartkops River have had no success thus far and that their search will continue. In an SMS sent to PE Express Indaba on Sunday, community leader Luyanda Koli wrote: “Today marks seven days since John Smith was drowned in the river nearby. We have taken (it) upon ourselves to assist in searching the area surrounding the river as we feel that the police are not doing enough. “We sincerely hope that this exercise is not seen as undermining the du-

ties of the police; but rather to assist them.” According to Koli, they informed KwaNobuhle Police Brigadier Ruphus Pandela of their intentions and the police chief sent his team with the community members around 12 noon. After combing the area for some time, they found the body lying at the rivermouth. “This brings joy and sadness to the family,” said Koli. Every day that passed during the search for Smith’s body, his aunt, Margaret Mtulu, hoped that that would be the day that someone would bring the news that his body was found. But it was not to be, and it left the family distraught. “John is my late sister, Pinkise Lupondwana-Smith’s child so he was my responsibility since he was a toddler,” said Mtulu. “We were always hoping that someone will be coming to say they had found the body,” said a sobbing Mtulu (59). She said they could not close their door, even at night, hoping for the news about the discovery of the body. Friends such as Nolinda Mangesi, were there to give this family support and offer prayers. Said Mangesi: “We believe it is good for us to know where the bones of our loved ones rest. We’d never rest until we found his body.” Meanwhile, Mtulu’s stepmother Nomsisi Yumata (72) who stayed with them, died last Friday after a long sickness. She will be buried on Saturday.

We believe it is good for us to know where

the bones of our loved ones rest. We’d never rest until we found his body.

W/O Paul Franks, dog Sheba, W/O Jaco Potgieter and W/O Etienne Ger­ ber and dog Kodak at work trying to find John Smith. Photo: SUPPLIED

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ABOVE:Aunt Margaret Mtulu (59) shows the photo of drowned John Smith whose body was found by community members. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA

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Khoisan fighting for final recognition and restoration NCEBA DLADLA THE Khoisan are not only the indigenous people of South Africa, they are one of the first nations of the world with a history as old as 100 000 years. So says Nelson Mandela Bay’s Khoisan Strategic Task Team spokesperson Andrew Jordaan on Monday. Former Port Elizabeth teacher, sportsman and astute administrator and brother of the well-known Danny Jordaan, Jordaan said his assertion can be scientifically proven through DNA testing. Jordaan pointed out that the Khoisan are not the South African coloured people as many would like to believe. He also took a swipe at the

derogatory names Hottentots and Bushmen that were used in apartheid years to refer to the Khoi and the San. Jordaan and Nelson Mandela Bay Councillor Siena Baartman of Uitenhage are some of the 150 people who found out about their Khoisan ancestry through the assistance of Witwatersrand Professor Himla Soodyall who is heading research on the origins of human species. Prof Soodyall is renowned for ground-breaking research into the people of Sub-Saharan Africa. The duo stated that they were “not kings, chiefs or queens” but members of the nation that is trying hard to find its identity and heritage in the spirit of African Renaissance. An attempt, according to Jordaan, is being made to ensure that the Khoisan’s fragmented Griquas, Na-

ma, Khoi, Koran, Cape Khoi and San are united into one nation. “These are the original people in Africa whom the settler colonialists came across when they arrived here. Khoisan men were killed in a genocide while their land was confiscated and their cattle and means of production grabbed,” said Jordaan. He added: “It is unfortunate that today the Khoisan are not in government nor own any land and so we welcome what the ANC government is trying to do. We must rally behind government to make it work.” Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality should, however, be commended for accepting Cllr Baartman’s genealogy and accepting her as a Khoisan representative in council, he said. “When we go to Mangaung in December, one of the resolutions to be taken and to be enacted into law pertain to the future of the Khoisan as a nation,” said Councillor Baartman. “We must be united first; it is very important,” added Cllr Baartman. “Government should support the existence of this structure aimed at uniting the Khoisan as a nation. This could be the link to bring all nations to peace and stability,” said Jordaan.

< Khoisan Strategic Task Team spokes­ person Andrew Jordaan. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA

; Councillor Siena Baartman is a proud Khoisan representative in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA

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Modern technology a remedy for maths and science crisis

WITH teachers in short supply, a number of rural Eastern Cape schools have dropped maths and science from the curriculum, while others are still considering this drastic step. This will seriously compromise the prospects of hundreds of matriculants to gain access to a range of studies linked to careers in science, engineering, technology and commerce. Fortunately, a lifeline for schools like these is at hand – and it is already making a marked difference in a growing number of rural areas. Over the past seven years, a maths and science programme developed by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Unit (GMMDU) has evolved to the point where it is not only completely aligned with the grade 11 and 12 syllabuses – and, from this year, the grade 10 maths syllabus too – but also harnesses the very latest technology, allowing flexible access to top quality teaching and learning material for both pupils and teachers. What started in 2006 as nine lecture-driven Saturday classes for 200 grade 12 maths pupils from 40 previously-disadvantaged Nelson Mandela Bay schools, has grown to incorporate 500 grade 10, 11 and 12 maths and science pupils from more than 60 Eastern Cape schools, with the now 14-week, DVD/facilitator driven Saturday schools extended to Somerset East, Graaff-Reinet and Cradock. This included a four-week exam revision programme and workshops for 50 teachers from these schools, to enable the distribution of exam preparation material. And, with the newest technological advances, the programme promises to get even bigger. Until now, the GMMDU-developed model has been shared via a DVD series given to pupils selected to attend the Saturday classes, with the understanding that they would use it as a “personal tutor” throughout the year and share it with their classmates. The next step has been the transfer of the video resource material to a Touch Pad Tablet, which this year was awarded to 25 selected pupils as part of a pilot study, and from next year should be available to all pupils attending the Saturday classes, depending on sponsorship funding. “This is as good as it gets, in terms of the latest technology,” said GMMDU head Prof Werner Olivier, who also holds a First Rand Foundation chair in Maths Education.

“The Touch Pad Tablet, used in the context of maths and science talent incubation, is unique in South Africa. We are harnessing the latest development in technology for the purpose of education. It is flexible, accessible and sustainable for our circumstances,” said Olivier, who works closely with the Department of Education, which assists with the selection of pupils for the incubator schools, and the implementation of the programme. “There is huge concern about schools dropping maths and science – this programme can also possibly remedy this. It can make many learners facing challenging personal circumstances less reliant on teaching that is – or isn’t – taking place in the classroom.” While GMMDU has targeted previously-disadvantaged schools, the programme could be used just as effectively at private and former model C schools. “It is not an add-on. It is perfectly aligned with the curriculum, and runs in the same sequence as what should be taught in the classroom,” said Olivier. The programme material is updated regularly, in line with curriculum changes. Ultimately, Olivier hopes the Touch Pad Tablet will be for general use at all schools, and not just for pupils attending the incubator schools. In this respect, a parallel pilot study which will see the implementation of the Touch Pad technology at 10 schools in Port Elizabeth is on the cards for next year. Olivier said at least 50 per cent of pupils who go through the GMMDU-run Saturday schools attain matric exemptions, with between 35% and 45% going to university, where a handful are even studying medicine and dentistry. These achievements are significant, in light of the province’s disappointing 34% maths pass rate last year. Science achieved a 48% pass rate, but almost half of those who passed obtained less than 40%. Last year, GMMDU added a Casio calculator workshop to the incubator school programme to ensure the effective use of scientific calculators. This year, it added lab-based science experiments in the form of a “virtual lab” DVD series, and next year will launch “videoaligned learner workbooks”, to ensure pupils actively engage with the visual listening material. By mid-2013, the complete grade 10, 11 and 12 maths and science curriculum will be covered in materials that form part of the GMMDU’s techno-blended teaching and learning model.



Wors King

Damaged dip indefinitely closed ZELDRÉ SWANEPOEL

TRAFFIC congestion on the William Moffett

Expressway and other surrounding roads due to the closure of the 3rd Avenue dip could continue until next year as the dip has been closed for an indefinite period owing to extensive damage caused by the recent heavy rain. Marthie Nel, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Acting Communications Head, said last week that work on the dip could not start immediately. “Work on repairing the 3rd Avenue dip cannot start now, because the bridge is still flooded by the Baakens River. Only when the water levels of the Baakens River have subsided, will the Municipality be able to undertake a proper assessment of the full extent of the damage to the bridge/road and begin repairs.” When questioned about the effects of the increased traffic volumes on William Moffett Expressway, Nel added that the municipality is currently investigating contingency plans to alleviate traffic on surrounding roads. Nel could not give an estimate when the dip would be reopened, and reports that this might only happen some time next year, could

very well be the case. “Repairs are dependent on the subsiding of the water levels and the extent of the damage. It is possible that the dip will only be ready next year, but at this stage the Municipality cannot give any further answer in this regard,” Nel said. Ward 6 DA Councillor Retief Odendaal said plans to upgrade Glenhurd Drive have been on the cards for a number of years but could not be implemented owing to a shortage of funds. “The closure of the road will no doubt lead to increased traffic congestion in the Western suburbs, especially as the William Moffett Expressway is already utilized optimally with an estimated 24 000 vehicles making use of the road on a daily basis.” Odendaal expressed his concern about the fact that budgets are strained to the limit, and suggested that assistance should be called for from central government. “If we look at the Kragga Kamma Interchange and the Brickmakerskloof road and bridges and how long it took to reinstate the facilities, it bodes very ill for the 3rd Avenue Dip,” Odendaal said. “It is indeed a pity that once again residents will pay the price for what could no doubt be described as a lack of foresight by the current administration.” Odendaal said.

Police dissuade community members from revenge attacks NCEBA DLADLA COMMUNITY members who take the law into their own hands will be arrested and jailed as criminals. This is the warning from Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner Lt General Celiwe Binta after a group of community members from Wells estate near Motherwell fatally assaulted a 21-year old man on Tuesday, October 23. According to police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge, the deceased was accused of sexually assaulting and murdering a 24-year old woman in the bushes between

Wells Estate and Bluewater Bay on Tuesday, October 2. According to a police statement, the woman was allegedly attacked, raped and murdered by three men at about 4pm on the said date. “Communities must respect the law and give alleged offenders the opportunity to face their trials. The SAPS will not tolerate this behaviour, because revenge seekers become criminals themselves, and SAPS will have no option but to arrest them for their unlawful actions,” said Binta. Binta added that it is critical that community members work with the SAPS and report criminals and their criminal activities.


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IPOPS inikezele ngokudla nothando kubaxakekileyo NCEBA DLADLA IPEOPLE Opposing Poverty in Society (POPS) Foundation, umbutho obhalisiweyo nongasebenzeli nzuzo, wenza umahluko obonakalayo kubomi babantu abahluphekileyo eNelson Mandela Bay. Lo mbutho uzinze eBhayi uzise uncumo lukaBhlankethe kubantu abancinci nabadala kwaNobuhle eTinarha ngethuba unikezela, ngokutya, iimpahla zokunxiba nezihlangu ngoLwesine oludlulileyo. “Baninzi abantu abaxakekileyo kwilokishi yakwaNobuhle, ezi ntsapho zikhethwe kuba zitsala-nzima ngokungena mbaliso phakathi kwamaCandelo amane ale ndawo,” ekutsho uStation Commissioner uLt. Colonel Irene Bezuidenhout waseMkoko KwaNobuhle ngethuba kunikezelwa ngenkxaso kwezi ntsapho zingama 30. Ecacisa, uLt. Col. Bezuidenhout uthe ezi ntsapho ziphuma kumacandelo ahlula-hluliweyo okupolisa kwabo kwezi ndawo zingqonge uNobuhle. “Oku sikwenza mihla le. Ngaphandle kwe-Soup Kitchen kunye neFeeding Scheme esiziqhuba kwizikolo zaseBhayi, sikwanceda uluntu oluhluphekileyo kwiindawo ngeendawo. Olu luntu, luchazwe

njengoluxakeke kakhulu, sibulela intsebenziswano yethu namagosa eSAPS,” kutsho uMureedah Botha uMlawuli wePops Foundation. OoWarrant Officer Roshenda Otto noDeon Arnolds bacela uMureedah ngethuba behlangana naye esenza umsebenzi wakhe wokuhlangula uluntu eChatty ekunye nomnakwabo uShudley Botha noNguMlawuli wePops Foundation babacela ukuba bayigqale imeko yakwaNobuhle nephantsi konxinzelelo lwezidlanga zendlala.

Ngaphandle kokutya okushushu ukugxotha inxele likaKhetsekile, iPops Foundation ikhuphe nee-Food Parcels, impahla nezihlangu ngale mini ukunceda uluntu, ngakumbi emva kwezantyala-ntyala zemvula ethe yana kwiveki ephelilyo. “Ndibulela iPOPS Foundation eyenza umahluko kubomi babantu, ngakumbi abantwana,” kutsho okaBezuidenhout. Ukwathe, amapolisa akaphelele nje ekupoliseni, koko ajonge nendlela yokuphila koluntu ngokonwaba.

POPS Foundations founder and administrator Mureedah Botha (right) and her brother Shudley Botha (chairperson) followed by KwaNobuhle Police Station Commissioner Lt Col Irene Bezuidenhout and other SAPS members are seen with some happy families during the food and clothing handover last week. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA

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Enter for our front page Christmas Baby 2012 PORT Elizabeth Express Indaba is once again looking for a baby to grace the front page of the last edition of the year – the Christmas edition on Wednesday, December 19. The annual PE Express Indaba Christmas Baby Competition is aimed at making the day even more special for babies who are celebrating their first Christmas. To accommodate babies who are not celebrating their first Christmas but who could not enter last year since they were born only after the closing date of last year’s competition, entries will be accepted from all babies born from November 25, 2011 (last year’s closing date of the competition). Babies must be resident in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. To enter, parents must send a RECENT colour jumbo-size photograph of their baby with the completed entry form, which can be downloaded from our website ( or can be obtained from our offices. The entry form must be pasted on the back of the photo. Entries must reach our offices in the Ton Vosloo Media Centre, Ivor Benn Close (off William Moffett Expressway) in Fairview before 4pm on Friday, November 23. No e-mailed entries will be accepted. Computer printouts or photos larger or smaller than jumbo size will also not be accepted. Parents can enter any recent photo for the competition. Entry photos need not have a Christmas theme, and baby’s face must be clearly visible. The winners of the competition will be rephotographed by Pro Design Photographers in a Christmas scene with Christmas outfits, for the front cover of the newspaper. Special open days have been made available at the studio and also at Moffett On Main Lifestyle Centre (food court area) by Pro Design Photographers to enable parents to get professional photos of their babies at a much reduced price.

The cost will be R80 for 2 jumbo photos, or R100 for 4 jumbos. Babies will be photographed in their own clothes at a Christmas tree setup. If you would like to have your baby photographed in Christmas clothing supplied by Pro Design Photographers, a booking must be made at their studio as more time will be needed for the shoot. The cost for this shoot will be R300 for 10 images on disk, and includes one printed entry photo. Open days will be held at Pro Design Photographers studio at 26 Joan’s Way, Westering, on the following days (no appointment needed)


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12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17: 9am to 1pm No bookings are necessary on any of the open days. Entrants will be photographed in the order that they arrive at the studio, or Moffett on Main centre. For studio prices and bookings ProDesign Photographers can be contacted at 0 041 360 9538. The winner will be selected from the photographic entries by judges who will be representing the prize sponsors. Entry photos will be selected, at the discretion of the PE Express Indaba Editor, to be published in the run-up to the finals. Not all the entries will be published in the PE Express Indaba. Winners will have to be available between December 1 and 9 for the front-page shoot, which will be done by Pro-Design Photographers. Winners will also receive 10 photos from this shoot on a CD as a keepsake of the event.




School News / Iindaba Zesikolo NATIONAL MATRIC EXAM 2012

Matrics enjoyed ‘very fair’ Physics Paper 1

NCEBA DLADLA PORT Elizabeth matriculants who wrote Physical Science Paper 2 on Monday were hopeful of a good pass following what they think was a relatively fair Paper 1 last Thursday. “The paper was not bad really, it was almost everything that we have been learning at school. It was like doing homework,” said Leletu Speelman (18) of KwaMagxaki High School. According to Speelman, if anyone suffered in the paper, it is because it was rather long. “The paper was generally easy, with a few difficult questions here and there. I think I studied too hard for it,” said Khanya Batini (17) of Ndzondelelo High School. “It was almost everything that we have been taught. I enjoyed it,” agreed her schoolmate, Ntsiki Nazo (18). Sibongile Gqabi (17) of the school had high

praise for the work their teacher Ayanda Magwada did. “He helped us a great deal; even with the drawing of Ester,” said Gqabi. Anelisa Mbotyana (18) of Ikhwezi Lomso agreed. “The paper was long and a bit tricky. Otherwise, it was fair and I think I managed to get over 50%.” “It was difficult and tricky, especially the part on electricity” said Thanduxolo Vena (20) of Phakamisa High School. “Difficult yes, but it was exactly what we have been taught,” said Luvuyo Mbopa (19), also of Phakamisa. Paul Ntloko (19) of the same school had a different view. He said: “There was nothing difficult for me. I think it’s about how you have prepared yourself.” “It’s paper 2 that I am concerned about. This was a fair paper,” said Ndzondelelo’s Sinesipho Matinise (18). “We’ve got more than three days to prepare for paper 2, so, we’ll do well,” said Athenkosi Deliwe (17).

Emafini Primary School learners and their teacher show their books they have won. Standing on the far left is Marianne Terllanche and on the far right is Grant Buttler with Anemarie Roth in front. Photo: SELBY MADIKANE

Emafini Primary School wins reading quiz

SELBY MADIKANE EMAFINI Primary School in KwaDwesi won the Phendulani Quiz Competition which recently took place at the Motherwell Public Library. Schools which took part in the quiz were Emafini, Zanoxolo, Fumisukoma, Sanctor and Swartkops Primary Schools. Each school was split into two teams. According to the event organizer, Rosemarie Roth from St George’s Prep School, the aim of the quiz was to encourage reading among learners. The project was initiated by Marj Brown of Johannesburg and it was the third time that the event has been held. Quiz master Grant Buttler read an extract from a story and posed questions to the school teams. The teams were given

Anelisa Mbotyana of Ikhwezi Lomso High. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA

Leletu Speelman of KwaMagxaki High School. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA

time to discuss and provide the answers. Various rounds were held with questions to test the competitors’ listening skills. The winners of each round were given books and individual learners were given prizes for their outstanding performances .The overall winners were the Emafini team which took the first and second positions while Swartkops’ Team 1 took third position. The top three teams received books, while all the schools who participated received a box filled with 17 books. Encouraging the learners, quiz master Butler stated that “if you are a reader, you are a leader”. One of teachers Kholeka Tshela of Fumisukoma Primary commended the Motherwell librarian Marianne Terblanche for the programmes held at the library which form a valuable part of the learner’s education.

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Ndzondelelo High School’s learners from left: Khanya Batini, Ntsiki Nazo, Sinesipho Matinise, Sibongile Gqabi and Athenkosi Deliwe. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA

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Phakamisa High School’s learners from left, Thanduxolo Vena, Luvuyo Mbopa, Paul Ntloko and Thandeka Ngxovu. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA








Arts & Entertainment DONNA TAKES ON TINA

By popular demand: ‘Brother Love’ in PE 8pm.

EXPRESS INDABA REPORTER BROTHERS Emo and Loukmaan Adams are sure to raise the roof of the NMMU Goldfields Auditorium with their spectacular show, Brother Love, on November 24.

Donna Africa performs The Tina Turner songbook at the Music Kitchen on 2 and 3 November. Tickets costing R85 can be purchased at the Music Kitchen at 0 041 364 1964. Photo: SUPPLIED

This two-hour show, directed by the renowned Basil Appollis, takes the audience on a trip down memory lane with the Adams brothers, in an autobiographical overview of their careers and life growing up in Mitchell’s Plain. A recent review has described Brother Love as “Not a musical, nor a stand-up comedy show. Instead, it can best be described as a production where the music is cleverly woven together with humour and personal anecdotes.” Emo and Loukmaan’s abilities as vocal artists are showcased when they perform musical favourites, ranging from the Jackson Five, Afrikaans songs, and even a Bollywood snippet. They also fittingly pay tribute to David Kramer and the late Taliep Petersen, both of whom inspired the brothers in their respective careers. Brother Love has been a repeat soldout show in Cape Town and is being brought to Port Elizabeth due to popular demand by Mofaya Events, sponsored by Gelvandale Superspar and Jbyej Junaid Itaintaday. Tickets are R150 each and can be obtained from Westway Cafe in Cape Road: 0 041 365 0217, Gelvandale SuperSpar 0 041 456 1130, and residents in Despatch and Uitenhage can call 0 073 011 1339. There will be two shows, one at 4pm and the other at


Two PE Express readers can each win a set of double tickets to either the

4pm or the 8pm show. Go to the PE Express website at or the mobi site at and look under “Competitions” to enter.

Brothers Emo and Loukmaan Adams will entertain Bay audiences with their spectac­ ular show, Brother Love, on November 24. Photo: SUPPLIED

Family Melody records live DVD at PE Opera House NCEBA DLADLA FAMILY Melody Gospel Group will present a live DVD recording at the PE Opera House in Port Elizabeth this Sunday 4 November. This gospel outfit is made up of family members from KwaNobuhle in Uitenhage. Group administrator and singer Nokuzola Kaliko said the theme of their show is ‘Time Is No More’ because they believe this is the time for the Lord Jesus Christ to come back and take his Church – His people. “We started by singing together during the funeral of our uncle Zwelinjani Mqutheni in 2007 and the response we received was amazing. We were encouraged to form this group,” said Kaliko. They recorded their first CD in 2010. Since 2010 Family Melody Gospel

have been invited to perform at a number of shows and events in and around Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. They pride themselves on having performed alongside the Queen of Gospel, Rebecca Malope, who presents It’s Gospel Time on SABC2 on Sundays at 8pm and East London’s gospel diva Khanyisa, among other big names. The group promises lots of poetry, drama and music by supporting acts before the real deal - the best of Family Melody Gospel Group takes the stage on Sunday. “So come one, come all,” said Kaliko. Umhlobo Wenene FM’s dynamic presenter Zola Kaso-Majiza will be the MC. The show is supported by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, PE Opera House, African Bank and Bay TV. Admission is R40 per person and is payable at the door. The show starts at 1pm.

Family Melody Gospel group is doing a live DVD recording at PE Opera House this Sunday.

Ii-Auditions zekwayala yoMculo weVangeli eMpuma Kapa ENYE yezisakhulayo iinkampani zoshicilelo lomculo eMpuma Kapa, i-LJT Records inethemba emva kokuqalisa ngee-auditions zekwayala eyakuba liqhayiya leMpuma kapa kummandla we-Aliwal North neKomani kutshanje. Ezi auditions zilindeleke ukuba zibe seBhayi ngoLwesihlanu lo, umhla we 2 kuNovemba, ze zibe seRhafu ngMgqibelo umhla we 3 kuNovemba ukuze kusekwe le kwayala iza kusekwa yi-LJT Records. Ezona njongo kukunika iimvumi zeli phondo ezisakhulayo iqonga lokuphuhlisa iitalente zalo. Le kwayala ilungiselwe kuphela abantu beli phondo. Kuthenjwa ukuba le kwayala iya kuba ngumthombo wokuvuselela ulutsha lwePhondo leMpuma Kapa nobeluye lunyanzeleke ukuba lushiye ikhaya liye kumanye amaphondo ukuzalisekisa amaphupha alo okuba ziimvumi; kodwa zibuyele ekhaya sele zilambatha. I-Essence of Eastern Cape izisa umculo

wevangeli wamazwe ngamazwe kubahlali beMpuma Kapa. Le kwayala, ayisayi kufana nezinye, kuba iza kuhlanganisa umculo womgqungqo noweenkcubeko zahlanjenje. Ezinye iinkcubeko zephondo leMpuma Kapa ziza kuvela ukuze le kwayala ifumane ifuthe eliyimpefumlelo yephondo ukuyahlula nezinye. “Le mpela-veki siphuma kuyo ukungqinile kanye ebesisoloko sikuthetha e-LJT Records ukuba – Iphondo leMpuma Kapa lisikelelekile ngesipho setalente. Abagwebi bethu sele beqalisile ukudideka nangona sisaqhuba nee-auditions”, kutsho uThabo Namba oyiChief Executive ye-LJT Records. Uthe ii-auditions bazenze zathi sa iphondo ukunika ithuba ulutsha lweli phondo ngokubanzi. Ii-Auditions zivulelekile kubantu abaminyala ili-18 ukuya kuma 40. Nabanina onomdla makatsalele uDumolwethu Mvundlela ku 0 073 811 5911 okanye atyelele i-LJT Records kwi-website ethi .




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Indaba People

Lisakhanya Pepe is darling of Bay TV fans NCEBA DLADLA LISAKHANYA Pepe (27), otherwise known as Lisa to her myriad of fans, is a popular news reader at Bay TV and PE Express Indaba’s Nceba Dladla chatted with her to find out more about her roots, work and dreams.

Lisa’s job entails compiling, editing and packaging the news for Bay TV’s 1-City News Programme at 6 pm every Monday to Friday, with the highlights at 8pm and 10.30pm. “A lot of people appreciate what I do. I get a lot of postive feedback from fans through my facebook page while some come here (to Bay TV) personally to applaud me. This is humbling,” said Lisa. Bay TV News­reader Lisa­ khanya Pepe is aiming high. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA

MamQwathi (Lisa’s clan name) is also popular with toddlers. “The 4 -7 year-olds would come to Bay TV and ask to see Lisa,” she said proudly. Being the third child of Zoleka Malakane and Monde Pepe, Lisa grew up in KwaNtselamanzi in Alice and started her schooling at Lovedale Primary but matriculated at Masibambane High School in Port Elizabeth in 2003. She spent the following year doing Alice’s Oral History research for the University of Fort Hare where she gained valuable knowledge. She qualified in broadcasting at Border Technikon, which currently forms part of Walter Sisulu University of Technology. As far as media personalities goes, Lisa says SA FM’s Xolani Gwala is an inspiration for her. She regards Bay TV as a preparatory school and would in future like to work for one of national radio or television stations. “I won’t close the door for new journalists who want to come and work here and get the experience that I have. I must make way,” said Lisa. Lisa of Zwide Township started working at Inkqubela FM as a News Reader but thanks to the management of the station who saw the potential in her, she was posted to the current affairs programme Ziphakwa Zishushu as a presenter where she honed her skills as a broadcaster. She thanks her co-presenter Noloyiso Bonga and KQ FM’s head of news Thembinkosi Mbeda for helping her realise her true potential as an IsiXhosa news-reader.

Charl Reid (14) and his coach Jermyn Leander cel­ ebrate his being chosen the Best Player of the Tournament in September this year. Photo: SUPPLIED

Charl Reid (14) of PE dreams of a trip to Portugal to play soccer

NCEBA DLADLA YOUNG Charl Reid (14) is appealing to the good Samaritans to support his dream of a tour to Portugal next year. This 14-year old lad from Sanctor in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth is hoping to be part of the Northern Areas Football Association (NAFA) organised trip aimed at promoting football in the Northern Areas. About 130 members including players, officials, coaches and referees are hoping to make it to Portugal during the school holidays of July 2013. The total cost per person is R21 000. In a motivational letter written to support his fund-raising initiatives, NAFA President Valentine Brink said his association has recognised the need to further enhance the overall development of their members by embarking on the trip to Portugal where they will attend Benfica and Lisbon Academies. According to Brink, the 10-day trip will afford their junior players an opportunity to visit another country and play football matches against players from that country; provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience of visiting historical sights and landmarks and also develop coaches and players by exposing them to the latest coaching methods. “This will be a great experience for me.There are many children that dream of this opportunity. Children in our community do not get these opportunities because our parents cannot afford it,” wrote Sanctor High School Grade 8 learner, Charl. He also noted that many children his age are either selling or using drugs because they have nothing important to do. “Playing soccer is an escape route for some of them and they need the community support,” he said. For enquiries people can contact Charl’s mother Lee Ann Reid at 0 078 018 5917.

Let's talk about High Blood Pressure

Last time we defined and explained how High Blood Pressure occurs, who is most likely to have it, and whether it is curable or not. This week: How to prevent or control High Blood Pressure? There are five (5) important things to consider. 1. Smoking habit: It is never too late stop smoking, for a benefit to your heart and other organs. There are programmes which can assist you once you have made the decision to quit smoking. 2. Eating patterns: Each kilogram you shed and keep off is of benefit. Also be aware of eating fresh fruit & vegetables and whole grains, and limiting intake of fat and salt. Excess alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided. Specific guidelines are available from our Dieticians and Nutritionists (make a booking from your nearest clinic) 3. Exercise: Try to set a manageable exercise programme which includes brisk exercise for 30 minutes a day at least 3 times a week. Consider joining a gym or a walk / run for life type organisation/club which has controlled programmes aimed at your current fitness levels. 4. Medication: Your doctor may also have prescribed medication to bring down your high blood pressure. It is important to work with your doctor and make sure you take your medication at the prescribed dosage and intervals. Most modern medications need only be taken once a day. Take your medicine at the same time each day. At the start you may feel some new effect. You should not stop the medicine or adjust the dosage, but rather speak to your doctor. There are many treatments available and if one does not suit you other options may be tried. 5. What can I do to stick to the plan: Keep in mind the benefit of each thing you do to address the condition; Meet with your doctor or caregiver regularly; Become part of the support group; Make sure you take your medication as prescribed, and remember there are alternatives if you are not comfortable with the one that has been prescribed for you Next time: Next time we will talk about Diabetes

Call line: 083 378 2248 Comments / queries: District Manager's Office: email:

From the District Manager's desk Nelson Mandela Bay Health District








Indaba Sport

Send your news to: Tel: 0 041 503 6111 Fax: 041 503 6220 E-mail:

Bold predictions for grudge return fight at Jeff Masemola NCEBA DLADLA THE fight between Lonwabo “Dancing Shoes” Roboshi and Bulelani “Pretty Boy” Jacobs scheduled to take place at the Jeff Masemola Community Hall in Uitenhage this Saturday will not go the distance. This was a bold prediction by Roboshi’s handler Stone Nawule ahead of Silindokuhle Boxing Promotions main bout scheduled for 8-rounds in the Miniflyweight division. Roboshi and Jacobs drew in their first encounter over four rounds at Babs Madlakane Community Hall in April. “Roboshi is ready to prove his mettle as the best strawweight in Nelson

Mandela Bay currently. He a draw, so we’ll show him deserves to be in the SA Topwho’s the boss on Saturday,” 10 ratings, so we won’t allow said Amen Blou who trains Jacobs to thwart our plans. Jacobs at Phanton Killer We’ll stop him,” said Boxing Gym in KwaLanga. Nawule. According to Blou, the 18Roboshi (22) of KwaNobuhle year old Limekhaya won three of his four fights High School Grade 9 by knock-out. The only pupil has a bright blemish is a draw future ahead of against Jacobs. him. “We beat Ro“Jacobs is goboshi in the ing to be a amateurs world champiand believe on one day. we won But we know the fight he must win at Babs the Eastern MadCape title lakane. first; then the He was SA title. Roboshi Lonwabo “Dancing Shoes” Roboshi lucky to get stands in our way,”

said Blou. Ndudumo Lolwana vs Unathi In the main supporting Nelani (Lightweight); Mzwamabout, Lwandile Phillips doda Jibiliza vs Ayanda Fatyi will fight against Siya(Mini-flyweight); Zimkhitha bonga Blou (both of Lane vs Thembelani Budaza Uitenhage) in the Fly(Junior featherweight) and weight division over six in the only women’s amarounds while Wiseman teur bout NomamponKega (George) will domise “Lily” Xotyesquare off against ni vs Thulisa “Spice” Mzuvukile Daniels Zwengu over 4(Uitenhage) over six rounds in the Junrounds in the ior bantamweight main prelimidivision. nary bout. The first bout The other starts at 5pm. Adbouts, all over mission is R30 four rounds, will adults and R15 feature: Dumisa children. Azz Tshokela versus Veritazz will Bonani Ngozi (banspice the day with Bulelani “Pretty Boy” Jacobs tamweight); Hip Hop music.

KwaNdokwenza karate grading a resounding success NCEBA DLADLA FORTY karate enthusiasts were graded from white belts to brown belts at the KwaNdokwenza Community Hall (Matthew Goniwe) in Port Elizabeth at the weekend. Karatekas belonging to the Eastern Province Kyokushinkai Karate Association, under Regional Chief Instructor sensei Zolile Maxama, proved their agility and prowess as they were tested on standing basics, moving basics, kata, hand walk, kumite, strength and stamina to graduate from one belt to the other. A very pleased Maxama told PE Express In-

daba: “It was a resounding success. Everything went well.” Maxama said 19 people were graded from white belt to orange belt, 11 moved to first blue belts, and two each moved to second blue, first yellow, second yellow, red and second brown belts while one each went to green belt and first brown belts. According to Maxama, participants came from Zwide, KwaZakhele and KwaMagxaki including students from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). “Admission at the door was free because we are still trying to popularise the sport,” explained Maxama.

People are watching with much interest and enthusiasm as a judo expert takes one of the specta­ tors through some paces at the judo exhibition held at Ziyabuya Shopping Complex in KwaDwesi recently. Photo: SUPPLIED

Judo revived in the metro


OSU...Kyokunshinkai members during the Grading held at KwaNdokwenza Community Hall in PE at the weekend. Photo: SUPPLIED 34

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NELSON Mandela Bay residents are being encouraged to take part in Judo not only for self-defence, but also for exercise and goodhealth. This became evident during the Judo Promotions Outreach Programme held at Ziyabuya Shopping Complex in KwaDwesi last week. Hundreds of spectators watched the judo demonstration with much enthusiasm while some took part in the moves demonstrated by the experienced coaches. Organised by DSM Properties, a company that operates in KwaMagxaki/KwaDwesi, and SpecSavers, the exhibition which in-

volved members of Judo’s elite team was especially aimed at reviving the sport in the townships. According to Andile Bailey, a judoka who belongs to the dojo at Lilian Ngoyi Sports Centre in KwaZakhele and who is one of the organisers of the event, they were hoping to hold such events on a more regular basis in order to revive the sport that is gradually disappearing in the townships. “Apart from New Brighton, judo is scarce in other townships of the metro and that is a major concern,” said third-dan Black belt, Bailey. He thanked the sponsors for making the exhibition a reality and said he was impressed by the interest shown by the spectators.

Bees robbed of their venom by Jumpers SELBY MADIKANE SCORES of football fans were kept on their feet when NEBFA Sedgars Sport Premiership clashes recently took place at Chevrolet Stadium. In one of the humdingers of the day, Stinging Bees appeared to have fought with insufficient venom when Eastern Jumpers beat them 2-1. City Lads emerged victorious with a 1-0 hard fought win over PE United, while Boast Pirates went down 1-0 to Bold Tigers.

Red City succumbed 2-1 to CCX Callies, while Dodgers drew 0-0 with Winter Rose. City Defenders thrashed Pondo Stars 3-0. Other NEBFA Sedgars Sport Premiership results * Real White City w/o-0 Roaring Tigers * Bush Bucks 1-1 PE Sundowns * Roaring Tigers 2-1 Winter Rose * Red City 1-3 PE Sundowns * CCX Callies 1-3 Bush Bucks * Real White City 2-0 Dodgers * City Lads 2-2 Boast Pirates * City Defenders 1-0 Eastern Jumpers * Pondo Stars 3-3 Stinging Bees.




Indaba Ezemidlalo

SCORES of Community members flocked into Wells Estate netball courts to watch seven teams in action during the NZX Events Sports Revival Tournament recently. Three community members, Zola ‘Chaklas’ Zuzile from Ikamvelihle, Nandisa Ngcangca from Motherwell NU12 and Xola Mgodleni from Wells Estate, organised the tournament. According to Mgodleni, the motive behind their project is to revive sport in the townships and to keep the youth busy in a constructive way. “Our primary objective at NZX Events is to uplift the standard of sport in our communities and introduce sport codes like hockey, volleyball, tennis, swimming and even theatre,” said Mgodleni. According to Zuzile, they want to form a partnership with schools because the youth are the main target group. “We aim very high at NZX Events and our goal is to have two or three players from our project playing in the provincial or national team in the next three years,’’ said Zuzile.

In the semi-finals Lovely Girls thwarted Phola Park XI 22-7 while Real Stars edged out City Express 10-5. In the finals Lovely Girls secured a 44-31 victory over Real Stars. Girls received a floating trophy plus gold medals with Stars settling for silver medals.

Tel: 0 041 503 6111 Fax: 041 503 6220 E-mail:

Big showdown expected in Builders’ Warehouse road race

NZX Events wants to revive sports with netball tourney SELBY MADIKANE

Send your news to:

SELBY MADIKANE TRIANGLE Sports Club in association with Eastern Province Athletics (EPA) will hold the Builders’ Warehouse 27 km Road race at Builders’ Warehouse on 3 November. Lots of prizes are at stake as runners like George Ntshiliza, Gift Zet, Sandile Ngunuza, Marriano Eesou and Chris Mabengeza in the male section will prove that they are the best road runners in local athletics circles. In the female section Ntombesintu Mfunzi, Deliwe Nyanga, Thabisa Mayedwa and Asanda Solani will be battling it out. Competitors will also be able to compete over 10km and 5km distances.

All three races start and finish at Builders Warehouse in Buffelsfontein Road. The 27km starts at 6am, the 10km at 6.30am and the 5km race at 7.30am. The first 120 pre-entries received at Builders Warehouse only between 1pm and 6pm from the 26th of October to the 2nd of November, qualify for an exclusive sponsor’s t-shirt. Finishers in all three races will get event medals and will be eligible for thousands of rands worth of lucky draw prizes courtesy of Builders Warehouse and their suppliers. Pre-entries for groups closed on Wednesday 26 October at 5pm as no bulk entries will be accepted on the morning of the race. CANSA has been nominated as the beneficiary by Builders Warehouse and the organizing Club Triangle in memory of two friends who lost their

fight against Cancer, Anton Lindeque and Anton Rico Clotz. The day promises to be fun-filled and exciting for the whole family with plenty of Builders Warehouse in-store promotions, entertainment, refreshments and retail centre specials. A new route has also been designed for the runners to ensure a safer and more scenic experience. Entry forms available at sport shops. Pre-entries close today (31 October). Registration and late entries will be at Builders Warehouse on Friday 2 November from 4.30 to 6pm and on the morning of the race from 5am. Entries are R45 for the 27km, R30 for the 10km and R15 for the 5km fun run. The temporary licence fee for the 27km and 10km is R25 per person. For info contact Sharron at 0 076 722 3782 or Cheryl at 0 083 233 1618.

Metro Basketball League games resume SELBY MADIKANE

Noluthando Mabala of New Castle (in black) was the star of the day during the NZX Events Sports tourney. Photo: SELBY MADIKANE

DESPITE the rainy weather conditions, Metro Basketball League resumed its fixtures at NMMU Vista Campus in Missionvale on 20 October. Some of the teams did not pitch for their games and as a result they forfeited points. In the women’s section

Panthers walloped University of Fort Hare 45-11. Makana Spears were awarded the maximum points when their opponents PE Comets failed to honour their game. In the men’s section Panthers were the best team in their game when they drubbed University of Fort Hare 48-28. Spartans lost 45-42 to Panthers,

while Makana Spears were awarded points over Comets who did not honour their game. Spartans were also awarded soft points over University of Fort Hare (EL). In the men’s super-six games Gemineyez managed to overcome NMMU 103-76. NMMU 2 went down to Gemineyez with a score of 41-40 in a closely contested match. NMMU 2 beat NMMU 1 with a score of 48-42.

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Indaba Sport

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Bafana opens their Afcon account against Cape Verde NCEBA DLADLA BAFANA Bafana have been drawn to play Cape Verde Island in their opening match of the Orange Africa Cup of nations (Afcon) at Soccer City, Johannesburg on Saturday 19 January 2013.

The draw for the 16 countries taking part in this CAF Competition, which is taking place in South Africa for the second time, following the successful 1996 Showpiece which Bafana won, was held at the Internal Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban last Wednesday. Bafana will play against Morocco and later Angola in Group A matches

SAFA NMB ABSA Women’s Regional League restarts SELBY MADIKANE FOLLOWING a long season break, the SAFA Nelson Mandela Bay ABSA Women’s Regional League start-

ed in all earnest recently. The newly promoted NMMU Madibaz devastated Walmer Ladies 2-0 at Walmer. Shining Stars collected the maximum points when they edged out Warriors 2-0 at Motherwell NU 9 Stadium. Tomorrow Stars suffered a major setback when United hammered them 10-0. Golden Aces were beaten 5-0 by the gutsy Mustangs.



African football. There are eight matches to be played at Nelson Mandela Bay stadium, including a quarter final match and play-off for the third place. Local fans can watch Cape Verde entertain Angola at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on 20 January and Ghana play against DR Congo; Mali against Niger on 24 January; Ghana

versus Mali and Niger versus DR Congo on 24 January. The Quarter-final match between Group B winners and Group A runners-up will also be played on 2 February. Takuma the hippo was revealed as the host’s mascot for this competition. Bafana’s mascot in the SA 2010 Fifa World Cup was Zakumi.

ZAFA First Division League Results

Vulumzi High School Team with their coach Ntombekhaya Tose . Photo: SELBY MADIKANE


and are expected by some to proceed to the next round as they managed to avoid drawing countries like Nigeria and the defending champions Zambia in their group. Other pundits, however, believe Bafana will be making a grave mistake by underestimating the Minnows, Cape Verde. They argue that there are currently no easy teams in

SELBY MADIKANE Zakhele Football Association First Division League games attracted large crowds to Dynamos grounds recently. Fairway Stars humiliated Brazil Brothers 6-1,with the new kids on the block Real Stars stunning the fans of the high riding PE Demonstrators when they defeated them 2-1 in their spectacular game. XI Masters started the season on a high note following their 2-1 win over Stone Breakers. Sunrise Development went down 2-0 to Royal Blues. SAFA Nelson Mandela Bay League champions Young Professionals played to a 2-2 draw with Dy-

Vutha Celtics set to win ZAFA First Division trophy. Photo: SELBY MADIKANE namos. In the battle of the newcomers, United Brothers thumped Ever-





R13 99


ton 3-1.Fast XI also lost 3-1 to other newcomers Major Stars.


R255 00

R132 95


R25 50 TURPS 750ML





R145 00 R499 00 1BUR6LF92-311012-PX-ckkker-buildit

Indaba 31-10-12  

Indaba 31-10-12

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