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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Residents rally to help abused woman NCEBA DLADLA


EIGHBOURS of a KwaNobuhle woman, who have allegedly been abused and beaten by her brother over a period of time, have decided to break the silence and help her out of her situation. The residents have lodged a complaint against the brother with members of the Community Police Forum (CPF) and Phaphamani Rape Crisis a local Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) fighting against the abuse of women and children. According to the neighbours, the brother (54) whose name cannot be mentioned because no formal police charge has yet been laid against him, was physically abusing the sister (61) and that the abuse had been so much

that they felt enough was enough. PE Express Indaba saw the elderly woman’s body with fresh and old wounds which could have been caused by a sjambok. “She is beaten every day - for no apparent reason - and this has made us feel sorry for her,” said one neighbour. She confirmed to PE Express Indaba that her brother beat her. During PE Express Indaba’s visit, the brother arrived at the house after he was called by members of the community. “I do beat her. Sometimes she makes me angry,” said the brother, but explained that the old marks on her body were as a result of the beating by her abusive ex-boyfriend. He said that he used a sjambok to beat her. “We wanted to take the woman away to a safe place at the old age home, but we needed a social worker’s

consent to do that,” said Phaphani Rape Crisis Director Nocawa Sinam. “The social worker took the woman to the doctor last week but could not ascertain that the brother was indeed abusing her,” said Social Development Department’s spokesperson Thabo Ratyana. Ratyana said they have it on record that the working brother had organised assistance from a neighbour to help her sister take some medication (for epilepsy) and eat proper meals. “Her social grant payments and insurances were in order. The woman (who seemed not to hear properly) said she was fine; and we believe if she is experiencing any form of abuse police should lay a charge but at this stage we cannot confirm it,” said Ratyana. KwaNobuhle CPF Secretary Nomfusi Titi said they still wanted police to lay a charge because the woman was a victim of abuse.

KwaNobuhle residents sang and toyi­toyed demanding that action be taken against the brother they allege abuses his sister physically. Photos: NCEBA DLADLA

The brutalised body of the woman from KwaNobuhle.

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Help police solve murder cases NCEBA DLADLA KAMVELIHLE police are looking for information that could assist in the arrest and conviction of perpetrators in the murder of a man (21). According to spokesperson Warrant Officer Dumile Gwavu, the young man was allegedly

shot in the head by seven unknown suspects in Khetshe Street, Motherwell on 20 January 2013. He died on the scene. “We are appealing to members of the community to please give us information,” said W/O Gwavu. He said people should contact W/O Errol Whittal of Kamvelihle Detectives at 0 041 4025 250 or 0 082 303 0468. Meanwhile, KwaZakhele po-

lice are still busy gathering information from witnesses to the murder case that took place at Mbabala Street, Veeplaas, Port Elizabeth on Monday 21 January. According to W/O Gwe, a 28year old man was allegedly shot dead while walking home with his friends on that night. “The deceased was walking with friends when a known sus-

pect approached them. An argument broke out and the suspect allegedly took out a firearm and shot the deceased,” said W/O Gwe. The 28-year old sustained a wound on his forehead and died on the spot. “The suspect is known but police are still gathering enough evidence from the witnesses. An arrest is expected soon” she said.

Safety measures for businesses to prevent armed robberies PE EXPRESS INDABA REPORTER


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Staying alive during an armed robbery – follow these tips in order to prevent yourself from being a target

Making home building simple

ite Complex) * 041 453 2875 (Across the road from the Livingstone Hospital in the Shopr Holidays open Mon - Fri 8H00 - 17H00. Sat & Sun 8h00 - 13h00 Public

) Make sure you have a register that keeps the airtime voucher numbers as this can assist in the investigation. ) Ensure that you have a good alarm system that is well-maintained ) Ensure that the alarm is connected to an armed response company ) Ensure that you have static panic buttons placed in strategic areas of your store, eg in the cash office or strong room. ) Ensure that you have enough portable panic buttons that are worn by all members of management at all times ) Ensure that the panic buttons are tested regularly ) Ensure that the keys to the drop safe are not kept together or on the premises at the same time, except when cash collections are taking place ) Never do full cash up at the end of the trading day ) The cash office must continuously count and drop the cash into the drop safe during the course of business.

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Councillor arrested for kidnapping and assault

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Opening and closing procedure

) Never open or close your store exactly the same time every day ) Try not to follow the same route to your store every day ) Never open the store on your own ) Ensure that someone armed with panic button monitors the opening and closing procedure away from the store Ensure that you have adequate lighting at your entry point.

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MEMBERS of the South Africa Police Service (SAPS) have warned business owners to keep their airtime voucher serial number safe, as this can assist in their investigation. “Throughout their investigations, police have discovered that some armed robberies in shops and other department stores take place with information provided by employees or contractors working in that store,” said Lieutenant Siphokazi Mawisa. According to Lt Mawisa, very few organised armed robbers will risk their lives or face the risk of being apprehended if they are not well-informed and know exactly when the cash is available, and where it is. Bearing this in mind and by following the advice set out below, armed robberies in stores could be reduced.

A LOCAL councillor, Zolani Ncwadi (35) and two male friends, Japan Poni (37) and Xolile Poni (aged 30) were arrested on Monday in Kamesh for the kidnapping of a young man (18). It is alleged that the councillor and his coaccused kidnapped the young man at his house in Langa, Uitenhage in December last year. According to SAPS Spokesperson, W/O Basil Seekoei, the councillor and his friends allegedly accused the young man of housebreaking and theft at a house in Langa. They allegedly assaulted him and put him and a witness in the boot of a car. The accused appeared in the local Magistrates Court on Monday and were released on bail. They will be back in Court on February 18.

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Help family find Mlindeli Khula NCEBA DLADLA THE Khula family of Motherwell in Port Elizabeth are spending sleepless nights since the disappearance of their son Mlindeli Khula last year. The last time the family saw Mlindeli (36) of Hintsa Street, NU 2 Motherwell, who suffers from epilepsy, was when he was admitted to Dora Nginza Hospital in KwaZakhele on Wednesday 10 October. “My mother could not go to him on the Thursday and Friday but when she went to the hospital on Saturday she was told Mlindeli was not there. Nobody knew his whereabouts,” said a sobbing Veliswa Khula, his sister. According to Veliswa, a search in the hospital was followed by searches in other hospitals (Livingstone and Provincial) and even in mortuaries in New Brighton and Gelvandale - all




PE Express Indaba Ombud

to no avail. Veliswa said their desperate search took them to all relatives and friends that they thought Mlindeli could have gone to - and again, without success. “We resorted to the police to assist us with the search. We will not be able to sleep soundly again until we know where Mlindeli is,” said Veliswa. Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Thembi Gwe confirmed that the SAPS was investigating a case of a missing person. “We’d like to advise families who are missing a family member to report the matter to the police as quickly as possible when somebody is lost. We also encourage that they give us a description of the lost person, his clothes and if possible, give us his latest photograph,” said W/O Gwe. The police spokesperson urged anyone with information please to contact the investigating officer Constable Zolisa Koboka at 0 041 408 7818 or 0 073 023 9500.


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Veliswa Khula shows the picture of their lost brother, Mlindeli Khula of Motherwell, PE who went missing last October. Photo: NCEBA DLADLA



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School News / Iindaba Zesikolo

Bursaries for prospective engineering students

New private school is still taking registrations URBAN Academy, the new private school in Govan Mbeki Avenue which opened its doors on January 16, are still taking registrations a daily basis and will be going on according to the demand or until the facilities are fully utilized. Urban Academy could accommodate up to 600 students without any overcrowding of classrooms. Currently students from Grade R to Grade 11 are accommodated. Urban Academy is a private school offering outstanding Education at a cost lower than many of the former so called “model C” government schools. According to the Principal, Chris Cronje, they are receiving applications for placement from many parents seeking a successful education for their children in a caring and highly stimulating environment. Whilst many parents are still (without success) seeking placements for their children in schools all across the Eastern Cape, Urban Academy can still accommodate some

of those. Students are already passionate and proud Urbanites. Cronje explained that all students are assessed when registering to determine their levels of competence in especially language and numeracy. The outcome of these assessments is communicated to the students and parents. Those students that fall short of the accepted competency levels for their Grade attend compulsory remedial classes in the afternoons in order to improve their competency in the specific subject. “By offering this programme, we hope to eventually improve all students’ educational outcome and thereby create better self esteem and hope for the future,” said Cronje. “Education is an act of hope” said Cronje. For more information, visit the school at 272 Govan Mbeki Drive or phone 0 041 585 0881.

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PE EXPRESS INDABA REPORTER THE Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in its commitment to address the skills shortage in the South African economy, is offering bursaries to students who wish to study towards an Engineering qualification at a tertiary institution. This municipal bursary programme, spearheaded by the Infrastructure and Engineering Directorate, aims to provide access to high-quality and relevant education and training, skills development opportunities, including workplace learning and experience, to prospective learners who wish to study and gain technical skills. The closing date is February 8, before 12 noon and no late applications will be considered. Bursaries for study are available in the following engineering disciplines: •B.Sc./Civil •B.Sc./B. Eng Mechanical •B.Sc. Electrical Engineering Who can apply: •Grade 12 learners with South African ID numbers, who are permanent residents in South Africa. •Must have Matric exemption, with Mathematics and Science, minimum B average (HG). •Current students at university already

studying B.Sc./Civil, B.Sc./B.Eng. Mechanical and B.Sc. Electrical Engineering. The bursary will cover tuition, residence and meal fees. The successful candidate will be required to enter into a binding contract with the Council after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary. Where bursars are required to undertake experiential training, as prescribed by the course, with the Municipality, an allowance will be paid to the bursar during this period. HOW TO APPLY Applicants must submit a detailed CV accompanied by a certified copy of their Identity Documents. If currently in Grade 12, a copy of the applicant’s Grade 11 final results, as well as Grade 12 June results. If, however, an applicant has completed Grade 12, a copy of the Grade 12 Certificate must be attached, or a statement of results. Current students at university must submit their latest statement of results. Applications must be marked for the attention of the Executive Director: Corporate Services, PO Box 116, Port Elizabeth 6000 or handed in at the eighth floor, Lillian Diedricks Building, Govan Mbeki Avenue, Port Elizabeth. For more information, contact the Human Resource Office at 0 041 506 3259. No faxed, e-mailed or late applications will be accepted.

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Entertainment at Opera House and Red Location Museum for Afcon visitors NCEBA DLADLA THE Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture in partnership with the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) hosts Nelson Mandela Bay and the PE Opera House is making it possible for the people from outside the metro to feel that Afcon 2013 is indeed here - Yeyethu. There has been a full programme of music, dance, drama and theatre performed at the Opera House and the Red Location Museum since Wednesday 23 January. “The PE Opera House compiled a programme targeting visitors attending the games at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium,” said DSRAC spokesperson Manzi Vabaza, adding that the entertainment adds to what the province and the metro had already been doing to keep visitors

in the province. At the Bayworld Complex craft is being sold. These craft works are coming from various projects around the province, through the Craft Hubs that government created in Mthatha, Queenstown and Dimbaza. According to Vabaza, the main aim is to extend the effect of the Afcon to the far-flung areas of the region. “As the slogan says: ‘Yeyethu, be part of it,’” we want everyone in the province to feel the vibe and be connected to the Afcon hosted in the province. In addition, we must embrace our brothers and sisters from Africa and use this platform to show that we welcome them and we want them to have a good time in our region,” said MEC Xoliswa Tom. The PE Opera House has programmes on Friday 1 February, Saturday 2 February and Saturday 9 February. Admission is free.




Indaba Ezemidlalo

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Bafana’s Afcon quarter-final match will be live on TV NCEBA DLADLA


NELSON Mandela Bay football fans will have an opportunity to watch Bafana Bafana play against Mali in the quarter-final of the Orange Afcon 2013 Tournament to be played at Moses Mabhida Stadium on Saturday 2 Febru-

The match that kicks off at 5pm will be broadcast live on SABC TV. Group A leaders Bafana finished in style showing resilience and the never-say-die attitude when they twice came from behind to score two vital goals courtesy of May Mahlangu and Siyabonga Sangweni to draw

2-2 against Morocco in the third and final match of the group stages held at the same Moses Mabhida stadium. Morocco came second and will play Group B leaders Ghana at Mandela Bay stadium. “Thank goodness we managed to avoid playing Ghana at this stage. Mali are a good team but I think they can easily succumb to Bafana who

Mandela Bay metro amateur boxing development on the cards NCEBA DLADLA NELSON Mandela Bay Amateur Boxing Organisation (NMBABO) will have a boxing tournament at Soqhayisa High School Hall, NU9 Motherwell on Saturday 2 February. The NMBABO Secretary Mzwandile Sidina said all amateur boxing clubs from Port Elizabeth, Despatch and Uitenhage were expected to take part in the tournament meant to open the year on a big note. “This is in fact the beginning of what we believe is going to be a busy year for us. We expect all clubs in the metro to send their boxers, both male and female, in all weight divisions in this tournament,” said Sidina. According to Sidina, NMBABO will soon be launching an amateur boxing league in the metro with the aim of developing young boxers as part of their 2012-2016 Vision - for the 2016 Rio Olympics. “We intend to start this simultaneously with the training of our (ring officials) refe-

rees and judges so that they understand exactly what is required of them in Olympic style boxing,” said Sidina. They aim to start the league and training of officials in March. An upbeat Sidina said the metro was also preparing for the boxing trials expected to start in March. He added, however, that on this programme they were expecting leadership and guidance from the provincial structure - the Eastern Cape Amateur Boxing Organisation (ECABO). “We want to say to boxing lovers in the metro, we are busy with development. Our boxing will soon get back to its glory days. We hope the municipality will play the ball and fund these futuristic programmes,” said Sidina. The weigh-in for the tournament will start at 8am until 10am with the first bout expected to start at 12 noon. Admission is R5 all round and fans are expected to attend in droves.

have upped their game and showed a lot of commitment,” said Safa Nelson Mandela Bay Deputy President Monde Mhletywa. Mhletywa noted with appreciation that the last time the hosted Bafana progressed to the second round of any competition was in 2011. Fans who have rarely worn Bafana Bafana T-shirt in public late-

ly can trust our national football team again, according to Mhletywa. He said: “This will make it easy for the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and SAFA in the region to lure fans to come to the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium for the second Afcon quarter-final between Ghana and Morocco scheduled for 8.30 pm on Saturday,” said Mhletywa.

Local amateur boxers to be tested to become pro fighters NCEBA DLADLA LOCAL amateur boxers ready to turn professional will do so after a test scheduled at Soqhayisa High School, NU9 Motherwell on Sunday 24 February, said Boxing South Africa (BSA) Provincial Manager Mthunzi Mapitiza. Mapitiza was responding to the call by BSA Director of Operations Loyiso Mtya for provinces andregionstoselectdatesandvenuesfortheselection of amateur boxers vying to turn professional. “We have already met the managers of the stables to set the date,” said Mapitiza. He is expecting from the managers a list of professional boxing hopefuls on the 7th February. A selection committee comprising officials from BSA and the SA National Amateur Boxing Organisation must be formed and prepare for the criteria used for selection. Mapitiza revealed that this has also been tak-

en care of. Boxers were expected to be in their full boxing regalia to prepare for the three 2minute-a-round sparring sessions which will assist the selection team to gauge the state of their readiness to turn pro. Boxers must bring copies of their IDs and amateur boxing record books for verification. They also need to bring their HIV and Hepatitis B tests results before they are allowed to go through the contests. “In the past we have noticed that fewer than 50% of boxers who pass the selection test come back with their medical tests results,” said Mapitiza. Others, according to Mapitiza, get lost in the process; so he said they thought it is best that boxers test first and know their (HIV/Aids and hepatitis B) results before attempting qualification as professional boxers. Boxing, as a contact sport, only allows HIV negative boxers in the ring and these tests therefore have to be conducted annually.

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Indaba Sport

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Callies overcome Dodgers SELBY MADIKANE NEW Brighton Football Association (NEBFA) Sedgars Premier League games pulled many spectators to Chevrolet Stadium re-

Royal Bucs midfielder Vuyani Willem controlling the ball is watched by SUBS striker Thulani Shumpa. Photo: SELBY MADIKANE

cently. Cape Colony Xhosa Callies had to put in a big effort when they overcame their gallant arch-rivals Dodgers 1-0. Both teams played their hearts out and the enthusiastic fans were kept on their feet. Red City shared the spoils 1-1 with their neighbours Real White City. Callies also collected another three points from Roaring Tigers when they beat them 4-3. In the First Division Black Stars walloped City Lads 3-1.


A HUBS player shields the ball from Silver United player. Photo: SELBY MADIKANE

ROYAL Bucs gave a good account of themselves despite their 4-3 loss to Swartkopsvalley United Brothers (SUBS) in their SAFA Nelson Mandela Bay SAB Regional League game at Motherwell NU 2 Stadium. SUBS first goal was scored by Avi-

we Tise Venge in the 10th minute to put his side 1-0 ahead. Venge also banged the second goal in the 28th minute to make the score line 2-0. However, Bucs came up strongly with their striker Thozamile Magwala scoring a goal in the 40th minute, thus reducing the deficit to 2-1. SUBS midfielder Ludwe Sonjica unleashed a long range shot that beat Bucs goal in the 59th minute to in-

crease the score line 3-1. Bucs replied with a goal which was scored by Vuyani Willem in the 62th minute with the scoreboard reading 3-2 in SUBS favour. Mcebisi Fire Gawulana brought joy to his Bucs fans when he scored an equaliser in the 85th minute. But lady luck was not on the side of Bucs, and Thulani Shumpa scored a winning goal for SUBS to a make a final score 4-3 in their favour.

Tigers honoured their outstanding players SELBY MADIKANE WALMER community club Bontle Tigers Ladies Rugby Football Club held its annual end of the season function to honour their outstanding players at Kings Beach on 19 January. According to Tigers President Nomatemba Gum, their aim was to motivate their players for their phenomenal season in Eastern Province Rugby Union. All the players were presented with certificates for their efforts. The presentation for the most outstanding players went as follows: * Nozipho Bell: Players’ Player Award, Golden Boot, Ambassador Award for being in EP Senior team

and EP Sevens Tigers Award * Sikelelwa Soci: Golden Boot, Tigers Youth Day awards * Nolukholo Mzwali: Ambassador Award for being in EP U-16 and Youth Day Award * Sinothando Nhose: Player and Lady of the Tournament awards * Raylene Poppy Windvogel: Most Dedicated Player, Top Try Scorer, Player of the Season, Player with Flair * Andiswa Koekie Tafi: Most Improved Player, Ambassador Award for being in EP Sevens, Youth Day Award * Nosiphiwo Rasmeni: special award for being in EP U-16 Team * Abongile Bula: special award for being in EP Team * Babalwa Tsho: Most Promising Player

Bontle Tigers players who received awards are (from left) Nozipho Bell, Sikelelwa Soci, Sinothando Nhose, Nolukholo Mzwali, Raylene Windvogel and Andiswa Tafi. Photo: SELBY MADIKANE

Aces drew with newcomers SELBY MADIKANE

XI Angels player chases Golden Broth­ ers striker. Photo: SELBY MADIKANE

Angels reigned supreme over Brothers SELBY MADIKANE ELEVEN Angels devastated their neighbours Golden Brothers 2-0 during Zakhele Football Association (ZAFA) Premier League clash at Wolfson Stadium. Zamazama went down 4-1 to Seven United while Leeds United drew 2-2

with Continental Express. Young Neighbours were humiliated 6-2 by United Comrades, Dynamos ousting NUBS 3-1. ZAFA Premier League newcomers Juventus took aback the reigning league winners Ghetto XI in their 1-1 draw. Golden Brothers redeemed themselves in their 5-3 triumph over Santos.

FANS braved the hot weather conditions when Zwide Football Association (ZWIFA) Marina Sea Salt Premier League fixture games took place at Zwide Celtics grounds recently. The game, which soccer experts described as a humdinger, was a 1-1 draw between Soweto-On-Sea giants – Camper United and Golden Aces. The dusty Zwide Celtics field was surrounded by hundreds of singing fans who saw their teams battling in front of them. In another exciting game Umanyano Stars played to a 2-2 draw when they took on the gutsy Major Chiefs. Gal City taught Zwide Pirates a free soccer lesson when they pipped them 2-0. Strikers United trounced the newly promoted Manchester City 5-1 who looked threatening in the initial stages of the game.

Young Killers striker is challenged by Zwide Pirates defender. Photo: SELBY MADIKANE In ZWIFA Marina Sea Salt First Division Leeds United punished Zwide Celtics Reserves 6-0. Shining Stars Reserves seemed to have emu-

lated their senior side’s winning mentality when they drubbed Blackburn United 5-1. Manchester City Reserves lost 2-0 to Ijuba Aces.

Indaba 30-1-13  
Indaba 30-1-13  

Indaba 30-1-13