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The Female Mindset By: Robert Chesbro And Preston Dudoit

A trip into the brain of a woman.

Table Of Contents How to Please Your Woman…

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The Evolution Over Time...

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Urban Female Survival Skills…

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The Female Mindset...

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Male Brain vs. Female Brain…

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Understanding It…


Emotionally: 10 Ways to Please a Woman Emotionally 1.) Respect Her. 2.) Make her feel special. 3.) Have conversations that matter 4.) Involve yourself in her life. 5.) Give her the extra hand when she needs it. 6.) Surprise her so she feels special and loved. 7.) Protect her/ Stand up for her. 8.) Be affectionate to make the relationship more meaningful. 9.) Be chivalrous. 10.) Don’t check out other women when your together.

Physically: The truth is if you are able to fulfill her emotional needs and show her you have backbone, she will be very open to getting sexual with you. In fact it’s actually been supported by many, many different people that one of the keys to making a girl happy is to have her emotional needs met. So if you really want to learn how to please a woman physically, make sure her emotional needs are met


4 Years Old: Interests: Toys, Candy, Fun Stuff that children like.

Activities: Nap Time, Running Around, Getting Tuckered Out

14 Years Old: Interests: Boy Bands, Social Media, Having A Lot of Friends

Activities: Shopping, Hanging Out With Friends, Social Media

24 Years Old: Interests: School, Work, Men, Parties

Activities: Work, Parties, School

34 Years Old: Interests: Family, Cooking, Cleaning

Activities: Supporting Kids, Work, Kitchen


We will discuss the Female brain VS the Male brain and how the male brain can conquer the females brain. The manipulative properties and words to use in order to win over your female and feel like a boss.


Body Language A females body language is how you know if your getting her attention or if your losing it. Touching and physical language comes a little later. First of all if you have just met her and are talking to her keep her attention, you will know this if you are speaking and she has turned her body to face you. Eye contact is also crucial. You want to get your body in parallels with hers. If she is trying to get away you will see her start to look to her left. If her friends are there then you can expect some urgency. This is usually a good thing as you don't have to concentrate on much other than getting her number.

The Female

Now you want to look out for nosey friends. They will usually give you a hard time. If you are able to focus on the girl you want and are able to ‘pass the test’. You are good as gold and you’ve got a future date. With some girls that are not the normal girl you will have to change your tactics. You need to watch her feet movement. If she is shifting then that’s a sign she doesn't want to be there. You dont want to focus on her feet alone, you should be using your peripherals. Watch her shoulders, and listen to her voice. Her voice should shift and raise if your interesting. If not then its still salvageable but it will be a challenge. If you get close to a girl to where its about 3 -4 feet and she puts her hand on your chest. Make a move player

The Female Mindset  

Dont take it personal.

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