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PDR PDR is a world leading design consultancy and applied research centre. We have a unique approach for over 20 years, blending leading, high quality research activity alongside award winning, proven and highly experienced design and innovation consultancy. Our work is broadly organised across six core groups, each a leading exponent in its field with an extensive history of success with companies and organsations from around the world. Together, under one roof, the capabilities, knowledge and expertise is unprecedented and maintains PDR at the cutting edge of knowledge and practice and a world leading centre in design and innovation.

PDR是世界领先的设计咨询和应用研究中心。 过去的20年,我们采用独特的方式,参与各种领先、高品质 研究活动,并荣获各种奖项,从而证明我们在设计和创新咨 询方面拥有丰富的经验。 我们拥有6个核心团体组织开展工作,每个团体都是其所在 领域的代表性团体,曾与全球各地的公司和组织成功合作。 所有人共同工作,团结的力量、知识和专业技能达到前所未 有的程度,并使PDR站在了知识与实践的最前沿,成为设计 和创新领域世界领先的研究中心。

OUR SUCCESS 我们的成功 Our reputation for excellence is built on over 20 years of design activity and leading edge research. We have worked and partnered with some of the most widely recognized brands, successful companies and most influential organsations in the world. We’re proud of our reputation and we value our relationships with these outstanding organisations. The quality of our work is indicated not just by the companies and organizations who choose to work with us but by the large number of major international design awards we have won in the last decade.

我们崇高的声誉是建立在过去20年的设计活动和尖端研究之 上。我们与世界上最知名的品牌、最成功的企业和最有影响 力的组织合作共事。我们对自己的声誉感到自豪,我们重视 与这些优秀机构之间的合作关系。 选择与我们合作的各家公司和机构,以及我们在过去十年间 获得的各种重要国际设计大奖都体现了我们的工作质量。


For two decades PDR has been creating distinct, successful and award winning products for innovative companies from startups to blue chips. We’ve created hundreds of products from consumer goods to complex, life critical medical devices and undertake the full range of product design activity required to take a product from conception through to successful market launch and beyond. We repeatedly develop solutions that truly connect to users and challenge markets. We do this consistently to budget, to target and on time.

过去的20年,PDR一直致力于为各种创新型公司提供与众不 同的成功、获奖产品,这些公司既有创业公司,也有蓝筹公 司。 我们创造的产品有成百上千种,包括生活消费品和各种复杂 的重要医疗设备,并承办各种产品设计活动,使产品从理念 实现成功市场发售。 我们不断制定真正触及用户和市场的解决方案。我们坚持不 懈是为了达到预算、实现目标并按时交付工作。


User Centred Design (UCD) describes an approach to innovation that places a deep, rich understanding of the user experience at the heart of development. PDR have pioneered a unique, disciplined and highly effective approach to understanding both explicit and implicit needs and activities across the whole journey of product and service engagement. Critical to the value of this work is the identification of key insights and opportunities and the translation of these into vastly improved services and product experiences that provide a clear improvement and competitive advantage. PDR continues to be a leading expert in this area globally and in the last decade has worked with many blue chip companies, National and Regional Governments and major public sector organisations.

以用户为中心的设计是一种创新方式,即将深入、广泛地了 解用户体验作为发展的核心。 PDR开创了一种独特、严格、高效的方式,以了解整个产品 和服务实践过程中的各种显性和隐性需求及活动。 这项工作的重要价值就是识别关键的见解和机会,使产品和 服务明显改善并具有竞争优势,从而大大提高服务和产品体 验。 PDR多年来一直是该领域的全球领先专家,在过去的十年 间,曾与多家蓝筹公司、国家和地区政府以及主要公共部门 机构合作。


Customer experience drives behaviour and effects the products we buy and services we use. This can be seen both in leading companies seeking growth and in public sector organisations seeking to deliver more effective and efficient services. PDR has pioneered the discipline of Service Design and is seen as a world leader in this field, applying a structured approach to the design and delivery of services. We often deliver this across multiple platforms and touchpoints, resulting in improvements to the quality, consistency and customer experience of services. The service design team at PDR are highly experienced and internationally recognised for their work, delivering tangible solutions that have a positive impact on an organisation’s customer experience. Our location within PDR allows us to draw upon the deep pool of expertise across the organsation in product, UX and User Centred Design and access to the very latest tools and technologies in support of creating services that truly engage with end users.

客户体验推动我们的行为,影响我们所买的产品和我们采用 的服务。通过寻求成长的业界领先公司以及寻求提供更有 效、更高效服务的公共部门机构就可以看出这一点。 PDR是服务设计的开创者,并被视为该领域的世界领导者, 践行将结构化的方法应用到服务设计和交付中。我们经常在 多个平台和触点传播这一理念,从而实现了服务质量、一致 性和客户体验的改善。 PDR的服务设计团队具有丰富的经验,他们的工作已获得国 际认可,能够提供对机构的客户体验发挥积极影响的、切实 可行的解决方案。服务设计在PDR的定位使我们能够利用整 个机构在产品、UX和以用户为中心的设计方面的广泛专业知 识,并接触最新的工具和技术,从而真正为终端用户创造服 务。


Design Policy is concerned with the macro-environment, looking at national and regional systems and policies to support design. Our Design Policy Research and Consultancy takes a macro view of design, looking at national and regional innovation systems and policies to support design. That is, examining and encouraging an environment that is conducive to the application of design. PDR has been active in advising national, regional and local governments throughout Europe, South America and Asia.

设计策略与宏观环境息息相关,着眼于国家和地区系统及政 策对设计的支持。 我们的设计政策研究和咨询部门从宏观角度出发,着眼于国 家和地区创新系统及政策对设计的支持。也就是说,审视并 激励对设计应用有利的环境。 PDR一直积极向欧洲、南美和亚洲的国家、地区和当地政府 提出建议。


PDR’s Surgical & Prosthetic Design (SPD) critically acclaimed research and consultancy activities are centred around the development of cutting edge techniques that bring the latest design and additive manufacturing approaches to the challenges of patient specific surgical solutions. The team works with clinicians and hospitals around the world to the predictability and speed of surgical and prosthetic procedures greatly reducing cost and improving patient outcome. The work has recently been awarded the Queens Anniversary Prize in the UK, the highest award for research quality.

PDR的术前和修复设计(SPD)研究及咨询活动广受好评, 以前沿技术的发展为中心,应用最新设计和其他制造方法, 针对患者提供特定手术治疗方案。 该团队与全球各地的临床医师及医院就术前和修复过程的可 预见性和速度进行合作,大大降低了成本并改善了患者结 果。 这项工作最近获得了英国的 “女王纪念奖”,该奖项是科研品 质的最高奖项。

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