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PAVILION FOR A POOL OR GARDEN A pool or garden pavilion can be a desirable addition to the amenity and use of the existing features of your home. Professional assistance will help to ensure the design is in harmony with the existing buildings and surroundings. Building such a structure on a suburban allotment is generally a matter of fitting it in within the allowable boundary setbacks that apply in the Standard House Code. However building the same item on acreage may bring up some surprises, unless you carry out timely investigations.

Possible Restrictions An existing Building Location Envelope (BLE) atop an acreage lot may well restrict where additional structures may be positioned, as no building or earth works are allowed outside the line of the BLE. A prescribed Waterway corridor may exist where you wish to carry out a building extension even though the existing house was clear. In a similar manner a Waterway corridor may have been imposed since the original house was constructed and now passes very close of indeed through the current buildings. A lack of discernible vegetation in the proposed extension area does not necessarily mean that the area is not subject to Natural Assets Local Law (NALL) legislation. In some instances the whole of the site is listed including the existing building structures. In such cases a Planning application is automatically ‘triggered’.

Planning Approval Within the Brisbane area, Town Planning issues are handled by the City Council Planning Department, whilst all building approvals are the responsibility of private building certifiers. The need for a Planning Application is best discussed with your architect who can clarify the situation with certainty and provide the necessary documentation.

Building Approval If a Planning Application is required, then the approved Development Application (D.A.) must be produced in order to have a Building Application (B.A.) approved before works can start on the site.

Documentation for a Development Application Architectural drawings are required to support an application. These must fully show the proposed site details including contours and the location of all trees and other features. The location of all proposed building works is required along with a larger scale floor plan and all elevations. Areas of cut and fill must be shown along with cross sections through the proposed earthworks.

A comprehensive Town Planning report must also be submitted to support the proposal along with any other survey or ecological documents that are pertinent to the property.

Summary Adding a pool or garden pavilion onto an acreage property requires careful planning and thorough investigation as part of the planning process. Professional assistance can greatly assist to ensure a successful outcome.

Case Study # Pullenvale

A heritage Queenslander moved to an acreage lot in the Brisbane suburb of Pullenvale required a complete renovation and restoration along with an addition to make it better suited to today’s lifestyle and living requirements. Many beautiful original features were painstakingly restored throughout the original home, including an attic bedroom and the stunning timber floors. A pool was added, as was a pavilion-style room that linked the main home to a newly constructed guest suite, which was designed to be perfectly in keeping with the existing home. While offering open-plan living and a great, versatile space for anything from billiards to movies, the pavilion created the perfect modern lifestyle option to complement this grand home. However, despite its modern appeal, it was also important that it be visually sympathetic to the heritage style of the existing structures. This was achieved through a considered architectural approach and an unwavering attention to historic detail. With over thirty years experience in the industry & a cache of housing awards to his name, architect Colin Lewington specialises in residential property for the prestige market. With a focus on clean lines & fluid forms, his designs are a study in space & light, creating inspired visions that effortlessly blend the practical requirements of a family home with the finesse of a tangible artform.

Fact Sheet - pavilions  

Fact Sheet - Pavilions

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