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Cell Voltage Monitoring System Inventors:

Serial Number: Filing Date:

Brunner, D.; Peticolas, B. Provisional Filed December 10, 2007

Docket Number: UD08-08

A compact system for monitoring individual cell voltages in long chains of cells, such as fuel cell stacks or batteries, while maintaining high voltage isolation and safety. This system is more accurate than systems using solid-state switches. Anti-Whiplash Vehicle Seat System with Active Head Restraints Inventor:

Serial Number: Filing Date:

Nilakantan, G. Provisional Filed October 29, 2007

Docket Number: UD08-09

The present invention relates, generally, to a vehicle seat assembly, broadly, to a safety arrangement, and more specifically to a vehicle seat assembly having an active head restraint system that minimizes the distance between the occupants head and headrest through the forward pivotal motion of the headrest during a rear collision event.


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Electromagnetic Wave Detector and Methods of Making Them Inventors:

Serial Number: Filing Date:

Xiao, J. Q.; Moriyama, T. Provisional Filed February 13, 2008

Docket Number: UD08-24

The current invention involves a solid state device to detect a broadband electromagnetic wave. The invention miniaturizes present electromagnetic wave receivers. It can be used as an on-chip electromagnetic wave receiver or detector for the future telecommunication on the chip level. Furthermore, it can be used to generate a pure spin current which is desired in the future spintronics.

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