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Another aspect of invention also relates to a method of actuation comprising exposing an actuator device to a light source. The light source is “turned on” to initiate actuation and can be removed or “turned off” to stop actuation, thereby enabling wireless remote controlled actuation technology. In another embodiment, the method of actuation may further comprise the step of increasing or decreasing the intensity of the light source to increase or lower the strain response of the actuator device. Yet another aspect of the invention provides a method of preparing a carbon nanotube actuator device comprising the steps of (a) forming of a carbon nanotube film on a substrate; (b) adding a photo resist layer on said nanotube film to form an actuator device; (c) etching said actuator device; and (d) optionally releasing said actuator device from said substrate. This patterning process is compatible with most MEMS and CMOS processes that are used today.

Non-Vertical Thermal Evaporation Sources for Wide-Area Deposition Inventors:

Serial Number: Filing Date:

Hanket, G.; Birkmire, R. W. Provisional Filed October 12, 2007

Docket Number: UD08-04

Non-vertical wide-area thermal evaporation source configurations offer advantages such as higher achievable substrate temperatures for substrates such as glass, as well as the potential of doubling areal throughput with minimal additional infrastructure. A variety of configurations are disclosed which offer these advantages, as well as insensitivity to contamination by falling debris, improved deposition uniformity, and inhibited spitting of condensed evaporant droplets.

Laser Microscope with Infinity-Corrected Long Working-Distance Objectives

I-III-VI2 Photovoltaic Absorber Layers with Improved Manufacturability and/or Device Performance

Serial Number:

Serial Number:


Filing Date:

Cloutier, Sylvain G. 60/905,408

Docket Number: UD07-21

March 7, 2007

The invention consists of a laser microscopy system built using a specially-designed microscope equipped with long working distance infinity-corrected objectives. The system allows to perform high-resolution laser micro-spectroscopy analysis for samples mounted in hot, cold, high-pressure, vacuum, fluidic, or electrochemistry chambers.


Filing Date:

Hanket, G. Provisional Filed

Docket Number: UD08-05

October 2, 2007

The incorporation of various additional constituents into I-III-VI2-based chalcopyrite absorber layers may be used as a means of reducing processing temperature and/or improving device performance without otherwise modifying the absorber layer or device fabrication processes.

The Synthesis of Tellurium Containing Solid Materials by Aerobic Bacteria Inventor:

Serial Number: Filing Date:

Hanson, T. E. Provisional Filed March 27, 2008

Docket Number: UD08-01

This invention describes the use of aerobic, tellurite resistant bacteria and yeast strains to convert soluble tellurium compounds (tellurite and tellurate) into solid tellurium nanoparticles.


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