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A G R I C U LT U R E & F O O D S C I E N C E S

Live Attenuated Newcastle Disease Virus Vaccines and Preparation Thereof Inventor:

Patent Number: Issue Date:

Gelb, Jack Jr. 5,250,298 October 5, 1993

Docket Number: UD88-29 CON

Novel live, cold-adapted temperature-sensitive (CaTs), attenuated Newcastle disease virus vaccines are provided, which are effectively immunogenic and contain a mutant of a Hitchner B1 parent strain of Newcastle disease virus. Identification of Fat and Lean Phenotypes in Chickens Using Molecular Markers Inventors:

Serial Number: Filing Date:

Cogburn, Larry A.; Carre, Wilfrid G.; Wang, Xiaofei 11/013,546 December 16, 2004

Docket Number: UD04-11

The present invention relates to a method for identifying the phenotype of a chicken using a genetic polymorphism associated with a fat or lean phenotype. More particularly, the invention relates to a method of identifying a fat or lean chicken phenotype by determining the presence of an insertion/deletion associated with a fat or lean phenotype in one or both of the duplicated chicken Spot 14 genes, also referred to as thyroid hormone responsive Spot 14 protein paralogs.

Endoparasitic Microorganism Infecting Plant Pathogenic Fungi Which Belong to the Deuteromycetes, Basidiomycetes, Ascomycetes, and Oomycetes Inventors:

Serial Number: Filling Date:

Evans, Thomas A.; Esh, Ayman M. 60/799,602 May 11, 2006

Docket Number: UD06-14

This invention is a cytoplasmically inherited endoparasite that inhibits the growth of many plant pathogenic fungi including Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium sp., Pythium sp., and Phytophthora infestans, organisms that are the cause of major diseases of vegetable and field crops. The organism is highly infectious towards the target organisms, affects the in vitro growth of the fungi by endoparasitism, and is capable of spreading rapidly through infected fungal hosts, severely infecting fungi within one to four weeks. Morphological characteristics of the infected fungus as well as the growth behavior are altered. All studies to date have been performed on in vitro cultures or greenhouse studies. Also, we have succeeded in infecting healthy fungi artificially in the laboratory and in curing them from the infection.


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