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Christopher Dion 9-8-2011 4A

My Life!!! During my 6th grade year I always got picked on because of my size and how geeky I looked. Every day I would wake up and think to myself why am I still alive why can’t I just die already? Every morning I would go to the bus stop and get picked on get my money stolen get my lunch taking and get my back pack thrown into some ones back yard with a vicious dog and I would get attacked by it. One morning we were playing football at the bus stop and we made a touchdown well on my way back some one through the foot ball at the back of my head and I blacked out. I had to go to the doctors and they said I had a head concussion. A few weeks after that I got jumped by 3 kids and got a busted lip. Well when 6th grade ended I worked out 3 times a day for an hour every time. Somehow I grew 9 inches that summer and could put up 205 pounds and I was muscular and could hit hard. Well I started to box with my brother in law cause knew how to fight really good so he taught me everything I know. I boxed him every day to get good and learned to defend myself. Well it is halfway through the school year before I start riding the bus again. And guess what happens to me again? People still tried to pick on me and one of them hit me in the face and I just stood there and told him next time you hit I am going to hit you back. Thinking he was cool

in front of his friend he hit me again and I weaved it I hit him with a left jab and a right hook. He tried to tackle me and I scooped my arm under his neck head locked him in the air and through my weight backwards and slammed his head into the concrete and split it open. Once he got up I was walking away but he hit me twice in the back of the head and turned around with a back hand punch to his face it made him dizzy then I uppercut him to the face and knocked him out. After the fight happened and I went back to school I never got picked on again and everyone knew I could fight. Now know one ever wants to fight me. They all try to be my friend. I am so glad I learned how to fight and defend myself cause now all those problems are behind me. Lets just say I don’t put up with peoples crap anymore.


Story Narrative Project