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Ways you can improve and keep track of your Facebook posts this Fall without being bogged down!

If you have any special offers or individual services to promote, take advantage of  our  press release offers!

Concerned about how to manage all of your incoming calls during the upcoming holiday season? Check out our Fall phone tip!


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Tricks and Treats for Your Holiday Facebook Posts Did you know that you can preschedule your Facebook posts ahead of time? Treat yourself to this useful trick so you can plan your posts and keep your patients engaged throughout the season!

Did you know that you can preschedule your Facebook posts ahead of time? Treat yourself to this useful trick so you can plan your posts and keep your patients engaged throughout the season! 1. Write a post as you normally would, but instead of clicking “post” click on the “clock” icon located to the left of the “post” button. If you hover your mouse over the “clock” icon it will say, “Schedule or backdate your post.” 2. Clicking on the “clock” icon,

you will be able to schedule the year, month, day, hour and even minute that you want your post to be released. 3. Once you have selected the correct information, click “schedule.” 4. Now your release is scheduled! Click on the “view activity log” icon, and this will take you to the Admin Page. At the top, click “edit page” and then “use activity log.” This will show you every post that you have scheduled and give you the option to change the time, publish it now or cancel the post.

Now you know how to schedule posts in advance, and you can plan statuses for the holidays when your office is closed! One more tip; as you’re planning, be prepared for things to change. According to our Social Media team, it is best not to schedule more than one month ahead of time. This way if something changes, you don’t have months’ worth of posts to alter. Confused? Don’t have a Facebook? Call us today for help with your Facebook or to start up a Social Media Package, and we’ll do everything for you! 

Personalized Press Releases: Tell Us What’s New In Your Practice!

With the holidays approaching, there is no better time to consider ordering personalized topics for your press release content. This season we have had doctors send us fundraisers that they are participating in, awards they are winning, and contests they are hosting. Does your practice have something special planned this holiday season? Did you recently win an award or join a new dental organization? Did you expand or relocate your office? Is there a new treatment you have added to your services? All of these things are newsworthy, and we want to help you promote them!

We publish press releases daily, allowing you to receive organic Search Engine Optimization to your website, strong back-links to credible news sources and plenty of links to take over the first page of a Google search in your area. Most importantly, these press releases reveal the strong credibility of your practice. Each month we write unique releases using the top keywords that are collected in your monthly reports. Using highly targeted words specific to your area, the press releases shoot out into the World Wide Web and are selected by some of the top news sources in the country. We have

written press releases about general topics such as dental implants, laser gum surgery, cosmetic dentistry and so on. However, we see great value in also publishing press releases in which office information is shared with the public. Adding current and individual information from you would enhance this already valuable marketing tactic. If you have new press release topic ideas, or if you’re interested in adding press releases to your monthly package, please contact us today! 

Press Release  Points   1. The words highlighted in red are your top keywords. We research this data every month to make sure we are optimizing your content with SEO specific to your website. 2. Each press release includes a picture. Do we have a headshot of you somewhere on your website? If we don’t, we are using a generic picture of your office or logo. Adding a picture of your face adds that personal touch to your press release. 3. The faster you send back changes and approval, the faster we can schedule your release. We do everything we can to keep our system efficient and to ensure that you get the quality and quantity you are paying for.

Telephone Tip for the Office Staff Answering the phone, taking messages and making sure to call each patient back is quite a task, especially when your answering machine is picking up after hours and on the weekends.


With most people having days off on or around the holidays, they finally have time to call their dentist or periodontist. However, we are not always available and potential patients are most likely getting the answering machine. How can we keep track of our missed calls and improve our conversion?


With our call tracking services, we know firsthand that the majority of phone calls that go to your answering machine hang up instead of leaving a message. To avoid this issue, it is best to hire a call answering service to screen your phone calls for you. With 24/7, real-time service, you will minimize your missed calls and opportunities because there is always someone to talk to. Many answering services can not only take messages, but can schedule appointments so your patients will be able to get the help they need at the time they need it.


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We have practiced several marketing strategies to bring dental professionals online visibility. Based out of Palm Harbor, FL, we offer periodontal and dental offices successful promotional approaches in radio, TV, direct mail, billboard, and internet marketing. Focusing on dental professionals across the country, our company aims to increase their visibility regardless of location or demographic.

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