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Starting Tuesday, August 14, Progressive Dental Marketing will begin automatically…

PDM offers social media campaigns to those who want to explore the opportunities…

It’s important to keep your front desk staff refreshed on how best to handle difficult questions…


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Better Tracking for Our Clients Progressive Dental Marketing will now send all incoming calls directly to clients in the hope that this will lead to faster patient conversion.

Starting Tuesday, August 14, Progressive Dental Marketing will begin automatically forwarding all recorded phone calls directly to the email that we currently have on file for your office. At this time we monitor all inbound calls and only send those that are worth noting. Along with each call we offer compliments and feedback, such as strategies on how to better handle patient inquiries

and the best way to constantly follow-up with them. Instead of only sending select calls, every call that comes in through your call tracking number will be automatically sent to your office. This is to ensure that each doctor is receiving their calls in real time and is able to follow-up on any missed opportunities. We will continue to send separate emails noting your progress and any room for improvement

on notable calls. Please do not be alarmed by the influx of emails in your inbox. More emails means the marketing is working; this is a great thing! As always, we are available to assist your office with custom ways to manage this information. We look forward to watching your practice grow, and appreciate your partnership! 

PDM Offers Successful Social Media Package Progressive Dental Marketing is now offering an extensive Social Media package for our clients! Our first step was to hire a Social Media



Jacques. His time is dedicated to researching social media tips and sharing all of his experience with our team. Below, Jacques points out some reasons




maintaining a Facebook page for a business is so important:

respond to positive and negative

MARKET effectively: Facebook is a

feedback, customer complaints,

great platform to keep customers

suggestions or questions in (near)

up-to-date about any promotions,

real time, you will learn more

offers, contests and activities.

about your business. You can take

INCREASE awareness: Facebook

MANAGE your brand: People are

what you learn to make your

talking and sharing their thoughts

services better.






responding when they are talking about




simply no longer managing your brand.

is all about engagement, and if you can accomplish that, the

BUILD relationships: If you take


the time to listen and credibly

business for free automatically.


Well, not REALLY free. You get




Facebook will enable you establish






out of it what you put into it. If you


take the time to keep your page

IMPROVE your business: Having a

with your customers by sharing


presence on Facebook puts you




interesting information and you

initiatives and behind-the- scenes

are credibly and transparently

happening. By making yourself


engaging with your audience,

available and able to proactively

loyalty and familiarity.




successes, activity.






then it will happen. 

facebook facts you should know ü ü ü


Just this year, has received more than 1.6 billion visits a week and has averaged more than 229 million U.S. visits a day. 1 in every 5 page views in the U.S. occurred on became the #1 ranked website in the U.S. on March 9, 2010. is the top social networking site in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Brazil, France, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore markets.

If your office is interested in adding a social media campaign to your monthly marketing, call us at 1-888-600-4996 today and we can work out a package that is ideal for your office and location!

Telephone Tip for the Office Staff It’s important to keep your front desk staff refreshed






frequently asked questions that can have challenging answers. Q When someone calls asking how much a procedure costs, should I give him or her an exact price? A

In most cases you should avoid giving numbers over the phone. Instead, let the patient know that it would be misleading for you to give them a price over the phone before the doctor has seen him/her for a full exam. In select cases where you feel you will loose the perspective patient without giving a price, and if your office allows it, give a price range. Be sure to reiterate that the price is contingent upon an exam. When the prospective patient’s main focus is cost, build confidence with them and let them know that the office works with patients to make costs affordable.


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We have practiced several marketing strategies to bring dental professionals online visibility. Based out of Palm Harbor, FL, we offer periodontal and dental offices successful promotional approaches in radio, TV, direct mail, billboard and internet marketing. Focusing on dental professionals across the country, our company aims to increase their visibility regardless of location or demographic.

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