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Whether you call it "egg in the whole", "egg in the basket", or what I was told "eggy surprise" it's one of my favorite go-to dishes to make for myself or for other....mainly because it's not complicated and with my skill level in the kitchen its almost tests my cooking talents. The reason why I chose this breakfast dish is because of the story behind it. Growing up I lived in a household where we ate nothing but take-out food, delivery, or microwave "entrees". It's a problem in the U.S., a lot of kids regardless of class are sort of left to their own devices due to parents working long hours and not being able to make a home cooked meals. So naturally cooking my own food was something I didn't do for most of my life UNTIL that one fateful day I said "I think I'm going to change my life and break out a frying pan". With the fear that I'll burn down my house or singe my eyebrows I made this simple meal for myself. And it was a success The feeling I had of cooking my own meal was something I haven't forgotten. I still remember the sense of independence and empowerment I received from cracking that egg and pouring into a piece of buttered toast. That culinary curiousity really changed me for the better, I felt like an adult actually.Understanding that, here are the simple directions and tools needed Tools: A glass, drinking cup, or a cookie cutter. Olive Oil or Butter, Egg(s), your choice bread (be creative. I've used sourdough and even placed the egg inside french toast to great results). Cheese (optional), a spatula, a stove. Take the cup/cutter/glass and simply press down into the bread. Push out perforated bread piece (you can either cook it as well or just toss it). Place the holed-out bread slice(s) into a oiled or buttered pan on mediumlow heat Crack eggs directly in the hollowed out bread and let stand for around 5 minutes With a spatula flip said bread piece. Ensure that the egg is cooked to avoid the yollk from leaking Cook other side for 5 additional minutes It desired place your choice of cheese atop on allow to melt Serve and enjoy.

Egg Surprise  

Ethnic Studies Cookbook

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