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2012 Annual ISBC Offline Registration Form If you desire to register offline: 1) Complete the registration form below. 2) Return completed registration information with applicable fees.

Last Name: _________________________________ (as it appears on your passport) First Name: _________________________________ (as it appears on your passport) Address: ____________________________________________________________ Birth date:______________ Place of birth: _______________ Citizenship: _________________ Passport Number: ____________________

Tel: ________________ Fax: ________________ Email: _________________________________

Name of company you represent: ______________________________________________ Company's Address: _______________________________________________________ What is the company's primary business?________________________________________ How many years has company been in business? _________________ Company's Website: _________________________________ Company Email: _____________________________________ Are you an Owner? Partner?

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Do you speak a language other than English or French? If so what language? __________________ What activities are you engaged in within the shea industry? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you seek to accomplish by attending this year’s convention? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Early Bird Registration for general admission is $89.00 before July 1, 2012. Registration on July 1-September 14 2012 for general admission is $129.00. Late Registration as of September 15 general admission is $229.00.

General Admission General admission includes the following topics in our workshops classes and break-out sessions including but not limited to; 1.

How to evaluate shea butter, and the international language of quality.


How to Import Shea Butter Direct from Africa- detailing the process of importing shea butter from Africa to the USA, including US customs requirements, and instructions on completing necessary paper work. Attendees will review shipping lines, shipping lanes, freight forwarding and/or air cargo direct from Africa to USA warehouse.



How to Comply with U.S. FDA and State of California Regulations a)

Overview of how U.S. FDA regulates cosmetics


U.S. FDA Establishment Registration


U.S. FDA Cosmetic Product Ingredient Statement (CPIS) Filings


U.S. FDA Labeling Requirements


State of California Safe Cosmetics Program Requirements

Small Medium Enterprise Shea business Forum – Challenges and Solutions - Designed to provide those who use shea products or are shea enthusiasts a road map to setting up and organizing a better shea butter business model. This session will provide the attendee tools to start or enhance a productive and successful small business, while providing insights on using value added Shea Butter from a panel of business experts in the shea industry.

a) Retail Big Box access b) Ecommerce Do’s and Don’ts c) Branding and Marketing in the 21st Century

d) Identification of development and business working capital

Highlighted Coursework Descriptions Please find the 2012 convention training courses listed below. Please note that some of the courses are included in general admission. The admission fee (if applicable) for each course you select must be added to the general registration fee. You can take none or as many of the courses you desire. (*) Represents courses where a certificate is issued once course is successfully completed. Course Number and Title: (105). (*)Certified Shea Butter Technician This course is designed to provide attendees a comprehensive understanding of shea butter’s clinical properties and benefits. Emphasis is placed on ingredients, grades types, colors, and sources. The clinical properties that separate shea butter from all other vegetable oils will be discussed in detail.

• • • • • •

Introduction to shea chemistry Understanding Shea Butter The search for certified organic Shea Butter Review of Certificate of Analysis Clinical Properties of Shea Butter Shea Tech Examination

Date: Friday, October 11, 2012 Admission fee: Included with General Admission Course Number and Title: (306). Shea Innovation Symposium The Innovation Symposium Committee of the International Shea Butter Convention (ISBC 2012) welcomes all contributions of original, unclassified and classified high-quality papers relating to innovation in the Shea sector, but specific areas of focus should include science, engineering, technology, commerce or economic fields of discipline. Papers are welcome that focus on specific shea producing countries or the entire Shea Belt as a collective whole.

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2012 Admission fee: Included with General Admission Course Number and Title: (101) Shea Formulation Workshop The Natural Product Formulation Course 101 is designed to provide scientific approaches to the development of skin and hair product formulations that work. This course is well suited for individuals interested in developing product formulas; including those who currently have a proposed formula and desire assistance to inform formulation criteria to those interested in education in formulation science and designing specific products for hair and skincare lines. The course provides fundamentals in product formulations based on science and applied chemistry. This course will provide time for attendees to experiment on their own formulation ideas, under the guidance and structure of applied chemistry from formulation experts. Segments include formulation training, product development, with FDA guidelines provided alongside information about ingredient testing and grading. Date: Saturday, October 12, 2012 Certification exam given on Saturday 3:00 PM October 15, 2011 Additional admission fee: $99.00 Course Number and Title: (512). (*) ASBI Post Extraction Management Course This course is designed to provide attendees the necessary knowledge to preserve the quality of shea butter in the post-extracted period. For example, studies at ASBI have shown that 89% of shea butter-leaving Africa is already rancid. This finding represents the single most significant disincentive for unrefined shea butter’s use in the global cosmetic in industry. Solving this problem opens many sales opportunities for producers. This course will provide the attendees the technical training to manage high quality shea butter once extraction is completed; thereby, increasing the likelihood for improved success on the international market. Date: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday October 13-15, 2011 Certification exam given on Saturday 3:00 PM October 15, 2011 Additional admission fee: $ 699.00

Registration Types

General Admission

Shea Technician Certification

Shea Innovation Symposium

Post Extraction Management Certification

Custom Shea Formulation 101 Workshop

Shea Market Expo and Showcase


Option 1: General Admission


Option 2: General Admission, Plus Formulation


Option 3: General Admission, Plus PEM


Option 4: General Admission, Plus Formulation & PEM


Option 5: Custom Shea Formulation Workshop 101 without general admission


**Please note that you must include the amount for your hotel accommodations priced at 140 USD per night for three (3) nights**

Lodging and Accommodations: 1) Hotel reservations for recommended hotels are below:

Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway or Spring Hill Suites Atlanta Airport (2) Hotel Accommodations: We recommend a minimum of three (3) nights in the hotel @ $140 per night.

Below find three (3) additional methods for payment of fees once you submit your registration information above. You may submit registration and other documents, email or or postal service via USPS. Paying Fees by Bank to Bank wire Transfer? 1) Return the registration form by email to, state you wish to pay fees by Bank-to-Bank wire transfer. 2) Ask for instructions for bank-to-bank transfer. Paying Fees by Western Union Money Transfer? Follow Four Easy Steps below: 1) Return the registration form by email to, state you wish to pay fees by Western Union money transfer. 2) We will send you, by return email, instructions on to whom and where to send payment. 3) Send Western Union money transfer only after you have received proper instructions from us. 4) Confirmation of receipt of your payment will be sent by email.

Paying Fees via US Postal Service?

* We accept US Postal Money Orders only. * We accept checks drawn only on US Banks. * Make all checks and money orders payable to the International Shea Butter Convention. * Send check or money order with your convention registration form to the address shown below. * Mail post marked after September 15, 2012 is subject to being returned. Return the registration form with your check or money order to: Attention: Convention Registrar American Shea Butter Institute PO BOX 132 Columbus, GA. 31902 Tel: 706.682.4982 Email: Website:

We appreciate your interest in registering for the 2012 10th Annual ISBC Convention and look forward to meeting you in October!

2012 Annual ISBC Offline Registration Form  
2012 Annual ISBC Offline Registration Form  

Offline Registration-Make plans to attend the 2012 10th Annual International Shea Butter Convention