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Shift SharePoint to Office 365 Quickly and Simply SharePoint Organiser is a professional software tool which implements shift SharePoint to Office 365 process along with other processing too. The latest up gradation of the software in v2.5 brought up intelligent features such as:

 Supports provision to ‘Copy source SharePoint items and Paste’ into destination  Now, ‘graphical user interface has become more intuitive’ The above mentioned upgraded lineaments will definitely help customers in meeting essential requirements. Our active tech support department initiates you with the task to spread major updates to the customers already purchased the tool. Grasped with Multi-Talents: Our SharePoint Organiser software supports performing multiple operations such as: Office 365 to SharePoint SharePoint to Office 365 Office 365 to Office 365

Important Characteristics in tool:  Migration of Sites, Libraries, Folders, Lists, and corresponding permissions all inclusive of correct Metadata info  Tool performs data migration task from source of destination via respective permission and free to overwrite existing folders.

 Software provides option to choose any user/users from CSV file, as software has sheer capability to migrate data from bulk senders and bulk receivers at a time.  Systematic tool, this can be clarified from its capacity to preview selected items and set criteria such as migration dates, overwrite file, overwrite folders, permission etc.

Free Demo - Undergo SharePoint to Office 365 Migration Conversion Processing: The way to get well-versed with features and SharePoint to Office 365 migration process, download tool in free trial run. Demo video is additional help to access live software processing. Get proviso for features too for practical approach. A brief conversion of first 50 items in SharePoint to SharePoint supports giving right knowledge about tool. Download URL -

Full Version of SharePoint Organiser: Grab SharePoint Organiser to convert unlimited data from SharePoint to the platform you want data in at very reasonable cost ($250). Purchase URL -

Shift SharePoint to Office 365  

Easily and quickly perform shift SharePoint to Office 365 task with best SharePoint Organiser. It provide copy paste and drag drop options w...