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transfer text messages to new phone use AST android sms transfer By collecting mobile phone users demand of system, screen, brand, model, price and the cost that found that advocates of the iPhone is only 18.2%, and that figure was 31.8% in the same period last year. Instead, android mobile phone brands such as samsung and HTC is recognised, the samsung increase more than doubled at the same time from last year and up to 42.9%. In addition, because of the high quality of NOKIA, it is still have a certain status in the market.

• So with such more android phone user in now days, how to transfer text messages to new phone become a big problems and so may people want to find a easy way to backup the old text messages from old phone to new phone. • Now here are steps about how to transfer text messages to new phone. • Step 1. Download and Install Android SMS backup software Free download Jihosoft Android SMS Transfer from the official site. Get it installed on both the old HTC Wildfire and new Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone.

Step 2. Backup Text Messages to Android’s SD Card Run Android SMS Transfer on HTC Wildfire. Click “Backup SMS”, input a name for the backup file and click “OK”. All messages will be quickly saved to SD card in .db file.

Step 3. Transfer Text Messages to New Phone Android Transfer saved text messages from old android to new phone android using Bluetooth built in the HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy S3. Step 4. Restore Text Messages to New Android Phone Run Android SMS Transfer on Galaxy S3. Click “Restore SMS” and select the backup file to restore text messages to new Android phone. In seconds, all old Android text messages will in the new phone’s mail box.

Transfer text messages to new phone use ast android sms transfer