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The way to transfer sms from android to android As a new fasion styles, android cell phone new become very popuplar in now days. Some peope change their phone about 3-5 month, or other people change their phone about 1-2 years, no matter 3-5 month or 1-2 year, you will get a problems that how to transfer the old information to your new cell phone, for exmple, you ofen use SMS to send text messages to your friends or even your business, of couse there are alway many important data or valuable info in it, you do not want to delete it, and just want to copy those to your new cell phone, have you find a method to slove this problem? Here introduce a software transfer sms from android to android to help you fix this matter.

• Step 1. Install android sms transfer • To get started, free download and install Android SMS Transfer on old Android mobile and also your new Android phone.

Step 2. Backup Old Android SMS Open Android SMS Transfer to new phone on your old Android mobile. Select “Backup SMS” to backup your old Android text messages. All your SMS messages will be saved to SD card in .db file.

Step 3. Transfer SMS Android to Android Transfer the backup SMS file from android to new phone android using Bluetooth built in the two phones or via USB connection to computer. Step 4. Restore SMS to New Android Launch Android SMS Transfer on your new Android phone. Hit “Restore SMS� and select the .db file transferred to the phone. Then SMS will be restored successfully to the new Android and you can see all messages in your phone mailbox.

The way to transfer sms from android to android  
The way to transfer sms from android to android