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As the world's leading smart phone manufacturers, Samsung continue to squeeze the competitor's living space with its huge Galaxy product line. Since listing so far, the company's latest f lagship Galaxy S4 has already has created nearly 6 million units of the amazing sales volume, while the Android system already occupy 74% of the global market share of smart phone operating system. Thus, in the field of smart phones, Samsung and Android will soon become the legendary combination.

ď‚— There always out some problems when people using

Samsung android phones for exmple: how to backup samsung galaxy y sms to pc?

ď‚— First, you can backup the messages to Galaxy y SD card

with a .db file extension. Then, copy the .db file to your PC, and use android sms transfer to open the messages, or edit them. Moreover, the smart Android SMS Transfer is able to export your Galaxy y SMS into TXT or CSV file format, which is convenient to search your important information that are stored in your text messages. ď‚— Other topics click: samsung galaxy note ii text messages to pc

How to backup samsung galaxy y sms to pc  
How to backup samsung galaxy y sms to pc