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: ST0-100


: Symantec Enterprise Vault 9 for Domino Technical

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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

1.Did you participate in formal Symantec training for this exam? If so, please select the type of training that you completed. (Select all that apply.) A. Instructor-led classroom B. Virtual instructor-led classroom C. eLearning / web-based training D. Symantec-hosted webcast E. Distributor or reseller-hosted webcast F. Field / Real-world experience G. Other Answer: A,B 2.A company will have five Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) sites and three EV Directories. How many Monitoring databases should be planned? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 5 Answer: C 3.Which two SQL databases are directly associated with storage in Symantec Enterprise Vault? A. Directory and Monitoring B. Partition and Vault Store C. Directory and Vault Store D. Fingerprint and Vault Store Answer: D 4.Which process requires that the Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway (EVDG) be installed in the environment? A. Mailfile archiving B. Lotus Notes access to archived items C. Enterprise Vault Administrator access to Domino configuration D. Journal archiving Answer: B 5.Symantec Enterprise Vault sites are grouped under which Symantec Enterprise Vault container? A. Directory B. Targets C. Archives D. Domains Answer: C 6.What are two primary physical data-storage components of Domino Mailbox Archiving in Symantec Enterprise Vault? (Select two.) A. Indexes


The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

B. Archives C. Vault Store partitions D. IIS configuration data E. Shopping Basket Answer: A,C 7.Which connection type is used to archive messages from mail files? A. IMAP B. NRPC C. MAPI D. SMTP Answer: B 8.A user is unable to log in to search the archived mail. Which step can be taken to correct the problem? A. re-enable the mailbox B. refresh the design C. reset the Internet password D. reset the Domino password Answer: C 9.When the Deployment Scanner is used for troubleshooting a Symantec Enterprise Vault environment, which two of these tests are performed? (Select two.) A. mail file permissions B. Domino server permissions C. registry settings D. Domino server versions E. Domino template versions Answer: C,D 10.Which action is necessary to run DTrace from within the Vault Administration Console? A. enable Traces from the Site Properties B. enable debug from the Site Properties C. install DTrace.exe on the Symantec Enterprise Vault server D. enable Advanced Features Answer: D 11.Which two Symantec Enterprise Vault features reduce the storage requirements needed by a company to maintain information? (Select two.) A. data compression B. collections on archived data C. Optimized Single Instance Storage D. storage on WORM devices E. item conversion to HTML Answer: A,C


The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

12.What are two reasons for adopting Symantec Enterprise Vault to manage unstructured content? (Select two.) A. to protect messaging infrastructure to ensure uptime and productivity B. to enable corporate discovery and end-user search C. to centralize information management and retention D. to create and retain snapshots to facilitate instant recovery E. to enforce compliance with endpoint security policies Answer: B,C 13.What is a benefit of archiving Domino user mail files? A. makes email highly available B. provides a compliance copy of email C. prevents users from deleting email D. enables efficient search and retrieval of email Answer: D 14.Which two additions are made to the notes.ini of the Symantec Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway (EVDG) server after installing Symantec Enterprise Vault? (Select two.) A. ServerTasks=EVDominoHousekeeping B. ServerTasks=EVDominoEM C. ExtMgr_Addins=EVDominoEM.dll D. ExtMgr_Addins=EVDominoHousekeeping.dll E. ExtMgr_Addins=EVDominoHousekeeping Answer: A,C 15.After running the Symantec Enterprise Vault Configuration Wizard, which of these services are running when viewed from the Vault Administration Console? (Select two.) A. Enterprise Vault Indexing Service B. Enterprise Vault Administration Service C. Enterprise Vault Directory Service D. Enterprise Vault Domino Archiving Service E. Enterprise Vault Task Controller Service Answer: A,E 16.Implementation of Symantec Enterprise Vault follows a specific sequential process after prerequisites are met. The first three steps in this process include: run the Deployment Scanner, run the Software Install, and run the Configuration Wizard. What is the fourth step in the process? A. run the Domino Configuration Wizard B. run the Getting Started Wizard C. run the Archiving Configuration Wizard D. run the Provisioning Wizard E. run the Storage Configuration Wizard Answer: B


The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

17.Which two of the following are created by the Symantec Enterprise Vault Configuration wizard? (Select two.) A. Index locations B. Vault Directory database C. Services on the Enterprise Vault server D. Domino archives E. Vault store databases Answer: B,C 18.What should be done before running the Enterprise Vault Reports Configuration tool? A. create the Enterprise Vault Reporting SQL database B. stop IIS C. add the Vault Service Account to the DomainAdmins group D. create an ordinary Active Directory user account to be used by Enterprise Vault Reporting Answer: D 19.Which two are prerequisites for installing Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) Reporting? (Select two.) A. grant dbreader rights in Microsoft SQL server to the default EV Domino Admin role B. install Microsoft Active Server Pages .NET 3.0 SP3 on the EV server C. install Microsoft SQL Reporting Services on the SQL Reporting server D. give the Vault Service Account the Content Manager role on the Microsoft SQL Reporting server E. add the Vault Service Account to the Local Administrators group on the SQL Reporting server Answer: C,D 20.What tool can be installed to check that all pre-requisites have been correctly configured? A. Enterprise Vault Compatibility Checker B. Enterprise Vault Deployment Scanner C. SystemCheck.exe D. Microsoft System Information tool Answer: B


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