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What is the first image to rush to your kind as soon as the words “plantation shutters" enter your ears. Maybe those shining white louvered shutters covering the windows and catering you the much desired privacy. But the fact that you might know about them is that there are several other places in our homes where they can be used pretty effectively. Sit tight as we are about to experience a completely revealed character of this installation and their versatility. Use them with French doors  According to the experts, they are a wonderful addition, if you are looking for some innovative ideas to accentuate your French doors.  With them, you can give a clean look to any outdoor or porch opening.  One of the biggest features of this combination is that unlike blinds, shades, etc., plantation shutters Penrith stay put. With blinds, shades, etc., it has been experienced every time that they just sway away and get banged with the doors when opened.  Another feature of combining these two wonderful installations is that you can use any kind of handle on the doors. You can use the lever type handle, the bigger type or any version present in the markets.  For this, you simply have to make a cut-out on the plantation shutters

Penrith that can vary from a round shape to square, rectangular or any other customized shape that you want.

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 Moreover, they can be used to allow a set amount of light come in just with a tilt of the louvers.  This fact makes them an ideal choice as far as French doors are concerned. Room dividers  They can be one of the best things to use in case; you are planning to set a partition in your room.  With their help, you can be assured about doing this pretty effectively.  Erecting a wall is time as well as money consuming process. Moreover, it is a permanent solution and not feasible for those looking to do this temporarily.  Shutters are a cost-effective, less time consuming option and a very important benefit is that they can be removed as soon as the necessity ends.  Because of these benefits, they are considered an ultimate room divider, especially for dining room and kitchen, even in offices and other portions of a home. For covering oval and round shaped windows  The suppliers of roller blinds Penrith recommend that they are an ultimate solution to cover unusually shaped windows especially, round, oval, etc.

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 These shapes certainly increase the glamour of any home, but at several instances, they can cause inconvenience for the users. This happens mostly in case; they are in bathrooms, where privacy is mandatory.  The good thing about plantation shutters Penrith is that they can be cut to any shape or requirement. Apart from this, they can also be used with –  Glass inserts as they add a more contemporary look with louvered shutters Closet doors for protecting clothes and other valuables from the sun


Unusual places where plantation shutters penrith can be used  

For this, you simply have to make a cut-out on the plantation shutters Penrith that can vary from a round shape to square, rectangular or an...

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