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Bar stools have successfully made their way out of bars and pubs straight to homeowners’ hearts and their homes as well. There they have proved themselves as a really innovative idea that increases the glamour and saves some vital space. The reason why they are on a verge to replace dining tables and chairs are that they give a more relaxed and comfortable feeling. According to interior designers, as compared to a dining table and chairs, these bar and kitchen stools give a cleaner and a neater look. Moreover, they are known for adding vibrancy and positivity in the home and they are well-suited for small cocktail events featuring your close friends or relatives. But this concept is relatively new and therefore, first time buyers have to face a hard time buying them because there are no such guidelines or rule-book to help them. This is the reason why we have come up with this post that defines some crucial rules regarding buying bar and kitchen stools. Select the ideal height


The height would basically depend on the area where you plan to place them and the thing that you plan to place them with. According to the suppliers, of outdoor dining tables and bar and kitchen stools, determining the height is very crucial as only then, you can expect the relaxation and comfort. In case; they are too short, the arms of the person sitting would not comfortably on the counter. Therefore, the ideal height recommended by most of the sellers is 10-12 inches shorter than the total height of the counter, table or bar, where they are positioned with. Selecting right materials In the online stores as well as physical markets, you’ll experience them made up of either wood or metal. In some cases, you’ll find them made up of uPVC and plastic as well. The one you should buy depends upon you and several other factors.


Those made up of wood offers a traditional look to the area. On the contrary, those made up of metals like steel, stainless steel, aluminium provide a sleeker and a contemporary look to the home. There are some that have this feature of adjusting the height. This version is especially great if you have kids in your home. You can also determine whether you want bar and kitchen stools that are upholstered. In case, you opt for an upholstered version, go for the leather upholstery as it provides more comfort and real joy of sitting on them. Select the right design They actually come with several features and therefore, researching prior to buying would be beneficial. For example – some would be stationary while others would swivel around.


They should have back support and arm rest to offer more comfort to the users. The same version caters more safety for kids as they sit on them. They come as four legged version as well as three legged version. To be on the safer side, four legged version should be picked. With a footrest, the comfort aspect can be much higher as compared to those lacking this feature.



Tips to follow while buying bar and kitchen stools  

According to interior designers, as compared to a dining table and chairs, these bar and kitchen stools give a cleaner and a neater look. Fo...

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