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ď ˝Tips and Some Crucial Shower Waterproofing Related Information


Of all the rooms that we have our homes, the bathroom is one such place that gets special attention as far as waterproofing is concerned. This starts right from the point when its foundation is being laid. This involves several steps and even if one of them is missed, it can ruin your pursuit. Therefore, it is important that the following rules are followed at the time of construction, if you are in Australia.  The top point is that the rules and regulations has to be followed that are determined by the Building Code Of Australia and Australian Standards AS 3740-1994. According to them –  You need to waterproof the entire floor and the walls as well, up to 1800 mm.  The walls should be waterproof up to the height of 150 mm.  If the floor has wood content in it, or it is on the second floor or higher, again waterproofing should be done on the entire floor.  Over the step down, the same should be done up to the height of 100 mm. These were the minimum requirements in this context, but that not the end, as there is lots more to discuss about the same. Who to hire?

The answer has some rules and regulations wrapped around it that are different in different states. For example –


 You can hire the person having current waterpoofer’s licence for tasks like shower waterproofing and shower sealing.  In other states, the professional must provide a certificate of compliance after the job. It should state that the work done complies with Australian Standard AS 3740 - Waterproofing of domestic wet areas.  He should be qualified, learned, licenced and experienced in applying shower waterproofing, shower sealing, etc.

 Lastly, no questions would be asked if the service provider has undergone a Certificate III training course in waterproofing.  The best step is to hire someone who holds a specialization in this task. Otherwise, it is not a bad idea either to hire someone who holds a licence to carry out such tasks.  The work they do should come with a written warranty and guarantee of workmanship. Make sure that you get this paper once the task is over.


 Moreover, the one selected by you should have in-depth information about the best products to be employed for longlasting results. If your local laws allow, the best step is doing the work on your own. However, experts don’t recommend this, as this task can be messy and most importantly, requires precision. Both these requirements can be fulfilled well by the shower waterproofing professional working in some reputed firm.

How would these professionals work?

 In most cases, you’ll observe them doing this task in stages.  They pay more attention in the areas, where the floor meets the wall.  In these areas, they use liquid sealants that are applied in the similar fashion as the paint after the primer is applied.  They use silicon based sealants on the areas where bathroom features such as the bath and vanity unit meet the walls.

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Tips and some crucial shower waterproofing related information  

The work they do should come with a written warranty and guarantee of workmanship. Make sure that you get this paper once the task is over....

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