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Gorgeous pool at the backyard is something that every Aussie homeowner craves for and most them get it built very easily. This transforms the entire look of the backyard area and the area that used to be secluded most of the time, now becomes the best place to hang out with the family. But getting a swimming pool built comes with some stipulations out of which, one is made by the Australian government. It says that in order to have a swimming pool at your home, you need to have its safety fencing built around it right at the time of swimming pool being built. This is actually a justified stipulation because in the recent years, there was a sharp rise in the accidents associated with domestic swimming pools. As far as safety is concerned, fencing is the best, but to let it add to the glamour, you should opt for glass fencing. Most people think that installation of such glass fencing Sydney is easy and can be done through DIY and this is something that can be called a completely wrong theory. No intelligent person would recommend you the same and most of them would cite the following reasons. It has to be certified by your local authorities and as per Australian standards  It is not that you can get a pool constructed, go for DIY installation and start using it.  Prior to construction, you’ll require a "nod" from local authorities and after the installation; you’ll have to get it inspected by them.

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 In case; they find it incompatible, they will consider it illegal and your pool too.  On the contrary, by availing the services of installation e xperts, you can be assured that they’ll work in such a manner that everything would be as per the rules and standards.  Their prime objective is to ensure that no power in the world could declare it non-matching to the standards and thus, illegal.  Moreover, the entire list of products that they would use would be the one certified by the Australian government.  That includes the panels themselves and any accessories used to anchor or support them. Local council legislation  As mentioned above, after the installation process, you’ll have to get it inspected by your local council members and seek their approval.  This makes is extra important for you to get the services of professional glass fencing Sydney installers because they will work in synchronization with the rules and laws.

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 With this, you would be assured that it would get their approval right at the first instance.  At the time of installation, they’ll ensure that it meets or exceeds the safety standards.  They'll also help in expediting the process so that you get your permit as quickly as possible. Here are the questions that you should find the answers of at the time of glass fencing Sydney installation.  What's the difference between 10mm and 12mm glass?  What kind of gates are you permitted to install under the new legislation?  Should you use frameless or semi frameless version?  Will 8mm panes work just as well with the semi frameless installation?  What's the best length for panels to guarantee safety and stability?

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Reasons behind not going for diy glass fencing installation  

It says that in order to have a swimming pool at your home, you need to have its safety fencing built around it right at the time of swimmin...

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