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Why Should I Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

When you get married, the absolute last thing on your mind is the likelihood of getting divorced someday. However, as more and more couples realize in today’s society, divorce is definitely a possibility. The reasons may run through quite a range, but more and more people are opting for this solution when the relationship encounters problems. It’s common when contemplating divorce to wonder if you should hire a divorce lawyer or not. Here are some scenarios when a lawyer will help you protect your rights and get through the process easier.

It isn’t just automatically assumed that children will take up primary residence with the mother after a divorce. That may have been the case in the past, and it may still end up that way in many cases, but it isn’t set in stone. A divorce lawyer can help you present your case as to why you want primary custody, or even with visitation issues your former spouse doesn’t agree with.

Child Custody

Child support is another issue that can end up being a point of contention between divorcing parents. There are guideline laid out that everyone is supposed to follow, but there are times when the primary caregiver expects more than is listed. A divorce lawyer will help hammer out an amount that is fair for everyone, depending on the specific situation.

Child Support

In many cases, the spouse that earned less money in the marriage is also entitled to spousal support. Many higher-earning spouses have no issue with paying child support, but have a big problem, when it comes to paying spousal support. This is especially true of situations where there are bad feelings. When you hire a divorce lawyer, he or she will help you get or give what is fair, depending on your individual situation.

Spousal Support

In most cases, the assets that were accumulated during the course of the marriage must be divided between the two parties. A divorce lawyer can help with the negotiations so each person gets a fair return, and hopefully any specific items you wished to take with you.

Asset Negotiations

With so many legal elements involved, there is always a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed and filed during a divorce. Your lawyer can take care of all these details, so you can just focus on healing and moving on. A lawyer will also ensure everything is filled out properly, so you aren’t caught up in any technicalities down the road.


Since a divorce lawyer deals in divorce issues on a daily basis, you can feel confident that the advice and suggestions you receive are current and upto-date. The lawyer will be privy to any new rulings, law changes or anything else that will help you with your divorce.

Current Advice

It’s important to note that if you have a completely uncontested divorce, you may be able to get through it fine without a lawyer. If both spouses want the divorce and are in agreement on issues like possessions, support and custody, a divorce lawyer may not be necessary.

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Why Should I Hire a Divorce Lawyer?  
Why Should I Hire a Divorce Lawyer?  

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