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LEADERS IN pharmACy 17-34

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“LEADERS IN PHARMACY, BROTHERS FOR LIFE” LIST OF ACTIVE BROTHERS Annie Ho Ho Angela Angela Alfonzo Alfonzo Annie Anthony Hoang Hoang Irene Andrada Andrada Irene Anthony Ricky Hsu Hsu Bryan Brassfield Brassfield Bryan Ricky Jacob Joyner Joyner Michelle Bui Bui Michelle Jacob Lisa Keikoan Keikoan Daniel Chan Chan Daniel Lisa Alex Kim Kim Jagmeet Chauhan Chauhan Jagmeet Alex Leslie Kim Kim Julia Chen Chen Julia Leslie Soongha Kim Kim Cynric Cho Cho Cynric Soongha Niko Laparan Laparan Erika Cho Cho Erika Niko Vicki Lau Lau Jon Cho Cho Jon Vicki Tina Le Le Jessica Choi Choi Jessica Tina Vivian Lee Lee Chris Chow Chow Chris Vivian Albert Leung Leung John Chu Chu John Albert Beeta Mahdavi Mahdavi Gilbert Chung Chung Gilbert Beeta Katy McDonough McDonough Michael Conner Conner Katy Michael Gina Nakata Nakata Michael Conty Conty Michael Gina Christian Ngo Ngo Stacie Gao Gao Stacie Christian Michelle Nguyen Nguyen Bess Glinka Glinka Bess Michelle Tracy Nguyen Nguyen Matt Guerrero Guerrero Matt Tracy

Krystal Tai Tai Nguyen ViVi Nguyen Krystal Yukiko Noda Noda Yukiko Florence Tan Tan Florence Michelle Nunes Nunes Michelle Jake Taylor Taylor Jake Sila Ozdemir Ozdemir Sila Michael Tennant Tennant Michael Stacey Park Park Stacey Christina Tran Tran Christina Creighton Pinney Pinney Creighton Hien Tran Tran Hien Ashley Rummel Rummel Ashley Larry Tran Tran Larry Samuel Rydell Rydell Samuel Tina Tran Tran Tina Daniel Salas Salas Daniel Mike Trinh Trinh Mike Kelly Sams Sams Kelly Janet Tsai Tsai Janet Matt Saqueton Saqueton Matt Alex Van Van Zuiden Zuiden Alex Niki Saqueton Saqueton Niki Matt Veintimilla Veintimilla Matt Frank Sasaki Sasaki Frank Nicholas VuVu Nicholas Jon Schmidt Schmidt Jon Christopher Won Won Christopher Chintan Shah Shah Chintan Daniel Wang Wang Daniel Megan Shimada Shimada Megan Nate Wong Wong Nate Andrew Shin Shin Andrew Brian Woods Woods Brian Jasmine Sim Sim Jasmine Anthony Sinconis Sinconis David Yup Yup Anthony David



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Worthy chief counselor Christopher won “disneyland”

As Worthy Chief Counselor for the 2010-2011 academic year, I set out to accomplish new goals for the fraternity. The past few years have been rocky for the Alpha Psi chapter. The fraternity has run into many roadblocks, including trouble with the school for social gatherings and pledging mishaps. My goal for the year was to turn things around and point the fraternity in the right direction. My definition of “right direction” was transferring our focus from social activities to professionalism and academics. In order to turn things around, there needed to be changes. These changes included focusing more on Risk Management, all the way to improving academics. Almost all of the changes made were not welcomed with open arms. No one liked change, but as time goes on society changes, which forces us to change as well. The morale of the fraternity was very low at the start of the year from the string of unfortunate events from the previous school year. In order to boost morale, executive officers planned a string of brotherhood events, which brought all the active brothers back together. By doing this, it drew our attention away from all the negative aspects and looked toward the future. The executive officers knew what needed to be done; we had to work with the active brothers and reason why these changes were necessary. By focusing less on social aspects, we were left more to focus on our professionalism. The change that met the most resistance was the rebuilding of the pledge education manual, which was changed to stress the importance of academics, professionalism, and brotherhood. Overall, brothers have started to realize the importance of the changes that has been started this year. Because of these changes, communications between the active brothers and executive officers have improved immensely. At the end of my term, I feel confident that for years to come, Alpha Psi will continue to improve its professionalism in the field of pharmacy.


Worthy Vice counselor Frank Sasak i “goon “goonxlii” ”

During the 2010 academic year, I have had the privilege of being our chapter’s WVC. When I first took my position I had a couple of goals in mind. One was to improve the chapter’s view of professionalism and to improve our school’s view of us in regards to professionalism. To accomplish this task I planned many events throughout the course of the year. I spent my term adding events to our already big list of professional events, at the same time streamlining the event planning process to ensure that next year’s WVC will be able to replicate and improve on those events that have already been done in the past. I started off with a series of Blood Pressure/Blood Glucose clinics in Modesto . The site was graciously provided by our very own alumni Anthony Tran. These clinics were manned by pharmacy students and led by our brothers. Sign-ups for these series of clinics were posted on our Chapter’s Website which led to views by hundreds of pharmacy school students. In conjunction with these clinics I also launched a series of flu vaccination clinics, the location of which was graciously provided to us by alumni brother and president Nam Nguyen. The results of these clinics gave our chapter’s professional image a well needed polish as well as provided our brothers andSpring countless2009 pharmacy school students with much need community outreach hours. Pledge Class: in addition to these clinics, I improved on our own health fair and added a co-sponsored health fair with Kappa Psi. I was able to get Walgreens to make a generous donation of free supplies that we used at our health fairs. Through our health fairs we were able to provide hundreds of attendees with health services they might not have been able to obtain otherwise, at the same time keeping cost down to a minimum for us. With the excess amount of money still left in my budget Jon was able to purchase new polos for every brother in our chapter that can be worn at professional events. On top of that the health fair with Kappa Psi was the first time in recent memory that we were able to plan an event with another professional pharmacy fraternity. Overall I was able to nearly double the amount of hours our chapter dedicated to professional events, provide our chapter with new polos and polish our professional image. Even so my performance as WVC is only a small step in the direction our chapter must continue to take. It is with my most sincere hope that next year’s WVC can take the events I have already laid out in my planning guides and either add new events or improve on them.


Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals Stacey Park “Legally bare”

Already being in the fraternity for a whole year, I thought it was time that I stepped up and ran for an executive position for the 2010-2011 academic year. Even though I shadowed the previous Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals, Leslie Kim, I found that this position has a lot more than what meets the eye. Aside from all professional events, brotherhood events and meetings, being an executive officer requires much more time, energy and thought than being just an active brother. My main responsibilities were attending every event, keeping track of membership, recording minutes, organizing the fraternity calendar and announcing the “Brother of the Month” Award. Every two months I would look at the attendance sheet to see which brother served the fraternity the most and attended all the events held during that two month time period. Then during one of our weekly meetings, I would announce the Brother of the Month with a $20 gift card of their choice, and they would be featured in our monthly newsletter. It’s a great way to let the brothers know that we appreciate everyone who dedicates their time and effort to the fraternity. Being part of the executive board and serving as the WKRS for the year was truly a rewarding experience. I honestly learned the meaning behind “Brotherhood”. being a part of the executive board, I saw how the whole fraternity came together during times of stress and I was thankful to have my family of 60 brothers behind my back. I know that help is just one phone call away. Also, this position has allowed me to further develop my leadership skills. I learned how to work with others and I further developed my communication skills. As WKRS, I was one of the liaisons between the chapter, executive board and the alumni chapter. This year, our chapter listed out goals to focus on this year: 1) Risk Management; 2) Create our Identity ; 3) Focus on academic standards ; 4) Improve Communication within the chapter; and 5) Organization. As a chapter, we made sure that everything that we did as a chapter served a purpose to completing one of the five goals. we revised the Chapter Bylaws and revamped the Pledging Manual. Alpha Psi really stepped up this year and we all worked extremely hard to accomplish those goals and I think we succeeded. Thank you Alpha Psi for such a great year!


Worthy Keeper



Jon Schmidt “Benj amin Button”

Over the past academic year, it has been my honor to serve as WKF. In August, I hit the ground running with a new method of bookkeeping. The lack of continuity between WKFs due to differences in software knowledge needed to be put to an end. My solution was to implement an “old-fashioned” system, one involving paper. One of my first orders of business over the summer was to ask the members of the Executive Board to create detailed budgets for their individual offices, subsequently allowing me to compile a formal budget for our chapter, approved by both the Exec Board and the general membership. I kept track of all expenses pertaining to each Executive Office and deducted them from their original officer budgets, allowing us to stay on track financially and not overextend ourselves. Our operating budget was approximately $30,000 with modest returns factored in to keep dues down. Despite the inclusion of projected modest returns, dues reached a record high this year. This news is bittersweet; despite dues being high, I was able to double the amount in our savings account after our annual Tom Stout Thousand Golf and Dinner to $10,000! This will allow dues to be held down in the future, as we will no longer have to worry about being able to front the money for the annual Tom Stout Thousand. We can simply use our reserves and replenish them after the event. Despite the set-back this year of not being able to sell white coats, the chapter had a successful fundraising record. We sold our usual pharmacy apparel as well as spam musubi (thanks to Lisa Keikoan!!) A big thanks to all of our hard-working tablers, especially those on the undergrad side: Erika Cho, Jacob Joyner, Alex VanZuiden, Tina Le, Lisa Keikoan, Brian Woods, Stacie Gao, Angela Alfonzo and everyone else who helped out! I would also like to thank those of you on my committee for all of your work throughout the past year. Lastly, I would like to mention the implementation of annual ]nternal audits at the discretion of the Executive Board. A new form has been devised which will document all cash payments received. The form will correspond to a deposit slip – each having a unique identifier of some sort, i.e., a number. This will allow the tracking of all cash received, establishing a paper trail all the way to the bank. Furthermore, deposit receipts are stapled to their corresponding slips to show the amount deposited is the same as well as the current balance. This will serve to protect the fraternity as well as the WKF. Having compiled a detailed binder that includes fundraising forms, and a personal letter to future WKFs, I feel confident that my successor, Matt Small, will do a superb job. I will be glad to hand the reigns off to him as he returns from Spain. Now that my time as WKF is coming to an end, I am looking forward to advocating on our fraternity’s behalf on the Professional Fraternity Council next year as our representative. Thank you for the opportunity to represent our interests at that level; I have big plans for PFC in the coming year. I will be leading the charge for a newer, more efficient, and equally representative PFC!


Worthy Master



Jacob Taylor “goon XL”

I knew the position of Worthy Master at Arms would be a challenging position this year with the changes that we as a chapter were making to our pledge process. However, I underestimated the challenges that I would be faced with when entering this position. The first thing that I had to do was come up with new and innovative ways of teaching the pledges the lessons that we wanted them to walk away with, but at the same time, following our university’s hazing rules. The most challenging thing was then convincing the alumni and the collegiate brothers that the changes that my committee was making was necessary and would work in the end. I’m still not convinced i had everyone on my side throughout this whole process, but in the end, I think I had a majority of the brotherhood behind me. This year the collegiate brothers decided to make academics one of our main focuses and I wanted this to be true of the pledge program as well For this reason, my committee decided to have the pledges focus 10 hours a week on their courses, in order to not fall behind. There was a couple other changes that we made to the program. One of the biggest successes, in my opinion, were the rituals that a brother and I designed for the pledges. one ritual was The Phi Delta Chi “Torch Pass,” designed to get the pledges closer to each other. The second ritual was designed around an article called “17 Ways to Kill Almost Any Organization,” to show pledges what is appropriate and what behavior is frowned upon. our last ritual was called the walk of enlightenment, and this was designed around the phi delta chi creed: “A man should first direct himself in the way he should go; only then should he instruct others.” This year as WMA I wanted to focus less on punishing and yelling at the pledges and focus more on teaching the pledges exactly what being a brother of Phi Delta Chi means I will be the first to admit that this year’s pledge process was not perfect and a lot of it was last minute. However, I think that this year the brothers and I have created a great base to build upon with the new focus and the rituals. I hope to see the rituals continued and that they will one day be referred to as tradition. At this point, it is up to collegiate brothers to build upon the process how they wish. I would like to wish the pledge class of 2011 the best of luck and I hope that you learned a lot in the four weeks we spent together.



As WIG, my goals this year were simple: to create quality events for both brothers as well as the potential recruits, to attract the best possible recruits, and to have the whole chapter on the same page about what we are looking for in a new brother. My journey and work to achieve these goals however, was the challenging part. One of the first things I did this year was to ask the chapter what they liked about Rush and PreRush seasons in the past and what they thought needed to improve. Particularly, the feedback I received was that everyone loves how recruitment brings the brothers together over a common goal, but that sometimes it was difficult to know what to say and do with the potentials during an event. From these answers I knew exactly what I needed to do for a successful Rush season: make events as fun as possible for everyone, and make talking to potential brothers a streamlined process! Our Pre-rush events were a barbecue, a bowling event, and an open house with activities and games. That last one, called “PDC Playhouse” was especially effective this year because we implemented a new idea: “Brotherhood Bingo,” which opened up conversational opportunities between potentials and brothers. I asked each brother to submit an interesting fact about him or herself and I put all those facts in a bingo grid. The potentials had to find out which fact corresponded to each brother in order to complete a square. The ones to finish the whole bingo board entered a raffle for a gift card. This one activity turned a previously more low-key event into a full-blown dialogue extravaganza. I’d never seen the discussions become so involved, and potentials really felt like they were getting to know brothers and how diverse our chapter is. Our Rush events this year were also an expansion from previous years. This year we hosted a laser tag event, a backyard barbecue, and a formal rush dinner. Because of the great foundation of our successful Pre-Rush season, getting to know the potentials on a deeper basis was easier than it has been for the years I’ve been at this school. Because all of our Rush events are back to back for 4 weeks in a row, it took a lot of planning to get all the details right for successful events. But what I wanted to be the main priority for the rest of the chapter to know exactly what to ask the potentials to get the answers we wanted for discussing and voting on who would become our new brothers. Every e-mail I sent and pep talk I gave was geared for making sure every brother was able to ask the right questions in order to get the essential information about the potentials. Because we were being extra-selective this year, it was important for us to qualify each person by finding out about leadership experiences, what he or she is looking for in a fraternity, and other characteristics that we are looking for, such as academics and responsibility. I could tell that the people we were talking to really wanted to join our brotherhood, and now we had the tools to find the kind of brothers we wanted too. Overall, I would say that my work was greatly successful. I was able to accomplish all my goals, and we entered in an amazing new pledge class. I hope that my work impacts and influences future WIGs and that the chapter continues to find quality people!



As I sit down to write, I think of the word “bittersweet.” This experience has been both sweet, and bitter – bitter since this will probably be one of my last duties as an actively active brother; sweet in that I had the chance to represent my chapter to the best of my ability through the various reports sent to national; sweet that I had the opportunity to come in contact with so many other brothers and chapters; sweet that this will probably be one of the last reports I will ever have to write. I am not the most skilled of writers, but when tasked with something that I feel passionate about, the task becomes a much more enjoyable experience. With that being said, keeping up with deadlines and writing about the activities that we as a chapter have accomplished as the Worthy Correspondent has acted as more than a chance to buff up on my writing skills – it has acted as a moment of escape from the daily grind of pharmacy school, and a chance to reflect on the brotherhood as a whole. Of course, dealing with monthly deadlines and creating reports that I could consider adequate reflections of our efforts has been stressful at times, but with the aid of my brothers, tasks were completed, which allowed for new initiatives to be taken. One such initiative includes the first attempts at creating a networking system to keep 3rd years and chapters in California connected – thus, the “California Connection.” Starting with just a simple facebook group page, I hope that it will expand upon itself as time moves on.

Initially coming into this position, all I was told about was the fact that reports would be made; organizational skills would be utilized, and so on, and so on. However, after being actively involved with the position and the executive board overall, my eyes were more opened to not only the problems that exist within this family of mine (no family is perfect after all), but the experience has solidified my views about our strengths – the perseverance to overcome tough times, the ability to be there when needed, and that sense of togetherness that can overcome the petty differences of discrepancies among brothers. Finally closing out my last year of didactic learning at the University of the Pacific, I reflect upon first coming into the fraternity. It was a jumble of emotions such as eagerness to experience all the opportunities offered by the fraternity, anxiousness and fear of not being accepted by these “brothers,” and the confusion of distinguishing a friend from a brother. Fast forwarding through my 3 years here thus far, it’s been a wild ride with many ups and downs, but the many memories that I keep with me now and forever remind me that I am never truly alone in the profession, nor will I ever be so long as I have my brothers at my side. As another brother reported in the past, our physical bonds may run thin in the future, but I know that the familial and fraternal bonds that I have developed over this time never makes this a true, “’Goodbye’, but merely [a] ‘See you later.’”



This year was full of surprises for me on the executive board as Worth Assistant Correspondent. It was definitely a change it pace from my previous position but I was still as busy as I can be throughout the year. As WAC, I am required to keep in contact with the third years going on rotations and I’m in charge of planning their last week of education here at Pacific, also known as Senior Grad Week for the Alpha Psi chapter of Phi Delta Chi. During the first semester as WAC, I had to grow accustomed to sending e-mails regarding pre-rush and certain events held at school that our seniors could attend if they choose to come back. It was definitely slow in the beginning but it was during my second semester holding this position that made me really busy. Other than running around finding good deals for venues for our Senior roast and figuring out the food that I had to get for Senior BBQ held at Rowland Hall, I also had to maintain contact with the seniors for rush and alumni events. I was able to plan events this year, which was different from my position last year as Worthy Prelate with very little event planning. I learned that communication is important for the third years because when we go on rotations, we tend to feel a little bit disconnected from the fraternity.

It was definitely a learning experience for me this year and even though my position is still far from finished, I look forward to seeing how next year’s WAC improves communication with the seniors since I will be a senior as well. Being on the executive board two years in a row has helped me grow as an individual as well as a brother and I hope that all the new brothers grab at the opportunity to make a difference for the fraternity.



Since i’ve been initiated, I have been most interested in one thing – the Alpha Psiren. I was in awe that this chapter publication was basically the responsibility of one brother (and with the help of others). As a graphic artist, I was ecstatic. I was excited about the prospect of one day becoming the Worthy Prelate just for that matter, because i loved art and design. and to have a whole publication laid out by you? awesome! Now that I’m working on the publication, I’m not sure if I’m still as excited. It’s much harder than i thought it was going to be. I have to lay out 68 pages, and I’m halfway there… but I can’t wait until it’s done. However, the Worthy Prelate position isn’t just about the Alpha Psiren, it’s much, much more than that. Being the WP also meant that I was the chapter’s main scholarship chair – making sure the brothers were doing well in school, advancing, acing their tests, and passing their classes. This year, I advocated a new incentive program to increase academic excellence in the chapter, especially since it was one of this year’s goals. The incentive program awarded brothers points for their involvement and contributions to our scholarship resources as well as other events I was in charge of, such as scrapbook meetings. In addition, the program awarded brothers points for their good grades. Another small award I devised this year was the Most Improved GPA, which awarded one brother a $25 gift card for the best improvement of GPA points. I hope that the WP next year will continue on this program, because it seems like brothers are gradually improving, and becoming more engaged in their academics. The most difficult part of the position wasn’t the academic portion or the designing of the alpha psiren, but more the being pushy portion. I was in charge of handling the articles that are now displayed to you in this publication-- and that was not an easy job. I had to consistently nag and remind brothers to turn in their articles and pictures, but this year I added an additional article template that made the job easier. Little did I know that not many brothers liked to write.. except for me, apparently. However, i’m surprised at how well everything turned out, i was able to get the bulk of the articles in on time, and there weren’t any missing from my original plan. I’m glad to have had the experience of the position this year. Not only did I have to be persistent (sometimes to the extent of being desperate), but I also had a lot of fun bonding with brothers over the little things, and having all the brothers contribute to something that will last for a very long time (the scrapbook and the Alpha Psiren). Really, I could not have gotten through this position or this year if it wasn’t for the dedication of the brothers. Thank you all for the amazing experience, and I hope to lead you all next year as your new WCC!



As the Worthy Assistant Prelate, my job was to handle anything related to scholastics on the undergrad side. This mainly included taking care of the test bank and mock interviews for brothers that were applying for pharmacy school. It was also my duty to help the Prelate with anything that she needed. Heading into the school year, one of our biggest goals as a fraternity was to improve our overall GPA and make sure brothers were studying. We toyed around with many ideas of how to improve our scholastic standing and finally decided on having “study days” at the house. With the help of the brothers living at the house, we decided on three days of the week where we set up tables for brothers to study and made sure there was no noise. This was very helpful especially for brothers who try to study at the overcrowded library.

Another program this year to help improve our scholastics was a raffle for brothers who did well in school. The program, started by our worthy prelate, gave points to brothers who had above a certain GPA. At the end of the semester, brothers with a certain amount of points were entered into a raffle where they were able to win some pretty awesome prizes. These programs, along with our new digitally organized test bank, have made it a very successful academic school year for Alpha Psi. After holding this position for the year, I can confidently say that I have grown as a leader, not only because of my duties, but because of watching my brothers handle their respective positions. This is why I am also confident we will be successful again next year.


Worthy Alumni Liasion Jacob Joyner “MacGuyver”

After assisting the former WAL for a year and helping with as many details and planning for the events as possible, I realized that I truly wanted to be the alumni liaison. I started my position by establishing dates and times that corresponded with the school’s alumni weekend in the summer, an event the chapter had usually not participated in. I was happy to get this event established for this year, and for future years to come. In the fall, I planned a small dinner out for the local alumni to attend at a bar and grill. This was an informal event that was requested by some of the alumni. We watched a UFC fight, ate, and drank merrily into the night. The event went well, with a good mix of both alumni and active brothers. This created a good blend for conversation and general fun. The third event of the year that i was responsible for was the Tom Stout 1000 golf tournament, dinner, and fundraiser. The event consisted of an 18-hole shotgun golf tournament in the afternoon at Brookside Country club’s PGA rated course. Hole and event sponsorships were sold to alumni. Golf was followed by cocktails at the club house, then a three course meal. The raffle took place at the dinner with a variety of prizes from an android touch tablet to jewelry. The pacific regional director of collegiate affairs, Eran Gonzor, even came out to support us, along with many alumni brothers both old and new. The event was a great success, not just as a fundraiser, but as a brotherhood event. I learned many things as a brother and even more as WAL. After I pledged, I imagined the alumni as a daunting force all with similar ideas as to the direction the fraternity should take in the future. Having called a majority of the alumni, and seeing that each has their own opinion of the direction the fraternity should take, makes me feel more comfortable about the dissenting opinions the current brothers share. While we all are brothers and share like interests with each other, we are not steadfast to each other’s ideas and opinions. this is great for the fraternity, because we allow the opportunity not just for brothers to express their desired direction, but to act on it and put their ideas into action. Furthermore ,I would say that I couldn’t have done as much as I did without the help of my committee members and brothers. I owe them a great deal after what I put them through for these events. Surprisingly, Some brothers even brought friends to help out! A special thanks to our alumni president Nam Nguyen and our WCC Chris Won, I know I stressed you out at times more than I should have.



When my brothers elected Representative last year, I had initiated brother, I had little Professional Fraternity Council,

me to the position of Professional Fraternity Council no idea what I was getting myself into! Admittedly, as a newly experience with the fraternity, much less with the governing but I knew my brothers would support me through the year.

The first event that came up was the annual PFC inter-fraternal barbeque. Each fraternity sent five brothers, and we got to mingle with other fraternity members, eat some L and L Hawaiian Barbeque, and play taboo. Since this was the first event I had to ask for brothers to volunteer to accompany me, I was a little worried about attendance. But my brothers volunteered quicker than ever, demonstrating AAAE, and I knew that I would have no problem throughout the year getting participation for future events. September brought the new school year, and PFC participated in the annual pre-pharmacy fair by holding an ice cream social for the new undergraduate students. As they learned about the different clubs and organizations on the pharmacy campus, freshmen also got to meet representatives from each of the professional fraternities. We had already held our first pre-rush event the week before, so this event gave us a chance to say hi to some freshmen we had already met, as well as meet new students who hadn’t attended our event. Before each pre-rush event, we attended the freshman Pharmacy Orientation class to invite the freshmen, and at the end of September, we played a video that Brother Cynric Cho made to showcase Phi Delta Chi’s fraternal and professional aspects. In October, PFC held another inter-fraternal event: bowling! At this event, I learned how seriously Phi Delta Chi brothers take their bowling! Several bros even showed up with their own bowling shoes and balls! The teams were set up to have one member from each fraternity on each lane, and Brother John Chu ended up helping his team take the win. Throughout the year, the Professional Fraternity Council held meetings to check in with the professional fraternities, with a focus on updating the PFC Guidelines, to make them more representative of actual operating processes. Although PFC focused on increasing the rules (and punishments) governing the professional fraternities, I am proud that Phi Delta Chi made it through the year without the smallest of infractions! I had a great time serving on the Executive Committee and getting to know my brothers better both professionally and personally.




This year brought about the creation of a new officer position to the Alpha Psi chapter: Public Relations Chair. we found ourselves the lucky recipients of this position, and throughout the year we strived to accomplish the goals that the original board had in mind, as well as reaching out and helping in other areas, allowing the position to grow. Our first concern became the creation of a monthly newsletter that would help us to communicate to others what our chapter’s activities had been. We wanted the public to be aware of Phi Delta Chi’s many outreach events, an area that we’ve been concentrating on this year and is a matter of considerable pride for us. At the same time we would be nothing without brotherhood, and so each month the newsletter contained both pharmacy related events and fun bonding moments. not only did we want to communicate with the public about Phi Delta Chi’s strength in professionalism and unity as a fraternity, we also wanted to communicate with the rest of University of the Pacific as well as the respected alumni of our chapter. The newsletter was a great way to not only keep active brothers informed on monthly events and help them reflect on what they helped the fraternity accomplish that month, but also a great way for alumni to see how the fraternity has changed, yet still keeps the same tradition of brotherhood at the same time. For the most part, this year has been a success. As stated, this is a position that we hope will continue to improve and expand, allowing for a greater impact on the Pacific community. This position has the potential to be something extremely great, and even though this is only the first year the position has been established, the foundation for this position is extremely solid. In the future, we hope to see that this position has reached its full potential it has and truly be an excellent supplement to the fraternity. We are proud of what we’ve done. Next year we hope to see more great things come from Public Relations. It’s our baby, and like any proud parent, we’re happy to let it go, and a little sad too.



As social chair, I had a few responsibilities. One of the main responsibilities was to be in charge of our annual Kamanawanalea event. This was my first big event. As my first event, I tried hard to make the event perfect due to the high standards that were set by last year’s social chair. However, as I planned it there were a lot problems that occurred. I became really worried about how the event would turn out. However, With the help of my committee, I was able to gain courage in planning the event. in fact, this year’s Kamanawanalea social event turned out to be a success. there were quite a lot of people who attended the event and everything went smoothly. since this was my first experience being on the executive board, i didn’t know what to expect. although i had a rough start, i was able to gradually gain the confidence and become comfortable working alongside the other officers and brothers. i didn’t expect the officer position to be as overwhelming as it was, because i had to communicate with the school and various other people, like djs, in order to have the event go as smoothly as it did. The second major event I had to plan was the annual Tahoe Trip. I channeled the experience that I gained from planning Kamanawanalea into planning the Tahoe Trip. Like before, I had to make sure that the trip lived up to last year’s standards. One thing about this event that worried me was whether or not it would snow during that weekend. Luckily, it did not snow. Everything went well during that weekend. The brothers had a blast! in addition, I was able to plan several brotherhood events during the school year, scattered between all the other events we had going on at the time. for instance, I was able to plan a lasertag outing at zap zone in stockton solely for the brothers, and a few brothers were able to particpate in a short hiking trip after pledging was over.

This year has been a great experience for me. I have learned a lot. I hope that the next Social chair will have as much fun as I did.


LEADERS IN PHARMACY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR 18 relay for life 19-20 white coat ceremony 21-22 aarp health fair 23 leadership spotlight! 24 safe trick or treat rHO CHI JEOPARDY 25 flu clinics bLOOD PRESSURE/ blood GLUCOSE cliniics 26 LODI BUDDHIST CHURCH FUNDRAISER 27 MEDICARE PART D undergrad blood drive 28 ANNUAL MULTICULTURAL fair 29 PDC KY HEALTH FAIR 30 asparagus festival 31 cac carnival 32 AG DAy 33 chapter awards 34



I really didn’t know what to expect from my first Leadership Development Seminar. For one, I was one of only two brothers going from our chapter. Second, unlike the Grand Councils and Seminars of recent past, which were thplaced in cities like Phoenix and Austin, the 13 LDS of 2010 was in Madison, Wisconsin. initially, i wasn’t excited because of the location. However, the knowledge I gained and the fun that I had with my brothers from across the nation went beyond my expectations. Firstly, I have to thank the Gamma Iota brothers San Quach, Lam Tran, and Paul Gerges for the fantastic time I had with them throughout the weekend, along with my Alpha Psi homeboy Matt Veintimilla. The experiences we shared relaxing in hotel, learning in the workshops, and hitting the town with other brothers made up the most fulfilling parts of my summer. While the first part of the seminar was definitely important and laid sufficient groundwork for how best to run a chapter, I learned more from working out problems together with brothers from other chapters. What surprised me most is that mostly every chapter experiences the same core problems to some degree, even the ones that win awards. Even the chapter that wins the Thurston! The lesson at the end of the day was this: love your chapter for what it is, always strive for it to improve in the ways you can, and share your enthusiasm with your fellow brothers. Negativity is always the easy way out. Another great benefit from LDS was the relationships I made during that weekend. My bond with the Gamma Iota brothers became deep and I still miss seeing them as much as I did then. We went through some crazy nights together and shared a lot of memories and inside jokes.


Now that I am reflecting on it, I gained a lot from going to LDS with not a lot of brothers, because it allowed me to freely and actively meet other brothers. Events like these really make you feel connected and feel like a part of something big.

relay for life

BY Gilbert Chung

Relay for Life has always been my favorite event ever since I was initiated.

The event is not only a good Opportunity for community outreach, but also for brothers to spend time together. on saturday, may 88, brothers started the day at 6am at the house by loading equipment onto our team leader’s truck.

When we arrived, the area was already packed. The first thing we did was claim our spot and setup our snow cone machine.. even before we finished set up, customers started lining up.


brothers worked well as a team to get the snow cones out as quickly as possible.

While some brothers sold snow cones others went around the track to review other teams’ booths. Each booth focused on raising awareness for different cancers. We decided to raise awareness for Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma because we had dealt personally with the disease.

As the day went on, more brothers arrived to participate in the fun. By the end of the day, we had sold around 800 snow cones! When night fall came, brothers began heading into the tent to settle down and play fun card games. When it got late, brothers quickly fell asleep in their sleeping bags. The next morning, we quickly packed up and went home.


white coat ceremony

BY stacey park We finally made it! Even though we had to undergo a long, drudging, two day orientation and had been at school for about a week, it didn’t really hit us that we were in pharmacy school until that day. This was the exact moment we were waiting for while putting in all the hours at the library. Our white coat ceremony was here.

Class of 2013

Upon arrival to Faye Spanos, where our white coat ceremony was held, feelings of nostalgia arose. It was strange being on the undergrad side of the campus again with all those memories of walking to class, hanging out, partying, and studying.

Jonathan Cho

jessica choi

michael conty

vicki lau

Vivian Lee

tracy nguyen

stacey park

daniel salas

jon schmidt

chintan shah

tina tran

daniel wang

christopher won

nathan wong

After all of us were seated, the speakers and dean congratulated us with welcoming arms. It was nice hearing how all of the staff were excited that we, Class of 2013, had arrived. As the entire faculty stood smiling on the stage in their white coats, I think we all saw a little glimpse of our future staring back at us.

We could all see our friends and families with flowers and balloons rushing on ahead of us, which only got us more excited.


Then row by row we all stood up as we heard our name being called. We walked up those steps, put on our white coat, and took the picture with the dean. I know I felt like a celebrity when my name was called out because I could hear my brothers cheering me on, congratulating me from the crowd, and taking pictures in the aisle.

We all returned to our seats and recited the Oath of the Professional. Each of us made the promise to be a professional and practice with altruism, accountability, excellence, a strong sense of duty, honor and integrity, and respect for others.

Once the ceremony ended, we walked out of Faye Spanos into a sea of smiling faces, waiting to congratulate us. There was a sensory overload of the bright camera flashes and the scent of floral bouquets. In total, 14 brothers had “crossed the bridge� to the pharmacy school campus. With our white coat on, we were all ready to start being leaders in pharmacy and continue being brothers for life.


AARP MEET THE PHARMACIST DAY BY TRACY NGUYEN On the morning of November 6, 2011, AARP workers and Pacific Students particpated in the AARP Health Fair that took place on the University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Campus.

It was a great and humbling experience to interact with patients on a personal level. - jessica choi I had a great time serving the community while getting to hang out with the bros. -stacey park

In one of the larger classrooms, Volunteers were all gathered and given instructions on how the health fair was run. The volunteers, all in uniform, formed a sea of bright orange polos and white coats- sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Once instructions were given, everyone was sent to their station. Once the AARP members began to enter the building everyone was ready to provide quality care and give as much information as we could. Services that were provided at the health fair included Blood Pressure Readings, Blood Glucose Tests, Cholesterol Tests, and patients can even bring in their prescription medications to be checked by the pharmacy students. There was also an entire hallway filled with information and poster boards regarding a myriad of topics which include: Folic Acid, Lung Health, Skin Cancer, and Asthma; just to name a few.

I personally, along with other Phi Delta Chi Brothers, volunteered at the Pertussis Board and informed patients regarding Pertussis’ recent outbreak, how it can be prevented, the symptoms, and Pertussis Vaccinations.


leadership spotlights

michael Conner VP of Student affairs 2010

Annie Ho 2nd year class president

Cynric cho ACS co-chair

Jon schmidt Rotations co-chair

yukiko noda NCCCP co-chair

nathan wong ALA co-chair

Albert Leung AMCP co-president

Frank Sasaki VN CARES co-chair

tina tran vn cares co-chair

florence tan rho chi president

Michelle nunes rotations co-chair

Angela alfonzo CCI coordinator

Erika cho area residence director

Sila ozdemir student advisor

Christina Tran Yearbook editor


Chintan shah vp of student affairs 2011

safe trick-or-treat

rho chi jeopardy

BY ashley rummel As a first year pharmacy student, I knew nothing of the Rho Chi Jeopardy tradition, so imagine my surprise when I was asked to be on Team Phi Delta Chi! Every June, the four fraternities at UOP each send three first year and three second year brothers to the competition. This year, our team was comprised of second year brothers Matt Dunn, Tracy Phan, and Tiffany Yee, and first year brothers Ashley Rummel, Florence Tan, and David Yup. Even though NBA Game 6 was that night, brothers AND an alumnus of Phi Delta Chi came out to support our team, and Brother Annie Ho even made a poster for us. For four rounds, we answered trivia questions about drugs, medicine, and our hard-earned pharmacy education. As a newly initiated brother, I had a great time competing alongside my new brothers and seeing firsthand how SMART they all are! In the end, we didn’t win, but we still had fun, and I look forward to seeing who will volunteer to represent Phi Delta Chi next year at this entertaining competition.


FLU CLINICS The idea started off small enough. Frank Sasaki, Worthy Vice Chancellor of the Alpha Psi chapter, was looking for a way for the brothers to give back to the community. “I wanted to provide an opportunity for brothers to directly get involved in the community using the skills they learned in pharmacy school as well as getting Phi Delta Chi’s name out to the local community,” he states. He deliberated about starting an event that would make Phi Delta Chi brothers readily accessible to the community, parti Fast forward to today, and that small brainstorm he had has now manifested in the form of a weekly partnership with CVS to

provide fast, easy access to flu vaccinations in the Stockton community. It is an endeavor that has been ongoing for several months now, and is by all accounts an enormous success. Each week four of Phi Delta Chi’s finest licensed intern pharmacists come for four hours and are responsible for running a table entirely devoted to immunizing patients with the influenza vaccine. It was a win-win for everyone involved. CVS was able to offer their patients this weekly service, the patients were able to reap the benefits, and the brothers of Phi Delta Chi were left with a rewarding experience from making that positive impact on another

BY VI NGUYEN person’s life and the community, as well as the chance to hone their skills. Larry Tran, a brother who volunteered at several of the clinics reflects, “I took great gratification in volunteering at the flu clinics. Administering vaccines is one of the most effective ways of ensuring a healthy community. This event highlights the importance of public health through pharmacy and I am pleased to have been a part of it.” It was more than merely the vaccine were we were giving. Patients came in asking about everything from a strange rash to anaphylactic shock. A few patients were quickly identified as being high risk for Pneumonia, and

BLOOD GLUCOSE/BLOOD PRESSURE CLINICS There are a lot of things I love about Phi Delta Chi, but one in particular is how we voluntarily reach out to the community and help those around us. There are a lot of great things that come out of this fraternity including brotherhood, the bonds that we share together and how we impact those around us. This semester, I was fortunate enough to be involved with the blood pressure / blood glucose clinics. Frank Sasaki had put a lot of time and hard work that allowed other brothers


to gain some leadership experience in supervising a blood pressure / blood glucose clinic. First and second year Brothers in the pharmacy graduate program gathered together in pairs and supervised other first and second years at these blood pressure / blood glucose clinics at local pharmacies throughout the area. Katy McDonough and I paired up and headed to Walgreen’s in Modesto to supervise the clinic this afternoon. We set up tables near the pharmacy where we would

were persuaded to get their Pneumovax injection that same day as well. The Brothers used the time as best we could to answer every inquiry, no matter the topic, and were enthused by the positive remarks. We quickly mastered the best way to soothe, finding the most calming words to say and the quickest, most painless way to handle that scary needle. Quite frankly, we learned as much from our patients as they did from us. Skills were implemented, syringes drawn, and yes, even a few tears shed, all in the name of a healthier, happier community. The flu season is upon us, and the Alpha Psi chapter urges everyone to go and get vaccinated!


be performing these screenings on patients that are interested. With several first years eager to volunteer, we reminded them how to complete the forms for the different screenings and helped them interact and inform the various patients at the screening. Not only were we able to screen them for hypertension and diabetes, we were able to answer other questions as well. We were near the over the counter medication as well and took the opportunity to assist those who asked

for help finding the right medications to self treat certain ailments. This was such a positive experience and I realized again how much I enjoy giving back to the community. Not only was this a wonderful opportunity for the Brothers of Phi Delta Chi, this was also a time that we shined professionally on Pharmacy campus by including other pharmacy students as well. These clinics helped to prove that the Brothers at the Alpha Psi Chapter of Phi Delta Chi are truly becoming leaders in pharmacy.

lodi buddhist church teriyaki fundraiser

BY lisa keikoan The Lodi Buddhist Church holds an annual chicken teriyaki dinner fundraiser, which is their second biggest fundraising event each year. This year, the brothers had the opportunity to help out. The fundraiser offers home-cooked box dinners; which includes a half barbecued chicken teriyaki, cabbage salad, and sushi rice. The chicken teriyaki was cooked in huge racks outside on a barbecue pit that’s larger than my one bedroom apartment living room and kitchen combined. The rice was steam cooked, hand cooled with paper fans, and hand mixed. The cabbage was cut up and mixed with homemade dressing to make the salad.

Upon arriving, the four other Phi Delts and I did not know what to expect other than there would be chicken teriyaki that needed to be sold. When we arrived, we were led inside the church where we were welcomed with doughnuts and coffee.

After we got settled in, we were put to work. The boys were ushered outside to help cut and prepare the chicken to be barbecued, and to help move tables and the finished box dinners. The girls were set up inside helping to assemble the box dinners. I really enjoyed this event because it was a very friendly environment, and it wasn’t that difficult of a job.

I’m amazed they still use fans to cool the rice, it’s just like in Cooking Mama! -brian woods


Medicare part d

BY ashley rummel

the outreach events or provide translation services, and several Phi Delta Chi brothers were able to attend and participate, including Brothers Tina Tran, Frank Sasaki, and Daniel Salas. At the end of the week, over 400 patients were seen, and 138 individuals were enrolled into a new Part D plan for the upcoming year, saving an average of $561 per patient. The class also identified severe medication-related issues in 78 patients and notified the patients’ physicians and pharmacies with concerns and recommendations. The program was recognized by the Dean of the pharmacy school, and even got national recognition in a story that In November, the open enrollment ran on NPR’s morning news program! period began, and the class held nine The end of the semester brought outreach events in four different cities over the span of one week. It with it an opportunity for research, was only two weeks before finals, but and Florence and Ashley both jumped Florence and Ashley managed their at the chance. They are currently time carefully in order to help as working together on a paper which many patients as possible while still will be submitted to the Academy preparing for their upcoming exams. of Managed Care Pharmacy for Student organizations partnered presentation at their Educational with the Medicare Part D class to Conference in October 2011, and both offer additional screenings at girls are excited at the prospect of This fall, Brothers Florence Tan and Ashley Rummel took part in a Medicare Part D elective offered at UOP. 33 students and 5 professors spent the semester learning about the various Medicare benefit programs, with a focus on helping low income and elderly patients navigate the rather confusing Medicare Plan Finder available online and providing medication therapy management. The students formed committees to plan all the aspects of the outreach events, from advertising, paperwork, and translation, to preceptor recruitment, logistics, and vaccinations

publication and a visit to Atlanta, Georgia! The elective has become so popular that participation is now by application only. Congratulations to our Phi Delta Chi brothers who will be participating in the Medicare Part D elective for the 2011-2012 school year: Niki Saqueton, Jon Schmidt, and Tina Tran!

annual blood drive

BY julia chen


On Tuesday, October 5, the brothers of Phi Delta Chi and the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, with the local Delta Blood Bank co-hosted a blood drive. The event ran from 10 AM to 3PM at Grace Covell hall on campus. One week before the blood drive, fliers went up throughout the school and dorms. Brothers of both fraternities helped to table in front of the DeRosa University Center, encouraging people to make blood donation appointments. By the end of the week before the blood drive, the sign-up sheets were filled and there were still people emailing to make appointments. On the day of the event, Delta Blood bank came in at 8:30AM to begin setting up. They brought in their equipment, and donors started arriving at 10AM. From the beginning of the drive to the end, there seemed to always be people coming in to donate blood. The nurses did not even get a break, as the chairs were always filled with people waiting to give blood. A few people fainted, but nothing out of the ordinary. The blood drive went smoothly, and the Delta Blood Bank staff were extremely professional. Aside from being philanthropic, the co-hosted event helped publicize Phi Delta Chi as a diverse, professional fraternity on campus. Brother Brian Woods agreed, saying “it was an excellent way for Phi Delta Chi to show the school how involved we really are in the community.” I strongly believe that hosting more on-campus events like this in the future will further benefit our fraternity and leave a powerful impression on both the Stockton community and the students of UOP.


annual multicultural health fair BY stacey park THE 2nd Annual Multicultural Health Fair WAS HELD On Sunday, February 27, at the Calvary Presbyterian Church Gym. The health fair featured free cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, bone density, dental hygiene screenings, and health information on gout, cancer prevention, stroke prevention, pertussis, heartburn, natural supplements, and arthritis. The fair also included a chiropractor, who was available for assessments, information from St. Joseph’s Hospital and Green’s Nutrition, and a children’s arts and crafts activity booth. More than 100 community members, students, and pharmacists attended the health fair, which was fairly successful in educating and informing the public about opportunities. But it turned out they the boys had a lot of fun playing with play-doh so that’s a good idea to keep at the event next year. The temporary tattoos were a huge success and even the brothers were screaming, “I want one! I want one!”

The component that had the most impact on me was the working on the arts and crafts with the children. I am usually the kind of person that thinks children are bratty so I was little apprehensive about being head of the Arts and Crafts Committee. However, working with the children today changed my view completely. I realized how sweet and innocent they are and how they perceive the world is so different from the way I do. Interacting with children really gives you hope and I think we all need a little hope right now with all these hard times.

As co-head of the Arts and Crafts committee, I had to coordinate which art crafts and games to have for the children. My committee and I decided upon having face-painting, coloring, bead bracelet making, temporary tattoos, and Play-Doh. One of the difficulties was thinking of good ideas for the boys since they are generally less into arts and crafts.

The most rewarding moment was when a little girl, Alex, came up to us and asked, “Are you guys coming back next year? This was one of the best church events ever!”


PDC-KY health fair

BY frank sasaki

It was my honor and privilege to plan our first annual Phi Delta Chi-Kappa Psi Health Fair. This was an event that I had wanted to do before I became WVC. My inspiration came from the many Kappa Psi colleagues and mentors I have had in my brief experience in pharmacy. I knew that one day I would have to work with Kappa Psi brothers as professionals and partners so why not start now? When I had initially approached an officer of Kappa Psi about this event I was worried that they might not share the same vision that I have . To my great delight they shared my views and sought to plan a co-event with our chapter. Planning for the event took place months before the event took place. We held joint meetings where brothers from both chapters sat down and hammered out details of the event and delegated tasks to each fraternity. I was delighted that our brothers contributed greatly to the planning process and were able to show the brothers of Kappa Psi the raw talent and leadership ability that our chapter possesses.

Unfortunately the day of the event was riddled with unforeseeable weather issues. We ended up changing the layout of the event and had to scramble in the morning. However, thanks to the leadership of both fraternities we were able to adequately shift things around in a way that optimized the limited space that we had. I was happy to see that many alumni, and faculty alumni from both fraternities were in attendance. The dean of pharmacy even came out to our event. Despite the disadvantage we had with the weather we were able to serve a fair number of attendees. The services we provided included: blood pressure, glucose bone mineral density and cholesterol screenings. As well as education booths and even a Medication Usage Safety Training booth provided by ASCP. On top of that we also had many outside vendors in attendance such as a chiropractor, optometrist and a dentist. Overall I was satisfied with how the event turned out considering the unfortunate conditions we were presented with.


asparagus festival

BY jag chauhan

The Asparagus Festival is Stockton’s annual celebration of quite possibly one of the most hated vegetables in all of nature (except when genetically altered by man), asparagus. The Asparagus Festival took place from April 15-17. It started around 10:00 AM, and ended about 7:00 PM.

ASPARAGUS FESTIVAL During the event, I was in the trenches…I mean, tents, taking orders of asparagus pasta from native Stocktonians. Also, given where the pasta tent was located, I pretty much had front-counter seats to the music performances at the festival. Other BroTHERs TOOK orders in stations such as the Asparagus Ice Cream and the Deep Fried Asparagus. Personally, I had a lot of fun because I got to hang out with my bros, and I had never gone to the Asparagus Festival myself. It was much larger than I thought it would be, given that it was based on a vegetable that most people had no particular fondness for. I can’t us, but parag stand aesally fun time atk ing I had a rl. It was fun worers! a h e h t festives with the brot in l e h t gus n, aspara to ue q a S t Mat onnoisseur c

And despite all the vermin that were there, for the most part, I liked the people in my pasta lines. I would definitely like to go back again…although maybe as an attendee and not as a volunteer!

I or favo iginally d n’t h ave a ver really h rable view oid the city. ad the interefsStockton, I ney ve h t in conn owever, festival ec r g was capoapened my eyeosing to the Aspting with arag ble to w seeing mof. I’m much morhat little Stockus e intere ton ore of - Megan Stockton now. sted in Shima




On the morning of Friday, April 29, the children participated in a series of educational activities. The Brothers of Alpha Psi volunteered to teach the elementary students a heart lab. In this lab, the brothers use a already dissected heart and an un-dissected heart to teach the children the general anatomy of the heart.

After the children had lunch it was time for the carnival, which consisted of many different organizations creating and working at a booth for the children to do different activities at. The Alpha Psi brothers set up a miniature golf green for the kids to putt into, and if they made the golf ball in the hole they would get a pencil. The golf green was a big hit and the children seemed to have a really good time.

The CAC carnival is a great way to get involved with the youth of Stockton. Many events held in Stockton are geared more towards adult populations, so it is a refreshing to be able to reach out to the younger generation. it is important to make these educational outreach programs available for the elementary schools in Stockton.


AG day

BY matt saqueton When I first heard about Ag Day, I thought that it sounded like a great way to get involved and show my support for Phi Delta Chi. Being so new to the fraternity I felt like volunteering for this event would really help me to get a feel for the more professional side of the fraternity, the side that provides services to the public and strives to assist the community as future healthcare professionals. When I found out that we would be talking to elementary school kids about nutrition, I got even more excited about the event. Developing good eating habits was something that was instilled in me when I was younger, and for me to be able to pass along the same message to younger kids meant a lot to me.

When we got to the school, we split off into teams of two and spoke to kids ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade. I volunteered to talk to the second graders, and I had a blast spending the morning with those kids. As part of our presentation we talked about the different food groups, mentioned the benefits and nutrients that each food group provided, and then listed some types of foods that were applicable to each food group. I was pleasantly surprised that, whenever we asked for some audience participation, all the kids got so excited to answer our questions. They had a real desire to learn about what we were teaching. At the end of our presentation we played a game to see how much the kids remembered. Again, the second graders that we talked to surprised. All the questions that we asked the kids about the food groups and food were answered correctly; they really did pay attention to what we were saying and, not only that, they actually retained what we had to say.

Overall, volunteering for Ag Day was a great way to spend a morning. I got to hang out with some of my bros, and we all got the chance to talk to some kids and hopefully affect their lives, no matter how small an influence it may have been. It was a fun morning, and I will definitely volunteer for this event next year.


chapter awards

The John F. “Jack� Schlegel Endowed Leadership Scholarship ($2500) 2011 Recipient: Matthew Dunn

the e.e. roscoe memorial scholarship ($1000) 2011 Recipient: julia chen

charles magnasco endowed memorial Scholarship ($1000) 2011 Recipient: ashley rummel

outstanding pledge award 2011 Recipient: erika cho

the gerald a. miller memorial Scholarship ($500) 2011 Recipient: florence tan

The max scholarship ($500) 2011 Recipient: tracy phan

the rick friedmann memorial senior achievement scholarship ($500) 2011 Recipient: tiffany yee

The ivan w. rowland memorial outstanding senior scholarship ($1000) 2011 Recipient: nick van gronigen

brothers of the month

scholarship incentives winner: Brian woods september/october: lisa Keikoan

january/february: john chu


november/december: niko laparan

january/february: michael conty

march/april: tina le

most improved gpa: lisa Keikoan

Brothers for life 3rd annual paintball extravaganza 36 house retreat 37 annual kamanwanalea social 38-39 Lasertag 40 gamma iota rush dinner 41 thanksgiving potluck 42 stockton thunder goes pink 43 annual tahoe retreat 44 Fundraising 2010-2011 45 pre rush#1 46 Pre Rush #2 47 Pre rush #3 48 Rush #1 49 Rush #2 50 Rush dinner 2011 51 Rho chi talent show 52 tom stout thousand golf tournament and dinner 53 class of 2012 rotation sites 54 a year in spain: matt small 55 Distinguished Alumni award 56 dr. Fries’ retirement 57 Graduating class of 2011 58


third annual pdc paintball extravaganza BY chris


we competed on 3 fields: pro speed ball field, large valley and a junkyard with barriers. the brothers really got into it. Brother michael conner threw himself full-on head first into the grass and started crawling around trying not to be seen. We came up with strategies on where to go and who to shoot first.

july 10, 2010. 9:00 - 2:00 PM. 7336 Dusty Ln., Modesto, CA 95385. Modesto: Extreme Paintball. 90 degree weather and the brothers still showed up with their game faces on. 20,000 paintballs. 25 brothers. Price: $27: - 6 hours of play time - Rental Gun - Safety Goggles / Mask - 2 pods to carry extra paintballs - Unlimited air refills - 200 paintballs per person

at one point brian woods came around a barrier to rest and florence tan was on the other side with her back to him. it was like one of those funny movies where two people on opposite sides are standing next to each other without knowing it - then they both realized at the same moment they were standing next to each other and started shooting point blank. i think jake taylor wins the award for being hit the most. he had at least 14 bruises from the paintballs despite having multiple layers, a mask and barriers to hide behind. Tracy Nguyen was a trooper, she got shot in the hand, started to bleed, wiped it on her jeans and kept on shooting people.


in game nicknames : Matt Dunn - The Professor Matt Smalls - Spaniard-ish Alex Kim - Tom Yum Yo Face! Christian - Dark Knight Sally - Warrior Princess Jake - Bunker Dive Mike Connor - Watch Yo BrokeBACK! Annie - Down and Dirty! Albert - Paint Puncher Alex Van Zuieden - Barista el Diablo Matt Veintamilla - The GODFATHER Flo - Quiet Revenge Tracy Nguyen - Mini-Bomb Nate - Dancin n’ Dodging Brian Woods - Peacekeeper Dan Ho - Stunt Dan Ricky Hsu - Point and Click Mike Trinh - Bowser Down! Ashely Rummel - Backfire Anthony Hoang - Roll Bounce ? Gilbert Chung - Overshot ? Chris Chow - Duck Dodger Christina Tran - GI This! Lisa Keikoan - Spaltter Shield you really get to know your brothers in a new way. it was a great bonding experience, and the brothers had a lot of fun. a lot of laughs and great memories were made that day.

house retreat

At seven o’ clock on a Saturday morning, I found myself being crammed into the backseat of small black Toyota, half awake and squished between brothers who were equally disgruntled at the idea of being up so early on a weekend. An hour later, we were quickly awakened by the wind in our faces. The sight of rolling green hills and a lake filled with swimmers, kayakers, and boats greeted us was enough to get us up and excited for what the day had in store for us.

House retreat

BY michelle nguyen

Stepping out of the car and walking towards Lake Livermore, the clump of Phi Delta Chi brothers sporting our fraternity’s colors put a smile on my face. After a breakfast filled with muffins, cookies, and croissants, we began our activities and the “bonding” began. the day was filled not with just committee meetings and laying out future plans, but also included activities that had me laughing until I felt tears, and sneaking away to the other side of the lake where we designated our own secret swimming area. When asked about how he felt about the success of the retreat, brother Nathan Wong replied by saying “ Retreat is always the best time to have fun with bros in a place away from campus and to discuss how to move the chapter forward” while brother Jake Taylor contributed with a memory of throwing the frisbee around, and watching it get stuck in a tree right next to a family who was, to say the least, frustrated with the large group of people continuously running around and being louder than everyone else in the park.

The feeling of being with a group of people who love you without question is undoubtedly, one of the best feelings ever. Watching my brothers be blindfolded and led through the process of making Kool Aid with the help of the selected group members had me laughing, while the deep circle talks had me realizing the extremity of which the bonds of brotherhood holds us all together. What I learned about the strength of our brotherhood that day amazed me. I never thought when entering into Phi Delta Chi, that the majority of my memories of college would be created by the laughter and tears of events such as those. The bottom line of this retreat was that the success of our chapter, Alpha Psi, comes not just from the professional events we put on or the community service we try to contribute, but rather by the vital mix of productivity in professionalism and the everlasting memories of experiences that make up what we all keep coming back for; brotherhood.



BY vicki lau

As brothers scramble around trying to set up decorations for Phi Delta Chi’s Annual Kamanawanalea Hawaiian Bash, I stand by the side watching as what was an old dreary dining hall slowly transforms into what looks like a postcard from Hawaii. Every year, the brothers of Phi Delta Chi throw their annual Kamanawanalea Hawaiian Bash open to all students at the University of the Pacific. During this night, students can dance the evening away while being able to dress up in their favorite Hawaiian get up, usually involving hula grass skirts and other clothing usually covered in an excessive amount of floral patterns, some even daring to sport the risqué coconut bras.

Phi Delta Chi puts on this event for the students because it “gives the students a great way to just relax on a Friday night while being able to have fun and dress up as if they were in Hawaii”, said Brother Stacey Park. Also by putting on this event, we hope to promote awareness of the pharmacy fraternities on campus, that while our fraternity does enjoy putting on numerous professional events such as flu, blood glucose and blood pressure screenings, Phi Delta Chi also has a social side and knows how to have fun.


not only is it fun for the students attending, it is also fun for the brothers putting on the event as well.

“It is nice to interact with students of different majors, and not just Pre-Pharmacy or Pharmacy students for once and see that they know Phi Delta Chi doesn’t only cater towards Pharmacy students but to University of the Pacific as a whole,� said Brother Chintan Shah. By interacting with students of different majors during the bash, it not only brings exposure to academic diversity to the brothers of Phi Delta Chi, it also brings both social and academic diversity to the students of University of Pacific as well.

Students can meet new friends, meet people of different majors,andhavefunanddancethenightawayatthesametime. Also, we hope that our Hawaiian bash also serves as a means through which Pharmacy students can also meet more undergraduate Pre-Pharmacy majors. By helping Pre-Pharmacy majors become friends with more Pharmacy students, undergraduates can have someone older to look up to and ask questions about any Pharmacy related issues such as the application process as well as the difficulty of the Pharmacy school curriculum. However, ultimately, the Hawaiian Bash really does just provide a great way for students to relax and have some fun on a Friday night. By hosting a fun and themed dance we hope to help students show their creativity and destress before beginning another hard week of academics. Even Pharmacy students know how to put in some fun between their rigorous course load!



BY john chu 28 brothers strapped up in body sensors and a laser rifle to play various scenarios of laser tag at Zaps Zone, a new laser tag arena in stockton. Zaps Zone has a 2 story 6200 sq. ft. arena set up with obstacles and sensors.. The first scenario was “base mode” in which two teams attempt to cross over to the enemy’s base and shoot their bases’ sensors. This was a great scenario start with, because everyone had to run back and forth to shoot the enemy’s sensors.. Brother Florence Tan surprised everyone, especially the guys, by scoring the most points. her strategy was, “Well I just ran straight into the base and sometimes the opponent was so focused on scoring on my side that they didn’t notice me shooting their sensor.”                    After this round, most of the brothers were sweaty and exhausted from running, so we tried another scenario called “team freefor-all,” where the 28 brothers were divided into 4 teams and the goal was to try to shoot the other players without getting shot. you had to stick together as a team and the teammates who were bad at shooting stayed in the corner to defend the base, while the better shooters were more in front. This prevented the poor shooters from getting shot and giving points to the opposing teams. On my team was Anthony Hoang, Michelle Nguyen, Florence Tan, and Tina Tran. At the beginning of the game, we were split up, so it was just Anthony and I defending a little corner and the girls went off on their own. Anthony and I defended our base as well as we could, but just like the Alamo, we were outnumbered and were shot down.

There was a brief intermission before our final choice of a scenario. Everyone took this time to talk about how they scored points. This was all a game, so no one took it personally if they were in last place. Some second years arrived late and a couple brothers volunteered to give up their sensors so that the second years could join. No one knew what they wanted to do for the last scenario, so Niko had the group vote on different ideas and give their opinions, and we decided that we were going to try a different scenario called “zombies,” where there are 3 zombies and everyone else are defenders. Once a zombie shoots someone 5 times, then they become a zombie as well and the plague spreads. The zombies will win inevitably unless they don’t manage to convert everyone within the 10 minute period. The brothers tried their best to hold off the zombies for as long as they could, but the zombies were persistent and almost won. Fortunately, cyric cho narrowly dodged the zombies and survived the 10 minute period. The event was a lot of fun because we were able to work as teams in different scenarios. In previous years, laser tag was an hour drive away, and many brothers still went, but now that a new arena is nearby, more brothers were able to go.


gamma iota’s first rush dinner BY annie ho Following San, Dean David Hawkins from CNCP, who also happens to be a Phi Dex brother, recalled memorable times during his collegiate years as a pledge and brother, and told the potentials about this history behind our fraternity.

Gamma Iota proudly hosted their very first Rush Dinner event on October 9, 2010 at a Country Club in Sacramento! The event started with some time to checkin, enjoy some beverages, and mingle in the beginning. For support, 16 of our own Alpha Psi brothers attended and ended up having a blast! The night started with a heartfelt speech from their Worthy Chief Counselor, San Quach, who talked about the challenges she faced being the person to step up to motivate and lead the founding Phi Delta Chi class at California North State College of Pharmacy. Her speech was inspirational and helped show the potential brothers invited to their dinner, how much hard work and heart was put into building the chapter.

Finally, Alpha Psi’s Michael Conner proudly talked about the times he’s shared with his brothers and the tremendous opportunities, leadership, and friendships he had gained during his time as a brother in our chapter. The speeches, mingling, and the overwhelming support from our chapter made the night a memorable and impressionable night on the potentials of what it means to be a brother of Phi Delta Chi.


thanksgiving potluck BY michelle nguyen

Thanksgiving was one of those holidays where my family came from all over the country to reunite once a year around my aunt’s huge dinner table. Everyone would bring a plate of food and by the end of the night, half of it would still be left untouched. Being so far away from home, this was the first year in my twenty years of existence, to not be present for the grand feast back home in Texas. The thought of missing the honey glazed ham and the bourbon smoked turkey was depressing, but I forced myself to be content with whatever I had in my fridge for my own Thanksgiving feast. However, at the last minute, I was fortunately able to ditch this back up plan for a much better one, one that consisted of a turkey – or slices of one, anyways- and ham with all the dressings included. Phi Delta Chi has always been my family away from home, but I didn’t realize how much meaning these words held until I spent my first thanksgiving away from home, at Phi Delta Chi’s Rowland Hall. There were a group of brothers who were also unable to head home, due to either long distance or a set of midterms directly following the break, so it was determined that we all spend our Thanksgiving together. Thanksgiving day turned into a potluck with about 18 brothers crowded into one room. Somehow 2 long tables and 20 stools were also squeezed into the common area, turning our usual hangout place into the dining area. We sat on the hard stools, ate off paper plates, and drank sparkling cider from clear plastic cups. The tablecloth was more Christmas-y than Thanksgiving-y but regardless, it couldn’t have been any more perfect. There were mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, mac n cheese, green beans, rolls, pies, pasta, and basically everything one could imagine at a Thanksgiving dinner. We ate all that could fit on our flimsy paper plates and went back for seconds. Completely satisfied and stuffed, suggestions of movies and games were shouted out, and it was apparent that no one was ready to head back into the rain and end what was known to be the first thanksgiving potluck at our House. Games of Jenga were played while movies played in the background. Stacey Park commented that, “Thanksgiving at the house should be an annual thing,” while Vicki Lau agreed and added, “this was the best Thanksgiving away from home I’ve ever had.” I can without a doubt, say, if there was one place to be, if not back home in Texas, it was to be at Phi Delta Chi. I mean, Thanksgiving is meant for family, isn’t it?


stockton thunder goes pink BY mike trinh

November 5, 2010. The hockey game was at 8:00 PM. All of the Phi Delta Chi brothers came and enjoyed a hockey game between the Stockton Thunder and the Bakersfield Condors. The Stockton Arena painted the hockey rink pink to promote breast cancer awareness. There were at least ten fights between the Thunder and the Condors. The Stockton Thunder won the match with a score of 12-6.

the event was a lot of fun. We haven’t had a lot of brotherhood events during the year and it was a nice way for all the brothers to come together. This was the first hockey game I ever WENT to and I had an amazing time. I think the highlight of the event was all of the fights that I saw during the game. There were at least four fights within two minutes. I felt pretty lucky that my first hockey game had so many fights. I won a raffle prize during the hockey game. There was a gift bag with a hockey puck, a coffee mug, a miniature hockey stick, and a Stockton thunder hat.

I’m pretty sure a lot of brothers had a good time and I feel like there should be more events like this one. aLSO, I thought the hockey rink being pink was pretty cool, because I never saw anything like it before.


annual tahoe retreat BY niko laparan

“AhhHhhhhH!!! AhhhhHHH! AHhhhhHH!” was heard all throughout the cabin on a dark winter night. Were these screams of terror? Screams of passion maybe? Nope. These were screams of excitement and enjoyment that our newly initiated brother Andrew Shin exclaimed because we were at our annual Lake Tahoe trip. Every year, the Alpha Psi brothers take a retreat to Lake Tahoe for a weekend of relaxation, adventures, fun, and memorable moments (if you can remember them).

While everybody took the afternoon to rest, a few overachieving brothers, Tina Le, Christian Ngo, and myself, went outside to create the best snowman ever, Bob. He was about 5’ 7” tall, had a mohawk haircut, and stood straight up in the middle of an open field next to the cabin. Bob was our pride and joy until a few brothers rudely tackled and destroyed him the next morning before they left. Regardless of Matthew Dunn’s vicious assault of Bob, he and Cynric Cho did cook up a scrumptious salmon dinner for the brothers. It was, as always, exquisite. The rest of the night was filled with games, hot tubbing, and crazy moments that we will never forget, or, for some, will never remember.

The first morning there was that Saturday. Half the brothers went to hit the slopes early morning while the other half chose to stay behind. This year I chose to not wake up at 6 AM and slept in until 9. That morning with the brothers was an adventure for sure, better yet, and even a transformation for some of us. A few of us decided to take a morning walk to enjoy the beautiful sun shining on the powdery white snow. There’s no better way to enjoy this scenery than with the company of your brothers. It moments like these that make our times together unforgettable; and then someone throws that first snowball at you. Game on! After a quick snowball fight, we decided to hit the town, visit the Nevada border, and see if lady luck was on our side. She wasn’t. Instead we just decided to grab a quick bite to eat, see the sights, and head back before the early crew came back.

The next morning was nearing the end of the Tahoe retreat for most people. They began to pack and after loading the cars, were involved in a gruesome snowball fight. This fight ended with many of our cars being pelted with snowballs (without their owner’s knowledge) and someone getting hit in the groin with a snowball. This was the end of an amazing trip for those who needed to leave and sooner or later, the Tahoe crew dwindled down to no more than 15 brothers. After a great morning cheeseburger at a local burger shop, we decided to take the day to rest and just enjoy good company. We played more games, watched a few movies, and built a slide from the mounds of snow left on the open field. It was difficult to build, but Gilbert Chung, John Chu, and Stacie Gao thought it was worth it. Riding down the slide lasted a thrilling two seconds on top of the few hours it took to create. By the next morning, we were all packed and ready to head back to our cruel world known as Stockton, CA. We made awesome memories, spent the weekend with the best people, and will surely be coming back next year. When I asked Brother Jacob Joyner to describe this Tahoe trip in one short phrase, he said “Epic win.” It was an epic win indeed.


fundraising week

by alex van zuiden

During the fall fundraising week, from sept. 27 to october 1, Brothers of Phi Delta Chi gathered together to sell Thomas J Long School of Pharmacy t-shirts and sweater to both our graduate campus and undergrad campus. Pharmacy school brothers woke up bright and early to sell shirts before class, while the undergrads stayed out late to sell to those grabbing dinner by the university center. Even though it was midterms season, the brothers did not let the fraternity down, selling over $1,000 in profit. Although the fundraiser turned out to be very successful for brothers on pharmacy school campus, those on the undergrad campus had a very difficult time selling such a specific item to the whole school. The only students interested in buying a TJL School of Pharmacy shirt of sweater were those who would be eventually attending the school in the next couple of years, which is not the majority of students on the university’s campus. Other problems arose when undergraduate brothers tried to promote our blood drive at the same. the two events advertised together detracted from fundraising. Fortunately, the brothers in pharmacy school made up for this unforeseen setback. In the end, it was a great opportunity to spend time with the brothers while we each tried to show off our best sales pitch.

for our spring fundraising week, the brothers decided to take a different approach and offer a whole week of fundraising in partnership with a few partcipating restaurants in town, such as buffalo wild wings, mr. pickles, panda exress, and lollicup. in addition, we sold our overstock t-shirt collection for clearance prices. however, the main attraction of thie week was our very own lisa keikoan’s famous spam musubi. for just $2.00, students, faculty, and brothers alike were able to enjoy a scrumptious japanese snack filled with flavor and taste. the spam musubi sold “like hotcakes,” and contributed the bulk of our spring fundraising profit. with the success of the spam musubi, the chapter may opt to take this approach to fundraising again next year.


pRE-RUSH 1: BACKYARD BARBEQUE BY MICHAEL CONTY This year, the brothers of the Alpha Psi chapter of Phi Delta Chi kicked off the pre-rush season with a delicious backyard barbeque at the house. Present in the backyard is a gorgeous, huge brick and tile barbecue setup donated by alumni chapter that we love to show off to guests. What better way than to host a backyard barbecue for all those interested in learning about the fraternity? The event was scheduled to begin at 5 pm, but the actual work began a few hours earlier. Brothers arrived early to help clean, set up, and begin preparing for the barbecue. Tables were laid out, vegetables where chopped, and the grill was cleaned and heated. By the time the event began, we were ready to go.

Then the clock struck 5…hordes of potentials descended upon the Phi Delta Chi house. Armed with delicious food, tubs of ice cream, and witty conversation, it was up to the brothers to satisfy the masses. With several brothers manning the grilling stations and others entertaining the crowd, the brothers were able to quell the swarm…” There were so many of them…” said, brother Stacey Park. Sounds like a horror film, doesn’t it? Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

Throughout the event, there was a constant crowd around the grill, where hungry potentials and brothers waited for hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, and vegetarian boca burgers. There were also tubs of delicious ice cream for the guests due, in part, to the recent heat in Stockton. Meanwhile other potentials were shown around the house, introduced to all of the brothers, and familiarized with what Phi Delta Chi is about. Those attending the barbecue had a great time just relaxing, hanging out, and eating with the bros. “A laidback atmosphere, delicious food…it was a great time just hanging out with the bros and potentials,” said Andrew Shin, one of the Alpha Psi chapter’s newly initiated brothers. The backyard barbecue was a huge success. The weather was great and the food was delicious. The turnout was high and a large number of individuals were introduced to Phi Delta Chi. All in all, it was the perfect way to start the new school year and begin the pre-rush season.



On Wednesday, October 13th, 2010, the brothers of Phi Delta Chi Alpha Psi hosted their second pre-rush event, “Bowling with the Bros.” The prerush allowed interested students to find out more about the fraternity and what it means to be a brother while having fun at the same time.

The event was held at Pacific Bowl in Stockton. Many students interested in the fraternity attended the fun-filled night. The attendees were a mix of pharmacy students and undergraduate students. Along with the non-brothers and brothers, some alumni showed up to support the event as well. Worthy Inner Guard Nate Wong excitedly said “We had a better turnout than expected! It was definitely a successful event.”

Some brothers competed with each other and with the attendees while others opted to chat instead. The nonbrothers had a chance to talk with many of the brothers and learn about the different events that the fraternity has along with what the fraternity can offer to those individuals. Overall, the event was a successful night.

Everyone clamored at the front door of Pacific Bowl at 9:30 PM waiting to get inside and have fun. Once the employees at the bowling alley were ready, everyone grabbed a pair of shoes and began to bowl the night away. The whole venue was filled with brothers and non-brothers bowling and conversing. The event gave the brothers opportunities to meet many of the attendees while also having fun bowling with the each other. Brother Gina Nakata said that she, “had a great time getting to know the students that attended!”


PRE-RUSH 3: PDC PLAYHOUSE BY ANTHONY HOANG For our 3rd pre-rush event this year, we brought back the popular “Phi Delta Chi” Playhouse filled with entertaining carnival style games, rides, and entertainment. Brothers worked hard preparing for this event soon after pre-rush 2 to make sure we had an even better Playhouse compared to the year before. One of the rides that we brought back was the slide machine, a very popular ride that had endless lines during our event last year. We literally turned one of our stairwells into a slide using several sheets of cardboard and a mattress to soften the landing. Potential daredevils would slide down the staircase sitting on a square cardboard and get their picture taken right before they land on the mattress. This year, with our new and improved slide, safe from any injuries, our lines were even longer as everyone wanted to challenge the slide monster.

Besides the slides, there were other forms of entertainment. We had a gladiator ring in the backyard where brothers and potentials were able to duel each other in a match of strength and stability. In the kitchen, our chefs and brothers prepared endless amounts of finger foods including pot stickers, chips and salsa, Buffalo wings, candy bars, and of course everybody’s favorite, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. In another room, we turned an ordinary bedroom into what I can only describe as a magical experience. Competitors in this room were surrounded by fish, and the only way they could take home one of them was to be able to bounce a ball into a wine glass. In the end, the main point of this pre-rush event was for potentials to get to know the brothers and what Phi Delta Chi was all about. this year, we came up with a perfect game to achieve this: Bingo! Every potential that walked into the playhouse was given a sheet of paper filled with boxes of facts about brothers. Their mission was to talk to brothers and match the fact with them. The potentials that finished their card would be entered in a raffle to win an awesome prize given out at a later rush event. The game worked flawlessly as potentials came up to me afterwards, saying they were able to learn a great amount of who we were. By the end of night, after looking at the faces of the potentials and my fellow brothers, I could tell that we were able to make this a successful event and a successful night.




For our first rush event, we went laser tagging! This event was a great turnout! Not only were there a lot of bros, but also a lot of students interested in Phi Delta Chi. Large groups of people took turns battling it out on the two level field trying to attack the opposite team. Laser tagging may not sound that hard, but in reality, it is quite the workout. Everyone was very competitive (but friendly) during game time so there was never a dull moment. One of our guests, Sila Ozdemir, stated ,“This was my first time laser tagging, and I had such a great time! It was a wonderful experience, especially getting to know more about Phi Delta Chi and the brothers of the fraternity!”

After several games of sweaty fun, we all ate pizza and had conversations with one another. I feel this was a very successful event and should be continued annually. Not only did we all have a great time, but we also got to meet a lot of new enthusiastic people and answer their questions about Phi Delta Chi. A lot of people had great interests in what our chapter (Alpha Psi) had to offer and wanted more information about our fraternity. It was a good event to bond with our fellow brothers while also getting to know other students. When asked about how the event went, brother Tina Tran said, “It was a good event for actives and guests to get to know one another, and work in teams. It helped break up cliques and get people out of their shells.” Personally, I think the laser tagging event was a lot of fun and was very successful in recruiting students interested in our fraternity.




Rush #2 had a great turnout. All the people that showed up to the event had genuine interest in the fraternity. While the potentials were talking and getting to know the bros, a few of us were cooking the food. We had hotdogs, burgers, cheeseburgers, and veggie burgers along with sides for everyone to enjoy. Last but not least, we had TRITIP!

It was a great evening for both the bros and the potentials to get to know each other. I feel like this event was a big success. It seemed like more people showed up than for the pre-rush BBQ and they were all interested in PDC. They asked great questions to find out what we were all about. The bros were able to meet and have informative conversations with many of the potentials. It was fun seeing familiar faces at the event, as well as new ones.




Centerpieces, check. Programs, check. Cake, check. Fullystocked bartender, check. The pieces of the puzzle to a wonderful evening were falling into place as the Brothers worked diligently to make it a night to remember. At six on the evening of January 28, 2011, alumni, actives and potentials alike flocked to the Stockton Country Club for an elegant evening of new and familiar faces.

It was the final opportunity for the Brothers of Phi Delta Chi to showcase their best to the eager potentials while the potentials got to do the same. The night began with mixing and mingling while some enjoyed cocktails over laughs and engaging conversations. Brother Jon Schmidt said, “this years dinner was more intimate than in years past due to a highly selective elimination process for dinner invites. ” The bells signaling that dinner was about to begin were rung, salad was served, and Brother and Worthy Inner Guard, Nate Wong welcomed everyone. While all the salads were being devoured, a slideshow video presentation prepared by Brother Cynric Cho played. Laughs and giggles filled the room, as actives were able to re-live the past year while showing the alumni and potentials just what they had been up to.

Delicious meals were served while speeches from Worthy Chief Counselor Chris Won, and pledge class president of Spring 2010 Soongha Kim were given about their experiences and about the brotherhood of Phi Delta Chi. At the time a potential, Newly Initiated Brother Nicole Saqueton said, “Chris Won’s and SoongHa Kim’s speeches were eye opening and inspiring. They demonstrated to the potentials how central a role Phi Delta Chi plays to the brothers’ lives.” To put the cherry on top of an extravagant evening, the cakes were cut and the annual awards showcasing particular brothers and their contributions and commitment to the fraternity were awarded. As the night came to a close, hugs and handshakes were exchanged while brothers could breathe and rest easily knowing they had just pulled off a successful evening.




On March 16th, Phi Delta Chi participated in the Vegas themed Rho Chi talent show, an open competition that welcomes all performers with a variety of talents. With dancing, singing and acting, the talent was endless and the show was very entertaining. Our own brothers Stacie Gao, Ashley Rummel, and Nate Wong did an excellent job performing for the talent portion. Stacie Gao and others performed a creative dance piece she helped choreographed. Ashley Rummel surprised the audience with an incredible duet “Take Me or Leave Me” from the musical “Rent”. Nate Wong performed a dance routine he choreographed as well as a group performance called channel r-103. They all did amazingly well with two acts ending in the top ten and even placing for the competition.

owards the end of the show it is tradition for the pledges to perform in the fraternity battle. This year, the Phi Delta Chi pledges performed a variety act called Vegas Virgins. With fabulous acting, fun dancing, stepping, and even a Blue Man Group act, the pledges did a fantastic job. I felt that the show went great and could not have been better. Though performing with my fellow pledges was nerve wracking, I am glad that it brought us even closer together. Unfortunately we did not win, but we had a lot of fun doing it and really learned how to work as a team. Creighton Pinney, one of the pledges, explained the spirit of the Rho Chi Talent Show best when he reminisced, “ my favorite part was after our performance and the brothers congratulated us despite a close loss. It really showed the brotherhood of the fraternity. When we ended with our traditional song we were able to feel the true spirit of Phi Delta Chi.” The talent show was easily one of my favorite events and I can’t wait until next year when we hope to have a Phi Delta Chi active brothers performance that will bring together all the talents among our fraternity.




class of 2012 rotation sites Chico Katy mcdonough Sacramento Matthew ventimilla

San Francisco Leslie kim David yup San Jose Christina tran

Palo Alto Florence tan Fresno Michael conner Bakersfield Vi nguyen Cynric cho Annie ho

Stockton Chris chow Ashley rummel Frank sasaki Gina nakata Modesto Michelle Nunes Jake taylor Inland Empire Janet tsai Albert leung

LA/LB Ricky hsu Jasmine sim San Diego Bess glinka Yukiko noda Larry tran


a year in spain

BY matt small During the 2010/2011 school year, I decided to do something a little bit differently. Instead of advancing into pharmacy school, I flipped my world upside down to get a new perspective on life, on the other side of the world to Spain. For two semesters, I put the life that I had gotten accustomed to on hold – being around close friends and family, enjoying the company of my brothers, taking science classes – and took a new path. I knew little of how profound of an impact the Spanish lifestyle would have on me. In the classroom, the biology was replaced by vocabulary and the chemistry by grammar. Studying was no longer grueling hours in the library, but wondering the streets of beautiful cities with fountains and architecture hundreds of years old and striking up conversations with locals. Flashcards were replaced by sangria on the beach under the Mediterranean sun. No more was I rushing from class to class and worrying about getting my next assignments finished, but I was left pondering who I would meet next to practice Spanish with. I was spoiled by my host mother, the greatest cook in the world besides my real mom of course, daily with fresh typical Spanish dishes. Lunch isn’t a contest to see how fast you can shovel food down your throat to get back to studying (or procrastinating as the case might be), but rather, a time to enjoy the company and talk about current events and politics, or just the simple things in life. Most of what I learned about the Spanish culture and language came from this daily table talk. Although I did have to pay a price for this fabulous lifestyle – one extra year of school, and whatever expenses come with that – it was absolutely worth every penny. The opportunities to travel across Europe were unmatched. Not only did I get to visit cities all across Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic, but I got to know the thoughts and cultures of people from all over the world, including from China, Japan, and Georgia to name a few. The amount of cultural awareness that you pick up when constantly bombarded with new stimuli is unrivaled. When you factor in being able to start over, and being able to pick your responsibilities as you see fit to what kind of lifestyle you want to have, you’re left over with nearly a perfect situation. Of course there is always the threat of culture shock, but when you keep yourself busy, you find yourself melding into the culture and one day you just realize that you’ve become a local. My year abroad has had its greatest impact on my personal development. I tried to keep myself outside of my comfort zone as much as I could and this forced me to grow and learn. I highly recommend to anyone even thinking about going abroad to just do it! I can’t think of any disadvantages which are not offset by the immense amount of advantages and learning opportunities that studying abroad has to offer. Take advice from the Spanish and live a little. Life is too short to be spent always working, so take some time off and enjoy it!



This year, the brothers of Alpha Psi Chapter have selected Alumnus Brother Nam Nguyen to be the recipient of our annual Distinguished Alumnus Award. From pledging in 2004 to the end of his active enrollment in 2008, Nam credits the opportunities that were presented to him during his pharmacy school career for helping him create lasting friendships between his pledge brothers as well as helping him grow as a leader. Having grown up from humble beginnings in Stockton, CA, Nam creates and maintains many bonds as a brother with his larger-thanlife personality and confidence, earning the nickname of “Magnam”. Nam continues to frequently give back to his chapter in many ways, both morally and physically, whether simply precepting at a local health fair put on by the students and brothers, or sitting down with pharmacy students both within the fraternity and outside of the fraternity to guide and nurture future leaders in the profession. As an active brother, Nam has served as Worthy Assistant Prelate, Worthy Keeper of Finance, and Worthy Chief Counselor, all of which are positions that have enlightened him on various aspects of the dynamics of


the executive board. With this sort of experience, Nam has provided sound advice and guidance to this and other chapters, especially with his experience as WKF, about proper time and workload management, as was evident in his speaking at the previous Grand Council’s financial track seminar. In addition to his duties within the fraternity, Nam was still able to find the time to also be a co-chair of the university’s American Lung Association Committee, and was an active member of the school’s ambassadors program, further proof of his commitment towards the promotion of leadership and communication among existing students, incoming students, and alumni.

pertaining to the pharmacy school’s alumni association gatherings and contributions to the school).

Even as an alumnus brother, Nam has continued to be active both within and outside of the fraternity. Not only has he taken on the challenge of being the President of the Alpha Psi Alumni Association, he continued to contribute back to the fraternity by helping cocolonize the Gamma Iota Chapter at the California Northstate College of Pharmacy. Within the profession of pharmacy itself, Nam has taken on the responsibilites of President of the San Joaquin regional chapter of CPhA (SJPhA), and is an active member of the unveristy dean’s council (which manages most all aspects

With all of this on his plate, Nam never ceases to amaze with his seemingly limitless threshold of activity and leaderhip capability. Nam Nguyen is an outstanding brother, and still continues to be one of the strongest brothers here at the Alpha Psi chapter of Phi Delta Chi. His dedication, loyalty, and outstanding service to the fraternity is enough to inspire and motivate to us all to wish to become stronger leaders within the profession. As his fellow brothers, we are proud of his achievements and accomplishments, knowing very well that he is capable of achieveing even more.

Lastly, Nam is also an active leader within the CVS corporation. On top of being pharmacy manager for a local CVS inStockton, he has just recently taken on the responsibility of preceptor, opening up his site for the training of interns both within CVS and the Unversity of the Pacific (for Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience). Furthermore, Nam is currently participating in CVS’s emerging leadership program, in training to understand and possible act as a district manager for the company.

DR. FRIEs’ retirement weekend

Dr. Fries served as a faculty member at the University of the Pacific for over 37 years from 1973 to 2010 and has taught and mentored thousands of students and brothers.


doctor of PHARMACY CLASS OF 2011

Dr. Matthew Dunn

Dr. Marisa Fukuda

Dr. Tracy Phan

Dr. Sally Truong

Dr. Dan Ho

Dr. Nick Van Groningen

Dr. Matthew Imanaka

Dr. Tiffany Yee


senior week

BY tracy phan

BY stacie gao

Returning to Stockton for graduation week, I never imagined that I would feel so…unprepared. Yes, I was excited for graduation, to see everyone again, to finally become a doctor. But even after 9 months of rigorous training to be a pharmacist, I was wary of the “real world.” I expected this last year of pharmacy school to really develop my confidence in pharmacy practice, make me ready to be a pharmacist. Of course there were long hours of reading guideline after guideline, waking up at 4am to head to the hospital and SOAP my patient list, performing pub-med searches and answering a preceptor’s grilling questions.

What does embarrassing stories, funny photos, and graduating seniors have in common? Well it’s Grad Weekend of course! This year was the first year that I was able to attend Senior Week and, at first, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially roast, which was held on Thursday, May 12th at 7 PM. What I found at roast was a gathering of brothers, collegiate and alumni, who shared stories and videos of the graduating senior to remember their times here at Pacific as a brother of Phi Delta Chi. I knew a few of the seniors before they left for rotations, but during roast I learned a lot about brothers that I didn’t have a chance to interact with very much before rotations. There was a light-hearted atmosphere at Centrale as brothers reconnected over appetizers and drinks (for the brothers over 21 of course). Overall, Roast was a well-planned, fun, and entertaining experience.


senior week

However, I realized there is much more that I will need to learn throughout my lifetime to maintain my competency as the type of pharmacist I would like to be. Pharmacy school, rotations, even residency are just steppingstones to this bigger world of knowledge. My advice to 2nd years going on rotations is to take in as much as you can, but don’t feel discouraged that you don’t know everything. There is always more to learn. So here I stand at the end of a road, but at the beginning of a new unpredictable journey, no longer a “student” but ready to always learn and grow.


The next day, we had a BBQ at the house for all the graduating seniors, alumni, and collegiate brothers. There were burgers, hot dogs, and tons of sharing at the BBQ. The brothers who were not able to stay throughout the entire Roast were updated on what happened at the end of the night and more stories were shared as we reminisced about the past few years. Later on that day, the brothers headed over to the Pacific theatre where the awards were presented to the seniors and a very heart-warming video dedicated to the graduating seniors was shown. We were not only able to see the Seniors in funny pictures, but we were able to hear brothers share their experiences with the graduates. Congratulations to Matthew Dunn, Marissa Fukuda, Dan Ho, Matthew Imanaka, Tracy Phan, Sally Truong, Nick van Groningen, and Tiffany Yee the Doctor of Pharmacy Class of 2011! Senior Weekend was a great experience and I definitely cannot wait until next year’s Senior Weekend!


Irene Andrada Bryan Brassfield Michelle Bui Jagmeet Chauhan Beeta Mahdavi Sila Ozdemir Creighton Pinney Samuel Rydell Kelly Sams Matt Saqueton Niki Saqueton Megan Shimada Krystal Tai Hien Tran Nick Vu


PLEDGE CLASS PRESIDENT BY BRYAN BRASSFIELD It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Never before have I understood what was meant by this passage until I experienced pledging. Prior to that experience many people had warned me how hard it was going to be. I didn’t really understand this until that first night, when it hit me all at once. Although it was difficult, it has now become a memory that I will not forget as long as I live. That night as I was chosen as pledge class president, I embarked on an experience that would push me to beyond my limits, and ultimately transform me into a stronger individual. Before pledging began, a lot of my friends would have considered me more of a passive individual, who is a hard worker but would rather follow than lead. This was the first thing that changed as I quickly learned that in a group of individuals, that aren’t well acquainted, assertiveness is the only solution to getting things done. Every body needs a head or it will continue to wander aimlessly, ultimately leading to its demise. After all, having the tools to succeed isn’t enough you also need someone to direct/guide those tools if not they alone will remain idle resulting in a loss. Aside from this, I also learned that I can’t do everything on my own and that sometimes we all need the help of another, just as our motto says Alterum Alterius Auxilio Eget-Each needs the help of the other. This ultimately translated into me gaining a better understanding of the idea of brotherhood. This concept wasn’t fully understood until the period I call “crunch time” when things got tough, I witnessed as people were willing to pick up the slack and help those who needed it regardless of their own potential hazards they became faced with as a result of making these sacrifices. Brotherhood is more than just saying “ I have your back”, it is a pact for life that extends beyond one’s self in order to help out others in need. In short, my experiences during pledging have turned into life lessons concerning how to be a better individual as well as a leader. This had led to Phi Delta Chi becoming a priority in my life, as I hope to continue to see it grow and prosper in the years to come. Now that I have also been added to our chapters executive board I hope to continue in my growing as an individual as well as help promote the unity and strength of the fraternity in the years to come.



I take pride in the people I surround myself with. It took years throughout my life, with many trials and errors for me to find the people who I could truly trust with my friendship. Leaving home, I was parting with a close group of friends, people I had spent more than 6 years of my life with. Making the move to college, to be honest, was a bit of a hard transition for me. It was difficult leaving behind all the memories and relationships that I had worked so hard to cultivate and I was apprehensive that I would ever find another group of people who could understand me and allow me to be myself again. In college, I made new friends, but didn’t allow myself to connect much deeper than the level of associates. I was content with the extent of my new acquaintances and the security I found in keeping my newly established relationships stagnant. I found no need to allow other people into my life when I already had such a supportive group at home. Truthfully, I was very cautious at first, in opening up to the brothers of Phi Delta Chi. For a while, I was even debating whether or not I even wanted to invest my feelings with another group of people if I were to have to leave them again. But going through pledging has definitely opened my eyes to the love and support can be gained by trusting the brothers of the fraternity. I devoted a whole month of my life to pledge, learning more about the fraternity, its brothers, and myself.


After spending more time with my pledge class and the brothers of the fraternity who came before me, I’ve been given insight to many aspects of brotherhood. I have always valued my own independence and took pride in my ability to work by myself. I have always disliked the thought of having to depend too much on others for assistance with work, not because I felt that I could do everything by myself, but because I felt that it was selfish or inconveniencing of me to ask for help. However, through pledging, I learned that there were people out there that I could reach out to without fear of being a burden. I never thought of myself as being alone, but my experiences with my pledge class made me realize that I had never actually had the confidence to believe that there could ever be anyone that would always be there for me. For the many years I had committed time and emotion into developing my friendships, I had never really relied fully on another person, for fear of overdependence. Friendship was such a fragile thing; so hard to develop. I believed it was my responsibility to protect my friends from any strain. Pledging was truly a time that I realized sharing burdens can actually work to strengthen bonds. In order to fully reciprocate brotherhood, burdens and fortunes could be exchanged equally to form healthy bonds. Like a two way system, if burdens only travel one way and remain heavy on one end, an imbalance forms and a single agent suffers. I

had never realized how tiring it was to keep up a façade when things were going bad. My experiences with the brothers, the sharing of my joys and problems, have made me believe, wholeheartedly, that some bonds are strong enough to withstand anything. Though many argue that we are all brothers of the earth, it does not necessarily mean we all share a bond of brotherhood with one another. Siblings who may share the same blood, who have never even met with one another, can be considered brothers. They can be perfect strangers, never even knowing of the others existence, and still share the label of brothers. However, the bond between them cannot be called brotherhood. To me, brotherhood represents the collection of endeavors and memories that define the bonds between kin. It is learning about oneself and of others. It is encouraging growth and helping one another in times of need. It is cherished and lifelong. Experiences define a relationship, and there are specific things that happen between brothers in Phi Delta Chi that sets our bonds apart from normal relationships. The brotherhood enriches us both professionally and emotionally, we learn from one another and advance ourselves and the fraternity along the way. I can only hope that in the future, I learn more to improve myself and take strength from the bonds I have formed between brothers and make the most of my years in Phi Delta Chi.


superlatives 2010-2011

...come late to a meeting: MICHAEL CONNER

...first to pass out at a party: GILBERT CHUNG

...get into Rho Chi: NIKI SAQUETON

...accidentally reply to the entire frat: SAM RYDELL .

...perform a public strip tease: NICK VU

...wear PDC letters: JACOB JOYNER

62 your boss: JON SCHMIDT

...fall asleep in class: CYNRIC CHO

most likely to.... in every PDC picture: ERIKA CHO

...volunteer for professional events: LISA KEIKOAN the next dean of pharmacy school: JON SCHMIDT the next Grand President: CHRIS WON

..get a PDC tattoo at the next Grand Council: ALEX VAN ZUIDEN

...never get out of bed: NIKO LAPARAN

...own their own pharmacy: JON SCHMIDT

...find the cure to cancer: JULIA CHEN

...end up on Jerry Springer: LESLIE KIM

...get carded at a bar/club: ANNIE HO

...end up working out of state: STACIE GAO with their parent’s house after graduation: CYNRIC CHO

...spend their entire day on Facebook: BRIAN WOODS

...spend their entire day at the library: LARRY TRAN

Most athletic guy: MICHAEL CONNER

Most athletic girl: KATY MCDONOUGH

Most talented: IRENE ANDRADA

Most clueless: KRYSTAL TAI

Most spirited: SILA OZDEMIR

Cutest couple: CHRIS WON/TINA LE

Most stylish guy: DAVID YUP

Most stylish girl: ANNIE HO

Most talkative: ANGELA ALFONZO

Least talkative: BRIAN WOODS

Fraternity clown: NIKO LAPARAN

Craziest driver: KELLY SAMS

Most cautious driver: FLORENCE TAN

Most artistic: VIVIAN LEE

Drama Queen/King: LESLIE KIM

Most inappropriate: JAGMEET CHAUHAN

Most changed: BRIAN WOODS

Best smile: NATE WONG

Most daring: ANDREW SHIN

Most dependable: NIKI SAQUETON


Best entertainer: NICK VU




rowland hall 3616 pacific ave stockton, ca 95204 each needs the help of the other

Phi Delta Chi Alpha Psiren 2010-2011  

Phi Delta Chi Alpha Psiren 2010-2011

Phi Delta Chi Alpha Psiren 2010-2011  

Phi Delta Chi Alpha Psiren 2010-2011