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December and January 2011 Newsletter

ΦΔΧ NOVEMBER and DECEMBER EVENTS Social Rowland Hall has been busy these past two months. From hosting fun-filled pre-rush events to catered dinners, the house is truly an irreplaceable base of activity for the Alpha Psi chapter. Pre Rush 3 – PDC Playhouse The brothers hosted the third pre-rush event of the year, PDC Playhouse, at Rowland Hall on November 18. Potentials had the opportunity to learn more about the brothers through Brother Bingo and enjoy themselves by participating in the many activities that were available to them. Friendly competition was encouraged as brothers and potentials engaged in a pie-eating contest. With an inflatable jousting ring, a cotton candy machine, ring toss, plenty of food and good company, it was truly an event to remember. Alumni Dinner The brothers enjoyed the company of Alpha Psi’s alumni on November 19 for the Alumni Dinner. The meal was catered and hosted at Rowland Hall. It was wonderful to see all of the amazing alumni again. Thanksgiving at the House For the brothers who didn’t go home for Thanksgiving break, a potluck gathering was organized at the house so no one would miss out on the holiday feast. It was a night full of good food and festivities. Tree Decorating Brothers took time to decorate the house tree, reflecting the spirit of the holidays as well as brother creativity. Sporting some of the brother’s favorite things, the tree was ornamented in a style fitting for the celebrations to come with the season.

Community Habitat for Humanity On November 19, brothers returned to the Rosecreek cul-de-sac to install air conditioning ducts in a house that was previously roofed by the brothers themselves. From morning till afternoon, they climbed ladders and navigated the wooden lattice of the house frame to pull and secure huge insulated ducts in their places.

UPCOMING EVENTS Tahoe Saturday Jan 14 – Monday Jan 16 RUSH 1: Laser Tag Monday Jan 9 6:00 – 10:00pm RUSH 2: Barbeque Thursday Jan 19 5:00 – 9:00pm

RUSH 3: Invite Dinner Friday Jan 27 6:00pm

ANNOUNCEMENTS Happy holidays! May everyone have a wonderful winter break surrounded by warmth and laughter.

DECEMBER BIRTHDAY WISHES 12-07: Cynric Cho 12-13: Jessica Choi 12-15: Vicki Lau 12-22: Beeta Mahdavi 12-23: Nate Wong

December/January 2011  

December and January Newsletter

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