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ISSUE #7: MUSIC INDUSTRY SCAMS Your first hit; take a moment to imagine it. Now, imagine that you ain't getting paid a cent of the many thousands of dollars royalties your first real hit made. Happened to us once and I have


not encountered one professional that did not encounter a scam in one way or another. In the show of this issue we'll talk about why record label bosses scam so often, why it's so extremely easy to scam and what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming the next Music Industry scam victim. The most notorious European record label boss exposed by two of his victims; a Master of Arts and a golden record selling recording artist: Both scammed for many thousands of dollars. If you do not like losing money; enjoy this exclusive show

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ALINA POLYAK, MAGISTER ARTIUM (M.A.) VICTIM Scammers have no consciousness and do not care about their victims; even when my mother died and I could not afford a gravestone because I lent him my money and was working on my master did not make him to pay me back my money as promised. I have a kind heart and that is what made it easy for him to scam me. I wrote a blog with information about all his victims, click here to visit it.

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