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ISSUE #5: MAKING YOUR OWN LUCK Every year, 300 million people search for "how to become famous" on Google. Famous usually refers to either popstar or movie star so let´s say in the best situation you are in a pool of competition of at least 150 million people that at least have the desire to become a famous recording artist and take an action to learn more. Please take a second and try to imagine how big thirty thousand soccer stadiums full of competition is. Now; 95% of the revenue in the music industry comes out of 30 countries and these 30 countries all have a top100 meaning; there is room for 3000 stars every week. If you believe in faith and randomness like most people do: It'll leave you with a 0,0002% chance of success, the chance that you die tomorrow being struck by lightning is 0.001%. In other words; the odds that you will get killed by lightning is five times as high as entering the top100 and turning into a star. Do you remember the quote of Cal Hockley; "I make my own luck." on the 1997 Hollywood movie "Titanic" ? In today show we'll talk about how to make "your own luck" to beat all your competitors.

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In every town there are many events where recording artists perform; they don't bite! You can go and ask what they do/did to get in a position to perform on stage and get paid for it. Everybody has an opinion and most people are more then willing to share it with you, trust me! Start low and work your way up; if you do this you will quickly notice why some people have more success then others. Deal with rejection with character; busy people are busy people, if someone has no time; as said; 3000 stars every week so plenty of opportunities.

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