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e-Communicator PHI DELTA CHI PHARMACY FRATERNITY March 2013 In This Issue...

• Grand President Amy Valdez:  Grand Council Information and Omaha Slang • Executive Director Kenny Walkup:  Call for National Officer Candidates


Amy Valdez (Beta Iota) 12663 SW Springwood Drive Tigard, OR 97223 503.704.4783

• Student Affairs:  National and Regional Officer Positions for Collegiate Brothers • Communications:  New Issue of The Communicator

69th Grand Council of Phi Delta Chi


Brandon Sucher (Beta Rho) 3333 Regis Blvd, H-28 Denver, CO 80221 303.625.1282


Lexie Turner (Alpha Iota) 255 Patroon Creek Blvd #1109 Albany, NY 12206 678.982.2276


Lindsay Watson (Beta Nu) 1160 N. Quincy St. Apt #207 Arlington, VA 22201


Michael Nelson (Theta) 3333 Regis Blvd, H-28 Denver, CO 80221 303.625.1265


Ryan Costantino (Eta) 23A Smith St. Boston MA, 02120 518.366.1023


Kenny Walkup (Alpha Upsilon) 116 N Lafayette, Suite B South Lyon, MI 48178 800.PDC.1883

Edited by GVPC Michael Nelson

Omaha, Nebraska August 6 - 10, 2013 Registration and Lodging Now Available! St. Jude Fundraising Reminders During each chapter’s fundraising event or activity, please be sure to ask donors, who want to write a check, to make their checks payable to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Event supporters writing checks payable to St. Jude will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from St. Jude. Please send all proceeds, from your fundraising activities, to your St. Jude representative as soon as your event has concluded. Please do not send cash in the mail. Have all cash converted to a money order

or a check from the chapter made payable to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you need contact information for your St. Jude representative, please contact Donna Young at ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at either 901-578-2031 or donna.


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69th Grand Council August 6 - August 10, 2013 Omaha, Nebraska Are you looking for the ultimate fraternal experience? Look no further than Grand Council 2013. Grand Council offers opportunities for both Collegiate and Alumni Brothers to have their voice heard in the future policy and direction of the fraternity, gain new skills, share information, and foster our brotherhood. For those of you who have attended before, you know this is an event not to be missed! For those of you that might be wondering what kinds of activities happen at Grand Council, here are just some of the things you can experience: Chapter Showcase and Ice Cream Social. Show off all of the great things your chapter does, bring merchandise to sell, and interact with Brothers from all over the country. This is a chance to present the very best of your Chapter! Opening Session. This starts with a Ritual opening, then greetings from the Grand President and our host region, appointment of the Grand Council Officers (each Chapter in the region is represented in a role), roll call of collegiate and alumni delegates, a keynote address speaker (TBA), Executive Council Officer reports, and appointment of the policy committee chairs.

Officer Training Courses. Attend workshops focused on Alumni, Financial, Membership, and Executive tracks. This is a fantastic opportunity for your incoming officers to get targeted “on the job training” and bring home valuable information to share with the rest of the Chapter. Policy Development Committees. Participate in discussions on topics relating to organizational, collegiate, and alumni affairs. These committees make recommendations to the Grand Council for items to be voted on either at this or the next Grand Council. You become the “subject matter expert” on these topics and help educate other Brothers. Nominations Committee. Participants interview candidates running for Executive Council positions and present a final slate to the Grand Council in the interim business session. Regional Caucus. Get together with all of the Chapters in your region, conduct regional business, and elect your new Regional Correspondent. This is an excellent leadership opportunity for a Brother who has at least 1 academic year left in school.

Open Candidate review. Get a chance to meet the candidates running for Executive Council positions and ask all of your burning questions. Interim Business Session. Delegates vote on minutes, unfinished business, and we hear the preliminary reports from the committees. We also are presented with the slated candidates for Executive Council positions as presented by the nominations committee. Final Business Session. Includes the Ritual memorial service, final vote on policies and resolutions, new business, election of Grand Officers, and installation of new officers. Awards Banquet. Get dressed up, enjoy each other’s company, and pick up your Chapter’s trophy for AAP participation and other Thurston awards, including the Thurston Cup! Other. Alumni reception, Alumni Track (TBA), excursion activities, regional conference planning workshop, social activities and more! As you can see, it is an activity and fun-filled week! I have spoken to many Brothers who are already planning on joining us and I hope you do too. See you in Omaha!

e-Communicator Want to speak like a local? Here are some fun facts about Omaha slang! Pop or Soda? Otherwise known as a carbonated beverage. It seems as if every region in the country has its own preferred term – soda, soda pop, coke, soft drinks, tonic – but Omaha likes “pop.” You guys A plural form of you. Used for both male and female, “you guys” usually refers to two or more people, but occasionally indicates one person as well. “Hey, you guys, let’s go to the store.” Big O Omaha’s nickname for itself, possibly based on trucker slang. Omaha has more than one nickname, however, including “O!” (a marketing invention) and O.N.E. (which stands for Omaha, NE). Huskers In Omaha lingo, “Huskers” is a shortened form of Cornhuskers, the name of the University of Nebraska’s athletic teams. Most often, Huskers indicates the college football team. It is sometimes shortened further to ‘Skers.

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Before they were the Cornhuskers, the University of Nebraska’s football team had a number of other names, such as the “Old Gold Knights,” the “Tree Planters” and “The Rattlesnake Boys.”

Qwest Center. Numerous restaurants, bars and hotels are here, along with shops and boutiques specializing in books, antiques, art, clothing, jewelry and music.


Oracle of Omaha

One of the original names for the University of Nebraska football team, circa 1890. Sometimes used nowadays as Omaha slang to refer to Nebraskans in general.

A nickname for Omaha’s most recognized native son, Warren Buffett. Known for his investing prowess and philanthropy, Buffett is one of the wealthiest men in the world. He’s also sometimes called the “Sage of Omaha.” Local lingo aside, Buffett is recognized as a sincere, down-to-earth guy and is well liked and much respected in his hometown.

The Mall No, this isn’t Omaha slang for the local shopping center. It actually refers to the Gene Leahy Mall, a downtown park. A focal point for the city, the park is known for its ponds, waterfalls, walking paths, as well as an amphitheater and lawn space. Concerts are scheduled throughout the summer here, and the park is festive with lights for the winter holiday season. Old Market Although you can shop here, Old Market is actually Omaha lingo for a historic neighborhood. A center for cultural pursuits, the Old Market is home to the Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha Children’s Museum, Henry Doorly Zoo, Lauritzen Gardens and the


Amy Valdez, R.Ph. Grand President Registration for the 69th Grand Council is now available online.

CALL FOR NATIONAL OFFICER CANDIDATES Executive Director Kenny Walkup (Alpha Upsilon) Phi Delta Chi is putting out a call for candidates to run for national officer positions on the Executive Council. In order for the Brothers of Phi Delta Chi to get to know the Brothers running for Executive Council positions we are asking for all candidates to notify the National Office by April 30, 2013. We are asking all candidates to send us their

photo, name and a short biography. We are not asking for a position statement and will not be publishing candidates positions at this time. In the May 2013 e-Communicator we will publish the photos, names and biographies of all those seeking Executive Council positions.

Not ready to announce your desire to run? No problem. You can still announce your candidacy at the meeting in August. Best of luck to all who run for Executive Council offices!


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NATIONAL AND REGIONAL OFFICER POSITIONS FOR COLLEGIATE BROTHERS Grand Vice President for Student Affairs Ryan Costantino (Eta) Attention Collegiate Brothers! Have you considered running to be the Grand Vice President for Student Affairs or a Regional Correspondent? As Grand Council quickly approaches it’s time to think about serving your Brothers as a regional or national officer! Each year Brothers from each region elect a Regional Correspondent to serve their region in the coming year. What does the Regional Correspondent do? A brief description is provided below: Regional Correspondents The Regional Correspondents (RC) fill a vital role in the ongoing operation of the Fraternity. Their main role is to serve as the link between our local chapters, and our national office. Each month they communicate with the Worthy Correspondents in their respective regions in regards to the Achievement Award Program (AAP) as well as other Fraternity related issues. They

are also heavily involved in planning our upcoming Regional Meetings so I highly encourage every eligible collegiate Brother to consider running to be a RC! As RC you will also participate in the Fraternities various visits to Chapters which will allow you to travel and meet Brothers from across the country! Grand Vice President for Student Affairs If you have already been an RC or are looking to take on a larger role serving on the Executive Council (EC) then you should consider running to be the Grand Vice President of Student Affairs (GVPSA). The GVPSA is the highest elected student position in the Fraternity. The role of the GVPSA is briefly described below: The Grand Vice President for Student Affairs (GVPSA) supervises the activities of the Regional Correspondents; chairs meetings of the Regional Correspondents; It is also the GVPSA’s main duty to implement and promote

NEW ISSUE OF THE COMMUNICATOR Grand Vice President for Communications Michael Nelson (Theta) The Winter 2012 issue of The Communicator was recently sent to press, and you should expect to receive your copy shortly.  This issue features coverage of LDS 2012 in Lexington, Kentucky, and the 2011-2012 Achievement Awards Program results, including an article from Psi Chapter describing their Thurston-winning year. In addition, this issue features the 2012 Distinguished Alumni reports be sure to check these reports out for

all the outstanding work our Alumni Brothers are doing in the profession of pharmacy. Near the end of this issue you’ll find an interesting “quilt” article from Greg Alston (Alpha Psi), detailing an innovative approach to tieing the histories of two chapters together. Finally, you won’t want to miss how Disney has impacted our Grand President.  Read her “In the Glow of the Lamp” article to find out!

participation in the AAP and to promote attendance by Collegiate Brothers at Fraternity meetings. As GVPSA you will also participate in the Fraternities various visits to Chapters which will allow you to travel and meet Brothers from across the country! Remember, the crowning glory of our Fraternity is to serve, please consider running for a position or encourage another Brother at your Chapter to do so! If you have any questions about becoming an RC or the GVPSA please contact your current RC or feel free to e-mail me at I look forward to seeing everyone at Grand Council in Omaha, NE!

Ryan Costantino, Pharm.D. Grand Vice President for Student Affairs

March 2013 e-Communicator  

e-Communicator of Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity

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