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Amy Valdez (Beta Iota) 12663 SW Springwood Drive Tigard, OR 97223 503.704.4783

• Grand President Update:  2012 Regional Conferences • Alumni Affairs Update:  New SCRDAA & Choosing How to Support Phi Delta Chi

The Communicator Winter 2011 Issue


Brandon Sucher (Beta Rho) 3333 Regis Blvd, H-28 Denver, CO 80221 303.625.1282


Lexie Turner (Alpha Iota) 255 Patroon Creek Blvd #1109 Albany, NY 12206 678.982.2276


Lindsay Watson (Beta Nu) 1160 N. Quincy St. Apt #207 Arlington, VA 22201


Michael Nelson (Theta) 3333 Regis Blvd, H-28 Denver, CO 80221 303.625.1265


Ryan Costantino (Eta) 23A Smith St. Boston MA, 02120 518.366.1023


Kenny Walkup (Alpha Upsilon) 116 N Lafayette, Suite B South Lyon, MI 48178 800.PDC.1883

Edited by GVPC Michael Nelson

The latest issue of The Communicator will reach your mailbox soon!  This issue features coverage of the 68th Grand Council in Buffalo, NY and the new 20112013 Strategic Plan for our fratenrity.

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Upcoming Events Event


Contact & Registration

Northeast Regional Conference Albany, NY

March 16 - 18

Alpha Theta Chapter

Great Lakes Regional Conference

March 23 - 25, 2012

Mu Chapter

Southcentral Regional Conference Houston, TX

March 23 - 25, 2012

Alpha Tau Chapter

Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Johnson City, TN

March 30 - April 1, 2012

Gamma Delta Chapter

Mountain Regional Conference

March 30 - April 1, 2012

Gamma Alpha Chapter

Southeast Regional Conference

March 30 - April 1, 2012

Gamma Lambda Chapter

Midwest Regional Conference

April 13 - 15, 2012

Psi Chapter

Tom Stout Thousand at Brookside Country Club, Stockton, CA hosted by Alpha Psi ($50 entry fee)

April 14, 2012

Brian Woods, WAL Alpha Psi 626.922.6521

14th Leader Development Seminar (LDS), Hyatt Regency Lexington, KY

August 1 - 4, 2012

69th Grand Council, Embassy Suites Hotel, Omaha, NE August 6 - 10, 2013

Please send Chapter or Region events to

Brothers enjoy the the 68th Grand Council in Buffalo, NY.  Don’t miss out on the ultimate fraternal experience: a Phi Delta Chi national meeting.  The next one is the 14th Leader Development Seminar in Lexington, KY, August 1-4, 2012.


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2012 REGIONAL CONFERENCES Grand President Amy Valdez (Beta Iota) It’s Regional Conference Time! 2012 Regional Conferences are starting soon and continuing through April. Regional Conferences offer not only a chance to get together with other Chapters in your region, but also to attend workshops and gain exposure to current Policy Development Topics and Ritual. The Regional Correspondent is also elected at the Final Business Session of the Regional Conference Meeting. The primary purpose of the Regional Correspondent is to act as liaison between collegiate Chapters and national operations. The RC works to increase participation at regional and national Phi Delta Chi meetings and to encourage Chapters to attain 100% in achievement award reporting. As a member of the Regional Officer Team, they occasionally attend meetings, conferences, and visits during the school year. They report directly to the Grand Vice President for Student Affairs. Regional correspondents are required to submit a “Regional Officer Candidate Form”, meet with a regional Nominations Committee, and give a short statement prior to the election. Are you interested in serving the fraternity as the only elected Regional Officer? Contact GVPSA Ryan Costantino or your RC for more information or an application! This year’s workshops include Building a Chapter from Within, Faculty Relations, The Achievement Awards Program, and The Ritual Link. The purpose of the Building a Chapter from Within workshop is to provide a step-by-step process to building a strong Chapter that will withstand the test of time. The scope of this workshop is primarily limited to the

growth of Brothers and Brotherhood as the greatest resources a Chapter has for success. The purpose of the Faculty Relations workshop is to allow Brothers to explore his or her individual view and the collective view of participants with regard to the role of the Chapter Advisor. Defining and understanding the role of Chapter Advisors in Phi Delta Chi is vital. Without a doubt, the health and success of the Chapter and the Fraternity as a whole are dependent largely on the relationships developed between the collegiate Chapter and Chapter Advisors as well as the collegiate Chapter and faculty at large. The purpose of The Achievement Award Program workshop is to instruct Brothers of the Fraternity in the importance of the Achievement Award program. In addition, it is meant to provide them insight on how to succeed. Lastly, this workshop should offer Brothers the opportunity to share opinions and offer suggestions for improving the Achievement Award program. The purpose of The Ritual Link workshop is to discuss the important role of Ritual and its significance in our Fraternal lives. Although our Ritual is the common bond that unites all Brothers, many have not seen it performed outside of their own Chapter. This meeting gives you just that opportunity and a chance to “ask the experts”. Weighing in on Policy Development Topics is your first chance to have your Chapter’s voice and vote heard on items of business that are important to Fraternity operations. The topics fall into three categories: Organizational, Collegiate, and Alumni. Select Brothers will have the opportunity to serve on

the Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee interviews candidates for Regional Correspondent and provides the assembled group with the slated candidate. Regional Conference Workshops • Building a Chapter from Within • Faculty Relations • The Achievement Awards Program • The Ritual Link

The Regional Conferences are the only Phi Delta Chi meetings that Collegiate Brothers are asked to plan and run. Conference sites rotate in Greek alphabetical order among the Chapters of each region. Our host Chapters and Regional Officers have worked diligently to plan and organize our Regional Conferences. I would like to extend a special thank you to the Brothers at Mu, Gamma Delta, Psi, Gamma Alpha, Alpha Theta, Gamma Beta, Alpha Tau, and Gamma Lambda for welcoming and overcoming the challenges associated with hosting a Regional Conference. I would also like to offer a hearty “Good Luck” to our Regional Correspondents, who will be running the meetings. These well-planned Regional Conferences will strengthen Chapters, Regions, and ultimately Phi Delta Chi! Registration forms for all of these Regional Conferences are available for you at Chapter attendance and representation are crucial to the future success of Phi Delta Chi. At least one Brother from each Chapter must attend their Regional Conference, although sending at least

e-Communicator four Brothers allows you to maximize the benefits of the training sessions. A major purpose of each Regional Conference “is to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members.” Attendance at a Regional Conference promotes the exchange of ideas between Chapters. When a Chapter is absent from a Regional Conference the region is deprived of that Chapter’s expertise, experiences, personality, and Brotherhood. Before arriving, each Chapter should prepare a Chapter report summarizing activities within the following categories: professional and service projects, scholarship and leadership, membership and Brotherhood news, honors and

February 2012 Page 4

awards, alumni news, and sports and social events. This report highlights unique Chapter events and news the Chapter would like to share with the region. An electronic copy of this report should be provided to your respective RC prior to your Regional Conference to be included in the conference minutes, which will be approved at the next Grand Council. Each Chapter will also have the opportunity to have a private meeting with the presiding Grand Officer and Regional Officer Team. The Chapter interviews provide for the exchange of information to identify additional support or service needs for each Chapter. The Regional Conference offers many Brothers for the first time the chance to meet their

Regional Officer Team or a Grand Officer in person. This often leads to life-long friendships, Brotherhood, and mentorship. If you haven’t made your plans already, run, don’t walk, to get yourself registered for these amazing conferences! You will be a better Brother and leader for it. Fraternally,

Amy Valdez Grand President

Pledge Manual Updated Click here to download the new version of the Pledge Manual Special thanks to John Grabenstein (Beta Gamma) for his continued work on the Pledge Manual

ALUMNI AFFAIRS UPDATE Grand Vice President for Alumni Affairs Lindsay Watson (Beta Nu) Traci Thompson Named Southcentral Regional Director of Alumni Affairs

Traci Thompson, Lambda Chapter alumna, has agreed to serve as the Southcentral Regional Director of Alumni Affairs. Traci is a past president of the Texas Alumni Association and will bring a unique and highly valued opinion to the Regional Alumni Director team. Traci will be assuming her new position immediately, Amount as Mark Haymon, a Tau alumnus, steps Term down from the position. Worthy Alumni Liaisons in the Southcentral Region can look forward Use of Funds to hearing from Traci soon, and Alumni Brothers in that region

are encouraged to reach out to her for support. Traci’s email address is scrdaa@ I would like to offer a sincere thank you to Mark for his dedication to Phi Delta Chi and our alumni and a congratulations to Traci on her new position. It’s a pleasure to work with the

devoted Alumni Brothers who serve on the Regional Alumni Team. Life Member vs. Annual Alumni Dues Payer?: Choosing how to support Phi Delta Chi

Being an active Alumni Brother of Phi Delta Chi means paying your National Alumni Dues. By making that financial contribution, you are asserting what

Life Member Dues

National Alumni Dues



Paid once

Paid annually

• Deposited in the Fraternity’s reserve • Deposited as part of general Fraternity fund operating fund • Cannot be used for Fraternity • Used in the same way as Collegiate Dues operations • Helps support programming to improve • Only utilized if Fraternity is in chapters and enhance Brotherhood financial troubles

e-Communicator so many Alumni Brothers across the country feel: “I am Phi Delta Chi.” This is the first step that every Brother should take after graduation and the best step to keep taking each year to assure you do not lose touch with your Fraternity. There are two ways to pay your dues and the way the money is utilized by the Fraternity is different for each. This chart aims to provide clarity to help you make the best choice about how you would like to support Phi Delta Chi as an Alumni Brother.

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Some Brothers see value in being able to contribute to the financial stability of our Fraternity by becoming Life Members. Others see value in paying annual NADs and supporting the programs that help develop our Collegiate Brothers and Chapters. A small group of Brothers can say that they do both of these things by both becoming a Life Member and making an annual donation to Phi Delta Chi that is used to support operations. Regardless of the method chosen, I

encourage each of you to decide how you will support Phi Delta Chi and continue to declare, “I am Phi Delta Chi!” AAAE,

Lindsay Watson Beta Nu #164

February 2012 e-Communicator  

Mostly monthly e-Communicator of Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity

February 2012 e-Communicator  

Mostly monthly e-Communicator of Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity