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e-Communicator PHI DELTA CHI PHARMACY FRATERNITY January 2012 In This Issue...

• Upcoming Events Calendar • Grand President Update: Strategic Planning, Top 5 Goals, and New Treasurer


Amy Valdez (Beta Iota) 12663 SW Springwood Drive Tigard, OR 97223 503.704.4783

• Communications Update:  Development of Our New Website • Regional News Updates:  Midwest and Mountain regions.

Retreat Photos


Brandon Sucher (Beta Rho) 3333 Regis Blvd, H-28 Denver, CO 80221 303.625.1282


Lexie Turner (Alpha Iota) 255 Patroon Creek Blvd #1109 Albany, NY 12206 678.982.2276

NE Region Director for Collegiate Affairs and past GVPSA Stephan Esker

Northeast Regional Correspondent Ilya Dubinsky


Lindsay Watson (Beta Nu) 1160 N. Quincy St. Apt #207 Arlington, VA 22201


Michael Nelson (Theta) 3333 Regis Blvd, H-28 Denver, CO 80221 303.625.1265


Ryan Costantino (Eta) 23A Smith St. Boston MA, 02120 518.366.1023


Kenny Walkup (Alpha Upsilon) 116 N Lafayette, Suite B South Lyon, MI 48178 800.PDC.1883

Edited by GVPC Michael Nelson

SE Region Director of Collegiate Affairs Marco Correa and Grand President Amy Valdez

Phi Delta Chi brick at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the site of the retreat.

National and regional officers and other fraternity stakeholders recently held a strategic planning retreat resulting in the top 5 goals for 2011-13.  Read more about it in the Grand President’s update on page 3.

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Upcoming Events Event


Contact & Registration

Tom Stout Thousand at Brookside Country Club, Stockton, CA hosted by Alpha Psi ($50 entry fee)

April 14, 2012

Brian Woods, WAL Alpha Psi 626.922.6521

Great Lakes Regional Conference

March 23 - 25, 2012

Mu Chapter

Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Johnson City, TN

March 30 - April 1, 2012

Gamma Delta Chapter

Midwest Regional Conference

April 13 - 15, 2012

Psi Chapter

Mountain Regional Conference

March 30 - April 1, 2012

Gamma Alpha Chapter

Northeast Regional Conference Albany, NY

March 16 - March 18

Alpha Theta Chapter

Pacific Regional Conference

February 3 - 5, 2012

Gamma Beta Chapter

Southcentral Regional Conference Houston, TX

March 23 - 25, 2012

Alpha Tau Chapter

Southeast Regional Conference

March 30 - April 1, 2012

Gamma Lambda Chapter

14th Leader Development Seminar (LDS), Hyatt Regency Lexington, KY

August 1 - 4, 2012

69th Grand Council, Embassy Suites Hotel, Omaha, NE August 6 - 10, 2013

Please send Chapter or Region events to

Brothers enjoy the the 68th Grand Council in Buffalo, NY.  Don’t miss out on the ultimate fraternal experience: a Phi Delta Chi national meeting.  The next one is the 14th Leader Development Seminar in Lexington, KY, August 1-4, 2012.


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STRATEGIC PLANNING, TOP 5 GOALS, & NEW TREASURER Grand President Amy Valdez (Beta Iota) Strategic Planning Retreat Last October, the leadership of Phi Delta Chi met in Memphis, Tennessee, at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for our strategic planning retreat. St. Jude’s is a wonderful place to do inspirational work because we are reminded of our philanthropic endeavors. We got to meet and got some great hugs from a wonderful patient and her mother who said to tell all of you “thank you”. We would like to thank

Marcie, Burton, and Donna for their hospitality and use of their facilities. The team included Grand Officers, the Executive Director, Regional Officers, PLEI Leadership, and any appointed project directors. Each member of the EC played an instrumental role in the successful preparation and execution of the activities for this retreat and I thank them for their participation as well as all of those who attended. The

Search Conference activity was used to gather information from all participants, prioritize information, develop common ground, and identify organizational issues that need to be dealt with effectively. A series of presentations provided an update on the challenges and opportunities currently facing the Fraternity. Team-building activities and the Strength Deployment Inventory helped us better connect with one another and achieve greater effectiveness


January 2012 Page 4

in interpersonal communication. The Nominal Group Technique was used to identify and prioritize the goals for Phi Delta Chi. Finally; action plans were created and documented for each of the top five strategic goals. Following are the top 5 goals as determined by the leadership of Phi Delta Chi: 5. Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the fraternal education process occurring within local Chapters by December 31, 2012. Many Brothers felt that the fraternal education process was inconsistent from Chapter to Chapter. There are many tools available, but they may not be utilized to the fullest extent. Successful Chapters may have also developed their own tools that could be shared. This assessment would determine what tools we have, whether they are effective, accessible, and appropriate, and bring new ideas to light that could be shared with others. The goal being that each and every Chapter has the tools to take a candidate from pledge to alumni, producing Brothers for Life. 4. Develop a 5-year plan by July 30, 2012 that details the resources and processes required to purchase a building that will serve as the Phi Delta Chi National Office and Museum.

National and Regional Officers Lexie Turner, Jennifer Esch, Stephen Esker, Matthew Maglalang, and Derek LaBar create their “human billboards” at the 2011 Strategic Planning Retreat.

Brothers were interested in exploring a bricks and mortar solution for our National Office that would also house the Phi Delta Chi museum. This would be a showcase for memorabilia and a legacy where Brothers could ensure safekeeping of their fraternal belongings for other generations to view and enjoy. The task force will be formed by the end of January 2012.

3. Employ a task force of current and past Phi Delta Chi leaders to evaluate and update the Thurston Award Program by August 7, 2013. This award was established in 1974 through a generous gift from past Grant President Emory W. Thurston (Omicron). The Emory W. Thurston Grand President’s Award is awarded to the Chapter with the highest weighted average of six judged AAP reports. To qualify, a Chapter must perform at 90% or higher in the Achievement Award Program. Those Chapters qualifying are then evaluated independently by the Grand Officers, Regional Officers, and distinguished Brothers on six specific reports included in the AAP. The six reports are weighed as follows: Albert B. Prescott Scholarship Report – 15%, John D. Grabenstein Leadership Report – 15%, Professional and Service Projects Reports – 30% (15% for each report), Professional Window Display – 10%, Ralph L. Saroyan Brotherhood Report – 10%, and Chapter Publication – 20%. Awards are also presented to the Chapters with the top entries in each individual category. These awards are granted annually at the Grand Council or Leader Development Seminar.

Regional Officers Cory Miller, Derek LaBar, and Jasmin Lee view their colleagues through different lenses during the Strength Deployment Inventory exercise at the 2011 Strategic Planning Retreat.

It was noted that the program has not been reviewed in some time. Are the weightings and judging criteria still appropriate? Are the formats and methods traditionally used the best way to find the most deserving winner? The task force will explore these questions and make recommendations for improvement if needed. They will form by the end of January 2012, making a preliminary report by LDS. Brothers will have an opportunity at the Regional Conferences to provide input to the task force. The goal would be to rollout any changes at Grand Council 2013.


January 2012 Page 5

2. Implement a program by August 7, 2013 that empowers identified Chapters to improve through structured support. Chapters that struggle with one or more aspects of fraternal life are identified and given structured support in the form of a toolkit and tailored plan to improve. This is “each needs the help of the other” in action. Some identified measurable outcomes are achieving 90% in the AAP, 100% participation at Regional and National Meetings, and adequate membership numbers. 1. Create a state-of-the-art website that will serve as the hub of all Phi Delta Chi information by August 7th, 2012. We have consulted with Skipta to make improvements to our website. We will be using a vibrant new template, so it will have a whole new modernized look. A survey will be employed to gather information and develop a needs list. We have already begun the process of achieving these goals in just the few short months since identifying them. We have a roadmap, but expect there will be obstacles. Together, we can achieve these and more! Stay tuned for updates on the top 5 goals.

GVPCA Lexie Turner presents current issues important to Phi Delta Chi at the 2011 Strategic Planning Retreat using a Ralph Saroyan (Grand Past President) caricature.

Collin O’Neill (Eta) Appointed to Treasurer Position I am pleased to announce the appointment of Collin J. O’Neill (Eta) as Treasurer. This position is appointed by the Grand President as a project director and provides financial oversight to the Executive Council and Executive Director. Collin was born in Rochester, NY and graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 2001. He completed authorized user training to become a nuclear pharmacist at Purdue University later that year. Collin is a Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist and is seeking his first recertification. Collin was responsible for the design, relocation and implementation of one of the first USP 797 compliant commercial nuclear pharmacies in the United States. Collin won the Presidents Club award in 2008 for market achievements and was recently promoted to Area Vice President for his company, Triad Isotopes, overseeing the operations of eleven nuclear pharmacies in the Northeast. Collin is currently a Member of the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee for the Pharmacy Leadership and Education Institute (PLEI). He is a founding Director of the Phi Delta Chi Eta Alumni Association Foundation and Vice President of the Phi Delta Chi Eta Alumni Association. Collin retains memberships with the Boston Druggists’ Association and the American Pharmacists Association. In Collin’s down time he enjoys roasting his own coffee, training for his private pilot license, and traveling to new places. Congratulations Collin! Fraternally,

Amy D. Valdez Grand President


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The number one goal resulting from our strategic planning retreat in October is to replace our existing website with a state-of-the-art new website by August 1, 2012.  This is an exciting time for the online presence of our fraternity, as we now have the mandate to provide a much needed upgrade to our existing website.  I have been tasked with leading this effort and I am asking for your help and support. My vision for this effort is to gather input from a wide variety of Brother and non-Brother stakeholders about what is desired and needed for our new website.  I have created a timeline for this process (please see figure below).  The first action item is to identify a vendor to work with for developing our website.  I am happy to report that the Executive

Council approved Skipta (www.skipta. com) as our development company for our new website.  Ted Search (Mu), the CEO of Skipta, understands the needs of our fraternity and provided convincing examples of past Skipta projects to the Executive Committee which clearly demonstrate the capability of Skipta to meet our needs within our limited website budget.  In fairness to Skipta, it should be emphasized that our current website, while hosted by Skipta, is not an example of a Skipta project developed from scratch.  Rather, it is simply our old website design that was fitted for Skipta hosting a little over a year ago free of charge while we worked on long term website development plans. The second action item for this project is formation of a task force to assist me

in working with Skipta on the creation of our website.  This task force will assist with gathering data regarding what our website needs are, provide input on the design and content of the website, and participate in beta testing prior to website launch in August 2012.  If you are interested in being considered for this task force, then please provide your contact information in the last item of our initial website survey or contact me directly at  The time commitment for task force members is about 4 to 6 hours each month, including conference calls. Fraternally,

Michael Nelson

Identify Website Development Services by 1/1/12 Form Website Task Force by 2/1/12 Create and Administer Needs Assessment by 4/1/12 Create Website Framework by 5/1/12 Website Development and Testing Completed by August 1, 2012

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Jan 2012

Mar 2012

May 2012

August 2012

Website Survey and Task Force Please click here take a moment to complete a short survey about our website If you are interested in possibly serving on the task force leading the creation of our new website, then please provide your contact information at the end of this survey

e-Communicator Midwest Region News

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Former Honorary Grand President, Remington Award lecturer, and former Dean of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy Larry Weaver (Psi) passed away December 21, 2011.  You may read about Dr. Weaver’s many contributions to our profession in this statement at the University of Minnesota website.

Mountain Region News


The New Yorker magazine recently published a wonderful article about Don Colcord (Sigma) and his story of small town pharmacy practice in Nucla, Colo.  You may read the article here.  In addition, this article recently won a Sidney Award for a best magazine article of the year from the New York Times.

68th Grand Council Photos

Find more 68th Grand Council photos at the Phi Delta Chi Flickr Photostream

Pledge Manual Updated Click here to download the new version of the Pledge Manual Special thanks to John Grabenstein (Beta Gamma) for his continued work on the Pledge Manual

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