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Pop group Maroon 5 has signed up to write a song for Coca-Cola that will be based on fan-sourced material from a 24-hour streamed event in London on 22 March. Check out the article


Sony Music will soon be launching the “Behind The Mask” project, where fans can contribute to a new music video for the latest song to released of Michal Jackson’s final album. Check out the article


The spoof Steve Jobs twitter account that posted comic & up-to-the minute insights into Apple and is followed by over 400,000 people has been suspended after complaints. Check out the article


Digital takes a back seat in a refreshing offline stunt as an anonymous NYC author posts pages from their new novel around town with clues to find the next one hidden in the text. Check out the article


Nissan is to launch a digital campaign in Europe next week for its Juke “urban car”. Each act was presented with a car for a week and given a series of challenges to complete. Check out the article


A new study from Cornell University published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, has found that using Facebook can actually boost your self-esteem. Check out the article

4 has set up a spoof label, Found Records, to release Pulse And Thunder by Day V Lately, the fictional character from their new advert, updating the iconic J.R. Hartley Yellow Pages commercial from 1983. Check out the article


Intrusive branding gets literal as Superette launches a covert campaign by placing indented plates in city bus stops, mall seats and park benches to leave exposed flesh temporarily branded with the Superette logo. Check out the article

8 Things  
8 Things  

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