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Audience 123

Fedrigoni's target audience are designers. Most designers these days have Apple Macs and smartphones, which they use as their calendar. Or they have a diary. Why would they use a desk calendar. Most desk calendars are also very small to write in. Most desk calendars on sale are fun and silly, not pracical.

Fedrigoni Creative Challenges Calendar

Paper Clip - Hold papers together - Cufflinks - Earrings - Imitation mini-trombone - Thing you use to push that emergency restart button on your router - Keeping headphones from getting tangled up - Bookmark Riddles "A man has married 20 women in a small town. All of the women are still alive and none of them are divorced. The man has broken no laws. Who is the man?"

Concept 123

Designers should be creative, but many lack that creative touch. This calendar will provide a weekly or daily challenge for the designer to stay stay creative and alert throughout the day. Fedrigoni Creative Challenges Calendar

Context 123

Most designers have Apple iMacs or Macbooks. Thus I have taken this into account and decided to design a calendar that would fit under the screen of an iMac. Further more this size would also fit into a standatd wallet, so the designer could take the challenge or quote out of their studio.

Fedrigoni Creative Challenges Calendar

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