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Creative Advertising  &  New  Media Aim  -­‐  To  engage  in  current  (academic  &  industry)  debate,  surrounding  the   impact  of  new  media  on  communication  and  creativity. Link  -­‐  Beginnings  of  Creative  Advertising  lecture: •  Contextual  inCluences  (technological,  cultural)  progress  of  colour   printing. Take  away  –   • Understand  distinctions  between  mass  and  new  media. • Consider  shifts  in  aspects  of  advertising  strategy. • Speculate  the  implications  of  NM  on  creativity   • Think  about  impact  of  NM  on  the  role  of  the  creative What  is  new  media? ‘…media  that  work  not  through  persuasion  or  impressions  but  through   engagement  and  involvement.   (Sutherland,  2009) Rory  Sutherland,  former  president  of  the  IPA  and  Vice  Chairman  Ogilvy  UK   Need  to  break  with  a  past  media  ‘model’ Advertising  Strategy  (Emotive) • Required  speaking  to  the  masses • Global  print  campaigns • Imagery  of  Britannia  &  Royalty  suited  all  domestic  and  imperial  markets   • High-­‐feeling  strategy  (signs=  patriotism  &  empire)   High  Feeling  Strategy  Today • Remember  Reach  Campaign  (2010)  AgencyTwoFifteen  and  AKQA   • Launch  Cilm  Birth  of  a  Spartan  –  announce  Reach  Beta.   • 3  x  Cilms  prior  and  4th  Cilm  released  after  website  debut • Doomed  planet  (Cilms)  700  million  Spartans  Cight  to  end • High-­‐feeling  strategy:  loss,  hope  &  remembrance   • Audience  involved  emotionally,  creatively  and  part  of  ads • Interactive  website  robot  creates  light  sculpture  Spartans • Each  pieced  spot  represents  a  person  (image) • (creativity-­‐,  Diaz,  2010) Old  &  new  communication  models • Old:  transmission • Transmit  ideas  to  an  audience • New:  cybernetic   • Engage  with  an  audience • Via  computer  (mediated  communication)  CMC. new  media  based    on...(ICTs)  such  as  the  internet  and  cell  phones,  invite  us  to   think  in  exciting  new  ways  about  advertising,  as  an  industry  and...   communication  process  (Spurgeon,  2008) Illustration

The Kaiser  Chiefs’  Bespoke  Album  creation  experience  

New Media  Model • Advertising  &  New  Media  (Spurgeon,  2008) • Shift  from  Mass  to  My  media • More  targeted  (mobile) • Audience  involvement:   • (a)  voluntarily  passing  viewing  ads  (virals) • (b)  creating    spoofs  or  Cilming  events • More  personalised   Viral;  unpaid  Advertising • DeCinition  'unpaid  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  communication  of  [provocative]  content   originating  from  an  identiCied  sponsor  using  the  Internet  to  persuade  or   inCluence  an  audience    to  pass  along  the  content  to  others’.  Southgate,  et   al,  2010,  p350. • One  distinction  between  old  &  new  media • Voluntary  viewings  (video  viewings  online) • Forced  viewings  (TV,  Cinema  or  Print) New  way  of  communicating • Virals  (ads)  becoming  part  of  our  conversations • BMB  after  labour  account • May  elections  2010 • Sent  to  friend • From  talk  about  to  talk  with  Trevor  Beattie  (BMB)  Hello  Boys  &  FCUK Two  Conversations • Three  Little  Pigs  viral  992 • Recession  &  riots   • BBH   • Client  The  Guardian • TV  &  Print • Celebration  of  NM  itself;  citizen  journalism,  open  platform  collaboration. • Idea  ‘transform  brand’  from  newspaper  to;  global  news  hub. • ‘modern  news  is  dynamic,  participative  with  open  dialogue’  (Gonsalves,   2012)  Head  of  Strategy,  BBH  London

Conversation three  Invisible  Children  campaign • R4  ICC  Congo  warlord  Lubanga  guilty  30yrs • ‘March  5th  released   • 3  days  26  m  views.  5th  63  m   • Oprah  Winfrey  tweet  5th  Mar • 9.7m  followers   • ‘the  most  successful  manipulation  of  our  new  media  ecosystem  to   date’  (Naughton,  2012)  

Beattie The  Big  Creative  Idea • Internet  biggest  idea  since  the  wheel   • Enables  lots  of  small  ideas  to  circulate • ‘that  combination  of  a  trillion  little  ideas  is  in  itself  the  biggest  idea  there   is...I  think  we  are  at  the  most  interesting  point  of  communications  history   ever...’  (2010,  LCA) • UK  is  a  world-­‐leader  in  online  advertising  (AA,  2012) Viewer-­‐generated  content • Case-­‐study  Coke-­‐Mentos • Viewer-­‐generated  advertising  worth  US$10  million  to  Mentos  ‘more  than   half  its  annual  advertising  budget’  (Spurgeon,  2008,  p1) • New  media  threatens  the  top-­‐down  communication  model • Audiences  are  actively  managing  media  culture Creating  a  dialog   • Paul  Burns  (TBWA)  ‘talking  with  audience’ • 40  million  Old  Spice   • Responding  to  a  Tweet • The  making  of  Old  Spice:    copywriter  &  art  director  Craig  Allen  &  Erik   Kallman  W  &  K. • Released  adjacent  to  the  American  Superbowl    most  viewed  sports  event   106.5  m  viewers • Actor    X-­‐footballer/  Superbowl  player)  ran  Online  then  TV • SEM  (search  engine  marketing)  keywords  Superbowl  commercial  – appeared  in  paid  column  Google   10  reasons  why  this  is  the  best  time  to  be  in  advertising • An  audience  with  Sir  John  Hegarty,  25.3.10   • No.  1  Agencies  can  innovate  e.g  NYC  tourism  campaign • The  idea  NYC  =  street  culture=  street  musicians.   • Linked  2  campaigns    'Dig  Out  Your  Soul'.  New  album  tracks  released  to   NYC  street  musicians  to  play • Announcements  made  websites  with  Google  maps • Performances  video  recorded  (fans)  &  uploaded  YouTube.   • Caused  buzz  global  music  press • Creatives  collaborated  directly  with  NYC  street  musicians  

TA helped  to  create  &  distribute  content

The Third  Screen • Mobile  phones  will  soon  become  the  greatest  tool  for  persuasion,  more  so   than  any  other  medium  for  advertising.  (Fogg,  2003) • Fastest  growing  markets  in  the  creative  industries  (Mobile  Learning     Conference  2009  1st  Dec,  2009,  London)   The  Kairos  factor • Fogg  (2003)  primarily  due  to  their  kairos  factor: • The  principle  of  presenting  the  desired  message  at  the  opportune   moment.   • Location • Routine   • Goals   • Tasks   • Okazaki  article  (2009)   What  is  the  impact  of  new  media? • On  the  advertising  agency • Industry  debate.   • Mashup  09 • “Structuring  the  company  to  be  social  from  the  inside  is  necessary’  Patrick   (2009) • Digital  creatives  (third  role)   • Work  with  AD  CW •

‘Advertising is  such  a  limiting  title  now'  Andy  Fowler  (ECD)  Brothers  &   Sisters Impact  NM  a  third  layer  communication  

Putting brands  in  people’s  hands • Philosophy  of  Brothers  and  Sisters • No  Medium  is  dying  e.g.  Print • Media  different  role  in  a  ‘narrative’ • Traditional  ‘announcements’ • Levis  Go  forth  beautifully  crafted  photography   • Wrangler  jeans  interactive  site  like  Remember  Reach • NM  up-­‐close  and  tactile • Craft  &  creatives  more  important  than  ever • Golden  age   Levi’s  Go  Forth  Campaign • Highly  crafted  Cilm  &  photography • Walt  Whitman  poetry • Website • Global  Go  Forth  Campaign • Wieden  &  Kennedy • Launch  Cilm  Facebook • Cinema,  then  TV

Print ads  photography Ryan  McGinley Photographer  Jeff  Luker

Photographer Ryan  McGinley Future   • Illustrating  the  future  Nike • Give  people  tools  –  life  enhancing • Google  &  Facebook  model • Nike  plus  –  how  run  record • Nike  grid  –  training  aid  into  ‘game’ • London  transformed  game-­‐board  postcodes  runs  recorded  &  compared   against  others • Overlay  of  experiences

Fowler’s conclusion  impact  of  NM • Pre-­‐NM  (1)  Announcement   • Talk  to  audience  told  them  to  buy  (2)  product

Middle Layer • Announcement  old  Media   • Middle  Layer  (experiencial)  New  Media  sample  product  in  a  virtual  way • Product Creatives  creativity • Big  ideas  remain  important • Craft  remains  important   New  model  of  Creativity • Larger  teams • Collaborative  creativity  (Sawyer,  2008) • ebrainstorming • Collaborative  online  Creativity:  eStudio • Omnium  project   • Hegarty  &  Beattie  (2010) • Shift • Case  Study • Giant  Hydra

“I deeply  respect  …  Bernbach’s  idea  of  pairing  art  directors  and  copywriters...   but  it’s  Clawed  for  modern  times...” Mass  is  More,  by    Ignacio  Oreamuno President  of  Giant  Hyrda Online  Conversations  (dialogic)

• •

Conversation leads  to  Clow,  and  Clow  leads  to  creativity  Sawyer  (2008)   p43. Research  shows  the  design  process  is  enriched  by  online  conversation   rather  than  just  relying  on  visuals.

Creative elearning • Own  research  OCC • University  of  New  South  Wales • Creative  advertising  students • Professional  advertising  creatives     (LQ10)  Do  you  agree  that  the  discussion  forums  and  chat  rooms  are  appropriate   spaces  for  supporting  ideation?  65%  of  Level  4  agreed,  whereas  only  33%  of   Level  6  agreed,  giving  an  overall  total  49%. (PQ8)  81%  positively Facebook  Reach   • Reach  generator   • Re-­‐launched  advertising  platform  (Feb,  2012) • Content  and  ads  same • Socially  enabled  ads • Paid  posts  reach  75%  fans  monthly     • More  than  doubling  reach •  More  Engagement   • Exposing  posts  to  friends • Who  in  turn  will  engage Facebook's  Social  Brands • Timeline  introduced   • Imagery,  video,  games  and  text   • Customer  service  option  one-­‐to-­‐one  communication  with  brands  possible. • Unmediated   Impact  of  NM  Conclusions     1. Shift  from  old  to  old  &  new  media 2. Blurring  communication,  entertainment,  education  creators,  producers,   consumers  &  professional  roles 3. New  models  communication,  creativity  &  agency  structures 4. Third  layer  experiential,  engaging,  social  &  tactile 5. Golden  age  of  creativity  –  embrace  it.   6. New  skill-­‐set  work  collaboratively  on  and  off  line 7. Creatives  LCA  Ad,  Photo,  Fashion,  DFGA,  Graphics 8. Old  Media  had  a  beginning.  Narrative  of  New  Media  open.  

ca new media  

ca new media

ca new media  

ca new media