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August 2010 THE HANGOVER


If you aren’t coming up to PCYC you are missing a lot. A great July has passed by and August is upon us. The only thing missing is the rain. Grass is being watered daily, so if you want to enjoy an area being watered just ask someone to turn it off. We use lagoon water so sometimes spray on the boats may contain stuff, but it is all in the savings. Thanks to all who have helped in keeping us green by moving sprinklers and hoses.

Here it is August already, and in less than a month, most of the kids will be back at school, Friday night high school football starts back up, Saturday afternoon college football begins, and planning starts for fantasy football leagues. Also, August is the last full month for the pool to be open as the Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner.

Looking forward to August there are various functions up coming. The ever popular Chum Bucket is on the 28th. The BYOS is on the 14th which is preceded by Friday Night Snacks on the 13th. The children’s pool party for k-6 is on Wednesday the 4th. All these before we move to the big Labor Day weekend Sept. 3-6. Private wedding parties will be in the ballroom on the 7th and 21st. Boaters be advised that the Sandusky Yacht Club cruise out is on the 20th thru 23rd weekend. The ballroom project is complete although there will still be painting and trim work over the next couple months. Eric is extremely proud of the new lighting fixtures added for future events and those that enhance the pictures. Jim Geldien has also been planning paint and other changes for the kid’s room. Anyone with input should talk with him or PC Chuck Reichman. VC Geoff is planning a budget for next year that will include new ceilings in the hallways and the kid’s room. This will include lighting and lowering of the hallway ceilings as well. John Folger has brought forward ideas for changing the kitchen ovens to convection type ovens. We are beginning a search for those and are attending auctions and sales when time allows. Jim Bergman has begun painting the bar-b-que pit and also may attempt the back of the clubhouse if weather permits.

Of course, with the hot and humid weather this past July, the number of members and their guests using the pool is definitely up from the previous year. Thank you to Eric the Caretaker for keeping the water at an enjoyable temperature, to the Committee Chairpersons for running a smooth operation and the pool staff and lifeguards for providing a safe swimming experience. Hopefully, you will have a chance to visit the pool before it is closed for the season. Not only was July hot and humid, but it was also rather dry since it seemed like every rain cloud went around Port Clinton or dissipated before getting to Port Clinton. As a result, the grass in many areas went from green to brown, although Eric and volunteers were watering nearly twenty-fours a day to get it back to that lush green color. If you have not noticed, the items that were blue (basketball pole, hoists, etc) have been or are in the process of being repainted to green by Nick the Assistant. If you have been unable to make it to the Club this past month, stop down and take a look at the ballroom. The ceiling project has been completed and the window treatments have been installed. Window treatments were also installed in the rec/kids room. Eric installed lighting to highlight the ballroom paintings and decorative lighting was placed over the ballroom bar. Lighting was also strategically placed to be used during the Change of Watch and the Recognition Dinner. Also, possibly before you receive this jib sheet, volunteers will have completed repainting the walls in both the ballroom and the rec/kids room. Congratulations to FCoS Ramon Eickert and to all those who worked the PCYC North Coast Jr. Regatta. The committee did a nice job with a strong contingent of young sailors.

Remember to watch the children at play around the pool and parking Check your social calendar for the August events. A BYOS is scheduled for Auarea. Some of us big people too. This is a wonderful organization with gust 14 and the popular Chum Bucket is scheduled for August 28. This event many benefits. Come on in and partake of the festivities. sells out quickly so watch for when tickets go on sale. Commodore Mike Towning

Stop by and enjoy your Club! Rear Commodore Todd Bickley



Sorry about the lack of material in the July Jib sheet, but things were a little hectic in June and I missed my deadline. The June Cruise out to Scudders was wonderful. The weather was a little on the windy side in the evenings as the storms went by, and the Mayflies attacked in the thousands, but other than that it was a very wonderful weekend. Thanks go to Chef Dr. David George for cooking burgers on Friday night, something we may want to do more of on our trips. Nine boats made the trip.

The Port Clinton Yacht Club hosted our yearly North Coast Junior Regatta Sat. July 10th. Seeing all the boats on the water was amazing. I received compliments from our club members about how quick and efficient the kids are at getting their boats rigged, raced and de-rigged.

Our trip to Kellys in July was not as well attended, but the five boats and fourteen members that made the trip to Casino had fun watching the Booze Cruise come ashore and depart. That is something of free entertainment. Wow do people really dress up for a 3 hour power drink? Interesting to witness.

We also hosted the Stray Cat Regatta. We had 17 multihulls participating this year on a wonderful windy weekend. The multi hulls had fantastic speed and equally fantastic wipeouts! Lori Madison and Marty Nighswander jumped in the lake a few times in order to help the multi’s get upright.

August will call for a long awaited trip to Sandusky Yacht Club on the 20th-21st. Enjoy the dog days of summer and maybe July weather will get here in time for August.

Our Sunday Auxiliary series continues to draw a consistent 9 boats, this means lots of close quarter action and tight finishes. Midway in our series, the top three boats are McRitches “Jeb”, Dr. Vandenberg’s “Wooden Shoes” and Rob Kyles “Sally Joe”.

“A lot of people ask me if I were shipwrecked, and could only have one book, what would it be? I always say ‘How to build a boat.’” Stephen Wright, American Actor and writer - 1955 Gregg Hedden Fcop

We had 103 boats and 138 kids participating this year. Our own PCYC race team had 13 kids participating and they did really well, check out the results online

Our club has many traditions, one of these is the Green Island Race. This labor day we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of this regatta. The 3 day weekend will be filled with lots of fun activities on both land and sea. Come on down and bring your friends, this will be one to remember. Thank you to all the club members who help in putting on or putting up with all the sailing activities that take place at our yacht club. We are the best club on the lake and our sailing programs are excellent! Ramon Eickert Fcos

P.O. Box 127, Port Clinton, OH 419.734.2424 Founded in 1906

A gusst 13 Aug 3 5 0 5:30

Hop H pe to t see s e y u thherre! you

Monday, September 6th

Adults $8.50 Children under 12 $3.50

Address Service Requested Port Clinton Yacht Club P.O. Box 127 Port Clinton, OH 43452

JIB Sheet - August 2010  

If you aren’t coming up to PCYC you are missing a lot. A great July has passed by and August is upon us. The only thing missing is the rain....

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