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September 2010 WAIT FOR IT The heat continues although we are soon to enter the fall months. We anticipate a large crowd for the Green Island Race on Sept.5th weekend. A large group will also participate in the now annual dingy and small boat run up river to the Bringmans’ home. Hate to say these are normally the last big events of summer, but sometimes the winds turn chilly and outside activities begin to drop off. We have plenty of firewood on the East beach for some nice cookouts on those cool evenings, so let’s get out there people. Cruisers plan to attend that last big cruise out to Put-in-Bay. Most folks get an early start on this one and stretch the weekend into four or more days. Greg promises great weather and good accommodations. Be sure and sign up. The annual Snow Flurries Race follows Sept. closely the first weekend of October, so plan accordingly. As you are aware, chicken bar-b-ques always on those race weekends along with breakfasts and a lunch for Snow Flurries. Be sure to attend and participate any or all of these events. Fall signals the beginning of nominations for the board and flag. We are a great volunteer organization with plenty of areas for your experience. Please step forward and notify our nomination committee; PCs’ Reichman, Nitz, and Young if you wish to be included in the upcoming slate. Standing committees have to be filled as well, so there are plenty of spaces. The new slate will be announced at the October 7th membership meeting. You will notice a new electronic sign board in the bar. Caretaker/dockmaster Eric has been working on this project for a month or two and it has now made its debut. Lots of animation and great graphics and photos can now be included. Committee chairs you have a great tool for announcing your events. Get with Eric to plan your ads. We are examining placing a large TV over the bar in the ballroom. This would allow power point presentations for weddings, meetings, and other rentals as well as provide another outlet for viewing those big OSU games during the season. Hope you all enjoyed the frantic summer months. We have to jam a lot of fun in to those 13 weeks and most of us did our best. Not to disappoint all of you aware of my past swimming experiences, I did go in again. I cannot promise that it will never happen again but I will try harder in the future. Lots of fun and I enjoy the razzing. Come across the drawbridge and enjoy. See you around the club.

50 YEARS OF YACHT RACING August is now completed and hopefully, the heat and humidity is finished for the year. If not, take solace in that the pool chairpersons intend to have the pool remain open for two additional weekends during September: the 11th and 12th, and the 18th and 19th. The hours will be noon to 8:00 P.M. and the concession stand will be open. Of course, please call before you stop by if the weather does not appear to be cooperating. Eric, with assistance from Paul Thatcher, has completed painting the ballroom walls. Please stop by if you have not had the opportunity to view the ballroom improvements. Other improvements under consideration are window valances and new tables for the ballroom, new stools for the bar, and a new ceiling for the kid’s room and the hallway. Also under consideration is a new storage area for the tables and chairs so that the clutter in the back of the ballroom can be eliminated. Eric has reported that the south hoist has been operating erratically, and consequently, the hoist has been shut down until repairs can be made. Also, the basketball pole on the Wolfe property has been removed. Apparently, the pole was listing a little to one side. Thanks to Mike Hablitzel for his work on getting both the tennis and shuffleboard courts ready for this season. It is nice to see both courts being used by the membership. Just a reminder, please call or talk with Eric if you would like to help around the Club, whether it be for a couple of hours or for a full day. Eric will find something for you to do! This Labor Day Weekend marks the 50th Anniversary of the Green Island Race. Congratulations to all those who have sponsored and participated in this event. Please come down and enjoy the festivities, which begins with a Deck Party on Friday night, the Chicken BBQ on Saturday night, the Green Island Breakfast Sunday morning and the BBQ Ribs Sunday evening, and the Labor Day Fish Fry completing the weekend events. If you are unable to make it down to the Club over the Labor Day Weekend, consider attending the second annual Chili Cook Off/Cornhole Challenge on the 11th. The chili was excellent last year with a number of different styles to choose from. As always, please drive slowly while on the grounds.

Commodore Mike Towning

Todd Bickley


GO BUCKS!!! Ouch, that means fall is fast approaching and the boating season is on the downward slope of the bell curve. Get your boating in before the boating season winds down. Plenty of time left, but just giving all of you a heads up. It surely has been a steamy summer as our family’s last electric bill stopped our boating for awhile. It is a good thing that the nights are cooling down and the air can be taken off the cool switch until next year. On the positive side though, the lake has offered some of the best boating conditions it can offer for long periods of time. September offers our final cruise-out of the summer with a trip to Crew’s Nest and Put-in-Bay on the 24th-26th. Come join us on our final voyage. Getting less wordy as the school year approaches. A POINT TO PONDER: “Why do we teach kids that violence is not the answer and then have them read about wars in school that solved America’s problems?” “For you Roundhouse lovers…Can you get cornered in a round room?” 2010 FCoP Gregg Hedden

Learn to sail . . . Thank you to our PCYC Sailing Instructors Olivia, Maddie and Chloe Beck for another successful Jr. Sailing season. We had 33 sailors participating in our learn to sail and racing program this year. Team Beck is doing a great job in grooming our young sailors and perpetuating this great learning experience for our young PCYC members. A special thank you to Jack Clawson for keeping our coach boats and sail boats repaired and competitive and Kristen Eickert for orchestrating the Jr. Learn to Sail program. Green Island Race 50th Anniversary . . . PCYC will be hosting the 50th Green Island Race. Beginning Saturday Sept. 4th, sailboats will be arriving via feeder races from various yachtclubs that hail from from Detroit to Vermillion. Sunday Sept. 5th is the official “Green Island Race”. The Green Island Race is one of the largest and most successful regattas held in the western basin. Bring your family and friends and join us in celebrating this great tradition. Grab a pitcher of Brandy Alexander and enjoy the live music and great food that will be offered over this special 3 day weekend. Fall Bay This year the O’Connell Fall Bay Regatta will Sept. 25-26. This is a week prior to our PCYC Snow Flurries regatta. As a participating racer I like the change of dates, the weather will be warmer and it is a great tune up for the Oct 2-3 Snow Flurries. Fishermen needed. If you need an excuse to go fishing, please tell your spouse that you are doing it for a good cause and that fish caught will be going towards the Jr. Sailing Perch fundraiser this winter. FcoS Ramon Eickert

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Pool Hours The pool will remain OPEN daily thru August 23rd. Starting August 28th the pool will be open Saturdays and Sundays weather permitting through 9/19. The Pool will be open Fri-Monday of Labor Day weekend.

Chili Cook-off Tailgate

and Cornhole Challenge

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September 11th @ 4 Bring your own special recipe and enter to win!

Cornhole Contest


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