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Summer Jobs!

Call First In the event of a level 3 snow emergency the PCYC Bar will be closed. Other weather conditions may also affect bar hours. When in doubt please phone ahead to be certain the bar is open.

Certified Lifeguards and


14 and older Applications @

the Bar Due by March 1st

Wednesday, March 2nd

Change yummo! Come in out of the COLD

Starts At 6:00 Bring a friend or 2 It’s

Join us on Sunday Feb. 6 for our Annual Soup Party

Several Home made soups available for tasting



Bar opens @ 1 Soup’s on @ 3


S a il o r F u n d r a r i io

Tell all your friends & family





Eat, Drink, Play Cards

February 11 February 25 March 4 March 18

Friday, March 18th 5:30 - 7:00

$7 adults $4 kids

Address Service Requested Port Clinton Yacht Club P.O. Box 127 Port Clinton, OH 43452

February 2011 THE GOOD SIDE


The past month was somewhat of a blur for me. My first membership meeting as Commodore, immediately followed by the Recognition Dinner, and then just 2 days later, chairing my first board meeting stared me in the face. I must say that although it was somewhat hectic, Nancy and I have thoroughly enjoyed serving our club this past month. If you were not able to addend the Recognition Dinner, you missed out on an enjoyable evening and a good dinner. There was a nice combination of tradition and humor offered by our presenters. This really helped move the night along. The generous servings of wine by head bartender Ted, didn’t hurt either! The Oliver True Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Service was presented to Past Commodore Doug Young, the Shark Trophy-Skipper of the Year was awarded to John Madison and the George Shade Memorial-Jr. Sailor of the Year went to Chloe Beck. As you may recall, I addressed some membership concerns in my last Jib Sheet entry. This led to a spirited discussion at our January membership meeting. Two of the suggestions offered were to suspend the 70% in town/30% out of town rule for a period of 2 years or expand the geographic area that is considered as being an in town member. The issue was tabled with a suggestion that the flag and board review the matter and return back to the membership with recommendation in the near future. Another idea brought forward to help increase our membership: If you have guests that frequently spend time at our club and enjoy what it has to offer, please present them with a membership package. They are available at the bar and through the club officers. If you don’t ask, they can’t say yes! Although this is a slow time at our club, please be sure to stop over. Upcoming events include the BYOS early in the month, followed by 2 Sunday events (“Soup”er Bowl Snacks and Daytona 500 Snacks), Friday night snacks on the 12 and a Junior Sail Fundraiser put on by our sail fleet on the 26th. See you on the good side of the bridge!

Oh yes, it is February. Our Snowbirds are enjoying the warmer climates in Florida or wherever, and we working stiffs have to hang around here to get the work done! Doesn’t seem fair somehow! Obviously, this is the time of year when work projects at the Club slow down, but do not stop completely. I did a little walk-through the Clubhouse on January 13 with the Commodore and made a list of smaller projects that still need attended to. I Met with Eric to walk him through some of those projects, most of which he knew about. They include some painting work and some mundane cleaning but not a whole lot. Hopefully, one of the first big items is to replace the vinyl armrests on the bar to match the seat covers of the new bar stools. He has already done a nice job cleaning the air ducts in the bar ceiling. As I reported at the January Membership Meeting, the stripping of wax on the Ballroom dance floor will have been accomplished by this reading. I have not been a fan of the bar popcorn for sometime, so I talked with House Manager PC Chuck Reichman about it. He has secured a sample bag from member Popcorn Bill at the Great Lakes Popcorn Company across the river. Let Ted or one of the bartenders know how you like it, if you notice a difference. So, in the meantime, let the snow fall while the routine maintenance of the winter season continues at your Port Clinton Yacht Club. Don’t forget to think about inviting a friend or acquaintance to join the club so we can do more improvements. Stay warm!


Geoff Bailey

I’M DREAMING OF . . . As I sit here watching the snow fall and the snow plow go by I can hardly forget what Denny Snyder told me the other night at the Recognition Dinner “ only 76 more days till I launch my boat!” Now that is positive thinking! Whether your boat is sleeping inside a storage building or shrink wrapped outside in a parking lot, be thinking about those TLC jobs you never got around to doing last fall. We have tenatively scheduled 5 different cruise-out destinations plus 2 small boat/inflatable events for this year on the Portage River. Once the schedule is finalized there will be a 2011 Cruise-Out Registry book at the bar. Be looking for it soon. In the meantime, please come and support your club in the many “inside” warm events listed in the Jib Sheet. See you there! FCoP Dave Mehl

Rear Commodore

John Schaffner

DIFFERENT TIMETABLES A lot has been said about the Mayan calendar and their prediction of the end of the world. I think it is a bunch of hogwash. Their calendar really ended in the 16th century with the arrival of Cortez in his sailing ships that ultimately wiped out their civilization. That fancy calendar did not predict that one. I do not believe our calendar is that accurate either. Although it tells us that we are in the throes of a new year. We boaters have our own timetable. February is really our midyear. There are three months until boats get launched and seven months until New Years at the Bay. For some the boating season has not ended. I am not talking about the relaxed rum and sun kind but the high speed, flying down the ice, getting pelted by ice chips sailing. The Sandusky bay has seen a dozen ice boats at a time clocking speeds of up to 50 mph across the ice. . Jr. Sailing Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser. Friday, February 18th. PC John Stefano will once again be our Head Chef for this delicious event. Bring your appetite while supporting your Junior Sailors. Fcos Ramon

JIB Sheet - February 2011  

The past month was somewhat of a blur for me. My first membership meeting as Commodore, immediately fol- lowed by the Recognition Dinner, an...

JIB Sheet - February 2011  

The past month was somewhat of a blur for me. My first membership meeting as Commodore, immediately fol- lowed by the Recognition Dinner, an...