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Edition 98 12 June 2013

Bird Protection

Stormy Weather looming

The American Bird Conservancy (ABC), a leading US bird conservation group, together with the Sociedad Ornitológica de la Hispaniola (SOH), the leading Dominican bird society, report that by working with the Dominican Environment Ministry, the protection for the northern flank of wildlife-rich Sierra de Bahoruco National Park and the Loma Charco Azul Biological Reserve in the southwest of the country have improved significantly. Executive Director of SOH, Jorge Brocca, said, “Illegal charcoal production is a significant threat to the habitat of several endangered and threatened bird species. With the support of Tropigas, we try to offer an alternative cooking fuel.”

Caribbean Coast: Beautiful even with bad weather (see "Hurricane Season" page 6)

Mango Expo The theme of the 10th International Mango Symposium in Punta Cana was: “Mango: Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century”. Local, regional and participants of 30 countries shared their knowledge and technology, and trade expertise on mango production. This Mango Symposium was followed by the four-day annual Mango Expo in Baní, an extraordinary event for mango lovers, including several tastings of the “queen of the fruits”. Dozens of varieties of locally produced mangos were for sale at bargain prices. Producers explained about the different varieties of mangos and visitors could go to the Baní farms where around 100 varieties are produced. There also was a mango-eating contest and in the evenings, there were artistic performances in the park area of Baní, the capital of mangos.


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Accusations against Leonel rejected Sharp Criticism of Decision / Ex-President up for Discussion as Secretary General of OAS The muchlauded prosecutor of the National District, Yeni Berenice Reynoso, regarded as incorruptible, had to face unusual and severe criticism after she definitely closed and shelved the complaint made by Guillermo Moreno against former President Leonel Fernández and his World Foundation Democracy and Development (Funglode) for alledged corruption and money laundering. Moreno accused Fernández of obtaining millions for Funglode from individuals and companies that had benefitted from contracts during his first government term (1996 to 2000). The prosecutor stated that a court can not pursue such accusations, since they were not exactly typified and are not criminalized by the Dominican law. A lawsuit therefore had no chance of success. In a social and

democratic state of law it is not possible in these days to judge according to a law against corruption in a criminal code of 1808. To initiate the proceedings against Fernández under these circumstances is contrary to reason. Even certain facts, that the defendant admitted to a certain extent, can not be tracked because they were not typified in the Dominican legislation. Thus, the case had to be filed due to ”deficiencies in the Dominican legislative system.“ Guillermo Moreno, President of the Alianza País party, said he will raise objection. He said to be disappointed of Yeni Berenice Reynoso, who had yielded to the pressure of Fernández. The facts presented by him were not investigated in detail. ”What kind of a country is this where the prosecutor says there is no law to penalize a former President who in the exercise of office forms a foundation with assets of more than 700 million pesos that are under his control and direct use?“, Moreno asked. The whole thing gets an additional bitter aftertaste, because Yeni Berenice Reynoso had to admit that she is participating in a master course at the University of Salamanca in Spain via Funglode. However, she assured via twitter, that she is paying it with her own money. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1

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The Dominican ambassador in Madrid, César Medina, informed that ex-President Leonel Fernández thinks about a proposal to become the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), after the resignation of Insulza. 22 of the 34 OAS member countries would support the candidacy, including the Caricom States and Venezuela and Brazil. According to Medina, the ex-president asked for time to reflect the offer and seemed not to be very keen on the idea at first. An election would mean for Fernández, to give up the chair of the PLD and his think tank Funglode, where he currently spends most of his time. Also a candidacy for the next Presidential elections in 2016 would not be possible if he accepted the offer.

Highly satisfied with Danilo Medina Dissatisfied with Fight against Corruption / Judge bans Sanctions imposed by Proconsumidor In May last year, the current Dominican president Danilo Medina was elected by a very narrow majority. When he took office on 16 August, he inspired with his articulate speech. One year after his election, “Pulso Dominicano” asked in its weekly survey, conducted by Newlink for Telenoticias, what the Dominican population thinks today, how much Danilo Medina has fulfilled of his campaign promises.

It was proven again that President Medina continues to enjoy high confidence and esteem in the population, for the overwhelming majority thinks that he has met at least some of his promises, and about 40 percent even find that he had met lots of them. Even when asked about their satisfaction with his government, three-quarters of the population showed a positive opinion, although many of the measures introduced show no particular success yet . When asked about their satisfaction with the Cabinet, the population is divided into two approximately equal parts, with the majority (53.7 percent) of dissatisfied, 15.2 percent are even very dissatisfied with the Cabinet. In other pointed questions for example about a topic that moves most of the population all across the country, the fight against corruption, the response of the

interviewed is rather sobering. Because 14.7 percent of Dominicans say that in their opinion, nothing has been done in this regard. 23.8 percent say that there has been done little to combat this fundamental evil of society. The short half (43.5 percent) at least had the opinion that something has been done in the fight against corruption, and only one-fifth (18 percent) see that there had changed a lot. The consumer protectionists organization Proconsumidor, which several times showed to the Dominican population with spectacular cases, as how it is ripped off by some companies in a shameless way, for example when they purchase gas, or by revealing the “Salami” scandal when this foodstuff was sold contaminated by faecal matter, was now banned by Judge Delfina Amparo de León Salazar (above) to impose penalties against companies that violate the law of the consumers. The judge

justified this that in no part of the Consumer Protection Act, this right is assigned to Proconsumidor. It was the affair of judges to impose penalties. Proconsumidor chairwoman Altagracia Paulino (pic) announced that she will appeal against this anticonsumer verdict. “That same court recognized the power attributed to Proconsumer to sanction and fine the violators of the law on 16 occasions,” Paulino said. Paulino urged consumers to continue to report, stating that they will be heard, “if not by the court, then by the Supreme Court or by God, evil can not prevail. What I want to stop is this law without effect, that serves for nothing, because if those people who sell counterfeit drugs, sugar with sand or expired products can not be punished, then close it.” Judge Gisselle Méndez, has declared the Bahía de las Águilas case to have expired, and therefore closed the case. The District Attorney for the National District, Yeni Berenice Reynoso said that she was stunned by the court's decision, describing it as a “disaster and a shame”. Bahía de las Águilas is one of the biggest corruption cases in the history of the country, where the defendants were trying to seize one of the Dominican Republic's greatest assets. She added that her office would file an appeal against the court's decision.

Millions for Toll Stations State pays Compensation to Private Companies / Tollgate Santiago-La Vega demolished The government Medina is further trying to fix mistakes of previous governments and pays a high price. At the end of May, the negotiations with the company Dominicana de Vias Concesionarias (Dovicon) came to an end. Dovicon got a license for operating toll booths across the country for 30 years by President Leonel Fernández. For the Dominican and Colombian investors, this proved to be a gold mine. Critics from different sectors calculated that Dovicon will have 3.6 billion dollars in revenues after the 30 years, with a total investment of 492 million dollars.

2010: Damages caused by a burning truck Now the government agreed “amicably” with the union of investors. 70 million of the 472 million dollars will be refunded to them, the rest comes from internal and external financing - plus an additional compensation of 65 million dollars, a total of 135 million directly from the state treasury. Minister for Public Works, Gonzalo Castillo called the settlement “great news” for the country. Because the state now is owning the toll booths, so there will be available 70 million dollars annually that can be invested “in the people”.

price tags. It looked as if it will be opened at any time, only the staff in the booths was missing. But this definitely will not happen, because end of May 2013 the whole station has been demolished.

End of 2012: Ready for opening "Something we need to emphasize is that we have achieved all with the goodwill of the company, in mutual agreement. This shows once again that President Danilo Medina sets a high value on legal certainty for investors in the country,” says Castillo. Another controversial toll project has now definitively closed the file. The construction of the toll station La Penda (pics) on the Duarte Highway between Santiago and La Vega started in 2001 during the government of Hipólito Mejía, but never had been put into operation. For years, it just was there without anything happening, because no one dared to open a new toll booth on the busy route. In late summer of 2010, the structure was severely damaged when a tanker truck hit one of the pillars and exploded. Fortunately, no one other than the driver was affected. After several months it has been repaired. A few months later it was fully equipped, including barriers and

End of May 2013: Demolition The decision was made by President Medina, who has the philosophy that on routes with no alternative paths, no tolls shall be levied. “If we build a new road, we will collect tolls for the maintenance. But who doesn't want to pay toll, must have an alternative where to go,” said Castillo. The minister stressed, however, that the beltway of Santiago - its construction finally started these days - will have a toll booth. The toll should be 50 pesos. “The road will bypass the vehicles from Navarrete to Santiago. During rush hours, drivers will save 30 minutes of time. Because they don't have to pass the center of Santiago any more.”

Fierce Hurricane Season expected 13 to 20 Tropical Storms expected this Year / “Sandy” deleted from the List of Names

Every year, the hurricane season in the Caribbean starts officially on 1 June, and ends on 31 November. And every year, the American NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) makes its pretty true predictions in late May about what to expect in the coming season. Gerry Bell from the center for the weather forecast of the NOAA warned: “It is expected that this year in the Atlantic basin will be formed more and stronger hurricanes as usual.” Experts of the State University of Colorado estimate that the activity in the Atlantic basin is more active than normal by 75 percent this year. There will probably be formed 13 to 20 tropical storms. A tropical storm has wind speeds of at least 63 kilometers per hour. From these tropical storms will develop between seven and eleven to hurricanes with a probability of 70 percent, that is, with winds of 117 kilometers per hour. Between three and six are expected to reach even the higher categories three, four or five of

the Saffir-Simpson scale, which means that they will have wind speeds of more than 178 kilometers per hour. If this prediction is correct, this year's season is well above the average of twelve tropical storms, including six hurricanes, with three of the higher categories. According to American scientists, the reason is that this year the tropical Atlantic and the Caribbean are warmer than normal and the El Niño weather phenomenon, which limits the formation of hurricanes, is not present. Although the specific focus is on the higher categories of hurricanes, Kathryn Sullivan from NOAA warns that even a lower category of hurricane can have devastating effects, such as last year has been proven by “Sandy. “Sandy” killed at least 147 people directly, 72 of them in the United States. It was the second most expensive (after “Katrina”) and the deadliest tropical storm in 40 years, because when she touched land in the United States, she was not even a hurricane any more. Out of “revenge”, now the name “Sandy” was removed from the list of names for future hurricanes by the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva. This was made to avoid confusion in the future, but one official reason really is that this name could cause bad memories in the population. “Sara”, which was not previously listed, will replace “Sandys” in the future. The names are on six different lists, which are always repeated. “Sandy” would have been back by 2018. Before “Sandy”, also “Irene” (2011), “Igor” (2010), “Ike”

(2008) or “Mitch” (1998) have already been removed from the list and replaced by other names, the year 2005 was the only one when even five names were deleted: “Dennis”, “Katrina”, “Rita”, “Stan” and “Wilma”. The list for 2013 consists of the names Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dorian, Erin, Fernand, Gabrielle, Humberto, Ingrid, Jerry, Karen, Lorenzo, Melissa, Nestor, Olga, Pablo, Rebekah, Sebastien, Tanya, Van and Wendy. In August, when the main time of the hurricane starts, the NOAA will update the forecasts again, so that the population can prepare. Such news are a strong argument for the neighboring country of Haiti to prepare for an emergency. Because frequently the hurricanes that pass the Caribbean Sea south of Hispaniola turn to north, just above Haiti or a little west. The big problem for Haiti is, that there are still 320,000 people living in 385 insecure tent camps after the big earthquake of January 2010. About one hundred of these camps and their inhabitants are in acute danger, when the sky opens its floodgates. The International Organization for Migration (IOM), for example, is working closely with government and local authorities, partners and vulnerable populations to undertake flood mitigation work and prepare for possible evacuations. Haiti is stockpiling non-food items, including water purification tablets and other supplies to combat waterborne diseases.

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“MINUSTAH not until 2050” Aristide's Lavalas Party nominated Singer / One Tenth benefits from Social Programs Nigel Fisher, the head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), said that hopefully this year the partial elections will be held which will be an important step to ensure that MINUSTAH some day will leave the country. “We can not be there until 2050. We have to go some day, but only when the conditions are met,” said Fisher. According to the schedule, the troops should be reduced by 50 percent over the next three years – again, if the conditions are met. For example, there have to be 15,000 Haitian police officers. These elections should have taken place one and a half years ago already. Fisher also complained that only seven laws were passed during the two years of President Martelly's term. Several important structural reforms are still pending. He recommended the “fragile” National Assembly of Haiti to exchange experiences with other parliamentarians of the region. 70 percent of MINUSTAH consists of Latin American soldiers. The largest contingent in relation to its population comes from Uruguay with 950 uniformed men.

Uruguay also is at the top when it comes to female soldiers. Overall, however, only two to three percent of the MINUSTAH personnel are female. According to Fisher, it would be desirable if this number was higher, because, for example, “if a woman is raped in the camps, she wants to talk to a woman.” Who, if not he, could change this the easiest? The party of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Lavalas (Avalanche) has nominated a prominent candidate for the upcoming elections to be held at the end of this year. It is the singer of the group RAM, Lunise Morse. She is an icon of the movement “mizik rasin” (roots music), which started in 1987. It combines elements of the ceremonial voodoo music with folk music and Rock 'n' Roll. RAM is known for its political lyrics, especially during the military dictatorship of Raoul Cédras from 1991 to 1994. Lunise is the wife of Richard Auguste Morse (therefore RAM, the initial letters), a cousin and a former adviser to President Michel Martelly who also was a successful singer as “Sweet Micky”. In the elections at the end of the year, ten senators (a third of the Senate) have to be elected, as well as 142 councilors and 570 members of Congress. The elections before the end of the year are seen as a necessity so that the country does not fall into a new political crisis.

Marie Carmelle Rose Anne Auguste, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of Human Rights and the fight against extreme poverty, said that more than 1.2 million people have benefited from social programs until 31 of March, 2013. Stressing for those who criticize the government's social programs, she said, it is the first time in history, that a Government of Haiti is helping the most disadvantaged, recalling that these programs are constantly being evaluated and improved to fit the needs of the population. Proud of the positive impact of the national program “Ede Pèp” (Helping People) which includes many sub-programs including “Ti Manman Cheri” (Dear little mother), “Koré Etidyan” (Help for Students), “Koré Paysans” (Help for farmers) and others. Dated 31 of March 2013, the program “Ti Manman Cheri” reached 70,722 beneficiaries (objective 100,000), “Koré Etidyan” reached 27,323 students on a objective of 28,000, “Kantin Mobiles” (Mobile canteens) has feeded 521,920 beneficiaries and 487,644 “Panyé solidarité” (Solidarity baskets) were also distributed. The total number of beneficiaries is 1,268,791 or nearly twelve percent of the population, said the Minister Delegate. The government's objective was to reach four million people living in extreme poverty.

Rafael Correa took Office Successful Policy against Poverty / Citizens Revolution / Attacks against OAS and IACHR

On 24 May, the newly re-elected President Rafael Correa who had won 57.17 percent of the votes, took office in Quito. The Ecuadorian president, who took office for the first time in January 2007, is a trained economist who studied at universities in Ecuador, Belgium and the United States. His party, Alianza País, won about a hundred of the 137 seats in parliament. In his inaugural speech, Correa defended his political project, which he calls “civil revolution”. He said his country is changing “profound and positive” in the economic, political and social spheres. Ecuador is one of Latin America's countries with the most dynamic economic growth with 4.3 percent annually on average. The average in the region is at 3.5 percent. More than one million Ecuadorians had escaped poverty during his tenure. To defeat poverty, was the “moral imperative” for the planet, said Correa. In addition, Ecuador is the country in Latin America, where inequality declined most. Correa was a professor at the exclusive University of San Francisco de Quito. With little experience as a politician, only three months as Economics Minister in 2005, he entered at the 2006 presidential election, which he won surprisingly.

Correa's campaign promise was then, to put an end to the old political parties and practices. After taking office on 15 January 2007, he immediately started with the destruction of the old parties. He called a constitutional convention, which was occupied in the majority of his people, and worked out a new constitution, which was adopted by the Ecuadorians by vote in 2008. To obtain confirmation, Correa called for early elections in 2009, which he won with 51 percent. By 2010, Correa was able to put his ideas in politics without major disabilities. But at the end of September of that year there were violent protests of the police and elements of the army, which had to give up some of their privileges. Correa appeared in person at the police headquarters in Quito, where he was attacked by men in uniform. He fled to a nearby police hospital where he was freed after hours by loyal armed soldiers. There were a dozen dead. In his inaugural speech, Correa attacked the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) sharply. “Why do we have the OAS if we do not even find a definite regional position on such important issues as the Malvinas (English: Falklands)? How can we go on with this irrationality, that the seat of the OAS is in the country (USA) of the criminal Cuba blockade, which openly and unashamedly disrespects the founding Charter of the OAS?” The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights have become an “instrument for the persecution of progressive governments.” It is dominated by the hegemonic governments. “Our people will not forgive us if we do not make historical decisions, if we can not correct these neocolonialistic residues in our Ame-

rica. We must fearlessly and quickly look for something new, better, truly Ours.” The Dominican President Danilo Medina came to the ceremony when President Correa took office in Quito. He wished good luck and success to continue and consolidate his successful social policy and development, which he initiated and made him the highest-rated President of the whole continent. Ecuador is a country of some 16 million people that belongs to OPEC but is its smallest member. It is heavily dependent on oil revenue, and Correa has said finding more crude is essential to its future. The country has proven reserves of 7.2 billion barrels but is short on refining capacity. So Correa wants to build a new refinery and has also opened a tender process for 16 tracts of the Amazon with an eye to finding crude. At the same time, to ease dependence on fossil fuels, he has announced plans to construct eight dams to produce electricity, with an investment of five billion dollars. Correa said that he will not run for another term in 2017, even if his party does not have a strong candidate to replace him. He said he will move to Belgium, where his wife Anne Malherbe is from.

Destabilization Campaign? Maduro: Rightists sabotage Supply of the Population / Evo Morales warns Colombia

The supply crisis in Venezuela is assuming serious proportions. It even has the consequence that in the churches the communion wine and wafers are becoming scarce. Nuns who make the wafers, had enormous problem to find the wheat flour needed for them, lamented Bishop Baltazar Porras from the province of Mérida. The bishop, an opponent of President Maduro says, since the mid-19th Century there was no such a situation in Venezuela. President Nicolás Maduro (top) sees a conspiracy of reactionary circles who wanted to destabilize the country in order to finally seize power again, after they had failed in the past elections. That his challenger Henrique Capriles was received by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is a proof for Maduro that a con-

spiracy against him and his government is in progress. There was a “psychological operation” and a plan to sabotage Venezuela's economy, where persons of Colombia and the United States are involved. The “sabotage” plans to make scarce foreign currency and the staple food in Venezuela. Currently “sicarios” (hired killers) from Colombia were leaking in, with the order to assassinate high Venezuelan military staff. From Miami, a team had arrived in Colombia, along with former U.S. Ambassador Roger Noriega, who had brought a poison for him. Maduro therefore now is questioning the relations with Colombia at all levels. He could no longer trust President Santos. Santos called Maduro's conspiracy theory “nonsense.” It is difficult to rate how far the conspiracy theories could be real. For companies historically have been against left-wing governments. Maduro accused the industry to stockpile basic necessities on behalf of the rightists, to cause a shortage and so incite the population against the government. Maduro, however, believes that the Venezuelan people is mature enough to see through these plans. That such plans actually may work, Chile is an example. Using the same methods in 1973, General Augusto Pinochet overthrew the democratically elected leftist president Salvador Allende, after first reducing the basic needs in the country until the population protested violently against the government. So the military had a reason to intervene to “restore peace” in the country. Early July, President Maduro accused corrupt policemen from Caracas and the State of Miranda, to be responsible for more than 90 percent of all kidnappings in the country. Whenever a kidnapping case was resolved, there were involved police from Miranda, where opposition leader Capriles

rules, or from neighborhoods in the capital Caracas, where the opposition is in power. Moreover, nearly always when a crime is solved, kidnappers and drug traffickers from Colombia were involved. Bolivia's President Evo Morales called Colombia's request to become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) a “threat, provocation and conspiracy” against the peoples of Latin America. He demanded an urgent meeting of UNASUR to treat this problem. The Colombian government should “make no mistake.” “This application of Colombia to become a NATO member, is a threat to our continent. It is an aggression, a provocation, a conspiracy against the anti-imperialist countries such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bolivia,” complained Morales in Potosí. The sharp reaction of the Bolivian president comes a few days after the diplomatic crisis between Colombia and Venezuela, which is a close ally of Bolivia, because of the visit of Capriles in Bogotá. “How is it possible that Colombia wants to become a member of NATO? What for? To threaten Latin America? To subdue Latin America, so that NATO can invade us, as it has done in Europe and especially in Africa? " Colombian President Santos announced a cooperation agreement with NATO this month to eventually join later as a member.

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Randy the Rooster


Perky Parrot

This farmer has about 200 hens, but no rooster and he wants chicks. So, he goes down the road to the next farmer and asks if he has a rooster. The other farmer says, “Yeah, Ive got this great rooster, named Randy; hell service every chicken you've got. No problem.” Well, Randy the rooster is a lot of money, but the farmer decides he'd be worth it. So, he buys Randy. The farmer takes Randy home and sets him down in the barnyard, giving the rooster a pep-talk, “Randy, I want you to pace yourself now. You've got a lot of chickens to service here and you cost me a lot of money and I'll need you to do a good job. So, take your time and have some fun,” the farmer said with a chuckle. Randy seemed to understand, so the farmer points towards the hen house and Randy took off like a shot - Wham! - He nails every hen on there three or four times and the farmer is just shocked. Randy runs out of the hen house and sees a flock of geese down by the lake – Wham! - He gets all the geese. Randy's up in the pigpen. He's in with the cows. Randy is jumping on every animal the farmer owns. The farmer is distraught, worried that his expensive rooster won't even last the day. Sure enough, the farmer goes to bed and wakes up the next day to find Randy dead as a doorknob in the middle of the yard. Buzzards are circling overhead. The farmer, saddened by the loss of such a colorful animal, shakes his head and says, “Oh, Randy, I told you to pace yourself. I tried to get you to slow down, now look what youve done to yourself.” Randy opens one eye, nods towards the sky and says, “Shhh. They're getting closer ...”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 16.

A lady was walking down the street to work and she saw a parrot on a perch in front of a pet store. The parrot said to her, “Hey lady, you are really ugly.” The lady is furious! On the way home she saw the same parrot saying, “Hey lady, you are really ugly.” She is very angry now. The next day the parrot again said , “Hey lady, you are really ugly.” The lady was so angry that she went into the store and said that she would sue the store and kill the bird. The store manager promised, he'll make sure the parrot didn't say it again. When she walked past the store after work the parrot called her, “Hey lady.” She paused, “Yes?” The bird said, “You know.”


 Sudoku No. 193 (easy)

Sudoku No. 194

In reaching his plane seat, a man is surprised to see a parrot strapped into the seat next to him. The man asks the stewardess for a cup of coffee and the parrot squawks, “And why don't you get me a whisky, you bitch.” The stewardess, shocked by the parrot's words, brings back a whisky for the parrot but forgets the man's cup of coffee. As the man nicely reminded the stewardess, the parrot downs his drink and shouts, “And get me another whisky, you slut.” Visibly shaken, the stewardess comes back with the parrot's whisky but still no coffee for the man. So the man tried it like the parot, “I've asked you twice for a cup of coffee, you wench, I want it right now!” Next thing they know, both the man and the parrot are wrenched up and thrown out of the emergency exit by two burly stewards. Plunging downwards, the parrot turns to the man and says, “For someone who can't fly, you are a lippy bastard ...”


The Page of Health Warning for Flu

Public Health reinforces Influenza Surveillance for AH1N1 / Situation is “controllable” The Ministry of Health of the Dominican Republic announced that reinforced surveillance will be adopted for the circulation of influenza A in the country, which this year has claimed the lives of at least five people

as they continue to report cases associated with the disease. The ministry said in a statement that an upgrade program of epidemiological surveillance of influenza and standard operating procedures were prepared. This has to be done to avoid more deaths due to the disease, which in 2009 left at least 22 dead in the country. Health Minister Freddy Hidalgo Núñez (photo), assured that the swine flu situation in the country is “controllable”, even though the H1N1 virus has caused five deaths so far this year already, and urged people not to be “alarmed”. The official said further that the nation had “enough drugs to control the virus and to vaccine the most vulnerable cases such as pregnant women, people with HIV/AIDS, children under two years and people over 65 years.” Although Hidalgo urged people in a statement not to be alarmed, he called to “follow the precautionary measures, especially the pregnant women.” The president of the Dominican Medical Association (CMD), Amarilis Herrera, told reporters that in one day have died two pregnant in the Maternity Hospital in San Lorenzo de Los Mina, in the east of Santo Domingo, with symptoms associated with influenza A. She called the health authorities

to redouble the efforts. The Ministry of Health confirmed the first death of a pregnant woman due to swine flu on May 25, but said there was no outbreak of the disease in the country. Until press date, seven fatalities were reported. One of them was a pregnant 13-year-old girl in Higüey.

Import ban on Poultry and Eggs Following the warning from the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) on the resurgence of avian flu (H1N1 virus) in the Dominican Republic (8 cases recognized) and the confirmation of such information by the Haitian diplomatic representation in neighboring Republic, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Agriculture of the Republic of Haiti, inform the Haitian consumers, users of the Haitian-Dominican border, as well as importers and retailers that import and sale of meat products, particularly poultry, eggs and live animals potentially infected or carriers of bird flu, from the Dominican Republic are prohibited until further order. No cases have been detected so far in Haiti. The country is on high alert, especially in border towns.

What is this Guy singing? “Me prefieres a mi” by Arcángel In this soft Reggaeton “Me prefieres a mí”, Arcángel tries to convince his lover to leave her boyfriend to come to him. Si tu te vuelves loca por mí y yo me vuelvo loco por tí (Baby), entonces, mami, deja el novio que tu tienes. Dile que tu no lo quieres y que me prefieres a mí (Ok). Si tu te vuelves loca por mí (Si) y yo me vuelvo loco por tí (Yo también) entonces, mami, deja el novio que tu tienes. Dile que tu no lo quieres y que me prefieres a mí, que me prefieres a mí, mí, que me prefieres a mí ... Oye, sé que tienes novio, que te trata bien. Pero no como yo, yo te trato al cien. El te da buen sexo, a veces calor. Yo no te doy sexo, yo te hago amor. Te llevo janguiar a la discoteca, de otro planeta, VIP, sin chequear maleta. Yo te soy real, el ta' lleno e' feca. Dice muchas cosas y ninguna son concreta (Pra!). Si tu te vuelves loca por mí (Ah) y yo me vuelvo loco por tí (Baby), entonces, mami, deja el novio que tu tienes. Dile que tu no lo quieres y que me prefieres a mí. Si tu te vuelves loca por mí, y yo me vuelvo loco por tí, entonces, mami, deja el novio que tu tienes. Dile que tu no lo quieres y que me prefieres a mí. A veces en la vida hay que tomar decisiones. A veces esas decisiones rompen corazones. Pero tienes que pensar en tí primero y no en los otros. Aunque cause dolor y deje sentimientos rotos. Las heridas sanan pero el tiempo no se detiene. No entiendo por que sigues con él cuando aquí me tienes esperando por tí. Sé que me prefieres a mí. Estoy consciente que lo quieres pero me amas a mí. Si tu te vuelves loca por mí y yo me vuelvo loco por tí ... Nunca permitas que el amor se convierta en una rutina. El verdadero amor está tan cerca, pero tu eres tan terca. Si sabes bien que cuando a mí te acercas, a la realidad despiertas.

If you go crazy for me and I go crazy for you (Baby) then, mami, leave the boyfriend you got. Tell him that you do not love him and that you prefer me (Ok). If you go crazy for me (Yes) and I go crazy for you (Me too) then, mami, leave the boyfriend you got. Tell him that you do not love him and that you prefer me that you prefer me, me, that you prefer me ... Listen, I know you have a boyfriend who treats you well. But unlike me, I treat one hundred. He gives you great sex, sometimes heat. I do not give you sex, I make you love. I'm taking you to hang out in the disco from another planet, VIP, no check of suitcase. I am real, he is full of shit. He says many things and none is specific (Pra!). If you go crazy for me (Ah) and I go crazy for you (Baby) then, mami, leave the boyfriend you got. Tell him that you do not love him and that you prefer me. If you go crazy for me and I go crazy for you, then, mami, leave the boyfriend you got. Tell him that you do not love him and that you prefer me (Ok). Sometimes in life you have to make decisions. Sometimes these decisions break hearts. But you have to think of yourself first and not in the others. Although it might cause pain and leaves broken feelings. The wounds heal but the time won't stop. I do not understand why are you still with him when you got me here waiting for you. I know you prefer me. I am aware that you like him but you love me. If you go crazy for me and I go crazy for you ... Never allow that love becomes a routine. True love is so close, but you are so stubborn. If you know well that when you come close to me, you wake up to reality.

Austin Alejandro Santos was born as the son of Carmen Santos, a former member of the merengue group Las Chicas del Can, in New York on 23 December 1985. She has always encouraged her son, who calls himself Arcángel (Archangel), and is his manager today. In 2002, Arcángel went to Puerto Rico to play Reggaeton. Although he admits that this was not his favorite music, but it is simple to sing. Arcángel was quite successful in a duo with De La Ghetto, but they never made an official album. All their songs spread over the Internet. In early 2007, Arcángel and De La Ghetto separated, Arcángel and sang with others, until he wanted to start his solo career with the album “La maravilla” in 2008, which went wrong, because the album was illegally copied and put on the internet in advance. He lost a lot of money this way, but became one of the most popular Reggaeton artists in the United States and Puerto Rico. His latest album “Sentimiento, Elegancia y Maldad” is his third one. In 2008, Arcángel played a starring role in the independent movie “Muerte en el paraíso”.

Amara la Negra


More than waggling Buttocks

Held up in her Car

Diego el Cigala New Dominican Citizen Without the video of the song, Amara la Negra's “Ay” probably would have called no particular attention. But since the video was released, everywhere can be seen girls moving their round buttocks rhythmically to “Ay ... ay ... ay”. Even the comedian Miguel Céspedes as moneylender “Katira” in the parody of “Amor por accidente” wobbles “sexy” with his backside - “Ay ... ay ... ay!”. In spite of the “hysteria”, Diana de los Santos, also known as Amara la Negra, said: “I can do more than that. I have the talent to sing, to act and to guide a program.” Despite the success of “Ay” she says, she is not an artist of the Música urbana, but could sing anything. She has been in show business for four years already and performed sporadically in “Sábado gigante”. Abroad, she has already proven that she can lead through a program. Criticized that her way of dancing was vulgar, she defends herself: “These movements already exist since the times of our grandmothers, that's nothing new.” Amara la Negra says she is proud of her race, even though she had been victim of discrimination. Therefore, she lets her hair grow naturally and without chemicals. She did not care about critics of her style.

Recently two young felons injured the comedian Nicolas Díaz ("Margaro") with knives, the wife of comedian Cuquín Victoria was attacked. Now it was the turn of the singer Melymel: Two men on a motorcycle tried to rob her in her car. The guy on the backseat of the motorcycle stuck a gun through the open window. As Melymel claims, she grabbed his arm to knock the gun out of his hand, but he beat her and then the two villains fled. Diego Ramón Jiménez Salazar, known as Diego el Cigala, descendant of a family of Spanish flamenco musicians, announced at the launch of his eleventh album “Romance de la luna tucumana” in La Romana that he would move here and will soon get the Dominican citizenship. “I like the Dominicans, their modesty, you have a certain resemblance to how we live.” This album is a tribute to the Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa. Diego el Cigala returns to Tango, “but not only with piano and bandoneón”, but for the first time with an electric guitar.

Víctor Víctor Honored in Cuba

The 64-year-old Dominican singer-songwriter Víctor Víctor was awarded with the most important music award of Cuba, the Cubadisco 2013, for his new album “Diez”. Víctor Víctor puts art over commerce.

Marcos Pereira Sanctimonious Preacher The head of the Brazilian “Church of God of the last days,” Pastor Marcos Pereira, well known since 20 years, for his exorcism events with drug addicts in jail to bring them close to God, was arrested in Rio de Janeiro for the rape of six women, including three minors. He now is also investigated for drug trafficking, money laundering and murder.

a247 Furnished 2 BR, 2 BA 3rd floor condo, Sosua, 80 sq.m2/sq.ft 861, US$75.900/cash US$60,000! athu – 809-462-8140 Apartment for sale, high quality, finished 2012, in a safe community, 5 min. to the beach. Informations at, 809571-0089 Very beautiful house for sale in international community. Informations at, 809-571-0089 Top Apartments, good location at the beach, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom. Further informations at 809-571-0089 Specials of – best a215 1 BR, 1 BA Pool View Apartment, 83 sq.m/sq.ft. 893, furnished, 2nd floor, before US$85,000 - now only: US$65,000. – 809-4628140 a342 Furnished 1 BR condo, 2nd Floor, Sosua, 65 sq.m2/700 sq.ft. From US$79,000 reduced to US$ 59,500! – 809-462-8140 a349 Large Furnished 1 BR Apartment, Close To Beach, 78,68 sq.m/840 sq.ft, US$98 maint. fee, now US$69,800, athumeyer@ – 809-462-8140 co438 3 BR/2 BA Townhouse, Sosua/Cabarete, furnished, Lot 300 sq.m/sq.ft. 3,230, Building 150 sq.m/sq.ft. 1,615, now only US110,000, – 809-462-8140 co548 3BR, 2BA Villa Plus Construction. Lot 1,300 sq.m/sq.ft. 13,993, furnished, Building 150 sq.m/sq.ft: 1,615, US$142,500. – 809-4628140 co604 Bargain Unfurnished 3 Bedroom Villa. Lot 292.24 sq.m/sq.ft. 3,146, Building Size m2: 140/sq.ft.: 1,507, Reduced to US$64,500, – 809-462-8140 co629 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Villa, Sosua, Lot 784.60 sq.m/sq.ft. 8,445, Building 125 sq.m/sq.ft. 1,345, reduced to US$122,500, furnished. – 809-4628140

a348 Gorgeous 2 BR/1.5 BA Ocean Front Apartment. Cabarete, Size 95 sq.m/1,026 sq.ft., now US$175,000. – 809-4628140 a350s Furnished Studio condo, Sosua, 28 sq.m/301 sq.ft, rental investment! Reduced to US$39,900. – 809-4628140 a347 Turn-key 2 BR, 1.5 Ba Townhouse, Sosua, 90 sq.m/969 sq.ft, reduced to US$70,000, athu – 809-462-8140 25 tareas of land in Loma de la Bestia with title, between Puerto Plata and Cofresí. Call 829-296-9366, or for Spanish 809-603-8515 Our beloved Finca 28,000 sq.m, 2 houses, pool, garage, walled, all big fruit and palm trees. Vegetable farming, horse pastures, water and electricity, land title in Baní, the cheap south, near the beach, due to illness for a bargain price of 75,000 EU. We send photos and info:, phone 829-878-3740

Top Apartments, good location at the beach, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom. Further informations at 809-571-0089 2-Bedroom Apartments for rent at the beach in a safe community. Informations at, 809-571-0089 1-Bedroom Apartments for rent at the beach, Informations at, 809571-0089 Top Villa in safe community, 2 bedrooms, pool and big garden for rent for a very good price. Informations at, 809-571-0089

Re#48 Spacious 1 BR, 1 BA Apartment, Sosua, 83 sq.m, furnished, 2nd floor, US$525/month. or 809-4628140

Beautiful small House 80 sq.m. (Built in 2012!)

Re#068a Stunning Ocean Front 1 BR, 1 BA Condo, 2nd Floor, Cabarete, 72 sq.m/775 sq.ft, furnished, US$750, – 809-462-8140

Long term rental at least 3 months In a secure, gated community near the center above police station. Fully furnished with new furniture. WiFi high speed internet, HD TV with all int. senders. DVD / CD radio. Casita with washing machine. Large pool with waterfall, dream-likeCaribbean Palm Garden, Massage bungalow and barbecue. Secure parking, 24 hour electricity and clean water from our own well. US$399 + 160 c (incl. electr.)/month Tel. 809-801-8686 or 809-801-8660 (Rented only to reputable persons)

Villa with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, swimming pool, etc. in a very secure complex with sea view. Gardener, security costs are incl. Long term rentals $ 2,000 / month. Phone Peter 809-781-5758 other objects available.

Apartment in La Roca, Puerto Plata, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, unfurnished, 24 hour electricity and water, community pool, long term rental US$ 600 + electricity, phone 809970-7627

Re#60 2 BR, 2 BA Town House/Apartment. Building. Size 126 sq.m/sq.ft. 1,356, Air Conditioning, Balcony, Garage, or 809-4628140

Beautiful new apartments in Vista del Caribe, Encuentro Beach, Cabarete, Ocean View, 1 and 2 furnished bedrooms, swimming pool, laundry, BBQ area, parking, 24 h electricity. From US$500 to US$800. Phone 829-286-7161 Apartment, 250 m from the beach with seaview, 1 or 2 rooms, furnished, security, pool, RD$10.000 and 20.000/month + 1 month deposit. Call 809-854-3156

Apartment, 250 m from the beach with seaview, 1 or 2 rooms, furnished, security, pool, RD$10.000 and 20.000/month + 1 month deposit. Call 809-854-3156 Furnished house for rent in Puerto Plata, Safe area near Mountain with view, 24 h water & electr., close to everything, private bar, Karaoke & Gym, biliards. 20,000 RD$/months, 1 & last&dep. Call 809-303-0091

Sudoku solutions from page 12:

Long and Short Term - Rentals - of – bestsosuareal Re#001 2 Bedroom, 3 BA Villa, Sosua, 2 to 4 persons, US$100/night A/C, pool etc, minimum stay 2 nights, – 809462-8140.

Sudoku No. 193

Sudoku No. 194

Apartments in La Mulata 1, in beautiful codominium. 1 to 3 bedrooms, with pool. From US$ 200 to US$450 + add. costs + deposit. Mail to or call 849-883-1016 Big apartment in Cabarete, 180 sqm, 2 to 3 bedrooms, large lounge with open plan kitchen. Kitchen, bathroom, terrace and garden with barbecue facilities. Furnished, Inverter, beach within walking distance. Dog no problem. RD$ 19,000. Studio, living and sleeping space, bathroom, furnished, RD$ 6,500. Both together RD$ 24,000. Secure a small apartment complex. Tel 829929-4389, mail: r.k.raedle@gmail 6,500 peso in Cabarete for rent room with small kitchen and bathroom, furnished, 2nd floor, big swimming pool, parking, washing machine. Price incl. water and electricity. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos http://www

WANTED TO RENT – Large ocean view villa, monthly. Call 829-6018383 (English) or 829-901-0207 (Español) German pensioner is looking for a vacant small house or apartment in Sosúa as a long-term tenant. Phone 809-249-4429

Agents required for nationwide distribution of “Memories of London 2012 – Olympics and Diamond Jubilee”. For further information please call Caribepack: 809-5862225 KAHUNA BAR, Cabarete. Looking for girls with good presentation, older than 18 years, must speak English & Spanish. 809-571-0064

Looking for store safe & showcases for new store For sale from liquidation of a pizzeria, Pomodori Pelati Italiano Peppino's food in cans a 3 kg 106 oz. 1 carton of 6 cans 1.200 pesos. Call 809-863-1910

11,000 peso in Cabarete for rent – big apartment, furnished, 2nd floor, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. Big swimming pool, parking, washing machine. Price incl. water and electricity. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809-875-7701 (fotos .cabarete) 16,500 peso in Cabarete for rent – big Penthouse, 3nd floor, furnished, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 terraces. Big swimming pool, parking, washing machine. Price incl. water and electricity. Residence Las Palmas, tel. 809875-7701 (fotos http://www.face Apartments for rent, Sosúa, central, quiet, clean, 1 bedroom & studios, from RD$ 9,500. Call Matt today: 829-461-9324 Big Penthouse-Apartment in Maranata for rent, with garage, 2,800 pesos/month. Cel. 809-497-6913

Sell Black & Decker circular saw, good condition, 3,000 pesos. Phone 829-354-0885 (Peter) Very big GE Refrigerator, white, 28'' x 66'', sell for RD$ 29,000. Call 829682-4004

Seeking management, operations manager, general manager position. American man, bi-lingual, highly educated, ex business owner, ex national manager, living in Puerto Plata 5 years, willing to relocate anywhere in Domincian. Good people skills, management skills, qualified for whatever your needs are. 829-926-0792 or joegennaro108

Shop to rent, Main road Sosúa – Cabarete, at Cerámica Sosúa. Further infos: 809-571-2546 3 bedroom villa for rent in Lomas Del Sol 3, 5 minutes from Sosua. 2 bathrooms, fully furnished, pool, back up power and AC in master bedroom. Long term rental US $1,000 a month, includes pool maintenance, gardener, security, water and waste disposal. Contact Alex 809 350-1441.

Call 829-850-1284 or 829-373-1218

Several guitars for sale, some brand new, some used, both acoustic and electric. Brands include Fender Squire, Suzuki, Oahu, Rickenbacker style, etc. Phone 809-261-1703 for details and prices. Leather jacket, as new, black, size 52-54, high quality and exquisitely crafted. Lots of extras. Original price 780 €. now 5,000 pesos. Phone 809868-5251

Who has the time (and mood), to clean his Pool three and a half hours every day? Only one:

Hombre inglés quiere conocer dominicana que le visite en la cárcel en San Pedro de Macorís los domingos entre 8 am y 4 pm. British man wants to know a Dominican woman who can visit him in jail in San Pedro de Macorís every Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm. Call 809-2467352.

Restaurant Equipment: Professional / Commercial Grade; Dinnerware, Plate Covers, Drink Dispensers, Food Containers, Banquet Displays, Banquet Utensils, Coffee Machines, Rubber Mats, and much more. Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: uniq44@hot Professional Conveyor Belt Tunnel Toaster: (New) “Dosilet” (TT0001), Commercial Grade, Stainless Steel. (great for hot Sandwiches, small Pizzas and other menu items) Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: uniq44@ Professional Banquet Service Displays: (all New) “Gourmet Display” brand Juice Dispenser (JC700), and Sienna Series (SR302, SR402, SR801, SR1033). Call: 829322-8982 / Email: uniq44@hot

the automatic Poolrobot

Saves chemicals of 1,500 dollars a year Demonstration and sale: Michael 829-387-2223

Aprender Alemán en Puerto Plata Clases privadas efectivas en grupos de una a cinco personas. 800 pesos/mes, 2 horas/semana. Información: 809-868-5251

Professional Rubber Mats: (3’x3’x5/8”) Heavy-Duty, Commercial Grade, Snap-Together, Anti-Slip, Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Bacteria, AntiGrease/Chemical (perfect for Hotels, Restaurants & Bars). Call: 829-3228982 / Email: uniq44@ Video Camera: (New) “Sony” HD Handycam (HDR-CX350V) & “Sony” Accessories (Underwater Cases, Shooting Grip-Tripod, Video Lights, Zoom Microphones, Extra Batteries). Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: uniq44

The New Book of Knowledge 2000, Hardcover, INC Grolier. Complete Set 1 – 20, Price: 5,000 RD$, Tel.: 809-571-1083 Professional Espresso Machine: (New) “Mini Moka Demoka” (M593) Full-Auto, Pump Pressure System, Integrated Grinder, Portion System, 2-Cups. Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Professional Extreme Blender: (New) “Waring” (MX1000XTS), Hi-Power, Heavy-Duty, Stainless Steel, 64-oz, 3.5-HP (45,000 RPM). Call: 829-3228982 / Email: Professional Frozen Drink Machine: “Donper” 12-Liter (3.2-gal), Single Canister. (perfect for Icees-Slushies, Margaritas, Daiquiris, and other great ice drinks) Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: Professional Popcorn Machine wCart: “Nostalgia” Full-size, Vendorstyle, Commercial-grade, 1.5-gal (16cups) per batch. Call: 829-322-8982 / Email: “Sony” (MHC-EC69i) Mini Hi-Fi Component Stereo System. Call: 829-322-8982 / Email:

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VECINOS SATURDAY MARKET @Cabarete – 300 m east of Texaco every Sat 8 – 2 pm / Pulga Garage Sale Delicious Lunch Specials / Cheese Cakes Sell your stuff – Vendor tables RD$200 Join the fun (809-571-0260) Reception Hall Rental / 20 - 250 people Fiestas, Cumpleaños, Anniversaries

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Mazda 6 Sedan, 2007, color red, 460,000 RD$, Total Cars Sosúa, Phone 829-329-4126 Nissan Murano, 2007, black, very good condition, US$15,800. Costambar, Puerto Plata. Info 809669-7660 / 809-261-4373 Jeep Liberty, 2005, red, good condition, US$12,800. Costambar, Puerto Plata. Info 809-669-7660 / 809-261-4373 Cadillac Escalade (2004), Pearl White, Fully-Loaded, Low Miles, Great Condition. Call: 829-3228982 / Email:

KIA Sedona, 2008, 6 cyl., luxury, 7 seats, low miles, like new, 10,500 US$, Call 809-303-0091 Pasola for sale at a good price, 2 years old, price about 20.000 RD$. Call 809-781-5758 Quad LX250, 2009, low mileage, good condition, 65,000 pesos. Phone 829-354-0885 Chrysler Caravan SE, without engine and gearbox for RD$ 35,000 o.n.o. Must be picked up. Info in Spanish 829-830-2688 or 809-815-4716. Nissan March, 2002, 4 doors, air conditioning, central locking, airbag, alloy wheels, alarm system, metallic silver, 74,000 km. Price negotiable. Phone 809-605-4448 Mitsubishi Endeavor, 2006, wine red, in good conditions, US-Import, RD$480.000. E-Mail: franzwengert or Tel. 829-333-5403

Birds for sale by breeder: Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, finchen and more. Contact Andrea: 809-4628140 or

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