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Edition 93 3 April 2013

Third best Stand


The Dominican Republic stand at the ITB 2013 tourism trade show in Berlin was selected as the third best stand in the Americas. Every year the Cologne Business School and ITB Berlin award the best of the best exhibitors. The Dominican Republic was the third best among 12,000 exhibitors for criteria including information content, interactivity, interesting effects and service quality. The best three of each category took the stage to receive the prestigious award. In the Americas & the Caribbean category the winners were Peru, Panama and the Dominican Republic. At the Fitur (International Tourism Fair) in Madrid, the Dominican Republic stand won the Best Show Award.

Saltworks near the Morro, the landmark of Montecristi. (Read more on page 10)

Oui, très bon The ambassador of France, Blandine Kreiss, recognized the favorable investment climate in the Dominican Republic. Kreiss answered questions of journalists at the final act of the joint maneuver of the Dominican army and the French Navy, “Dunas 2013”, when she was asked if she estimated the investment climate here as favorable: “This is something you have to ask the companies, but from what I can see, would I say yes.” France is the sixth nation in foreign investments. Kreiss said that during the past ten years, France invested around one billion dollars in the country each year. She emphasized the financing of the second metro line in Santo Domingo, which has now opened. The economic presence and cooperation of France is quite important, and this should remain so in future.

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More of the same? President announces Plan for Citizen Safety / “Streets will not be left to the Criminals” The population reacted skeptically to the Plan for Citizen Safety announced by President Danilo Medina earlier. There were the same ideas as always, presented by the same ministers and officials as always. The only new thing this time was that Danilo Medina had made the promise. Alone that fact made it somewhat more credible for many, since to date he was the only president who later fulfilled his promises. Danilo Medina called the people to help with the implementation of the plan, for it is perhaps one of the greatest challenges for the country. People should trust the authorities, for there will be a new policy that protects citizens and their homes. People should not live in fear from a minority who spreads terror and chaos. He would not accept that the roads and parks are controlled by criminals. Presidency Minister Gustavo Montalvo presented the plan which includes, for example, to install 2,000 surveillance cameras in the capital. 6,000 policemen that are currently employed in private, for example as bodyguards or washing cars for generals and other high personalities, should go back

to the streets to do their job for which they are paid by the state. Officials of the National Police would benefit of a bonus system for good work. José Armando Polanco Gómez, chief of police, said the plan would start in the five areas, which are home of 54 percent of the population and where 64 percent of crimes are committed: in the National District and the provinces Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Cristóbal and La Altagracia. There will be employed another 2,000 young, better educated, better equipped and better paid police officers.

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The emergency number 911 will be introduced nationwide as well as the prevention program “Vivir tanquilo” (Live quiet). Until the end of the term of the President in 2016, a total of 12,000 new police officers will be sent on patrol duty. The head of the drug squad DNCD, Rolando Rosado Mateo announced that all new recruits will have to pass a polygraph test and give an annual statement of their income and their property. The traffic police (Amet) will create a program for all motorcyclists to get a driver's license. Attorney General Francisco Domínguez Brito announced a hi-tech system, which compares the data of criminals and link it with the National Office for id-cards. Minister Montalvo published the murder rate of the country: 23 per 100,000 inhabitants. 58 percent of the homicides occure during fights, assaults and robberies. Admiral Sigfrido Pared Pérez asked to be patient until the announced measures will start to bear fruit. The program was not repressive, but will help to the prevention and prosecution of crimes. The armed forces will help with intelligence services.

Barrick made false Declarations Customs control Shipments / Help sought abroad / Barrick offers 315 Million annually

The relations between the Canadian mining company Barrick Gold and the Dominican Republic are not as shiny any more as they were after signing the “super contract” - for Barrick. For Barrick got fantastic conditions: 97 percent of the profit for them, and only three percent goes to the country in which they are allowed to “dig for” gold. Therefore many sectors in the Dominican Republic are demanding to revise this so unfavorable contract for the country since a couple of months. Barrick Gold warns of consequences for the Dominican Republic, if international investors cannot trust any more when they don't know whether once signed contracts remain valid. With television commercials, Barrick Gold wants to pacify the indignant Dominican people: The mining company boasts that it is investing 75 million dollars voluntarily to repair the environmental damages of the predecessor mining company in Pueblo Viejo, Cotuí.

But apparently the “super contract” is not enough to satisfy the greed of the transnational company. After the first excitement that Barrick does not feel much desire to renegotiate, now the Dominican authorities reacted. Meanwhile the customs stopped two deliveries of Barrick Gold for an exact inspection at the International Airport Las Américas, when the mining company wanted to ship them to their home country Canada via the United States. The customs authority (DGA) discovered that the shipments were declared incorrectly. The first convoy, eight pallets with Doré - a mixture of gold and silver was valued at 11.6 million dollars. The shipment was made without information on quoting the contents of gold and silver. In the papers the country of origin of the charge was the United States, and not the Dominican Republic. Barrick Gold apologized for the “mistake”. But the Dominican Customs now want a penalty of 23.2 million dollars, twice the value of the exported materials, the usual punishment for giving false information. The Communications Director of Barrick Gold, Jorge Esteva, feels that such an approach of the Dominican authorities was “incorrect” and “a very unusual behavior” and quoted it as an “attack” against the safety of exports.

The reason for the false declaration of the country of origin, is because Barrick operates several mines in the United States. Thus, their value will be increased and by declaring less gold on export from the Dominican Republic, less taxes have to be paid here. Through the gold-silver mixture, it is easy to mix a far higher gold content than specified. But, according to Barrick, there is no possibility to separate the two precious metals in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican customs now announced to investigate all the 20 previous exports of the international group which had left the country since last November. The President of the Economic Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Marino Collante, said that some deputies will visit other countries which have similar experiences with mining companies and also with Barrick Gold, which is not a blank sheet, to get some information on possible courses of action, among others in Ecuador. Collado: “Barrick Gold has crossed the line and is trying in a provocative way to soil and restrict the initiatives of a country that has natural resources such as gold.” Everyone was determined to support the initiative of President Danilo Medina, either to renegotiate the contract or to collect additional new taxes on the gold exports. After Dominican negotiators hinted in preliminary discussions with Barrick Gold some 800 million, the mining company sent a letter to President Medina, offering 315 million dollars annually for the next eight years. The reaction of the press was that Barrick obviously still feels to negotiate with Indians that can be fobbed off with a handful of glass beads for their gold. Sources: Listín Diario, Hoy, Diario Libre, DR1

Relaxation at the Drug Front? Deputies submit Project for Modification / Bogotá wants to replace Crack with Marijuana

The PRD deputies Esther Minyety (photo) and Juan José Morales submitted a project for a modification of the article 5 of the Law 50-88 on Drugs and Controlled Substances to the House of Representatives. According to the presentation of the amendment, the possession of less than one gram of cocaine or marijuana should be classified as a simple possession. Up to five grams, the detainees should be classified as consumers. Up to ten grams the offender is referred as “sick”. Only when the detainee posesses more than ten grams of drugs it has to be assumed that he is a dealer. Similarly, the deputies want to change Article 76 of the same law, in order that the National Council on Drugs has to pass 58 percent of its funds to facilities that treat the addicts. Thus, perhaps, finally a movement to decriminalize drug users in Latin America, also arrived in the Dominican Republic. Here, as so often, cocaine still is equaled with marijuana, whereas for example the

Uruguayan President José Mujica wants to separate strictly the two kinds of drugs which are not comparable and wants to legalize marijuana completely. But, as in Uruguay it also will be difficult to ensure that the forces of reason can prevail against the hardliners, who only can boast with tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands of inmates in its 40-year fight against drugs, but can show no other progress. For there is not a drop in the worldwide drug production nor in consumption, there are only displacements that are sold as a success then. The only effect of the current policy is that criminals are getting richer, more powerful and more brutal and put the policy under pressure in many Latin American countries. In Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, one of the three major producers of cocaine, it is planned to break new grounds in the fight against drugs. It's about drug addicts who are wandering in the city in a daze, sick and totally neglected. They are a kind of “collateral damage”. They use crack, made from the waste of the cocaine producers. A kind of side effect of the “success” in the 40-year old war on drugs is the increase of addicts in the country. Bogotá now wants to tackle the problems that are associated with this type of crack of the lowest quality. The plan is to use an “old enemy”: marijuana. Rubén Ramírez, director of the Center for Studies and Analysis of Coexistence and

Citizen Security (CEACSC), says: “We are looking for alternatives to a policy that has caused dead, problems, economic problems, problems in the health system and social problems in Colombia for 30 years. One of the ideas is a pilot project for the replacement of the 'bazuco' (crack cigarette) with marijuana.” Cannabis could help to treat the 7,000 “problem cases” in Bogotá by helping to overcome the withdrawal syndrome of crack with a more harmless drug. Ramirez: “As a Colombian ex-president says correctly, no one ever died from an overdose of marijuana.”

Baseball World Champion 2013 “Plátano Power” beats Puerto Rico in Final / Seven Places up in international Ranking

This date will enter the Dominican Sports History with absolute certainty: 19 March 2013, the day the Dominican Republic was beating Puerto Rico with 3 - 0 in the final of the World Baseball Classic. The game had the highest ratings in the history of Dominican history of television, and at night, a little after eleven o'clock, the country formally exploded in joy and happiness. Presumably there was no angle on this side of the island Hispaniola where no drumming and cheering fans celebrated in the streets and alleys. It was the first time since 1948 that the baseball nation Dominican Republic finally became world champion again in its national and favorite sport. Cuba is far the most successful nation in the Baseball World Championships. Since the start of the international comparisons in 1938, Cuba has won not less than 25 titles, followed by the United States with four victories in the finals, and Venezuela was the world champion three times. However, these championships have so far met with little international interest because the teams were amateurs only. The baseball professionals from the Big Leagues were not allowed to play. And for the United States it was not very interesting anyway, when their “archenemy” Cuba always wins.

After Baseball was deposed as an Olympic discipline by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) in 2005, the World Baseball Classic (WBC) was held for the first time in 2006, and it was the first time that professionals from the U.S. leagues were allowed to play. The second edition of the championships was in 2009. Both times, Japan became the world champion. In 2006, Japan defeated Cuba in the finals, in 2009, it was South Korea, who lost against Japan. In the third the issuance of the WBC, it was the Dominican Republic, which won all eight games. Japan has been defeated by Puerto Rico in the semifinals, the Dominican Republic won against Holland. The WBC will now be held every four years as the football World Cup and the Olympic Games.

As a result of the victory, the Dominican Republic climbed from the 13th to the seventh position in the rankings of the International Baseball Federation (IBAF), Puerto Rico climbed from twelve to eight. Cuba is still first, followed by the USA and Japan. Taiwan climbs one place to fourth, Holland climbs from seven to four. Canada stays sixth. The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, South Korea and Venezuela complete the top ten. Thus, five teams from Latin America are in the top ten.

One of the reasons for the success of the team, jokingly, was the banana. Fernando Rodney entered the field with a plantain in his pants, put as if it was a pistol. Pizza, paella, cornflakes, cheese or sushi had not the slightest chance against Mangú (mashed bananas)- and Plátano (plantain)-Power.

Decision on April 14 Maduro leading clearly according to Survey / Dispute over Human Rights Commission

After the death of President Hugo Chávez, Venezuela will elect his successor on this 14 April. The candidates are known since a long time already. The candidate of Chávez' PSUV (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela - United Socialist Party of Venezuela) is Nicolás Maduro, chosen by Chávez before he died. The only opposing candidate that has to be taken seriously is Henrique Capriles of the opposition grouping MUD (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática - Table of Democratic Unity), who lost the election in October against Chávez clearly. The other four aspirants have no chance. According to the latest polls, Nicolás Maduro is riding on a wave of sympathy for Chavez' death and is predicted a clear victory. He is at least 15 percentage points ahead of challenger Capriles (pic, right). The opposition criticized the government to use Chavez's death for electoral purposes. The reign of the deceased President Hugo Chávez is seen positive by 68.6 percent of the Venezuelans, only 19.7 percent see it negative. 57.8 percent say Nicolás Maduro was sympathetic, while 29.8 percent do not

like him. Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles is sympathetic to 41.1 percent, 40.1 percent do not like him. Although the official campaign is only from 2nd to 11 of April, both candidates appeared on television and on the streets in advance. Maduro said: “We are now in a battle between two models: the model country, the chavistic model, the revolutionary and nationalist model or the transnational privatization model that already has on the list the sale of PDVSA (the state petrol company).” Capriles says, however: “It's about whether we want democracy or a government, as we have it, authoritarian. It's about whether we want a just government or a government as we have it now.” Venezuelan Chancellor Elías Jaua said that Washington wants Capriles to head the next government. Capriles' recent trip to New York had no other purpose as “to sign his mortgage with the Government of the United States.” Capriles this time is much more aggressive in his “crusade” and calls Maduro to a public debate. He said, he is convinced that Maduro would not stand a debate with him “for five minutes.” Capriles promised that the money gifts to other countries would be stopped, first it was necessary to solve the financial problems of Venezuela. Maduro broke a taboo of many years and said he wanted to be a “president of peace, absolute peace, of coexistence, of life.” He was referring to the official figures of 50 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, which makes Venezuela one of the most violent countries in the continent and the world. Maduro accused officials at the Pentagon and the CIA, they would plot to murder opponent candidate Capriles before the elections to accuse the Bolivarian government for it and so to create chaos in Venezuela. The two former American ambassadors in Caracas, Roger Noriega and Otto Reich, were involved in this con-

spiracy. Victoria Nuland, spokeswoman of the State Department, rejected this accusation categorically. Reich said that this was a “strategy dictated by Cuba” and a malicious lie. It might be more a kind of smoke screen behind which the Venezuelan government wanted to eliminate Capriles. Noriega, however, said only, the allegations of Maduro were “stupid”. Venezuela again accused the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and again refused a visit of the commission in Venezuela. The Venezuelan representative for Human Rights, Germán Saltrón, demanded to move the headquarters of the IACHR to another country. The IACHR is being used for decades by the USA and their allies to accuse progressive governments. The headquarters of the IACHR are located in Washington, although the United States never have signed the American Convention on Human Rights.

Dark Red Alert! Joining Forces / Puerto Plata to build a Brand / At the End only the Visitor will decide tourist complex of the region in the eighties and early nineties, Playa Dorada, can serve as an example of how the North of the Dominican Republic has declined. By the then incipient all-inclusive holidays and the expansion of Punta Cana, the Puerto Plata region slowly lost its attraction. While the biggest hotels here had 500 rooms, hotels of this category are the dwarves in Punta Cana. At the end of the season, the Meeting Place in Puerto Plata invited to an “Open Forum”. The invited guests were (photo, from left) Roberto Casoni, President of the Hotel Association of Playa Dorada, Ambra Attus, director of Ashonorte (Association of hotels and restaurants on the North Coast), and Máximo Iglesias, head of the Tourist cluster Puerto Plata and director of Puerto Plata's airport Gregorio Luperón. Visitors were invited to ask and to give their ideas on how the “location” Puerto Plata can be put back on its feet. The tenor was that many of the tourists, who spend their vacations in the region of Puerto Plata are disappointed. The most frequently raised issues was the perception of insecurity in a place and at a time when you want to relax. Máximo Iglesias certainly is not wrong when he says that you also can be robbed in a European or American city. But after all, the likelihood is much greater here, and finally it is the host who decides whether he feels well in his holidays. Because only then he will decide whether he will come back and what he will tell his friends and family at home, so they spend their holidays here. A second important point was the service and the quality of the all-inclusive hotels. Roberto Casoni explained that the best

Parking lot at the Plaza of Playa Dorada. The tour operators took the north out of their catalogues increasingly because Punta Cana undercut the prices and the hotels there were new. Today, the travel organizers make the prices. Who does not accept them is out of business. It simply was not possible to maintain a hotel and offer a good buffet every day at the prices that are paid by many of these agencies. In Playa Dorada, a newly renovated hotel will remain closed, because the Association doesn't want to fall into the old routine of having to accept even the most absurd offer. Máximo Iglesias explained that there must be a sustainable tourism, which integrates the beauty of the region and the culture.

Rare Sight: a landing airplane. Points in which Puerto Plata was far ahead of other regions of the country. To the charge of high airport taxes, Iglesias replied that they were equal at all airports in the country and competitive internationally. But the taxes for the government and the petrol were extremely high. However, there will be soon a 50-percent discount on the taxes on fuel for airplanes. Puerto Plata's problem is that it is not advertised in any market, neither in Europe nor the United States nor in Canada. This leads to the well-known problem that the Dominican Republic is equated with Punta Cana. According to Ambra Attus, that is the point that needs to be changed. Puerto Plata needs a “branding”, an image that stands for this beautiful region. At international trade fairs Puerto Plata has to be perceived as something special again. There are also plans for a pensioners-tourism, which is becoming more and more important for the aging societies in the developed world. The new cruise port that is being built now in Maimón was a chance, and it was up to Puerto Plata alone, if it will make it a success. Whether it will be able to convince the cruise tourists. Casoni warned, if Puerto Plata fails here, it will be definitely dead for tourism.

Your Horoscope for April 2013 Scorpio on the lucky Side / Libra must be mentally strong / Tough Period for Leo

Luck will favor you all the way this month, which will provide you many opportunities to stay ahead. Your energy will be immense to fulfill your work commitments and you can easily reduce your work pressures by your time management skills. Due to the aggressive attitude of you and your partner, you should try to talk with a calmer mind. Avoid issues that can curtail peace and harmony at home.

Life will not be easy at your work place. You may become a victim of intrigues. Your hard work will not be appreciated which is enough to give you mental tension. Just stick to your work and avoid interfering with the work of your colleagues. Your marital life will be full of roses this month. You can make use of this pleasant time by going out on weekends, watching a movie or taking a candle light dinner.

Your career will be in high spirits and if you put little of your hard work in to that, time will be more fruitful for you. It will an enjoyable time at your work place which may give you work satisfaction as well. This month will be quite good for your partnership. There will be a feeling of caring and time will be perfect to share your thoughts and feelings with each other. Time will be full of roses, so enjoy their smell.

This month will be quite better as far as luck matters are concerned. If you keep your mind and eyes open, you can take the opportunities that may come your way. That will be possible when you understand the value of time. This month will be quite good for your business matters. You may find new markets for your products. With the help of your employees, this month's targets can be achieved quietly.

This month will not be easy for partnership affairs. Hot dialogues may creep in due to one issue or the other especially due to finances. You both should take a softer stand to deal with any issues at home. You should take some extra care for your health this month as mental depression and frustration may creep in which could have bad effects on your health. You should take enough rest and good sleep.

This month will not give you many opportunities to move forward. As far as business matters are concerned, things will not be very encouraging. Your marketing plans and financial policies will not give ample support to you. Your business targets will be on the negative side this month. You have to apply yourself properly to your business to get some marginal returns from it. Pay attention to your health.

It might be a tough period as far as career prospects are concerned. Frustrating moments come and go and messy situations come at the least convenient time. Try to avoid confrontations at the office. Look out the ways to complete your tasks. This month will be quite good for your relationship. It will be a good time to share your emotions and thoughts. Concerning your health, it will be a good period.

It's a good period for your career. You will judge the situation at your workplace better than the others and can change according to the situation, if the need arises. Thus, you may be saved from adverse situations at your workplace. As far as opportunities are concerned, it is a tougher period and you should pay due attention to your hard work. It might open up some doors of expansion or new opportunities for you.

You must be mentally strong to face adverse situations in your workplace. There may be a series of work pressures that may give you mental stress. But being prepared it's possible to overcome these problems. Observe all pros and cons before acting on any situation. Your real friends will support you. Aggression and the tendency to dominate can spoil your partnership which should be avoided at any cost.

Luck will give you support in bits and chunks and you should be ready with open hands to grab opportunities that come in your way. Your career will be quite good and you can make it more enchanting by your hard work and dedication. Just try to complete your work correctly and on time so that you don't give others any chance to dominate you or to make allegations against you. Try to avoid unrest at your work place.

Your luck will not support you much and some chances would come but also may go in vain due to lack of concentration and aggression. In business, this month will be full of possibilities and you can get a maximum out of it through your hard work and dedication. You may find some new markets or clients for your business. You have to take care of your body and try to maintain hygiene against infections.

This month will be excellent as far as business matters are concerned. Your physical energy will be immense which you will put into your business. Money inflows will be regular and you can try to expand your business. This month will generally be good for your partnership, but in between some mental tensions and disturbances may come in, thus try to avoid confrontations so that harmony may remain in place.

Montecristi Founded in 1506 / Heyday in the late 19th Century Montecristi is the north-westernmost city in the Dominican Republic and the capital of the province with the same name. Its landmark is the Morro, the mountain that gave the city its name: the mountain of Christ. Montecristi is one of the oldest cities in the country, founded in 1506 by Nicolás de Ovando y Cáceres who was the Governor of Hispaniola from 1502 to 1509. The heyday of the city was in the last quarter of the 19th Century, when it was one of the most progressive cities in the country. Montecristi had the first water pipe, the first locomotive and the first telephone of the Dominican Republic. Dilapidated and abandoned manors are still silent witnesses

to this past time of wealth, which was closely connected with the emerging textile industry in Germany, where the trading house Casa Jiménez exported the necessary raw materials to. Head of the house was Juan Isidro Jiménez, who became Dominican president in 1899 and 1911, like his father, Manuel Jiménez, who was the second president after the independence in 1849. Montecristi had one of the three largest ports in the country, attracting business people from Santo Domingo, Santiago and Puerto Plata, as well as foreigners from France and Spain to the USA and South America and China and the surrounding Caribbean islands.

An important branch of industry for the city and the province was the production of sea salt which now is in a deep crisis. Around the town of Montecristi, there are more than 300 salt pans (see cover photo), where the people of the city are producing salt by the evaporation of seawater since the days of the Spanish Conquistadores.

During the dictatorship of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina, the greedy tyrant forced the owners of the salt fields to sell them to him for a ridiculously cheap price, and only President Balaguer returned them to their original owners after the death of Trujillo. Today the salt flats are threatened with extinction for the imports of cheap Colombian salt. In addition, many of the fields were severely damaged by the floodings of the Río Yaque del Norte last December. They now first have to be repaired because otherwise they can not produce salt any more.

Montecristi can be reached comfortably on a well-built road in less than two hours from Santiago and Navarrete. It is an interesting place for the more adventurous tourist and divers. Montecristi's corals are still the best preserved in the country. The famous square-watch (pic left) of Montecristi of 29 meters height was made in Switzerland and erected by the same company that built the Eiffel Tower in Paris in the year 1895.

Victorian Houses Carmen Reyes builds Cardboard Replicas / Tradition While in the real world many owners of the typical Victorian wooden houses of Puerto Plata do nothing to avoid that their once precious buildings are falling apart more and more, there are also people who are proud of the tradition of their city. Such a person is Carmen Reyes, who lives in a poor vicinity close to the port of Puerto Plata. Her hobby is to build cardboard replicas of the wooden houses of the “Bride of the Atlantic� in loving attention to detail. Her cardboard 3-D creations, are incredibly intricate. They capture the delicate designs and gingerbread decorations of the originals. The first exhibition of her little works of art could recently be admired at the Meeting Place in Puerto Plata. If you want to contact Carmen, please call 829-695-0186.

So dumb!



A guy starts a new job, and the boss says, “If you marry my daughter, I'll make you a partner, give you an expense account, a Mercedes, and a million dollar annual salary.” The guy says, “What's wrong with her?” The boss shows him a picture, and she's hideous. The boss says, “It's only fair to tell you, she's not only ugly, she's as dumb as a wall.” The guy says, “I don't care what you offer me, it ain't worth it.” The boss says, “I'll give you a five million dollar salary and build you a mansion on Long Island.” The guy accepts, figuring he can put a bag over her head when they have sex. About a year later, the guy buys an original Van Gogh and he's about to hang it on the wall. He climbs a ladder and yells to his wife, “Bring me a hammer.” She mumbles, “Get the hammer. Get the hammer,” and she fetches the hammer. The guy says, “Get me some nails.” She mumbles, “Get the nails. Get the nails,” and she gets him some nails. The guys starts hammering a nail into the wall, he hits his thumb, and he yells, “Fuck!” She mumbles, “Get the bag. Get the bag.”

Each row, column and square has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9. X-Sudoku must show these numbers also on the two diagonal lines. Solutions on page 16.

A man walked into a therapist's office looking very depressed. „Doc, you've got to help me. I can't go on like this. I'm 35 years old and have no luck with the ladies. No matter how hard I try, I just seem to scare them away.“ „This is not a serious problem. You just need to work on your self-esteem. Each morning, look into your bathroom mirror. Tell yourself that you are a good person, a fun person, and an attractive person. But, say it with real conviction. Within a week you'll have women buzzing all around you.“ The man seemed convinced with this advice. Three weeks later he returned with the same downtrodden expression on his face. „Did my advice not work?“ asked the doctor. „Oh, it worked alright. For the past several weeks I've enjoyed some of the best moments in my life with the prettiest girls.“ „So, what's your problem?“ „I don't have a problem,“ the man replied. „My wife does.“

Sudoku No. 183

 A man goes to pick up his car in a garage. He was told the keys had been locked in it. A mechanic is working feverishly to unlock the driver's side door. The man watched from the passenger side and instinctively tried the door handle, discovering it was unlocked. “Hey! It's open!” The mechanic's reply, “I know. I already did that side.”


Sudoku No. 184

Mr. Johnson had a new secretary. She was young, sweet and very polite. One day, while taking dictation, she noticed his fly was open. When leaving the room, she said, “Mr. Johnson, your barracks door is open.” He did not understand her remark but later on, he happened to look down and saw that his zipper was open. He decided to have some fun with his secretary and called her in, “By the way, Miss Jones, when you saw my barracks door open this morning, did you also notice a soldier standing at attention?” The secretary replied, “No sir, all I saw was a little disabled veteran sitting on two duffel bags."


The Page of Health

Campaign against Tuberculosis One-third is not registered / Each Year more than 4,400 newly Infected / Free Treatment Health Minister Freddy Hidalgo launched the campaign against tuberculosis, “We will extinguish tuberculosis within our generation�, in the presence of representatives of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO, Spanish OPS) and USAID, and the popular comedian Raymond Pozo, who will popularize the campaign with the people. The campaign wants to create awareness in the Dominican population, so that the patients don't stop the treatment. It is estimated that about six percent of the patients in the country are resistant against

the usual TB drugs. They require a treatment with a second drug line, which is very expensive. The costs for these patients are around one million pesos per year. For most of the Dominicans simply impossible. Annually, more than 4,400 people are diagnosed with this dangerous and contagious lung disease - last year there were 4,438 newly infected. In the past decade,

with the help of the National Program for Tuberculosis, approximately 40,000 people were treated. It is estimated that one third of the infected are not even registered, and so don't get a treatment. These people can infect others in the family, the workplace or in public cars. The campaign calls on individuals who suffer from cough and catarrh for more than 15 consecutive days, to report in a health center, where they will be checked for free and if necessary also be treated for free.

What is this Girl singing? “Tu no tiene ná” by La Materialista La Materialista is one of the few successful female performers of the new Dominican Música urbana-scene. Mentira, tu no tiene ná, tu solamente habla bla bla bla bla. Ya yo sé tó lo tuyo. A quien tu va engañá? Tu solamente habla bla bla bla bla. Que eso, que eso eh? Mentira, tu no tiene ná. Tu solamente habla bla bla bla bla. Ya yo sé tó lo tuyo. A quien tu va engañá? Tu solamente habla bla bla bla bla. Devuelve el pum pum pum. Que no hay pa pagá. Tu tiene chin chin chin y no hay cash ca-ca-cash ca-ca-cash. Devuelve el pum pum pum ... Tu ere un mentiroso, un baboso, un atrevido que soñabas conmigo en una habitación. Me prometía cosas lujosas, valiosas para luego engañarme, tenerme y usarme. Pero no se te dio por tu falsedad de involucrame, cotorra, cotorra, sá. Ya no se vale, no, ya no te sale, no, ya no te sale. No es que yo soy materialista es que tu ere un guare. Mentira, tu no tiene ná, tu solamente habla bla bla bla bla ... Devuelve el pum pum pum. Que no hay pa pagá. tu tiene chin, chin, chin y no hay cash, ca-ca-cash, ca-ca-cash. Devuelve el pum pum pum. Que no hay pa pagá. Tu tiene chin, chin, chin y no hay cash, ca-ca-cash, ca-ca-cash. Io-o-o ie-e-e io-o-o, conmigo no te sale ná. Io-o-o ie-e-e io-o-o, conmigo no te sale ná. Por tu falsedad de involucrame, cotorra, cotorra, sá. Ya no se vale, no, ya no te sale, no, ya no te sale. No es que yo soy materialista, es que tu ere un guare. Mentira, tu no tiene ná, tu solamente habla bla bla bla bla. Ya yo sé tó lo tuyo. A quien tu va engañá? Tu solamente habla bla bla bla bla ... bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Ya no te sale. No, ya no te sale. Tu no sabe ná, bla bla bla.

Lie, you got nothing, you are just talking bla bla bla bla. I now know about you. Whom will you cheat? You only talk bla bla bla bla. What is it, what is it? Lie, you have nothing, you are just talking bla bla bla bla. I now know about you. Whom will you cheat? You only talk bla bla bla bla. Give back the pum pum pum. There is nothing to pay. You have little, little, little and there's no cash, ca-ca-cash, ca-ca-cash. Give back the pum pum pum ... You're a liar, a slimy, a daring, dreaming of me in a flat. You promised me luxurious, precious things to later deceive me, having me and using me. But for your falsehood it did not work to involve me, wrap me, chat, chat, sá. It no longer applies, no, you won't do it. It's not because I'm materialistic, it is because you are a nothing. Lie, you got nothing, you are just talking bla bla bla bla ... Give back the pum pum pum. There is nothing to pay. You have little, little, little and there's no cash, ca-ca-cash, ca-ca-cash. Give the pum pum pum back. There is nothing to pay. You have little, little, little and there's no cash, ca-ca-cash, ca-ca-cash. Io-o-o ie-e-e io-o-o, it doesn't work with me. Io-o-o ie-e-e io-o-o, it doesn't work with me. For your falsehood, to involve me, chat, chat, sá. It no longer applies, no, you do not make it. It's not because I'm materialistic, it is because you are a nothing. Lie, you got nothing you are just talking bla bla bla bla. I now know about you know. Whom will you cheat? You only talk bla bla bla bla ... bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. You do not make it. No, you do not make it. You know nothing, bla bla bla.

Yameiry Infante Honoret was born in Santiago de los Caballeros on 19 March 1985. Her parents encouraged the smallest of the family by sending her to the Escuela de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts School), where she participated at dance and singing competitions. At the Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), she studied law until in the middle of the course she signed a record contract as La Materialista in 2004. After she separated from her first group, La Materialista started with Hip Hop. With rapper Lápiz Conciente she had her first national success: “Los Protagonistas”. With her song “La reina del Hip Hop” she declared herself to the queen of the genre. She thus is one of three or four women who are pretty successful at the Música urbana genre, which is traditionally dominated by the male gender. Unfortunately, with her name and her texts the buxom blonde, like her male colleagues, sends the fatal message: The one who has no money, is just nothing. The music of La Materialista is one of the many styles - some of them very interesting and professional - of the new experimental Dominican urban music.

Fefita la Grande

Angie Agramonte

Sexy for the “Soberano”

Drug Money in her SUV

Olivia Chicken for Ricky Martin Manuela Josefa Cabrera Tavares, better known as Fefita la Grande, and by many of her fans less charming “La Vieja Fefa”, the old Fefa, celebrates her 70th birthday this year. On 9 April, she will be dressed by designer Leonel Lirio for the award of the “Premio Soberano”. The star of Música típica is known for her extravagant style. With a garish make-up and dressed as if she was a “lady of the night”, she plays the accordion and heats up the men in the audience in her concerts, often with pretty obscene slogans. “I'm happy that it's Leonel Lirio, who will dress me, because he interprets me perfectly. I am proud and I know that he will design something spectacular for me,” says Fefita. Now she is expecting a cavalier, who will accompany her at the awards, but if necessary she would as well come with one of her security guards or her best friend. In contrast to some of her old colleagues of the Merengue típico, Fefita welcomes the success of the new stars of this genre. Thanks to them, it is now for the first time that the veterans earn money with their music since about 2002. Fefita says she also integrated some new sounds in her music, without giving up her own style.

One more indication of how deep the society is stuck in the drug swamp, is the discovery of 313,000 dollars in the SUV of TV presenter Angie Agramonte. There were also discovered traces of cocaine in the car. The money supposedly belongs to a Colombian woman with connections to the drug mafia. Agramonte's lawyer says there is no evidence of any connection of his client to the drug mafia. The judge acquitted her.

Bebo Valdés PETA is sponsoring hen Olivia in honor of Ricky Martin. The hen was freed completely exhausted. Fowls are as intelligent animals as dogs or cats. PETA thanked Ricky Martin that he has become a vegetarian and saves countless animals from a life of torture and painful death this way. End of February, Ricky Martin wrote on twitter that he is vegetarian for seven weeks now and he feels fantastic. According to PETA, a vegetarian increases his energy and reduces the risk of suffering from a heart disease or cancer and obesity - problems of many Latinos.

Nicolás Maduro Candidate was a Rocker

In Venezuela, an old video was discovered, showing the presidential candidate, Nicolás Maduro, as a musician in the rock band Enigma in the early Eighties.

Jazz Pianist died at 94

In Stockholm, where he lived for 40 years, the Cuban music legend Bebo Valdés died at the age of 94 on March 22. The pianist is considered one of the most influential personalities of the Latin Jazz.

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